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Three musicians are waiting for one entire night the return of their lead singer, misteriously desappeared six months before. We’ll find out what happened to the frontman six months ago and what will happen to these guys who are are trying their best in order to survive and get out of that cold and empty parking lot.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de #ByMySide

S01E01 Intro : By My Side 29/03/2012
S01E02 Still stuck in my hometown 05/04/2012
S01E03 No One is Around 12/04/2012
S01E04 I Feel A Little Sick 19/04/2012
S01E05 They're Slowly Falling Down 26/04/2012
S01E06 What Happened To My Heart? 03/05/2012
S01E07 The World Just Falls Apart 10/05/2012
S01E08 Still Close Until The End 17/05/2012
S01E09 Until The World Dies 24/05/2012
S01E10 The End Time 03/06/2012

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