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Airlines - Har Udaan Ek Toofan, trails the thrill, glamour and danger associated with the aviation industry. This show tracks the journey of an ambitious woman, Ananya Rawat who aspires to excel in her career as a commercial pilot. Breaking all stereotypes, Airlines revolves around a determined woman, Ananya Rawat, entering into a world known to be dominated by men. ​A​mbitious and highly principled, Ananya was born with a modern outlook yet a traditional value system. Shadowed by financial constraints throughout her life, Ananya feels a great sense of responsibility for her mother and her siblings. Her problems are her own, ​and ​Ananya is known to hold her emotions as she doesn't believe in sharing – at​ ​least when it comes to her feelings. But what happens when the young and ​charming​ Aakash enters Ananya's life? A collision of personal and professional conflicts!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Airlines

S01E01 Ananya flies a plane successfully for the first time 24/08/2014 Ananya’s family feels proud as she will be flying a plane for the first time as a pilot. Other pilots make fun of her for being a lady. Captain Qureshi welcomes the pilots and explains their duties. He introduces Ananya to the captain of the flight, Captain Verma. Captain Verma is happy with Ananya’s performance. During the flight, Captain Verma suffers a heart attack. Akash, a captain, tries to help Ananya, but she refuses his help and lands the plane safely.
S01E02 The passengers panic on learning about a bomb aboard 31/08/2014 Ananya is tensed about the enquiry committee meeting of the Pilots’ Association. The airport authorities become suspicious about a boy, Tahir. Ananya joins her second flight with Captain Vikas Rathod. A passenger, Payal, locks herself in the plane’s washroom. Ananya calms the passengers who panic on learning about the presence of a bomb in the plane. The airport police arrest Tahir. Payal reveals that she had spread the rumour about the bomb as she loves Tahir and wanted to reunite with him.
S01E03 Akash gets a thief arrested 07/09/2014 The Pilots’ Association instructs Captain Akash Saluja and Ananya that they have to fly together at least once in a week. Akash hides a gun in his shoes. Ananya helps an old lady, Mrs. Malik to board the flight. Mrs. Malik has an argument with a co-passenger. Ananya keeps Mr. Malik's ashes in the cockpit as per Mrs. Malik's wish. The police check the luggage of all the passengers for the stolen diamonds. Akash gets the thief, who had disguised as Mrs. Malik, arrested.
S01E04 Akash saves Ananya 14/09/2014 Few goons compel a Russian diplomat to deliver a package to Goa. The diplomat exchanges his luggage with that of Ananya’s, at the Goa airport. Later, Ananya realises that her luggage has been exchanged, and finds few bottles in it. Akash identifies the contents as drugs. Few goons attack Akash and Ananya. Akash and Ananya get the goons arrested and handover the drugs to the police. Mahima behaves in a suspicious way. Ananya thanks Akash for dropping the enquiry case.
S01E05 A successful heart transplant with Ananya and Aakash's help 21/09/2014 Sangeeta decides to take a donor heart from Bhopal to Mumbai in a flight for the heart transplant of her husband. Meanwhile, the pilots' association goes on a strike. Hence, the connecting flight from Bhopal to Mumbai is cancelled. Sangeeta seeks Ananya's help. Ananya and Aakash decide to fly the flight to Mumbai, despite the strike. Captain Rathore instructs Aakash to abort the flight, but in vain. Sangeeta's husband undergoes a successful heart transplant.
S01E06 A passenger gives birth to her baby on board 28/09/2014 Captain Vikas is upset with Ananya’s presence on his flight. Meanwhile, Akash and the airport authority are tensed after learning about Mahima’s suicide. Ananya suspects a female passenger to be ill. The passenger, Ratna, suffers from premature labour pain. Vikas orders Ananya to stay away from Ratna. Ananya requests Vikas to allow her to help the patient. A female passenger detects the delivery to be a breech baby. Akash covertly examines Mahima’s hotel room. Ratna gives birth to her baby.

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