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Toward the end of Northern Song Dynasty, the government was deeply corrupted, and the oppressed citizens finally rebelled. A hundred and eight men and women fought against the government and took their last stand in a place called Liangshan.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de All Men Are Brothers

S01E01 Marshal Hong accidentally releases the demons 03/01/2011
S01E02 The Seven Stars gather in Shijie Village 04/01/2011
S01E03 Nine Tattooed Dragons Secretly Leaves Dongjing 05/01/2011
S01E04 Major Lu helps Jin Cuilian 06/01/2011
S01E05 Beating up the Lord of the Wes 07/01/2011
S01E06 Lu Da becomes a monk in Wenshu Monastery 10/01/2011
S01E07 The Panther Head enters the White Tiger Hall by mistake 11/01/2011
S01E08 Uprooting a willow tree 11/01/2011
S01E09 Chaos in Wild Boars Forest 12/01/2011
S01E10 Lin Chong defeats Instructor Hong 13/01/2011
S01E11 Lu Zhishen burns Waquan Monastery 14/01/2011
S01E12 Instructor Lin encounters snow and wind at the Temple of the Mountain Deity 17/01/2011
S01E13 Forced to go onto Mount Liang 18/01/2011
S01E14 Yang Zhi sells his saber 19/01/2011
S01E15 Robbing the convoy of birthday gifts 20/01/2011
S01E16 Song Gongming secretly releases Heavenly King Chao 21/01/2011
S01E17 Killing Wang Lun 24/01/2011
S01E18 Song Jiang marries Yan Xijiao 25/01/2011
S01E19 Zhang Wenyuan's love conflict in Wulong Yard 26/01/2011
S01E20 Killing Yan Xijiao 27/01/2011
S01E21 Taking Twin Dragons Mountain by wit 28/01/2011
S01E22 Wu Song slays the tiger 31/01/2011
S01E23 Pan Jinlian encounters Ximen Qing 01/02/2011
S01E24 Pan Jinlian attempts to seduce Wu Song 02/02/2011
S01E25 Granny Wang accepts a bribe in greed and brews romantic feelings 03/02/2011
S01E26 Granny Wang instigates Ximen Qing 04/02/2011
S01E27 A Wicked Woman poisons Wu Dalang 07/02/2011
S01E28 Wu Song kills his sister-in-law 08/02/2011
S01E29 The Female Yaksha runs an inn at Cross Slope 09/02/2011
S01E30 Wu Song helps Shi En 10/02/2011
S01E31 Beating up Jiang-the-Doorgod 11/02/2011
S01E32 Chaos at Flying Cloud Pool 14/02/2011
S01E33 Bloodbath at Mandarin Ducks Tower 15/02/2011
S01E34 Song Jiang spends the night in Qingfeng Fort 16/02/2011
S01E35 Hua Rong fires an arrow at the Fiery Thunderbolt 17/02/2011
S01E36 Song Jiang meets Li Jun at Jieyang Ridge 18/02/2011
S01E37 The Black Whirlwind fights the White Stripe in the Waves 21/02/2011
S01E38 Writing a poem about rebellion at Xunyang Tower 22/02/2011
S01E39 The Magic Traveller delivers a fake letter 23/02/2011
S01E40 The heroes of Liangshan Marsh storm the execution ground 24/02/2011
S01E41 Zhang Shun captures Huang Wenbing 25/02/2011
S01E42 The real and fake Li Kui 00/00/0000
S01E43 The Daredevil Third Brother becomes sworn brothers with the Sick Guan Suo 01/03/2011
S01E44 Yang Xiong scolds Pan Qiaoyun in a drunken state 02/03/2011
S01E45 Shi Qian steals a hen in the Zhu Family Village 03/03/2011
S01E46 The Striking Hawk writes a letter about life and death twice 04/03/2011
S01E47 The Ten Feet of Blue captures the Stumpy Tiger 07/03/2011
S01E48 Three Assaults on the Zhu Family Village 08/03/2011
S01E49 Wang Ying's marriage 09/03/2011
S01E50 The Lord of the Beautiful Beard loses a child by carelessness 10/03/2011
S01E51 The Dragon in the Clouds conquers Gaotang in a battle of magic 11/03/2011
S01E52 The Flea on a Drum steals the armour 14/03/2011
S01E53 Defeating the chain-linked cavalry 15/03/2011
S01E54 ong Jiang braves danger by crossing three mountains 16/03/2011
S01E55 Wu Yong risks his life to persuade the Tigers 17/03/2011
S01E56 The three mountains submit to the Marsh 18/03/2011
S01E57 Attacking the Zeng Family Fortress at night 21/03/2011
S01E58 Heavenly King Chao is wounded by an arrow 22/03/2011
S01E59 The Resourceful Wizard wins the Jade Unicorn over by strategy 23/03/2011
S01E60 Lu Junyi hits Yan Qing by mistake 24/03/2011
S01E61 Shi Xiu risks his life to storm the execution ground 25/03/2011
S01E62 Song Jiang attacks Daming 28/03/2011
S01E63 The Female Tiger sends a letter by night 29/03/2011
S01E64 The Great Blade discusses conquering Liangshan Marsh 30/03/2011
S01E65 Divine Physician An Daoquan heals Song Jiang 31/03/2011
S01E66 The Timely Rain gives up his place to the Jade Unicorn 01/04/2011
S01E67 Lu Junyi captures Shi Wengong 04/04/2011
S01E68 Song Gongming righteously releases the General of Double Spears 05/04/2011
S01E69 The Featherless Arrow defeats the heroes with flying stones 06/04/2011
S01E70 Ranking of the heroes of Liangshan Marsh 07/04/2011
S01E71 The Black Whirlwind cuts down the yellow flag in anger 08/04/2011
S01E72 Li Kui admits his mistake 11/04/2011
S01E73 Yan Qing's leitai match 12/04/2011
S01E74 Li Kui becomes a magistrate in Shouzhang County 13/04/2011
S01E75 The Ruan brothers make fun of the imperial envoy 14/04/2011
S01E76 The Five Tiger Generals defeat Tong Guan 15/04/2011
S01E77 The heroes taunt Marshal Gao 18/04/2011
S01E78 Capturing Gao Qiu in the naval battle 19/04/2011
S01E79 The heroes of Liangshan Marsh are granted amnest 20/04/2011
S01E80 Yan Qing bids Li Shishi farewell 21/04/2011
S01E81 The male and female Featherless Arrow encounter each other at Fangyan Mountain 22/04/2011
S01E82 The heroes attack Fang La 25/04/2011
S01E83 Zhang Shun's death at Yongjin Gate 26/04/2011
S01E84 Wu Song captures Fang La with one arm 27/04/2011
S01E85 Song Gongming returns to his hometown in glory 28/04/2011
S01E86 Loyalty and righteousness reach high to the sky 29/04/2011

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