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After her husband, Donald, was killed in a truck accident, Alice Hyatt and her 12-year-old son, Tommy, moved out of their home in New Jersey and headed for Hollywood. Alice's dream was to become a singer but for the time being she got work as a waitress in a greasy spoon, Mel's Diner after her car breaks down in Phoenix. Mel was gruff and demanding and constantly bossing his three waitresses around.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Alice

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Pilot 31/08/1976 Alice gets her hopes up to be a big star when a talent agent comes to town.
S01E02 Alice Gets a Pass 29/09/1976 Alice falls for an ex-football player, who is now an actor.
S01E03 A Piece of the Rock 06/10/1976 Alice meets her late husband's beneficiary.
S01E04 Pay the Fifty Dollars 13/10/1976 Alice is mistakenly picked up by the five-0 for prostitution when she is performing in a nightclub.
S01E05 A Call to Arms 20/10/1976 A sleepless night of obscene phone calls prompts Alice into considering packing a piece.
S01E06 The Last Review 27/10/1976 A famous food critic dies in Mel's Diner, which freaks out everyone.
S01E07 Sex Education 06/11/1976 Aliec feels that Tommy is learning about sex too early when she finds a picture of a naked woman in Tommy's wallet.
S01E08 Big Daddy Dawson's Coming 13/11/1976 When Alice helps Flo get a man, the Man tries to help himself to Alice.
S01E09 Good Night Sweet Vera 20/11/1976 Alice and Flo try to keep Vera from O'Ding on sleeping pills.
S01E10 The Dilemma 27/11/1976 Alice is proposed marriage from an old boyfriend from the old neighborhood.
S01E11 Who Killed Bugs Bunny? 04/12/1976 Alice is thrilled that Mel is taking Tommy camping, until she finds out that it involves hunting as well. Alice refuses to let Tommy go, but he runs away to go camping anyway. It isn't until he shoots an animal that he realizes that his mother was right all along.
S01E12 Mother-in-Law (1) 11/12/1976 Rose Hyatt comes to visit Alice and Tommy, much to Alice's chagrin. And now she's talking about staying there....
S01E13 Mother-in-Law (2) 18/12/1976 Alice does all that she can to stop Rose from becoming a permanent Phoeniz resident.
S01E14 Vera's Mortician 25/12/1976 Vera's boyfriend might very well be a married man.
S01E15 Mel's in Love 15/01/1977 Mel falls in love with a young nature hiker from New Jersey.
S01E16 The Accident 22/01/1977 Mel leaves Alice and Flo his car when he goes on a trip, but Flo gets it totaled in an accident that is spread out over several blocks. Will they fix it time before Mel gets back? Nope, Mel comes home early and finds out about his car from an angry Hispanic neighbor!
S01E17 The Failure 29/01/1977 A robbery heist gets messed up when the cash register is stuck. The robber thinks he is a failure, but he gets a chance to redeem himself when he helps a lady deliver a baby in the diner.
S01E18 The Hex 05/02/1977 A fake Gypsy is caught stealing the silverware by Alice, and she puts a curse on the gang.
S01E19 The Pain of No Return 12/02/1977 Alice might be in trouble with Uncle Sam when she learns that her recently deceased husband never paid his back taxes.
S01E20 The Odd Couple 26/02/1977 Flo's trailer is stolen, and Alice has the heart to let her stay at her house for a spell. The spell is broken when Alice finds out that Flo is an all-out slob and have unwelcomed visitors (Flo's latest boyfriend, not roaches).
S01E21 A Night to Remember 05/03/1977 Alice and Flo try to find Vera a man.
S01E22 Mel's Cup 12/03/1977 Alice unknowingly donates Mel's old Navy Trophy to a rummage sale.
S01E23 The Bundle 19/03/1977 A Bag full of money is found in the diner, and Alice is the only one who wants to find the owner.
S01E24 Mel's Happy Burger 26/03/1977 Alice gets her chance at stardom as a hamburger on a TV commercial for the diner.
S02E01 The Second Time 'Round 02/10/1977 A suspected flasher and Flo's third ex-husband (Rod McCary) stir things up at Mel's Diner.
S02E02 The Indian Taker 09/10/1977 A Native American who claims Mel's diner is built on sacred ground refuses to leave.
S02E03 86 the Waitresses 23/10/1977 Mel incites his waitresses to quit by giving a new waiter better wages than theirs.
S02E04 Alice by Moonlight 30/10/1977 Alice's moonlighting job as a nightclub singer is taking its toll on her waitress job.
S02E05 Single Belles 06/11/1977 The girls accept an invitation to visit a new singles bar.
S02E06 The Sixty Minutes Man 13/11/1977 Alice suspects that a diner regular is really an incognito mobster.
S02E07 That Old Back Magic 04/12/1977 Mel can't be moved after his bad back flares up at Alice's place.
S02E08 Love is Sweeping the Counter 11/12/1977 Endearments replace the insults in Flo and Mel's relationship after they attend an out-of-town game together.
S02E09 A Semi-Merry Christmas 18/12/1977 Alice and friends are snowbound en route to her cousin's for Christmas.
S02E10 Oh! George Burns 01/01/1978 When George Burns stops into Mel's, Vera believes that he's actually the Deity he played in the movie Oh, God!
S02E11 The Eyes of Texas 08/01/1978 Flo's vanity keeps her from getting the eyeglasses she obviously needs.
S02E12 Love is a Free Throw 15/01/1978 An amorous high-school basketball star starts putting the moves on Alice.
S02E13 Close Encounters of the Worst Kind 22/01/1978 Hostility rages at Mel's after the workers decide to vent their petty grievances.
S02E14 The Pharmacist 29/01/1978 A pharmacist protesting food additives threatens to take his life in Mel's Diner.
S02E15 Love Me, Love My Horse 05/02/1978 Flo fixes up Alice with her bronco-busting brother (Burton Gilliam).
S02E16 The Reporter 12/02/1978 An investigative reporter seeks refuge in Mel's Diner.
S02E17 Florence of Arabia 19/02/1978 Flo is courted by a rich Arab (Richard Libertini) who, unknown to her, already has three wives.
S02E18 The Cuban Connection 26/02/1978 Alice mediates a squabble between a womanizing photographer (Desi Arnaz)and his fed-up wife (Janis Paige).
S02E19 Mel's Big Five-0 05/03/1978 To Mel's disappointment, the girls take him at his word when he says he doesn't want a 50th-birthday party.
S02E20 Don't Lock Now 12/03/1978 Mel wants to know who's stealing food and making long-distance phone calls from the diner.
S02E21 The Star in the Storeroom 19/03/1978 Because she once baby-sat Jerry Reed, Flo is hounded for tickets to the singer's concert. Jerry plays himself.
S02E22 The Bus 26/03/1978 Mel and the staff prepare for a bus load of hungry customers.
S02E23 Mel's Recession 02/04/1978 Mel considers firing a waitress to save money.
S02E24 Earthquake 09/04/1978 Everyone's rattled when a Native American predicts an earthquake.
S03E01 Take Him, He's Yours 24/09/1978 Alice takes Mel up on his boast that he can raise her son better than she.
S03E02 Car Wars 01/10/1978 Mel sells the girls a car that won't start.
S03E03 Citizen Mel 08/10/1978 Mel identifies a holdup man who has a record for assaulting a previous witness.
S03E04 Vera's Popcorn Romance 15/10/1978 Vera meets a new boy friend at the movies, but refuses to bring him to the diner.
S03E05 Block Those Kicks 22/10/1978 The diner personnel try to kick their bad habits.
S03E06 What Happened to the Class of '78? 29/10/1978 Flo's night life interferes with her night-school studies.
S03E07 Better Never Than Late 05/11/1978 While Mel is sleeping in the storeroom, Alice is robbed at gunpoint at the counter.
S03E08 Mel's in a Family Way 11/11/1978 Mel mistakes Alice's intentions when she invites him for a family dinner.
S03E09 Who Ordered the Hot Turkey? 19/11/1978 Mel unwittingly buys stolen turkeys for a Thanksgiving dinner he is having for orphans.
S03E10 The Happy Hoofers 26/11/1978 Mel is unhappy because Alice's second job — delivering singing telegrams — makes her late for the diner.
S03E11 A Slight Case of ESP 03/12/1978 Despite his skepticism, Mel tries to find a way to exploit Vera's knack for foretelling the future.
S03E12 The Principal of the Thing 10/12/1978 Tommy wants Alice to stop dating his school principal (Gary Collins).
S03E13 What're You Doing New Year's Eve? 31/12/1978 Flo finds herself without a date on New Year's Eve.
S03E14 Sweet Charity 14/01/1979 Alice's date gets two extra tickets to a celebrity ball and everyone wants to go.
S03E15 The Fourth Time Around 21/01/1979 Flo and Mel's brother (Carmine Caridi) decide to take a chance at marriage — even though it's the fourth time for each.
S03E16 Tommy's First Love 28/01/1979 Alice is angry when Tommy conducts his first romance on her telephone.
S03E17 Mel Grows Up 05/02/1979 Mel's pushy mother winters nearby, and Mel's not sure that he'll make it to spring.
S03E18 Vera's Broken Heart 18/02/1979 Vera is heartbroken after her boyfriend tells her that he's marrying someone else.
S03E19 Alice's Decision 25/02/1979 Alice's long-awaited break, a chance to fill a vacancy in a traveling trio will break her heart if she has to hit the road without Tommy.
S03E20 The Last Stow It (1) 11/03/1979 Mel tells the girls to ""stow it"" for the last time, then sells the diner to a humorless martinet.
S03E21 The Last Stow It (2) 11/03/1979 Unable to buy back his diner from the new restaurateur, Mel opens an eatery in Alice's apartment.
S03E22 If the Shoe Fits 18/03/1979 Alice and Vera vie for a role in a production being cast by an attractive director(Fred McCarren).
S03E23 My Fair Vera 25/03/1979 Acclaimed as ""brilliant"" in her role as Cinderella, Vera is asked to audition for a part in a supermarket commercial.
S03E24 Flo Finds Her Father 01/04/1979 Alice tries to bridge the rift between Flo and her father, who is now sorry for deserting the family when she was a little girl.
S04E01 Has Anyone Here Seen Telly? 23/09/1979 Telly Savalas gives star-struck Vera a thrill when he stops by the diner while she's working there alone. When no one believes her story, she quits in a huff.
S04E02 Mona Lisa Alice 30/09/1979 Alice's sour reaction to Tommy's matchmaking efforts threatens Mel's new promotional gimmick which is free meals to customers if his waitresses don't smile.
S04E03 Mel Loves Marie 07/10/1979 Mel gives a big engagement ring to his girlfriend Marie, but the sparkle quickly fades when he insists that she sign a premarital agreement.
S04E04 Vera Robs the Cradle 21/10/1979 Just one dance lesson and Tommy falls head over heels for his instructor, Vera.
S04E05 Flo's Chili Reception 28/10/1979 Mel is convinced that his chief competitor is romancing Flo just to get the recipe for Mel's Texas-style chili, rated by a food critic as being ""the best in the West.""
S04E06 Little Alice Bluenose 04/11/1979 Vera's boyfriend objects to her sketching nude males in art class.
S04E07 Carrie Sharples Strikes Again 11/11/1979 The return of Mel's domineering mother does nothing for his ego because after his back goes out, the customers flock in, for his mother's cooking.
S04E08 Mel's in the Kitchen With Dinah 18/11/1979 Things get hotter than Mel's chili when Dinah Shore invites Mel to prepare his recipe on her show and bring along one, but only one waitress.
S04E09 Cabin Fever 02/12/1979 Mel, his girlfriend and the waitresses spend the weekend packed like sardines in a fishing cabin.
S04E10 My Cousin, Art Carney 09/12/1979 Vera asks Art Carney, a sixth cousin on her father's side, to endorse Mel's chili, so it can be marketed frozen as Chili con Carney.
S04E11 Mel, the Magi 23/12/1979 A yule tale (with a touch of O. Henry's ""The Gift of the Magi"") finds the girls pooling their meager resources to celebrate Christmas at the diner.
S04E12 Good Buddy Flo 06/01/1980 Flo takes the wheel herself when she learns that her trucker beau has a female partner.
S04E13 Alice in TV Land 13/01/1980 Tommy stirs up trouble by candidly discussing his elders on a TV talk show.
S04E14 Alice Beats the Clock 27/01/1980 Mel installs a time clock which prompts the waitresses to demand overtime for the Sunday cleanup they used to do for nothing.
S04E15 Carrie's Wedding 03/02/1980 Mel is delighted that his mother is planning to remarry until he meets his prospective stepfather.
S04E16 My Funny Valentine Tux 10/02/1980 Tommy has his heart set on taking his girl to a formal Valentine's dance and he needs a tuxedo.
S04E17 Auld Acquaintances Should Be Forgot 17/02/1980 Mel plays host to a buddy whose wife has just left him.
S04E18 Flo's Farewell 24/02/1980 A wealthy Houston restaurateur offers Flo a job she finds hard to refuse.
S04E19 For Whom the Belle Toils 02/03/1980 Mel hires Belle, a Mississippi belle who rings Mel's chimes as ""one of the best waitresses I've ever had."" However, Belle is now aiming for lusher pastures as a country-music writer.
S04E20 One Too Many Girls 09/03/1980 The new waitress Belle is making big points with her old boss Mel, but she's scoring zero with Alice and Vera.
S04E21 Vera, the Vamp 16/03/1980 Heartbroken over her boy friend's sudden lack of attention, Vera begs Belle to transform her into a sex goddess.
S04E22 Profit Without Honor 23/03/1980 Mel signs a profit-sharing agreement with the girls just before learning he'll get a tidy sum for letting the city condemn his property.
S04E23 Cook's Tour 30/03/1980 Mel is receptive to an infatuated tour guide, as long as she keeps steering tourists into his diner.
S04E24 Here Comes Alice Cottontail 06/04/1980 Alice allows Tommy to stay with Mel, prompting a wager between Alice and Mel, she bets that he will kick Tommy out and Mel bets that Alice will snoop on her son.
S05E01 Mel and the Green Machine 02/11/1980 An automated bank teller accidentally spews out $24,675 to an astonished but delighted Mel.
S05E02 Dog Day Evening 09/11/1980 After his safe is stolen, Mel rents the services of two very efficient guard dogs.
S05E03 Vegas (1) 16/11/1980 Robert Goulet makes an appearance when Vera wins a free trip to Las Vegas and Alice, Mel and Belle tag along to try their luck.
S05E04 Vegas (2) 16/11/1980 Mel may get his diner back if Belle can get Robert Goulet to perform for a Las Vegas casino owner but when it seems she can't get him, Alice steps in and impersonates him.
S05E05 Vera's Aunt Agatha 23/11/1980 Vera's Aunt Agatha, a freewheeling sexagenarian, makes a pit stop in Phoenix while motorcycling to Mexico. This prompts Vera to make a life altering decision, whether or not to ride off into the sunset with her aunt.
S05E06 Tommy's T.K.O. 30/11/1980 Against Alce's expressed wishes, Mel secretly teaches Tommy how to take care of a school bully.
S05E07 The New Improved Mel 07/12/1980 The sparsely attended funeral of a buddy persuade Mel to become Mr. Nice Guy and ensure a decent turnout at his own burial.
S05E08 Carrie Sings the Blues 21/12/1980 Mel's mother is singing the blues because her husband of six months has just left her.
S05E09 Henry's Bitter Half 04/01/1981 Henry's convinced that his wife of 20 years is suddenly being nice because she's having an affair, so he tells her he's having one too, with Alice.
S05E10 Alice Locks Belle Out 11/01/1981 As the new manager of her apartment building, Alice has the unenviable task of locking out a delinquent fellow tenant, Belle.
S05E11 Vera Goes Out On a Limb 18/01/1981 Vera goes out on a limb to save a century old tree in front of the diner from being cut down for a road-widening project.
S05E12 The Jerry Reed Fish Story 01/02/1981 The waitresses cut up a huge fish they find in the refrigerator, unaware that singer Jerry Reed had left it there until he could have it stuffed.
S05E13 Bye Bye, Birdie 08/02/1981 Mel gets into a nose-to-beak yelling match with Vera's new pet parrot.
S05E14 Alice's Son, the Drop-out 15/02/1981 Tommy is cutting classes to pursue a singing career and his first job is singing at a juice saloon.
S05E15 Carrie Chickens Out 22/02/1981 During a visit, Carrie plans to help out at the diner and cook but a fed up Mel kicks her out and she goes to work for a competitor.
S05E16 Macho, Macho Mel 08/03/1981 When, Mel recounts the story of the little old lady who mugged him, the old lady becomes four thugs.
S05E17 The Great Escape 15/03/1981 A trucker chooses Mel's Diner as the place to tell her amorous driving partner to hit the road.
S05E18 Alice Strikes Up the Band 29/03/1981 Alice thinks she has found her main chance when she lands a gig singing at a big banquet with a 1940's theme and an influential audience of restaurant owners.
S05E19 Who's Kissing the Great Chef of Phoenix? 05/04/1981 Mel suddenly takes a romantic interest in Vera, who doesn't realize it's just a ploy to make his girlfriend, Marie, jealous.
S05E20 Baby Makes Five 03/05/1981 Vera refuses to give up the baby girl someone left in her pile of wash at the laundromat.
S06E01 Bet a Million, Mel 04/10/1981 Mel borrows $10,000 against the diner to bet on a 90-to-1 nag.
S06E02 Guinness on Tap 11/10/1981 Determined to leave her mark on the world, Vera sets out to break the tap dancing endurance record.
S06E03 Comrade Mel 18/10/1981 A towel boy from the Russian ballet takes refuge in Mel's storeroom.
S06E04 Alice's Halloween Surprise 25/10/1981 On Halloween, Alice's latest heartthrob asks her to shepherd his four kids for the evening.
S06E05 Alice's Big Four-Oh! 08/11/1981 It's Alice's 40th birthday, and for the milestone she gets a millstone, a visit from her meddling mother.
S06E06 Mel's Cousin, Wendell 15/11/1981 Smooth operator Mel teaches his shy cousin, Wendell, how to score with Vera.
S06E07 Vera's Bouncing Check 29/11/1981 Against Mel's orders, Vera cashes a check for an old flame, who's nowhere to be found when it bounces.
S06E08 After Mel's Gone 06/12/1981 Mel becomes despondent when he realizes he has no heirs.
S06E09 Mel's Christmas Carol 20/12/1981 The ghost of a partner past gives Mel the dickens on Christmas Eve after Mel fired Alice, Jolene and Vera.
S06E10 The Wild One 27/12/1981 Alice's spirit inspires a biker to recruit her as his ""old lady.""
S06E11 Alice Calls the Shots 03/01/1982 Alice blows the whistle on Tommy's basketball playing when his grades start to slip.
S06E12 Not with My Niece You Don't 17/01/1982 Mel gives Tommy advice on how to charm the ladies, which Tommy promptly applies to Mel's niece.
S06E13 Queen of Soaps 31/01/1982 After getting hooked on soap operas, Vera becomes a washout at work and later quits.
S06E14 Sharples vs. Sharples 07/02/1982 Mel has a beef with his mother who wants to publish his secret chili recipe in her new cookbook.
S06E15 Valentine's Day Massacre 14/02/1982 Valentine's Day promises anything but hearts and flowers for the diner staff, who all quarrel with their dates.
S06E16 The Best Little Waitress in the World 21/02/1982 A book on building self-confidence inspires Vera to become ""the best little waitress in the world!"" Later, Mel leaves a newly confident Vera in charge of the diner.
S06E17 Alice and the Acorns 07/03/1982 Alice is visited by a high-school chum who's still suffering from her teenage inferiority complex.
S06E18 Jolene Hunnicutt, Dynamite Trucker 14/03/1982 To help Jolene's exhausted good buddy, the girls drive his rig to a mining town, blissfully unaware that they're hauling dynamite.
S06E19 Mel Wins By a Nose 21/03/1982 Mel considers getting a nose job while undergoing surgery for a deviated septum.
S06E20 Give My Regrets to Broadway 04/04/1982 Alice's actress friend from New York persuades Tommy that he has a brilliant future on Broadway.
S06E21 Vera's Reunion Romance 11/04/1982 Vera returns from her high-school reunion with stars in her eyes and a sparkler on her finger.
S06E22 Monty Falls for Alice 18/04/1982 A jilted acquaintance flips for Alice on the first bounce and when she doesn't reciprocate his feelings he threatens to jump from the Mel's Diner sign.
S06E23 Spell Mel's 02/05/1982 To counter a competitor whose contest is drawing customers, Mel launches one too and ups the ante to $3000.
S06E24 My Mother the Landlord 16/05/1982 Mel happily envisions a rent-free future when his mother buys his apartment building but surprises him when she announces a $50 rent increase.
S07E01 Sorry, Wrong Lips 06/10/1982 Debbie Reynolds plays an actress whose torrid memoirs convince Mel he's the one she remembers as the greatest kisser in her life.
S07E02 Do You Take . . . ? 13/10/1982 Mel tries to outdo an old buddy who shows up boasting a track record of fast living and sporting a blonde on his arm as proof.
S07E03 The Secret of Mel's Diner 20/10/1982 There's gold in them there walls, or so Mel reckons after learning that the eccentric who built his diner left $20,000 stashed in another building.
S07E04 Alice at the Palace 27/10/1982 Joel Grey offers his services gratis as the leading man in a musical revue bankrolled by Mel and featuring Alice. Mel, however, has never heard of Grey and gives the role to his bookie.
S07E05 Joel Grey Saves the Day 03/11/1982 Joel Grey walks out after producer Mel turns a revue about New York into a desert musical with tunes like ""Two Tootsies from Tucson"" and ""Ramona from Arizona.""
S07E06 Alice's Turkey of a Thanksgiving 10/11/1982 Alice's meddlesome mother knocks the stuffing out of her daughter's Thanksgiving dinner.
S07E07 Carrie on the Rebound 09/01/1983 Carrie is slow to come out of a depression after a quickie divorce.
S07E08 Jolene's Brother Jonas 16/01/1983 Jolene's brother pays a surprise visit, but the surprise is on him, he gets an icy reception from his sister.
S07E09 Alice Sees the Light 28/02/1983 Everyone takes with a grain of salt Alice's claim that she saw a UFO.
S07E10 Vera the Virtuoso 07/03/1983 Vera, whose cello playing can reduce a virtuoso to tears, is asked to play in a local string quartet.
S07E11 Alice Faces the Music 14/03/1983 The waitresses pit their musical knowledge against that of three plumbers on a TV quiz show.
S07E12 Tommy, the Jailbird 21/03/1983 Alice fears that freshman Tommy is abusing his new freedom away from home by majoring in extracurricular activities.
S07E13 Jolene and the Night Watchman 28/03/1983 Jolene can't bring herself to bruise the tender feelings of a bruiser who saved her life and now considers her his girl.
S07E14 Mel's Dream Car 11/04/1983 Mel is stripping his gears over his jazzy new Porsche he purchased for a measly $20.
S07E15 Come Back Little Sharples 17/04/1983 Mel has had it up to his keister with the way things are going so he absconds to his apartment for a beer and pizza binge.
S07E16 Vera, the Torch 24/04/1983 Vera wishes her landlady the worst for evicting her pets then feels responsible when the old crank's apartment catches on fire.
S07E17 The Grass is Always Greener 01/05/1983 In role reversals, Mel becomes an employee by accepting an executive position with a catering firm, and the waitresses become owners by buying his diner.
S07E18 Tommy Fouls Out 15/05/1983 Afraid that he's lost the ""right stuff,"" Tommy quits the basketball team.
S07E19 Vera on the Lam 22/05/1983 After Mel decides to have the waitresses bonded, Vera owns up to a criminal past and takes it on the lam.
S07E20 Mel's Cousin Wendy? 29/05/1983 To steal a competitor's secret sauce recipe, Mel persuades his cousin to pose as a woman and apply for a job as a Burger Baby.
S07E21 Sweet Erasable Mel 05/06/1983 Mel's experiment with a computer goes well until Vera enters a transaction and erases every trace of Mel's financial existance.
S07E22 Tommy Hyatt, Business Consultant 12/06/1983 Using Tommy's marketing advice, Mel increases his business but also learns he's heading for bankruptcy.
S07E23 Jolene Lets the Cat Out of the Bag 18/09/1983 Jolene's hair is standing on end with a cat burglar prowling her neighborhood.
S08E01 Mel is Hogg-Tied 02/10/1983 Boss Hogg and Deputy Enos of ""The Dukes of Hazzard"" pay a surprise visit. Up to his usual low tricks, Boss makes an offer to lease the diner that Mel can't refuse but should.
S08E02 Vera's Secret Lover 09/10/1983 A secret lover is sending Vera everything from poems to balloons.
S08E03 Jolene Gets Her Wings 16/10/1983 Everyone's up in the air over Jolene's maiden flight as a part-time stewardess.
S08E04 Alice's Blind Date 23/10/1983 Alice's dinner date with a high-school flame who's now blind turns into a delightful trip down sensory lane.
S08E05 It Had to Be Mel 30/10/1983 A popular singer stops for directions at the diner and ends up proposing to Mel.
S08E06 The Over-the-Hill Girls 06/11/1983 Both Carrie and Alice are turned down as singers by a supper club owner who thinks they're too old for the job.
S08E07 Vera Gets Engaged 20/11/1983 Who would have thought Vera would find love in a greasy spoon? Especially with a cop who just ticketed her for jaywalking.
S08E08 Vera's Wedding 20/11/1983 After a whirlwind courtship, Vera walks down the aisle with her intended.
S08E09 The Robot Wore Pink 18/12/1983 After Alice quits in a huff, Mel replaces her with a very efficient and popular robot named Blanche.
S08E10 'Tis the Season to Be Jealous 25/12/1983 Working undercover as Santa Claus, Vera's new husband spots her kissing her former fiance.
S08E11 Tommy Goes Overboard 01/01/1984
S08E12 Vera, the Horse Thief 08/01/1984 No one can corral Vera after she discovers that a miniature horse is being mistreated by its trainer.
S08E13 Jolene Throws a Curve 15/01/1984 Trophy winner Jolene throws Mel a curve when she won't pitch on his softball team.
S08E14 Lies My Mother Told Me 29/01/1984 After 40 years, Mel learns that his mother lied when she told him his dog was a war hero.
S08E15 Alice and the Devoted Dentist 12/02/1984 When Alice chips a tooth eating Mel's chili, he sends her to his dentist who takes one look at her X-rays and falls madly in love.
S08E16 Alice's Hot Air Romance 04/03/1984 Alice gets a ride but hardly a rise out of a sexist ballonist whose hot air isn't confined to his balloon.
S08E17 Dollars to Donuts 11/03/1984 After a winning first day at the track, Tommy bets he'll score in the betting business.
S08E18 My Dinner with Debbie 18/03/1984 By proving she's a better cook than Mel, Vera's acerbic landlady may have found the elusive way to his heart through his stomach.
S08E19 Vera's Fine Feathered Friends 25/03/1984 Vera takes a tumble trying to rescue a nest of baby blue jays from the diner sign before Mel gets to them with a broom.
S08E20 Jolene is Stuck on Mel 01/04/1984 Jolene has second thoughts about marrying a TV game show host especially after a dab of permanent glue bonds her firmly to Mel.
S08E21 Don't Play It Again, Elliot 15/04/1984 A gift piano comes between Vera and Elliot when she can't pry him away from it.
S08E22 Mel Spins His Wheels 13/05/1984 Mel disdains accommodating the handicapped until two sprained ankles give him a different view, from a wheelchair.
S08E23 Be It Ever So Crowded 20/05/1984 Vera and Elliot buy a charming old house that comes complete with fireplace, furniture and antiques one of which is a shocking surprise.
S09E01 Romancing Mister Stone 14/10/1984 Jolene and Vera play Cupid for a dateless Alice by putting an ad in a magazine's personals column.
S09E02 Space Sharples 28/10/1984 Mel gets a little spaced out after he thwarts a bank robbery while he's dressed up as Captain Galaxy for Halloween.
S09E03 Big, Bad Mel 04/11/1984 Mel gets an F for buying a day school to raze for a parking lot.
S09E04 Houseful of Hunnicutts 18/11/1984 Jolene loves her family, but finds it too much of a good thing when her father, five brothers, grandmother and family dog park themselves in her one-bedroom apartment.
S09E05 Tommy's Lost Weekend 25/11/1984 Alice is worried that Tommy's partying is leading to a serious drinking problem.
S09E06 Undercover Mel 16/12/1984 At Elliot's suggestion and lured by a $5000 reward, Mel goes undercover to smoke out rustlers selling stolen beef.
S09E07 Footloose Mel 23/12/1984 Mel 86es a group of ""hoodlums,"" unaware that they're the break dancers expected to perform at the diner as part of an arts festival.
S09E08 Vera's Anniversary Blues 08/01/1985 Vera yearns for a romantic first wedding anniversary, but it gets off to anything but a romantic start and goes rapidly downhill from there.
S09E09 Kiss the Grill Goodbye 15/01/1985 Jolene's appearance on the ""Working Women"" talk show does nothing to boost business at Mel's Diner.
S09E10 Vera, the Nightbird 22/01/1985 Vera's secretly moonlighting as a sultry deejay called Nightbird and she's turning on all the males in Phoenix in the process.
S09E11 Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (1) 29/01/1985 A country singer takes a personel as well as professional interest in Alice and begs her to join his band on the road.
S09E12 Alice Doesn't Work Here Anymore (2) 05/02/1985 Whether Alice likes it or not, and she's not sure, country singer Travis Marsh gives her a chance to reach for the stars in a performance with him.
S09E13 The Night They Raided Debbie's 06/02/1985 Answering a room-to-rent ad, Vera and Elliot's pushy landlady pushes herself and her kitschy furniture into their home and lives.
S09E14 One on One 05/03/1985 Mel is a taskmaster in training Jolene for tryouts with a pro basketball team.
S09E15 Vera's Grounded Gumshoe 12/03/1985 After getting shot accidentally with his own gun, Elliot quits the force and looks for a career more suited to his meager talents.
S09E16 Th-th-th-that's All, Folks 19/03/1985 On the final day at the diner, Mel closes the blinds and gives away the cow creamers as the gang reminisces about the last nine years.