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A-Channel raconte sous forme de téléfeuilleton les temps forts de l’année scolaire d’un quatuor d’étudiantes. Touru, petite surdouée introvertie aux pulls trop grands pour son âge est l’amie d’enfance de Run, qui a fait connaissance avec deux filles de sa classe : Nagi et Yuuko . Mais Touru, pourtant d’un naturel taciturne et détaché, refuse de partager son amie et voit d’un mauvais œil l’arrivée des deux jeunes filles dans son quotidien : qu’on se le tienne pour dit, elle protégera son amitié à coups de batte de base-ball s’il le faut !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de A Channel: The Animation

S01E01 Amour - An April Day 07/04/2011 Upon visiting her friend, Run, to tell her she managed to get into her high school, Tooru finds her in a compromising position with one of her classmates, Y?ko, who Tooru takes an instant disliking to. School soon begins, with Tooru showing hostility to anyone who gets too close to Run, and Y?ko and their other friend, Nagi, making sure Run doesn't hurt herself with her aloofness. After school, Tooru admits she feels lonely being in a separate class from Run, but Run assures her that nothing's changed between them.
S01E02 Un bain un jour pluvieux - As Rain Fell 14/04/2011 Run gets into a little trouble when she forgets to put on her underwear in the morning. Y?ko goes into a little panic when Run collapses, though it turns out to be just a bit of sleep deprivation. After having to deal with heavy rain, the girls spend the evening at Nagi's house to dry off. While Run and Nagi take a bath, Tooru forces Y?ko to sit through a scary movie before continuing to tease her during their bath time. A little while later, the girls leave with some umbrellas they borrowed, but soon return after Y?ko gets herself dirty again.
S01E03 Camarade de classe - All Good to Go 21/04/2011 In her first year class, a classmate named Yutaka becomes overly friendly towards Tooru, which bothers her a bit. Meanwhile, a new health teacher, Mr. Sat?, becomes attracted towards Run due to her forehead, which naturally bothers Tooru. It is later revealed that Sat? is physically weak himself. As Yutaka becomes increasingly clingy to Tooru, her friend Miho tries to keep her in check, though this admittedly makes Tooru feel lonely.
S01E04 Kilogramme - Attention to Your Weight 28/04/2011 As the students clean the school up, Miho gets to know Tooru, much to Yutaka's chagrin, while the other girls have some fun cleaning the pool. Later, Nagi becomes concerned that she's gaining weight and goes on a diet, but is later convinced that she shouldn't force herself to do so.
S01E05 Mer - An Ocean Far Away 05/05/2011 After noticing the first years hanging around the pool, Run suggests a trip to the beach for summer vacation. Y?ko and Nagi go swimsuit shopping, while Run gives Tooru her swimsuit from elementary school, do to Tooru's small stature. They soon arrive at the beach, where they have fun playing in the sea and sand.
S01E06 Une nuit d'été... - A School in Summer 12/05/2011 Run ends up giving Tooru an undesirable haircut, but manages to fix it into something she appreciates. Tooru has trouble dealing with her erratic teachers while Yuko mistakes Yutaka's way of dusting out her neckerchief as a cry for help. When Yuko forgets a form she needs to fill in at school, the gang decide to sneak into the school at night to retrieve it, as well as do some exploring. As Nagi and Yuko go to the bathroom, they spot a strange glow outside, which they later discover to be Mr. Sat? who then collapses, forcing the others to carry him to the nurse's office. At the end of the day, Yuko still forgets to collect her form.
S01E07 Festival d'été - August's End 19/05/2011 The girls go to a karaoke bar, where Tooru is nervous about singing in front of Run, but Run helps her out by singing a duet with her. Later, the girls go to a matsuri festival, where they become so engrossed in one of the stalls that they almost miss the fireworks.
S01E08 Nouveau semestre - Abnormal Circumstance 27/05/2011 As summer vacation ends and school resumes, Tooru's homeroom teacher, Ms. Kito, is unusually energetic. Meanwhile, Yutaka continues to harass Tooru, with Miho explaining why they became such fans of her. Later, Tooru and Run end up having an argument, which lead their respective friends to become concerned for them the next day. As Run notices that Tooru had anonymously bought her a drink, she finds her on the roof where they make up with each other.
S01E09 Cadeau - Abstract Art 02/06/2011 As Halloween approaches, the girls decide to hold a small get-together. Nagi receives a strange plush doll from Run, which she has trouble identifying. While Run and Y?ko attempt to make food for the party, with messy results, Tooru and Nagi go to buy some snacks, where they find a dirty manga with a heroine that looks like Y?ko. After Run's failure at trying to make hotcakes from a mix, the girls decide to make some together from scratch.
S01E10 Acide carbonique - Act Up 09/06/2011 As Winter settles in, Tooru finds an abandoned kitten and decides to take care of it. After showing the cat to the others, Tooru goes with Run to visit a pet shop and a family restaurant, where Run comes with a name for the cat, Tansan. The next day, snow falls at school and the students have fun playing in the snow, except for Nagi who is noticeably bothered by the cold. By the next day, however, everyone but Nagi catches colds.
S01E11 Anniversaire - Allow me 16/06/2011 As Tooru's birthday approaches, Run remembers how Tooru helped her study for her high school entrance exams two years ago. Run brings in some cake into school for Tooru's birthday, some of which she spikes with wasabi. As they go home that day, Tooru starts to worry that at the end of the next school year, Run will graduate.
S01E12 Alien - Anytime 23/06/2011 Tooru is worried about the prospect of being left alone after Run and the others eventually graduate. While cleaning up leaves, Yutaka attempts to rescue a cat stuck up a tree. Later, Y?ko collects point cards at a fast food restaurant for a free prize, while everyone does impressions of each other. After having a weird dream about Run, Tooru becomes more worried about her fears until she spots Run outside her apartment building, feeling happy that she hasn't changed.
S01E13 00/00/0000
S00E01 Uniforme 25/05/2011 Tooru shows her newly received High School uniform to Run
S00E02 Noooon 25/05/2011 Yuuko is tricked into watching a scary movie
S00E03 Participation 22/06/2011 Ms. Kit? becomes annoyed when Mr. Sat? interrupts her class.
S00E04 Pour le moment 22/06/2011 Run comes home and is surprised to find Tooru spring out of her bed.
S00E05 Voir 27/07/2011 When asked by Y?ko if she would be willing to change her image, Nagi demonstrates why she hasn't really done so.
S00E06 Exploration 27/07/2011 Y?ko shows how bad she is at videogames before having to deal with a cockroach in her house.
S00E07 +A-Channel 7 - Just for Today 24/08/2011 Whilst preparing for the summer festival, Nagi experiments with her hairstyle.
S00E08 +A-Channel 8 - She's Here 24/08/2011 When Y?ko misplaces her recorder, the resulting conversation leads to another misunderstanding between her and Tooru.
S00E09 +A-Channel 9 - Scared 21/09/2011 Y?ko becomes scared one night when she believes she's being followed.
S00E10 +A-Channel 10 - Genzou-san 21/09/2011 On a cold day, Run and Nagi discuss what could make sitting in the classroom warmer.
S00E11 +A-Channel 11 - Character Bento 26/10/2011 The girls split into teams and compete with each other to make the best home-made bento lunch.
S00E12 A-Channel +Smile - Yamamori Pancake: An Accident 11/02/2012 Kimiko injures her hand during class and has to deal with it whilst Tooru brings Tansan to school with her to meet Yutaka and Miho. Later, the girls decide to get pancakes at a café where Miho happens to be working, facing trouble when Yutaka shows up out of the blue.
S00E13 A-Channel +Smile - A Picture of a Wish: A Happy New Year 21/03/2012 Yuko catches a cold so the others pay her a visit and help look after her. Later, the girls get together for the New Year's shrine visit.
S00E14 A-Channel +Smile - Let's have hot pot - Alexandrite in the pot 27/09/2017 T?ru goes to great lengths to find Run, who has been away from her classroom during breaks all morning. Later, the girls gather at T?ru's house to have a hot pot party.