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60 Minutes is a popular Australian current affairs program based on the U.S. version of the same name. Featuring many noted Australian journalists over the years, the current presenters include Liam Bartlett, Tara Brown, Liz Hayes and Peter Overton.


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S255E01 Taken, I Love Lucy, Bitcoin 18/02/2018 Kidnapped and then auctioned as a sex slave, but is glamour model Chloe Ayling a victim or a publicity seeker; The Barnaby Joyce saga - Liz Hayes' exclusive interview with Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull; and crypto-madness – is Bitcoin a Bitcon?
S255E02 Taken/Cyndi Lauper 14/02/2016 Taken Chances are you will find this story incredibly hard to believe. It’s confronting and confounding, but it really happened. Raised in middle-class Sydney, Katie Lang’s future was almost assured – exciting and prosperous. But her big mistake was to fall in love with the wrong man. Katie thought Damion Baston wanted to be her boyfriend. What he really wanted was to be her pimp. He used violence to control her, turning her into a sex slave and trafficking her around the world. But what this monster didn’t anticipate was Katie’s strength, and when she was finally able to escape his abuse, she set about plotting her revenge. Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Laura Sparkes Cyndi Lauper If you didn’t know better you’d swear the word quirky was invented to describe singer Cyndi Lauper. Everything about her is unique, from her highly distinctive voice to her individual fashion sense. But thank goodness for Cyndi Lauper. Her catchy hits – some of them silly, all of them heartfelt – helped us get through the 1980s. The songs continue to get airplay around the world, but today Cyndi’s enjoying a career renaissance with her Broadway musical, Kinky Boots. She is also raising her considerable voice for those without a voice, the alienated and the less well-off, and she wants Australian politicians to start listening. Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Phil Goyen
S255E03 D For Disgrace, Size Matters 04/03/2018 D for disgrace - the degrading initiation rituals at University residential colleges and why 'hazing' is not a harmless tradition; plus the Aussie surfers defying death, riding 30m monster waves at Nazare.
S255E04 Home of Horror, The Waco Insider 11/03/2018 Finally some hope for the victims of the notorious Daruk Boys Home. A breakthrough in a major police investigation means arrests are imminent; plus the only Australian survivor of the deadly Waco cult speaks for the first time.
S255E05 Saving Our Sons, The Protector, Craving More 05/03/2017 After 37 years in the force including a decade as top cop, Commissioner Andrew Scipione is about to hand in his badge; why so many young men like local footy star Jake Fitzsimmons are struggling to cope; and Canadian crooner, k.d. lang.
S255E06 Living the Dream/Not Welcome Home/Trump 13/03/2016 Living the Dream When Jarryd Hayne announced he was quitting rugby league to chase a long-held ambition to play American football, people thought the “Hayne Plane” was plain crazy. Why would this NRL superstar give up the fortune and the fame he earned in Australia to follow a dream all the experts said couldn’t be realised? Hayne himself had doubts. He didn’t know if he’d be good enough for American football, he didn’t even know the complicated rules of the game. All he knew was that he wanted to give it a go. So he did. This Sunday on 60 Minutes, an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Hayne’s incredible journey – from saying goodbye to his family and former team mates to landing in LA with nowhere to live; the search for an NFL team willing to give him a go; and the highs and lows of competing in the world’s toughest sport. It is raw, unprecedented access to a young man brave enough to live his dream, and a reminder to everyone that the impossible can be possible. Reporter: Karl Stefanovic Producer: Laura Sparkes Not Welcome Home Australia’s spy agency, ASIO, has declared 19-year-old Oliver Bridgeman from Toowoomba an enemy of the nation. It suspects him of being a terrorist. Bridgeman says the accusation is not true, and that far from being a risk, he is a humanitarian aid worker. His problem, though, is that for the past year he’s been living in Syria, a country destroyed by civil war and overrun by Islamic State extremists. Now Bridgeman wants to come home, but our government refuses to lay out the welcome mat. On 60 Minutes, his distraught parents break their silence and tell Tara Brown of their anguish at the betrayal of authorities who up until now had promised to help them bring their son home. Reporter: Tara Brown Producers: Gareth Harvey, Ali Smith Trump It was once hard to believe but is now looking more and more likely that Donald Trump, the billionaire property developer and loudmouth reality TV star, could become America’s next President. And
S255E07 The Russell Street Bombings/Sweden/Amaal Finn 20/03/2016 The Russell Street Bombings: The killer’s confession as he plots his release from prison, Liz Hayes and 60 Minutes crews attacked in Sweden, a country at breaking point and finally some good news for Amaal Finn, trapped in Egypt with her daughter.
S255E08 Extreme Vetting, Family Business, Great Barrier Grief 26/03/2017 Australia's 'extreme vetting', who is coming here from Syria and Iraq? The best childcare and parental leave in the world, why can't we have it too? The Great Barrier Reef, disappearing before our very eyes.
S255E09 Samantha Knight – Never Forgotten, Waist Not Want Not, Broken Justice 02/04/2017 It was the crime that made us cry but now Samantha Knight's killer may be freed. Why the evil predator should never be released. Temper tantrums in the glamorous world of fashion. And how did a granny killer end up living in a nursing home.
S255E10 Vapour Trails, Petite Tina, Never Give Up, Who Killed Josh 09/04/2017 On 60 Minutes, champion cyclist Anna Meares fighting to save the coach who made her great and Liam Bartlett gets cheeky with Aussie superstar Tina Arena in Paris.
S255E11 The Great Escape, The Hornet, A Tooth for an Eye 16/04/2017 From humble school teacher to The Hornet, the unlikely Aussie boxing champ, Jeff Horn; The great escape – families say goodbye to the rat race, hello to a permanent holiday; the strangest breakthrough in medicine, saving sight with a tooth.
S255E12 Kelly, States of Hate, Keep Out, The Missing 30/04/2017 Kelly Rowland, singing superstar and Beyonce's best friend. Liz Hayes confronts the Ku Klux Klan. The QLD farmer bullied by 'big gas' refuses to give up. And never forgetting Aussies who go missing.
S255E13 One Helluva Day, Crook Deal 07/05/2017 How Glenn Dickson's mates refused to let him die after he was attacked twice by a massive bull shark; & the worst case of big bank greed – destroying a successful business by making its loyal and honest owners deal with a convicted crook.
S255E14 The Killer Storm, Helter Shelter, Impossible Choice 14/05/2017 The deadly storm which caused a mass asthma epidemic. When will it strike again? The billionaires' tough advice for first home buyers; and Elle Halliwell celebrates her first Mother's Day with her new baby boy.
S255E15 Cassandra Sainsbury: The Real Story, Don't Tell 21/05/2017 The truth behind Cassandra Sainsbury, A south Australian woman incarcerated in Colombia on Drug smuggling charges and the story of the sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl in one of Queensland's elite private schools.
S255E16 Hamish & Andy, Breaking the Code 28/05/2017 Liz Hayes with comedic duo Hamish & Andy still as popular as ever after 15 years plus Ross Coulthart with a major 60 Minutes investigation into one of Australia's most infamous cold cases.
S255E17 The Long Way Home, Must Win Battle, Remembering Anthony Foster 04/06/2017 As a 5 year old, Joel got lost from his family in a busy market in the Philippines-30 years later he returns in an emotional search for his mum; plus Channel 9's inspirational Matt Callander and his courageous battle against brain cancer.
S255E18 Unmasked, Game On, Turia 11/06/2017 The images of the 'boy in the hood' locked up in detention, shocked the nation. Now Dylan Voller tells his harrowing story; How to be rich and famous playing computer games; and inspirational Turia Pitt faces her greatest challenge.
S255E19 Diana's Secrets, Lorde Knows, Death of a Champ 18/06/2017 The secret Diana tapes – what the Princess revealed about her miserable life inside the Palace; the second coming of pop phenomenon Lorde; and the heartbreaking anguish of pro-boxer Davey Browne's family.
S255E20 Keep Out!/Top Price 19/06/2016 Keep Out! What would you do if someone walked into your backyard, dug a big hole and put a fence around it with a sign saying ‘No Trespassing’? In all likelihood you’d shout and scream and call the police. But what if when the police came they threatened to arrest you, not those who wrecked your property and locked you out? In many parts of rural Australia this is the outrageous scenario now playing out between farmers and big gas companies, whose relentless – often ruthless – quest for new sources of gas seems to have no limits. In a special 60 Minutes investigation, Michael Usher reveals evidence showing the high-pressure, secret tactics used by some gas companies which are driving hard-working country folk from their land. Queensland farmer Kane Booth used to have a multi-million-dollar cattle business until three coal seam gas wells were drilled on his property. He says the wells affected the water supply on his land, rendering it useless for fattening his cattle. He’s now been forced to abandon the property and sell off his herd. Not surprisingly, Kane and his young family are devastated, but have vowed to fight on. However, a similar battle on a neighbouring property has had a tragic outcome. George Bender fought a coal seam gas company for years, blaming it for polluting his property. But it turned out to be a battle of attrition he was never going to win. Reporter: Michael Usher Producer: Laura Sparkes Top Price You have to marvel in awe and wince in pain at Toby Price’s commitment to being the best off-road motorcycle racer in the world. At last count, the 28-year-old daredevil from the Hunter Valley had racked up 27 broken bones. His worst riding injury three years ago fractured vertebrae in his neck, which left him perilously close to becoming a quadriplegic. His mum, Pauline, and dad, John, might disagree, but Toby reckons the rewards of hurtling through the desert at breakneck speeds justify the risks. In January this year he became the first Austral
S255E21 Patient 71, Work 'Til You Drop, Chicago Without Hope 02/07/2017 Julie Randall was diagnosed with incurable cancer but she refused to die. The inspirational story of Patient 71; Charles Wooley rues why he can never afford to retire; & Liz Hayes reports from the frontline - war on the streets of Chicago.
S255E22 The Unthinkable, Apocalypse Soon, Goat Rush 09/07/2017 Ralph & Kathy Kelly's enormous courage – they lost both their sons in unthinkable circumstances, but they continue to help others; Where will you go when the apocalypse strikes?; and clever farmers turning pests into profit.
S255E23 The Survivor, Boom to Bust, Search for a Son 16/07/2017
S255E24 Sins of the Father, Thin Ice, Richo 23/07/2017 Inside the Aussie Church where women must submit to their husbands- one woman bravely speaks out- taking on the head of the Church- her very own son; Ice-skating's Olympic knee-cap scandal 20 years on; and Richo- the man who would not die.
S255E25 Justice for Anthea, Young and Crazy 30/07/2017 A family fights for justice for their murdered daughter, as Liam Bartlett confronts a suspect; & the crazy, dangerous life of Aussie adventurer and author, Rusty Young.
S255E26 In the Line of Fire, Tall Poppy 06/08/2017 On 60 MINUTES, courage beyond words: How three complete strangers put themselves in a gunman's line of fire to save a young woman's life; and lipstick queen Poppy King, refusing to let critics smudge out her career.
S255E27 Under the Influence, Right or Wrong, Stevie & Chrissie, Question Time 13/08/2017 Internet "Influencers" laughing all the way to the bank; the controversial test that could eliminate Down Syndrome; Rock 'n roll royalty, Chrissie Hynde and Stevie Nicks; & what Laurie Oakes really thinks about our politicians.
S255E28 Terror in Barcelona, Locked and Loaded, Allergic to Life 20/08/2017 Liz Hayes finds out if the US military is really "locked & loaded", ready for nuclear war; the victim and the judge fighting for a better legal system; and the woman allergic to everything in the world, even her husband.
S255E29 Bitter Deal, A Whale Tale 27/08/2017 Tara Brown reports on Mark and Faye Leveson's heartbreaking battle to discover the truth about their son Matt's death; And swimming with the friendliest giants of the sea, the curiously named, Dwarf Minke Whale.
S255E30 I Shot My Parents, The Gentleman Thief, Saving the Children 03/09/2017 Peter Stefanovic investigates the case of the 14 year old who calmly shot his parents point blank and endeavours to unravel the reasoning behind the act; a riddle that has baffled police. Then we met the friendly New Yorker public transport thief Darius McCollum and discover how his obsession is challenging authorities.
S255E31 Who Am I?, The Accidental Rock Star 10/09/2017 Olivia Newton John tells Karl Stefanovic how she'll beat her latest cancer diagnosis; the young boy who wanted to be a girl, now wants to be a boy again–but is it too late to change back; & the accidental rock star, Jack Johnson.
S255E32 Winx, The Man Who Killed bin Laden, Foo Fighters 17/09/2017 The world's greatest racehorse, Winx, and the happy team behind her success; the man who stared down Osama bin Laden and pulled the trigger; plus exclusive access all areas with Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins.
S255E33 Baby Business/Life From Death/House Proud/Beware 18/09/2016 The desperate older mums risking everything to have a child; and would you take the heart of a serial killer? Plus a walk down memory lane with Crowded House.
S255E34 Escape from Salt Creek, P!nk 08/10/2017 The incredible fight for survival of 2 young backpackers as they try to escape a monster at Salt Creek; plus access all areas with superstar P!NK and her beautiful young family.
S255E35 The End, The Girl With the Blue Eyes, The Virgin King 15/10/2017 The sordid Hollywood sex scandal, Tara Brown speaks with one of Harvey Weinstein's victims; Model murder – who killed the girl with the stunning blue eyes?; Sir Richard Branson's great survival; and the end of the road for Aussie cars.
S255E36 Forgotten Future, On Trial, Lone Direction, The Price of Love 22/10/2017 How a town on the other side of the world could unlock a cure for Australian Alzheimer's sufferers; Beating a broken justice system; A new direction for One Direction's Niall Horan; and a woman's extravagant life in a billionaire's harem.
S255E37 Shock and Poor, The Bridges of Calorie Counting, Snappy Feet 29/10/2017 Can billionaire Elon Musk fix our shocking energy crisis?; Personal trainer Michelle Bridges, the biggest winner of The Biggest Loser; & Barefoot Bushman Rob Bredl introduces Charles Wooley to the monster croc that tried to kill him.
S255E38 Girl Power, Bloodlines, Band of Brothers, Genetic Curse 05/11/2017 Hannah wants to play footy with the other girls but she's banned by the AFL because she was born a boy; how the children of murderers live with the dark secrets; & 40 years of INXS – the band's moving tribute to Michael Hutchence.
S255E39 For the Love of Leah, The Russian Connection, Island of Horror 12/11/2017 Ben Debono's young wife died after a medical misdiagnosis & he wants to know why; Could Donald Trump's presidency be jeopardised by dodgy deals with Russia?; and Australia's oldest cold case – the 400 year mystery of the Batavia massacre.
S255E40 No Winners, Chuck Off! 19/11/2017 A 60 MINUTES special investigation: Deep inside North Korea, as the secretive, rogue nation prepares for a war that could end the world; plus Charles Wooley gets a new job at the NT News, the cheeky Top End fish and chip wrapper.
S255E41 Impossible Choice/Pablo Escobar - My Father/Less Is More/Saroo - The Movie 20/11/2016 Pregnant journalist Elle Halliwell's impossible choice – to save her baby or herself; a life of extremes - growing up as the son of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar; Rugby great Peter FitzSimons' war on sugar.
S255E42 Great White Hope/Misfortune/60 Minutes Timeless: Graduates of Hell 27/11/2016 New technology keeping sharks and humans apart; the problem with pokies & the legal firm taking on the gambling giants; a 60 MINUTES classic from 1984 – Japan's boot camp for lazy businessmen.
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S00E29 00/00/0000 Hitting home: The smacking issue Three out of four Australian parents still smack their kids to keep them in line. That's come as a real shock to child welfare agencies. So much so, they want the government to ban physical punishment altogether. As Peter Harvey reports, there's no way some parents will stop smacking ? they're never going to spare the rod and spoil their child. The Boss: Glen Boss and The Melbourne Cup Even if you're not a racing fan ? we defy you to watch last year's Melbourne Cup and not be moved, not be on the edge of your seat as Makybe Diva heads for home. The crowd roaring, jockey Glen Boss down low in the saddle, the finish line in sight, the champion's third Melbourne Cup in a row ? it was a truly unique achievement for both horse and rider. Makybe Diva's retired now, but Glen Boss is still going strong, hungry for more Melbourne Cups. Saving Corporal Lyon This is MASH ? 21st-century style. There's no Hawk Eye or Honeycutt scrounging for supplies, making do with the army's cast offs. That was Korea in the '50s. This is Iraq, 2006, where doctors, nurses and medics are revolutionising combat medicine with mind-boggling science and good old fashioned guts.
S00E30 00/00/0000 GIRLS WILL BE BOYS It's their idea of a fun night out but there's nothing pretty about it. Half-naked, foul-mouthed women throwing down too much booze and throwing themselves at too many men. And to cap off the evening, they're just as likely to pick a fight. They're called ladettes or yobettes, a new breed of young woman hell-bent on outdoing the blokes and they're truly frightening, violent, selfish, with no sense of shame. But not only are they hurting those around them, far more worrying is the damage they're doing to themselves. KNIGHTLEY ATTRACTION You have to keep reminding yourself she's only 23. Because Keira Knightley's already got a body of work most Hollywood veterans would kill for. It seems years ago now she kicked off her career in the cult movie "Bend it Like Beckham" before finding her sea-legs in "Pirates of the Caribbean". Of course, these days Keira's better known for her stunningly glamorous roles. But off-screen this superstar's anything but a preening princess. As Michael Usher discovered, she's earthy, irreverent, one of the boys. THE BEAR AWAKES We all prayed those days were over. But Russia is on the prowl again, in an angry mood and still armed to the teeth with a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons. The bear slumbered for 20 years after the collapse of communism, crippled by its basket-case economy and rampant corruption. But new-found wealth and a growing sense of pride under Vladimir Putin have fuelled a dangerous new nationalism. Now the old belligerence is back. And, as Liam Bartlett reports, suddenly the world is on the brink of a new Cold War.
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