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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Achievement Hunter - Let's Play

S255E00 The Stream Team: Surgeon Simulator 00/00/0000
S255E01 GTA V - The Data Breaches: Heist - Doomsday Heist (#3) 01/01/2018 We use the Akula to infiltrate the server farm at the N.O.O.S.E. Government Facility, then begin the first heist in the Doomsday Heist DLC.
S255E02 Trivial Pursuit - Cleaning House (Part 13) 02/01/2018 Achievement Hunter plays some more Trivial Pursuit as they ignore the broken bottle of barbecue sauce in the corner of the room.
S255E03 Gmod: Prop Hunt & Obj Hunt 02/01/2018 Let's play Prop Hunt. No! Let's play Object Hunt! Ah heck, why not both?
S255E04 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds: Xbox One 03/01/2018 Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy, and Millie switch gears over to the Xbox version of PUBG. Will the change in controls get the best of them, or will the power of the Lightning Round reign supreme?
S255E05 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Geoff-dar (Part 3) 04/01/2018 Certain qualified individuals are great at calling out enemies. Other people are just annoying.
S255E06 7 Days to Die: Mysterious Signs (#11) 06/01/2018 Our survivors are scattered across the map, and getting involved in tricky situations. In this episode: Ryan heads home with goodies, Jeremy can't satisfy his bloodlust, Geoff discovers his spark for adventure, Jack acquires a mild case of tourettes, Gavin finds himself alone in a dark building, and Michael goes on a rescue mission.
S255E07 Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town - My Heart Will Go On (#6) 07/01/2018 Near, far, wherever you are. Watch the boys play some Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town.
S255E08 GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#4) 08/01/2018 We steal some keycards, take out Agent ULP's kidnappers, tart a riot, steal the Riot Control Van, and boost some wrecked Strombergs.
S255E09 Ultimate Chicken Horse - Sticky Situations (Part 5) 09/01/2018 Now that they know how to properly utilize the "cheese" for trap building, the boys find creative new ways to scream at each other.
S255E10 Fortnite: Battle Royale - Lots of 'Splodes - AH Live Stream 10/01/2018 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Jeremy take another shot at Fortnite's Battle Royale gamemode. This time, they're out to build, shoot, and 'splode everything around them!
S255E11 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - MLG Lives On (Part 4) 11/01/2018 Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Jeremy are back in Vegas hunting baddies. This time, they get the inspiration to play like the pros.
S255E12 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Race 1 14/01/2018 It's finally here! Join the gang as they compete in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
S255E13 GTA V - Slashers Adversary Mode 15/01/2018 We went to New York to visit Rockstar HQ and test out their new Slashers Adversary game mode.
S255E14 It's Quiz Time 16/01/2018 It's time to test the minds of Achievement Hunter with another quiz game. It's quiz time!
S255E15 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds - Lightning Chicken - AH Live Stream 17/01/2018 Gavin, Michael, Jeremy, Ryan, and Alfredo dive into PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds in search for the illusive chicken dinner.
S255E16 Rainbow Six: Siege - White Noise 18/01/2018 The guys check out the newest operators in Rainbow 6 Siege's White Noise DLC.
S255E17 7 Days to Die: The Walls Between Us (#12) 20/01/2018 Whether it's a skyscraper, a massive canyon, or a house on top of a giant spire, our survivors are divided by walls. In this episode: Jeremy and Ryan build a lot of ladders, Jack finds himself under house arrest, Gavin is alone and afraid, and Michael goes to rescue both of them.
S255E18 VR Surgeon Simulator ER: Experience Reality Part 4 24/01/2017 Vrooooooooom. Ambulance! Lots of organs getting sliced and shit!
S255E19 Let's Watch - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard 25/01/2017 It's here! It's finally here! Michael, Gavin, and Jeremy watch as Scaredy Geoff sits through utter horror and anguish for our first episode of Let's Watch - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.
S255E20 Jack Box 3: AH Live Stream 25/01/2017 Come hang out and play a few rounds of Jack Box 3 with Achievement Hunter.
S255E21 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Kill Confirmed 26/01/2017 Join the AH crew as they play some Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Kill Confirmed. They try their best to succeed, but sometimes there just happen to be some try-hard kiddos who like to ruin all the fun. Let's watch as frustration ensues. But not "Let's Watch." That's a totally different show.
S255E22 Worms WMD: Meet The Garbos 24/01/2018 Ryan, Michael, Gavin, and Lindsay kick off the year with explosive sheep, mechs, and the introduction of the Garbo Family!
S255E23 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Miramar 25/01/2018 Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and Gavin are leaving the land that they once knew and conquered for the new PUBG map, Miramar.
S255E24 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Race 3 28/01/2018 Two new racers join the fray in part three of our Mario Kart 8 Deluxe series.
S255E25 GTA V - The Bogdan Problem: Heist - Doomsday Heist (#6) 29/01/2018 We use the Strombergs to scan a submarine, board it through an airlock, and disable it, while holding off enemy agents in the Avenger above.
S255E26 Gang Beasts: Officer Quiff 30/01/2018 The gang's back playing Gang Beasts! Officer Quiff's out to arrest some thugs (as long as he doesn't get pounded in the process).
S255E27 Sea of Thieves: Pirate Skirmishes - AH Live Stream 31/01/2018 The crew set out on the high seas in search of buried treasure. But can they hold it together long enough to avoid rival pirates and shark infested waters?
S255E28 Call of Duty WWII - Sensitivity Training 01/02/2018 Achievement Hunter and Millie do some sensitivity training in Call of Duty WWII and witness Ryan's transformation into The Shoveler.
S255E29 Madden 18: Super Bowl LII Special 03/02/2018 Achievement Hunter sets out to predict the outcome of Super Bowl LII by playing Madden 18. Using precise calculations, the outcome is guaranteed to be true.
S255E30 Fore Honor - Golf With Your Friends - Pirate Cove (#5) 03/02/2018 Achievement Hunter plays a couple rounds on the new Pirate Cove map in this fifth installment of Golf With Your Friends.
S255E31 Gang Beasts - Granny Games 04/02/2018 Achievement Hunter and special guests Criken, Tomato, and BedBananas slap each other around in Gang Beasts. Granny's got a new hip replacement and she's out for blood.
S255E32 GTA V - The Doomsday Scenario: Prep - Doomsday Heist (#7) 05/02/2018 Achievement Hunter and special guests Criken, Tomato, and BedBananas slap each other around in Gang Beasts. Granny's got a new hip replacement and she's out for blood.
S255E33 New Wheel of Fortune - Gavin Goes Bankrupt (Part 2) 06/02/2018 Jeremy, Jack, and Gavin are spinning that wheel for some ammount of fortune again. Gavin starts to go mad as the odds don't seem to be in his favor.
S255E34 GTA V - Offense Defense with Funhaus 12/02/2016 Guess who just got back today. Them wild-eyed boys that had been away. Haven't changed that much to say. But man, I still think them cats are crazy. The boys are back in town so we smash 'em up a bit in Offense Defense!
S255E35 Let's Watch - Slime Rancher 12/02/2016 Six o' five am - Farmer Ryan wakes up, unusually late for a farmer of his caliber. Takes a shower. Puts on his ranchin' pants. Grabs his sucky-blowy gun and heads outside. He checks on the crop. No plorts? Of course not. Farmer Ryan hasn't taken the time to shoot carrots into the mouths of his imprisoned slime at 60 miles per hour. Or feed the poops of exotic slime to his little pinkies so they make exotic poops too. Farmer Ryan is a good farmer, no doubt about it. But Farmer Ryan certainly doesn't understand farming. Maybe one day, but certainly not today. Maybe Geoff, Michael, and Jeremy can explain the life and times of Farmer Ryan? No. Clearly not.
S255E36 Far Cry Primal 16/02/2016
S255E37 Hitman BETA 16/02/2016 Gavin & Ryan combine their efforts to become the perfect Hitman while Jack, Michael, and Michael's Mother Denise encourage EXTREME violence!
S255E38 Dying Light The Following DLC 17/02/2016 Achievement Hunter is making the zombie apocalypse fun again, even if they never mastered driving around in a buggy.
S255E39 Let's Watch - Just Cause 3 - Sky Fortress 18/02/2016 Do you want to fly? Have you ever wanted to shoot blue rockets from your back? Does having a gun mounted on your shoulder make you feel tingly? Is mentioning wall jumps even more oddly specific? Well have we got just the!-[dial tone] Just Cause 3 is kicking it up with the new Air Expansion Pass! This time, it goes to 11.
S255E40 Let's Watch - Layers of Fear + Unboxing 19/02/2016 Hate unboxings? Skip to 5:57 to go straight to the Let's Play. Love unboxings? Then watch the unboxing, silly! Fear, much an ogre, has layers. Spooky jumpscares. Men in the shadows with really big knives. Psychological terror. Sexy ghosts. Keep peeling that fear onion, and you may find blood that isn't yours. Razor blades in your Halloween candy. A friendly old man with two suspiciously sharp teeth. Today, Geoff's going to become well-acquainted with these layers. Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin, all watching nearby. Clawing, ripping, biting, decimating, obliterating, thrashing, lashing, gnashing piece by piece at the onion-ogre that is the Layers of Fear.
S255E41 Black Ops 3: Zombies with NoahJ456 Part 1 20/02/2016 All hope seemed lost. Geoff was at his wit's end. Jeremy kept downing nog, but then downing himself. Jack could barely even hold a gun. They needed a savior. They needed a hero. They needed someone who actually know what the hell to do. Luckily for them, NoahJ456 was right around the corner - almost literally around the corner, since he was also in Austin. Suddently, Call of Duty Zombies became new and fresh and WHOA! Holy canoli! There's dragons in here? Crazy fire bows? Big Daddies? What is this nonsense?
S255E42 GTA V - Every Bullet Counts 2 20/02/2016 Tonight, in GTA V: Jack shoots a gun, Ryan sees a man, and Geoff yells some words! The gents jump back into Every Bullet Counts in GTA 5 online!
S255E43 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 23/02/2016 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 gameplay with your very own Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy!
S255E44 Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Part 1 23/02/2016 Michael, Ryan, Jack, and Jeremy are here to extinguish the rat infestation that has overtaken the city. They are gonna need a lot of arrows... and to set the difficulty to medium.
S255E45 Hitman BETA Part 2 24/02/2016 Michael grabs the controller, and in an effort to impress his mother, decides to go on a murder spree in the Hitman Beta!
S255E46 Marvel Avengers Academy Part 2 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew 25/02/2016 Hawkeye Gus is back for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. Rather than having Bucky Risinger by his side, he has a new strapping young lad in the form of Jordan. It would have been great to take Jordan's name and mix it together with the name of Hawkeye's sidekick, but at least from what can be gathered from a quick Wikipedia seach, Hawkeye never had a sidekick. We could always steal one of Captain America's sidekicks. That dude had like...five sidekicks. And of those sidekicks, Demolition Man is by far the coolest-sounding name. Hawkeye Gus is here with Demolition Cwierz for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. No, seriously! Hawkeye Gus. Gus is Hawkeye in this game. Suck it, Jeremy Renner
S255E47 Let's Watch - The Walking Dead: Michonne - Part 1 25/02/2016 Geoff was walking through the forest with his pet zombies, Jeremy, Michael, and Ryan. They reeked of death, but he didn't care much. They were keeping him safe. He hadn't seen another living human for three OHSHITSPOOKYJUMPSCARE! A zombie shambled out from behind a tree. How did it get past the zombie pets? Who knows, but it did! The zombie put its rotting hands all over Geoff and leaned its head in, ready to take a bite. But this is Telltale's Walking Dead we're talking about. The world slowed down, giving Geoff ample time to react. He reached for his machete. A giant blue X appeared in front of him. X! X X X X X X X! Geoff hacked at the zombie, slicing its arms clean off. X X X X X X! Geoff took the blade and shoved it straight through its skull. "Holy dicks! That was crazy!" Geoff shouted. "Guys! Did you see that? I'm fucking awesome!" He looked over to his buddies. He remembered they were all zombies, and completely unable to appreciate his badassitude. Oh well. That's just the way things were in The Walking Deadville.
S255E48 Let's Watch - The Witness Part 2 26/02/2016 Ryan is back, walking through the puzzle-filled world of The Witness. Jack, Jeremy, and Geoff are also there to make his life miserable.
S255E49 GTA V - Yacht Party 28/02/2016 After many weeks of moonlighting as a pool boy, Geoff finally saved up enough money for a yacht! Good thing his trusty co-workers don't know where he keeps the keys... YACHT PARTY! Literally everyone but Geoff is here to check out the GTA 5 Yacht DLC and throw a rager on deck!
S255E50 Black Ops 3: Zombies with NoahJ456 Attempt 2 29/02/2016 NoahJ456 is ready for another attempt at carrying Jeremy, Jack, and Gavin through Black Ops 3 Zombires: Der Eisendrachen. Carrying them in one of those little baby pouches people use for babies sometimes. Although in this case, it's three little baby pouches. Noah's got Gavin on his front, Jack on his back, and Jeremy on his head, probably. Will Super Dad Noah be able to help our boys face off against their greatest foe yet: The Iron Kite? Only one way to find out (Hint hint: It's by watching the video. You should probably do that).
S255E51 Screen Cheat [Xbox One Edition] 01/03/2016 The blind are fighting the blind! Gavin, Michael, Ryan, and Jack are shooting at thin air in the Xbox One version of Screen Cheat!
S255E52 Move or Die 02/03/2016 It's a simple concept. You either move, or you die. But also, grab hats, paint the ground, avoid falling blocks, run a race, kill each other with chainsaws, clean up the walls, dodge, missiles, give each other the bomb, eat the candy, scare your friends, and blow them away. But maybe Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and Gavin can handle it...
S255E53 GTA - Till Death Do Us Part (with Funhaus) 05/03/2016 Funhaus and Achievement Hunter break up into teams, and they'll play "Till Death Do Us Part"! If your teammate goes down, so do you!
S255E54 Dad Beat Dads 07/03/2016 It's an all out baby brawl, a daddy destruction, a child carrying car crash, other ways to say a fight while holding a baby. Find out which dad is the best in this match up of Dad Beat Dads!
S255E55 Trivial Pursuit Part 7 07/03/2016 The comments were so nice to Jack in the last video, they decided to roll right into another round of Trivial Pursuit!
S255E56 Pocket Play - Pokémon Blue 09/03/2016 Jack took Michael and Jeremy through "Pocket Mortys", so it's time for them to return the favor! Welcome to the wonderful world of POKEMON!
S255E57 Gmod: Murder Part 2 12/03/2016 ...okay, so I shot the wrong guy last time. My b. Mistakes happen. Look, I did my time out already. Closed my eyes and everything. Now I need to actually find the killer. Whoa! Where did you get that gun? Why are you pointing it at me? That's not going to do any good! Clearly you saw me kill that guy. That proves I'm not the killer. Back off man. Back off. Get away from me. Don't make me put you down. I mean it! This is your last warning! *BANG*
S255E58 Drunk Mario Kart with ScrewAttack 15/03/2016 ***Disclaimer*** We do not condone drinking and driving in any way shape or form IRL or otherwise, please drink responsibly. With all that said, LETS DO SOME DRIVING AND DRINKING!!!!
S255E59 Speed Runners Part 3 16/03/2016 Gavin, Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy have found the need for speed, and are running all night and day, so they can be outta control, to be in control.
S255E60 Pokkén Tournament 18/03/2016 Achievement Hunter takes on ScrewAttack in the new Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament! Let the best MON win!
S255E61 GTA IV - Hangman's Noose 18/03/2016 The guys get retro and relive some old favorites in GTA IV!
S255E62 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 15 21/03/2016 The Berry bros continue their Cloudberry Kingdom Journey. Each level more difficult than the last. How many will they finish this episode?
S255E63 GTA V - Mario Bag 06/03/2017 When you don't have blue shells and bananas, rockets and sticky bombs will have to do! Geoff's Mario themed playlist features GTA races and a Last Team Standing gamemode, all modded by the GTA community.
S255E64 Let's Watch - Resident Evil 4 (2016) Part 4 06/03/2017 Michael and Andy are back with the President's daughter. Can they survive the treacherous traps and baddies located within the castle?
S255E65 Worms W.M.D. 3 07/03/2017 Well well, wouldn't you know? Worms has returned to steal the show. Time for some classic W.M.D. madness!
S255E66 7 Days to Die - Eleventh Day 07/03/2017 The Nug crew is back for another day in the wasteland. Everyone is preparing for day 14, unless they're getting sidetracked. In this episode: Gavin and Geoff make some 'cow chops,' Ryan, Michael and Jeremy hunt for bearied treasure, and Jack finds himself in a hole heap of trouble.
S255E67 Payday 2 (Round 2): AH Live Stream 08/03/2017 Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Lindsay try out new maps and missions in Payday 2. These freaky thieves are trying to steal a whole lot of money from a whole lot of people.
S255E68 Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA 09/03/2017 Ryan, Jack, Gavin, and special guest Bruce sit down for some good ol' Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA action. In this episode, they really get to test their stealth abilities...or lack of stealth.
S255E69 Ghost Recon Wildlands: Multiplayer 12/03/2017 Ryan, Jack, Gavin, and Michael head out on more missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The Achievement Hunters try their best to "Ghost" missions, but usually end up wild-ing all over the countryside.
S255E70 Jetsta la Vista with Bruce 13/03/2017 Nothing is more terrifying than a man with no fear, no shirt, and leopard-print boxers. Bruce plays Jetsta la Vista, Titan Dump, and Diving for Fish with the Fake AH crew in this special guest episode of GTA V.
S255E71 Astroneer: Get Trucked! 14/03/2017 In this special Let's Play, Gavin seems smart, Jack seems dumb, Jeremy is useless, and Ryan is Ryan. It's another episode of Astroneer! The goal is simple: gather dumb shit and use that shit to build cool shit. Hopefully it will please our "holey" deity.
S255E72 Let's Watch - Hitman - The Surgeons 14/03/2017 Gavin, Ryan and Jeremy go after the latest elusive targets, the surgeons.
S255E73 Super Bomberman R 15/03/2017 Join Ryan, Jeremy, Lindsay, and Gavin in the chaotic, bomb-throwing game, Super Bomberman R. Is it strategy or blind luck?
S255E74 Mario Party 8: 50-Turn Extra Life Extravaganza 16/03/2017 Remember when we put out Uno: The Movie and you all went, "Wow! That's the longest shlong of the let's play we've ever seen!"? Remember when you thought let's plays just couldn't get any longer? You were wrong! Michael, Gavin, Lindsay, and Meg promised to make a Mario Party let's play during Extra Life last year. They didn't just make a let's play. They made a 50 turn let's play. Seriously, this mofo is so long it makes Uno: The Movie look like the cute little short that plays before a Pixar film.
S255E75 Let's Watch - Mass Effect: Andromeda 17/03/2017 Join us for the adventures of Rider Ryder, the human-orangutan hybrid that boldly explores the newest frontiers in the Andromeda galaxy! Jeremy takes the controller with Michael, Jack, Matt, and Gus along for the ride.
S255E76 GTA V - Achievement Knievel 2017 20/03/2017 Everyone's wanted another Achievement Knievel with the new CEO vehicles, and today we deliver! The creator mode in GTA doesn't let us use the new cars, though, so rather than a Things to Do In, we're releasing a full Let's Play as we build the longest Knievel stunt jump in Let's Play GTA history.
S255E77 Snipperclips 21/03/2017 Snippy Doo, Snippity Doo, Snippy Dee - it's Snipper Clips! Join Michael, Lindsay, Gavin, and Ryan with some good ole' fun. Let's all cut each other, go!
S255E78 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies - AH Live Stream 22/03/2017 What do you get when you mix three yanks with two silly accents? The answer: an AH Livestream! Lannan "Lazarbeam" Eacott joins Gavin, Jeremy, Jack, and Lindsay in these highlights from last week.
S255E79 Gang Beasts: Head Trauma 23/03/2017 Gang Beasts is back! But with only four players the combat is more intense and the head-butts are harder than ever. Who can survive the brain damage?
S255E80 Splatoon 2 Testfire 25/03/2017 You're a kid now, you're a squid now, but only within the hours of 2-3pm central time! Matt, Lindsay, and Craig from Game Attack sit down and try out Splatoon 2's global testfire.
S255E81 GTA V - Cunning Stunts 6 27/03/2017 It's the ultimate showdown: Betting Buddies vs. Battle Buddies vs. Bike Buddies vs. Lindsay. May the fastest, cunning-est, stunty-est team win!
S255E82 Orcs Must Die! Unchained 28/03/2017 Seems like the developers of Orcs Must Die: Unchained have lost any shred of dignity they once had and put Sex Swing's Jamez the Ripher and Tha Schling in their game. Really, there's such a deep cast of Achievement Hunter characters that would have made for way better characters. Why settle for these Funhaus characters when you could be playing as Mogar, Slo Mo Gavin, or Sad Geoff? At least until the devs wise up, we'll settle for these Funhaus kids. These Orcs ain't gonna die themselves, after all.
S255E83 7 Days to Die - Twelfth Day 28/03/2017 It's zombie horde day again! Get out your weapons and put away everything you care about, because this horde is bigger and nastier than ever. Watch as these veteran wastelanders try to make it through the night. In this episode: Jack prepares the bunker, Gavin makes a shovel, Michael accepts fate, and there are so many zombies.
S255E84 Mass Effect: Andromeda - AH Live Stream 29/03/2017 Achievement Hunter beat up on space fetus monsters and evil galactic robots in Mass Effect: Andromeda's multiplayer mode!
S255E85 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 Part 4 18/03/2015 The Minigolf crew attempt to keep from clubbing one-another in the head, but injuries are bound to happen.
S255E86 GTA V - The Prison Job Part 2 18/03/2015 Part 2 of AH's Prison job heist!
S255E87 Rainbow Six Vegas Part 3 18/03/2015 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray realize that terrorists aren't the biggest danger to them. It's actually doors.
S255E88 Mario Party 8: King Boo's Haunted Hideaway Part 2 19/04/2016 Hi everyone! Jeremy D-dawgg Doodly Dooleyoo is back! Now, a lot of you might have seen the description last part. But I'm here to rain some knowledge down on you like a snowstorm. That wasn't me. That was shifty-ass-shifty-Larry. How dare he take my job in explaining how cool Mario Party 8 is! Besides, I'm sure you guys already know how awesome it can be to see Michael, Gavin, Ryan, and I compete against each other in all kinds of minigames. So watch and see how good I am! And yeah, this is Mario Party, in which I'd beat Larry if I ever needed to. Not Mario Kart, though. He kicked my ass in that when we played. But I was still Wario... who's the coolest by far. But that's not here or now... Mario Party is. So watch it with your face eyes! I'll just wait here.
S255E89 Rainbow Six: Siege – Black Ice 19/04/2016 Jack, Geoff, Michael, Jeremy, and Ryan infiltrate an icy ship base again and again and again in Rainbow 6 Siege's Black Ice DLC! They have to keep playing because they want to beat it. They want to beat it without anyone dying. They want to beat it without Ryan teamkilling anyone. They want to beat it with a sniper rifle and four shields. They want to beat it using only melee. They want to beat it with flashbangs and no pants. They want to beat it with two toothpicks and a garden hose. They want to beat it with passive aggressive internet comments. They want to beat it with dead horses. They want to beat it with a broken lawn chair. They want to beat with the fractured pieces of a broken "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" DVD. They want to beat it with a ten gallon barrel of water-based lubricant. They want to beat it while also getting mai-pedis. They want to beat it with love and respect. And they're not going to give up until they've done it, gosh darnit!
S255E90 GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts 10/04/2017 Rocket cars in Cunning Stunts! Knight Rider cars in Cunning Stunts! It's finally happened; we're finally doing it. Lannan "Lazarbeam" Eacott is along for the joyride.
S255E91 Mirage: Arcane Warfare 11/04/2017 Jeremy, Ryan, Jack, and Gavin test out their spell castin', sword smashin', head choppin' skills in Arcane Warfare Mirage. It's simply a magical gathering of fun.
S255E92 Finding Bigfoot 12/04/2017 Jack, Jeremy, and Ryan venture off on a daring adventure to track down the famous monster known as Bigfoot. Will a bunch of traps, bait, and bullets be enough to take down their monstrosity of a foe? Probably not.
S255E93 Ghost Recon Wildlands: One Bullet Challenge 13/04/2017 So the guys think they are pretty good at this Ghost Recon Wildlands thing. I mean, they did successfully beat the last challenge they faced. But what about raiding one of the hardest compounds in the game with only one bullet each? This might be harder than they think...
S255E94 GTA V - The Prison Break: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 2) 17/04/2017 They survived the Fleeca Job, so it's time for Achievement Hunter to strap on some helmets and gear up for the next round of Criminal Masterminds. Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, and Gavin must steal a plane, a police bus, a muscle car, and a police bus schedule as they prepare to break Maxim Rashkovsky out of prison.
S255E95 7 Days to Die - Thirteenth Day 17/04/2017 Another meeting of the Nug Club has been called the order, which means it's time to survive another day of zombs! In this episode: Geoff's back, Michael's giant calves gets cold, Ryan's a bad influence, Jeremy's dangerously close to poopin' his pants, and Jack's being a little bit shifty. It's time for some 7 Days to Die!
S255E96 Yooka-Laylee Arcade 18/04/2017 The gang is back playing Yooka-Laylee, but this time they're against each other in an epic quest for quills. Because what's better than one lizard and bat? Try four lizards and bats smacking each other around.
S255E97 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: AH Live Stream 19/04/2017 It's a battle royale! From the creator of the King of the Hill mode in H1Z1 comes the new Hunger Games-esque free-for-all survival game, now in Early Access. Will Achievement Hunter's team of four make it to the very end?
S255E98 VR Surgeon Simulator ER: Experience Reality - Co-op 20/04/2017 Paging Dr. Jones and spooky invisible Dr. Free to the OR. Paging Dr. Jones and spooky invisible Dr. Free to the OR. Using VReal, Gavin has snuck into Michael's game of VR Surgeon Simulator. Instead of taking turns, now they can VR co-op their way through an alien surgery and brain transplant!
S255E99 GTA V - The Prison Break - Criminal Masterminds (Part 3) 24/04/2017 Time for Heist no. 2 in the Criminal Masterminds series! Ryan, Gavin, Michael, and Jeremy must break into Bolingbroke Penitentiary to free Maxim Rashkovsky. It's going to be quite the show, so sit down, pop some P's & Q's in your gob, and enjoy the ride!
S255E100 Overwatch: Uprising 25/04/2017 Join Achievement Hunter in Overwatch's newest event: Uprising. This "amazing Overwatch team" is going to play on legendary mode, or was that expert mode? How about hard-legendary-normal mode?
S255E101 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: The Beginning 26/04/2017 This isn't Achievement Hunter's first rodeo in the last-man-standing shooter: PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds. Their goal is to make it to the end. Will they?
S255E102 Catch a Lover 27/04/2017 I bet you all thought (husband) and (wife) were such a happy couple, but turns out (lover) is a cheating sonuvagun! (Lover) has come in to tear this once-loving family apart with his sweet, zesty lovin'. Can (wife) and (lover) get away with their spicy affair, or will (husband) and his trusty dog (dog) run and (lover) his 12-inch dong out of the house?
S255E103 Golf With Your Friends - Part 3 27/04/2017 The golf balls return! Achievement Hunter plays Golf With Your Friends on the Candyland and Haunted House maps.
S255E104 GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts 2 01/05/2017 The Fake AH Crew rocket down to the race track, get blazed, and ruin their reputations as they do their second Special Cunning Stunts episode.
S255E105 Use Your Words 02/05/2017 A fill the in the blank, party game? This won't end in crude revelry, no. Achievement Hunter has always been a PC and easygoing crowd. There won't be any references to sexual acts, or body parts. None of that. Just a nice, clean party game. Right.
S255E106 Rainbow Six Siege: Velvet Shell 03/05/2017 Lannan joins the Achievement Hunter gang as they hunt terrorists in the new Velvet Shell DLC. As it turns out, Austrailians are no better at hunting terrorists than Americans are.
S255E107 Hot Seat: GTA V Featuring James Buckley 04/05/2017 Hotseat returns with a special guest, YouTuber and British Actor James Buckley. Geoff and Gavin interviewed the Inbetweeners star at the Funhaus studio, with Bruce and Lawrence joining in on the fun.
S255E108 GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 4) 08/05/2017 The tension continues as the Fake AH crew start the Humane Raid Heist in their quest for the Criminal Masterminds achievement. Will they complete the setup? Will they bum cheese it all up? The only way to know is to watch! Or, you know, read the comments. But don't do that. That would ruin the fun.
S255E109 Jeopardy! Part 4 09/05/2017 Its team "Southern Britain" in this episode of Achievement Hunter Jeopardy! Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin answer questions about math, Samuel Jackson, and Greek mythology in this crazy game show. Who can press buttons fast enough to guess an answer?
S255E110 Paladins 10/05/2017 Geoff got a really cool Drogoz skin from his Double Gold box, so what better way to enjoy it than to make Achievement Hunter play Paladins together?
S255E111 Sunday Driving in Ghost Recon Wildlands 11/05/2017 Geoff gets Ryan, Jeremy and Jack to join him on a leisurely, if not somewhat artillery-heavy, drive in Ghost Recon Wildlands.
S255E112 7 Days to Die - Fourteenth Day 13/05/2017 It's another adventure day for our wasteland survivors, but that doesn't mean they won't encounter hordes of zombies! In this episode: Ryan travels by night, Jeremy loses more motor functions, Michael gets cold, Jack takes his own adventure and Geoff takes care of the bunker.
S255E113 GTA V - Humane Raid: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 5) 15/05/2017 Three setups down, two setups to go! The Criminal Masterminds at Achievement Hunter are so close to doing the Humane Labs Raid Heist, but first they must steal a Valkyrie helicopter and plant an EMP-laden truck at the Humane Labs. Can these weasely sneaks catch the guards with their pants down, or are they about to get seriously stomped?
S255E114 Cloudberry Kingdom - Part 21 16/05/2017 Jack, Michael, Gavin, and kind of Ryan are back playing Cloudberry. This time, they're jumping over lava and dodging happy looking spike balls, because I guess that's what you do in this game.
S255E115 Payday 2 (Round 3): AH Live Stream 17/05/2017 Michael, Geoff, Jack, and Matt return to Payday 2 to rob more banks and steal more jewelry.
S255E116 Gmod: Trouble in Terrorist Town Part 4 18/05/2017 Achievement Hunter loaded up their guns and headed straight into town. Little did they know, one of them was ready to betray the other. Well, more like everyone was ready to betray everyone, whether or not they were the traitor. Except Geoff. Geoff's never the killer.
S255E117 Golf It! - Part 1 20/05/2017 Achievement Hunter doesn't wind down from a long day of work by golfing. They turn that golfing into the work! They're reading to get golfing in Golf It! - the golf game where your swing is determined by how violently you move the mouse. Be warned though. This is golf planet, where we sort of just make up the physics as we go along.
S255E118 GTA V - The Humane Labs Raid - Criminal Masterminds (Part 6) 22/05/2017 It's time, ladies and gentlemen, for a Heist! You've watched them cake walk through the Fleeca Job. You saw them scramble through the Prison Break. Can these incompetent fools possibly succeed at the Humane Labs Raid? There's only way way to find out without being a cheaty-cheat and looking up spoilers in the comments, so sit back, enlarge the video, and see what's in store for the wannabe Criminal Masterminds at Achievement Hunter.
S255E119 Trivial Pursuit - Part 10 23/05/2017 Achievement Hunter is back showing off their brain muscles in Trivial Pursuit. Learn everything you needed to know about sports, frogs, and albatrosses.
S255E120 Deformers 24/05/2017 Six squishy ball buddies went out one day to frolic and play soccer in a squishy-ball way. Matt makes his friends play his new favorite game. Watch the video to see who's good. ... and who's lame.
S255E121 Injustice 2 25/05/2017 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might not have been the most well-received movie ever, so now it's up to Achievement Hunter to make better DC character v character matches in Injustice 2. Maybe something like, "Batman v Scarecrow: Dawn of Batman Tackles Scarecrow and Then Attaches Him to a Balloon, Sending Him into the Sky, Only to be Targeted by the Batwing and Shot by Machine Gun Bullets and Also a Missile and Somehow Miraculously This Doesn't Kill Him." The title might be a little wordy, but at least it's really cool!
S255E122 Drawful 2 with Kinda Funny 27/05/2017 Nick and Tim from Kinda Funny came by to play some Drawful 2 with Achievement Hunter.
S255E123 Golf With Your Friends - Part 4 27/05/2017 Achievement Hunter tries out classic mode on the new Ancient map in this fourth installment of Golf With Your Friends.
S255E124 GTA V - Tiny Racers 29/05/2017 Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, and Michael try out the newest and cutest racing mode in GTA Online!
S255E125 The Legend of Bigfoot: The Adventure Begins 30/05/2017 Trigger, Z Bo, and Dub have gone squatchin'. They gonna find that nasty sonuvabich, Bigfoot, they gonna fill his hairy body fulla lead, and they gon' bring his body back home to show everyone they weren't no crazies for believing in the God-forsaken demon beast himself, Bigfoot.
S255E126 The Legend of Bigfoot: The Plot Thickens 31/05/2017 It's been two weeks since Terry "Trigger" Rigger, Francis "Z Bo" Zwieler, and Dub went missing in the woods. Their brothers, Cleetus "Big Cleet" Rigger, Randy Zwieler, and Billy-Tim Dub, have joined together to find these missing boys. Completely unbeknownst to them, the biggest, nastiest, meanest squatch of them all roams these woods: Bigfoot.
S255E127 Star Trek: Bridge Crew 01/06/2017 Commander Darby, the fearless and competent leader of the USS Aegis, acquires a mission to save some people on a ship that's in trouble or something. Geoff - I mean Darby and his talented crew members, Ensign Sanchez, Lieutenant Gill, and Ensign Lee, will all be heroes if they leave no man behind.
S255E128 Tekken 7 02/06/2017 It's a Tekken 7 tournament in the Achievement Hunter office. Who will last the longest?
S255E129 Golf With Your Friends and NoahJ 03/06/2017 NoahJ456 is in the Achievement Hunter office, but instead of playing anything with zombies, they play Golf With Your Friends. Seems Geoff pulled the old bait and switch.
S255E130 GTA V - Series A: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 7) 05/06/2017 The AH boys use a helicopter to board a party yacht, kill some frat brothers, and steal their cocaine. Will they soar through this Criminal Masterminds challenge... or will they crash and burn?
S255E131 Dead by Daylight: Spark of Madness 06/06/2017 Have you ever been to the dentist and wondered if it could get any worse? Then Dead By Daylight's Spark of Madness DLC is just for you! The new doctor has an overpowering electrical charm, and his office is a bigger maze than anything we've seen yet. Join Geoff, Jack, Michael, Jeremy, and Andy as they try to escape.
S255E132 Friday the 13th 07/06/2017 It's Friday the 13th and the hot, nubile teens of Achievement Hunter have planned a weekend of skinny dipping and romping in the forests of Camp Crystal Lake. Little did they know, Shifty Larry had other plans. Dawning his Jason mask and axe, Shifty sets out to rid his office of co-workers. The game is over. This is for real.
S255E133 Rainbow 6 Siege with Alfredo 08/06/2017 Forget realistic, these enemies are real players! Alfredo shows our boys the ropes in multiplayer Rainbow Six Siege.
S255E134 Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars 08/06/2017 It's the year 2025. The Achievement Hunter boys have died, and sloths have stolen their faces to wear as cool hats. The new, slothy versions of Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Lil J duke it out in a post-apocalyptic pizza sloth battle.
S255E135 1-2-Switch With Game Attack 10/06/2017 It's the showdown of the century! Game Attack vs. Achievement Hunter. And even though this gorilla-slamming, wizard-wiggling, sammy-chewing competition is the most intense thing you'll ever see, it's only just the warm up.
S255E136 Golf It! - The Custom Maps 10/06/2017 The Achievement Hunter crew's gettng their hard woods ready for some intense strokin' in another Golf-It! golf outing. It's like Tiger Woods times five. Just with less DUIs.
S255E137 Portal Knights: New Day, New Knights 11/06/2017 Join Geoff, Ryan, Jack, and Jeremy as they play in the sandbox, portal game, Portal Knights.
S255E138 GTA V - Series A: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 8) 12/06/2017 Tensions have never been higher between our criminal masterminds as Ryan, Gavin, Michael, and Jeremy take on the legendarily difficult Trash Truck mission.
S255E139 Fakin' It with Alfredo 13/06/2017 The Achievement Hunters and special guest Alfredo fake each other out in Fakin' It. Find out how many drinks it takes for each to get drunk, who hasn't seen Game of Thrones and of course, who looks at their own poops.
S255E140 Rainbow 6 Siege: Multiplayer 14/06/2017 Sometimes Rainbow 6 is more than about winning. Sometimes it's about losing. Today is a fine example of that. Multiplayer is hard.
S255E141 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Part 2 15/06/2017 In a dystopian universe, Michael and Geoff find themselves drawing the losing lottery numbers, and are forced to participate in the daily Battlegrounds contest. Knowing they are in over their heads, they've enlisted veteran Battleground warriors Ryan and Jeremy to guide them as they fight to survive the battle royale. Little do they realize, their trusted guides are about as clueless as themselves...
S255E142 7 Days to Die - Fifteenth Day 16/06/2017 The birds are singing, the pigs are squelching, and the zombies hordes are moaning. It's another beautiful day in 7 Days to Die! In this episode: Ryan learns the true meaning of freedom, Jeremy infests their domicile with wall chairs, Michael finds a new hat, Jack fights a zombie with a neck made of taffy, and Geoff is the master of spikes.
S255E143 Golf It! With Bruce Greene 17/06/2017 Tweet tweet! Ca-CAW! ALBATROOOOOSS! Achievement Hunter takes their buddy Bruce out to the green to play some mini golf and teach him about the art of bird noise scoring. They also learn a lot about Bruce's dad.
S255E144 Let's Play League - Team Achievement Hunter 17/06/2017 Geoff's roped in 8 unsuspecting boys and Gus into the Let's Play League. Presenting MLB's finest: Team Achievement Hunter! How will they fare against the Houston Astros? Who actually knows how to play baseball? Watch to find out!
S255E145 GTA V - Series A: Heist - Criminal Masterminds (Part 9) 19/06/2017 Yee-haw, boys! We got ourselves one of them G-T-A criminal masterminds heists. Them there O'Neil fellers got themselves a meth lab, and I reckon them redneck basterds gon' wanna keep that meth all to their lonesome. But Cletus and his honkies got nothin' on our B-A badass muthers, you know what I'm sayin'? Whaddaya say we start this hootenannie and end this Series A Heist for good? Git 'r done, boys!
S255E146 Genital Jousting - Back for More (With Dante Basco) 20/06/2017 Achievement Hunter and special guest Dante Basco flick their sticks to move their dicks in Genital Jousting. Gawk at the cocks as they mock while they talk. Penis. Nothing really rhymes with penis.
S255E147 Battle Buddies - Farcry 4 20/06/2017 After a "successful" mission in the battlegrounds simulation, the Battle Buddies have been sent off yet again to prove their worth. Kryat is a dangerous place, full of all sorts of aggressive animals and army rebels. It's important to take control of the aggressive situations. There's plenty of fortresses to take and plenty commanders to decimate. Agent Ryan, Agent Jeremy, it's simple. Infiltrate, get information, and kill.
S255E148 We Need to go MORE Deeper 21/06/2017 We'll all die in this yellow submarine! This yellow submarine! Yellow submarine.
S255E149 Catch a Lover - Part 2 22/06/2017 Once more, Achievement Hunter roleplay as a husband, a wife, and wife's lover, as they all scramble after each other in a mad house of drama. Jeremy's been hard at work at the police station, and has decided to come home early to the loving embrace of his wife, Michael. Little does he know that their pool boy, Ryan, is at his home right now, having an extra-marital affair with his precious Michael. Now Jeremy is home, and he notices that their dog, Gavin, is outside, trying to alert his master to the shenanigans taking place inside...
S255E150 Jackbox: Trivia Murder Party with Lannan 24/06/2017 Achievement Hunter and Lannan "Lazer Beam" Eacott are trapped in some murder party. The only way to escape with their lives is with rounds of trivia. Who is smart enough to stay alive?
S255E151 Fortnite 25/06/2017 Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, and Geoff kill zombies and build bases in Epic Games's Fortnite. There may even be a dance-off or two.
S255E152 GTA V - Rocket Bikes 26/06/2017 Rocket Bikes! Burning up our 'chutes when they explode. The Fake AH Crew check out some new toys in their first foray into the Gunrunning DLC.
S255E153 Wheel of Fortune: What is _RA_?! (Part 7) 27/06/2017 Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin are back as Team Trivia in another installment of Wheel of Fortune. Who will win it all and who will go bankrupt? There's also half a car and a trip to Philadelphia on the line!
S255E154 GTA V Jackbag: AH Live Stream 28/06/2017 Jack, Michael, Ryan, Geoff, and Matt as they take on The AH Audience in some GTAV races.
S255E155 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Alfredo 29/06/2017 Achievement Hunter has conscripted Alfredo to help them survive in the kill-or-be-killed world of PUBattlegrounds.
S255E156 Star Wars Battlefront II - E3 2017 30/06/2017 At E3 2017, Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, and Ryan got early access to Star Wars Battlefront II. Check out the highlights of that match.
S255E157 Friday the 13th with Everyone 01/07/2017 Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter dons the mask of Jason Vorhees as he hunts down various members of the Let's Play Network.
S255E158 Golf It! - Back in the Hole 01/07/2017 Achievement Hunter is back on the green for some Golf It! minigolf goodness because they just loves shoving their balls into huge, gaping holes.
S255E159 GTA V - Pacific Standard: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 10) 03/07/2017 The greatest minds in Achievement Hunter spring into action as they set up the final heist in the Criminal Masterminds series.
S255E160 Trivial Pursuit with Alfredo 04/07/2017 It's Jack, Geoff, Jeremy, and Alfredo in this battle of wits. Will the gents be able to keep Alfredo and Jeremy's extreme intelligence at bay?
S255E161 Battle Buddies - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 04/07/2017 The Battle Buddies have been sent on bomb defusal duty. Jeremy must keep talking so Ryan doesn't explode. It's time again for the Battle Buddies to save the planet (or at least the Diet Coke factory). Ryan has entered the factory, ready to defuse the bombs. Jeremy is on walkie-talkie with the bomb defusal manual. The mission is simple: Keep talking and nobody explodes. Good luck.
S255E162 Ultimate Chicken Horse - Surf's Up (Part 3) 05/07/2017 Achievement Hunter tries out the "newish" DLC for Ultimate Chicken Horse. Watch as they dodge icebergs, endure strobe lights, and ride the wave to victory.
S255E163 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Zombie Mode 06/07/2017 Unleash the horde! Gus Sorola lent Achievement Hunter his private PUBG server to test out the new Zombie Mode, and he's coming along for the ride.
S255E164 More Gang Beasts With Kinda Funny 08/07/2017 Jack and Jeremy load up Gang Beasts and go full-out brawl mode on Nick and Tim from Kinda Funny.
S255E165 GTA V - Pacific Standard: Setup - Criminal Masterminds (Part 11) 10/07/2017 Ryan, Jeremy, Gavin, and Michael need to rob the military and some bikers to prepare for the final heist in the Criminal Masterminds series.
S255E166 Jackbox: Fakin' It - True Lies 11/07/2017 The boys crack open the Jackbox 3 party pack and try to deceive eachother in Fakin' It!
S255E167 The Ship: Remasted 12/07/2017 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Trevor, and special guest Alfredo, try out The Ship: Remasted. It's a fancy boat where polite society must fend for their lives, and also secretly, or not so secretly kill one another. All aboard! This murderous cruise liner is setting off again.
S255E168 Friday the 13th: Pleasing Momma Voorhees (#2) 13/07/2017 It's Friday the 13th somewhere! The boys are back for more killing, stabbing, murdering, and all-around Jason fun. Camping has never been so much fun. You sit around the campfire, sing a song, convince the cute girls to go skinny dipping, and have a crazy, psycho, murder monster fling an axe at your skull. Now the torment has contorted your face to freeze into a horrible, screaming face. The only thing that will fix your face problem is giving boy Jason a little hug. Don't worry. He won't bite. He'll just pull your arms out of their sockets and then punch your heart out.
S255E169 Invisigun Heroes with Chad 15/07/2017 Achievement Hunter and Chad from Screw Attack act heroic and get invisibley in Invisigun Heroes.
S255E170 GTA V - Pacific Standard: Heist - Criminal Masterminds (Finale) 17/07/2017 Achievement Hunter takes on the Pacific Standard Heist in the finale to the Criminal Masterminds series.
S255E171 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 1 17/07/2017 It's Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Santa's Village Fairway. Join Geoff, Michael, Ryan, and Jack as they try their skills at the new Mini Golf DLC. But, there's definitely something fishy with Michael and Geoff.
S255E172 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 2 18/07/2017 It's Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Golden Apple Vineyards
S255E173 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 3 19/07/2017 The boys are back for more Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf fun playing the holes of Pirate's Refuge. Geoff, Michael, Ryan, and Jack are half way through their week of Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. Will Geoff finally beat Ryan so his stupid prank can have some legitimate payoff? Probably not!
S255E174 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud - Practice Round 19/07/2017 Before the guys started their Rainbow 6 live stream, they did a pre-stream set of matches to get warmed up. They weren't sure if it would see the light of day, but here it is! Sunshine and all.
S255E175 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 4 20/07/2017 It's Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Medieval Town Fairways. There's more courses and Geoff is finding this one comes with exciting new ways to screw him over. Everyone's joining in!
S255E176 Destiny 2 Beta: Inverted Spire Strike 20/07/2017 The world's best guardians, Geoff, Ryan, and special guest Alfredo Diaz, team up to conquer the Inverted Spire Strike in the Destiny 2 Beta. Eyes up, Guardians. We're sending you into a heavily-guarded Vex spire. The Vex are an alien race, which means they do things kinda like us, but with a perverted alien twist. Their spires are inverted! Your mission is to infiltrate the inverted spire, work your way down to its peak, and take out Protheon, Modular Mind and his series of disappearing floors. Good luck!
S255E177 Let's Watch - Destiny 2 Beta: Campaign 21/07/2017 Michael, Jack, Jeremy, and Alfredo sit down with the Destiny 2 Beta to check out the first campaign mission. Watch as the Tower falls to pieces and the Traveler gets humped.
S255E178 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 5 21/07/2017 It's Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: The Industrial Zone. Geoff's losing streak is starting to drive a wedge between him and the rest of the group.
S255E179 Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf: Course 6 22/07/2017 It's the last day of Dead Rising Mini Golf and Geoff is feeling pretty cocky about his last victory. Can he keep it up for the finale?
S255E180 4K Play - Party Hard: Miami Party 22/07/2017 It's Party Hard in 4K! (Except here on the website, where 4K's not an option). Jeremy's ready to kill all the rowdy party-goers and bloody up the beach. That is, as long as he can get a smoke grenade.
S255E181 GTA V - Severe Weather Patterns (Mobile Operations #1) 24/07/2017 The boys help Ryan beat the new Mobile Operations mission with the Dune FAV military buggy.
S255E182 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - Prop Hunt 25/07/2017
S255E183 Destiny 2 with Alfredo: AH Live Stream 26/07/2017 It's Jack, Jeremy, Ryan and special guest Alfredo as they play PVP rounds in Destiny 2: Beta.
S255E184 Finding Bigfoot: The First Squatch Hunt 27/07/2017 Before Z Bo, Cleet, or Trigger ever went squatchin' in the woods, Geoff, Michael, and Gavin took their first crack at catching Bigfoot.
S255E185 GTA V - Exit Strategy (Mobile Operations #2) 31/07/2017 Jack, Jeremy, Michael and Ryan return to finish the Gunrunning Missions: Half-track Bully, Exit Strategy, and Offshore Assets.
S255E186 Quiplash 2 01/08/2017 The Achievement Hunter gang and the audience playing along vote on who's the funniest (or who panders the best) in Quiplash 2! Achievement Hunter try to answer some of life's great questions as they play Quiplash 2, such as what currency we'll use after money, how do you summon the president, and what in the world is a circles jerk?
S255E187 Euro Fishing - The Angriest Fishermen 02/08/2017 Geoff, Jack, and Jeremy travel across Europe to do some fishing. Jeremy gets some fish, while Jack and Geoff get angry.
S255E188 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 2 - Gitting Gud-er 03/08/2017 The Achievement Hunter boys are diving back into Rainbow 6 Siege multiplayer in hopes of gitting just a little bit gud-er.
S255E189 7 Days to Die: The End and the Beginning (#1) 05/08/2017 All good things must come to an end, and this is the final day in the 7 Days to Die: Alpha 15. Our heroes are prepared to give up their nugs and start naked and alone in the new world of 7 Days to Die: Alpha 16. In this episode: Geoff, Jack, Jeremy, Ryan, and Michael say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new.
S255E190 GTA V - Cover Blown (Mobile Operations #3) 07/08/2017 The boys shoot some missiles, run some guns, bike some rockets, and complete their missions in the finale to the Mobile Operations series in GTA Online.
S255E191 Wheel of Fortune - Two and a Half Cars 08/08/2017 Jeremy, Jack, and Gavin are back in another game of Wheel of Fortune. This episode, there are 1/2 cars for everyone! Also, the power may have gone out during the recording, but the guys were de-lighted to play another full game.
S255E192 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 3 - Even Better Gud-er 09/08/2017 Achievement Hunter may have lost a Gavin and gained a Ryan, but their mission is the same: continue gitting better at gitting gud-er.
S255E193 The Golf Club 2 10/08/2017 It's a beautiful day on the course, so Jack, Geoff, and Jeremy are hitting the green with their best set of clubs.
S255E194 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Everyone 12/08/2017 The Let's Play family duke it out in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to determine which team is the best of the best.
S255E195 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - No Pants, No Mercy 12/08/2017 Achievement Hunter's ready to face off against the rest of the Let's Play family in a full-fledged Battlegrounds battle royale. Through the loss of pants, they gain a powerful ally. Well, maybe powerful is the wrong word.
S255E196 GTA V - Risky Rocket Runway 14/08/2017 The boys go to the airport to screw around with their rocket bikes. Gavin: When both wheels touch a surface, you recharge your boost. And the back of a titan is a surface. So why don't we try that shite?
S255E197 Cloudberry Kingdom - Part 22 15/08/2017 The Cloudberry crew is back, and the levels haven't gotten any easier. Or have they? Sit back, relax, and find out what else Ryan has in his house.
S255E198 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Zombies - AH Live Stream 16/08/2017 Achievement Hunter calls upon their community to become the zombie horde. Watch as the crew faces off against the masses of undead!
S255E199 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 4 - More Betterer Gud 17/08/2017 Achievement Hunter continue their quest to be the Bestest, Gud-est boys in Rainbow 6: Siege. But does it really count as gitting gud-er if they hire a ringer?
S255E200 Crash Bandicoot: Michael's Descent into Stormy Ascent 17/08/2017 21 years ago, Stormy Ascent was pulled from Crash Bandicoot because it was too hard. Today, Michael's going to tackle that level head first.
S255E201 Amazing Frog? With Game Attack 19/08/2017 Craig and Michael hop about in the absolutely ribbeting game, Amazing Frog? How high can they hop? To space, apparently.
S255E202 Infinite Minigolf - Giant Home 19/08/2017 Achievement Hunter LOVES mini golf. They also love legally distinct versions of Andy's room from Toy Story. To Infinite Minigolf...and beyond!
S255E203 GTA V - Chopper vs. Chopper 21/08/2017 Five rocket-powered bikes against one rocket-shooting helicopter. 'Nuff said.
S255E204 Jeopardy! - Button Mashers (Part 5) 22/08/2017 While the others are away at Heroes & Halfwits, Jack, Gavin, and Jeremy compete on Jeopardy to find out who is the smartest. Or at the very least, who is the least dumb.
S255E205 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 5 - Not Gud Enuf 23/08/2017 Now that Achievement Hunter has gotten a bit gudder, can they continue to climb, or have we finally seen their best-est?
S255E206 Dead by Daylight: A Lullaby for the Dark 24/08/2017 What has two rabbit ears and loves tricks? A serial killer! Well, maybe not tricks, but the Huntress sure loves hatchets.
S255E207 Trivial Pursuit with Greg Miller 26/08/2017 Greg Miller of Kinda Funny joins Jack, Ryan, and Jeremy for a game of Trivial Pursuit.
S255E208 7 Days to Die: Scavenging in the City (#2) 26/08/2017 Our heroes explore the nearby city in search of guns, gear, and the new zombies. In this episode: Ryan and Jack dive into a survival discussion, Michael gets distracted, Jeremy climbs up, and Geoff is learning.
S255E209 GTA V - Overtime Shootout 28/08/2017 It's Monkey Ball! No, wait, it's GTA V. Sorta hard to tell the difference with the new Overtime Shootout game mode.
S255E210 Mario Party 8: Bowser's Warped Orbit 29/08/2017 Ryan, Gavin, Michael, and Jeremy invoke their Bowser star-stealing abilities for the last map in Mario Party 8.
S255E211 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Bathroom Brawl 30/08/2017 The crew are locked in for another round of Battlegrounds, but how long will bathrooms and tiny shacks protect them from the chaos outside?
S255E212 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 6 - Could be Gud-er 31/08/2017 Achievement Hunter's been gitting almost gud, but climb goes uphill forever.
S255E213 GTA V - Special Cunning Stunts 3 04/09/2017 Achievement Hunter races in another GTA V Special Cunning Stunts full of hazardous jumps, wicked tricks, epic fails, and glorious wins.
S255E214 Trivial Pursuit - Learn to Math (Part 11) 05/09/2017 Achievement Hunter puts their brains to the test in the latest Trivial Pursuit. In this epic battle of knowledge, who will come out on top?
S255E215 White Noise 2 06/09/2017 In this spooky scary horror game, four survivors try to evade and thwart a killer monster. Will they survive, or suffer a gruesome demise?
S255E216 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 7 - Inconsistently Gud-er 07/09/2017 Achievement Hunter stumbles in another Rainbow Six: Siege Git Gud loaded with teamkilling, headshots, and maybe an epic win.
S255E217 7 Days to Die: Gavin Joins the Game (#3) 09/09/2017 Our nugless heroes are horrified to find they will have to start this episode at night. In this episode: Gavin discovers art, Michael studies iron, Jeremy crafts a new weapon, Jack looks for a new project, and Ryan explains negging.
S255E218 GTA V - Overtime Shootout: Early Rumblings (#2) 11/09/2017 Achievement Hunter completes the Overtime Shootout maps before mercilessly shoving each other off the scoring platforms in Overtime Rumble.
S255E219 Family Feud - Whitmore is Crazy (Part 5) 12/09/2017 Survey says! Achievement Hunter is back as your favorite dysfunctional family in the latest episode of Family Feud.
S255E220 Destiny 2: Crucible - AH Live Stream 13/09/2017 The gang decides to take a shot at Destiny 2's Crucible for an all-out multiplayer brawl full of super abilities, heavy weapons, and loot!
S255E221 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 8 - Git Blood Orchid Gud 14/09/2017 There are a lot of funny moments in the latest Git Gud, featuring new operators from the Operation Blood Orchid DLC.
S255E222 Infinite Minigolf - Return of the Giant Home (#2) 16/09/2017 The gang share a lot of hilarious moments in the second part of the Infinite Minigolf series.
S255E223 GTA V - Geoff Bag 18/09/2017 It's Geoff Bag, a mushy mix of Geoff-curated GTAV games! Cars face off against RPGs for some funny moments as we play Last Team Standing.
S255E224 Nidhogg 2 19/09/2017 It's a fight to the death as the AH crew kills each other in Nidhogg 2. But only one can claim victory and feed themself to the beast.
S255E225 Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - The First Attempt 20/09/2017 Achievement Hunter takes a shot at Destiny 2's Leviathan Raid in search of adventure, glory, and loot!
S255E226 Destiny 2 Campaign: EDZ 21/09/2017 The Guardian boys suit up and head into the European Dead Zone to check out some of Destiny 2's campaign missions and public events.
S255E227 Witch It! 23/09/2017 The witches are out, and they're turning into hay bales and cheese wheels in Witch It, the game that's totally not just magical Prop Hunt!
S255E228 7 Days to Die: Moving House (#4) 23/09/2017 It's a new day in the Alpha 16 wasteland and our heroes are in search of a new forever home. In this episode: Jack goes house hunting, Ryan and Jeremy find a factory, Geoff gets homesick, and Michael attempts to save a screaming Gavin.
S255E229 GTA V - Smuggler's Run 25/09/2017 Bombers and gliders and planes, oh my! Achievement Hunter tries out the new vehicles from the Smuggler's Run DLC update to GTA Online.
S255E230 Cloudberry - Gavin Loves Willy (Part 23) 26/09/2017 The Berry Bros. return to even more outlandish levels. How much progress could they possibly make?
S255E231 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Fist Rumble 27/09/2017 Achievement Hunter bands together for another explosive PUBG run in search of that illusive chicken dinner!
S255E232 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud 9 - The Guddest One Yet 28/09/2017 After throwing themselves at Rainbow 6: Siege multiplayer for this long, our favorite idiots may finally be "gitting gud."
S255E233 Madden 18 with Lazar Beam 30/09/2017 The boys play a bit of Madden with their special friend, Lannan. It's the Cowboys vs the Patriots in this friendly game of football. Also, please forgive the Australian. Lazar Beam comes from an island of convicts. He doesn't fully understand that the Patriots are the bad guys.
S255E234 Infinite Minigolf - Santa's Rough Ride (#3) 30/09/2017 The boys act both naughty and nice as they putt around Santa's Factory in our third installment of Infinite Minigolf.
S255E235 GTA V - Cunning Stunts feat. Robbie Kay 02/10/2017 British actor Robbie Kay joins Achievement Hunter for a special playlist of Cunning Stunts races.
S255E236 Friday the 13th: Must Kill Jason (#3) 03/10/2017 Moments of terror and fun abound as Jason Voorhees stalks his prey in our third installment of Friday the 13th.
S255E237 Fortnite: Battle Royale - AH Live Stream 04/10/2017 The gang takes a shot at Fortnite's latest update which introduces a new Battle Royale style gamemode.
S255E238 Let's Play Reunion - Board Games 04/10/2017 The Let's Play Family bond over some wholesome games of Uno and Trivial Pursuit.
S255E239 Rainbow Six Siege: Git Gud Finale - Got Gud 05/10/2017 It's been a long journey, but it's time to see if the boys got gud. For added gudness, they're playing Rainbow 6 Siege's ranked mode.
S255E240 Let's Play Reunion - Pool Party Q&A 05/10/2017 After a hard day playing video games, the Let's Play Family kick back and relax in a cliff-side swimming pool, followed by a Q&A Session.
S255E241 Let's Play Reunion - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Family Feud 05/10/2017 Achievement Hunter plays PUBG with Kinda Funny, with Criken and Meg Turney getting pulled into the action.
S255E242 Let's Play Reunion - Lime Throwers 06/10/2017 The Let's Play Reunion gang found a lime tree at the house, and decided their best use might be indoor pitching practice.
S255E243 Let's Play Reunion - Gmod: Murder 06/10/2017 Kinda Funny and Achievement Hunter join forces for an eight person game of Gmod: Murder.
S255E244 Let's Play Reunion - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Zombies 07/10/2017 The Let's Play Family fight some zombie fans in this special PUBG stream featuring Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Cow Chop, Criken, and Cib from Sugar Pine 7.
S255E245 7 Days to Die: Guns, Gravity and Boy Bands (#5) 07/10/2017 Our favorite wasteland survivors start day 6 with the intention of fortifying the base, which means everyone gets distracted. In this episode: Jack continues his basement, Jeremy becomes first aid certified, Geoff discovers the "smelding" pot, Ryan unearths an alarming sound, and Michael and Gavin have a disagreement.
S255E246 Dead by Daylight: Leatherface 08/10/2017 Our survivors will need a lot of fixin' after getting mangled by Dead by Daylight's newest DLC killer: Leatherface.
S255E247 GTA V - Geoff Bag 2 09/10/2017 Geoff Bag returns, featuring a giant billiards derby, motorcycle racing insanity, and Last Team Standing on a floating Yoshi platform.
S255E248 Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - The Pleasure Gardens (#1) 10 10/10/2017 The Destiny 2 raid begins! Tensions mount right out of the gate as our heroes enter the Leviathan to search for and defeat Calus.
S255E249 Let's Play Reunion - Overwatch 10/10/2017 Funhaus and Cow Cop get competetive in this intense series of Overwatch matches.
S255E250 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds: Lightning Rounds 11/10/2017 The crew drops straight into the most popular locations in PUBG for a chaotic high octane battle for survival.
S255E251 Let's Play Reunion - Golf With Your Friends 11/10/2017 Enjoy minigolf gameplay as Achievement Hunter and Funhaus share some funny and some rage-filled moments.
S255E252 PUBG: Git Gud #1 - Too Gud Too Soon 12/10/2017 Michael, Ryan, Jeremy, and Geoff start the first Git Gud episode in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The problem is they didn't start the bar low enough.
S255E253 Destiny 2: Leviathan Raid - The Gauntlet (#2) 14/10/2017 The Destiny 2 raid crew head deeper into the Leviathan. Calus's next task, The Gauntlet, is no easy feat. Will they prove themselves worthy?
S255E254 Let's Play Reunion - Cooking with Greg and Geoff 14/10/2017 Greg and Geoff team up to make dinner for the Let's Play Family Reunion.
S255E255 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Blooming Onion (Part 2) 28/12/2017 A shotgun is a classic go-to weapon for short range combat in video games. Some people have trouble with that concept.
S00E01 Behind The Scenes: Rage Quit - Slender 28/08/2012 Michael and Gavin show you exclusive behind the scenes footage of Rage Quit - Slender Part 2. There's nothing quite like the look of fear in Gavin's eyes. So satisfying.
S00E02 Behind the Scenes: Dick Wave 04/09/2012 Gav and Geoff give you an insight into how they keep themselves entertained while they wait for footage to render. This week they try to make a penis show up in the waveform using only their voice. Griffon helps decide the winner.
S00E03 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 27 03/12/2012 AH sets up for Let's Play: Minecraft Ep 27 and enjoys some quality pig jousting.
S00E04 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 29 13/12/2012 The lads gather for Let's Play: Minecraft Ep 29.
S00E05 Behind the Scenes: Lets Play Minecraft Ep. 32 07/01/2013 How does AH deal with making a wall out of wool? Like professionals, of course.
S00E06 Behind the Scenes: Lets Play Minecraft Ep. 33 14/01/2013 The AH boys get ready for a Minecraft Let's Play with boats. We're goin' nautical, bitches.
S00E07 Achievement Raceway Tour - Minecraft Community Map 15/01/2013 Gav and Geoff show off some awesome unseen areas of AxialMatt's Achievement Raceway map that was used in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 33.
S00E08 Behind the Scenes: DeathCraft Part II 21/01/2013 With so much wet bread and busted brains, Gavin has plenty to throw up about.
S00E09 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 6 28/01/2013 The final chapter of the Far Cry 3 Let's Play! Gavin, just work awkwardly in the background.
S00E10 Behind the Scenes: Potions 05/02/2013 AH gets lost on a wild Blaze chase. Will they be doomed to search The Nether forever?
S00E11 Behind the Scenes: WWE '13 18/02/2013 AH can't beat Wall Street.
S00E12 Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant 31/01/2014 The wait is over! Dr. Jones and Dr. Free are back with Let's Play - Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant.