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A groundbreaking investigative programme, which looks at the use and abuse of power.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Al Jazeera People & Power

S255E01 Ndiyindoda: I am a man 02/01/2013 The ceremonial transition to manhood in South Africa's Xhosa society is time honoured but can have tragic consequences.
S255E02 Spirit Child 09/01/2013 An investigation into the ritual killing of disabled Ghanaian children deemed to be possessed by evil spirits.
S255E03 Afghanistan: My Enemy's Enemy 16/01/2013 Will a local anti-Taliban revolt in the south affect the future course of the country when NATO forces exit in 2014?
S255E04 Goodbye Indonesia 30/01/2013 People & Power investigates one of the world's most forgotten conflicts - the West Papuan struggle for independence.
S255E05 Orthodox corruption? 06/02/2013 After decades of suppression, the Russian Orthodox Church appears to be back in favour with the country's leadership.
S255E06 A Very Montenegrin Coup 01/03/2017 What is the truth behind an apparent coup attempt in the Balkan state of Montenegro?
S255E07 The Dark Side Of France 03/05/2017 People & Power examines the impact of the far right on the French presidential elections.
S255E08 Caribbean To Caliphate 17/05/2017 People and Power investigates the recruitment by ISIL of fighters from Trinidad and Tobago.
S255E09 Laos: On The Borders Of Empire 24/05/2017 People & Power investigates how a region of Laos is being taken over by Chinese interests with potentially disastrous consequences for the local population.
S255E10 A Belarusian Spring 31/05/2017 People & Power follows pro-democracy protestors in their fight against dictatorship in Belarus.
S255E11 Afghanistan: Bullets and Burqas 07/06/2017 Following a group of Afghan women who have signed up to fight the Taliban.
S255E12 The Constitution vs. Trump 28/06/2017 How President Trump's opponents believe the US Constitution may prove the most effective barrier against his policies.
S255E13 Inside Syria's War: Arms and Resistance in Jobar - Part 1 05/07/2017 The astonishing inside story of how the people of Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, have defended their homes against the might of the Assad regime (1/2).
S255E14 Inside Syria's War: Arms and Resistance in Jobar - Part 2 12/07/2017 Just a couple of kilometers east of the centre of Old Damascus and some of the city's best-known ancient monuments - and just a couple more from the pompous modernistic monolith that is the Syrian presidential palace - the suburb of Jobar was once a peaceful and modestly prosperous place. It's probably most famous as the site of the 8th-century Eliyahu Hanavi Synagogue, a place of Jewish pilgrimage for centuries. Otherwise, it was the kind of pleasant-enough area to which ordinary people gravitate when wanting to bring up their children, go about their business and get on with their lives: unassuming streets of shops, apartment blocks, offices, cafes, neighborhood schools and mosques. Then came the Arab Spring, the Syrian uprising of 2011 and the devastating war that followed. As in other parts of the capital and the country, many residents of Jobar joined the early peaceful demonstrations against President Bashar al-Assad, seeking democratic reforms and policy changes.
S255E15 New Zealand: Polluted Paradise - Part 1 30/08/2017 People & Power investigates New Zealand's water pollution problem as regional elections gear up.
S255E16 New Zealand: Polluted Paradise - Part 2 06/09/2017 People & Power investigates New Zealand's water pollution problem as regional elections gear up.
S255E17 Estonia: Going On A Bear Hunt 13/09/2017 How would Estonia and its NATO allies respond should the small Baltic state be invaded by Russia?
S255E18 Moscow's Little Kyrgyzstan 04/10/2017 People & Power examines claims that Central Asian migrants in Russia's capital routinely face a corrupt bureaucracy, police harassment and public xenophobia.
S255E19 Albania's missing children 11/06/2014 People & Power investigates the sinister disappearance of 500 Albanian 'street' children from a Greek State orphanage.
S255E20 Disunited kingdom 09/07/2014 As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, what would a 'Yes' vote mean for the UK's standing in the world?
S255E21 Moldova: Under the influence 16/07/2014 With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine getting bloodier, fears are increasing that Moldova could be next.
S255E22 The people smugglers 23/07/2014 Is the tough application of Canada’s immigration laws justified?
S255E23 Growing Up Behind Bars 30/07/2014 People & Power uncovers the harrowing stories of Afghanistan's prison children.
S255E24 Myanmar: A new dawn 20/08/2014 As Myanmar emerges slowly from five decades of dictatorship, will it ever catch up with its more prosperous neighbours?
S255E25 The Battle for Africa - Part 1 27/08/2014 People and Power investigates the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
S255E26 The battle for Africa - Part 2 03/09/2014 The second part of our investigate into the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
S255E27 American power and the fracking boom 01/10/2014 What impact will America's oil and gas boom from fracking have on US power and global geopolitics?
S255E28 Bomb run Aleppo 08/10/2014 Behind the scenes with medics who struggle to cope with the deadly effects of barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian regime.
S255E29 Hong Kong: Occupy Central (Part 1) 15/10/2014 The three-part report goes behind the scenes with a pro-democracy campaign trying to ensure free elections in Hong Kong.
S255E30 Hong Kong: Occupy Central (Part 2) 22/10/2014 People & Power's three-part report goes behind the scenes with a pro-democracy campaign trying to ensure free elections in Hong Kong.
S255E31 Rebuilding Somalia 29/10/2014 Can Somalia's embattled president unite his country against the armed group al-Shabab?
S255E32 Georgia: Corridor of power 17/12/2014 Can the Republic of Georgia remain aloof from Russian expansionism or will internal division drag it towards conflict?
S255E33 Colombia: The End Game (Part I) 24/12/2014 Behind the scenes with Colombia's insurgents as they bring their 50-year-long conflict to a close.
S255E34 Colombia: The End Game (Part II) 31/12/2014 Behind the scenes with Colombia’s insurgents as they bring their 50 year bloody conflict to a close (Part 2 of 2).

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