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Series One is a twelve part month by month journey through the garden, following the work of a committed team of experts offering a unique insight into the gardens, glasshouses, laboratories and museums that give Kew its reputation for excellence. Series Two is narrated by former student of Kews School of Horticulture, Alan Titchmarsh, who takes us behind the scenes through ten episodes, focusing on the millions of visitors passing through the gardens each year, including Royal Families of England and Saudi Arabia. Series Three is ten episodes which chart the story of the year from the buds of spring to the sweltering days of summer. This series enters the lives of the people who care for Kew, demonstrating how important plants are for medicine and conservation around the world.


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S01E01 Pets in the Palm House 27/08/2004 The tree gang, headed by Jon Hammerton, deal with a diseased tree, while in the Palm house, keeper Emma Fox is on the attack against a plague of thrips. Outside, preparations for a giant badger sett are also underway.
S01E02 Titan Arum Opens 03/09/2004 Displays co-ordinator Phil Griffiths prepares the mighty titan arum for its moment of glory, watched eagerly by Kew's expert in foul smells, Dr Geoffrey Kite. Elsewhere the team put the final touches to the Go Wild festival and the tree gang deal with a giant bamboo emergency in the Palm House.
S01E03 Summer Planting 10/09/2004 It's all hands on deck as the biggest planting of the year gets underway. Sarah Smith and her team have just four days to transform the Palm House border. The tree gang help out with a project at a local school and the Orangery hosts its annual charity auction.
S01E04 The Plant Auction 17/09/2004 The world's leading expert of Madagascan palms, John Dransfield is on the hunt for an exotic palm that's facing extinction, while Steve Ketley, Keeper of the fern collection has some giant moth coccoons to find a home for. Elsewhere Emma Fox is coaxing the giant waterlily into growth.
S01E05 Summer Swing Concerts 24/09/2004 It's a nail-biting time as Head of Horticulture Nigel Taylor waits for news about UNESCO World Heritage status for the gardens and Emma Fox taks on the role of a nocturnal beetle to pollinate the giant water lilies. Beneath the Palm House Pete Morris dons his waders to restock the marine display.
S01E06 The Drought 08/10/2004 Arboretum manager Ray Townsend and his team are hard at work irrigating the gardens during the hottest summer for years, while arboretum head Tony Kirkham travels to Italy to search for matching pairs of mature trees for the Pagoda vista.
S01E07 Cyad Cones 15/10/2004 The tree team are called to the Palm House to tackle a tree that is giving cause for concern. Ray Townsend travels to Japan to collect specimens and Tony Kirkham uses the old-fashioned methods of harvesting wheat, and with a bit of help, makes his own loaf of bread.
S01E08 Japanese Surprise 22/10/2004 A small Japanese island is the destination for Ray Townsend as he attempts to bring back a record breaking number of seeds. Phil Griffiths has a lucky day when he discover a large tree trunk that is perfect for one of his displays in the Princess of Wales Greenhouse.
S01E09 The Autumn Festival 29/10/2004 Ray Townsend meets a fellow bamboo expert while asking for directions in Japan, while back at the gardens Phil Griffiths creates a stunning display of pumpkins and gourds. In one of the galleries a scholarship student is displaying her botanical artwork
S01E10 Seed Collecting in Madagascar 05/11/2004 The curator of the Millennium Seed Bank, Stuart Cable, travels to Madagascar to collect seeds from endangered species and Sarah Smith and Emma Gardner delve into the past when an archaeological dig begins at Kew Palace. Randall Keynes the great-great-grandson of Charles Darwin pays a visit to the gardens in search of a rare rhododendron.
S01E11 Problems with the Cold 12/11/2004 A fault is detected in the heating system for the Palm and Waterlilly houses, putting the exotic specimens in the Waterlily house at risk. Tony Kirkham plants the new trees that have arrived from Italy and Stuart Cable continues his seed collecting trip in Madagascar
S01E12 The Orchid Festival 19/11/2004 As the seasons turn full circle, the tree gang gears up for the spring. Tony Hall gives the new students advice on replanting islands in the lake and there is great excitement as the world's oldest pot plant is about to produce a cone.
S02E01 Visit from Her Majesty the Queen 18/08/2005 All the teams are busy preparing the Palm house and rest of the gardens for a visit from Her Majesty the Queen, to mark the Kew's World Heritage Site status. The Tree Anatomy unit helps out HM Customs and excise and the wild flower meadow comes to life.
S02E02 Gardens Closed 25/08/2005 Disaster stikes as bad weather forces the gardens to close for the first time in 15 years. This hampers preparations for the visit of Prince Charles and Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia as they arrive to plant some new palm trees. Kath King explains her feeding regimes for the carnivorous plant collection and the display team have some leaf cutter ants to deal with
S02E03 Jodrell Laboratory 01/09/2005 The morning after the storm the staff assess the damage, while Dave Barnes and his team manoeuvre the new palms into position ready for planting. In the Jodrell Laboratory, Mike Fay examines the DNA of the rare red helleborine.
S02E04 Kew's Country Garden - Wakehurst Place 08/09/2005 At Kew's country garden, Wakehurst Place, Steve Robinson is hard at work making charcoal, while Margaret Leigh prepares for the annual plant auction. In the bamboo garden, Ray Townsend answers a call for help from London Zoo and the tree gang deal with an Italian poplar that stands in the way of the Jodrell Laboratory extension.
S02E05 St Helena 15/09/2005 Steve Alton travels to St Helena to collect seed of the island's unique plantlife for the Millenium Seedbank, while back at Wakehurst Place a rare cabbage plant is being transferred to Kew. The marathon pruning session begins on the rose pergola and a new recruit to the tree gang gets a lesson from Andy McClure, Kew's oldest tree surgeon.
S02E06 The Mycology Department Surveys the Fungi 22/09/2005 Head of the Arboretum, Tony Kirkham, fights to save one of Kew's oldest trees, a Ginkgo biloba. Elsewhere the mycology department surveys the fungi of the gardens and Roselle Andrews creates a special wreath for Remembrance Sunday.
S02E07 Victorian Taxonomic Dispute 29/09/2005 Botanist Bill Baker solves a victorian taxonomic dispute and pays tribute to John Dransfield who is retiring. Ray Townsend gets to work creating an authentic Zen garden around the Japanese Gateway and Kew provides a home for 50 chameleons seized by customs.
S02E08 Chihuly Exhibition 06/10/2005 Seed collectors from the Millenium Seedbank find out that simple tasks can be tough in Burkina Faso. Back at the gardens work begins to assemble the first sculpture for the controversial Chihuly exhibition. Elsewhere the keepers of the Palm house and Temperate house go head to head at the RHS London Show.
S02E09 Wollemi Pine 13/10/2005 Michiel Van Slageren uses local knowledge to find new species for the Millennium Seedbank in Mali. Curator of the spirit collection, Emma Treadwell looks after some new additions and displays curator Phil Griffiths commissions some new pots for the Temperate House. The world's media descend on the gardens to see the rare Wollemi pine.
S02E10 Volunteers Tackle an Invasive Weed 20/10/2005 In the Jodrell Laboratory, Olwen Grace examines the chemical properties of aloes while outside a team of 300 volunteers tackle an invasive weed. Inside the Temperate house, it's organised chaos as the final preparations for the Chihuly exhibiton are underway and a bedding scheme with a difference is designed outside the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
S02E11 Episode 11 27/10/2005 Documentary on the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. A controversial public arts display causes problems.
S02E12 Episode 12 27/10/2005 Documentary on the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. A controversial public arts display causes problems.

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