Affiche Against The Tide
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It is a quiet and lonely night at the beach. The gentle splashing of seawater creates a sense of serenity. From afar, the sound of a motor being started can be heard. On board a speed boat, the back of a man is seen trying to start the engine, but it splutters and refuses to start. The man turns around to face a huge black plastic bag. The bag seems to contain a motionless body. Thereafter, the man gets off the speed boat and walks on the beach. He is getting some tools to fix the engine. A while later, the black bag moves. Suddenly, it is slashed from inside to reveal the sharp edge of a shard. The bag is slashed open and a girl emerges from it, gasping for breath and looking terrified… The girl undergoes a medical examination that confirms she has suffered sexual and physical abuse. Assistant Superintendent Zhou Jianfeng (Desmond Tan) comes on the scene and meets Qiu Xueqing (Rui En), a psychiatrist. Using hypnosis, Xueqing leads the girl to relive her experience that elicits an important clue. The perpetrator is suspected to be Di Shen (Christopher Lee), a suspense novelist. Jianfeng uncovers clues that implicate Di Shen in the case. Di Shen also realises that the suspect has enacted the plot of his novel which raises the possibility that he is a fan of his work. To prove his innocence and satisfy his own curiosity, Di Shen gets involved in the case to identify the suspect. The girl is silenced by the suspect. Xueqing is the only person who have seen him. She reproaches herself for not doing enough to protect the victim. While working together with Di Shen in the case, she is kidnapped and imprisoned. At the brink of death, an idea came to Di Shen who eventually saved the dying Xueqing. Xueqing becomes paranoid after recovering from her ordeal. Her insistence on making sure that all doors are locked before and after leaving the house is a clear sign that she has developed obsessive compulsive disorder and claustrophobia. Di Shen does all he can to help Xueqing fa


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