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All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week--the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-to's--with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Eileen Rivera, Ron Richards, and a host of special guests along the way.


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S01E01 What Would Andy Say 29/03/2011 How open is Honeycomb, CTIA breakdown, comparing app stores, and more.
S01E02 Cloud Music Streaming 05/04/2011 Google's non-fragmentation clause, Games on the Xperia Play, Apps shaming pirates, Streaming music from the cloud, and more.
S01E03 Getting Things Done With To-Do Apps 12/04/2011 Andy Rubin's defends Android openness, Xoom sales figures analysis, To-Do list app bonanza, and more.
S01E04 Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer 19/04/2011 Skype for Android vulnerability, The Bionic might be dead, Camera apps a plenty, and more.
S01E05 A Podcast About Podcast Apps... How Meta 25/04/2011 Samsung versus Apple, Tracking your every move, Podcast apps turned inside out, and more.
S01E06 Grab Bag Of Feedback 02/05/2011 Emails and voicemails answered in bulk, Remotes, Lyrics, Pictoral questions, and more.
S01E07 Rooting For A Change 09/05/2011 The plight of tethering apps, How to Root, Apps for Root, and more.
S01E08 I/O And G (The G Stands For Games) 13/05/2011 A comprehensive look at Google I/O, Netflix for Android is released, A battle of games, and more.
S01E09 Choose How You Read The News 23/05/2011 Google blocks rooted devices from movie rentals, Android's first clamshell phone, RSS readers duke it out, and more.
S01E10 Apps For Tablets 31/05/2011 HTC reverses locked bootloader decision, Plants Vs. Zombies, Tablet-optimized apps, and more.
S01E11 Keyboards And Clouds 06/06/2011 Comparison of Apple's iCloud vs Google Music Beta, Sonos music system, alternative keyboards for phones, and more.
S01E12 Grab Bag Of Feedback #2 13/06/2011 Nothing but your emails, launchers, Instagram-alikes, audiobook players, and more.
S01E13 Remodeling Homescreens With Launchers 20/06/2011 Developing for Android versus iOS, Google Nexus 4G, launcher apps galore, and more.
S01E14 Back It Up, Back It In 27/06/2011 Can Android dominance last? Jason gets a new phone (sort of), Honeycomb on Nook Color, backing up your phone, and more.
S01E15 Tweets Versus Streams 01/07/2011 Google+ attempts to woo us, how to root the HTC Thunderbolt, our favorite Twitter apps, and more.
S01E16 Battery Savings: Your Mileage May Vary 11/07/2011 The Nortel patent sale, Eileen's Samsung Galaxy S II, battery saving apps, general tips on saving juice, and more.
S01E17 The Case Of The Disappearing Android 18/07/2011 HTC violates key Apple patents, Spotify's US launch, Toshiba Thrive hands-on review, apps to locate your lost Android, and more.
S01E18 Developing Games For Android 25/07/2011 Eric Schmidt vows to defend HTC, Samsung Galaxy S II gets US release date, Nick Gotch of Subatomic Studios and Fieldrunners, and more.
S01E19 Android Global Domination 01/08/2011 New study says Android dominates globally, and will Ice Cream Sandwich really solve fragmentation? Plus, video chat apps, Samsung Galaxy S II surveys, and why Google TV is not dead.
S01E20 Revealing Too Much With SMS Apps 08/08/2011 The good and bad about Amazon App Store, Skype on more devices, SMS apps compared, and more.
S01E21 Googlers, Motorolans and Samsungites 15/08/2011 Motorola scooped up by Google, Ice Cream Sandwich images leaked, contacts replacement apps, and more.
S01E22 Take It To The Cloud 23/08/2011 HP Touchpad becomes Android darling, WIMM Labs wearable computing, cloud storage apps, and more.
S01E23 Lock and Load 29/08/2011 Tons of Samsung news, the amazon tablet forecast, Droid Prime, a new location based app called Life is Crime, Lock Screen replacements apps and more!
S01E24 Grab Bag Of Feedback #3 02/09/2011 Features Android should have, Hardware from IFA Berlin, fan tips, grab bag of apps, and more!
S01E25 Battle Of The Browsers 12/09/2011 Jelly Bean, Honeycomb preview on Google TV, Sony Tablet S hands on, browsers, and more!
S01E26 Rumor-palooza 19/09/2011 Google Wallet, Android and Intel, exercise apps, tons of rumors, Motorola 7-inch tablet, and more!
S01E27 Duly Noted 26/09/2011 Google Voice, Amazon Kindle Fire, Droid Bionic, Droid 3, Notepad apps, and more!
S01E28 Tablet Disruption 03/10/2011 Kindle Fire, HTC security hole. Ice Cream Sandwich on video, Hipmunk, and more!
S01E29 Live From O'Reilly's Android Open 11/10/2011 Making apps beautiful, is Android open enough, Bootloader unlocking, and more!
S01E30 FAIL Happens 18/10/2011 Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus unveiled, Motorola Droid Razr, voice action apps, and more!
S01E31 Flip That Bird! 24/10/2011 What devices should see Ice Cream Sandwich, Asus Transformer Prime, lot's of games, and more!
S01E32 Skyrocket... In Flight? 31/10/2011 Google TV update, AT&T Skyrocket, HTC Vivid, Dolphin HD security breach, a phone that's not just for the ladies, and more!
S01E33 Hunger Pangs 07/11/2011 Nook announcement, Google TV 2.0 review, HTC Rezound unveiled, a whole lot of hunger, and more!
S01E34 Flying Through Feedback 14/11/2011 Ice Cream Sandwich source code released, ASUS Transformer Prime, Logitech's "gigantic" mistake, your feedback, and more!
S01E35 Buttery Smooth 21/11/2011 Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, HTC Jetstream,, Google Music, tablet apps, and more!
S01E36 Ice Cream Sandwich On A Tablet 28/11/2011 Galaxy Nexus LTE pre-release around the corner? Ice Cream Sandwich on Transformer Prime, LG Nitro, Nook Tablet review, and more!
S01E37 Rounding Error 05/12/2011 Galaxy Nexus on the set! Motorola Xyboard, Wimm One and Droid Razr preview, a costly mistake in the arena, and more!
S01E38 The "Finally" 12/12/2011 Stuff Schmidt said at LeWeb'11, the Logitech Revue update, tons of very cool app updates and another grab bag of apps!
S01E39 Perfection By Accident 19/12/2011 Apple pwns HTC in patent case, Galaxy Nexus LTE, what happened to the update alliance, and more.
S01E40 Feedback And Favorites 25/12/2011 Tons of feedback, our favorite apps of the year, and more.
S01E41 Oh, You Mean This White Balance? 02/01/2012 CES preview, HTC Rezound preview, Galaxy Note impressions, Droid Razr review, and more.
S01E42 CES: The Other Big F 11/01/2012 Live from CES 2012: Asus Transformer prime with ICS, Droid 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, and tons more.
S01E43 We Gotcha Back 17/01/2012 Android design guideline, CyanogenMod is a force, troubleshooting file transfer to Galaxy Nexus, and more.
S01E44 The Zen Show 23/01/2012 Ads in notification bar, CyanogenMod App Store, Transformer Prime review, and more.
S01E45 Mandroid 30/01/2012 Scaling back hardware, Mobile World Congress rumors, are you being tracked, and more.
S01E46 Once You Go Nexus, You Never Go Back 06/02/2012 Malware meets the Bouncer, Google alters support for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Xooms shipped with personal data, and more.
S01E47 It's Technology, Man 13/02/2012 Googorola is approved, Project Tungsten about to become reality? Chrome for Android, and more.
S01E48 AAA In The Morning 00/00/0000 Jelly Bean rumors, Ubuntu on Android devices, tablet apps, and more.
S01E49 An Intervention 27/02/2012 Tons of Mobile World Congress news, "choice" versus "fragmentation", Andy speaks, and more.
S01E50 It's A Soft J 05/03/2012 Google TV apps, fan made apps, managing your universal gaming identity, breaking news. This episode has it all!
S01E51 A Crazy Root Down The Rabbit Hole 12/03/2012 Google Play's the rebranding game, Galaxy Tab 7.7 review, unified gaming by Google, and more.
S01E52 Does Nexus On A Tablet Matter? 19/03/2012 Touchwiz Ice Cream Sandwich disappointment, what really matters in a Google tablet, pimps prefer pattern unlock, and more.
S01E53 Jonathan Ive's Worst Nightmare 26/03/2012 TV tuner on your tablet, Instagram finally coming, an arena mea culpa, and more.
S01E54 Dit Dah Dit Dah Dit Dah 02/04/2012 Nothing but your email and voicemails, morse code keyboard, Ice Cream Sandwich launchers, and more.
S01E55 The Anti-Platformist Manifesto 09/04/2012 SwiftKey 3, Instagram for Android, drowning tablets, and more.
S01E56 It's On The PHONE! 16/04/2012 Google and Oracle duke it out, Galaxy S III event scheduled, Android watches, and more.
S01E57 Hey Google. Drive. Call Me. 23/04/2012 Andy Rubin testifies, reviews of Galaxy Tab 2 and HTC One S, location-aware tasks, and more.
S01E58 You're Waving It Wrong 30/04/2012 Oracle vs Google, Google Drive... yes really, review of the Transformer Pad TF300, and more.
S01E59 Living In A 16GB World 07/05/2012 The jury has ruled on Google and Oracle, the Samsung Galaxy SIII event, a review of the HTC One X, and more.
S01E60 You Can't Un-see It 14/05/2012 This week we're talking CTIA, the HTC EVO 4G LTE, Flipboard for Android, and a whole lot more.
S01E61 Nexus Class 21/05/2012 China comes through for Motorola Mobility, a broader class of Nexus devices, we make your ears bleed, and more.
S01E62 A Torrent Of Donuts 00/00/0000 Googarola is a done deal, Chameleon takes to Kickstarter, Google+ gets major update, and more.
S01E63 What is a Tablet Watch?! 00/00/0000 Galaxy S III review, Toshiba Excite 13 preview, tons of ASUS news, Instapaper, and more.
S01E64 Better Than No Show 00/00/0000 Clambook, Microsoft on Android, HTC's brand image, Samsung's domination, and more.
S01E65 Google I/O Preview Extravaganza 25/06/2012 Facts and rumors from the upcoming Google I/O conference, Google TV goes global, and more.
S01E66 Jumping Jelly Beans 03/07/2012 Jelly Bean, Nexus 7, Nexus Q debut at Google I/O, Galaxy Nexus is banned in the US, and more.
S01E67 More Nexus Than Nexus 10/07/2012 Jelly Bean releases to AOSP, Ooh-yeah for Ouya, hacking the Nexus Q, and more.
S01E68 The Promised Land 00/00/0000 Nexus 7 live unboxing, XBMC for Android, GameTanium confuses, a more secure Jelly Bean, and more.
S01E69 Apps Are People Too 24/07/2012 Superpower your Nexus 7, developing on the bleeding edge, separating keyboard and voice input, and more.
S01E70 Is That a Pico in Your Pocket? 31/07/2012 Apple vs. Samsung in court, Nexus Q DOA, Google Fiber, and more.
S01E71 Commuting to the Living Room 07/08/2012 Crisis of Design, profile switching, Calendar events in Google Now, Galaxy Note 2, and more.
S01E72 A Dangerous Cookie 14/08/2012 Motorola slimming down, Nook price cuts, Playstation Certification, Google Translate, and more.
S01E73 Money on the Table 00/00/0000 Crack in the courtroom, Google Play gift cards, betting on Samsung's Unpacked event, and more.
S01E74 We Got Lawyered 28/08/2012 Dissecting Samsung vs Apple verdict, LG Optimus G, Wallet vs Isis, and more.
S01E75 Nothing Better Than A Bezel 00/00/0000 Events past (Samsung, Sony) and events future (Amazon, Motorola, and HTC) and much more.
S01E76 The Ultimate Episode 11/09/2012 Amazon Kindle Fires, Motorola RAZRs, SwiftKey, Andy Rubin speaks, and much more.
S01E77 Sexy Apps are Sexy 18/09/2012 Acer and the Open Handset Alliance, Motorola RAZR i, Chameleon, fanboy wars suck, and much more.
S01E78 Hardware in the Hizouse 25/09/2012 Vizio Co-Star, Motorola Razr M, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Gameklip, and much more.
S01E79 Nobody Joy Rides 00/00/0000 HTC One X+, Samsung Note 2, Rayman, Horn, Field Trip, and much more.
S01E80 It's Not Atooma 09/10/2012 Rumors vs news, bye to Webtop, TomTom, Nexus 7 update, and more.
S01E81 Slide It In 00/00/0000 LG Nexus returns, Gmail 4.2, PadFone 2, Galaxy S II mini, Google TV v3, and more.
S01E82 Ron Goes Rant 00/00/0000 Nexus event revealed, HTC J Butterfly, Nexus 7 versus iPad Mini, and more.
S01E83 Nexus After Dark 00/00/0000 Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Android 4.2, a steamy ad, and more.
S01E84 Are You Punching Ron? 00/00/0000 Android is five, tablet market share shakes up, physical Google Wallet, and more.
S01E85 Slow Clap For Eileen 00/00/0000 Nexus sells out, Droid DNA, Apple and HTC make up, movie themed games, and more.
S01E86 Don't Be a Cheap Steak 20/11/2012 Google doesn't remember December, aftermath of HTC/Apple settlement, Ingress, Echofon, and more.
S01E87 It's Ergodynamic! 27/11/2012 Buying a Nexus 4 is tough, the Android engagement paradox, December is remembered, and more.
S01E88 The Power of a Pixil 04/12/2012 Android apps in the enterprise, Droid DNA, ASUS Qube, exploring Ingress, and more.
S01E89 What's in the Box 12/11/2012 Nexus 4 unboxing, Nabi2 tablet for kids, Snapseed, SwiftKey Flow, and more.
S01E90 I Am the Walrus 00/00/0000 A look back at Android in 2012, Facebook improves, Amazon phone rumors, a big announcement, and more.
S01E91 It's called Marketing! 00/00/0000 Tons of CES, the X Phone, the ASUS Qube, Project Shield, Play Store projections, and more.
S01E92 Doors first, Holodecks Later 00/00/0000 CES leftovers, Samsung dominates, Simple Bank, Chrome Beta, Carbon backup, Calendar apps, and more.
S01E93 Way To Virago, Google 22/01/2013 New hardware from Sony and LG, state of car audio and Android, our must-install apps for new phones, and more.
S01E94 Nothing on the Vine 29/01/2013 Why it's illegal to unlock your phone, Google IO rumors, the new Vine app, and more.
S01E95 ...But Does It Run On Donut? 05/02/2013 WINE, HTC M7, Ouya, XBMC, redesigning with Holo, virtual currency, and more.
S01E96 Samsung Fascinate Black Prime V Pro 12/02/2013 Android 4.2.2, LG Optimus G Pro, Nike FuelBand subbery, Plex Media Center update, and more.
S01E97 Have a Seat in the Cloud 19/02/2013 HTC One, Google stores, Ubuntu, Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, and more.
S01E98 Truly Limited 26/02/2013 Mobile World Congress, G+ Sign-In, Twitter token conundrum, myth of unlimited, Pocket Casts 4, and more.
S01E99 Token Talk 05/03/2013 Android 4+ reigns supreme, Google's 'wow' factor, low latency audio-in, our must-install apps for new tablets, and more.
S01E100 All in the Android Family 12/03/2013 Google I/O registration, from iOS to Android, Galaxy S IV leaks, HTC One delays, Google Now everywhere, and more.
S01E101 Spy Flowers 19/03/2013 Andy Rubin out, Sundar Pichai in, Google Reader out, Samsung Galaxy S IV in, and more.
S01E102 The Android Generation Gap 26/03/2013 "Android Watch" watch, Google Glass Explorer Program, Chrome not merging with Android, T-Mobile's new plans, Keep, and more.
S01E103 Offline Everything 02/04/2013 Facebook Home, Ouya, Google Glass, Knowledge Graph, Translate, and more.
S01E104 Denied. Twice. 09/04/2013 EU antitrust complaint, Facebook Home, HTC First, Google Play redesign AND crackdown, arena mischief, and more.
S01E105 The Facebook Motel 16/04/2013 Google Motorola phones detailed, Andy Rubin can't stay away, Glass begins to arrive, Facebook Home review, and more.
S01E106 Breaking News Baby! 23/04/2013 The HTC One, hints of an Android game center, Facebook brings free VOiP to Android, and breaking news of Jason's baby.
S01E107 Android Style 30/04/2013 Google's to-do list for I/O 2013, Google posts how-to video on Glass, and hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S4.
S01E108 Gina's Glass is Half Empty 07/05/2013 Gina goes glass, Google IO schedule unleashed, Nook HD un-neutered, HTC M4, Kobo Arc, and more.
S01E109 Spoiler Lemur! 14/05/2013 Google IO predictions, Sundar speaks, Ouya test drive, Glassholes unite, and more.
S01E110 Holy Cow, Google! 21/05/2013 Google IO delivers developery goodness, impressive services, "Nexus"-ifying popular hardware, and more.
S01E111 An AAA Meeting 28/05/2013 To hack or not to hack, 4.3 surfaces, Gmail changes forthcoming, and more.
S01E112 Quit Your Vining 04/06/2013 ASUS extravaganza, HTC One Google Edition, Motorola X, Vine, and more.
S01E113 Culture of Unified Design 11/06/2013 Google buys Waze, symbiosis of technology, deconstruction of fragmentation, design language across platforms, and more.
S01E114 Android by the Beach 18/06/2013 Learning Android development, Incognito for app permissions, device performance declines, Cloud Print, and more.
S01E115 This Twitter Oppression Will Not Stand, Man 25/06/2013 Google Play for Education, Samsung brings dual-boot, Sony brings wearable, Nook dies, and more.
S01E116 A Speculation Celebration 02/07/2013 Moto X ad, Nexus Q redux, 4.3 details, Safe Mode, and more.
S01E117 Remnant Carbon Fiber Inventory 09/07/2013 More Moto X leaks, speeding up search, Master Key exploit, Jelly Bean #1, and more.
S01E118 The New Car Smell of Phones 16/07/2013 Play Store redesigned, Eric Schmidt's Moto X, Maps app overhaul, and more.
S01E119 Disengage Thumb Ring 23/07/2013 Three new Droids, HTC mini, Nexus 7 imminent, the Moto X event, a chaotic Arena, and more.
S01E120 Hot Dongle 30/07/2013 A delicious breakfast with Sundar Pichai, new Nexus 7, Chromecast, Android 4.3, and more.
S01E121 Heartbreak Is a Part of Being an Android Lover 06/08/2013 A look at the Moto X, HTC teases 'big things ahead', Microsoft Office for Android, and more.
S01E122 A Love Connection 13/08/2013 Android drama, LG G2, Nexus 7 issues, a hardware showcase, Chromecast anything, and more.
S01E123 Smell Your Device 20/08/2013 Waze integration begins, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Wikipad preview, updates to G+ and YouTube, and more.
S01E124 Reminder Inception 27/08/2013 Allcast woes, notification bar ad crackdown, a bunch of teased hardware ahead of IFA, and more.
S01E125 The Taste of Selling Out? 03/09/2013 KitKat, more Android management changes, IFA preview, Google's WiMM Labs acquisition, and more.
S01E126 Good Parents Teach Android 10/09/2013 Old desserts say goodbye, Chrome apps to hit Android, IFA roundup, the next Nexus, and more.
S01E127 Disorientated by Google Maps 17/09/2013 Google Wallet for all, more phones left in bars, things that go Bump, modular smartphones, and more.
S01E128 Death By a Thousand Micro-Payments 24/09/2013 Cyanogen Inc, Nokia's lost Android ambitions, BlackBerry's BBM not-launch, unofficial iMessage app (is sketchy), and more.
S01E129 Another Tutorial 01/10/2013 Are benchmarks important? new Kindle Fires, Google's app update-palooza, LG G2 review, and more.
S01E130 Samsung Throws a Curve Ball 08/10/2013 The overblown threat of Malware, more developer analytics, trends like fingerprint scanners and curved screens, and more.
S01E131 No One Wants a Floppy Phone 15/10/2013 Even more Nexus 5 and KitKat conjecture, Google Experience Launcher, HTC One Max review, and more.
S01E132 The Iron Fist of Capitalism 22/10/2013 Closed source creep, the myth of "Android First", better butter coming soon, a Google event that isn't about the Nexus 5, and more.
S01E133 The Soldiers of Giants 29/10/2013 Motorola's modular future, Glass gets revised, Hangouts and Google+ get major updates, and more.
S01E134 Classin' It Up 05/11/2013 KitKat inside and out, Nexus 5 in the flesh, a revolutionary video game, mustaches, and more.
S01E135 The ART of Tinkering 12/11/2013 The next Dalvik, Google getting smarter with your personal data, a deep dive on the Nexus 5, the arrival of CyanogenMod for everyone, and more.
S01E136 Stalker Level Set to Red 19/11/2013 Upcoming changes to camera API, the Moto G, Google Glass gets developer friendly, search gets even better, and more.
S01E137 Do What Like a Sandwich? 26/11/2013 The move from iOS to Android, the early arrival of the Moto G, app permissions is still hiding, and more.
S01E138 Freedom to Make Epic Mistakes 03/12/2013 Best phones for the holidays, the Hangouts dilemma, the missing sequel to the Nexus 10, All About Android: The Game, and more.
S01E139 Sportsball Edition 10/12/2013 New Google Edition devices by Sony and LG, Android 4.2.2, the economics of Moto G, Chromecast gets an app infusion, and more.
S01E140 Google's Christmas Card 17/12/2013 Chromecast plans for 2014, Google's home automation ambitions, Android gets festive for the holidays, and more.
S01E141 Best of 2013 24/12/2013 Some of the most memorable moments of All About Android from 2013.
S01E142 A Banner Year 31/12/2013 The biggest wins, the biggest flops, the best apps, predictions for 2014, and facial hair.
S01E143 Open to Openness 07/01/2014 The Open Auto Alliance, CES hardware announcements, Google certification for alternative form factors, and more.
S01E144 Pure Android 14/01/2014 Android @Home becomes a little clearer, Moto X crosses the pond, Nokia Normandy makes Android look like Windows Phone, and more. Android Arena: Photo Calendar Widget, JotterPad X, 12Hours
S01E145 Glass Case Closed 21/01/2014 The case of driving with Glass, Glass in the theater, the follow up to Ingress, Blackphone, and more. Android Arena: Mumble!, Pedometer, LynxFit, Quickr
S01E146 It's a Metaphor 28/01/2014 Samsung and Google's patent partnership, frames for Google Glass, Amazon's living room ambitions, and more.
S01E147 The Broadway of Barcelona 04/02/2014 Lenovo buys Motorola, Nexus is a winner, Chromecast SDK finally releases, Flappy Bird (sigh), and more.
S01E148 Forkin' Around 11/02/2014 Android is forkable, a look at new titanium frames for Glass, the Flappy Bird fiasco, EA steers angry customers away from reviewing games, and more.
S01E149 Last Chance for Etiquette 18/02/2014 The Android upgrade standard, Glass etiquette straight from the mouth of Google, gearing up for Mobile World Congress, and more.
S01E150 Huawei Wrong Way 25/02/2014 A ton of hardware from Mobile World Congress, the rising backlash of Google Glass, new hardware coming direct from Google, and more.
S01E151 Rollin' With the Normals 04/03/2014 The Google Now Launcher, Samsung's marketing jackpot, TWiT Live on your Chromecast, and more.
S01E152 The Android is Always Greener 11/03/2014 Google's upcoming SDK for wearables, a new no comprimise phone about to hit the market, Milk Music, Play Store password policy, and more.
S01E153 Too Close to the Sun 18/03/2014 Android Wear, Moto 360, LG G Watch, Amazon media streamer, the destiny of Google Voice, cross-platform gaming, and more.
S01E154 Circle Beats Square 25/03/2014 HTC One M8, Google Now everywhere, Project Tango, Photowall, Portal, and more.
S01E155 Android Chronicles 01/04/2014 Google IO ticket details, Apple versus Samsung part deux, Play Store policy changes, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z1s, Nokia X, and more.
S01E156 The Appquisition 08/04/2014 Rumors like Android TV, Hera and Android Silver, a deep discussion into breaking the rules of Android design, hands on with the Amazon Fire TV and the Samsung Galaxy S5, and more.
S01E157 Who Do I Give My Bitcoin To? 15/04/2014 Heartbleed's Android impact, Google Glass for everyone, Samsung Galaxy S5 review, Ara gets a date, Amazon phone is leaked, and more.
S01E158 Peak Flashing 22/04/2014 An in-depth interview with ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta, Amazon phone, a low end Nexus phone, LG G Watch, Google Camera, Hangouts update, and more.
S01E159 Unsharpen Your Pitchforks 29/04/2014 More details about the Android Silver program, OK Google Everywhere, Arena apps that stick around, OnePlus One, Galaxy K Zoom, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review, and more.
S01E160 Away From Google 06/05/2014 Apple Samsung patent case gets its verdict, Amazon's smartphone revealed, Moto X+1, LG G3, Google Wallet coming to Google Glass, Maps update, and more.
S01E161 The End of the Flip Phone? 13/05/2014 Oracle wins against Google in JAVA copyright ruling, some new Nexus clues, Moto E, Google Glass hits open beta, and more.
S01E162 Booty Call & Duty Call 20/05/2014 The potential dawn of patent peace, Google buys more companies, iOS apps on Android, Google+ and Gmail app updates, and more.
S01E163 CyanogenMom Has Got It Going On 27/05/2014 LG's newly announced G3, Android on the road, free apps may be killing your battery, HTC One Mini 2, and more.
S01E164 Swimming in a Toxic Hellstew 03/06/2014 Android 4.4.3, Motorola shutting down the US factory, eyes-free control, Samsung releases its first Tizen smartphone, and more.
S01E165 It's Creepy... Creepy Good 10/06/2014 Nearby enhances location reporting, Android app device testing, Amazon's 3D phone event, Moto E review, the downside of the latest Google Play app, and more.
S01E166 A Submarine in the Future 17/06/2014 Amazon phone exclusive for AT&T, Google Fit tracks your health, the history of Android, Samsung's new Galaxy F, Galaxy Tab S, Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE, Amazon Prime Music can't kill Spotify, and more.
S01E167 Fast and Hard 25/06/2014 A look at what we know, what we expect. and what's unlikely at Google IO, Amazon Fire Phone, the Nokia X2, and more.
S01E168 Patch Tuesday 01/07/2014 Android Version L, Material Design, Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto, Project Tango, Carboard, and more.
S01E169 Google Lovin' Baby 08/07/2014 Kit Kat distribution goes up to 18%, "wiped" phones still have your data, reasons why Android L should not be on your main device, and more.
S01E170 Right Idea, Wrong Megapixel 15/07/2014 Chromecast gets new capabilities, Samsung's commitment to KNOX, a closer look at Material Design, SwiftKey's new strategy, and more.
S01E171 Your Hair Smells Terrific 22/07/2014 Google details enterprise management in version L, the challenge of developing for Glass, NVIDIA Shield tablet, OnePlus One preview, Play Store gets Material Design, and more.
S01E172 All About Tizen. No Really. 29/07/2014 The future of Tizen and Samsung's Android ambitions, Fake ID vulnerability, a Motorola Nexus phablet, Amazon Fire Phone preview, OnePlus One review, Chrome Beta gets Material Design, and more.
S01E173 Copy, Paste, Evolve 05/08/2014 @evleaks will stop reporting phone scoops, running only free and open source software on a smartphone, stick with Evernote or move to Google Keep? And more!
S01E174 It Gets Better 12/08/2014 OnePlus One marketing mistakes, Blackphone hacked, Nvidia launches 64-bit processor for Android, Samsung's VR headset, Facebook Messenger and Android permissions, and more!
S01E175 All Your App Are Belong to CyanogenMom 19/08/2014 YouTube's upcoming music service, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Sony Xperia M2 Aqua, Sharp Aquos Crystal, Ignore No More, and more!
S01E176 The SDK is Mightier Than the Sword 26/08/2014 The future of the Amazon Fire Phone, a closer look at fragmentation, Android One devices are around the corner, Xiaomi Mi4, Swing Copters, Google News and Weather update, and more!
S01E177 Hardware is Hard 02/09/2014 Microsoft and Cyanogen Inc in talks, Motorola and Yo have a tough time giving away Moto 360s, OnePlus One might get an official pre-order soon, a ton of upcoming hardware, and more!
S01E178 Are Smartwatches Legit? 09/09/2014 A ton of hardware from IFA 2014, a look at the Apple Watch, Motorola's big announcement, Amazon Instant Video for everyone, and more!
S01E179 Everything is Connected 16/09/2014 Android One, Android Silver, Android Apps on Chrome, Nexus TV, impressions of the Moto 360, and Google Voice's merging into Hangouts, and more!
S01E180 Trolled By a Listicle 23/09/2014 Developers required to list their address to the public, encryption on by default, Amazon's new Kindle lineup, running any Android app in the Chrome browser, and more!
S01E181 The Dubstep of Smartwatches 30/09/2014 The larger than ever before Nexus 6, even more new rules for developers, bend tests for all, Android Auto gets more details, and more!
S01E182 Yet Another Messaging Platform 07/10/2014 What a Samsung slump might mean for Android, the leaky ship that is the next batch of Nexus devices, HTC's plans for wearables, yet another messaging platform for Google, the Big Android BBQ, and more!
S01E183 The Appeal of a Diverse Ecosystem 14/10/2014 Tomorrow's impending Nexus and Version L news (or not), Google's new Android ad campaign, HTC Desire EYE and Re, Hudl 2 tablet review, bite-sized apps for testing before purchasing, and more!
S01E184 Mark It Dude: Tiramisu 21/10/2014 Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, some of our favorite features of Lollipop, Google Play Music gets Songza-like integration that rocks, and more!
S01E185 Aspire Higher 28/10/2014 This week, we'll be discussing music production app development, a looming threat to NFC payments, the newly announced Motorola Droid Turbo, Fire Phone fizzles, Google's attempt to redesign your Inbox, and more.
S01E186 Business Plan Arena 04/11/2014 This week, we'll be discussing the official release of Lollipop, the Nexus 9, the Nexus 6 pre-order debacle, cross platform sharing with Copresence, even more Material Design, and more!
S01E187 Nexus Entitlement 11/11/2014 This week, we'll be discussing the Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, both in studio, also the Amazon Echo, new features of Android Wear 5.0, Microsoft's free Office suite for Android, the re-emergence of SD card support, and more
S01E188 Get Off Our Lawn 18/11/2014 This week, we'll be discussing YouTube Music Key, Samsung's shrinking lineup of smart phones, Nokia's N1 tablet, Snapchats Snapcash features for Android, and more.
S01E189 If We Could Turn Back Time 25/11/2014 This week, we'll be discussing the Nexus Player, our love/hate list for Lollipop, patent wars fizzling between Apple and Google, more signs that Glass is fading, and more.
S01E190 SuperSU Me a Sandwich 02/12/2014 This week, we'll be discussing the ongoing saga of Google Glass, the ongoing saga of the Fire Phone, the ongoing saga of Santa Claus, and... Android.
S01E191 Stuttering Lollipop 09/12/2014 This week, we'll be discussing the official release of Android Studio 1.0, Device Assist, reviews of the Nexus Player, Fire TV Stick and the Fire HD Kids tablet, and more!
S01E192 Live and Let Die 16/12/2014 This week, we'll be discussing an expansion of Google Cardboard, Samsung's mobile payment ambitions, Sharp Aquos Crystal, Sony Smartwatch 3, and more.
S01E193 Best of 2014 23/12/2014 The best clips and highlights from year 2014 of All About Android.
S01E194 The Maturation of Android 30/12/2014 This week, we'll be taking a look at the good and the bad of 2014, and what's in store for Android in 2015.
S01E195 It All Goes Back to the Walkman 06/01/2015 This week, we'll be discussing what we've heard so far about Android at CES, what it's like to develop an app for Android TV, and more.
S01E196 Space Hackers 13/01/2015 This week, we'll be discussing a critical security issue for older devices, Samsung's new Galaxy A7, Google brings Lollipop styling to Jelly Bean and Kit Kat devices and more.
S01E197 The Shatter Whisperer 20/01/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Project Ara, Gear VR preview, Google Glass, Xiaomi's Mi Note, and more.
S01E198 Android Ambitions 27/01/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google's mobile network ambitions, Cyanogen's Google-less ambitions, Blackberry's App Neutrality ambitions, Yota Phone's screen on both sides ambitions, and many more ambitions.
S01E199 Not So Legit, Please Quit 03/02/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 announcement, Microsoft and Cyanogen?, Piracy on Android, and our favorite topic ever, PLATFORM DISTRIBUTION NUMBERS!!!!!
S01E200 What's For Dinner? 10/02/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google IO 2015, Android 5.1, Samsung Z1, Apple's app development for Android, and more!
S01E201 Rooting and Romping 17/02/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Android security, how successful IS Android Wear, Xiaomi coming to the US, the triumphant return of the ViewMaster, a look at the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, and more.
S01E202 Nexusize It 24/02/2015 This week, we'll be discussing some big changes in the mobile payment space, a preview of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, a close look at the LG G Flex 2, YouTube for Kids, and more.
S01E203 Wow What a Huawei Watch 03/03/2015 This week, we'll be discussing what else, Mobile World Congress. Also, Sundar Pichai said a few things, a change in Google's move to require full disk encryption in Lollipop, and more.
S01E204 The Lacka Lollipop 10/03/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Android 5.1 and how it finally exists for reals, NVIDIA's Shield Android TV box, customizing your Moto 360 on Moto Maker, and more!
S01E205 Will It Bend? 17/03/2015 This week, we'll be discussing big changes to Google Play Store policy, Google's new home for hardware, Nintendo gets into game development for smartphones, and more.
S01E206 Silver And Gold 24/03/2015 Cyanogen rakes in $80 million in funding, Microsoft is developing software that converts Android Phones to Windows 10, Tag Heuer moves into smart watches, and more.
S01E207 All About Albums 31/03/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the open floodgates of Android Apps on Chrome OS, a bunch of interesting Google app updates, hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and more!
S01E208 Google Play for Work for Play 07/04/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Android for Work, a hands-on look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, YouTube Kids app under scrutiny for showing ads to kids, Google's 2014 security report for Android, and more.
S01E209 More Dad Jokes 14/04/2015 This week, we'll be discussing an updated Material Design spec, possible details of Google's MVNO project, Trusted Voice for Lollipop, and more.
S01E210 Not a Sailboat 21/04/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Android's hooks in google search, Cyanogen's deal with Microsoft, Android Wear's biggest update yet, and more.
S01E211 G4 The Win 28/04/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Project Fi (my next mobile carrier), the expansion of Google Now to third party developers, a hands on preview with the newly announced LG G4, and more.
S01E212 Show Me The Pie 05/05/2015 This week, we'll be discussing custom voice actions, a slew of developer news, Wear 5.1's new features, Google+ finally ADDS a new feature, and more.
S01E213 I Needs To See This My Needs? 12/05/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google IO sessions, why Florence hates bloatware, a closer look at Android Auto, Android One's European expansion, and more.
S01E214 The WatchPadFone 19/05/2015 This week, we'll be discussing how designers (like Liam) Materialize apps, Google IO leaks, the newly announced ASUS ZenFone 2, Android Wear 5.1.1 rollout, Microsoft's awesome apps, and more!
S01E215 Moments of Delight 26/05/2015 This week, we'll be previewing what we THINK we can expect at this year's Google IO, also a close look at Project Tango, the release of Periscope for Android, Microsoft's continued efforts of cross platform development, and more.
S01E216 Beards and Beers 02/06/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google IO and all the great things announced: Android M, VR, Brillo, Google Now on Tap, Android Pay, Google Photos, evolution of Material Design, Cloud Test Lab for developers, and much much more.
S01E217 The Huggable Phone 09/06/2015 This week, we'll be discussing a few missed IO details, Motorola's new found devotion to camera quality, an improved Android TV Play Store experience, and Apple--coming to Android, and that's not a joke.
S01E218 Android Curious 16/06/2015 Google offers cash for those who discover flaws in Android, Google overhauls Chrome's password manager to become part of its new Smart Lock service, a possible solution to Android Wear not working well with the developer preview of Android M, Google launches site to help you find the right Android phone for you, Headunit for AA puts Android Auto on your tablet, a recap of news at day one of E3, and more.
S01E219 It's Just a Plug 23/06/2015 This week, we'll be discussing USB-C, Play Music's free streaming service, YouTube Gaming taking on Twitch, the Dell Venue 10 7000, and more.
S01E220 Hot Tub Piano Machine 30/06/2015 This week, we'll be discussing a three fer of two fers, the Xiaomi Mi 4i, the end of Circa, battery breakthroughs, and more.
S01E221 Larry Wilcox Is Our Co-Pilot 07/07/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google's new Ride Sharing app, Material Design lite, Samsung's continuing profit decline, the Turing Phone, the Pebble Time, and more.
S01E222 Android Is PET Friendly 14/07/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Android M Preview 2, Google's take on proximity, Sundar Pichai's thoughts on phone intrusion, Commodore's Android phone, and more.
S01E223 It Goes To 11 21/07/2015 This week, we'll be discussing security concerns, Samsung announnces Galaxy S2 tablets, Marshall announces a smartphone, +Google Photos, Samsung Pay, and Humble Bundle.
S01E224 Why You No NFC? 28/07/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the Stagefright flaw, Motorola's new lineup of devices, the newly announced OnePlus Two, how your phone is tracking every move you make and its a feature, and more.
S01E225 Swiper, No Swiping 04/08/2015 The new Moto G, Samsung's upcoming Note 5 launch, the fate of the YotaFone in the US, and more.
S01E226 Sundarman 11/08/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the Alphabet, security updates, the OnePlus Two on sale, Hangout's anticipated 4.0 update, more Apple apps coming to Android, and more.
S01E227 Francisco Don't Care 18/08/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the official name of the next version of Android, Samsung's new fleet of elite devices, a discussion around developing and designing apps as a team, Google's creative lab, and much more!
S01E228 Bad Penmanship 25/08/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the future of Google Now and whether Microsoft's Cortana take it on, OnePlus Two review, Interactive Watch Faces, and more!
S01E229 A Bunch of Monkeys 01/09/2015 Google's new logo, Amazon lays off engineers that worked on Fire phone, Google releases Android Auto Desktop Head Unit, interesting new Android Phones, Android Wear comes to iPhone, next Moto 360 coming in November, Amazon Underground gives you access to apps for free, YouTube Gaming, Instagram ditches the square-only format, and more.
S01E230 Paging Doctor Android 08/09/2015 This week, we'll be discussing tons of new hardware from IFA, Google possibly making headway with China, how Android is making an impact in medicine, and more!
S01E231 The Struggle is Real 15/09/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Cyanogen's Microsoft fantasy, how to charge a battery in 35 minutes, Android Pay arrives, and more.
S01E232 Women's Watches and Huawei 22/09/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google's official event announcement, Moto X Pure impressions, Huawei watch review, Amazon's new Fire tablet lineup, Apple's grand Play Store entrance, and more.
S01E233 Google Hootenanny 29/09/2015 This week, we'll be discussing all the news from today's press event hosted by Google, including new Nexus Phones, New Chromecasts and a ton more. We've also got Blackberry and Blackphones, and an increase to App limits in the Play store.
S01E234 It's Fifty Dollars 06/10/2015 Android 6.0 Marshmallow review, an interview with Justin Baum the VP of UX at Wove, a flexible multi-touch display, the NextBit Robin, the LG V10 phablet for videographers, Google talks about the 5X and 6P names in a Nexus AMA, and more.
S01E235 Hiroshi the Hero 13/10/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the new hero in charge of Android, the NextBit Robin in house, Pepsi getting into the phone game, LastPass's acquisition, and more.
S01E236 Life is Beta 20/10/2015 This week, we'll show off the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P, the HTC One A9, and discuss Play Store's upcoming redesign, an incredible new feature in Google Maps, and more.
S01E237 Nerd Bingo 27/10/2015 This week, we'll be discussing podcasts coming to Google Play, full reviews of the Nexus 6P and HTC One A9, YouTube Red, and much more.
S01E238 All Roads Lead To Chrome 03/11/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the death of ChomeOS? OnePlus and Blackberry Want your business, and whole bunch of Google Apps.
S01E239 Square in its Soul 10/11/2015 This week, we'll be discussing Google's secret plans to build an Android phone themselves, hands on the OnePlus X, BlackBerry Priv reviews abound, ASUS ZenWatch 2, Apple Music for Android, and more.
S01E240 Distracted By the Nib 17/11/2015 This week, we'll be discussing the new Google+, Ron's grand Nexus 6P experiment, Pushbullet goes freemium, YouTube Music, and more.
S01E241 A Stream of Apps 24/11/2015 This week, we'll be discussing app streaming from Google search, LG flubs the Watch Urbane LTE, Google+ gets a big redesign, OnePlus X review, and more.
S01E242 Let's Talk About Apps, Baby 01/12/2015 This week, we'll be discussing our ideas for how you should spend your money, an inside look at the Android Nanodegree, reviews of the Meizu M2 Note and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, and goats.
S01E243 The Emoji Divide 08/12/2015 Google's new Pixel-C, Samsung's massive Galaxy View, Android 6.0.1 and the death of the poop emoji.
S01E244 Blame the Pixel-C 15/12/2015 Android Pay for apps, Pixel-C hands on, Droid Turbo 2 review, and how Nexus devices are made.
S01E245 Santandroid 22/12/2015 Our favorite news stories, hardware releases, and apps from the entire year!
S01E246 Best of 2015 29/12/2015 This week, we have our 2015 Best of Clips! Thanks to all our fans for watching and making 2015 a great year.
S01E247 Force Pay 05/01/2016 This week, we'll be discussing a big change in Android N, CES 2016 hardware galore, Facebook testing your patience and loyalty by breaking its app, and more.
S01E248 Robin-Curious 12/01/2016 This week we'll be discussing a change in venue for the next Google I/O, saying goodbye to the Rola in Motorola, tons of Huawei hardware, and more.
S01E249 JarvOS 19/01/2016 This week, we'll be discussing who's making Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 820 chip, Google getting you in the habit of using Android Pay with incentives, Google Play promo codes at long last, and much more!
S01E250 Smells Like Shenzhen 26/01/2016 This week, we'll be discussing Android's billions in revenue according to Oracle, Amazon's broader hardware intentions, an interview with the folks behind Nuu Mobile, what actually happened to Chris Lacy's Link Bubble, and more!
S01E251 The Curiosity Gap 02/02/2016 This week, we'll be discussing Google's impending control over its Nexus line, what it takes to become a Google Developer Expert, how Xiaomi and Muzei didn't actually enter the US market, and much more!
S01E252 The Yard of Rakes 09/02/2016 This week, we'll be discussing Google's next big push into VR, Andy Rubin's next big push into AI, Podcasts next big push into the Play Store, and Apple's next big push into Android.
S01E253 Illicit Ham 16/02/2016 This week, we'll be discussing the slow transition to Marshmallow, a Mobile World Congress rumor roundup and more!
S01E254 Lychee Skin 23/02/2016 This week, we'll be discussing a number of hardware highlights from Mobile World Congress, another stab at messaging for Android, what the Apple FBI backdoor case could mean for Android users, browsing the Play Store in MS-DOS, and more!
S01E255 A Case For Your Case 00/00/0000