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The intrepid self-build guru Mark Evans takes on another challenge, attempting to restore two bikes from scratch and build a trike from a kit.


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S01E01 Part 1 (Harley Davidson) 11/10/2002 Mark introduces his first project - a 1942 Harley Davidson WLC motorcycle which is an ex military bike. Mark plans to civilianise the motorcycle and give it a complete restoration. Whilst stripping the Harley, Mark discovers some writing in the primary chain case, which reveals something about our bike's celebrity history. The gearbox is stripped and explained, and Mark begins to strip the engine.
S01E02 Part 2 (Harley Davidson) 11/10/2002 The stripped engine is rebuilt. The cylinder barrels are painted, and there’s a bit of valve grinding, and the carburettors are fitted to the engine. And of course, it's packed with Mark’s wit!
S01E03 Part 3 (Harley Davidson) 11/10/2002 The newly powdercoated frame is revealed, and the engine and gearbox are fitted to it. Mark repairs the badly dented primary chain case with a spot of metalwork. The bodywork is assessed and prepared ready for paint.
S01E04 Part 4 (Harley Davidson) 11/10/2002 The maze of the wiring loom is tackled, we see expert sprayer Danny Boswell, paint the Harley in it's new colour, which is later revealed. Mark fits the lights and bodywork to the frame.
S01E05 Part 5 (Harley Davidson) 11/10/2002 Mark fits the last of the bodywork and adds some chrome to brighten the Harley up. After final tuning, Mark goes for a ride with expert Harley rider Joe Sylvester to learn the ropes
S01E06 Part 1 (Triumph Bonneville T120R) 11/10/2002 Mark introduces his next project - a 1970 Triumph Bonneville. Mark strips the bike down to its frame and discovers that our British bike was built for America. The bike appears to be someone’s unfinished project, which poses the question, will there be any pistons in our engine?
S01E07 Part 2 (Triumph Bonneville T120R) 11/10/2002 Mark completely dismantles the engine, strips the wheels and refurbishes the brake drum. The frame is shotblasted, and Mark embarks on a spot of welding.
S01E08 Part 3 (Triumph Bonneville T120R) 11/10/2002 Mark reveals the completely painted frame and begins to build the forks which are not as straight forward as Mark hoped. Alec Jay, expert wheel builder, respokes our wheel and Mark starts on some bodywork.
S01E09 Part 4 (Triumph Bonneville T120R) 11/10/2002 Mark rebuilds the engine and fits it to the frame. The rocker box and heads are built, along with the gearbox. The 1970 Triumph's paint job is revealed in traditional Astral red and silver. Mark attempts to recover the seat.
S01E10 Part 5 (Triumph Bonneville T120R) 11/10/2002 The bodywork is fitted and brightworks. The finishing touches are made and Mark starts her up for the first time. Mark takes his Triumph Bonneville out for a ride.
S01E11 Part 1 (Boom Power Trike) 11/10/2002 Mark introduces his next project - a VW Lowrider Trike, often described as low, wide and dirty! To start off his project, he demolishes a VW Beetle to obtain the parts he needs. A large delivery arrives at the workshop and a very special manual is found. The base of the trike is built. On the road, we meet the Miniature Motorcycle Sidecar fraternity and see what it is like to ride something smaller but just as powerful.
S01E12 Part 2 (Boom Power Trike) 11/10/2002 The 1600cc VW carb engine is fitted to the trike along with its transmission. With the aid of the Manual, Mark tries to figure out the complex wiring and fits the clutch and brake cables.
S01E13 Part 3 (Boom Power Trike) 11/10/2002 Mark fits the fuel system and discovers a problem with the bodywork after dressing up the engine with a bit of chrome. Air Brush artist Steve Mohacsy shows Mark how to to jazz up the paintwork on his flash trike.
S01E14 Part 4 (Boom Power Trike) 11/10/2002 Mark fits the lights and the clocks. He has a problem bleeding his brakes. Mark tests the timing and starts to fit the bodywork. Mark can't resist starting her up and hearing what she sounds like.
S01E15 Part 5 (Boom Power Trike) 11/10/2002 The trike is fitted with leg protection bars, the rest of the bodywork and given the final touches. Mark and Petemate go out for a test ride and suss out the locals reactions!

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