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After retrieving Gabriel's Horn in the movie All Dogs Go To Heaven 2, Charlie B. Barkin, and his longtime friend/sidekick, Itchy Itchiford, become Guardian Angels, helping people and dogs alike on Earth, while being under the watchful eye of the Archangel Canine, Anabelle. When Charlie isn't on a mission, he's usually trying to think of new scams to get food and money, trying to make time with the lovely Irish Setter, Sasha LaFleur, or trying to stop his longtime enemy, Carface Caruthers and his sidekick, Killer, from ruining his, or his friends' day.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de All Dogs Go to Heaven

S01E01 The Doggone Truth 21/09/1996 When Carface and Killer take over the Flea Bite Cafe and turn it into a video game arcade, Charlie and Itchy have to dress up like girls to get the cafe back! But will their diguises work?
S01E02 Field Trip 28/09/1996 When Charlie and Itchy get into an arguement, Anabelle decides to take Itchy's place on their next mission! But when their mission gets them sent to the pound, will Charlie admit that he needs Itchy's help?
S01E03 Lance the Wonder Pup 05/10/1996 A new Guardian Angel, named Lance, comes to town, with more heroism and bravery than Charlie and Itchy. Did Anabelle send this new dog to take over their jobs?!
S01E04 Puppy Sitter 19/10/1996 Annabelle gives Charlie and Itchy the assignment to find a home for a little puppy, although Charlie does mess up her signal on the receiving end. The puppy turns out to be extremely wild and impossible to find a home. However, Charlie figures out that Sasha gets all goo-goo eyed when she sees how sensative he is to take care of a puppy.
S01E05 Dogs in the House 02/11/1996 Itchy is unable to properly beg for food, unlike Charlie, who masters it quite often. Under Charlie's guidance, Itchy begs a rich kid for ice cream, who, in return, takes Itchy as a new pet. Charlie successfully rescues Itchy from the clutches of the kid, but Itchy refuses to leave and tells Charlie that the kid is lonely and they must help her make friends. Meanwhile, Carface and Killer have picked the same house as their next target in a string of burglaries.
S01E06 Cyrano de Barkinac 09/11/1996 Itchy falls in love with a dog named Bess! But when Bess is convinced that Charlie loves her, will Charlie and Itchy's friendship be broken?
S01E07 An Itch in Time 16/11/1996 David receives a voice recorder on his birthday, as Charlie and Itchy bump into him with it on the streets the following morning. However, David shows off his new gadget in school, and ends up receiving detention. Charlie, who never had a birthday of his own due to him being a street dog, wants to give David a great birthday. Using David's new voice recorder, Charlie creates an impromptu David look-alike with the voice recorder repeatedly saying mathematical equations and sneaks him out of detention.
S01E08 Mission Im-paws-ible 23/11/1996 Carface and Killer steal Itchy's Heavenly Collar, so Charlie, Itchy and Sasha plan to get it back! But when the plan involves Sasha seducing Carface, will Charlie's jealousy flub the whole plan up?
S01E09 Mutts Ado About Nothing 30/11/1996 Bess and Sasha meet for the first time, and decide to plan a double date with Charlie and Itchy in order for the two to stop fighting. But the problem they don't know is that Anabelle switched Charlie and Itchy's personality souls into each other's bodies. Charlie is in Itchy's body, and Itchy is in Charlie's body and it becomes worse.
S01E10 Dog Eat Dog 18/01/1997 Sasha leaves town and leaves Charlie and Itchy in charge of the Flea Bite until she returns. All goes well at first, but with an evil money-stealing scheme from Carface and Killer around the corner, will Charlie end up losing the Cafe's money?
S01E11 Will Success Spoil Itchy Itchiford? 25/01/1997 Charlie auditions to be the new spokesdog for Gulpo Dog Food, but the advertising company picks Itchy instead. Now Itchy is famous and Charlie is left wailing his woes in the Flea Bite Cafe, will Charlie lose his best friend?
S01E12 Heaventh Inning Stretch 01/02/1997 Charlie and Itchy are assigned to help a boy who wants to join a baseball team. But if they succeed, Itchy is going to move back into Heaven! With the seperation between him and his best friend at hand, will Charlie screw up the mission on purpose? Or will he help out and let Itchy go back to Heaven?
S01E13 The Perfect Dog 22/02/1997 Sasha wants the perfect dog, and Charlie's gonna give him to her... by pretending to have amnesia and smothering her with love and kindness of course! Will Sasha drown in the affection, or will she find out and fight back?
S02E01 La Doggie Vita 20/09/1997 Anabelle's latest mission sounds very suspicious... and something's not right. Did Anabelle get her fur dyed purple? No, it's Belladonna, Anabelle's evil cousin who works for the ""other side""! And with a little sweet talk, she coaxes Charlie to join her! Will Charlie really betray Itchy, Anabelle, and all of the good dogs on Earth and Heaven just for free food?!
S02E02 Travels with Charlie 27/09/1997 Charlie is dog-tired and needs a vacation. Which is exactly what he manages to convince Itchy into taking. But with so many bad things happening in the city today, Charlie can't even go a block without being someone's Guardian Angel! Will Charlie finally leave the city for a while?
S02E03 Charlie's Cat-Astrophe 00/00/0000 Charlie and Itchy are assigned to return a cat named Dilly to her owner. But when Dilly gets taken in by a dog-hating old lady, Charlie and Itchy must use a Miracle Dog Tag to become cats to rescue her!
S02E04 Magical Misery Tour 00/00/0000 Charlie seems to have overbooked his schedule between a fight with Otto's gang, his Poker buds, and having lunch with Sasha! Charlie's worried, until he, Itchy, and David find a magic multiplying box, that he uses to clone himself to make each appointment! Now Charlie is in triple trouble when each of his clones mess up in their own way during each appointment, ultimately leaving the real Charlie to confront his friends, enemies, and Sasha! Oh, Charlie, what are you going to do?!
S02E05 Miss Guidance 18/10/1997 Charlie volunteers to go get notes that David's crush, Alex, left in her mom's car, but Sasha must go with Charlie instead of Itchy because he's sick from running around in the rain! Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't see women as good partners for this type of thing... looks like it's time for Sasha to show Charlie just what women can do!
S02E06 Fearless Fido 08/11/1997 Bess is being threatened by Manfred and wants out of the relationship to be with Itchy. Itchy tries everything to protect her as Manfred makes fun, but Charlie saves Bess from being hurt by Manfred. Itchy is later hypnotized by a magician who turns him into a superhero.
S02E07 Pair-A-Dogs Lost 15/11/1997 Charlie and Itchy are watching a wilderness movie, and Itchy becomes frightened. Charlie tells Itchy that every dog has got wolf blood in them, even Itchy. Charlie then decides that they are going on a trip into the wild, so Itchy can live up to his heritage.
S02E08 Kibbleland 22/11/1997 Charlie's competative side shows when the new board game Kibbleland hits the streets. When it comes to games, Charlie is selfish and only thinks about himself and how to win. This becomes a problem when Belladonna tricks Sasha into playing with a magical game piece and sucking her into a world of snake-like bacon and karate pork chops! Charlie and Itchy have to save her... if Charlie can think about anyone but himself, that is!
S02E09 The Rexx Files 31/01/1998 Anabelle tells Itchy and Charlie to guard a "crystal". Charlie and Itchy have been playing pranks. Charlie thinks he sees a UFO and tells Itchy. Itchy thinks it's just another prank, and leaves. Then the "aliens" come into Itchy and Charlie's home, and scare Charlie away. The "aliens" were actually Carface and Killer. When Charlie finds this out, he plots a scheme to get them back and the "crystal".
S02E10 Sidekicked 07/02/1998 Itchy gets sent to the pound and has to break out with help from Killer. Can the two work together and get out?
S02E11 Heaven Nose 14/02/1998 Charlie has been lying a bit too much lately, so Anabelle makes his nose grow every time he tells a lie. Will Charlie start telling the truth, or face the consequences?
S02E12 The Big Fetch 21/02/1998 Charlie has a dream of him becoming a detective to find out about a cat-scheme back in the 1930s.
S02E13 All Creatures Great & Dinky 28/02/1998 The next mission for Charlie and Itchy takes them to the sewers to help a colony of mice. Toxic smelling paint and other junk are washed down the drains, taking away their freedom of living without anything to worry about. Charlie and Itchy team up with Moxie, a mother mouse in the colony, to crack the case. They follow the drain to Carface and Killer's curio shop, trying to transform new looking toy trains to look like antiques to sell for loads of money. The problem is almost unbearable for Charlie to succeed in, until Anabelle tells him that the pollution in the water would someday end up in his dish.
S03E01 Free Nelly 00/00/0000
S03E02 Dogfaces 00/00/0000
S03E03 Charlie the Human 00/00/0000
S03E04 History of All Dogs 00/00/0000
S03E05 Trading Collars 00/00/0000
S03E06 Whacked to the Future 00/00/0000
S03E07 Dr. Jekyll & Mangy Hide 00/00/0000
S03E08 Charlie's Angle 00/00/0000
S03E09 Agent from F.I.D.O. 00/00/0000
S03E10 Bess and Itchy's Dog School Reunion 00/00/0000 Charlie's little advice to Itchy ""Be a phoney to impress a phoney"" and ""Show dogs never itch in public"" makes Bess' reunion turn to disaster. Itchy, hiding the fact that he was a street dog, escorts Bess to her dog school reunion. All the dogs attending were high-horsed snobs, especially the Afghan Hound Tiffany. When she put down Bess, Charlie convinced Itchy for revenge. Prank after prank, nothing was resolved but a big mess for the spaniel to clean up. After Tiffany secretly put fleas on Itchy, the beam she was standing on was collapsing. With the other dogs not willing to help, it was Itchy to the rescue. After he got her down, the Afghan admited she was wrong, and appologised to Itchy and Bess. No RECAP yet
S03E11 When Hairy Met Silly 00/00/0000
S03E12 The Wrong Stuff 00/00/0000
S03E13 Haunted Is as Haunted Does 00/00/0000
S03E14 He Barked, She Barked 00/00/0000
S03E15 An All Dogs Christmas Carol 00/00/0000 This Christmas, everyone at the Flea Bite Cafe is raising money to help a sick puppy, named Timmy, get an operation. But when Carface and Killer, led by none other than Belladonna, of course, use a magic dog whistle to hypnotize everyone, will Timmy's operation fund, as well as Christmas for everyone in San Francisco, be ruined? Not if Charlie and Itchy can help it! With a little help from Anabelle, they might just be able to convince Carface to switch sides!