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A groundbreaking investigative programme, which looks at the use and abuse of power.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Al Jazeera People & Power

S255E01 Ndiyindoda: I am a man 02/01/2013 The ceremonial transition to manhood in South Africa's Xhosa society is time honoured but can have tragic consequences.
S255E02 Spirit Child 09/01/2013 An investigation into the ritual killing of disabled Ghanaian children deemed to be possessed by evil spirits.
S255E03 Afghanistan: My Enemy's Enemy 16/01/2013 Will a local anti-Taliban revolt in the south affect the future course of the country when NATO forces exit in 2014?
S255E04 Goodbye Indonesia 30/01/2013 People & Power investigates one of the world's most forgotten conflicts - the West Papuan struggle for independence.
S255E05 Orthodox corruption? 06/02/2013 After decades of suppression, the Russian Orthodox Church appears to be back in favour with the country's leadership.
S255E06 A Very Montenegrin Coup 01/03/2017 What is the truth behind an apparent coup attempt in the Balkan state of Montenegro?
S255E07 The Dark Side Of France 03/05/2017 People & Power examines the impact of the far right on the French presidential elections.
S255E08 Caribbean To Caliphate 17/05/2017 People and Power investigates the recruitment by ISIL of fighters from Trinidad and Tobago.
S255E09 Laos: On The Borders Of Empire 24/05/2017 People & Power investigates how a region of Laos is being taken over by Chinese interests with potentially disastrous consequences for the local population.
S255E10 A Belarusian Spring 31/05/2017 People & Power follows pro-democracy protestors in their fight against dictatorship in Belarus.
S255E11 Afghanistan: Bullets and Burqas 07/06/2017 Following a group of Afghan women who have signed up to fight the Taliban.
S255E12 The Constitution vs. Trump 28/06/2017 How President Trump's opponents believe the US Constitution may prove the most effective barrier against his policies.
S255E13 Inside Syria's War: Arms and Resistance in Jobar - Part 1 05/07/2017 The astonishing inside story of how the people of Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, have defended their homes against the might of the Assad regime (1/2).
S255E14 Inside Syria's War: Arms and Resistance in Jobar - Part 2 12/07/2017
S255E15 2017-05-24 24/05/2017
S255E16 Ukraine: A dangerous game 14/05/2014 As crucial elections approach, is Ukraine really as divided as people have been told?
S255E17 Afghanistan's Hidden Gems 21/05/2014 Can Afghanistan harness a fortune in unexploited precious stones to rescue its ailing economy?
S255E18 Back to Guantanamo 04/06/2014 After a 12 year absence a correspondent returns to the infamous US military prison to ask why it is still open.
S255E19 Albania's missing children 11/06/2014 People & Power investigates the sinister disappearance of 500 Albanian 'street' children from a Greek State orphanage.
S255E20 Disunited kingdom 09/07/2014 As Scotland prepares to vote on independence, what would a 'Yes' vote mean for the UK's standing in the world?
S255E21 Moldova: Under the influence 16/07/2014 With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine getting bloodier, fears are increasing that Moldova could be next.
S255E22 The people smugglers 23/07/2014 Is the tough application of Canada’s immigration laws justified?
S255E23 Growing Up Behind Bars 30/07/2014 People & Power uncovers the harrowing stories of Afghanistan's prison children.
S255E24 Myanmar: A new dawn 20/08/2014 As Myanmar emerges slowly from five decades of dictatorship, will it ever catch up with its more prosperous neighbours?
S255E25 The Battle for Africa - Part 1 27/08/2014 People and Power investigates the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
S255E26 The battle for Africa - Part 2 03/09/2014 The second part of our investigate into the effects of China's increasing influence in Africa.
S255E27 American power and the fracking boom 01/10/2014 What impact will America's oil and gas boom from fracking have on US power and global geopolitics?
S255E28 Bomb run Aleppo 08/10/2014 Behind the scenes with medics who struggle to cope with the deadly effects of barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian regime.
S255E29 Hong Kong: Occupy Central (Part 1) 15/10/2014 The three-part report goes behind the scenes with a pro-democracy campaign trying to ensure free elections in Hong Kong.
S255E30 Hong Kong: Occupy Central (Part 2) 22/10/2014 People & Power's three-part report goes behind the scenes with a pro-democracy campaign trying to ensure free elections in Hong Kong.
S255E31 Rebuilding Somalia 29/10/2014 Can Somalia's embattled president unite his country against the armed group al-Shabab?
S255E32 Georgia: Corridor of power 17/12/2014 Can the Republic of Georgia remain aloof from Russian expansionism or will internal division drag it towards conflict?
S255E33 Colombia: The End Game (Part I) 24/12/2014 Behind the scenes with Colombia's insurgents as they bring their 50-year-long conflict to a close.
S255E34 Colombia: The End Game (Part II) 31/12/2014 Behind the scenes with Colombia’s insurgents as they bring their 50 year bloody conflict to a close (Part 2 of 2).

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