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Anne Shirley is seventeen years old when the sequel begins, a little while after Anne of Green Gables left off. She is also the Avonlea schoolteacher without a boring moment in the Avonlea School class. She also eventually takes on a teaching position at Summerside High School and finds herself at first at odds with not only the Pringles of Summerside, but the prickly Principal, Katherine Brooke, whom it turns out had a less than happy childhood and adolescence. Anne sets out to win the Pringles, and Miss Brooke. Anne has also written a very flowery romance novel, which is titled "Averil's Atonement". Diana Barry has enjoyed the story so much that she sends it to Rollings Reliable Baking Powder Co. to be published. Gilbert Blythe, on the other hand, is rather critical of the story, and adds that people in real-life don't use such highflown language, that the hero seldom ever did anything other than talk constantly and moon over the heroine, and that Anne would have been better off writing about a setting and the kind of people she knew something about. They both get into an argument and won't speak to each other. To make matters worse, Anne feels terribly ashamed that her story was published by Rollings Reliable, although understanding that Diana had only wanted to help. It also turns out that Diana is engaged to Fred Wright, and they are married at a certain point.


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