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Alien Dawn follows the adventures of 16-year-old Cameron Turner as he races to uncover clues of a mysterious conspiracy hidden in the animated pages of a comic book series created by his missing father.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Alien Dawn

S01E01 Genesis Part 1 22/02/2013 Cameron begins to find clues about his dad's disappearance in the series premiere of this show about a teen searching the pages of his father's comic-book series to uncover a conspiracy.
S01E02 Genesis Part 2 22/02/2013 Cameron unearths clues about his dad's disappearance.
S01E03 The School Has Eyes 01/03/2013 Cameron and Lucy alter their school computer records to hide disciplinary action they received.
S01E04 Beware of Falling Rocks 01/03/2013 Cameron and Boris have questions about Lucy's curious background.
S01E05 Tunnels 08/03/2013 Cameron wants to enter a skateboarding competition But he's grounded.
S01E06 The Secret Society 08/03/2013 The school grows concerned about Cameron's behavior and sends him to a therapist.
S01E07 Olivine House 15/03/2013 The kids investigate whether Brady is at a mental facility operated by Black Dawn.
S01E08 Eclipse 15/03/2013 The kids head to a secret rave.
S01E09 The Pied Piper 22/03/2013 Shane vanishes, and Cameron, Boris and Lucy are considered suspects.
S01E10 The Video 22/03/2013 Video footage of an alien is posted online.
S01E11 Lucy 29/03/2013 Cameron and Boris believe Lucy's dad is in cahoots with the aliens.
S01E12 Memories of a Hero 29/03/2013 An astronaut who was thought to be dead helps Cameron search for his dad on the anniversary of his dad's space mission.
S01E13 The Compound Part 1 05/04/2013
S01E14 The Compound Part 2 05/04/2013
S01E15 The Trial 12/04/2013 Black Dawn captures Cameron, Boris and Lucy and accuses them of working for the aliens.
S01E16 The Good, The Bad and The Tall Man 27/07/2014 Boris goes on a date with a girl that he met at Crater Comics.
S01E17 The Phoenix Project 27/07/2014 When Condon Aerospace is left in ruins, Lucy finds herself shut out of the company.
S01E18 Dawn of Time 27/07/2014 Hugh Condon travels back in time to try to prevent an alien attack.
S01E19 Super-Cam 27/07/2014 Boris encourages Cameron to explore his developing superpowers.
S01E20 Eternal Sunshine of Boris' Mind 27/07/2014 Boris takes desperate measures to restore his public image after realizing that his student council president campaign is in jeopardy.
S01E21 Reunion 27/07/2014 Cameron, Boris and Lucy are surprised when Keaton and Taryn are introduced as new students at the school.
S01E22 The Comic Convention 27/07/2014 Boris accidentally loses the Mission Dawn graphic novel at a comic convention.
S01E23 I, Pierce 27/07/2014 Pierce rebels after learning that he is a robot.
S01E24 The Heiress 27/07/2014 Lucy discovers that she has inherited Condon Aerospace.
S01E25 Origins, Pt. 1 27/07/2014 Cameron finds out what happened to his father right before he vanished; Lucy discovers a secret about the Olivine compound.
S01E26 Origins, Pt. 2 27/07/2014 Cameron finds out what happened to his father right before he vanished; Lucy discovers a secret about the Olivine compound.

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