Affiche 330 Skvadronen
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Take part in the day to day work of the Norwegian Air Force rescue over eight episodes. Follow along with the 330 Squadron on perilous missions in the mountains, on land and at sea. In matters of life and death, when the alarm sounds every second counts.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de 330 Skvadronen

S01E01 330 Squadron 11/03/2009 330 Squadron is a Norwegian search, rescue, and medical helicopter force. They perform a vertical rescue of two stranded mountain climbers from a sheer cliff face. And when a 10-year old girl is lost in mountainous forest, the squadron joins a 350-member search team for two days.
S01E02 Search and Rescue 18/03/2009 The team searches for an emergency beacon in the North Sea, to fetch a hypothermic, unresponsive boater from a liferaft. They perform a steep-slope pickup of an injured, trapped skier, and search for a 16-year old girl, lost in the mountains, both day and night.
S01E03 Troll Wall 25/03/2009 The Squadron team volunteers to attempt a hazardous recovery from a treacherous sheer mountain wall, only to make a shocking discovery. A Russian climbing team videotapes the action. Questions about the mission haunt one team member for a year after the emergency call.
S01E04 Professionals 01/04/2009 The 330 Squadron transport a critically ill patient between hospitals during snow conditions, introduce some of the engineering and technical staff, and revisit a hairy ocean rescue of an injured tugboat operator during high seas.
S01E05 In Any Weather 08/04/2009 The Squadron retrieves a injured paraglider pilot from an icy waterfall, performs training missions, inspects a winter-season base, cleans their machine, and goes into Russian territory for the crew of a cargo ship crushed on coastal rocks.
S01E06 Be Prepared 15/04/2009 The team retrieves an injured man from a high-speed single-car wreck, picks up a huntress lost in the mountains, encounters a suspicious fuel leak in their helicopter, and performs the sad task of retrieval of a body from an avalanche.
S01E07 By Sea and by Land 22/04/2009 The 330s engage in more training, and revisit rescuing hundreds from a sinking passenger liner. Two grandparents and a 9-year old are rescued when they're fogged in in rugged terrain. And the 330 crewmembers visit a refueling depot outpost where bears frequently interfere with a family's staple food supply: seals.
S01E08 Operations Big and Small 29/04/2009 The team is called to the scene of a Russian base jumper stranded at 500 feet up a rock face. Two injured boat crewmembers need rescue in high seas. The HRS rescue command center is featured. The sinking of a high speed boat with 80 passengers on board triggers one of Norway's largest ocean rescues, revisited by the crew and affected passengers. And Roy plays guitar.