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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.


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S255E00 The Stream Team: Surgeon Simulator 00/00/0000
S255E01 Saints Row: The Third - Part 5 06/01/2012 Watch Geoff and Michael demonstrate the value of teamwork, friendship, and a good punch in the dick as they Let's Play Saints Row The Third.
S255E02 GTA V - Tales From The Internet 2 05/01/2015 AH takes on two more popular GTA V stunts from around the internet!
S255E03 Mario Party 8: Goomba's Boardwalk Part 1 06/01/2015 Ryan, Gavin, Michael, and Ray are back playing Mario Party 8! This time they're hitting the beaches of Goomba's Booty Boardwalk. Watch as their friendship slowly unravels!
S255E04 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Part 2 07/01/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ray, and Michael are back and raiding some temples!
S255E05 Fibbage XL 08/01/2015 Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Gavin, and special guest Lindsay Hicks are playing the new Fibbage XL. What weird lies will they create? And which truths are stranger than fiction?
S255E06 GTA V - Bingo 12/01/2015 AH plays a little high-stakes Bingo in GTA V!
S255E07 Rainbow Six Siege - Terrorist Hunt Part 3 12/01/2016 Ryan, Michael, and Jeremy ditch Gavin and grab Jack and Geoff to potentially make some progress! Can Jack's tactics and Geoff's...Geoff-ness...carry them to success? Let's begin the operation!
S255E08 Lego Dimensions with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham 14/01/2016 Michael and Lindsay check out Lego Dimensions with with special guests, voice actors Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham. Brick by brick their friendship grows as they break their way through this awesome game.
S255E09 Let's Watch - XCOM 2 15/01/2016
S255E10 Simple Planes - The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew 15/01/2016 How could this happen to me? I made awful planes That crashed on the run The cockpit goes on As I'm crashing all day I'm sick of my plane Let's shift to Burnie Please download one that works for me
S255E11 GTA V - Achievement Hunter VS Funhaus 18/01/2016 The rivalry continues as Achievement Hunter faces off against Funhaus in a great show of ineptitude and failure. The battlefield? A GTA V playlist consisting of Running Back, Slasher, and Top Fun.
S255E12 StarWhal Just the Tip with Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham 19/01/2016 Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham join Achievement Hunter as they travel through space, on a journey to find love, on the backs of space narwhals.
S255E13 Contagion with Alan Ritchson and Colton Dunn 19/01/2016 So they're finally here, saving planets for you If you know the words you can join in too Put your hands together if you want to clap As we take you through this lazer rap LT! Lazer Team He's the leader of the bunch. And he's got sass He's finally back to kick some ass His defensive shield kicks things up a notch And deflects all the bullects right back into your crotch HUH! LT! Lazer Team LT! Lazer Team is here! This one takes selfies, so listen up dudes He'll steal your girlfriend and he's rather rude There's a gun on his hand, so if you try to fight back He'll blow you to bits with his Lazer attack HUH! LT! Lazer Team He has a bad mustache but a really cool visor That made this poor dummy a whole lot wiser He can use Xray vision to go spelunking for rubies Or just use that power to check out some boobies HUH! LT! Lazer Team This one is lazy, at least he was in the past Now he's got super boots and he runs really fast He could start in Taiwan and in five minutes be here And he'll even show up with a 6-pack of beer HUH! LT! Lazer Team LT! Lazer Team is here He's not a part of the team but he is in the movie He's the champ of the Earth and that's pretty damn groovy Now instead of fend off an alien invasion These five dudes are just gonna play Contagion
S255E14 Trivial Pursuit Part 6 20/01/2016 One of the biggest muscles in the body is the brain. This is the game that flexes that muscle. Sees just how strong it really is. Though it isn't as strong as the tongue. That thing is god damn strong. It's like an elephant trunk, you know? Just all muscle! Also the brain is big... but the biggest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus. That's right, you're ass is the biggest muscle in your body. How ashamed are you right now? For heaven's sake, shrink that fat ass and work out your brain. Be the exception! You're brain will be bigger than your ass! Be the first!
S255E15 World of Warships 21/01/2016 The Gents take to the sea and set sail for world conquest! 'Lay aft here, ye lubbers, lay aft, one and all!
S255E16 Let's Watch - DOOM: Tech Gone Bad 22/01/2016 After exiting the Achievement Hunter office Jack knew the worst was up ahead. He still hadn’t reached the place where the evil vegetables were coming from. He is soon teleported to another realm, as he materializes, he realizes Gavin, Jeremy, and Michael are also there; they are all at the Vegetable Anomaly. Types of lettuce are all over the place as ranch dressing oozes from cracks in the ground. It's up to Jack to to find the salad portal and stop the vegetables from coming through and invading earth! Time to lock and load
S255E17 GTA V - Every Bullet Counts 22/01/2016 Michael, Jack, Ryan, and Jeremy face off a in GTA V with nothing but a single bullet and an axe. Oh yeah, and no maps!
S255E18 Star Wars Battlefront - Droids VS Villains 22/01/2016 It is a period of civil war. The Lads, striking from their side of the room, have won their first victory against the evil Gents. During the battle, Gavin Free managed to steal secret plans to Geoff's ultimate weapon, the EMPTY WHISKEY BOTTLE, a glass object with enough power to knock Jeremy out cold with a good enough throw. Pursued by the Geoff's sinister agents, Ryan and Jack, Michael Jones races back to his desk aboard his rolling chair, custodian of the stolen plans that can save Jeremy and restore freedom to the Achievement Hunter office....
S255E19 Gmod: Murder Part 1 26/01/2016 There's a murderer on the loose... but no one knows who he is. It could be you, it could be me... it could even be... *BANG* What? Don't look at me! I had to kill him! He was the murderer! Why are you all looking at me like that? I swear I'm not... you're crazy to think... dammit...
S255E20 Gmod: Trouble In Terrorist Town Part 3 28/01/2016 So much had changed since the boys last stepped foot in Terrorist Town. Michael ring'd up some girl's finger. Jack lost a beard and then gained a new one. Gavin started creatively directing the creatives, directly. Ryan began playing freely. Geoff started Geoffing in ways no one thought Geoff could. But Terrorist Town. Terrorist Town never changes. Three years later, it was time to bring the crew back to their old stomping grounds. It seemed to be the only place they could find out who they really were. The only place they could understand their feelings towards each other. The only place they could murder each other and walk away guilt-free.
S255E21 Madden NFL 16: Super Bowl 50 Special 29/01/2016 Achievement Hunter sets out to predict Super Bowl 50! It's the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers in what one might consider the most accurate sports game simulation of all time.
S255E22 Let's Watch - The Witness 31/01/2016 I have never been in an elevator with Jonathan Blow. None of the Achievement Hunter crew has. I would have liked to have been in an elevator with Jonathan Blow sometime between 2011 and one week ago. I want to hear Jonathan Blow's elevator pitch for The Witness before having played the Witness. Since this will never happen, now I can only find joy in pretending I was in an elevator with Jonathan Blow. Maybe it was Christmas Eve 2013. Hell, I'd even take Arbor Day 2012. "The Witness," I can imagine he'd start, "Is Professor Layton, only with no story. No charming cast of characters to enjoy. Just you, all by yourself, on an island. Also, you know how Professor Layton has a large variety of puzzles? Nope! Lines. Line for days. You're gonna be drawing lines 'til the cows come home. Except there are no cows in the game, so I guess you won't stop drawing lines! And believe you me. As soon as the game releases, every single 'games journalist' out there will be jizzing- yes, literally jizzing at my feet." I wanted to hear that pitch. I wanted to tell Jonathan that he blows. But we never shared an elevator. And now The Witness is out. And now I've played it. And it's really damn good. ...witness it.
S255E23 GTA V - Snipers VS Stunters 2 30/01/2016 The boys are back in Snipers VS Stunters, with special guest Malik! They'll fly through the air with grace only to be shot in the face and forcibly ejected from their vehicles.
S255E24 Halo 5: Warzone 01/02/2016 WAR?! What is it good for? To prove how bad the AH crew is at Halo.
S255E25 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 14 03/02/2016 The Berry Bros are back! What does Ryan have in his house this time? And will there ever be an enchilada night? Find out on this stunning episode of Cloudberry Kingdom!
S255E26 Super Mario Maker 03/02/2016 Achievement Hunter and Funhaus were finally about to end the war between the two crews, until Craig from ScrewAttack stopped by Achievement Hunter headquarters with a WiiU and some devious Super Mario Maker levels in hand!
S255E27 Fibbage 2 With Funhaus 03/02/2016 AH and Funhaus come together to see which one is the best at lying to each other. Their practice of lying to themselves is really going to pay off.
S255E28 The Division Beta 06/02/2016 What the hell, Ubisoft? Callin' this game The Division. Did you ever stop to notice there's not any math going on here? Certainly no division. You've been hyping up fans for years to expect a full fleshed out video game version of Donald in Mathmagic Land. Now The Division Beta is out, and there is nothing left but disappointment. How do you expect Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Ryan to experience their favorite ill-tempered mallard in a fully-rendered three-dimensional cyberworld now? Amateurs.
S255E29 GTA V - Beast VS Slasher 05/02/2016 The gang gets beastly while checking out the new GTA 5 online gameplay mode, Beast VS Slasher! Seriously, like Ryan started frothing at the mouth, Michael took his shirt off, and then Jack got involved. Things got hairy. Then they played the game.
S255E30 DOOM CoOp: Part 1 06/02/2016 A team of space marines known as Team Jumbo Shrimp, made up of Jack and Jeremy, are flown to the moon of Mars, Phobos. There, they have to fight the forces of Hell that have burst through to try and get their signatures. But Jumbo Shrimp aint got time to sign all of those Imp t-shirts. Do you know how many sleeve holes they have for those spikes? It's stupid! Anyways... DOOM with Jack and Jeremy!
S255E31 Pocket Play 08/02/2016 Grab your portal gun, Morty Manipulator chips, and a flask full of scotch whiskey as Michael, Jack, and Jeremy traverse the multiverse of Rick & Morty!
S255E32 Fortified Part 1 10/02/2016 Time to fortify. Why do I say that? Because it's time to play Fortified! Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, and Michael team up to save the Earth from invading Martian robots. How can they possibly win? Rocket troopers, my friends. Many, many, rocket troopers!
S255E33 Marvel Avengers Academy - The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew 11/02/2016 Avengers...assemble...for selfie time! Gus and Jon take a look at the Avengers in their college years, talk about how goofy comics are, and fend off Hydra Bullies. Also, that Hawkeye chap sounds an awful lot like Gus.
S255E34 GTA V - Offense Defense with Funhaus 12/02/2016 Guess who just got back today. Them wild-eyed boys that had been away. Haven't changed that much to say. But man, I still think them cats are crazy. The boys are back in town so we smash 'em up a bit in Offense Defense!
S255E35 Let's Watch - Slime Rancher 12/02/2016 Six o' five am - Farmer Ryan wakes up, unusually late for a farmer of his caliber. Takes a shower. Puts on his ranchin' pants. Grabs his sucky-blowy gun and heads outside. He checks on the crop. No plorts? Of course not. Farmer Ryan hasn't taken the time to shoot carrots into the mouths of his imprisoned slime at 60 miles per hour. Or feed the poops of exotic slime to his little pinkies so they make exotic poops too. Farmer Ryan is a good farmer, no doubt about it. But Farmer Ryan certainly doesn't understand farming. Maybe one day, but certainly not today. Maybe Geoff, Michael, and Jeremy can explain the life and times of Farmer Ryan? No. Clearly not.
S255E36 Far Cry Primal 16/02/2016
S255E37 Hitman BETA 16/02/2016 Gavin & Ryan combine their efforts to become the perfect Hitman while Jack, Michael, and Michael's Mother Denise encourage EXTREME violence!
S255E38 Dying Light The Following DLC 17/02/2016 Achievement Hunter is making the zombie apocalypse fun again, even if they never mastered driving around in a buggy.
S255E39 Let's Watch - Just Cause 3 - Sky Fortress 18/02/2016 Do you want to fly? Have you ever wanted to shoot blue rockets from your back? Does having a gun mounted on your shoulder make you feel tingly? Is mentioning wall jumps even more oddly specific? Well have we got just the!-[dial tone] Just Cause 3 is kicking it up with the new Air Expansion Pass! This time, it goes to 11.
S255E40 Let's Watch - Layers of Fear + Unboxing 19/02/2016 Hate unboxings? Skip to 5:57 to go straight to the Let's Play. Love unboxings? Then watch the unboxing, silly! Fear, much an ogre, has layers. Spooky jumpscares. Men in the shadows with really big knives. Psychological terror. Sexy ghosts. Keep peeling that fear onion, and you may find blood that isn't yours. Razor blades in your Halloween candy. A friendly old man with two suspiciously sharp teeth. Today, Geoff's going to become well-acquainted with these layers. Jack, Jeremy, and Gavin, all watching nearby. Clawing, ripping, biting, decimating, obliterating, thrashing, lashing, gnashing piece by piece at the onion-ogre that is the Layers of Fear.
S255E41 Black Ops 3: Zombies with NoahJ456 Part 1 20/02/2016 All hope seemed lost. Geoff was at his wit's end. Jeremy kept downing nog, but then downing himself. Jack could barely even hold a gun. They needed a savior. They needed a hero. They needed someone who actually know what the hell to do. Luckily for them, NoahJ456 was right around the corner - almost literally around the corner, since he was also in Austin. Suddently, Call of Duty Zombies became new and fresh and WHOA! Holy canoli! There's dragons in here? Crazy fire bows? Big Daddies? What is this nonsense?
S255E42 GTA V - Every Bullet Counts 2 20/02/2016 Tonight, in GTA V: Jack shoots a gun, Ryan sees a man, and Geoff yells some words! The gents jump back into Every Bullet Counts in GTA 5 online!
S255E43 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 23/02/2016 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 gameplay with your very own Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy!
S255E44 Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Part 1 23/02/2016 Michael, Ryan, Jack, and Jeremy are here to extinguish the rat infestation that has overtaken the city. They are gonna need a lot of arrows... and to set the difficulty to medium.
S255E45 Hitman BETA Part 2 24/02/2016 Michael grabs the controller, and in an effort to impress his mother, decides to go on a murder spree in the Hitman Beta!
S255E46 Marvel Avengers Academy Part 2 - The Rooster Teeth Podcast Crew 25/02/2016 Hawkeye Gus is back for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. Rather than having Bucky Risinger by his side, he has a new strapping young lad in the form of Jordan. It would have been great to take Jordan's name and mix it together with the name of Hawkeye's sidekick, but at least from what can be gathered from a quick Wikipedia seach, Hawkeye never had a sidekick. We could always steal one of Captain America's sidekicks. That dude had like...five sidekicks. And of those sidekicks, Demolition Man is by far the coolest-sounding name. Hawkeye Gus is here with Demolition Cwierz for another exciting trip to the Avengers Academy. No, seriously! Hawkeye Gus. Gus is Hawkeye in this game. Suck it, Jeremy Renner
S255E47 Let's Watch - The Walking Dead: Michonne - Part 1 25/02/2016 Geoff was walking through the forest with his pet zombies, Jeremy, Michael, and Ryan. They reeked of death, but he didn't care much. They were keeping him safe. He hadn't seen another living human for three OHSHITSPOOKYJUMPSCARE! A zombie shambled out from behind a tree. How did it get past the zombie pets? Who knows, but it did! The zombie put its rotting hands all over Geoff and leaned its head in, ready to take a bite. But this is Telltale's Walking Dead we're talking about. The world slowed down, giving Geoff ample time to react. He reached for his machete. A giant blue X appeared in front of him. X! X X X X X X X! Geoff hacked at the zombie, slicing its arms clean off. X X X X X X! Geoff took the blade and shoved it straight through its skull. "Holy dicks! That was crazy!" Geoff shouted. "Guys! Did you see that? I'm fucking awesome!" He looked over to his buddies. He remembered they were all zombies, and completely unable to appreciate his badassitude. Oh well. That's just the way things were in The Walking Deadville.
S255E48 Let's Watch - The Witness Part 2 26/02/2016 Ryan is back, walking through the puzzle-filled world of The Witness. Jack, Jeremy, and Geoff are also there to make his life miserable.
S255E49 GTA V - Yacht Party 28/02/2016 After many weeks of moonlighting as a pool boy, Geoff finally saved up enough money for a yacht! Good thing his trusty co-workers don't know where he keeps the keys... YACHT PARTY! Literally everyone but Geoff is here to check out the GTA 5 Yacht DLC and throw a rager on deck!
S255E50 Black Ops 3: Zombies with NoahJ456 Attempt 2 29/02/2016 NoahJ456 is ready for another attempt at carrying Jeremy, Jack, and Gavin through Black Ops 3 Zombires: Der Eisendrachen. Carrying them in one of those little baby pouches people use for babies sometimes. Although in this case, it's three little baby pouches. Noah's got Gavin on his front, Jack on his back, and Jeremy on his head, probably. Will Super Dad Noah be able to help our boys face off against their greatest foe yet: The Iron Kite? Only one way to find out (Hint hint: It's by watching the video. You should probably do that).
S255E51 Screen Cheat [Xbox One Edition] 01/03/2016 The blind are fighting the blind! Gavin, Michael, Ryan, and Jack are shooting at thin air in the Xbox One version of Screen Cheat!
S255E52 Move or Die 02/03/2016 It's a simple concept. You either move, or you die. But also, grab hats, paint the ground, avoid falling blocks, run a race, kill each other with chainsaws, clean up the walls, dodge, missiles, give each other the bomb, eat the candy, scare your friends, and blow them away. But maybe Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and Gavin can handle it...
S255E53 GTA - Till Death Do Us Part (with Funhaus) 05/03/2016 Funhaus and Achievement Hunter break up into teams, and they'll play "Till Death Do Us Part"! If your teammate goes down, so do you!
S255E54 Dad Beat Dads 07/03/2016 It's an all out baby brawl, a daddy destruction, a child carrying car crash, other ways to say a fight while holding a baby. Find out which dad is the best in this match up of Dad Beat Dads!
S255E55 Trivial Pursuit Part 7 07/03/2016 The comments were so nice to Jack in the last video, they decided to roll right into another round of Trivial Pursuit!
S255E56 Pocket Play - Pokémon Blue 09/03/2016 Jack took Michael and Jeremy through "Pocket Mortys", so it's time for them to return the favor! Welcome to the wonderful world of POKEMON!
S255E57 Gmod: Murder Part 2 12/03/2016 ...okay, so I shot the wrong guy last time. My b. Mistakes happen. Look, I did my time out already. Closed my eyes and everything. Now I need to actually find the killer. Whoa! Where did you get that gun? Why are you pointing it at me? That's not going to do any good! Clearly you saw me kill that guy. That proves I'm not the killer. Back off man. Back off. Get away from me. Don't make me put you down. I mean it! This is your last warning! *BANG*
S255E58 Drunk Mario Kart with ScrewAttack 15/03/2016 ***Disclaimer*** We do not condone drinking and driving in any way shape or form IRL or otherwise, please drink responsibly. With all that said, LETS DO SOME DRIVING AND DRINKING!!!!
S255E59 Speed Runners Part 3 16/03/2016 Gavin, Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy have found the need for speed, and are running all night and day, so they can be outta control, to be in control.
S255E60 Pokkén Tournament 18/03/2016 Achievement Hunter takes on ScrewAttack in the new Pokémon fighting game, Pokkén Tournament! Let the best MON win!
S255E61 GTA IV - Hangman's Noose 18/03/2016 The guys get retro and relive some old favorites in GTA IV!
S255E62 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 15 21/03/2016 The Berry bros continue their Cloudberry Kingdom Journey. Each level more difficult than the last. How many will they finish this episode?
S255E63 Let's Watch - Quantum Break 22/03/2016 We get a first look At the new "Quantum Break" and at what all the buzz is about! Can they finish it in time?
S255E64 Trivial Pursuit Part 8 22/03/2016 The latest installation of the Trivial Pursuit saga, with special guest Mica Burton!
S255E65 StarWhal Just the Tip with Dante Basco 23/03/2016 Achievement Hunter is joined by Dante Basco for more interstellar stabbing in StarWhal Just the Tip!
S255E66 Let's Watch - Hitman - Paris 23/03/2016 Now that we're past the Hitman beta, Let's Watch Gavin get back to being Agent 47. Master of disguise, assassin supreme. Today, watch as he Zoolanders his way into a sexy fashion show. How does he do it? Easy peasy! "No, Damien. I swear. It's me, Helmet Kruger, the superhot sexy model you put makeup on five times a week. Yes, my voice seems different. Yes, I'm a foot taller. Look, darling. It's just this lighting. Obviously it's me. Just look. I'm bald! Und I have a disdain for the middle class, those dirty peasants. Patooey. Obviously it's me." Nailed it.
S255E67 GTA V - Sumo! 26/03/2016 The boys jump into adversary mode and play sumo cars in precarious places across GTA 5!
S255E68 Super Smash Bros for Wii U - 8 Player Rumble 26/03/2016 What's that? A bunch of people fighting to the death, ready to keep pummeling and clawing and scratching at each other until there's nothing left but a single survivor and a pile of man-pieces? Could it be Battle Royale? Hunger Games? Hunger Games Part 2: Katniss's Day Out? Oh hell naw! Here at Achievement Hunter, we keep it fucking real. We bring ScrewAttack over and then Smash the fuck out of them. Win every single time. Do you think Chad, Shaun, or Craig stand a chance with Michael, Lindsay, Jeremy, Ryan, and Jack in the mix? Hell no! Unless the Achievement Hunters take each other out first, which is totally possible because Battle Royals/Hungry Hungry Hunger Games/The Culling/rip-out-their-hearts-and-eat-those-hearts-free-for-all-8-player-mothafuckin-rumble! Let's do this!
S255E69 Drawful with Kinda Funny 28/03/2016 In the first ever Achievement Hunter-Kinda Funny collaboration we play Drawful, and the results are... questionable....
S255E70 Brawlhalla 29/03/2016 Achievement Hunter finds out who's the best at beating the crap out of the rest in Brawlhalla! *Disclaimer* Crap doesn't actually leave anyone throughout the course of this video. Consult your doctor if you think you had crap come out of you while watching this video.
S255E71 Let's Watch - The Culling 29/03/2016 The Gang gets savage as they try to survive in this "Hunger Games"/"Battle Royal" style competition. Will the odds be ever in their favor?
S255E72 Amazing Frog? with ScrewAttack 30/03/2016 Who knew that a game where you play as a frog in some sort of GTA like environment could be so much fun? ScrewAttack clearly did and they're showing it off to Gavin and Michael.
S255E73 Rayman Legends 28/08/2013 Jack, Ray, Michael, and Gavin play Rayman Legends in this week's Let's Play Wednesdays.
S255E74 Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Spies VS Mercs 30/08/2013 Geoff, Ryan, Gavin, and Ray bring you Let's Play Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Spies VS Mercs.
S255E75 GTA IV Wanted X 02/09/2013 It's like original Wanted... but even LESS blips. Roughly the same amount of talent though.
S255E76 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures Episode 4 04/09/2013 This week's Let's Play brings you the fourth installment of Ultra MiniGolf Adventures. Geoff, Michael, Ray, & Ryan are back on the greens attempting to play more aces.
S255E77 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 2 05/09/2013 AH crew continues their journey to a magical land filled with adventure and pain in Let's Play - Cloudberry Kingdom Part 2.
S255E78 Payday 2 Podcast Crew Part 1 07/09/2013 The podcast cast and crew gets together to have a rousing match of Payday 2.
S255E79 GTA IV - The Best Stunt Ever 09/09/2013 After a little fun with high explosives, AH attempts the BEST... STUNT.... LATELY... err ... EVER! Ever is what I meant.
S255E80 Battlefield 4 12/03/2015 Join Jack, Ryan, Michael, Ray, and Gavin as they cover the Battlefield 4 segment of Battlefield week. Are they better at this installment of the series? What do you think?
S255E81 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Part 3 20/05/2014 Geoff, Michael, Jack, and Ray are back with the third installment of Let's Play - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare!
S255E82 Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Part 5 13/03/2015 Geoff and Michael are back and even stronger than ever. Do their enemies even stand a chance No... no they don't.
S255E83 GTA V - The Prison Job Part 1 15/03/2015 The AH Crew is back with another heist with "The Prison Job."
S255E84 Drawful Part 2 16/03/2015 Join Geoff, Ryan, Gus, Ray, Lindsay, and special guest Mica Burton as they test out their artistic abilities in another round of Drawful!
S255E85 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures 2 Part 4 18/03/2015 The Minigolf crew attempt to keep from clubbing one-another in the head, but injuries are bound to happen.
S255E86 GTA V - The Prison Job Part 2 18/03/2015 Part 2 of AH's Prison job heist!
S255E87 Rainbow Six Vegas Part 3 18/03/2015 Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and Ray realize that terrorists aren't the biggest danger to them. It's actually doors.
S255E88 Mario Party 8: King Boo's Haunted Hideaway Part 2 19/04/2016 Hi everyone! Jeremy D-dawgg Doodly Dooleyoo is back! Now, a lot of you might have seen the description last part. But I'm here to rain some knowledge down on you like a snowstorm. That wasn't me. That was shifty-ass-shifty-Larry. How dare he take my job in explaining how cool Mario Party 8 is! Besides, I'm sure you guys already know how awesome it can be to see Michael, Gavin, Ryan, and I compete against each other in all kinds of minigames. So watch and see how good I am! And yeah, this is Mario Party, in which I'd beat Larry if I ever needed to. Not Mario Kart, though. He kicked my ass in that when we played. But I was still Wario... who's the coolest by far. But that's not here or now... Mario Party is. So watch it with your face eyes! I'll just wait here.
S255E89 Rainbow Six: Siege – Black Ice 19/04/2016 Jack, Geoff, Michael, Jeremy, and Ryan infiltrate an icy ship base again and again and again in Rainbow 6 Siege's Black Ice DLC! They have to keep playing because they want to beat it. They want to beat it without anyone dying. They want to beat it without Ryan teamkilling anyone. They want to beat it with a sniper rifle and four shields. They want to beat it using only melee. They want to beat it with flashbangs and no pants. They want to beat it with two toothpicks and a garden hose. They want to beat it with passive aggressive internet comments. They want to beat it with dead horses. They want to beat it with a broken lawn chair. They want to beat with the fractured pieces of a broken "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" DVD. They want to beat it with a ten gallon barrel of water-based lubricant. They want to beat it while also getting mai-pedis. They want to beat it with love and respect. And they're not going to give up until they've done it, gosh darnit!
S255E90 Let's Watch – Firewatch 21/04/2016 Ryan, Michael and Jack take to the enchanting Wyoming wilderness. Smokey the bear is gonna have his hands full with this lot...
S255E91 GTA V - Every Bullet Counts with Kinda Funny 24/04/2016 Kinda Funny jumps into the classic Let's Play GTA 5 gamemode Every Bullet Counts!
S255E92 Jeopardy - Part 3 24/04/2016 Alex Trebek Has never dealt with contestants like Achievement Hunter. Except for the other two times he did, but it's been a while so he forgot about those by now. Anyway, find out who gets the Daily Double in this round of Jeopardy!
S255E93 Halo 5: Firefight Beta 25/04/2016 Michael, Geoff, Jeremy, Ryan, Matt, and Lindsay put on their Guy Montag armor and get ready for a fire fight. Of course, in the future, it isn't fire fighting in the way you or I think of it. These six fire fighters brought out their advanced weapons with their combustible flammations, bullets used for snuffing the life out of alien forces, much like a candle. But screw it. It's Halo 5: Firefight. Shootin' things until they can't shoot back is fun! Screw what Ray Bradbury had to say. It's time for video games!
S255E94 Let's Watch – Just Cause 3 26/04/2016 Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and Jack explore, explode, and exploit the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici in Just Cause 3. Will they get out of this without terminal brain damage? Watch and find out!
S255E95 Battleborn Beta 27/04/2016 There's one star remaining in all of the Battleborn universe and Achievement Hunter is going to fight to take control over it! Will they be up to the challenge or will history repeat itself? I'm willing to bet it's one of those.
S255E96 Wikipedia Challenge – Feat. BasicallyIDoWrk 29/04/2016 Jeremy from Achievement Hunter and Marcel (BasciallyIDoWrk) compete in the battleground of Wikipedia. Who will be the first to get from one obscure thing to another using only the links on the page? If this battle isn't enough, there's another completely different fight available to watch on Marcel's channel.
S255E97 GTA V - Lil J's Heist 01/05/2016 And now for the Heist you've all been waiting for... LILLLL J! This week Jeremy plans the heist of all heists and tries to get to the bottom of what went wrong in all other attempted heists before him.
S255E98 Star Trek – Part 8 02/05/2016 Captain Ryan and First Officer Michael are back to explore part 8 of the final frontier.
S255E99 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures – Another New Round 03/05/2016 The gang is back on the green with special guest Brandon. How will our new putter do? Watch to find out!
S255E100 Push Me Pull You 04/05/2016 Being attached at the hip to someone can be hard. Being attached to someone at the hip and playing a competitive sport however, that can be hilarious. Watch Michael and Jeremy take on Jack and Ryan in a crazy game of Push Me Pull You!
S255E101 GTA V – Snipers VS Stunters 3 08/05/2016 The Achievement Hunter crew take a look at other variants of the Snipers VS Stunters map including RPGs VS Jets and a crazy wallriders map in GTA 5!
S255E102 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 1 10/05/2016 Ryan and Jeremy watch as Michael plays through Naughty Dog's newest game, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
S255E103 Mario Party 10 – Bowser Party 09/05/2016 Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, and Lindsay party along as Geoff chases them around the Mushroom Kingdom as the terrible Bowser. Will they save the princess, or will Geoff punt them to a different castle?
S255E104 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 2 10/05/2016 Michael, Jack, and Jeremy continue their playthrough of Naughty Dog's newest game, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End!
S255E105 Battleborn Multiplayer 10/05/2016 The Battleborn badasses are back defending the first star from other Battleborn badasses. Are they up to the task of fighting other humans? Sorta, I guess.
S255E106 Portal Knights 10/05/2016 Join Michael, Ryan, Jeremy and Not Geoff (Trevor) as they explore the magical, mystical, mysterious and geo-metrical world of Portal Knights!
S255E107 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 3 11/05/2016 The adventure continues as Michael, Jack, and Jeremy continue their play through of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End!
S255E108 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 4 12/05/2016 Dynamite in this game is AWESOME.
S255E109 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 5 13/05/2016 Achievement Hunter keeps on exploring those hidden temples. Ancient construction was surprisingly sound.
S255E110 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 6 13/05/2016 Join Michael, Jack, and Jeremy as Michael continues to play through Uncharted 4. Also, Jack's microphone betrays him.
S255E111 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 7 13/05/2016 Nathan Drake performs more totally badass feats in part 7 of Michael's playthrough of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
S255E112 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 8 14/05/2016 Join Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy as Michael continues the epic Uncharted 4 adventure. Also a surprise guest, Burnie Burns!
S255E113 GTA V - Cloud Down 15/05/2016 The Fake AH Crew jump into the community-made map of Cloud Down in GTA 5! Created by SpeedFreak88 and AClarkIsLost (Kyle and Austin), though I don't think they intended the maps to take THIS LONG.
S255E114 Let's Watch - Layers of Fear - Part 3 15/05/2016 The life of a painter can truly be a dark one. That's not going to stop us from continuing the horrifying journey that is Layers of Fear!
S255E115 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Multiplayer 15/05/2016 The Achievement Hunters explore the guns, grenades, totems and sidekicks one accesses in Uncharted 4's multiplayer game.
S255E116 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 9 16/05/2016 Join Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy as Michael continues the epic Uncharted 4 adventure. Also, Sam is invincible.
S255E117 Worms Battlegrounds Part 9 17/05/2016 Michael, Gavin, Jeremy, and Ryan endure some more worm carnage in this stellar continuation of our critically acclaimed Let's Play series!!! Is it actually critically acclaimed? Who knows?!?! Either way, you can be sure that some form of hilarity will ensue!
S255E118 Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide – Smuggler's Run 17/05/2016 The Achievement Hunters return to Vermintide to explore the dankest of sewers, infested with both evil rats and, more impressively, regular rats.
S255E119 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 10 18/05/2016 Michael, Jack, and Jeremy continue the epic Uncharted 4 adventure. Also, Rafe is a dick.
S255E120 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 11 18/05/2016 Michael, Jack, and Jeremy join special guests Etika and Shofu to continue their journey through Uncharted 4! In this adventure, they get to go back in time and explore a massive mansion as young Nate and Sam.
S255E121 SMITE with Dante Basco 19/05/2016 We're back with more SMITE, this time with our good friend. You know him as Rufio of the Lost Boys, the beloved Firelord Zuko. Ladies and gentlemen... it's Dante Basco.
S255E122 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 12 21/05/2016 Michael, Ryan, and Jeremy continue their journey through Uncharted 4: A Thief's End! In this adventure, Nate and Elena continue their epic search for treasure in the treacherous jungle.
S255E123 GTA V – Downhill Jam X 21/05/2016 After a brief 2.5 years, the crew is back on the top of Mt. Chiliad, throwing their bodies into the clutches of ol' fateful gravity! This time, with a new twist on the famous downhill race.
S255E124 DOOM Multiplayer 21/05/2016 Achievement Hunter delves into DOOM multiplayer! Warning: This video contains copious amounts of Demon blood and bad-assery.
S255E125 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 13 21/05/2016 Elena joins Nathan as they finally explore Libertalia.
S255E126 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 14 22/05/2016 Michael, Jack, and Jeremy continue their journey through Uncharted 4: A Thief's End! In this adventure, Nate and Elena continue their epic search through explosive twists and turns!
S255E127 TowerFall Ascension – Part 5? 23/05/2016 The boys are back at it again, jumpin' on heads and stickin' arrows in places where the dungeon lanterns don't shine!
S255E128 Let's Watch – Uncharted 4: A Thief's End – Part 15 (END) 24/05/2016 Michael, Jack, Jeremy and Ryan complete their journey through Uncharted 4: A Thief's End! You can not believe how it ends. You will have to watch to find out!
S255E129 Cloudberry Kingdom – Part 16 24/05/2016 The longer it takes for the Berry Bros to finish Cloudberry Kingdom the more likely it is you'll be able to completely reconstruct Ryan's house.
S255E130 Gmod: 8-Man Murder 24/05/2016 Achievement Hunter loves playing Gmod: Murder - probably because in order to win, you have to be shifty, sneaky, sleuthy, and ruthless. Today, the AH crew invited over the equally shifty, sneaky, sleuthy, and ruthless boys from Kinda Funny to come be all sorts of stabby and shooty all over the place. Who can be trusted? How many innocents will be shot? And how many fucking times will Greg Miller start the round with the gun?
S255E131 ShellShock Live – Feat. ChilledChaos and Seananners 25/05/2016 Jeremy and Trevor are loading up their tanks in ShellShock live to try and plow over ChilledChaos and Seananners. Can they gunk up their treads with these other youtubers?!
S255E132 Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare 27/05/2016 "Bit by bit. Torn apart. We never win. But the battle wages on." - General George Patton, 1942
S255E133 GTA V - Jack Bag 28/05/2016 Jack reaches deep into his super sack to bring you a collection of his favorite untested GTA V online maps! What ever will he bring? WHO KNOWS! That's the exciting part of JACK BAG.
S255E134 Overwatch 31/05/2016 The call has gone out and the Overwatch team has been assembled. Watch our unique set of heroes use their unique set of "powers" to defeat every enemy that stands in their way.
S255E135 Pokkén Tournament with Shofu and Etika 31/05/2016 Yesterday, Pokémon Masters Michael, Shofu, and Etika traveled through Mt. Moon in their Pokémon Blue adventures. Today, Shofu and Etika aren't Achievement Hunter's Misty and Brock. They're not bitching about broken bikes or drooling over Nurse Joy's sweet boobies - not today! Now they're Achievement Hunter's Team Rocket - and they're here to kick some ass at Pokkén Tournament. They're ready to clean the floor with Michael and then steal his Pikachu. They'll also probably take Geoff's beautiful pony Pokémon just for funsies. Is there any Achievement Hunter who can take on Shofu and Etika in order to achieve sweet Pokkén glory? No, probably not at all.
S255E136 Let's Watch – The Park 02/06/2016 Join Geoff, Ryan, Jack and Jeremy as they explore the mysteries of The Park. Get ready for some twists and turns and even some frights. I mean how scary can a chipmunk possibly be?You will will have to watch to find out.
S255E137 RT Stream Highlights – Overwatch? 02/06/2016 Kyle Taylor and John Risinger play Overwatch with Mica and special surprise guest Bella.
S255E138 GTA V – Sumo Part 3 04/06/2016 Strap on your giant adult diaper and enter the ring! We're about to go Sumo'ing!
S255E139 Rainbow Six Seige: More Terrorist Hunt 04/06/2016 These men are dangerous. And we're sending our five worst to get killed by them.
S255E140 Overwatch: Replay? 07/06/2016 The Achieve Men did some heavy dominating in Overwatch on the PC. Now it's time to give those Xbox kids some harsh beatings as well. Now that Gavin's here to monkey around, will he be the glue that makes the team even stronger, or will he be the downfall of this Overwatch super group?
S255E141 Let's Watch – Layers of Fear – Part 4 07/06/2016 The dark can be scary sometimes. Trust us, ask Geoff. Will the Achievement Hunter gang be able to solve this horrifying mystery to finish up the epic Layers of Fear story? You will have to watch to find out!
S255E142 Gang Beasts with Kinda Funny 07/06/2016 Nick, Greg, Tim and Colin join Ryan, Jack, Michael and Jeremy in an eight person game of Gang Beasts.
S255E143 Porcunipine 08/06/2016 Our favorite porcupine men - Michael, Ryan, Gavin, and Jeremy - have one life to live and one quill to give in an exciting game of Porcunipine. And believe me, they're gonna stick it in each other hard and repeatedly all Let's Play long.
S255E144 RT Stream Highlights – Overwatch with Michael Jones 10/06/2016 Join Michael and Mica as they play some Overwatch! Michael shoots stuff as Reaper, fails objectives as Reaper, and ponders his favorite Disney films. As Reaper.
S255E145 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan? 10/06/2016 Turtle Power! Hail Splinter! Death to the purebloods! ... I mean, mmm! Pizza.
S255E146 GTA V – Finance and Felony Free Roam 11/06/2016 The Achievement Hunter crew explore the new Finance and Felony DLC in GTA 5! Brickade posse roll out!
S255E147 Rainbow Six: Siege – Extraction 14/06/2016 In the Hostage Extraction Program the people are abused by two separate, yet equally important groups. The terrorists who capture them and the Swat Teams who shoot them on accident. These are their stories.
S255E148 Let's Watch – Trials of the Blood Dragon 14/06/2016 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon meets motorcycles? It's like Boy Meets World, but with more dragons and kitty acid. Join the AH crew as they watch Gavin play Ubisoft's latest release.
S255E149 Let's Watch – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided? 15/06/2016 Ryan gets to play the E3 Demo of Square Enix's unreleased game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Gavin, Michael, Jack and Jeremy join him for the ride.
S255E150 Let's Watch – Resident Evil 7 (Demo Gameplay) 15/06/2016 Achievement Hunter takes a dive into the newest demo coming out of E3 2016, Resident Evil 7!
S255E151 GTA V – VIP Free Roam 18/06/2016 More from the GTA 5 Finance and Felony DLC! The boys wade into the thick, swamp known as public lobbies where they learn something new about themselves and choppers.
S255E152 Super Smash Bros. Wii U with Shofu and Etika 20/06/2016 Join Ryan, Michael and Jack as they sit down and play some Super Smash Bros. Wii U with special guests Shofu and Etika. Who will be victorious!
S255E153 Plants vs Zombies GW2: Infinity Mode 20/06/2016 Geoff, Michael, Matt and Jeremy return to Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 to play a round of Infinity Mode. Watch the guys suit up in mecha triceratops in the hopes of destroying an infinite army of garden gnomes.
S255E154 Move or Die: More Moving, More Dying 21/06/2016 Skullboy Ryan and Yellow Man Michael are the undisputed Kings of Move or Die. Maybe? Did either of them win in the first let's play? For the sake of the right-now, sure. They're the undisputed kings of Move or Die. But now, there's two new challengers ready to usurp our Achievement Kings: Hollywood's favorite power couple James and Elyse Willems! They'll move. They'll die. They'll move and die or move then die or move or die. But will Funhaus's sweet moving and dying skills be enough to top the Achievement Hunter Move or Die kings? This question will remain unanswered because not answering the question will hopefully entice you to watch the video!
S255E155 RT Stream Highlights - Mirror's Edge 24/06/2016 Join Matt Bragg and Mica Burton as they parkour through Mirror's Edge! They run, jump, fall, die, and discuss how to infinitely eat a starfish so they never go hungry again.
S255E156 Drawful 2 00/00/0000 Drawful 2 just released and the boys can't wait to get smear grubby little fingers all over their phones in an attempt to draw beautiful works of art!
S255E157 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 17 24/06/2016 The Berry bros are getting really close to level 300. Will they make it? Or will they stay on level 297 for the next few months?
S255E158 H1Z1: King of the Kill 24/06/2016 The Achievement Hunter crew drops in to H1Z1 - like literally drops in by parachute. Will they be able to work together to come out on top, or will their battle for survival end in horrible horrible death?
S255E159 GTA V - Grotti Racing? 25/06/2016 The AH crew try out the newest, fastest car in GTA V Online: the Grotti X80 Proto.
S255E160 Magicka 28/06/2016 Valhalla? Val-holler. Join Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, and Michael in playing Magicka.
S255E161 Dead by Daylight 28/06/2016 While the achievement hunters are most likely all killers at heart, usually they're able to keep it in check. But not last week. No way no way! Last week, the gang ventured out into the woods for "Gameplay in Real Life: Team-Building Camperoo Funtime." Things were cool at first. A trailer full of snacks, a surprising amount of camaraderie. Suddenly, Ryan started muttering something about "sacrifices to the flying spider god." Before the rest of the gang could back away, Ryan grabbed Gavin and slammed him onto a meat hook! Then he pulled out a giant machete and buried it deep into Jeremy's chest! He kept hacking and attacking, making absolutely sure there was not a single survivor among the group. They were most certainly all...Dead by Daylight.
S255E162 RT Resident Evil 7 Demo Stream Highlights 30/06/2016 Join Mica and Andy as they make Jon play a terrifying game! Why? His screams are hilarious. C'mon.
S255E163 Fortified: Marching Martians 30/06/2016 Why don't you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?
S255E164 GTA V - CEO 30/06/2016 Circle jerks in a limo. Car surfing on a box truck. Precarious alliances with strangers. Crates full of swag. All this and more as the boys try out the new game modes available from the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update to GTA Online.
S255E165 Rocket League with ScrewAttack 05/07/2016 Chad and Craig of ScrewAttack join Jeremy, Michael, Ryan and Jack of Achievement Hunter for three rounds of Rocket League.
S255E166 Wildstar 05/07/2016 Jack has left everyone behind. Now Geoff, Michael, Ryan and Jeremy must level up to catch up to him.
S255E167 Homefront: The Revolution 05/07/2016 North Korea has invaded Achievement Hunter's homefront: the United States. And now our America needs a major fixing-upping. Join Geoff Ramsey as Tim "the Toolman" Taylor, Ryan Haywood as Al Borland, Michael Jones as Jill Taylor, and Jeremy Dooley as Wilson as they bumble their way through kicking the North Korean army square in the patoot. What time is it? It's Tool Time, motherfucker! It's Home Improvement: The Revolution.
S255E168 Let's Watch - INSIDE 07/07/2016 Join Michael, Jack, Geoff, and Gavin as they begin their Let's Watch journey through INSIDE.
S255E169 Wildstar Part 2 07/07/2016 Part two of this MMO Series. The guys are finally all together, but there are tons of quests to do.
S255E170 Let's Watch - The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Ryan's Attempt 11/06/2015 Gavin sucks. Ryan rules. Griffon shows up and makes everything better.
S255E171 Orion Prelude 11/06/2015 The AH Crew continue their goal of total dinosaur extinction by hunting dinos in Orion Prelude!
S255E172 Destiny: Prison of Elders 13/06/2015 The Elders demand that Geoff, Ryan, and Jack test their skills against five rounds of enemies in the Prison of Elders. Each species is involved, and even a boss. Can they survive and retrieve the exotic weapons that are their reward?
S255E173 Couples Therapy in Contagion 14/06/2015 In this special edition of the Podcast Let's Play -- regular hosts Gavin and Burnie venture into the horrifying world of Contagion with their girlfriends Meg and Ashley. Hopefully, their relationships survive longer than their characters.
S255E174 STARWHAL: Just the Tip 18/12/2013 Watch as Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Ryan bounce off the NARWHAL in this week's Wednesday Let's Play!
S255E175 GTA V - The Pacific Standard Job Finale 15/06/2015 The dramatic conclusion of the Pacific Standard Job! How much of the 1.2 million will the crew escape with?
S255E176 Gmod: Stop It Slender 16/06/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, and Max wander through the woods looking for pages... but one of them is the evil entity known as Slender. Who will be the horrible monster? And will any of the Achievement Hunters manage to collect all 8 pages before they are caught?
S255E177 Left 4 Dead 2 with Rahul Kohli 17/06/2015 Geoff and Michael travel all the way to LA to play Left 4 Dead 2 with iZombie's Rahul Kohli! Adam Kovic is there too but he's not very good, loses his footage, breaks the game, and is a nuisance.
S255E178 Trivial Pursuit Part 4 18/06/2015 Achievement Hunter is back showcasing their vast knowledge of all things trivia! Act surprised by how little that vast knowledge is.
S255E179 Echo of Soul 19/06/2015 The AH crew gather their wits and fly all the way to Germany to play Echo of Soul!
S255E180 Destiny: House of Wolves Strike 20/06/2015 The Gents are in the last stretch of the DLC. The only thing that stands between them and ultimate completion is the dreaded nightfall strike. Will arc burn be enough to save them and take down the evil Tanuki Now's your chance to find out!
S255E181 Left 4 Dead 2: Let's Play with Your Mom 21/06/2015 Chris invites his mom to play some Left 4 Dead 2 along with Adam and Joel. There’s lots of blood, death and baby pictures. (We lied about the baby pictures.)
S255E182 The Stream Team: Gmod Prop Hunt 00/00/0000
S255E183 GTA V - Free Play Ill Gotten Gains 22/06/2015 Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Jack and a special guest have some free play time with the new GTA DLC Ill Gotten Gains!
S255E184 Echo of Soul Part 2 23/06/2015 With their Germany trip at an end, can the Achievement Hunter's finish the journey with the win in an epic boss battle They must team up, use all their expert skills, and manage to take down the beast before he enrages! Hopes are low...
S255E185 Beach Buggy Racing 24/06/2015 Six Players. One screen. A complete fluster cluck!
S255E186 Dirty Bomb (AH VS FH) 24/06/2015 Achievement Hunter fresh from their win against the nerds over at Funhaus have thrown down the gauntlet once again! Will their hubris be their inevitable downfall or will Funhaus be the one's left crying again?
S255E187 Hot Seat: 3D Ultra Minigolf Featuring Andrew Blanchard 25/06/2015 The AH Crew put Andrew Blanchard in the Hot Seat and learn all of his deepest most terrible secrets. There are a lot of them as it turns out.
S255E188 Minecraft: Jurassic Dorks 00/00/0000
S255E189 Destiny: Prison of Elders Level 32 27/06/2015 Comprised of Jack, Ryan, and Gavin, no one in the Prison of Elders is prepared to face the undying, unrelentless, and unstoppable force that is... Team Fffff.
S255E190 Couples Therapy in Contagion Part 2 28/06/2015 Gavin, Burnie, Meg, and Ashley continue their ill-advised quest and play more Contagion.
S255E191 GTA V - DLC Missions 29/06/2015 Geoff, Jack, Michael, and Jeremy deliver some cars, steal some coke, and destroy some trucks in these three new missions.
S255E192 The Ship: Part 3 30/06/2015 The hodgepodge crew of Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy, Brandon, and Max board the next murderous cruise liner out of Achievement Hunter. Who will earn the most cash by the end of the game and walk away as the best killer of the bunch?
S255E193 The PainStation 01/07/2015 Pong + Pain = THE PAINSTATION! Watch as the trip to Germany becomes absolute torture!
S255E194 Let's Watch - Batman Arkham Knight 02/07/2015 Gus and Michael watch Geoff learn what it means to be Batman and find out all of the struggles that come with that great power.
S255E195 Minecraft: Cretaceous Park 00/00/0000
S255E196 Destiny: Trials of Osiris 04/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, and Gavin prove once and for all that they are a force to be reckoned with. Or maybe they just get killed a lot. Yeah... nevermind... it's definitely more of the second one.
S255E197 05/07/2015 Join Burnie, Barbara, Gus, and Gavin as they attempt to play Agario
S255E198 Sunday Driving in GTA V - The Married Life 05/07/2015 Griffon gets deep and personal about filling Geoff's life full of joy.
S255E199 GTA V - Alphabet Assassins 06/07/2015 Geoff, Gavin, Jack and Michael run a few more Missions and see if they can kill their way through the alphabet. Also they rack up some Arkham Knight achievements. Somehow.
S255E200 Rugby 15 06/07/2015 Geoff and Jack are a bit salty from their NHL losses, will that anger fuel them to victory against Ryan and Michael in Rugby or will Team OG destroy themselves from the inside out?
S255E201 The Ship: Part 4 07/07/2015 We set sail one last time with Geoff, Ryan, Jeremy, Michael, Brandon, and Max. Scores need to be settled and rivalries need to be ended. As tensions rise, trigger fingers become itchy, and money takes a backseat to pure bloodlust.
S255E202 Rugby 15 00/00/0000
S255E203 Quiplash 09/07/2015 Geoff, Ryan, Michael, Gavin, Matt, and Jeremy group up to play the new Jackbox game, Quiplash. Over 3000 of you, AH's biggest fans joined in to vote on which answers they found the funniest. There's also definitely no trick to winning this one... also Gavin is stupid... give me votes.
S255E204 Minecraft: Ender DrAgain 00/00/0000
S255E205 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Podcast Crew 12/07/2015 Barbara, Brandon, Burnie, and Gus try to survive the horror of Exo Zombies. Do they live Of course not. Is it funny Hopefully.
S255E206 GTA V - Chopper vs. Chopper X 13/07/2015 AH tries out a new version of Chopper Vs Chopper! But can they overcome their short attention spans and inability to read long enough to properly play it?
S255E207 TowerFall Ascension Part 3 14/07/2015 Geoff VS Jack VS Ryan VS Gavin. Who is the best at Towerfall Bramble arrows are running rampant and only the most skilled players can catch them and use them to their full potential.
S255E208 Alone in the Dark 15/07/2015 You crazy mad bro Ryan and Michael make their way through the horrible apocalypse that is Alone In The Dark.
S255E209 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 10 16/07/2015 Achievement Hunter is back in Cloudberry Kingdom. How many levels will they manage to complete this time Not a lot is the answer.
S255E210 Minecraft: July Update 00/00/0000
S255E211 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Podcast Crew Part 2 19/07/2015 Barbara, Brandon, Burnie, and Gus return to try their hand at Exo Zombies again. Have they learned their lesson or will history repeat itself Spoiler: history repeats itself.
S255E212 GTA V - Hasta La Vista 20/07/2015 Geoff, Michael, Jack and Ryan have a magical time squishing the life out of each other in the Hasta La Vista game type!
S255E213 TowerFall Ascension Part 4 21/07/2015 It's all down to this. Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Gavin... and a whoooole bunch of drill arrows.
S255E214 Fibbage XL Part 2 21/07/2015 It's all down to this. Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Gavin... and a whoooole bunch of drill arrows.
S255E215 Rocket League 24/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, and Ryan take on Michael, Jeremy, and Intern-Andy in ROCKET LEAGUE!
S255E216 Minecraft: July Update (2) 00/00/0000
S255E217 Don't Starve Together (The Podcast Crew) 25/07/2015 Gus, Meg, Ashley, and Gus try not to starve together in Dont Starve Together. Friendships will be tested, shadows will be fought, and something is guaranteed to catch fire.
S255E218 GTA V - Bounty Hunters 27/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael and Gavin finally completed their mail correspondence course in bounty hunting! To celebrate, they take to the road to bring some cold hard justice to the lawless.
S255E219 Magic the Gathering 27/07/2015 We made it to 500k Subscribers on the Achievement Hunter channel! So it's time to bust out the cards and make some MAGIC!
S255E220 No Time to Explain 28/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Michael play a game. That's it. No nothing more. I can't say anymore about... LISTEN THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAI....
S255E221 Let's Watch - Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta 29/07/2015 Achivement Hunter relives some of it's old memories of gaming by checking out the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta.
S255E222 Minecraft: Turbo Kart Racers 00/00/0000
S255E223 Vindictus Live Stream 31/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, and Michael sat down to do a live stream of Vindictus! Watch as they attempt to understand high level skills with low level intellect!
S255E224 Dead Realm 31/07/2015 Geoff, Jack, Ryan, Michael, and Gavin are in the sights of Baby Williams. He's lurking in the hallway and only the quickest can find all the watches before he pulls off his head in front of them. I'm not making any of this up...
S255E225 Rocket League (The Podcast Crew) 01/08/2015 Gus and Blaine get winded as they take on Miles and Jordan in Rocket League! Who knew sports was this exhausting?
S255E226 GTA V - Guest Stars & Explosions 03/08/2015 Geoff, Ryan, Jack, Jeremy, Michael and special guest star Colton Dunn play some GTA!
S255E227 Star Trek 03/08/2015 Michael and Ryan begin a trek through the stars to fight in some wars.
S255E228 Evolve Big Alpha Part 2 07/11/2014 Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Lindsay, and Jack return to the world of Evolve. Will Ryan, Ray, or Lindsay prove to be a better monster?
S255E229 Worms Battlegrounds (7) 00/00/0000
S255E230 Minecraft: Greek Mythology 00/00/0000
S255E231 Fallout Shelter 00/00/0000
S255E232 Grand Theft Auto V: 6-way AHasta La Vista (1) 00/00/0000
S255E233 Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta (2) 00/00/0000
S255E234 Slash Dash 00/00/0000
S255E235 Cloudberry Kingdom (11) 00/00/0000
S255E236 Minecraft: Revenge! 00/00/0000
S255E237 Rainbow Six Siege: AH SWATS Funhaus! 00/00/0000
S255E238 Grand Theft Auto V: 6-way AHasta La Vista (2) 00/00/0000
S255E239 Star Trek (2) 00/00/0000
S255E240 Badland (1) 00/00/0000
S255E241 Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max DLC 00/00/0000
S255E242 Minecraft: Re-Find The Tower 00/00/0000
S255E243 Vindictus: Funhaus 00/00/0000
S255E244 N++: Podcast Crew 00/00/0000
S255E245 Grand Theft Auto V: Kamikaze 00/00/0000
S255E246 Gears of War Ultimate Edition Campaign (1) 00/00/0000
S255E247 Gears of War Ultimate Edition Multiplayer 00/00/0000
S255E248 STARWHAL: PS4 Edition 00/00/0000
S255E249 Minecraft: Re-Find The Tower (2) 00/00/0000
S255E250 Bombernauts 00/00/0000
S255E251 Grand Theft Auto V: Maximum Multiplayer 00/00/0000
S255E252 Badland (2) 00/00/0000
S255E253 Star Trek (3) 00/00/0000
S255E254 Party Hard 00/00/0000
S255E255 Cloudberry Kingdom Part 13 30/12/2015 The Berry Bros are back! How many levels will they finish today The answer may surprise you.
S00E01 Behind The Scenes: Rage Quit - Slender 28/08/2012 Michael and Gavin show you exclusive behind the scenes footage of Rage Quit - Slender Part 2. There's nothing quite like the look of fear in Gavin's eyes. So satisfying.
S00E02 Behind the Scenes: Dick Wave 04/09/2012 Gav and Geoff give you an insight into how they keep themselves entertained while they wait for footage to render. This week they try to make a penis show up in the waveform using only their voice. Griffon helps decide the winner.
S00E03 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 27 03/12/2012 AH sets up for Let's Play: Minecraft Ep 27 and enjoys some quality pig jousting.
S00E04 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Minecraft Ep. 29 13/12/2012 The lads gather for Let's Play: Minecraft Ep 29.
S00E05 Behind the Scenes: Lets Play Minecraft Ep. 32 07/01/2013 How does AH deal with making a wall out of wool? Like professionals, of course.
S00E06 Behind the Scenes: Lets Play Minecraft Ep. 33 14/01/2013 The AH boys get ready for a Minecraft Let's Play with boats. We're goin' nautical, bitches.
S00E07 Achievement Raceway Tour - Minecraft Community Map 15/01/2013 Gav and Geoff show off some awesome unseen areas of AxialMatt's Achievement Raceway map that was used in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 33.
S00E08 Behind the Scenes: DeathCraft Part II 21/01/2013 With so much wet bread and busted brains, Gavin has plenty to throw up about.
S00E09 Behind the Scenes: Let's Play Far Cry 3 Part 6 28/01/2013 The final chapter of the Far Cry 3 Let's Play! Gavin, just work awkwardly in the background.
S00E10 Behind the Scenes: Potions 05/02/2013 AH gets lost on a wild Blaze chase. Will they be doomed to search The Nether forever?
S00E11 Behind the Scenes: WWE '13 18/02/2013 AH can't beat Wall Street.
S00E12 Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant 31/01/2014 The wait is over! Dr. Jones and Dr. Free are back with Let's Play - Surgeon Simulator 2013: Alien Transplant.

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