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Patrick Malahide stars in Alleyn Mysteries as Ngaio Marsh's gentleman police inspector Roderick Alleyn, an Old Etonian at Scotland Yard. The series is set in the late 1940s.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Alleyn Mysteries

S01E01 A Man Lay Dead 18/04/1993 Spring, 1948. Sir Hubert Handesley livens up a week-end party at his country house, Frantock Hall, with a jolly game of murder - but one of his guests really does end up dead. When Alleyn is called in, he finds he has to solve more than one mystery, as a famous and enormously valuable silver cup has disappeared without trace.
S01E02 The Nursing Home Murder 25/04/1993 A British politician dies after an operation, but his wife believes he has been murdered. Alleyn investigates the nursing home where the cabinet minister died, and finds things there are indeed not as they should be.
S01E03 Final Curtain 02/05/1993 Troy has a commission to paint the portrait of Sir Henry Ancred, a famous actor, at his house in the country, Ancreton Manor. She finds Sir Henry far from well, and before long sends for Alleyn in his own professional capacity, to investigate a sudden death. He finds a complicated tale of anonymous letters and arguments over the dead man's will - and decides to have the body exhumed.
S01E04 Death at the Bar 09/05/1993 A well-known barrister dies in an incident at a village pub, seemingly killed by poison on the tip of a dart. Alleyn has to deal with a mystery which is not at all what it seems to be.
S01E05 Death in a White Tie 16/05/1993 Lord Gospell is found murdered during a ball at the house of society hostess Evelyn Carrados, and Alleyn has to find the killer. To the horror of Lady Carrados, it appears that the killer was not on her guest list. Then Alleyn discovers that a blackmailer is at work.

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