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The Season 6 winner of The Next Food Network Star, Aarti Sequeira, invites viewers to join her for a playful Aarti Party, where she shares easy and delicious ways to enhance American favorites with simple but unique Indian influences. Whether she’s sprucing up everyday pulled pork sandwiches and perfectly roasted chicken or taking classic bread pudding and basic red lentils to new heights, Aarti cleverly combines the familiar with the exotic to create mouthwatering meals. No matter the occasion, Aarti Party promises great food and endless fun for home cooks everywhere.


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S02E01 Breakfast of Champions 02/01/2011 Aarti Sequeira starts the day off in style, with a stellar breakfast.
S02E02 Spring Lunch 06/03/2011 Aarti Sequeira brings the bright flavors of Spring to your table, year round. Spicy Sticky Lamb Chops get roasted until lightly charred, then served with a sweet and creamy Pea Puree and aromatic Crusty Coriander Potatoes. An elegant meal for company, yet simple enough for a weeknight.
S02E03 Down Home 19/12/2010 Aarti Sequeira puts her spin on American comfort food favorites to warm you up when the weather cools down.
S02E04 Fancy Pants 12/12/2010 Aarti Sequeira prepares an elegant meal that is perfect for the holidays and special occasions.
S02E05 Fight Night 30/01/2011 Aarti Sequiera prepares a meal that's easy to enjoy during the ball game, fighting match, or whatever exciting event is on tonight. Bacon-Jalapeno Apple Pop 'Ems are the perfect appetizer, with their bubbly apple-cheese filling, and crispy bacon wrapped around the jalapeno shell. For the main event, Giddy-Up Steak with Onion-Date Compote and spice-dusted Parsnip Chips keep fans going strong.
S02E06 Steak for a Song 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira whips up a meal that's easy on your taste buds ... and your wallet! Greens 'n' Beans pairs wilted kale with creamy white beans in a homemade cilantro pesto. It comes together in a flash, and gets devoured just as quickly! Alongside, Pretzel-Fried Steak is sinfully delicious: crunchy, salty, and aromatic with coriander and cumin, it's even better with sweet and tangy Onion-Mango Gravy. For dessert, Rhubarb-Rosewater Parfait is a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
S02E07 Indian Take Out 27/02/2011 Aarti Sequeira brings your favorite Indian dishes into your kitchen, no takeout required!
S02E08 Veggie Day 09/01/2011 Aarti Sequeira celebrates veggies with a hearty, satisfying meal. Chickpea and Artichoke Masala is fresh and filling, full of tomatoes and warm spices. Alongside, Roasted Root Jumble showcases the natural sweetness of fennel, carrots, and red onion as they roast with lemon slices and crumbled feta cheese. Last but not least, Indian Summer Stew is a hearty pot of pumpkin, coconut, and yellow lentils, finished with a sizzling garlic-mustard oil. This veggie menu is as delicious as it is nutritious.
S02E09 Curry 101 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira demystifies curry with an easy Beef Vindaloo recipe -- chunks of sirloin are simmered until tender with garlic, ginger, cinnamon and cloves; serrano chile and cayenne pepper make the dish as spicy as you like it. Indian Whole Wheat Griddle Bread will rescue your taste buds with every golden, flaky layer; as extra insurance, Cucumber and Golden Raisin Raita is a cooling salad with a yogurt-mint dressing. Featuring everyday ingredients you already have in your kitchen!
S02E10 Friday Fish Night 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira makes a stellar fish meal for any day of the week. Thai Roasted Green Fish is a whole striped bass, roasted with a cilantro and mint paste. Tomato, Scallion, and Peanut Pulao is a fluffy basmati rice dish fragrant with cardamom pods, cinnamon, and fresh ginger. To round out the meal, Roasted Smoky Cauliflower gets caramelized with cumin and coriander, then served with a dollop of Limey Yogurt.
S02E11 Warm Me Up 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira warms up the house with a pot of Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup, scented with fresh ginger and brimming with sweet corn kernels, shredded chicken, and swirls of egg white. All good soups deserve a sandwich, and Aarti's Hoisin Ham 'n' Cheese is made with tender ham, sliced green apples, and a sweet-spicy pepper jack cheese spread that melts as the sandwich toasts in the pan. Finally, Spiced Hot Chocolate is comforting and sweet, with a hint of curry spice and plenty of marshmallows!
S02E12 Beer Snacks 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira cooks up a spread that's perfect for a beer tasting party.
S02E13 Belly Dance Night 12/02/2011 Aarti Sequeira has a party-ready menu that's as easy to make as it is to eat! Pea-lafel Sandwiches are filled with tender pea and mint patties, fried until golden and served in pita pockets with fresh tomato, cucumber, and a drizzle of minty yogurt sauce. On the side, Middle Eastern Fire-Roasted Eggplant dip, made smooth and creamy with charred eggplant, sesame seed paste, and fresh parsley, is a failproof crowdpleaser. Moroccan Carrot Salad is fresh and light, tossed with chopped parsley, toasted pine nuts, and bits of roasted lemon in an orange and cumin dressing. To sip, Mint Tea is an elegant refreshment to keep you shimmying all night long.
S03E01 Beach Blanket Bites 09/07/2011 Aarti Sequeira packs a picnic that is perfect with a side of sunshine and good company. Her Banh Mi Wraps are filled with grilled pork loin, pickled carrots, and fresh cilantro and mint. On the side, her Newspaper Nuts have toasty peanuts, chopped pecans and shredded coconut, all dusted with warm Indian spices for an addictive on-the-go snack. Finally, a little something exotic to sip on as you take in the sunshine: Aarti's Thai Agua Fresca, is a lightly sweet, very refreshing blend of lychee, coconut water and lemongrass.
S03E02 Cooking with Fire! 03/09/2011 Aarti Sequeira is firing up the grill to serve sweet temptation ribs to a group of her friends.
S03E03 Mumbai-Italiano 16/07/2011 Aarti Sequeira brings two of her favorite cuisines together in one meal: Italian and Indian! Her Caprese Salad with Roasted Mango Dressing is a fun new twist on an old favorite, while Meatball Curry takes a traditional Indian dish and jazzes it up with bite-sized meatballs. For dessert, a Bedouin Affogato pairs cardamom-scented espresso with vanilla ice cream, fresh whipped cream, and a sprinkle of chocolate-dipped cookies.
S03E04 The Big Cheese 23/07/2011 Aarti Sequeira makes fresh cheese in 30 minutes, with 2 everyday ingredients.
S03E05 Humble But Hearty 30/07/2011 Aarti Sequeira whips up a meal with satisfying flavors and a humble price tag. Her Lebanese Lentils, Rice & Caramelized Onions is a hearty crowd-pleaser, perfect alongside two fresh-tasting salads. The first is Aarti's Roasted Eggplant Salad, served cool with a yogurt dressing, and the second is an Orange and Grapefruit Salad with Coriander and Black Olives. With such and affordable menu, a nice glass of Zinfandel wine is a welcome addition to the meal.
S03E06 Summertime...And the Cookin' Is Easy 02/07/2011 Aarti Sequiera creates light, fresh dishes for warm days, when the cookin' is easy!
S03E07 Baby Shower 17/09/2011 Aarti Sequeira pays tribute to the wonder of things that come in small packages. Her Smoky Spinach Artichoke Dip is comforting and rich, bubbling with three cheeses and a pinch of citrusy coriander. Next, her Lasagna Cupcakes are filled with chicken sausage, tomato sauce and a creamy ricotta-mango filling. Finally, Aarti's Blackberry-Ginger Clafouti is an elegant baked custard studded with juicy blackberries. Finished off with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon wine, this meal nearly as good as having a bun in the oven!
S03E08 Mezze On My Mind 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira re-creates her Mediterranean vacation through mezze, the Turkish equivalent of tapas.
S03E09 Burger Station 13/08/2011 Aarti Sequeira grills up Old-Fashioned Burgers, with meaty patties stacked high with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.
S03E10 Dinner for Piglet 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira makes a meal in honor of her sister, affectionately nicknamed Piglet.
S03E11 Bollywood Nights 00/00/0000 This Bollywood Night menu centers around 'Night 'Night Curry, featuring roasted lamb and sweet apricot stewed in a creamy, warmly spiced sauce and finished with crunchy toasted almonds. To serve alongside, Aarti makes easy work of fresh naan, that pillowy Indian flatbread that seems to win fans wherever it goes. Finally, Green Apple & Ginger Chutney and a glass of zinfandel wine add the perfect finishing touch to the meal.
S03E12 Sips n' Nibbles 00/00/0000 Aarti Sequeira's mixologist friend shakes up some sips, while Aarti cooks up tasty nibbles. Aarti bakes her Pomegranate, Sriracha and Mint Chicken Wings until crispy, then tosses them in a tangy pomegranate glaze. Her Beef Kebabs are tender, flavor-packed morsels with a tasty surprise inside! Finally, silky-smooth Parsnip Hummus is a simple and familiar, with a refreshing twist. Just as refreshing as the cocktail pairings!
S03E13 Eating Like a Kid 27/08/2011 Aarti Sequeira makes a couple dishes she grew up with, and another she invented as an adult. Kheema is a traditional ground beef dish simmered with sweet peas and chopped tomatoes. The flavors will soothe your soul and satisfy your belly. One the side, sauteed Summer Squash are bathed in Turmeric Butter with toasted hazelnuts and a drizzle of honey. Finally, whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, Aarti's ice cream sundae with Homemade "Magic" Chocolate Sauce will make you grin from ear to ear.
S03E14 Aarti's Comfort Food Feast 00/00/0000

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