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Alaska depends on airplanes and helicopters. This 3-part series takes a look at the men and women who fly through this dangerous territory where a disproportionate number of plane crashes occur due to weather, the topography and landing strips – or lack thereof.


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S02E01 Suicide Sled Race 02/01/2012 The pilots offer aerial support to teams competing in the 2000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race across rugged Alaskan terrain in the Season 2 opener
S02E02 Ski Chopper Daredevils 09/01/2012 Helicopter pilot Dustin Carroll drops pro skiers atop mountains for a movie they're filming on the extreme slopes of Alaska. Meanwhile, another pilot helps a young Texan find a remote spot to propose to his girlfriend.
S02E03 Sky Fishing 16/01/2012 Sac-roe herring season opens in Sitka Sound, and fishermen hire pilots to spot fish from the sky and point their boats in the right direction.
S02E04 Grizzly 911 23/01/2012 Pilot Keller Wattum flies to Kodiak Island to help a hunter transport his prize kill: a huge Kodiak brown bear that could be of record-breaking size. Elsewhere, a student pilot practices glacier landing
S02E05 Convict on Board 03/02/2012 Small Alaskan towns like Noorvik face challenges when it comes to overcrowded prison cells, so pilot Zaz Staheli must transport an intoxicated female prisoner to the nearest jail.
S02E06 Escape From Bear Island 10/02/2012 It’s time for Don Lee to teach his student, Amy - a former peace studies major - the finer points of gunplay and how to shoot and kill a charging bear!
S02E07 Deadly Descent 17/02/2012 Untamed terrain and dangerous beauty draw people to Alaska from all walks of life, but it takes highly skilled bush pilots to fly people in and out of its remote wilds.
S02E08 High Voltage Hazard 02/03/2012 In Alaska’s untamed wilderness even the simplest jobs can be filled with danger, and it takes expert pilots like Drake Olson, Dustin Carroll, and Jag Garrard to make sure the state’s most basic services keep running.
S02E09 Fire Fight 09/03/2012 The arrival of summer brings drastic change to Alaska and our pilots, as they cater to seasonal tourists, fight wildfires, and access the tallest peak in North America..
S02E10 Man Down 16/03/2012 Ryan McCue is transporting supplies and personnel to a desolate mining site on Prince of Wales Island when bad weather forces him to weigh the risks of a forced landing. In Kodiak, Keller Wattumm is spotting fish from the sky for the crew of the Crimson Beauty during the annual herring fishery. Meanwhile, Don Lee helps a group of aviation enthusiasts in Talkeetna rebuild an old Cherokee Six airplane from the 60's, before supplying his buddy and Alaskan bush resident, Willy Ivey, with an Alaskan staple.

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