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Taking up where the movie Evolution (2001) left off, this animated series features Dr. Ira Kane, Dr. Henry Block, Wayne Green, along with new character Lt. Lucy, as they try to stop the spreading of the alien organisms known as the Genus. Each episode features the Genus evolving into a new form of life, infecting the Earth.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Alienators: Evolution Continues

S01E01 Survival (1) 15/09/2001 The Genus returns to Glen Canyon, and this time it is infesting City Hall.
S01E02 Survival (2) 22/09/2001 Ira and his team discover the amazing adaptability of the Genus as it evolves into a fully sentient being that calls itself Scopes.
S01E03 Survival (3) 29/09/2001 The Genus escapes into the city's sewer system and evolves into its third stage, erupting into the town square.
S01E04 Don't Drink the Water 06/10/2001 When Wayne accidentally washes the remains of a giant Genus amoeba into Glen Canyon's water system, the tainted water starts transforming the citizens into horrible Human-Genus hybrids.
S01E05 Slick 13/10/2001 An oil tanker infested with Genus cells runs aground near the Galapagos Islands, threatening a disaster for this birthplace of evolutionary studies.
S01E06 Swarm 20/10/2001 A rural outbreak of the Genus in wasp form doesn't look too difficult to quash, until Ira and his team discover the giant underground hive.
S01E07 Junkyard Dogs 27/10/2001 While looking for repair parts for the fire truck, Wayne and Gassie stumble across a new Genus outbreak in a junkyard, and then get in trouble with General Woodman for having destroyed government property.
S01E08 French Underground 03/11/2001 After allowing a captive Genus to escape into the Paris subway system, General Woodman calls in Ira and his team for help searching the tunnels.
S01E09 Runaway Strain 10/11/2001 In experiments to create a microbe that will attack the Genus, General Woodman's scientists accidentally produce a stronger version of the Genus itself, which becomes airborne and threatens the entire facility.
S01E10 Dead Wayne Cells 17/11/2001 The most recent battle with the Genus has caused Wayne's sympathetic mutation system to accelerate, and identical clones of Wayne keep appearing.
S01E11 Roman Holiday 01/12/2001 Tracking a Genus outbreak to Rome, the gang are unable to do much sightseeing, as they must hunt down the creatures in creepy underground catacombs.
S01E12 To Carthage Then I Came 08/12/2001 Tracing a Genus outbreak to the Tunisian desert, Ira and his crew are trapped by Genus sandworms that travel through the desert sand as if it were water.
S01E13 Year of the Genus 09/02/2002 In Hong Kong, the gang races against time to track down a crate of Genus-infected fireworks before the New Year's celebration at midnight sets them all off.
S01E14 Hot Java 16/02/2002 Ira and his crew track the Genus to the island of Java, Indonesia, near an active volcano, where Scopes has a plan to breed lots more creatures.
S01E15 Ira Knows Best 23/02/2002 Is the gang ever going to get a break? The Genus has followed them on their weekend off to Ira's family's farm.
S01E16 Genus in Your Tank 02/03/2002 Genus-infected gasoline starts causing cars in New York City to mutate into Genus monsters.
S01E17 Cradle Will Fall 09/03/2002 When Wayne finally passes the test to become a real fireman, the gang must have tryouts to find replacements for him and Gassie.
S01E18 Head Case 16/03/2002 After being called to an old castle in England to investigate a possible Genus outbreak, Ira and the gang find everything suspiciously normal.
S01E19 General Disorder 23/03/2002 After General Woodman is infected by a bite from Scopes, the team must capture the creature in order to develop an antidote.
S01E20 Itching for the Genus 30/03/2002 With no new outbreaks, it looks like the team may have made themselves obsolete.
S01E21 REAPER: Countdown (1) 04/05/2002 After General Woodman uncovers a plot by Gen. Granger (and his newest "partner" Scopes) it's up to Ira and the team to take the madman's plans out of commisssion.
S01E22 REAPER: The Ark (2) 11/05/2002 The Alienators head off into space after an outbreak occurs on The Ark, an experimental space-station for animal research in zero-gravity.
S01E23 REAPER: Alpha Omega (3) 18/05/2002 It appears the team is still needed when Scopes and Gen. Granger try to blow up the moon.
S01E24 Fire and Ice 00/00/0000 When a bizarre mutation of the Genus adapted to cold invades a ski resort in France, the team must work while General Woodman converses with a French associate.
S01E25 Meltdown 00/00/0000 The crew has to stop Scopes and the Genus from using decomissioned nuclear subs' reactors to evolve themselves. Meanwhile, Ira and Lucy argue over things.
S01E26 End Game 00/00/0000 With assistance from some missiles, the Genus successfully blanket the world. With civilization evacuating to shelters, the Alienators try a last ditch effort..

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