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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de All Souls

S01E01 Pilot 17/04/2001 It is Dr. Grace's first day, having turned down both Yale and the Mayo Clinic to work at the hospital where his father was a janitor. He fails to save the life of Caroline Patterson, a patient who was moved to a basement room by a suspicious orderly. Dr. Ryman Kreeger (David Hemblen), a senior doctor who thinks the "Gemini Project" will let him live forever, is taken by the hospital's ghosts. Also starred Vlasta Vrana as Dr. Lyman Brisco and Megan Ward as Dr. Alix Brightland.
S01E02 Spineless 24/04/2001 Kirstin Caine (Emily VanCamp), a hit and run victim with spinal trauma is admitted to the hospital. Patrick has a setback, and becomes subject to the research of Dr. Stefani Volette (Kari Matchett), which involves killing Kirstin to treat Patrick. It is revealed that Patrick's paralysis was not from the accident, but instead induced by Volette as part of her research. The revelation leads to Volette herself becoming a subject in her own experiment.
S01E03 The Deal 01/05/2001 Jordan Holland (Chad Donella), son of Tremaine Holland (Kim Coates) and Alice Anne Holland (Emma Campbell), is admitted to the psychiatric ward after his father refuses to "turn him over" to the people behind the mysterious research. It is revealed that Jordan had died at birth, and was saved by Ambrosius to fulfill some destiny beginning on his 18th birthday. Tremaine fails to stop the plan, taking his own life before Jordan leaves with Ambrose.
S01E04 Bad Blood 17/08/2001 Dr. Juan Antonio Marquez (Miguel Sandoval) is flown in for special treatment at the same time that a John Doe (also Sandoval) is admitted. Marquez's one-of-a-kind blood infection quickly kills anyone else infected including his in-flight doctor, and All Souls' Nurse Cathy Cavalleri (Linda Goodwin). It is revealed that John Doe is the real Juan Antonio Marquez, and that he was replaced by Colonel Avejo (Manuel Tadros in flashbacks) who tortured the real Marquez in prison. Avejo deliberately infects Marquez's niece who is saved with an immunity in the real Marquez's blood.
S01E05 Running Scared 24/08/2001 Experiments on five female athletes; Jolene Martin, Sierra Wilson, diver Anna Markham (Michelle Carroll), volleyballer Belinda Karch (Maria Bertrand), and runner Abigail "Gabby" Maine (Karen Cliche) have been undergoing experiments by Dr. Henry Lohman (Ken Jenkins) at the All Souls Sports Medicine Clinic. The first three are dead, and in trying to help Gabby the doctors find out that Belinda has apparently aged from twenty to over ninety as a side effect of the experiment. It is revealed that all five are Dr. Lohman's "daughters" via a genetic breeding experiment, but that the deaths are from an assistant giving the girls experimental DNA treatments without Lohman's knowledge.
S01E06 One Step Closer to Roger 31/08/2001 Barney Wheelock (Nigel Bennett) is almost killed, and has a near-death experience, just after being admitted. Dr. Elizabeth Baines (Leah Pinsent), an old friend of Dr. Cullen, is at the hospital speaking on the "white light" near death experience. Wheelock becomes possessed by "Roger" and dangerous, kidnapping tattooed nurse Kim Peretti (Cecile Cristobal) before killing his wife Calvette (Anik Matern) and their two sons. Roger then possesses Kim and goes after Dr. Sterling. It is revealed that "Roger" is an old "god of the dead" working through nurse Karen Waverly (Ann Day-Jones) and has gone after Dr. Baines as the next victim. Dr. Cullen is attacked in the process, but saved by Dr. Grace.

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