Livre Répertoire du théâtre français imprimé entre 1630 et 1660

Boite de  Répertoire du théâtre français imprimé entre 1630 et 1660
  • 444 pages

From 1630 onwards, editions of French theater soared, made possible by the creative activity of authors, coupled with the activity of libraries and printers. Invention, production, fabrication and marketing are all necessary stages in the comprehension of a published work. Within this perspective, the Répertoire du théâtre français imprimé constitutes a rare tool, with information on plays between 1630 and 1660. The Répertoire , with more than a thousand references offers the most comprehensive inventory available, distinguishing between editions and issues, pirate and authorized editions and mentioning all new editions. It provides the elements necessary for a bibliographical analysis and, for the first time, reveals the names of the printers who put out the plays, whether in Paris or in provinces. Together with an inventory of production year by year, the Répertoire provides charts on authors, indexes for the titles of plays, libraries, printers, illustrators. Meant for booksellers a


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