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Rabuge flips back-and-forth following the tribulations of two groups of women: Ayumi and Kaoruko, AKA "Love Pheromone," a pair of heroines who fight for justice but always cause more chaos than good, and the Hokke Sisters, five girls who make up the Gedou Otome-Tai, bent on spreading evil throughout the world, but end up helping others instead. Both Love Pheromone and Gedou Otome-Tai struggle through poverty while attempting to reach their goals, be they becoming the world's greatest evil, or to become a popular comedy group and have legions of fans.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Akahori's Heretical Hour Love Game

S01E01 Openly forgiving, Love Pheromone! Fall Rain Fall Grand Operation! 05/07/2005
S01E02 Love Pheromone, Once Again Being Self-Righteous Today! Poor! Part-time Work Until Pay Day Grand Operation! 12/07/2005
S01E03 Vs. NyanNyan Love Pheromone! Operation Letter from that day! 19/07/2005
S01E04 Scary! Operation Cicada-man! I Was Blinking, Love Pheromone! 26/07/2005
S01E05 Being a Man is Hard, Sekii Man! Work Force Chaos! Operation Voice Actors Debut! 02/08/2005
S01E06 It's a Squid Wrestler! Love Pheromone. Operation They're New Employees! 09/08/2005
S01E07 Operation Let's Sing Love Sky High! Swim Suit Falls Off, Love Pheromone! 16/08/2005
S01E08 It's Eating Wars! Love Pheromone! Operation of Evil Broadcast Station Invasion! 23/08/2005
S01E09 Operation Big Monsters Big Advance! It's a Lovely Romance! Love Pheromone! 30/08/2005
S01E10 Operation Bang Bang! Is it a media mix! Love Pheromone! That's Old! 06/09/2005
S01E11 Moe-1 Victory? Love Pheromone! Operation Secret Nap! 13/09/2005
S01E12 It's the Last Day of the Earth! Love Pheromone! 20/09/2005
S01E13 Evil Forever! Operation Definite Justice! 27/09/2005
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