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A former salary man, Konno Yuta one day decides to re-enter a medical university. He successfully becomes a practitioner at age 37, and begins to work at a university hospital as a medical intern. Yuta had hoped to become a full-fledged doctor as soon as he could, but the reality he faces at the hospital are appalling. It's as if Yuta had gone back in time tens of years ago when working conditions were incredibly harsh, doctors saw their patients only as sources for research, and rounds made by the professor only impose burden to both doctors and patients. At times being rejected by a younger superior, and at times confronting professors, Kenta comes to believe in one faith, and searches for the "medical treatment patients truly desire". Joy, conflict, distress… It's a human love story that will inspire you no matter how old you are. -- Fuji TV


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de 37sai de Isha ni Natta Boku

S01E01 I became a doctor to restart my life 10/04/2012
S01E02 Doctors have to serve customers 17/04/2012
S01E03 Being a Doctor and being a human being 24/04/2012
S01E04 As a Doctor I draw the line there 01/05/2012
S01E05 Close but distant person to a Doctor 08/05/2012
S01E06 The real reason I became a Doctor 15/05/2012
S01E07 Not as a Doctor but as a person I ...... 22/05/2012
S01E08 The meaning of a Doctor facing a patient 29/05/2012
S01E09 A Doctor is also just a vulnerable human being, that's reality 05/06/2012
S01E10 What Doctors should not forget 12/06/2012
S01E11 The only reason I continue to be a Doctor 19/06/2012