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A Quiet Word With is an occasional series of one-on-one conversations between Tony Martin and a high profile entertainer. Martin has been spouting his nonsense for close to three decades, on TV (The D-Generation, The Late Show), radio (Martin/Molloy, Get This), in books (Lolly Scramble, A Nest of Occasionals), as a stand-up comic, and on his website The Scrivener’s Fancy. Now he has taken up interviewing. Two chairs, no clips, and work-related talk only. A Quiet Word with… is not a show about people’s marriages, divorces, children and parents. It’s about a rather thin, film and comedy nerd talking shop with someone he admires for 26 minutes. There are some brief opening titles, an irritatingly catchy theme tune and quite nice lighting. Apart from that, it’s just interesting talk, surprising tangents and more than a few cheap laughs.


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S01E01 A Quiet Word with Bill Bailey 28/09/2010 In this interview, Martin leads award-winning, stand-up comic Bill Bailey on a rambling conversation that takes in his entire career, from playing the foyer of the Hilton to packing out Wembley Stadium. Martin, who has followed Bailey’s career since just missing one of his early Edinburgh shows in 1991, drags a few skeletons out of the closet and attempts to prove that Bill is ‘comedy’s Andre Rieu’.
S01E02 A Quiet Word with Carrie Fisher 09/11/2010 Comedian and recovering Star Wars fan, Tony Martin, leads Hollywood actress and writer Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) on a rambling conversation that takes in her entire career.
S01E03 A Quiet Word with Alan Davies 02/04/2011 Tony Martin interviews his British counterpart Alan Davies. Not only are both men funny, they patently have a long-standing friendship. Accordingly, their chit-chat is much more than a series of platitudes. To start, Martin quizzes Davies about his early days as a stand-up, with an emphasis on his first shows in Australia nearly 20 years ago. Davies, currently seen on QI and Whites, explains why he always opened in a shambolic manner. Just as the audience started to become uneasy, he would say, ''I haven't started yet. Don't worry, I'm not shit.''
S01E04 A Quiet Word with Rhys Darby 09/04/2011 Quiet is right - there's nothing that is going to set the heart racing when Tony Martin interviews fellow Kiwi and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby. The interview meanders along pleasantly enough, stopping just short of becoming a tedious mutual appreciation society. Darby is a genius in the guise of the Conchords' Murray and it's interesting to get some of his backstory (such as his time in the army). Just don't expect too many belly laughs.
S01E05 A Quiet Word with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost 16/04/2011 Comedian Tony Martin gives fellow comedians Simon Pegg and Nick Frost a comprehensive going over on the eve of their latest collaboration, sci-fi comedy Paul.
S01E06 A Quiet Word with Lily Tomlin 23/04/2011 In A Quiet Word With Lily Tomlin, comedian Tony Martin leads the Oscar-nominated actress and comedienne on an entertaining meander through her remarkable career; from her breakthrough on TV's Laugh-In, to classic movies like Nashville, Nine to Five and All of Me, and her return to TV, with roles in The West Wing and Damages. Tomlin talks about her early influences, recalls her many collaborations with Robert Altman and discusses the process of building comedy characters from the ground up. Along the way, there are stories of working with Orson Welles, Tom Waits and Martin Short, the news that one of her most famous characters has come out of the closet and, yes, the truth behind that clip on YouTube.
S02E01 A Quiet Word with Rob Sitch 30/04/2011 In A Quiet Word With Rob Sitch, comedian Tony Martin snags a rare on-camera chat with his former D Generation and Late Show co-star Rob Sitch, now one of the principals of the hugely successful Working Dog production house. Over a tangent-filled half hour, Sitch recalls the origin of the D Generation and discusses the group's commitment both to high and low comedy. The genesis of The Late Show, 'Shitscared' and 'Charlie the Wonder Dog' are covered, as is Sitch's work on such Working Dog hits as Frontline, The Castle, Molvania and Thank God You're Here. There is brief mention of the upcoming Working Dog movie, talk of sketches that 'never got up and for good reason', and at least one use of the phrase 'How's the serenity?'.
S02E02 A Quiet Word with Rob Brydon 07/05/2011 In A Quiet Word With Rob Brydon, comedian Tony Martin leads the BAFTA-nominated comic actor and writer on a rambling journey through his remarkable career; from presenting products on the Home Shopping Network, and having his only line cut from his film debut with Sean Connery, to being 'discovered' by Steve Coogan, who produced the early successes Human Remains and Marion and Geoff. Brydon discusses his collaborations with Coogan and director Michael Winterbottom, from Tristram Shandy to the upcoming The Trip; reveals the origins of Gavin and Stacey's Uncle Bryn; speaks of the difficulty of playing 'himself'; and blows the lid off the 'Small Man Trapped in a Box'. A thoroughly entertaining Quiet Word with the man once voted the '47th Sexiest Man in Wales'.
S02E03 A Quiet Word with Catherine Tate 14/05/2011 In A Quiet Word With Catherine Tate, comedian Tony Martin leads the British comic actress on a merry dance through her award-winning career, from her early work on The Bill - accurately recreated here - to her massively successful three seasons of The Catherine Tate Show and popular tenure as the Doctor's assistant on Doctor Who. Tate reveals what it's like to shoot a comedy scene with the Prime Minister, what it's like to hurl abuse at the Queen on national television, and what it's like to break the record for most uses of the F-word in a single sketch. Martin excavates the origins of her most famous characters, finds out how Tate got a new word into the Oxford dictionary, and baffles her with a reference to a TV show she can't recall making, in this loose and entertaining Quiet Word.
S02E04 A Quiet Word with Ross Noble 21/05/2011 In A Quiet Word with Ross Noble, comedian Tony Martin manages to pin down the award-winning stand-up comic and self-confessed 'randomist' for a surprisingly thoughtful discussion of what it is he actually does. Ross attempts to explain his surrealistic thought processes, and recalls highlights and lowlights of his hugely successful career 'talking bollocks' in front of crowds of strangers. He talks of his early job as a TV warm-up man, reveals how his 'Twitter Bombard' campaign got completely out of control, and professes his continued love for Australia, despite having lost every last possession in the Black Saturday bushfires.
S02E05 A Quiet Word with Shaun Micallef 28/05/2011 In A Quiet Word with Shaun Micallef, Tony Martin drags the award-winning comedian, writer, actor and game show host back to the national broadcaster to explain himself. In a conversation that veers all over the shop, Micallef recalls his early stage performances - and their reviews, reveals how he snuck onto national television through the back door, and explains how he has juggled several different 'versions' of himself in his various TV projects. There are frequent insights, several cheap laughs and a mystifying reference to Chester Conklin in this candid and amusing Quiet Word with the often misspelt Shaun Micallef.
S02E06 A Quiet Word with Richard E. Grant 04/06/2011 This week on A Quiet Word, comedian Tony Martin has a lively chat with the actor/director and memoirist Richard E Grant. Although best known for his roles in the classic comedy Withnail & I, several Robert Altman films and TV's Scarlet Pimpernel, Martin dredges up several credits that Grant himself can barely remember, including his debut as 'Village Yokel' in Penelope Keith's only unsuccessful sitcom. Grant talks about his role in the upcoming Iron Lady with Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, reveals his part in exposing an outrageous 'AIDS cure' scam, denies he started that rumour about the actor and the gerbil, and, at one point, accuses Martin of wearing a hairpiece.