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Hungry for facts about the food you consume? All You Can Eat, hosted by comedian John Pinette, takes the country's culinary obsession in a whole new direction. He'll be serving up everything you need to know about great food. You won't get recipes or travel to foreign countries, but you will get the complete history, technology, and the process behind every single bite. From factories and farmlands to restaurants and retail, this is the story of how what we eat ends up in our mouths.


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S01E01 America's Best 23/06/2013 Food fight! Time to take sides in America's greatest ongoing food rivalries. Who makes the best cheese steak in Philly? The most authentic clam chowder? Watch and decide! Plus, we attempt to resolve the L.A. French Dip riot that's been raging for over a century.
S01E02 Cheese 23/06/2013 What's the food whose very name makes American's smile? Cheese! We celebrate cheese in all its forms, and find there's almost nothing Americans won't sprinkle it on top of or stuff it into. We meet legions of lactose-tolerant artisans who've built a life around cheese, and say "Moo" to the happiest cows on Earth.
S01E03 Sausage 30/06/2013 Here's one sausage fest you won't want to miss! Link into the many ways ground meat can be stuffed into casing. What is a Scotch Egg, anyway? And what's the difference between a hot dog and a sausage? You'll find out, unless you're some kind of a weenie.
S01E04 Wings & Things 30/06/2013 Your mom always told you not to eat with your hands, but your mom doesn't work here! Grab a handful of creative dishes designed to be enjoyed sans utensils…pretty much any food you care to eat, either in a wrap or on a stick. Enjoy fresh lobster without a bib, and try a contraption that takes the mess out of hot wings.
S01E05 Stuffed Foods 17/07/2013 From Thanksgiving turkeys to baked potatoes, America loves stuffing food! Learn all about the history of stuffing and how everything is better when stuffed. Visit a place that claims that they can stuff anything (as long as it's legal), and meet a guy who makes a living out of stuffing himself.
S01E06 Deep Fried 17/07/2013 Congratulations! You've struck oil–hot oil that is–in the form of our episode about all things fried. From the traditional deep-fried confections of the Louisiana State Fair, to batter-dipped oddities from all across America, you won't believe what's cooking. Plus, we'll dissect the science of why everything tastes better fried.
S01E07 Sandwiches 22/07/2013 From the original burger to the highest stack of patties on the menu, our sandwich episode takes a "between the buns" look at some of America's favorites. We visit a grilled cheese hotspot and meet a guy who can name over 100 types of sandwiches.
S01E08 Beef 22/07/2013 Beef–it's what's for dinner, and has been for hundreds of years. From the first roast beef sandwich, to the most expensive steak in New York, we answer all your burning questions about America's most popular protein. Like, what is mincemeat, anyway?
S01E09 Munchies 30/07/2013 Man up for a journey into the world of Guy Gastronomy. Take an impossible burger eating challenge and visit an inn where the wings are so hot, they're nuclear. We even meet a grill master who puts the "Dude" in Dude Food.
S01E10 Bacon 30/07/2013 This episode is a veritable sizzle reel of everything you ever wanted to know about bacon. We'll travel the country to discover some of the best ways to eat the popular pork product, and learn how it goes from the farm to the table in a crash course on America's hottest, and most delicious commodity.
S01E11 Meatballs 05/08/2013 Meatballs! They're not just for spaghetti anymore… they're a delicacy unto themselves. Sample the best "polpettas" Little Italy has to offer, rampage like a Viking through a Norwegian meatball feast, and stare into the face of the Lion's Head… if you've got the balls.
S01E12 Breakfast 05/08/2013 It's the most important meal of the day and we set out to find the places that make breakfast special. Whether it's a donut, waffle, or a restaurant that serves hundreds of varieties of cold cereal, we've got all your breakfast bases covered.
S01E13 Sugar 06/08/2013 Hope you saved room for the episode that answers the question: why do we love sweets so much? Learn the history of Baked Alaska and visit a place that custom-makes your ice cream while you wait, no screaming required. Plus, we'll scale the world's largest chocolate pyramid and take cookie dough to the next level of awesome.
S01E14 Roadkill 06/08/2013 In the wild world of roadkill cuisine, everything is fair game! From fried squirrel to antelope chili, you'll see that Americans do not live by beef and chicken alone.
S01E15 Buffets 19/08/2013 America loves buffets. Why choose one meal when you can have a taste of everything? Our quest to find the best buffets takes us from a Las Vegas casino all the way to the most expensive buffet in the U.S. We even visit the place where they make the sneeze guards!
S01E16 Vending Machines 19/08/2013 Vending machines aren't just for chips anymore. We'll try out coin-operated contraptions from all across the country that dispense everything from hot kosher meals to fresh lobster! Plus we'll take you back in history to learn about the first automats and how they've evolved into present day.
S01E17 Extreme Foods 29/08/2013 If this episode were a side dish, it would be corn on macabre! Travel to the dark side of dangerously delicious food; from heart-stopping, high-calorie burgers, to freshly grilled dangerous animals that would gladly eat you, if you didn't eat them first. Plus, we'll find out what's for dinner after the apocalypse!
S01E18 Hot & Buttered 05/09/2013 Lights, camera, snack-tion! It's the history of movie theatre food, from the Silent Era to today's deluxe cinemas, where 4-star meals are brought right to your seat. We'll see meals inspired by popular movies, break down the science of what makes multiplex floors so sticky, and of course, there WILL be popcorn.
S01E19 Food Fight 10/09/2013 Nothing good in life comes easy, and that's especially true for food. In this episode we sample foods that are difficult to eat, but oh-so worth it. Learn the proper way to shuck an oyster, and gaze in wonder at the lengths some people will go to satisfy a craving.
S01E20 White House Eats 23/09/2013 We know presidents have the power to order a missile strike, but what do they order for lunch? Discover the favorite snacks of our forefathers, and what it's like to cook for the First Family. From a presidential pizza delivery to the jellybeans that went to space, you'll find out how the Commander-in-Chief chows down.

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