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"Bo on the GO!" has been created by a dedicated group of artists, broadcasters and educators to instill in children a love for movement in all forms and promote a more active lifestyle while linking their activity to a plot-driven story. Bo, a positive, super-energetic and inquisitive young heroine, along with her young dragon friend Dezadore ("Dezzy"), encourage children at home to go on amazing adventures by actively joining her in a variety of movements that assist her on her quest. Like all heroes, Bo faces challenges and obstacles and receives small rewards and victories along the way. Bo's "Bo-Buddies" (the young viewers) must move along with her. By promoting an active lifestyle and an active mind, "Bo on the GO!" is children's programming at its best.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de 1, 2, 3 Bo

S01E01 L'oiseau bleu de Bo 03/09/2007 To save Bluebird from the seriously sticky Snick, Bo and Dezzy and their Bo Buds must crawl through the Flamingo Fence, climb over the ever changing Ice Palace and catch a forever-frozen non-stop snowball. But they do it all and place Bluebird right back on his perch where he belongs!
S01E02 Bo et le scarabouille 04/09/2007 Doodle dilemma! The whole castle is doodled! To stop the doodling Bo must hop through the Pop- Up Forest, jiggle a smoothie smooth for Big Baby and find the never-ending roll of paper towel to give the Doodlebug - something to...well…doodle on.
S01E03 Bo et le tournimoulin 05/09/2007 Bubble and Boo’s boogaloo ball is gone! To get it back, Bo must clap and pop all the bubbles in the Bubble Blizzard, wiggle to catch all the Flying Hoops and find the super spinning hoop to give the Whirlywart to spin around with so they can bring the boogaloo ball back to Bubble and Boo.
S01E04 Bo et le frisoufloume 06/09/2007 Bo’s coziest sweater is too small! To find more wool for a new one, Bo must jump over the tails in Kitty Cat Alley, climb to the top of the Poofy Poodle Pyramid find the oh-so-shy Fuzzyflump a playmate and get some wool in exchange.
S01E05 Bo et le schnouf 07/09/2007 Peehew! To stop the terrible stink in the castle, Bo has to jiggle through the Garden of Friendly Flowers and stomp to squish all the tomatoes for the Pizza Parlour sauce and grab the cookbook to give to the Snork to replace the one he’s using.
S01E06 Bo et le ronflichon 08/09/2007 What a blast! Bo has to stop the noise by flapping to lead the Ostrich Orchestra, leaping to grab the bell ropes in the Boing Bell Tower, find the pretty little bell that will wake the Snoozter and keep him from snoring!
S01E07 Bo and the Neat Freak 10/09/2007 Bo and Dezzy can’t play with a thing. Every time they take something out ZIP back it goes! To get the Neat Freak to stop tidying up, they must gallop and round up all the Little Lost Sheep putting them back in the corral, waddle across the Puzzle Piece Ocean and give the Never-Ending Puzzle to the Neat Freak.
S01E08 Bo and the Sproing 11/09/2007 Dezzy favourite bouncy ball it gone! To get it back from the Boing, they must jump up high on the huge belly of the jellyphant, and then climb over the net of the Penguin’s Ping Pong Game, catch the always-bouncing ping-pong ball and trade it for Dezzy’s bouncy ball.
S01E09 Bo and the Nothing-Fits-Him 12/09/2007 Bo clothes are missing! She can’t go bare, so to find the clothes she has to dig through the mitten mountain to find the kittens lost mittens, clap like a seal at the Poofy Poodle Fashion Show and give the Wear ‘em Scare ‘em the Fits-Everyone Hat in exchange for her clothes.
S01E10 Bo and the Lazy Bug 13/09/2007 No one can get on the go. To get rid of the lazies, they have to jump over the Couch Potatoes, jiggle the Tree of Sleepy Sloths and find the Non-Stop Sneakers to get the Lazy Bug up and moving.
S01E11 Bo and the Dragon Queen 14/09/2007 Dezzy wonders if his wings will ever grow. They set off to find out and must crawl through the Shy Butterfly Field and fly over the Prancing Peacock Party, find the magic key that opens up the Great Book of Dragons and meet the Dragon Queen.
S01E12 Bo et le glou-glou-tout-fou 15/09/2007 All the drinks in the castle are gone! Bo must stop the Flink by climbing over the Forest of Stacking Straws, wiggling through the Hula-Dancing Hippos and find the never-empty water bottle and get their drink boxes back by exchanging it with the Flink!
S01E13 Bo et le câlimignon 17/09/2007 Dezzy’s stuffie, Randolph Rabbit is gone. To get it back from the hug-loving Hug-A-Bug Bo must jiggle through the sheep on the Fluffy Sheep Bridge, waddle across the logs through the Sticky Teddy Bear Picnic capture the hug-loving teddy bear and swap it for Randolph Rabbit.
S01E14 Bo and the Twinkle-Toed-Twirler 18/09/2007 Zickity Cricket is gone! The Twirler is using his music to dance to. To get him back, Bo must climb the Super-Sized Spider Web, jump up and catch fireflies and catch the forever-tooting flute to trade for Zickity Cricket!
S01E15 Bo and the Silly Stomper 19/09/2007 Dezzy’s tap shoes are gone! To get them back Bo must jump through the Racing Poodles, clap like a seal to play the cymbals in the Parade and bring a pair of cymbal playing boots to the Silly Stomper to satisfy his need to be noisy.
S01E16 Bo et le pirate gourmandifruit 20/09/2007 Fast flying fruit, the Patooty took it all! To stop the Patooty from eating all their fruit, Bo must giantstep over the melon holes and slither like a snake through the banana peels to find the never-ending every-fruit-flavor banana and get it too the Patooty fast!
S01E17 Bo and the String Snatcher 21/09/2007 All the stringy things in the castle are missing their string! To get it back, Bo must giant step across the rope bridge, gallop through the Wool-Ball Batting Kittens find the never-ending ball of wool and get it to the String Snatcher to keep him busy.
S01E18 Bo and the Hokum-Jokum 22/09/2007 Dezzy is plagued by practical jokes! To stop them they must creep across the Jack in the Box lids, and gallop through the peppy Penguin Surprise Party grab a joke loving penguin and give him to the Hokum Jokum.
S01E19 Bo et le déplacetout 24/09/2007 The Switcheroo has switched around everything! To stop the Switcheroo they must teach the baby swans to fly, and giant step along with the dancing footprints to find the thumb puzzle that will appease the Switcheroo and his urge to switch!
S01E20 Bo et le glaglaçon 25/09/2007 Phew! It’s hot and it’s the chilly Coolster who’s causing the problem! Bo and her Buddies must dig to find three jewels for the Ostrich King, hop over the hot sand on hippo bellies and bring the Coolster a sun-warmed blanket.
S01E21 Bo et le cracrapouille 26/09/2007 Garbage! It’s all over the castle and Bo must jump over the blowing trash cans in Trash Can Alley, stomp on the drink boxes in the Poodle Playground and catch a litter retrieving pup to help the Litterbug curb his nasty habit.
S01E22 Bo et le super empileur 27/09/2007 Bo’s bedroom is stacked to the sky and to stop the Super Stacker she must climb the books in the stacked up library, and gallop through the Tumbling Towers to find the impossible to stack blocks and give the Super Stacker the challenge he really needs!
S01E23 Bo et le Maxisouffleur 28/09/2007 Talk about breezy! To stop the Blowhard Bo must gallop through the Whirling Weather Vanes and high jump to reach the kites in the Poodle Schoolyard, find the perfect flying kite for the Blowhard so he can stop blowing everything else!
S01E24 Bo et la gribouilleuse 29/09/2007 The Scribbler has taken all of the crayons in the castle and it’s up to Bo and Dezzy to set things right. They have to stomp and splatter their way through a giant arts and crafts room and gallop past some bouncing markers in pursuit of the scrawling Scribbler.
S01E25 Bo et la petite rougette 01/10/2007 Things aren’t very rosy when everything red disappears. Bo has to stomp her way through a gorilla’s green jungle and fly some friends in for a lady bug party to find the Red Rosy and change her view of the world.
S01E26 Bo et le torpilleur de noeuds 02/10/2007 Knots in socks and ropes wrapped up! Everything is in a bind and Bo and Dezzy have to wiggle past some pretzel-loving penguins and crawl around preening poodles to stop the Knotty Noodler before it’s too late!
S02E01 Bo et le voleur de lueur 00/00/0000 Someone has been taking all of Bo and Dezzy’s glittery, sparkly stars and jewels! Wizard sends them on a quest to find the Glimmer Critter, a creature that loves anything and everything shiny. After galloping like a Horse past a tickling Panda Pirate Ship, and Kangaroo-jumping high to catch Shooting Stars, Bo and Dezzy find the Glimmer Critter. With the help of the Super Star Making Star, they rescue all the sparkly and shiny things in the world.
S02E02 Bo et le grinceur couineur 00/00/0000 Wizard reveals all the noisy creaks in the castle are the work of The Creaky Crink, who makes everything around him Bo-creaky and stiff! After creeping like Kitties past some Sleeping Sailor Dogs, and hopping like Bunnies while playing checkers with Bullfrogs, Bo and Dezzy find the Creaky Crink. A little Super-Slippery-Goop and the Crink spreads creaks no more!
S02E03 Bo et le renifleur de fleurs 00/00/0000 There’s a flower thief on the loose – the Stuffy Sniffler! Bo and Dezzy creep like kitties through a Fox’s Flower Shop, then flap like Bats to help some Hummingbirds up into their nests. They are able to give a Super-Sized Hanky to the Stuffy Sniffler, who blows his nose, and is delighted to find he can smell again! He won’t have to take everybody’s flowers looking for one he can smell!
S02E04 Bo and the Gobsobber 00/00/0000 The Gobsobber is so sad; he makes puddles of tears everywhere! To cheer him up, Bo and Dezzy have to jump like Kangaroos across open umbrellas, then waddle like Penguins around bumping snowmen. They make their way to the Gobsobber’s lonely and sad room, and cheer him up with the Forever Friendly Snowman! No more tears!
S02E05 Bo et monsieur Tête Carrée 00/00/0000 Good grief! The Blockhead is taking everything that’s square-shaped, so that he can build a tower of blocks up to the sky! To track him down, Bo and Dezzy have to waddle like Penguins past some ice block-cutting Walruses, then climb like Monkeys over a very BIG bay’s castle! The baby rewards them with a Magic Block Making Block, which they give to the Blockhead, and stop him from taking every block in the whole wide world!
S02E06 Bo et l'homme-orchestre 00/00/0000 When their musical instruments go missing, Bo and Dezzy must seek out the Melody Maestro, a fellow who loves music so much; he wants ALL of the musical instruments in the world! After stomping like Elephants to make a beat for some guitar-playing Bullfrogs, and Bunny-hopping on an Octopus’ keyboard, Bo and Dezzy come face-to-face with the Melody Maestro himself. By giving him a Plays-Every-Instrument-Pitch-Pipe, Bo and Dezzy make the M-M so musically happy he doesn’t need any other instruments at all!
S02E07 Bo et monsieur Ding-Dong 00/00/0000 Ring the alarm! Bells are disappearing from the castle. Only one person could be responsible – the Ding-A-Ling! Bo and Dezzy have to help a momma Bear wake up her babies by jiggling like Jellyfish, and then bring some noisy Parrots in from the playground by clapping like Seals. Once they find the Ding-A-Ling, they present him with a Rings-Different-Things-Bell, and satisfy his need to hear all kinds of bells.
S02E08 Bo et la fête foraine 00/00/0000 Huggly Snugs needs a stuffed animal friend to play with! Where are they going to find one? Wizard points Bo and Dezzy in the direction of the Fun Fair. To get there, they must scamper like Foxes past some Polar Bears on pogo sticks, and then Leapfrog over some bowling Armadillos. Once at the Fun Fair, Bo and Dezzy use a Super-Loves-To-Roll Baby Armadillo to play a game and win a stuffy buddy for Huggly Snugs!
S02E09 Bo et le voleur d'art 00/00/0000 Who could be taking all the pictures from the castle? Could it be…..the Picture Snitcher? Wizard sends Bo and Dezzy on a hunt for the picture nabber, and they must fly high like flapping Bats to get over some Emus, then tip-toe like Turtles through a Puppy’s Painting class to find him! Once they find the Picture Snitcher, they give him a Forever-Changing Painting, which keeps him so busy he never has to take another painting, EVER!
S02E10 Bo et Nestor le castor 00/00/0000 An industrious Eager Beaver has been finishing all of Bo and Dezzy’s building projects for them, taking away all their building fun! They creep Kitty-like across a wobbly card bridge, and Bunny-hop across some racetracks to find the Eager Beaver. They give him an Ever-Changing-Toy-Car-Kit, which keeps him busily building happily ever after!
S02E11 Bo et le déballou-fouilletout 00/00/0000 Someone is spoiling Bo and Dezzy’s fun by unwrapping presents! It can only be the surprise-loving Unwrapping Chappy! To find the Chappy, Bo and Dezzy climb like monkeys up and over some Giraffe’s gift boxes, then gallop like Horses to get past some swinging Orangutans. They find the Unwrapping Chappy and are able to give him an Always-Another-Present-To-Unwrap Present, which leaves all the presents and gifts in the world safe from the curious Chappy!
S02E12 Bo et le glouton-mignon 00/00/0000 A berry shortage hits the castle, and Wizard discovers it’s the work of the Berrygrabber, who loves all kinds of berries! Bo and Dezzy have to crawl like Critters to keep out of the way of some silly pie-throwing Clowns, then stomp like Elephants to shake some berries off trees for Teddy Bears, to find the Berrygrabber. Luckily, they have a Non-Stop-Every-Kind-of-Berry-Growing-Bush to give him, which provides him with all the berries he needs forever after!
S02E13 Bo et Vincent dessus dessous 00/00/0000 Everything in the castle is Upside Down. It can only mean one thing – the Wrong Side Uppy has been there! Bo and Dezzy must scamper like a Fox to stay out of the way of some wacky Ostriches, and waddle like penguins to round up some Polar Bear Cubs, before they find the Wrong Side Uppy in his upside down house. By putting a little hat on his head, Bo is able to make the Wrong Side Uppy see that he’s wrong-side-roundy, and saves the day!
S02E14 Bo et mademoiselle Aspire-Pois 00/00/0000 Every kind of dot has been taken from the castle, and Wizard reveals the culprit to be none other than the Polka Dot Snatcher! To track her down, Bo and Dezzy must jump like Kangaroos over a Mechanical Elephant’s flying discs, then crawl like Critters under a Dalmatian’s tug-of-war game. Once they find the Polka-Dotty, they give her a Non-Stop-Dot-Shedding-Dalmatian as a friend, and she never has to take anyone else’s dots for ever after!
S03E01 Bo et Tony Misenplis 00/00/0000
S03E02 Bo et monsieur Atchoum 00/00/0000
S03E03 Bo et Victor Maxiconfort 00/00/0000
S03E04 Bo et monsieur Copitou 00/00/0000
S03E05 Bo et Marcus Equilibrus 00/00/0000
S03E06 Bo et Arnold pot de colle 00/00/0000
S03E07 Bo et Gaston pieds de plomb 00/00/0000
S03E08 Bo et la précieuse sirène des mers 00/00/0000
S03E09 Bo et le démolisseur de jouets 00/00/0000
S03E10 Bo et monsieur Mille Morceaux 00/00/0000
S03E11 Bo et mademoiselle éléctricifée 00/00/0000
S03E12 Bo et la fée flottante 00/00/0000
S03E13 Bo et le tourmentout 00/00/0000
S03E14 Bo et la collectioneuse de costumes 00/00/0000
S03E15 Bo and the Teeny-Tiny 00/00/0000

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