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Non-Summit (aka Abnormal Summit) is a television program on JTBC in South Korea. The show features a panel of eleven non-Korean men, living in Korea, who debate on various topics and "Korean culture, through the eyes of a foreigner," in a talk show format, in the Korean language.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Abnormal Summit

S01E01 Independence from parents 07/07/2014 Guest: Jang Dongmin
S01E02 Pre-marital co-habitation 14/07/2014 Guest: Jang Sora & Lee Gukjoo
S01E03 Career pursuit 21/07/2014 Guest: Shin Haechul
S01E04 Dating 28/07/2014 Guest: Soyou & Oh Nami
S01E05 Compulsory sex education 04/08/2014 Guest: Haha & Skull
S01E06 Relationships 11/08/2014 Guest: Jo Seho
S01E07 Marriage 18/08/2014 Guest: Hong Sukchun & Ahn Youngmi
S01E08 Seoul living 25/08/2014 Guest: Rose Motel
S01E09 Raising children 01/09/2014 Guest: Kim Gura
S01E10 Chuseok special 08/09/2014 Guest: Sam Hammington
S01E11 Job application requirements 15/09/2014 Guest: John Park
S01E12 Internet/Smartphone usage 22/09/2014 Guest: Jo Kwon
S01E13 Spending money on friends 29/09/2014 Guest: Yoo Sang Moo
S01E14 Maintaining good health 06/10/2014 Guest: Lee Yoon-Suk
S01E15 Parenting 13/10/2014 Guest: Park Ji-Yun
S01E16 Foreign language studies 20/10/2014 Guest: Jang Gi-Ha
S01E17 Dreams and happiness 27/10/2014 Guest: Kim Sung-Kyun
S01E18 Break-ups, divorce 03/11/2014 Guest: Gong Hyung-Jin
S01E19 Love, romance problems 10/11/2014 Guest: Jang Yoon-Ju
S01E20 Generation gap 17/11/2014 Guest: Super Junior's Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun
S01E21 The bond of brothers 24/11/2014 Guest: Kim Bum-Soo
S01E22 Workplace sex discrimination 01/12/2014 Guest: Bobby Kim, Sayuri Fujita
S01E23 Crime and Safety 08/12/2014 Guest: Kangin, Zhou Mi
S01E24 Entrepreneurship 15/12/2014 Guest: Lee Sang Min
S01E25 Christmas Special 22/12/2014 Guest: Yoon Min-Soo, Ryu Jae-Hyun
S01E26 Year-End Special 29/12/2014
S01E27 Philanthropy 05/01/2015 Guest: Noh Seung-hwan (Sean Noh)
S01E28 Private education 12/01/2015 Guest: Kim Kwan
S01E29 Anger and rage 19/01/2015 Guest: Park Chul-min
S01E30 Noblesse oblige 26/01/2015 Guest: Seo Jang-hoon
S01E31 Study abroad and immigration 02/02/2015 Guest: Kang Yong-suk
S01E32 Lies and rumors 09/02/2015 Guest: Kangnam
S01E33 James Hooper special update 16/02/2015 Guest: James Hooper
S01E34 Retirement plans 23/02/2015 Guest: Kim Kwang-kyu
S01E35 Fashion trends 02/03/2015 Guest: Moon Hee-joon
S01E36 Midlife crisis 09/03/2015 Guest: Yoon Do-hyun
S01E37 Wealth 16/03/2015 Guest: Hong Jin-ho, Kang Kyun-sung
S01E38 Television 23/03/2015 Guest: Jo Young-nam
S01E39 New academic term 30/03/2015 Guest: Kim So-yeon
S01E40 Food and eating 06/04/2015 Guest: Kim Tae-woo
S01E41 Conscience and morality 13/04/2015 Guest: Baek Ji-young
S01E42 Lookism 20/04/2015 Guest: Kim Jun-hyun
S01E43 Gifted education 27/04/2015 Guest: Jang Jin
S01E44 Jobs 04/05/2015 Guest: Huh Young-man
S01E45 House owning 11/05/2015 Guest: Song Eun, Kim Sook
S01E46 Hate speech and hate crime 18/05/2015 Guest: Chin Jung-kwon
S01E47 Leadership 25/05/2015 Guest: Onew, Choi Min-ho
S01E48 Laugher and happiness 01/06/2015 Guest: Kim Young-chul
S01E49 Law 08/06/2015 Guest: Robert Holley
S01E50 Value of age 15/06/2015
S01E51 War and Peace 22/06/2015 Guest: Chin Jung-kwon
S01E52 1st Anniversary Special 29/06/2015
S01E53 Good countries to live 06/07/2015 Guest: Hwang Kwanghee
S01E54 MERS Crisis in Korea 13/07/2015 Guest: Hwang Seok-jeong
S01E55 Desire 20/07/2015 Guest: Im Won-hee, Son Ho-jun
S01E56 Correct answer 27/07/2015 Guest: Lee Hoon
S01E57 World economy, Greek financial crisis 03/08/2015 Guest: Choi Jin
S01E58 Dangers of science and technology 10/08/2015 Guest: Joon Park
S01E59 Gender role 17/08/2015 Guest: Hong Jin-kyung
S01E60 Multiculturalism 24/08/2015 Guest: Jeong Jun-ha
S01E61 Decision-making 31/08/2015 Guest: Jang Do-yeon
S01E62 National psyche and country development 07/09/2015 Guest: Heo Kyung-hwan
S01E63 Environmental protection 14/09/2015
S01E64 Working vs. getting education 21/09/2015
S01E65 Chuseok Special 28/09/2015
S01E66 Ill-fated relationships 05/10/2015
S01E67 Creativity 12/10/2015
S01E68 Importance of eating breakfast 19/10/2015
S01E69 Miscommunication between men and women 26/10/2015
S01E70 A world without crime 02/11/2015
S01E71 Social polarization 09/11/2015
S01E72 Personal privacy and privacy law 16/11/2015
S01E73 Part-time work impeding career advancement 23/11/2015
S01E74 Boasting 30/11/2015
S01E75 War on Terror 07/12/2015
S01E76 Making a good first impression 14/12/2015
S01E77 Legendary music 21/12/2015
S01E78 2015 top global issues 28/12/2015
S01E79 Utopia 04/01/2016
S01E80 Interest in politics 11/01/2016
S01E81 Love of pets 18/01/2016
S01E82 Personal branding 25/01/2016
S01E83 Debt 01/02/2016
S01E84 Couple's holiday fighting 08/02/2016
S01E85 Real friendship 15/02/2016
S01E86 Mainstream and non-mainstream 22/02/2016
S01E87 Children's life satisfaction 29/02/2016
S01E88 Planning for older age while young 07/03/2016
S01E89 The 3rd Hallyu 14/03/2016
S01E90 Time management 21/03/2016
S01E91 Understanding people's behavior using data 28/03/2016
S01E92 Neighbor problems 04/04/2016
S01E93 Comparing yourself to others 11/04/2016
S01E94 Wanting constant attention from others 18/04/2016
S01E95 Minimalist lifestyle 25/04/2016
S01E96 Conspiracy theories 02/05/2016
S01E97 Ageing gracefully (or not) 09/05/2016
S01E98 Syrian refugee crisis 16/05/2016
S01E99 Natural disasters 23/05/2016
S01E100 100th Episode Special, Part 1 30/05/2016
S01E101 100th Episode Special, Part 2 06/06/2016
S01E102 Happiness 13/06/2016