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This wonderful anthology series brought lots of talent to the small screen. The photo is from the episode Mr. Lucifer, which starred the host Fred Astaire and Elizabeth Montgomery.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Alcoa Premiere

S01E01 People Need People 10/10/1961 Dr. Harry Wilmer has just 10 days to prove that his radical method of treating violent war veterans will work.
S01E02 The Fugitive Eye 17/10/1961 Paul Malone wakes up in a forest to find an empty limousine, a dead chauffeur and three unsavory characters staring at him.
S01E03 The Fortress 24/10/1961 Shotdown during the Korean War, Lt. Brown is held captive in a basement where the light is never turned off. His captors will not treat his mangled leg unless he signs a confession.
S01E04 The Girl With a Glow 31/10/1961
S01E05 The Town Budget 07/11/1961
S01E06 Family Outting 14/11/1961
S01E07 The Witch Next Door 28/11/1961
S01E08 Breaking Point 05/12/1961
S01E09 Delbert, Texas 12/12/1961
S01E10 End of a World 19/12/1961 Documentary drama about the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the event that triggered World War I.
S01E11 The Cake Baker 26/12/1961
S01E12 Pattern of Guilt 09/01/1962
S01E13 The Hour of the Bath 16/01/1962
S01E14 The Jail 06/02/1962 In this future time a young man was charged with an offense against the state and marshaled into a huge building crammed with banks and banks of computers. These computers would absorb and assess the evidence, circumstances and facts in his case. All of them were operated by one master button-puncher.
S01E15 Mr. Easy 13/02/1962
S01E16 The Man With A Shine On His Shoes 20/02/1962
S01E17 The Doctor 27/02/1962
S01E18 Of This Time, Of This Place 06/03/1962
S01E19 Second Chance 13/03/1962 One-time bronc-rider Hoby Dunlap has served his sentence for defecting during the Korean War. But when he tries to return to the rodeo circuit, he finds that his reputation has preceded him.
S01E20 Tiger 20/03/1962
S01E21 It Takes A Thief 27/03/1962
S01E22 A Very Custom Special 04/04/1962
S01E23 All My Clients Are Innocent 11/04/1962
S01E24 The Town That Died 25/04/1962
S01E25 Rules of the Game 01/05/1962 Years ago, a newspaper editor helped to send Owen Miller to the electric chair and now he learns that Miller was innocent.
S01E26 Once a Bachelor 08/05/1962
S01E27 Cry Out in Silence 15/05/1962
S01E28 A Place to Hide 22/05/1962
S01E29 Moment of Decision 10/07/1962
S01E30 The Boy Who Wasn't Wanted 05/06/1962
S01E31 The Time of the Tonsils 26/06/1962
S01E32 Omaha Plus 15 17/07/1962
S02E01 Flashing Spikes 04/10/1962
S02E02 Guest in the House 11/10/1962 Fascinating and original story of a war hero turned grifter (Astaire) who returns to an air force buddy's life and helps his family through a crisis.
S02E03 Seven Against the Sea 18/10/1962 A dramatic tale of PT Captain and his crew.World War Two drama about a resourceful group of stranded American PT boat crewmen hiding out on a South Pacific island controlled by the Japanese Navy.
S02E04 The Voice of Charlie Pont 25/10/1962
S02E05 Mr. Lucifer 01/11/1962 The Devil Himself (Astaire) is a hard-bitten businessman with a group of somewhat bumbling yes-men on staff and a curvy assistant in the person of Elizabeth Montgomery (no Gwen Verdon, but fairly amusing, all the same). Together they use their best temptations in an attempt to thwart the honesty and decency of a young suburban couple (Aletter and Bulifant).
S02E06 The Masked Marine 08/11/1962 A marine sergeant decides to teach his difficult private a lesson in humility.
S02E07 Ordeal in Darkness 15/11/1962
S02E08 Whatever Happened to Miss Illinois 22/11/1962
S02E09 The Hands of Danofrio 29/11/1962
S02E10 The Contenders 06/12/1962 Three unprincipled actresses vie for the best-performance award at a film festival.
S02E11 The Long Walk Home 13/12/1962
S02E12 The Potentate 20/12/1962 Disquieting is the word for Stefan Tamarov's first visit to New York City. As Minister of Economics and Foreign Trade for a Communist satellite country, Tamarov has no trouble with his official duties; it's the ""little"" things that bother him. His daughter Svezda is seeing an American reporter much too often, and his best friend Andreas Vrim, his country's UN delegate, has confided a few thoughts to Stefan that could be interpreted as treason.
S02E13 Blues For A Hanging 27/12/1962 Ted Miller (Astaire), a down-on-his-luck musician, was in a drunken fight last night, and begins to think he could have murdered a man. His loving girlfriend Connie (Paige) refuses to believe this and together they piece together what really transpired.
S02E14 Impact of an Execution 03/01/1963
S02E15 Lollipop Louie 10/01/1963
S02E16 The Glass Palace 17/01/1963
S02E17 Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks 24/01/1963
S02E18 George Gobel Presents 31/01/1963 This was an unsold pilot that appeared on Alcoa Premiere.
S02E19 The Hat of Sergeant Martin 07/02/1963
S02E20 Blow High, Blow Clear 14/02/1963
S02E21 Chain Reaction 21/02/1963
S02E22 Hornblower 28/02/1963
S02E23 The Dark Labyrinth 07/03/1963
S02E24 Jeeney Ray 14/03/1963
S02E25 The Best Years 21/03/1963
S02E26 Of Struggle and Flight 28/03/1963
S02E27 The Broken Year 04/04/1963
S02E28 This Will Kill You 11/04/1963
S02E29 Million Dollar Hospital 18/04/1963 A run-down hospital offers a very lucrative offer for a new doctor.
S02E30 The Town That Died 25/04/1963

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