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The average television viewer loses interest and changes the channel every four and a half minutes. 26:46 constructs its shows to “change the channel” for the viewer by pacing the program to be exciting for the entire half-hour. Come on, we know TV rots the brain, in fact our motto is “kill your TV.” However interacts with the viewer using real stories, innovative presentation, and tons of eye candy to appeal to all ages.


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S02E01 Episode 2.01 00/00/0000
S02E02 Episode 2.02 00/00/0000
S02E03 Episode 2.03 00/00/0000 On this episode, we look behind the scenes of the ultimate underground experience, picking up trash on the Mississippi river, motorcross, paintball, and discovering the truth behind the most misunderstood party of the 20th century: the rave.
S02E04 Episode 2.04 00/00/0000
S02E05 Episode 2.05 00/00/0000
S02E06 Episode 2.06 00/00/0000
S02E07 Episode 2.07 00/00/0000
S03E01 Episode 3.01 00/00/0000
S03E02 Episode 3.02 00/00/0000
S03E03 Episode 3.03 00/00/0000
S03E04 Episode 3.04 00/00/0000
S03E05 Episode 3.05 00/00/0000
S04E01 Episode 4.01 00/00/0000
S04E02 Episode 4.02 00/00/0000
S04E03 Episode 4.03 00/00/0000
S04E04 Episode 4.04 00/00/0000
S04E05 Episode 4.05 00/00/0000
S04E06 Episode 4.06 00/00/0000
S04E07 Episode 4.07 00/00/0000
S05E01 Episode 5.01 00/00/0000
S05E02 Episode 5.02 00/00/0000
S05E03 Episode 5.03 00/00/0000 Checking an email without hands, a competition thats "bad to the bone," and a day in the life of a beer can.
S05E04 Episode 5.04 00/00/0000
S07E01 Episode 7.01 23/10/2005 Alt News takes a trip to Chicago as a group of kids turn Loyola University into their own personal playground. Then they go behind the scenes as Tom Sullivan shows the work it took for the visual effects of "The Evil Dead". Later we'll show you the cruel joke God placed on a breed of goats. Finally we head down to Louisana and show the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
S07E02 Episode 7.02 27/11/2005 On this episode of Alt News we show how the movie franchise "Star Wars" changed the way movies were marketed. Then we follow a group of ROTC cadets put their combat skills to the test. Later we party hard with Einstein of alternative rock, Andrew W.K. Finally we check out a group of Carbondale locals as they haul more then just cargo.
S07E03 Episode 7.03 26/01/2006 Alt News takes a trip to Chicago as a group of kids turn Loyola University into their own personal playground. Then we reveal the mystery that has been puzzles frat boys for a century, and it's not how to please a lady. Then we party hard with Einstein of alternative rock, Andrew W.K. Finally we go behind the scenes as Tom Sullivan shows the work it took for the visual effects of "The Evil Dead".
S07E04 Episode 7.04 26/01/2006 From hip-hop to punk rock Distortion 4.15 has it covered. On this edition we check out the crazy kids at The Starting Line. Then head up to the House of Blues in Chicago and see The Roots on stage. Later Tom Kenny shows us a rap video he directed. Then MC Chris from Adultswim gives us a peek at one of his live shows. Finally we show you an exclusive Alt News music video for a Yellowcard competition.
S07E05 Episode 7.05 23/04/2006 On this edition of Alt News, we exploit SIUC's new tailgating policy. Then we show a short film from Alt News' only, Drew Mitchell. Later, we show how a group of friends took Nintendo's video game soundtracks and rocked out to them on stage. Finally, we reveal what really goes bumping in the night, bed bugs.
S07E06 Episode 7.06 06/05/2006 On the final episode of the season, brings you its second short film, "The B-Team." Following the movie, we bring you the behind the scenes of the movie costumes, props, and all.
S09E01 Episode 9.01 21/10/2007
S09E02 Episode 9.02 18/11/2007
S09E03 Episode 9.03 00/00/0000 Criminal rehabilitation, revolutionizing the game of basketball with donkeys, voiceover legend Don LaFontaine, and Blue Man Group.
S09E04 Episode 9.04 00/00/0000
S09E05 Episode 9.05 00/00/0000
S10E01 Episode 10.01 05/10/2008
S10E02 Episode 10.02 02/11/2008
S10E03 Episode 10.03 18/01/2009 New York City activists, Los Angeles performers, Museum of Sex, "tug-of-war" rivalry of Illinois and Iowa over the Mississippi river.
S10E04 Episode 10.04 22/02/2009
S10E05 Episode 10.05 29/03/2009 A look into the history of and where it all started, as well as how it has evolved to the show it is today.
S10E06 Episode 10.06 26/04/2009
S10E07 Episode 10.07 10/05/2009
S12E01 Episode 12.01 30/09/2010 The season premiere episode of 26:46 will take you down the dark Milwaukee alleys to a secret spy hideaway, and all the way to Ohio as we join field reporter John Elder at the Ohio College of Clowning Arts. Our last stop will be in Columbus, Ohio, where established poet Mark Turns has even given us an exclusive all-access pass to his creative process. Before we do all that, we’d like to shoot you up in the air at fifty miles per hour with human cannonball, David “The Bullet” Smith at the DuQuoin State Fair. Tighten up your helmets: This is, and it starts NOW.
S12E02 Episode 12.02 23/10/2010 On another thrilling episode of 26:46, we’ll be taking you to the Delmar Loop, a cultural hotspot in St. Louis, where we’ll show you how some privately-owned shops are staying alive. And ladies, get ready to swoon over this year’s James Dean Festival. We’ll take you to the birthplace of the legend where residents keep James Dean’s memory strong. Next, we’ll delve into the alt.vault with Jim Bishop, The Castle Builder, but first we’ll take you into the boxing ring with field reporter Zac Kolves in the first installation of “Zac VS.” This is, and it starts now!
S12E03 Episode 12.03 15/01/2011 On this episode of 26:46, we’ll check into the Hotel Louisville, a Kentucky hotel that focuses on rehabilitating the mind, body, and spirit of those truly in need. After that, we’ll head to the Limelite in Nashville, TN, to see an electronic dub-step band that’s revolutionizing improvisation. Next, we’ll follow field reporter Katie McCall to Boston, MA, as she takes a look at bad art at it’s finest, but first we’ll dive into the underground world of Pinball and reveal some of its most shadowed secrets.
S12E04 Episode 12.04 15/02/2011 On this episode, we’ll take you to St. Paul The Apostle Church in New York where art activism is benefiting the Trevor Project. Next, we’ll meet up with Jimmy McMillian, the brilliant mind behind The Rent is Too Damn High party. Then we’ll take a look at a restaurant in Springfield, Illinois that produces the largest commercial pizza in the world. But first we’ll swing over to the Trapeze School in New York City that will be sure to get you flying high.
S12E05 Episode 12.05 08/03/2011 On this episode, we delve into the music scene with Less Than Jake, Here Come the Mummies, The Punch Brothers, and Dickwolf.
S12E06 Episode 12.06 09/05/2011 On this episode we’ll be showing the premiere of the 7th annual short film, We Are Dinosaurs. Stay tuned after the movie for a behind the scenes look of how the film came together. But first, we’ll head to Springfield, IL to see a different kind of pet lodging facility.
S13E01 Episode 13.01 07/09/2011 On the season premiere of 26:46, it’s our Fantasy Sports Edition! First, our field reporter Zac Kolves heads to Ohio to pack on the pounds just to bike them off again. Then we’ll take a trip up to Chicago where we’ll see the real world of Quidditch. And last, we’ll delve into the world of medieval combat fighting, Dagorhir. Stay tuned after that to see an exclusive behind the scenes look of this years open.
S13E02 Episode 13.02 13/11/2011 On our second episode of season 13, its time again for Distortion 415. First, we hang out with Those Darlins to talk about their band and the rock camp where they met. Then we’ll sit down with Trampled by Turtles and spend some time at their concert. After that we talk to The Gordons, a folk-rock couple from Illinois. Finally, we rock out hard with metal band Dillinger Escape Plan.
S13E03 Episode 13.03 06/01/2012 On this episode we’ll go up to Chicago to follow Tinley Wish as they take gifts to families in need. Then we’ll head down to Kentucky to talk to the horse rehabilitation non-profit Second Stride, and after that we’ll explore a Day in the Life of a whiskey barrel at a factory in Cuba, Missouri. Finally we’ll check out the band Here Come the Mummies and rock with the undead.
S13E04 Episode 13.04 25/03/2012 On this episode we’ll go to Lemp Mansion, participate in a dance marathon for charity, talk to Calls From Home, and learn about the history of a horseshoe sandwich.
S13E05 Episode 13.05 15/04/2012 Take a road trip with as we go down to Alabama to visit the birthplace of Kermit the Frog. Then we’ll stop to play at the City Museum, a multistory playhouse in St. Louis. After that we’ll grab a bite to eat at Moonshine Store, home of the moonburger in Southern Illinois. Lastly we’ll visit the owners of Holy Smoke who are providing a unique end-of-life option for the hunting and outdoor enthusiast.
S13E06 Episode 13.06 13/05/2012 On this episode we see a trailer for F$#king B@%ch, a Kid Tiger music video for “Seasick; Homesick”, and the short film “My Dad Lives in a Trunk.”
S14E01 Episode 14.01 14/10/2012 On the first episode of the season, 26:46 travels to New York City to introduce you to both real-life superheroes and a very unique artist. We will also visit St. Louis for the happiest 5k on the planet and a high-flying balloon race. Plus, we’ll take you behind the scenes of our crazy new open.
S14E02 Episode 14.02 17/12/2012 On this episode... presents Distortion 415 where we'll meet up with indy heart throbs Imagine Dragons, folk legend and former Men at Work frontman Colin Hay, alternative chart topper AWOLNATION, and rap prodigy Mac Miller. We'll also take you on a tour of the legendary Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee all on this episode of's Distortion 415.
S14E03 Episode 14.03 20/01/2013 On this episode... meets up with field reporter David Goold as he takes on the 12-mile Tough Mudder course. After that, presents the Illinois band Kid Tiger's debut music video for Seasick, Homesick. Finally we'll head down to Texas to check out the world's first ultra-accessible amusement park, an exotic wildlife ranch, and a Cathedral of Junk 20 years in the making.
S14E04 Episode 14.04 30/03/2013 On this episode... meets up with field reporter David Goold as he takes on the 12-mile Tough Mudder course. After that, we head to small town Morrison, Illinois where they are redefining the phrase "Paint the Town." Finally we'll head down to Texas to check out the world's first ultra-accessible amusement park, an exotic wildlife ranch, and a cathedral made entirely of junk.
S14E05 Episode 14.05 31/03/2013 sits down with Mac Miller, Imagine Dragons, Matt & Kim, AWOLNATION, and Blackbird Studios
S14E06 Episode 14.06 21/04/2013 On this episode... meets up with field reporter Marcus Odom at a tattoo convention in Chicago. Next, we'll check out a group of fire dancers in St. Louis and then head to a sustainable community in Austin, Texas. Finally, will show you what really happens at a meat convention.
S14E07 Episode 14.07 09/05/2013 On this episode... check out our 8th short film Watermelon Falls. After that, stick around for a behind the scenes look at the making of the film. Check ya next season!
S15E01 Episode 15.01 07/10/2013 On the season premiere of, we travel down to New Orleans to see big beards and Lousiana Voodoo. After that, we'll rock out with The Thermals and meet a family freak show.
S15E02 Episode 15.02 04/11/2013
S15E03 Episode 15.03 19/01/2014 On this episode of 26:46, we meet the members of The 1975, jam out with Motion City Soundtrack, rock out with AFI, and dance with Capital Cities!
S15E04 Episode 15.04 14/01/2014 On this episode of 26:46, we get hairy in New Orleans, travel to the magical land of Oz, race coffins down a Colorado mountain avenue, and meet the most armed man in the West.
S15E05 Episode 15.05 03/02/2014 On this episode of 26:46, we sat down with band Icon for Hire, went to Chicago to experience a performance by the Improvised Shakespeare Company and visit the Museum of Mourning Photography, then headed to Colorado to get the story behind the Emma Crawford Coffin Race and meet the Dragon Man.
S15E06 Episode 15.06 28/04/2014 On this episode of 26:46, we travel to Columbus, Ohio for the North American Pizza and Ice Cream Show with field reporter Holden Jones, explore the Love at the Glove display with field reporter Emily Neal, and get our taste on at Bombfire Pizza in Sebula, Iowa. Later, we'll explore just how weird Illinois really is with Jim Egan, and pledge to stop the bullying in our schools with Stand for the Silent.
S15E07 Episode 15.07 28/04/2014 On this episode of 26:46, we premiere our 9th movie, Canned. Before the big premiere, check out a movie trailer and the newest music video by ELLENNOISE feat. J.O.G.

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