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Welcome to the 3-2-1 Classroom Contact guide at TV Tome. One year before it was removed from PBS, 3-2-1 Contact had some of its most enduring sequences re-edited for classroom use. The result was 3-2-1 Classroom Contact, a little-known production of the Children's Television Workshop (as it was then called). Dominating the new series of 30 shows was Stephanie Yu, the only cast holdover from the original 3-2-1 Contact. She handled most of the links, introduced a great many bits from the old show, and generally acted as "sole survivor" of the legendary science series from the 1980s. All original airdates listed are based on airings as seen on WVIZ in Cleveland.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de 3-2-1 Classroom Contact

S01E01 Getting to the South Pole: Antarctica 07/02/1992
S01E02 They're Habit Forming: Crystals 24/01/1992
S01E03 Earth is Change: Erosion 17/01/1991
S01E04 Remains to be Seen: Fossils 10/01/1992
S01E05 3-D Sea: Ocean Environments 31/01/1992
S01E06 Too Hot to Handle: Volcanoes 20/12/1991
S01E07 Go with the Flow: The Water Cycle 13/12/1991
S01E08 Eye of the Beholder: Animal Vision 04/10/1991 Stephanie Yu shows to Z Wright a series of unusual cameras that simulate the way animals see.
S01E09 Living on the Edge: Antarctic Animals 22/11/1991
S01E10 Life Down Under: Australian Mammals 08/11/1991
S01E11 The Shocking Truth: Bioelectricity 15/11/1991
S01E12 The Order of Things: Classification 20/09/1991 Both Stephanie Yu and Z Wright challenge each other with classification quizzes. Features the ""feather detective"" sequence from 3-2-1 Contact Episode 144.
S01E13 The Inside Story: Digestion 01/11/1991 Stephanie demonstrates the digestive process by dissolving three food items in various solutions. Features the ""lost"" sequence from 3-2-1 Contact Episode 164, in which a group of kids examine a pig's digestive system.
S01E14 Winging It: Flying Animals 25/10/1991 Stephanie shows how different wings suit different animals. Features the ""Different Wings for Different Things"" and ""Raptor Rehab"" sequences from 3-2-1 Contact Episode 76.
S01E15 Eat and be Eaten: Food Chains 06/12/1991
S01E16 How Do They Know That? Innate & Learned Behavior 11/10/1991 Stephanie sees a mouse learn its way through a maze. It proves that there is a lot more behavioral traits an animal must learn than one would think. Features the orangutan rehabilitation sequence from 3-2-1 Contact episode called Tropics: Endangered Animals.
S01E17 Living in Groups: Social Behavior 18/10/1991 Starting an ant farm isn't as easy as Stephanie thinks. Includes the bee sequence from 3-2-1 Contact Episode 22.
S01E18 Learning New Tricks: Training Animals 27/09/1991 Stephanie shows that there is more to animal behavior. Humans can teach animals to do many things. Features the monkey-training sequence from 3-2-1 Contact Episode 83.
S01E19 Air is There: Air is Matter 28/02/1992
S01E20 Getting a Grip: Friction 27/03/1992
S01E21 More Power to You: Generating Electricity 14/02/1992
S01E22 Measuring G's: Gravity and Weightlessness 06/03/1992
S01E23 Living Color: Light and Color 20/03/1992
S01E24 Play Ball!: Motion and Forces 21/02/1992
S01E25 Facts of Light: Refraction 03/04/1992
S01E26 Bubble-ology: Surface Tension 13/03/1992
S01E27 How Do You Know: Collect the Data 08/05/1992
S01E28 How Do You Know? Dig It Up! 17/04/1992
S01E29 How Do You Know? Experiment! 10/04/1992
S01E30 How Do You Know? Make a Model 01/05/1992