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20 Americans from across the country have nailed the chance to be crowned the "handiest of them all" in the new HGTV series, All American Handyman, hosted by the talented Molly Culver. The goal of the series: to find America's best handyman (or handywoman), the one with real skill, integrity and the right stuff to impress the judges. To avoid elimination, contestants must showcase their abilities under the watchful gaze of HGTV's celebrity judges Mike Holmes, Holmes on Homes and Scott McGillivray, Income Property plus a secret weekly judge. All 20 contestants have proven they've got what it takes but only one will walk away with the coveted title of "All American Handyman," and a significant prize package.


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S01E01 Hello, Goodbye 05/09/2010 Episode One starts with a bang. To earn their spot as an official top ten finalist, our twenty handymen invitees are immediately forced into a one-off challenge. To earn an official spot in the competition, the twenty contestants have just two hours to build whatever they like. The more clever or skill demanding their project, the better their chances are likely to be ¿ that's up to the contestant to decide. When time is called, it's up to the resident judges, Mike Holmes and Scott McGillivray to decide which ten exhausted handymen will be staying, and which ten will be going home.
S01E02 Finishing School 12/09/2010 Episode Two begins by splitting the contestants up into teams of two. Each of the four teams is assigned a mock living room to ¿finish¿ with drywall, trim, window, floor, and paint materials. To add to the pressure ¿ the contestants must hang a plasma TV screen. All under the watchful eye of guest judge, Carmen de la Paz. Can they work together? Will they sell their partner out? Praise them? After the judges deliberate, only six will remain. Our six remaining handymen have just one hour to a hang a used door to house their energy efficient Kenmore washers and dryers in keeping with the 'green'/reusable theme of the challenge. And, if they have time left over build a shelf above it! One contestant will be eliminated; five remain.
S01E03 If You Can’t Stand the Heat 19/09/2010 Our five remaining finalists are each assigned four major Kenmore kitchen appliances. In a mock kitchen, the contestants must first lay out their own kitchen designs, and then 'connect' them all by building mock counters and cabinets for the appliances to fit in. For this challenge, our resident judges are joined by Ryan Ostrom, Director Brand Management. The competitor with the worst design will be eliminated, leaving the top four handymen. Our four remaining handymen must stave off elimination by competing in an 'obstacle course' head-to-head race. Can they perform the simplest of handyman tasks, within a limited time frame, and select the right tools to do it? The handyman who struggles the most to complete their work properly, and on-time, will be the one hanging up his tool belt, and saying goodbye.
S01E04 All Hands on Deck 26/09/2010 In this, the final challenge, our three remaining handymen have a day ¿ and a small crew ¿ to construct a freestanding outdoor living space of their own design. Each handyman must build a patio or deck that includes, at a minimum ¿ a living area and a deluxe grilling area, and outfit the space completely. So, first ¿ a shopping spree at Sears to select furniture, grills, appliances and decorative enhancements. For the fourth and final episode, our resident judges are joined by Dev Mukherjee, President, Sears Seasonal and Toys. The project that best represents skill, industry standards and wow factor earns this handyman the title of All American Handyman, along with a Sears prize package and an HGTV development deal. Of what more could a handyman dream?
S02E01 Make or Break 04/09/2011
S02E02 Good on Paper 11/09/2011
S02E03 Behind Closed Doors 18/09/2011
S02E04 Terrible Twos 25/09/2011
S02E05 Know It or Blow It 02/10/2011
S02E06 To the Top 09/10/2011
S03E01 Toilet Fixes and Custom Doghouse Build 19/08/2012 The battle for All American Handyman begins in Los Angeles, as ten new handymen and women face two challenges. First, they must flush in a flash when tasked to replace a toilet in just 30 minutes. Second, their creative skills are put to the test when faced with creating a custom doghouse in only 4 hours. Unfortunately, only 9 survive and move on to the next challenge.
S03E02 Crying Babies and Playground Battles 26/08/2012 Silence is the name of the game as the handymen must quietly make four household repairs without waking a sleeping baby. Later, they team up to build three custom playgrounds before one of them is told to hang up their tool belt and head home.
S03E03 From Clutter and Chaos to the Dream Garage 02/09/2012 A huge window repair has the handymen fighting to win an advantage. Later, paired in teams of two, a full garage rebuild sends one team to the top, and another handyman home.
S03E04 Handymen Turned Home Inspectors Turned Garden Builders 09/09/2012 The handymen become home inspectors and must tackle a variety of fixes before being tasked to construct a garden retreat. But a tranquil garden build proves anything but peace and quiet as another Handyman is sent home.
S03E05 The Crawlspace Obstacle Course and BBQ Island Build Off 16/09/2012 The Handymen pair up to tackle a dirty obstacle course. Later, a BBQ island challenge has temperatures rising and tempers flaring as the Handymen head into their first double elimination.
S03E06 Media Room Redo and a Full Kitchen Build Out 23/09/2012 A Media Room rebuild cuts our numbers from four to two Handymen. Our final two are then given 8-hours to build a kitchen from top to bottom. In the end, one will be crowned the All American Handyman.

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