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Amachan is the 88th 2013 NHK asadora written by Kankuro Kudo (Tiger and Dragon, Unobore Deka). It's about Amano Aki (Nounen Rena), a 16 year old girl from Tokyo who goes to her mother's former home in Sodegahama, a fishing village in Kitasanriku, Iwate prefecture for the summer break. She falls in love with the sea and its people, and decides to stay on to become an Ama (women divers who fetch clams and sea urchins for tourists) just like her grandmother, Natsu (Miyamoto Nobuko). Her decision is welcomed wholeheartedly by Natsu and the other locals. However, her mother Haruko (Koizumi Kyoko) does not like the idea at first. She has a strained relationship with Natsu, and her extreme dislike of the sea, diving and the countryside is one of the reasons why she left her hometown 24 years ago. Eventually, she decides to stay in Sodegahama with Aki, considering that she is contemplating on getting a divorce anyway and does not want to go back to her husband in Tokyo. She also notices that it might be good for Aki for she seems livelier and happier in Kitasanriku than in Tokyo. The road towards becoming a full-fledged Ama-san is tough for Aki as she encounters tests and hurdles. One day, a video of her as an Ama gets uploaded in the city's tourism website, transforming an ordinary high school girl into an overnight Internet sensation. Suddenly she is called upon to use this opportunity to attract tourists to a city suffering from depopulation..


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S01E01 I Like This Sea! 01/04/2013 In 2008, Amano Haruko (42 yo) is a housewife in Tokyo. In 1984, she ran away from Kitasanriku, her hometown in Iwate Prefecture, had lived in Tokyo ever since, and never went back. But she has been receiving emails by a former schoolmate, Daikichi (Train Station Master, 44 yo), telling her that her mother back home had collapsed and insists that she returns home. So that summer, for the first time in 24 years, she comes back to Sodegahama, a fishing village by the sea, bringing along her shy daughter Aki (high school student, 16 yo). However, Haruko, as she had suspected all along, finds out that it was a ruse to bring her back, and that her mother is actually fit as a fiddle. As Aki is taken through a tour around her mother's hometown, she learns about the depopulation problem of the city. She is introduced to the people of the city's Tourism Office and the Sodegahama Fishing Cooperative, particularly the middle-aged members of Ama Club, a group of women divers who fish for clams and sea urchins for tourists. Later, they arrive at Haruko's parents' home. Aki goes to the beach and, for the first time sees her grandmother, Natsu (Ama and the Leader of the club, 64 yo), swimming for seaweed and sea urchins. "So cool~!" Aki is instantly in awe of her.
S01E02 I Like This Sea! 02/04/2013 Natsu-bappa*, thinking that Aki is just a regular tourist, feeds her some sea urchins and charges her for it. The other Amas inform Natsu that Aki is her granddaughter. Natsu is surprised but quickly recovers. She says to Aki, "Okay, I'll give you a family discount." Meanwhile, Daikichi and Anbe Sayuri (Ama and former classmate of Haruko, 42) explain to Haruko the real reason why she was called home. They say the Ama group will become extinct because Natsu was heard saying she will be retiring soon, and there is no willing successor. "The other Amas said if Natsu-san retires, then they'll quit, too!" They want Haruko to become an ama. But she refuses, saying she hates it, and it is among the reasons why she left home in the first place (she did not want to follow in her mother's footsteps). Natsu arrives but is cold towards Haruko and vice versa. Aki notices it. Contrary to what Daikichi said, Natsu declares it will be a long ways off before she retires from being an Ama. She also charges Haruko payment for the sea urchins that Aki ate a while back. Haruko is irked and gets up to leave. "Aki, let's go back to Tokyo!" But Aki refuses, saying she wants to stay.
S01E03 I Like This Sea! 03/04/2013 "Do what you want, I'm going back to Tokyo!" Haruko storms out, leaving Aki behind. Daikichi goes after her and stops her from boarding a bus bound for Tokyo. He tells her to ride the local train, KitaTetsu* and while she waits for her ride, they hang out at a cafe (run by her mother who is out diving at the moment) at the train station. Here, Haruko complains about how she does not understand her daughter Aki. "She's quiet, plain and gloomy, just like her father." She did not notice the time and misses the last train so she is forced to stay overnight. By then, Natsu arrives at the cafe and tells her to go to some business hotel. "You don't have to tell me!" Haruko again, irked, storms out, taking her luggage with her. But Daikichi manages to bring her back to the cafe which at night transforms into a snack bar. The next day is Umihiraki** which is also the season of the Ama. Aki is at the beach along with many tourists to kick off the event. Meanwhile, Haruko is hanging out at the pachinko parlor where she attracts unwanted stares from people who knew her from before. Feeling uncomfortable, she offers her winning pachinko machine to Adachi Hiroshi, the young man sitting next to her before leaving. She goes to the seashore where she sees Aki and Natsu on a boat. She also watches in horror as Natsu pushes Aki down into the water...
S01E04 I Like This Sea! 04/04/2013 Haruko remembers how she hated when Natsu forces her to dive when she was a young girl. She would get pushed into the sea by her own mother, too. She worriedly runs towards Aki who even though she was pushed, was laughing and enjoying the water. "Why do you like the only thing I hate the most?!" Haruko walks away angrily. Later, Aki finds out from the Ama-sans that her mom hates the sea and was a rebellious teenager. Natsu says she assumes things are not going well with her husband in Tokyo. Yayoi tells her not to say that in front of her grandchild. But Aki says it might be her fault. "Because I'm plain and gloomy, lacks ambition and coordination...And that I don't stand out." Natsu: "Who told you that?" Aki replies, "Mom." Meantime, Haruko goes to the Tourism Office where Daikichi is badgering Sugawara Tamotsu (Head of Tourism Office, 42 yo; former classmate of Haruko) on why his proposal for a city website is taking too long. Then, when Daikichi is alone with Haruko in his car, he attempts to confess his love for her but gets interrupted when a train comes closely by. That night, Haruko gets into another argument with her mother. Natsu says bitterly, "You didn't even tell me you got married and had a child!" "And you did not tell me Dad was dead!" Natsu retorts back after praying in front of her father's funeral picture at the family altar. Natsu says she knows Haruko goes around town playing pachinko all day because she does not really want to go home. "Is it because things are not going well at your home in Tokyo?" Annoyed, Haruko goes out into the night. When outside she visits her private retreat, a beacon near the beach. There, she sees the words she wrote on the concrete floor 27 years ago, "Tokyo, Harajuku, Omotesando..." The next morning, Aki and Natsu go to the train station where they sell Natsu's famous unidonburi*. Then, a pretty girl steps o
S01E05 I Like This Sea! 05/04/2013 Aki gets introduced to the pretty girl. She's Adachi Yui, same age as her. She's also the sister of Hiroshi (guy at the pachinko parlor). Their father is congressman, Adachi Isao who was also a former high school teacher of Haruko, Sugawara, and Daikichi. By this time Aki is trying to sound like a local by speaking with a Sodegahama accent. At the cafe, Daikichi and the Ama-sans gossip about "Yui-chan's older brother," saying he dropped out of college, also quit his part-time job in Tokyo, and is now jobless. (Actually, Hiroshi tells Haruko at the pachinko parlor that he has recently gotten a job watching out for poachers at the monitoring hut overlooking the beach.) At home, Haruko tells Natsu she is thinking of letting Aki stay for the whole summer break. "She has changed. She was usually quiet and somber back in Tokyo. But here, she is livelier and happier." Natsu asks her, "Which do you like better, your hometown or Tokyo?" Haruko still chooses Tokyo. Natsu tells Haruko, that Sodegahama, "the land that you abandoned", is still the best place to be. "Aki isn't the one who needs to change, it's you." Back at the cafe, Aki listens as the older folks lament about the dire lack of successors for the Ama. She too feels sorry for the town which she has gotten to love. At the beacon near the sea, she contemplates on what to do... and while doing so, she recalls being called "plain, gloomy, and uninteresting" by her mom and friends. "No, no, no, you're wrong!" She shouts, runs, and jumps off into the sea. From the monitoring hut, Hiroshi sees what she did through his binoculars. He panics and sounds the siren. Natsu and Haruko hear it and run towards the beach.
S01E06 I Like This Sea! 06/04/2013 Natsu and Haruko arrive at the sea to find Aki swimming happily. She calls out to both of them and declares "I wanna be an Ama!" Later, the Ama-sans and the others hear about it and are ecstatic. But Haruko says she and Aki still need to discuss about it. That night, Aki is adamant even if Haruko warns her about the dangers of swimming in the open sea. "But I wouldn't know if I don't try!" Aki argues back. Haruko reveals that growing up in a sea-loving home is lonely. Her father, a deep-sea fisherman, and her Ama mother spent all their time at the sea so she vowed that when she marry, it would be to someone who comes home every day. She also tells her that her dislike for the sea was why she did not want to be an Ama. In fact, she ran away 24 years ago the day after the mayor and other locals back then, were imploring her to become an Ama. Finally, after their talk, Haruko gives her blessing and lets Aki stay and learn to dive only for the summer break. Next day, Haruko treats Hiroshi with a meal, thanking him for "saving" Aki even if she was not really drowning. At the beach, the Ama-sans gather for a new official group portrait, this time with Aki in the center as the first rookie ama after 24 years.
S01E07 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 08/04/2013 Aki starts her first days of training as an Ama. Being a rookie, she is tasked to do simple chores first (cleaning the beach, assisting her seniors, showing hospitality to customers), and is not expected to dive yet for uni. When the tourists leave, the older women teach her the proper basic sea-swimming techniques. By night, she is exhausted and falls asleep at the dinner table. At this time, Haruko informs Natsu she is getting a divorce from her cab driver husband. "So that is why you did not want to go home," Natsu says. She also tells her, "While you're here, get a job to help pay for our living costs." So Haruko accepts the job of manning Natsu's shop (both as cafe and snack bar). She starts working the next day at the cafe. Daikichi drops by and both recall the day when she left. "I hated the countryside, and its lame people, including you and myself," she said. But Daikichi says he had loved her ever since back then. He still believes that their city's time will come. He gets up to sing and for some reason, chooses a karaoke song from 1984, "Ghostbusters." Aki, meanwhile, rushes to finish her train station job selling unidonburi so she could head out to the sea. Before she is taught to dive, she must first pass the test of holding her breath under the water for one minute. So far, she has not succeeded yet. And just when Haruko is back home, filling up her divorce papers, a man driving a Tokyo cab arrives in town. It is her husband and Aki's father, Kurokawa Masamune...
S01E08 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 09/04/2013 Aki is feeling impatient. So far, she has not passed the underwater test yet and is worried that summer break will soon be over without her being able to dive yet. Meanwhile, Masamune asks a local, Osanai Rokuro (Fishing Co-op president) to show him the way to Sodegahama. When they reach the village, Osanai proceeds to the Co-op where Aki and the Ama-sans are. Aki sees old photos of past Amas. Some of them were topless. The older folks tease Aki, saying that rookie Amas go diving topless for the first few years. "So you should do it, too!" Aki believes it and is shocked. She tells Natsu she does not want to dive anymore but was later reassured that it was just a joke, and that the old practice of diving topless was all in the past. Natsu tells the story of how her husband fought against this practice. "He was so cool and so I decided to marry him!" Meanwhile, as Haruko is dropping the divorce papers in the mailbox, Masamune arrives. He is surprised to learn about the divorce but Haruko does not explain why. "It's all in the letter that I mailed to you." He also learns about Aki's desire to be an Ama, and was against it. He goes over to the beach to reprimand her but Natsu gets in between them. It is the first time Masamune meets his mother-in-law and tries to apologize. They did not notice that Aki is gone. She has dived into the sea again.
S01E09 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 10/04/2013 Aki swims away leaving her arguing relatives behind. She goes to the Fishing Co-op, and stays late to chat with the people there. She enjoys listening to them talk about the personal lives of Daikichi and some of the Ama-sans. Hiroshi drops by and tells Aki he saw her jump into the sea again but did not sound the siren because she looked fine. At the Amano home, Haruko and her husband discuss about the divorce. She tries to explain why she wants to divorce him, albeit vaguely, saying that it maybe good for Aki and herself. But Masamune does not see a reason why they should since he was a man who prioritizes his family more than his job (which Haruko wished for in the first place). Anyway, Haruko says she already made up her mind and had signed the divorce papers using the Amano (her maiden name) seal. But Daikichi and Anbe tell her that she should have used her married name seal because if not, the document will be invalid. Haruko: "Oh, I didn't know that since I've never been divorced before." Later, Masamune goes to the bar with the men and tells how he met Haruko in Tokyo in 1988. She was a passenger of his and they hit it off well, dated and got married. Yayoi (Ama, 59 yo) tells him that Haruko grew up in a family whose parents were not always at home. "When you're with someone all the time, soon you won't have anything to talk about." Then, Daikichi (who is weak against alcohol) passes out, apparently unaware that Yayoi was serving him oolong tea mixed with alcohol. Back at the Amanos, Aki arrives home, looking cheerful. Haruko is supposed to tell her about the divorce but Aki (thanks to her recent helpful chat with the Ama-sans) says there is no need to say anything because she understands that Haruko is going through a lot of things. The next morning, Masamune goes to the beach again to see Aki... He watches her from a distance, noticing that Aki is happier and laughing cheerfully - a far cry from the gloomy and shy
S01E10 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 11/04/2013 Masamune is joined by Haruko and both watch Aki smile happily at the customers. Masamune gives in and tells Aki later that he's going back to Tokyo and that she could continue being an Ama for the whole summer. Meanwhile, Hiroshi also watches Aki's light-hearted smile from the monitoring hut. Later, he goes to the cafe and chats with Haruko. She tells him his father (the congressman) used to be her high school teacher. "How is he?" Hiroshi reveals they not been talking much in years. Haruko guesses correctly regarding Hiroshi's short stint in Tokyo. "Did you feel you didn't belong there?" He nods and says, "Anyway, I don't feel I belong anywhere." Haruko feels the same way about Tokyo. She thought her leaving the countryside for Tokyo was a good decision. But it turned out to be unsatisfying. "I think the problem is not the place, it's the person himself." Meanwhile, Aki is alone finishing her chores at the beach when she sees a man taking pictures of her. She tells Haruko about it that night. Alarmed that a pervert is peeping at her daughter, Haruko goes to the beach the next day, to stand guard. As Aki is trying hard to pass her underwater test (staying under for a minute), the man, Hibiki Ichiro (who happens to be just a harmless Camera Boy or hobby photographer) shows up taking pictures again of the Amas. Haruko screams, "Pervert!" and chases after him. The Amas give chase too, leaving Aki behind, unsupervised. Being underwater, she does not know she is being pulled away into the sea. Good thing a fishing boat is passing by, and rescues her. At the Co-op, everyone is relieved that she is okay. Plus, she joyfully learns that throughout the commotion about the "pervert," she was able to stay underwater for over a minute. Thus, signaling that Aki is ready to begin her diving lessons.
S01E11 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 12/04/2013 Aki begins her diving training but has a hard time reaching the uni at the bottom. During her vending chores at the train station, she sees Hibiki again, taking pictures of Yui who was posing willingly like a model. Aki wants to thank the man for helping her pass the underwater test but he is rude to her, and tells her to "buzz off, ugly." Aki gets mad and throws uni at him. Despite that, she was able to talk to Yui who remembers her from before. Yui says she has a blog and that is how Hibiki got in touch with her, asking if he could take pictures of her. Aki is in awe of Yui's prettiness, and was delighted to be invited by her to some town activity the next day. It turns out to be volunteer work, making parade floats for the city's upcoming Autumn Festival. Aki feels happy being with everyone but feels sad that she will be leaving soon. Yui, on the other hand, loves to talk about Tokyo (even though she's never been there), and does not seem to notice the beauty of her own hometown. Aki decides to forget about her sadness, make the most of her remaining time and see all that she can about Kitasanriku. So she goes with Oda Ben (amber miner) and visits the amber mine that he himself had dug up. Here, she is able to let out her feelings by shouting: "I don't want to go back to Tokyo!! I want to stay in Kitasanriku forever!!"
S01E12 I Don't Wanna Return to Tokyo! 13/04/2013 The atmosphere is gloomy at the Fishing Co-op as Aki's return to Tokyo draws near. A touching moment passes between Natsu and her granddaughter when she feeds Aki with sea urchin for the last time. "Don't you forget the taste." Hiroshi also bids Aki farewell, gifting her with free curry tickets from a shop in Tokyo. That night, the Ama-sans and the men discuss and lament about the mother and daughter's impending departure. The women insist that Daikichi propose to Haruko so she won't have to leave. Natsu chooses not to do anything about the situation, quoting her favorite line: "Those who leave will not be pursued.* " Meanwhile, Haruko wants to ask Aki if she really wants to leave. But Aki, bottling up her true feelings, says she's fine about returning to Tokyo. Natsu comes home, and goes straight to bed early, ignoring the fact about their leaving. "Gotta get up early. Better go to sleep." Haruko remembers that those were also the words she said the last time when Haruko left home 24 years ago. "If there's something we have to talk about, you always turn a blind eye and pretend to sleep!" The next day, the Ama-sans gather at the house to say goodbye, except for Natsu who went to the beach to gather seaweeds. Daikichi is supposed to propose but backs out. At the station, Aki hesitates to ride the train home. Haruko asks her what she really wants to do but Aki still says she's okay with it. Just in time, Haruko steps off the departing train and pulls Aki with her. The train leaves without them. They go back to Natsu's home, much to the delight of the grandmother.
S01E13 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 15/04/2013 Haruko tells Natsu that she and Aki will live with her from now on. But not until she gives her mother a piece of her mind. "Even if you don't mean it, you should have come and stopped me from leaving 24 years ago!" Later, Aki informs the Ama-sans of the good news, and they too were delighted. Aki also meets up with Yui. She returns the tickets that Hiroshi had given her since it would be of no use to her. Both of them are confused as to why Hiroshi did that. Aki says it is okay for her to leave Tokyo since she does not have friends there. Yui says she does not have any real friends, either. Then, Aki proceeds to make her stay in Kitasanriku permanent by transferring to a local school where Yui also studies (it's also the same school of her mom). Aki finds out that her mother registered her name NOT as "Kurokawa Aki" but as "Amano Aki", using Haruko's maiden name. Either way, it does not matter to Aki. Meanwhile, at the cafe, Haruko tells her husband Masamune over the phone about her decision to stay. Masamune takes it well, since it benefits Aki as well as Haruko's relationship with her mother. Yet he is still in the dark as to why Haruko wants a divorce since it was not mentioned in the letter that Haruko wrote to him. Daikichi interrupts the call and tells Masamune to marry someone else since "Haru-chan is never going back to Tokyo!" Then, Hiroshi drops by the cafe and learns that Aki and Haruko haven't left. "Then why did I quit my job at the monitoring hut?" (tee-hee) Hiroshi has been jobless since then and has lots of free time lately. And Aki happily goes back to diving but so far she's still not able to grab a single sea urchin yet.
S01E14 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 16/04/2013 Aki is growing impatient. Even if she was told to picture the uni as a cash box, instead of sea urchins, she still cannot reach them. Hiroshi visits her at the beach. He shows signs of liking Aki but she does not notice. Somehow she and Yayoi cannot even remember his name. When Hiroshi asks if Aki can fetch him an uni, she says, "I can do it!" She struggles but ends up "catching" a coin instead. Meanwhile, daily life for Natsu has changed significantly now that Haruko and Aki are staying with her. All three help out and take turns doing their tasks: preparing and selling the unidonburi, diving, manning the shop, etc. One dinnertime, Aki says her Dad is a good cook and would usually cook dinner for them in Tokyo. Also Natsu tells Aki that since it's already September, the sea currents have changed and it might be too dangerous for an amateur like Aki. "You can only dive up to 4 pm." Aki is disappointed since it means less time to practice her diving. Next day, Aki as usual fails to catch any uni so she dives once again alone past 4 pm. Even if she was warned not to go past the cove, she goes over there after spotting plenty of uni. A sudden current pulls her to some kelp. Her foot gets entangled with it, preventing her from resurfacing. Natsu and the ama-sans panic but fortunately she is saved by Kumagai Misuzu (Ama, 50 yo). She is fine but Natsu is furious. "You don't listen to your seniors, so I'm banning you from the beach!" Haruko who had arrived defends Aki by arguing with Natsu. Their quarrel becomes heated and personal to the point that they were not really talking about Aki anymore. Aki tries helplessly to stop the two from fighting.
S01E15 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 17/04/2013 Aki feels sad from being suspended from going to the beach. Aki tries to be helpful in order to make up for what she had done but Natsu is still upset. Meantime, some of the locals get together at the Tourism Office for their K3NSP* monthly meeting. They have to come up with a "machi-okoshi**" for their town. They need a "third specialty" (the other two are the Northern Ama and the KitaTetsu) they could "sell" to tourists. Anbe (Ama) insists her favorite salty-sweet dish, Mamebu while amber miner Oda Ben keeps suggesting, of course, amber. Those ideas are immediately shot down. Tourism is down and so far only the KitaTetsu is having a steady "break-even" rate of customers, most particularly the "creepy" train otakus. "We should come up with an idea that can tickle their fancy!" But no one can think of anything. Meanwhile, Hiroshi drops in at Cafe Riasu, thinking that Aki would be there since "she's not at the beach." Some train otakus suddenly come flooding in the shop, forcing Hiroshi to help out Haruko in serving them. After they leave, Hiroshi keeps mentioning Aki's name, prompting Haruko to ask him, "You like her, right?" Embarrassed, Hiroshi denies it. Just then, Aki arrives making Hiroshi fluster. The K3NSP meeting has ended and some arrive at the cafe. They ask Hiroshi for his "young person's" opinion on what idea they could come up with to help promote the town. He suggests a "Miss Contest." They all like it and brainstorm for a proper name. Daikichi suggests it should be something connected with the local railway line. Again, Hiroshi comes up with a good one: "Miss KitaTetsu." Everyone smiles in agreement.
S01E16 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 18/04/2013 Aki sadly tells Yui about her Ama suspension. Since Aki has free time, Yui invites her to her house, which cheers up the rookie ama. Meanwhile, the search for "Miss Kitatetsu" gets underway. Passengers of KitaTetsu get to nominate the local lady who they think should serve as Poster Girl for the railway line. The usual guys at the cafe want to nominate Haruko even if she is over the age limit. "You're a league of your own, Haruko." But she says "no thanks" rather vehemently. Hiroshi suggests Aki (of course) but the older men disagree saying she's too much of a kid... Meanwhile, after a one hour train ride to the Adachi home, Aki is impressed by Yui's house. It is big and spacious. She meets Yui's parents, Congressman Adachi Isao, and his wife Yoshie. Isao reveals to Aki that back when her mom Haruko was still his student, she was very pretty and popular, and yet very rebellious. And also, that Haruko was a Sukeban* and a high school drop-out.... During this time, at the Amano home, Natsu and Haruko spend a quiet dinner without Aki. They would still get on each other's nerves but somehow things are more peaceful between mother and daughter ever since their recent big fight at the Co-op. Back at the Adachi home, Yoshie is serving an elaborate meal, impressing Aki even more. Hiroshi comes in but ignores them and goes straight to his usual place - in front of a wood burning stove. He refuses to eat and is sullen. Isao nags him about being jobless and all. Not knowing he quit, Aki defends him by saying he has a job at the monitoring hut, and that he had "saved" her and all. Isao is upset because he wasn't told about it, and slaps Hiroshi for telling him to (basically) get off his case. Aki is shocked but Yui says not to mind them because it's just a normal occurrence at their house. Despite the awkwardness, Aki is able to eat what was served to her, and goes home with an aching full tummy.
S01E17 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 19/04/2013 Aki comes home to hear her mother and grandmother laughing about something, which was really unusual. But as soon as she comes in, Natsu gives her the cold shoulder and goes straight to bed. At the Fishing Co-op the next morning, the Ama-sans find it boring without Aki around and wish that Natsu will forgive her already. Meanwhile, Aki and Yui are talking. Yui shows a bitter side of her that Aki has never seen before. "Aki-chan talking in our dialect sounds fake and unnatural, I feel like you're making fun of us." But Yui apologizes right away and reiterates that she does not like the countryside and wishes to leave for Tokyo as soon as possible. "I can't see the way you see my hometown." She also reveals that she wants to be an idol someday. At the Tourism Office, the list of Miss Kitatetsu candidates are finalized and among them are Yui and Kurihara Shiori (Secretary at the Tourism Office). The winner will represent the railway line and help promote it. Then, Hiroshi comes in, for he was hired at the Tourism Office, with the help of Daikichi. Hiroshi is tasked to make the town's tourism webpage. Hiroshi makes it so that people can vote for the candidates by clicking on their pictures on the website. They also ask Hiroshi, "Who did you nominate?" and he replies, "Aki-chan," which was greeted with exclamations of surprise ("Jejejeh!"). At school, Yui tells Aki that she has decided to accept the candidacy for "Miss Kitatetsu" even though she thinks it's embarrassing and lame. "It sounds like being an idol of train otakus during the early days, it's not a past that I want people to find out." But for now she has no choice but to accept it, as a favor for Daikichi's help in finding work for Hiroshi. "If he (Hiroshi) stays unreliable, I couldn't leave home... Well, since I'm in it, I might as well aim for the top prize." Aki admires Yui's conf
S01E18 I Was Able to Make a Friend! 20/04/2013 It is the day of the Kitasanriku Autumn Festival. There are floats parading around town. Aki and her mother are selling yakisoba at the fair. Also, the crowning of "Miss Kitatetsu" is being held. Shiori (Tourism office secretary) is upset because she showed up wearing a swimsuit but was not informed that the swimsuit category was canceled due to cold weather. Anyway, Yui wins the contest and receives her crown. Aki is happy for her but at the same time, hesitant. Aki realizes Yui is clearly different from her, and unlike herself, Yui is meant to become truly big someday. Haruko reassures Aki that she too, is a hard-working girl who got what she wanted (to be an Ama). She also suggests to quickly make peace with Natsu "or else it will take a long time to make things go back to where they were... Like me." Later, Aki joins Hiroshi in handling the traffic for the parade route because she wants to see Yui up close when her float passes by. Later after the festivities, Aki asks for her autograph and wishes her the best. The next day, Aki asks Natsu once again to reinstate her back to being an ama. Natsu says if she dies in the sea, it would be too much for her to take. Just like what happened to the son of Katsue (Ama, 56 yo) and her ex-husband Rokuro (Fishing Co-op Pres.). Their son got "swallowed up by the waves" 16 years ago when he was trying to retrieve a slipper of a child. The couple tells Natsu not to let the past affect her. Natsu tells Aki, "Don't be foolish as to easily give your life to the sea in exchange for just 500 yen*!" (*the worth of one sea urchin) The Ama leader finally relents but with one condition: "The Ama season will end in one month and so by the end of this month, you have to catch one uni or else you will not become a real Ama!" Aki and the Ama-sans rejoice. At the Tourism Office, Yui's otaku fan, Hibiki comes to offer his pictures and video he had taken of Yui since the ones on th
S01E19 I Caught a Sea Urchin 22/04/2013 The town is caught by surprise as the train otakus (5 times more than the normal number) arrive, looking for Yui. Haruko at Cafe Riasu has not expected the sudden arrival of the men, too. She has to ask Natsu to make plenty more unidonburi to accommodate the sudden huge number of orders. Meanwhile, Yui shows up to the delight of the visitors, taking her picture and shaking her hand. At the end of the day, the locals are all exhausted. Since tomorrow is a Sunday, they expect more train otakus to come. They seem not too thrilled about it. Daikichi tries to encourage the rest when they show signs of hesitancy since their schedule is suddenly affected. "This is the chance we've been waiting for after 24 years since the KitaTetsu opened!" So the next day, more train otakus do arrive and so Yui and the others do their best to serve and accommodate them. Aki tells Yui how awesomely popular she is now but Yui says she didn't do anything. "I'm just waving, smiling at cameras... I still feel just an ordinary high school girl." Aki admires her even more for Yui does not let her popularity get into her head. Inspired by Yui, Aki vows to work harder, too... and that is to catch her very first sea urchin.
S01E20 I Caught a Sea Urchin 23/04/2013 No matter how Aki tries, she still can't catch an uni yet. She is also a bit traumatized from the last time she nearly drowned. Hiroshi is at the Fishing Co-op, wanting to videotape an interview with Aki. Aki calls him "Stove-san" because it's what his dad calls him since he likes staying in front of the stove at home. Hiroshi says all his dad cares about is looking respectable in the public's eye. Aki disagrees saying, "I think he cares about you. If he cared only about appearances, he wouldn't have hit you in front of me." Then Aki agrees to be interviewed, despite her sagging confidence of becoming a real Ama. In the video, Aki, speaking in her acquired Sodegahama dialect, talks about being an Ama, and the Ama culture. That night, while Hiroshi is editing Aki's video, he realizes something and dashes off to Haruko at Snack Bar Riasu. "I'm in love with her!" he declares. Haruko knows he's talking about Aki. But even before Hiroshi could fully make known his intentions for her daughter, Haruko immediately shoots him down. "No, absolutely NO! I forbid it till doomsday!" She says Hiroshi will not make Aki happy, and he does not have anything to show yet, considering he always quits on things (school, jobs). "You can be good friends, though." Hiroshi says he understands but proclaims, "I'm the very first one to fall in love with Aki-chan! I'm her first real fan~!!" And then, the weekend comes. More floods of tourists are expected to arrive but this time they are not in town for Yui. They all go directly to Sodegahama to find Aki. Apparently, Hiroshi had uploaded her video on the front page of the website and has became an instant hit.
S01E21 I Caught a Sea Urchin 24/04/2013 Due to Aki's video, more customers want to see and take pictures of Aki. They also request her to fetch them some uni. Aki tries but fails as usual. Back at the Co-op, they all wonder about Aki's sudden popularity considering she's just an ordinary high school girl. Hibiki suddenly shows up and explains that the town is having a "boom" phenomenon, wherein "even the ugly ones can have the spotlight." By "ugly", he means Aki of course, which upset the Ama-sans. At the Tourism office, Aki's video is garnering more and more views (but not as many as Yui's yet). They figure that Aki's "entrance as a rival" benefits Yui's popularity, therefore the whole town as well. However, Daikichi is concerned about one thing: The Ama season will soon be over. Still, more customers come to see Aki and ask to catch them some uni. She tries but fails and yet when she reemerges one time from the sea, there is an uni in her basket! "How did it get in there?" Haruko says it's impossible while Natsu reassures Aki that it was a legitimate catch and that she has passed. Aki is joyful but it was only short-lived after she realizes that it was actually Anbe who had been giving her the uni. She is upset about the "sham" but the Ama-sans tell her it is for the benefit of the customers (who come from faraway places just to see her catch some uni) since Ama tourism is also a "service industry." Despite the talk, Aki feels she still is not a real Ama yet. And now that only a week remains before the Ama season ends, she feels more and more depressed.
S01E22 I Caught a Sea Urchin 25/04/2013 A small girl who is said to be a fan of Aki comes and meets the teen Ama. Aki does not have the heart to lie to her and so she tells her the truth: that it was Anbe who caught the uni she had fed her. The Ama-sans later are upset about that. She could have compromised Anbe's position as an Ama considering "she will be retiring soon." Aki is surprised. "Why are you leaving?" She learns that Anbe will be promoting and selling Mamebu soup to the rest of the country. And that her last day will be the last day of the Ama season. On that day, they will hold the "Honki Dori* " a day for free uni harvesting spree off the coast of Sodegahama. It's when an Ama is allowed to catch any number of uni, not for tourists, but for herself and sell it if she wants. Aki is not allowed to participate since it will take place in even deeper waters which she could not possibly handle yet. Later, Yui tells her not to worry about not being able to catch any uni for the customers. "It's because you are cute, that's why they are coming." Aki is pleased with that and thinks how cool of Yui to be so determined on becoming an idol. She goes to the cafe and asks her Mom, "When you were young, did you long to be an idol?" Haruko looks puzzled and uncomfortable at the question. Then, when Aki insists on seeing a picture of Haruko when she was young, Haruko for some reason explodes. Haruko seems to misunderstand that Aki wants to become an idol. "Just because you've been receiving a little adulation, you think you can go all hoity-toity!" Aki is shocked at her mother's tirade. "I didn't say I want to become an idol!" she tries to defend herself. "Right!" Haruko shouts back (looking like she is not aware of what she's saying) but her next words hurt Aki: "An ugly one like you can't become an idol!" Aki leaves the cafe, crying. Later, she goes to Haruko's for
S01E23 I Caught a Sea Urchin 26/04/2013 Instead of being angry, Haruko is happy to see her old room again. "These bring back so many memories!" She laughs while looking around. She finds an exchange diary she and Sugawara had in high school, and a video game cartridge she borrowed from Anbe. She also shows Aki her "secret base" which is the beacon at the seashore. Aki reads the stuff her mom wrote on the ground when the latter was a teenager. "You're like Yui (who wants to go to Tokyo)." Later they return to their futons, and Haruko tells Aki a diving tip she learned from Natsu. "When you want to dive deeply and longer, don't think too much because your brain uses up too much oxygen." The next day, Aki reiterates her desire to join the "Honki Dori" event. The Ama-sans tell her only one person per household can join to prevent over-fishing. "If you go, then Natsu can't go." However, Natsu says Aki can take her place. The Ama-sans wonder if it was a good decision, considering Aki can't catch any uni yet. At the train station, Aki chats with Hiroshi. He apologizes to her for causing all the fuss by uploading her video. He also says the more popular she gets, it seems "the more you get farther away (from him)." Then, since he couldn't contain his feelings any longer, he startles Aki by confessing to her. "I'm in love with you!" (While assistant trainmaster Yoshida Masayoshi eavesdrops). But Aki remembers the diving tip her mom had told her. She covers her ears and says, "No no! I mustn't think of anything! Tomorrow's the Honki Dori! How could you do this to me?!" She runs off leaving Hiroshi behind. That night, Aki lies in bed, counting uni (instead of sheep). She tries to fall asleep but she just could not erase Hiroshi's confession off her mind.
S01E24 I Caught a Sea Urchin 27/04/2013 The day of the Annual Honki Dori (which is also the last day of the Ama season) finally arrives. The Ama-sans converge at the Co-op, teasing a tearful Anbe on her last day as an Ama. Meanwhile, Aki didn't get a wink of sleep last night. Nevertheless, she heads out to the beach where many village women (and some alumni of the Ama club) are also taking part. Aki is nervous especially that Hiroshi is there, filming the event. Natsu and Haruko are at the monitoring hut, taking turns watching the event through a pair of binoculars. All the participants and Hiroshi get on boats and go to a spot off-shore. The uni harvesting spree begins, but Aki stays on the boat, feeling scared. Rokuro who is with her says the waters at this spot is colder and the current is stronger. "If you don't want to do it, it's okay." But Aki decides to jump, saying she has to get an uni or else she will not be a full-fledged Ama. Aki dives and manages to reach for an uni but it slips from her hand and she goes further down below in order to retrieve it. Anbe tries to stop her but runs out of oxygen and goes up. Aki, too resurfaces and in her hand is that uni! "I did it!" Everyone erupts in cheers as everything was caught on camera by Hiroshi. Later at the Co-op, they all weigh and encash their uni harvest, including Aki's single catch. "Here's 500 yen!" Rokuro hands her the coin. Aki apologizes to Natsu, "If I didn't take your place, the Amano household could have earned tens of thousands of yen this year." Natsu says what matters most is "that uni is the one you yourself had caught." Daikichi, Sugawara and Yui come in to congratulate her. Everyone goes to the seashore to offer Aki's uni to the god of the sea (after Haruko takes lots of pictures of it, of course). And so on this happy note, this year's season of the Ama has come to an end.
S01E25 I Like Senpai! 29/04/2013 After the Honki Dori, Anbe immediately leaves Kitasanriku on board the train. Everyone sees her off and wish her the best. Haruko makes it in time to say goodbye, and to apologetically return Anbe's video game. Anbe tearfully confesses to her how she really felt when Haruko left. She says she hated Haruko because she planned on being an Ama only during high school and wanted to go to college, and be an office lady or something. "But you left so it was hard to leave the club. I worked while doing Ama but I couldn't replace you... I put pressure on myself. Now I look back and it all seems stupid. We are nothing alike!" Haruko says sorry, and "Yes, we are nothing alike. I am not kind like you." But Anbe says since she came back bringing her good child Aki, all is forgiven, and the two hug it out. As Anbe leaves, her replacement as clerk at the Fishing Co-op arrives. She's Hanamaki Tamako, a tough-talking single mother. Now that the Ama season has ended, Aki and the rest of the ama-sans have nothing to do but sigh and be bored. So to while away the time, the Amas and amber miner Ben are making misanga* bracelets as a sideline. Tamako comments how they're only noisy during the summer. "You're like cicadas!" Meantime, Aki's video of her catching the uni was uploaded and has garnered a million views, even surpassing Yui's. People are also posting positive comments ("She's cute!" "I wanna go and see her!"). But at the beach, tourists who do come to see her, are disappointed to find out that the Ama tourism is over. Daikichi and the others feel frustrated over this. At the cafe, they analyze why Aki has become popular. Hibiki (Camera boy) says it's because the Japanese people all root for the underdog (Aki is the tortoise in "The tortoise and the hare"; the ant in "The ant and the grasshopper") but as a fan of Yui, he's hoping that Yui would be able to
S01E26 I Like Senpai! 30/04/2013 Phone calls keep pouring in, inquiring about Aki. News has spread that Yui and Aki will be doing a collaboration. Yui is not pleased because they were not even consulted to begin with. But Aki says she's okay with it. Yui tries to dissuade her since she knows Aki is not used to such things that Yui is doing (dressing up in "cosplay," being bombarded by cameras). Daikichi says not to worry because they will be standing guard and even suggests that Yui could help Aki out by "dressing up as an Ama and sell unidonburi". Without realizing it, he mentions the word "rivals" and somehow Yui suddenly changes her mind and agrees to do it. (Apparently, it's a sign that she hates to lose). Next morning, Aki and Yui do what they're told to do. The ride is jam-packed with happy passengers, taking their pictures and buying unidonburi while Daikichi and Yoshida are just over the moon. Back at the Amano home, Natsu and the rest frantically churn out more unidonburi to sell but are running out of uni. Rokuro tells them that more kilos of uni will be arriving from another village. Haruko wakes up to the ruckus and is surprised to learn about the collaboration. That night everyone is celebrating the fact that for the month of September, the KitaTetsu has finally earned a profit. "I don't even remember if this ever happened before!" an emotional Daikichi exclaims. But Haruko is not rejoicing. She tells Daikichi she will not allow Aki to do what she did that morning. "It's unsightly, turning my daughter into a spectacle." But Natsu defends the decision, saying there is nothing wrong with it. "The Ama tourism IS a service industry. It's a long cherished dream to have more customers." Haruko asks Aki if she's really okay with it. "Is this what you stayed here for?" Aki replies, "If I'm helping everyone, then I'm fine with it." However, when going home, Aki looks p
S01E27 I Like Senpai! 01/05/2013 Yui takes Aki inside their high school's Civil Engineering Diving Department. The students of this course are called "Nambu Moguri" and they are expected to work in undersea construction like pipe-laying, breakwater foundation, etc. They meet diving teacher Isono Shinpei and he allows them to watch. The diver in the pool that Aki had seen earlier, has finally resurfaced and taken off his helmet. He is Taneichi Koichi, a handsome graduating student who is set to be hired by an elite company soon. As the girls introduce themselves, Aki falls instantly in love with him. At the Co-op, Aki giggles silly as she stares at a picture of Taneichi. Then while taking a nap, she has a dream of him, wherein he gives her an engagement ring. But... Aki jolts up, red in the face, and says she has had a bad dream. "In my dream, I became Yayoi-san." The blunt clerk Tamako says, "Good thing it was a just a dream." (lol I just love Tamako!) That night, Aki excitedly tells her grandma about the Nambu Moguri. "Don't tell me you want to do that?" Natsu asks. "Well, it's not possible for you." She adds. "Just took you a long time to get an uni from the bottom of the sea. How can you possibly do heavy lifting?" But Natsu says Aki's grandpa was a student of that department and he would be pleased if she became one. Meanwhile at Bar Riasu, Congressman Adachi Isao recalls his high school teaching days with his former students, Haruko, Daikichi and Sugawara. They recall how Haruko dressed up as a Sukeban (long skirt, mask, a flat clutch bag) and how she and Sugawara used to exchange a diary* ("It was over in only 3 days"). Isao recalls that when Haruko ran away from home, he wanted to search for her. "But your mother said it's okay. That you will come home someday when you're hungry." Then Isao talks about how he does not get along with his son Hiroshi. When he was in high school, he
S01E28 I Like Senpai! 02/05/2013 Yui asks Taneichi if Aki could try diving in a helmet suit. He says outsiders are allowed to try it, and Aki is immediately suited up. She goes down the water with Taneichi but every time their eyes meet, her heart starts pounding. She resurfaces quickly, causing Isono-sensei to panic. Aki complains of chest pains which Isono attributed to: "You're supposed to flush out the air outta the holes in your helmet!" Afterwards, Aki and Taneichi are alone talking. He compliments Aki's acquired Sodegahama accent. He also says his ancestors were Nambu Moguri, and that he preferred to be doing that than go to college. After graduation, he'll be leaving for Tokyo and work on a new runway for Haneda Airport. Aki meets up with Yui at the main station. Earlier, Hiroshi had asked Yui to pass a love letter to Aki. Yui is mortified by the thought. "I hate it! Handing a love letter from Aniki to my best friend!" Instead of giving it to Aki, she thows the letter in a bin and pulls Aki away. Yoshida who was eavesdropping again, picks it up. But before he could read it, Yui returns to snatch it from him, saying she'll have to ask Hiroshi to give it himself. That night at the bar, Yoshida tells Sugawara, Daikichi, Yayoi and Haruko about it. Haruko says she does not mind that Hiroshi is pursuing Aki since "he's a good boy anyway." The others remind her that she was earlier opposed to Hiroshi for her daughter. Haruko has a hard time remembering it but says she has changed her mind. And speaking of love letters, Haruko brought the exchange diary she had with Sugawara. The rest had a field day with it, reading out loud Sugawara's entries (hinted with puppy love) for Haruko, much to Sugawara's embarrassment. (Haruko only wrote lyrics from popular songs from that era). Anyway, Daikichi mentions that since Yui and Aki are somewhat celebrities, they have to, if possible, refrain from matters of love. "And to implicitly tel
S01E29 I Like Senpai! 03/05/2013 News has spread that Aki wants to transfer from her general course to the Civil Engineering Diving Department. She is even called by the Tourism Assoc. to talk about it. "Why do I need to have your permission?" They tell her that she is a symbol of the town's "machi-okoshi" and whatever she does affects the future of tourism. Aki says she is uncomfortable wearing the Ama uniform and selling unidonburi with people staring at her. They think of ways to change her uniform (Helmet suit + Ama = um, no). But Hibiki says Aki cannot wear conservative clothes because "reducing skin exposure is equivalent to a decrease in tourism revenues". He adds, "You can't have her wear plain clothes! She's too ordinary! People who travel 7-8 hours just to see a conservative girl wearing plain clothes? No one will come!" (He's a douche but he does have a point lol) Daikichi says they'll allow Aki to transfer departments but she still has to sell unidonburi on board the train during weekends. Aki agrees but Haruko gets mad, saying "You can't all decide this on your own!" She goes on a tirade but ends up realizing that the idea is not really that bad. She and Aki dash off to school to talk with the teacher. In school, Isono-sensei explains the course to Haruko. She is also introduced to Taneichi who just came in. Haruko can tell by looking at her daughter that Taneichi is the reason why Aki wants to transfer. As they were leaving, Haruko looks around her former high school, feeling nostalgic. She looks up at the elevated passageway where she and her gang used to hang out. She reminisce being a Sukeban and how Daikichi would show up worrying about her. Haruko smiles at the memory and thanks Aki for making her visit her former school. She also says Aki can transfer if she wants. "Well, it's better than being a Sukeban." That night, Sugawara and Daikichi are at the bar with Haruko. The two men talk
S01E30 I Like Senpai! 04/05/2013 Aki has started to pray in front of the family altar, asking for her Grandpa to guide her during her Nambu Moguri training. She gets curious and asks Natsu when her husband died. "Last year." Startled, Aki asks if she's okay. Natsu says she has gotten used to his absence and has accepted that he might die any day, out in the sea. "It's the fate of a fisherman's wife." In school, Taneichi is helping Aki review for the qualification exam for the course (If she does not pass it, she will not be allowed to continue). Aki continues studying at the train station when Hiroshi drops in on her. He asks if Aki has thought of her answer to his love confession. He also attempts to give her his love letter. But instead of taking it or answering him, Aki leaves, saying she has to study and must not think of anything else right now. And that this situation between them is "kinda awkward." But the truth is, Aki does not have the heart to say "I have somebody else I love" fearing Hiroshi might go back to his gloomy Stove-san self, sitting moodily in front of his favorite stove. But that night, Hiroshi still enters her mind and could not sleep. She gets up to drink water and finds out her Grandpa's picture at the altar is gone. Natsu says she had put it away but does not explain why. Sensing something is weird, Aki talks about it at the cafe with her mother, Ben, Daikichi, Yayoi and her husband Atsushi. Natsu has been seen, in a good mood lately, acting like a giddy teenager (singing, dressing up). Ben also says he saw Natsu and Rokuro one time at the Co-op looking rather... intimate-ish. They just could not believe that the two might be having an affair. But Yayoi says, "Rokuro has been going around places getting sea urchins for her!" Just then Natsu and Katsue arrive interrupting their gossip. The next morning, Haruko is going to interrogate her mother about it. Meanwhile, Aki is with Yui selling unidonbur
S01E31 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 06/05/2013 Aki is so flabbergasted to see her supposedly dead Ojii-chan, looking alive and well that all she can say is "Jejejejeh." He gets off at a station and Aki tails him. He is apparently heading straight to the Amano house where Haruko is currently questioning her mother. "Me and the Co-op president are having an affair?" Natsu just laughs at the insinuation. She tries to leave saying she has made a promise to someone. Haruko is demanding who it was when the man arrives. "Welcome home!" Natsu greets him joyfully. It was indeed her husband, deep-sea fisherman, Amano Chuubei. "You've gotten old!" Chuubei greets his stunned daughter, Haruko. After she recovers from her shock, she accuses her mother of deceiving her. "You placed his picture on the altar. Of course I would think he's dead!" "You thought of that on your own but I didn't say he was dead," Natsu just says, matter-of-factly. Friends come to the house to welcome back Chuubei. They've decided to close the bar for the night and celebrate and drink to Chuubei's homecoming at the Amano home. They talk and laugh about his "death" and Natsu's "affair" (She was just asking Rokuro at the Co-op, whether he received any radio message about the arrival of Chuubei's ship). Aki asks, "But why did Natsu-bappa say you died last year?" Natsu says that's how she prepares herself every year when she sends him off. Chuubei: "Every time I board the ship, I'd tell Natsu to 'Think of me as dead.' " But Haruko was not having any of it. She also tried telling her father about her separation from her husband but only got a nonchalant "Oh, I see" from him. Haruko: "Aren't you supposed to comfort me?!" But her complaints only got drowned in the merry noise of the guests. Aki and Yui (who has arrived for a visit) are told to go upstairs by Haruko. Yui sees the
S01E32 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 07/05/2013 The next morning, with Chuubei around, there are 4 of the Amano family eating breakfast. But for now there's also Yui, plus the women who are helping out with the unidonburi preparation. Chuubei is not used to be called Ojii-chan by Aki. "It feels only yesterday that Haruko left, and now I have a granddaughter." He adds: "I wish you (Aki) were small so I coulda hug-hug you and lick your face." (Haruko is like "Yuck... stop it" lol) Later after Aki finishes her unidonburi chore, she goes to meet her grandparents at the cafe. They just came from a date around town. They tell Aki and Hiroshi that they've been married for 44 years. Hiroshi does the math: "So if he's home for only 10 days, you've only been together for 440 days." Aki says she envies how their long-distance relationship keeps their love afresh: "Thanks to the sea." But it's not the same for her own parents though... Masamune, in Tokyo, is on the phone with Haruko. He is ecstatic about Aki's popularity on the internet. However... "Don't come here!" Haruko tells him. Masamune wants to visit Aki on her upcoming birthday but she insists that he must not come. "Aki says she will get her diver's license and get a job here. There is no need for you at all." That night, Aki tries telling her Grandpa why she ended up in Kitasanriku. After listening to her confusing story, he says "I don't get half of it but I reckon you like it here." Aki says she loves everything about the town and the sea. Chuubei says it's the best place to be and that he is sure of it since he's been all over the world. The next day, Chuubei visits Aki during her practical training at the diving pool, and cheers her on. He meets Isono-sensei and Taneichi, and reminisce about the days of being a student there. Afterwards, Aki is scheduled to meet with the guys at the Tourism Office. There, she is introduced
S01E33 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 08/05/2013 The TV director is impressed by what the two girls are doing for the town. He wants to feature them for an interview in a local news magazine show called "It's 5:00! Wanko Channel!" "If the reception is good, we might have you on the show as regulars." Aki says she would have to ask her mom about this to which Daikichi replies: "I'll ask her for you. Just leave it to me." On the other hand, Yui who is well-aware of the idol business asks the director a series of questions: "Will there be a stylist? Make-up artist? Will we have costumes? Can we check the VTR in advance before broadcasting it?" Afterwards, despite the "good chance" of being famous, Yui voices her anxieties to Aki. "TV is so unlike the internet. you never know who may be watching... It's almost like a debut..." She says she wants to consult Hibiki about it. Aki says she will have to follow what her mom decides. She relates how Haruko does not think Aki will become an idol since she called her (Aki) "ugly" once. Yui reacts strongly about that. "You're not ugly at all! You have the makings of an idol. Your mom doesn't know anything about being an idol!" Aki assures her that her mom, when mad, does not know what she is saying and most probably did not mean it. Then Haruko arrives for her shift at the shop, and the two girls quickly leave. At the shop, the four guys (Daikichi, Sugawara, Yoshida, and Hiroshi) are lined up at the counter looking tensed, as they get ready to talk to Haruko. "What is it now?" She knows something is up. The guys then inform her of the TV offer. Haruko asks the same questions that Yui had asked ("Will they have a stylist? Make-up artist? Costumes?..."). Daikichi is confused, "How come you know all that?" Haruko: "I just know." They tell her: "Though it's only shown locally, the publicity for the town is going to be great...
S01E34 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 09/05/2013 After seeing Hiroshi's message, Aki floats up, again causing Isono-sensei to panic. "Stove!" is all she can say, prompting Isono to have her heavy suit be taken off. But Aki adds, "Never mind. I'm fine already." Isono: "But it's bad to leave your stove on!" (Haha!) As Aki had feared, Hiroshi has reverted back to his old "Stove"-self. Depressed, he stares vacantly into space as he burns the love letter he wrote for Aki. His father asks him if he skipped work, but his wife tells him to leave him alone. "Why did you tell him?!" Aki asks Haruko at the shop. Haruko: "I didn't expect that he'll take it THAT bad." The guys by now know about her crush (Senpai), and tease her by singing (but forgetting part of the lyrics though) the 80s song, "Sotsugyoo* (Graduation)" by Saito Yuki. They do meet THE Senpai in question. Taneichi is at the station to help Aki study. Daikichi is impressed by the tall youth. "Once you graduate come to us and we'll hire you!" Aki tells them to leave them alone so they can study, and they back away. But Yui also arrives and sits at a distance from them. Unbeknownst to the two girls, it seems Taneichi is giving surreptitious glances towards Yui (Uh-ohs!) Later Aki and Yui go to the former's home to find Chuubei and Natsu fighting. It looks like that after only 4 days of being together, they've already gotten on each other's nerves. Natsu: "I'm asking you which do you prefer, yellowtail teriyaki or yellowtail with radish?!" Chuuubei: "I told you either one is fine!... You're so noisy! I'm eating out!" Natsu: "Fine! Go and get on your ship!" Chuubei does leave. And the 2 girls go upstairs. Back at the the shop, Congressman Adachi arrives and apologizes to Sugawara because "my son has been absent" (They do inform him "It's because of a broken heart"). The
S01E35 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 10/05/2013 Parents of the the two girls are having a meeting with TV Director Ikeda at the Tourism Office. He says the girls will be featured in a segment of the show called, "Come Meet an Idol!" Haruko frowns on the word "Idol." Ikeda assures her it's about high school girls who are doing something good for their community. "The townspeople will also be interviewed and talk about the tourist attractions..." But Haruko is also concerned about their privacy since the camera will also be entering their homes and school. She warns that dangerous guys will find out their addresses and they will come stalking and torment the two girls, making their lives a living hell ("Are you prepared for that?!"), scaring Aki to tears. Yui's Dad, Isao tells Haruko she's thinking too much: "They'll only be on TV once, it can't bring about that much damage." Yet Haruko turns to Yui, saying she is more worried about her. "You're being used by the countryside for its benefit... buttering you up with comments of 'You're cute! You're cute!'... getting pushed (or giving you ideas) to go to Tokyo, you must think hard about this!" But Yui speaking in the local accent says: "Doncha worry. I too will be using the countryside." The others are surprised by this, and Haruko relents. "But on one condition," she says, "I want a deadline for you guys using the girls for your 'machi-okoshi'." Daikichi proposes three years ("Because if we don't gain a profit, they will close down the railway in 3 years"). But Haruko demands it should be "up to March of next year." So the TV crew descends on the town, recording interviews with everyone involved: Ama-sans, the Trainmasters, the Amanos, the Diving Department. Their interview segment is shown on TV followed by the two girls. Aki and Yui come on the show (which was live) wearing their respective
S01E36 My Grandpa is on a Rampage! 11/05/2013 Aki reacts with "Jejeh... Jeh!" as she realizes tomorrow is her birthday. But the third "Jeh" is for something else... Taneichi had earlier given her a wrapped item. Before he could explain what it was, they were interrupted by Isono-sensei ("Did you record the show?!"). So in her room, Aki opens the gift and found a misanga bracelet inside (made by the Ama-sans at the Co-op). "Did Taneichi-sempai knew it was my birthday?" She wants to thank him but does not have his phone number. She calls up Yui instead. "Is it really for your birthday?" Yui says, doubtfully. Aki reiterates: "But it's a misanga!" Aki thinks that the gift could mean something promising - love-wise*. Anyway, Haruko comes home finding her husband at the house. "I told you not to come!!" Aki wants to talk to her mom about her birthday but Haruko dismisses her off saying now is not a good time. At night, Aki sleeps in the 80s room (which is by now her official bedroom) and dreams of giving a misanga to Taneichi but he turns into Isono. She wakes up to find her father sleeping next to her and she (as well as the rest of the family) is put off by him. The next day, Aki finishes her train job a bit late and is told by Daikichi to wait at the shop so he can get his car (to drive her home). It turns out everyone is in the shop to give her a 17th birthday surprise party. They bring her an Ama cake adorned with chocolate sea urchins (really cute!). Then Yui brings in Taneichi which rouse some teasings from the rest. "Is he perhaps your rumored Helmet Sempai?" (lol) They also did not spare poor Hiroshi-kun from their good-natured ribbing: "Look look, Stove-san is red with anger." "Is this Stove VS Helmet?" (Haha!) "I'm okay. I've already gotten over it," Hiroshi says sullenly as he gets himself a long drink. (XD) Aki and Taneichi have a moment alone together outside the shop as th
S01E37 My Mom Has a History 13/05/2013 Everyone tries to ignore what Chuubei said by continuing on with the singing. But Haruko turns off the music and declares that the party's over. But Aki keeps asking everyone what Chuubei meant regarding her mom wanting to be an idol. Haruko tells her to quit it. "Can't you see no one wants to talk about it?!" She says people in the countryside like to pretend that everything is fine even if, so to speak, there is an elephant in the room. With the mood ruined, the party goers call it a night. (Feel so sorry for Aki T.T) In bed, Aki who couldn't sleep, is counting uni. She couldn't wrap her head around the notion that her mom who used to be a Sukeban, had also wanted to be an idol? But then, things her mom said before - her prejudice against the "idol life"... Could it be something had happened in the past? Next day in school, Aki realizes she had never heard her mom ever sing before, not even a lullaby. Yui says she had asked her father about it. "Dad said your mom had joined and won singing contests before." So after school they go to Yui's house to do some investigating. Adachi Isao shows Aki old pics of her mom winning singing contests from around the prefecture when she was young. And at the Co-op, they show Aki the karaoke machine they used when Haruko would sing on the eve of her father's departure. Katsue: "She was a sweet girl when she was singing... but sometimes she and Natsu would have their differences." By then, Aki is convinced that her mom definitely wanted to be an idol. But why did everyone kept it a secret from her? Aki wakes up late and rushes for school while her family eats breakfast. Haruko, irritated by the presence of her husband, keeps asking him to go home. Chuubei meanwhile mentions he will go and have his annual medical check-up. In school, Aki sees that Taneichi has bought a similar misanga for himself, prompting Isono-sensei to assume they are a couple, and proc
S01E38 My Mom Has a History 14/05/2013 Haruko shows her audition pictures to Aki. "Lame, isn't it?" (Actually, they were really cute) Aki says it's not lame but that the idea of her mom, an 80s country girl wanting to be an idol is "kinda itai" (painful; trying too hard). Haruko: "Why say such a word?... Well, It wasn't that I was keeping this a secret, I just feel there's no reason to talk about it." But she says now is the right time to tell her, considering Aki and Yui have become popular lately. Haruko tells her about "Those days... unlike now, idols back then would do everything~!..." She talks about the 70s idol groups, Candies and Pink Lady. "Say mom, isn't almost time to go to your shift?" Aki tries to remind her, hoping she would hurry up to her OWN life story. Haruko, who's really getting into it, says it's fine, that she'd ask the others to take over for her for today. Then, Haruko gets some beer for herself as she prepares to talk about her favorite, THE "idol of idols" Matsuda Seiko (the one on her poster). Haruko would record her songs using the audio cassette recorder, sang and pretended to be her, and even had her hair cut the same style as Seiko-chan's. "I really got a big scolding by my mother about that hair thing!" But it made her even more determined to realize her dream, and so she made an audition tape and portfolio. Meanwhile, Chuubei comes back from somewhere and asks about Aki. Natsu: "They're upstairs having a girl talk so don't disturb." She asks him if he wants a drink. "Nah, not today," he refuses, and sits quietly, which is a bit unusual. At the shop, Masamune who had earlier been helping out at the bar is now being intimidated by Daikichi, Sugawara and Yoshida. "Don't you know? He's a cool city dude, who doesn't say things like 'Jejejeh'!" But Masamune just listens, and goes "Heh~", i
S01E39 My Mom Has a History 15/05/2013 "I'm Amano Haruko, high school sophomore student, 17 years old. Please listen to my song, 'Hatsukoi' (First Love)*." Haruko covers her face in embarrassment as she and Aki listen to her 17 year old self. She remembers recording this song in her room using the cassette recorder and the Fishery's karaoke machine. At the shop, Daikichi, Masamune and the rest listen to the same copy of that tape. Daikichi had been listening to that tape throughout the years ("kept it in the fridge to preserve it"), believing that he is her "First Love" in the song. Anyway, he told of how Haruko sent the tape to the show, and that she passed. She was told to go to NYBS TV Studio in Tokyo for the singing contest, July 7, Saturday but... Haruko tells what happened 24 years ago when she told her mother about it (Btw, the singing contest has a weekly round of 10 weeks. She would have to keep winning every round in order to be declared the ultimate winner). As she expected it, Natsu refused. "What happens if you pass, will you keep leaving for Tokyo every Saturday (since she still has to go to school in Kitasanriku)?" Haruko: "It'll be fine. Because it's impossible for me to make it in the 10th round anyway. Of course I could win in the 1st or 2nd round but 10..." What Natsu said surprised her. "If you think you'll lose, then why bother going to Tokyo!... Ask yourself, are you gonna be serious about it or just play around? Zero or 10... Which is it!" Haruko: "...10." Natsu said she can go and that she will persuade the Co-op president about it. But then, he and the Mayor arrived, asking her to be at the beach as an Ama during the opening of KitaTetsu. "Media people from Tokyo will come! They'll also be covering the Amas, it's gonna be a rare opportunity!" After they left, Natsu went to sleep and did not talk about the matter anymore... "Cruel of her, right?"
S01E40 My Mom Has a History 16/05/2013 Chuubei and Natsu go to the Co-op to inform them of his retirement. "The doctor has said his long-term fishing had affected his body and heart." They wish him well and that maybe it is for the best. Chuubei also asks them if there is any available work around for him. At the shop, Masamune and Daikichi learn of the news from Haruko. Haruko: "But it's gonna be hard to find work for a 67 year old." Masamune suggests an ad he'd read and shows it to them. "It says 'No experience necessary, and no age requirement'..." Then Daikichi notices it. "Hey why are you looking through job ads in Kitasanriku?!" Masamune reveals that he IS looking for a job as a cab driver in the city and that he has to go now for an interview. So it means he is planning to stick around, after all... After he leaves, Haruko tells Daikichi about her talk with Aki (which is not really important lol so moving on...) At school, Aki also tells Yui all about it. "Sounds complicated huh?" Yui comments. "But do you think she's jealous of you? That her daughter was able to became popular in the internet and went on TV?" Aki thinks that idea is just too absurd. Then Yui asks Aki to choose: "Which name do you want for our idol unit? 'JJ Girls' (JJ for Jejeh) or 'AMMA'? We must have a name once they've decided to make us regulars for the show." Yui excitedly explain all about it, even coming up with a "J" pose. Taneichi interrupts to tell Aki that it's time to go to the pool. "That's not 'J'," he notices the reverse 'J' pose they're making. "That's '?' (shi)." Meanwhile, Chuubei and Natsu are in a supermarket, checking out a job prospect for the retiring fisherman. It was a task of manning the sales counter of sashimi at a supermarket. "It's not so hard is it, Ojii-chan?" says the supervisor. &q
S01E41 My Mom Has a History 17/05/2013 At the shop, the others are happy that things are fine back at the Amano home. Though Yayoi says Masamune is not a bad fella but there are times he can be annoying that she wants to knock him out. Natsu tells how Chuubei has started his job at the supermarket. "Never thought that I'd be the loving wife making packed lunches past the age of 60." They are also making plans to go to an onsen next month. As they were talking, there is a new quiet customer at the shop, sitting next to Ben. They take notice and ask to be introduced. "He's what you may call my disciple," Ben says, proudly. He is Mizuguchi Takuma, who suddenly came to visit him last night and "we ended up chatting about the charm of amber til morning." Takuma says he is studying archeology in a university. However, Yayoi says she finds him suspicious. "You're a spy aren't you? From Hachinohe? Did you come to get 'machi-okoshi' ideas from here?" Yoshida: "Even if he's a spy what merit will he get by being near Ben?" Of course, Yayoi laughingly says she was joking and Takuma nods and smiles. Meanwhile, Chuubei wakes up early in the morning to fish, have his breakfast and goes to work. Haruko who went shopping, goes to see how her father is doing at the supermarket. She sees him arguing with the supervisor. Chuubei does not want to put 'time sale' seals on a special kind of tuna. Boss: "If we don't sell these with the same dates, and the same price, customers will complain!" Chuubei: "But when they eat them, they will know the difference!" Boss: "That'll be too late! They won't even try it because it's not half-priced!" Chuuubei: "But if you half the price, fishermen will cry!" Boss: "This is a supermarket! Set aside your feelings as a fisherman and do your job properly. What a troublesome Ojii-chan!" Haruko backs away from the scene, feeling sorr
S01E42 My Mom Has a History 18/05/2013 "Times like this, I regret I got married to a fisherman..." Natsu says, not knowing that Chuubei is behind her. "He just can't sit still. Why can't he just relax for awhile..." Her husband apologizes to her. "I guess I am not old as I thought I was. I really want to stay on land but if I do, I'll really become really old. Natsu-san, if you stay with an old geezer, you'll become an old biddy, too. I can't allow that. I can't allow Natsu-san to become an old biddy." (T.T) Natsu turns to him and says, pretending to be furious, "I'm already an old biddy! Better off without you. If you continue to be around, I'm gonna suffocate in this house... Everyday, washing your clothes, making your lunch, fixing your drink... I'm gonna be the first one to die..." She tells Haruko to contact the photo studio and to have them take a new funeral portrait of her husband. "I'm sorry, Natsu-san," Chuubei apologizes again. "This year is gonna be the last." Natsu: "That's what you said last year. And the year before that. Hurry up and go to India! Don't ever come back again." "That's what you said last year." Chuubei says with a rueful chuckle. "And the year before that." He and Natsu smile knowingly at each other. So everyone holds a goodbye party for Chuubei at Bar Rias that night. Chuubei asks everyone to watch over his family while he's away. Afterwards, they all say goodbye to him outside the shop while inside, Haruko asks her mom if she's really okay with it. "Aren't you lonely?" Natsu reiterates her favorite saying, "Those who leave will not be pursued." Haruko: "You do say that but even so, you ARE lonely when they leave, right?" Natsu: "Don't go saying stuff as you please. This fool!" Haruko, still hinting about what happened 24 years ago, says, "Even those who l
S01E43 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 20/05/2013 Next morning, Chuubei dresses up in a formal kimono to have his funeral picture taken. Aki suggests they all take a family picture later on. Some of their friends gather at the house to say goodbye. Chuubei comments on how few they are. Rokuro: "Can't be helped. We were up drinking late last night at your party." Tamako: "More like a few hours ago." Masamune gives his father-in-law a reversible fleece sweater. Natsu is in her workshop, not wanting to come out even if she is asked to take part in the family photo. Chuubei says there's no point to have the photo if Natsu is not in it. "She's the patriarch of the Amano home," he says as he leaves. But Natsu changes her mind. "Take a picture quick." The family plus Masamune finally have their family photo taken. "Don't die, Ojii-chan," Aki says. They both brandish their misanga at each other.
S01E44 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 21/05/2013 At Cafe Rias, Aki dreams that Taneichi has confessed to her and attempted to kiss her but as usual the dream turns into a nightmare with Isono-sensei screaming, "Amano, are you okay?!!" She wakes up and tells Yui about it.
S01E45 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 22/05/2013 It is February 2009, and snow has begun to fall on Kitasanriku and will continue on til May. In school, Isono-sensei is announcing the results of those who passed the qualification exam. He calls on those who who failed ("The rest has passed!"). Aki is unaware since she is listening to the portable music player Santa-san had given her. "Huh? What about me?" "You passed, too." "Jejeh... I did it~!!" She runs off leaving Isono-sensei's class without permission.
S01E46 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 23/05/2013 After Aki sings, it was only Ben who liked it. "Kinda unskillful makes you wanna laugh, huh?" Yoshida says. Aki: "Thank you so much!" Yoshida: "What I said was a compliment?" Yayoi comes in, asking who she heard singing, "Sounds like Gian's (1) recital-- Oh, was it Aki?" Next, Yui stands up to sing. They have high expectations since, according to Hiroshi, Yui apparently took singing lessons before. Yui sings "Toki o Kakeru Sh?jo"(2). And just like Aki's singing, no one seem pleased about it except Ben. Yayoi: "Alright! I will teach you 2 to sing and you will practice here everyday!" Haruko: "That's right, Yayoi-san can sing jazz and chanson, she's been called the Koshijiri Fubuki(3) of Kitasanriku." So it was decided that Yayoi will be the two girls' voice teacher... In school, Taneichi isn't showing up much during Aki's practical training anymore. Aki couldn't concentrate in school since she's been wondering why Taneichi has been acting cold lately. "Not that way, Amano," Isono-sensei scolds her during an exercise routine. "Is that Beat Takeshi? Comaneci?!"
S01E47 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 24/05/2013 Promotions for the opening of KitaTetsu's parlor train have started. Tickets worth 5,000 yen each are sold out in just a few hours. The official name of the girls' group was also decided as "Shiosai no Memory." The trainmasters and the Tourism Office are hopeful this could save the railway from closure, as Ikeda the director documents every step. Daikichi: "This is like... like... 'Spartan X.' " Ikeda: "You mean 'Project X.'" Daikichi: "Yeah, yeah! Like Project A (1)." Yoshida (to Ikeda): "Sorry, he belongs to the Jackie Chan generation." Hiroshi and Shiori arrive late and they apologize. The men explain towards the camera how the event will go. There'll be 2 round trips, each leaving Kitasanriku Station, stopping at Hatano for a 30 minute stop-over (toilet break and picture-taking) and return again to the main station. Meanwhile, Yoshida teases Hiroshi and Shiori, asking if they are dating since both came in suspiciously late at the same time. Hiroshi says "That's not important right now." Shiori: "Not important?" Yoshida: "Yep, not important, huh~!" At the shop, Aki and Yui continue to practice their singing. Yui is trying but her mind seems to be somewhere else while Aki has not improved at all. Haruko: "Aki, do something about showing the whites of your eyes. Those who see it might get scared!" Takuma is also there, watching the two practice. Afterwards Aki and Yui are outside the shop, waiting for the next train ride. Yui is exhausted and frustrated that her singing has not been going well. Aki is more cheerful, saying it's fun that they'll get to sing, eat on a moving train while watching the beautiful scenery. "And I wish Taneichi-senpai will come and see us. I wish I can I go (with him) but you know he'll surely come back because he says he likes it here." Yui, hearing Aki go on and on about Taneichi, lo
S01E48 My Heart Keeps on Pounding, Neh 25/05/2013 One week to go before the thanksgiving fanmeet of KitaTetsu, Yui, and Aki, to take place inside the new parlor train. Meanwhile at the shop, Daikichi has decided to take on a more assertive approach towards Haruko now that her divorce has been finalized. "You know, the parlor train will have a trial run tonight." Haruko: "Is that so?" Daikichi: "Not anyone can go onboard yet but if you like..." Yoshida comes in to tell him the trial run has been cancelled because they could not remove the image of a mouse (on the train). And lately, Hiroshi and Shiori have been getting along well. They're at Bar Rias with Shiori showing off her "mahjong" manicure to him, annoying Sugawara who is sitting nearby. "Don't bring your office romance to the bar. You're making the liquor taste sour. Right, Misuzu-san?" While Misuzu is infatuated with Takuma who gives her an amber bracelet. Ben-san, knowing that Misuzu has a history of eloping with guys, is irritated by them, too.
S01E49 My Big Heartbreak 27/05/2013 "I'm so stupppiiddd~!!" Aki whizzes by so fast on her bike she heads straight into the sea and falls. Natsu the Narrator: "The water temperature on this day was 7 degrees Celsius." Later, Aki can't stop crying and is soaking wet inside the Co-op. Tamako says Aki probably thinks she can fly in the sky on her bike like "ET." Natsu comes in worriedly, asking what happened. "Leave me alone!" Aki says, sobbing. Later at home, Haruko learns about it. "She got dumped? But they just went on a date." Natsu says Aki has a fever but will get well once she sleeps it off. Haruko wants to check up on her but Natsu insists she be left alone. But Haruko says she's worried how Aki could handle this since Aki had originally been a gloomy child in Tokyo. Upstairs, Aki tears off the posters she wrote from the top of the bed ("I will pass! I will go on a date!"). She hides under the covers as she hears her mom coming up to her room. "Aki, how are you?" Haruko asks. "Are you hungry? Call me when you want to talk about it." At the station, Daikichi informs Yui that Aki is sick and has a cold.
S01E50 My Big Heartbreak 28/05/2013 As soon as she sees Yui, Aki gets up and locks herself inside Natsu's workshop. Yui knocks on the door. "Aki-chan, I'm sorry! We're not really going steady! It was just a misunderstanding with Taneichi-senpai! But I didn't want it to be awkward between us..." Haruko says to Yui that she does not have to apologize that Taneichi chose her instead of Aki. "It wasn't your fault. It's okay... somehow there's no one who doesn't go through a broken heart." Haruko invites Yui inside for some yakisoba. Yui explains about what happened. "I'm a person who doesn't need such a boyfriend. Got so annoyed seeing Aki-chan so flighty. Maybe I felt a bit jealous... I said, 'Why not me? Why Aki-chan?'... He does look cool. And... He said he's going to Tokyo..." Haruko understands. "Ah! You wanted a boyfriend who lives in Tokyo... But you know, somehow, I think Aki has changed. Has become more assertive compared to before." Meanwhile, Aki is frustrated and hungry inside the workshop. Yui leaves wishing her speedy recovery. Aki goes back to school but refuses to talk or be with Yui. At the shop, Natsu has told Daikichi that Aki will not be participating in the parlor train event anymore. "JEHHH~!" Daikichi says all the tickets have been sold out and the event had cost around 10 miilion already. So he asks for an emergency meeting. This emergency meeting turns out to be an interrogation of Taneichi, asking him to go and date Aki.
S01E51 My Big Heartbreak 29/05/2013 Haruko brings Aki breakfast the next morning. Aki is hungry but does not want to admit it, and refuses the food. She gets caught by her mom getting the food anyway. "I said I don't need it!" There are only two days left before the event. News has spread that Aki is sick and will not take part anymore. The person they got to replace Aki is just some Toshi-chan*-look alike. Backlash has started. One-third of the guests are cancelling their tickets or wants a refund. Even those in the waiting list are backing out. Daikichi says even if the event is pushing through, "it's just no good without Aki-chan." Hiroshi and Yui try to talk to Haruko to help out in persuading Aki to sing. But Haruko says rather than that, it would be better if Yui try to reconcile with Aki so the two will sing happily. Yui visits Aki at her home to tell her to do the parlor train. "It's time we have a heart-to-heart talk." But Aki keeps running away, unable to face her. Outside, Natsu tells Haruko not to interfere and to just wait. Inside, Yui finally gets to talk to Aki, saying she feels frustrated. "Until I met you, I never wanted to lose to a girl my age. But then, you're so interesting and it was fun being with you. But... people all around are just going "Aki-chan, Aki-chan", kinda gave me an inferiority complex... Sorry, I'm so narrow-minded. Same about Taneichi-senpai. Just thinking of you having a boyfriend made me sick to my stomach..."
S01E52 My Big Heartbreak 30/05/2013 Big day at KitaTetsu. The 25th anniversary of the Railway gets underway as fans eagerly await the event. The show's TV host, Fukuda Moe (playing as herself) is there covering it. It is two hours before the departure of the parlor train. The camera shows pre-recorded footages of the Amas making 300 unidonburi for the event. It also shows Aki, saying that this event will be her 'graduation' and that she will go back to being an Ama, and an ordinary high school girl. It is already two hours before the event. But at the Tourism Office, director Ikeda is fuming mad because Yui hasn't shown up yet. She hasn't called up either. Backtracking to what happened yesterday afternoon: After Yui overhears Takuma on the phone, she rushes to the Tourism Office, to use the internet. She quickly searches for 'Futomaki-san,' and the net of course came up with futomaki* dishes. She tries again and it gave her info on Aramaki Taichi, a famous producer whose nickname is 'Futomaki-san'. Hiroshi recalls that Yui had looked for 'futomaki' on the internet yesterday. "Wonder if she went on a journey to look for the ultimate futomaki?" "Could she possibly be obsessed with food that much?" Ikeda flares up. "That is not important right now! Where did Yui-chan go? If she's not here, the program will not be complete!" Aki says they practiced at the snack bar yesterday and wished each other 'good luck tomorrow.' "Then, we both rode the 7:30 train home.
S01E53 My Big Heartbreak 31/05/2013 The fan gathering is ongoing. Yui and Aki are serving food at the banquet. Surprisingly, not just male fans have come, but teen girls as well and parents who brought along their small kids. It's proof that the two girls are admired by a wide range of people. Back home, after making 300 bowls of unidonburi, the Amas are all worn out and have fallen asleep. They get up fast for they have to go to the station so they can catch the second round trip show of Aki and Yui. The parlor train stops at Hatano Station where everyone goes down to have a bathroom break and take souvenir photos. The two girls put on their show costumes. Aki says Yui looks fine in her dress. Aki asks if she looks ok wearing the huge ribbon, "Does this make me look like an idol?" Both Yui and Hiroshi could not say anything ("What's with you, brother and sister?"). They get back on the train. The audience take part in a Jankenpon competition, auctioning of KitaTetsu goods, and a Karaoke contest. Then, finally, they get to sing "Shiosai no Memory." Back at the shop, there were so many people that Haruko is starting to panic. She calls on Takuma to help her with the dishes. Daikichi comes in to say the booth has run out of misanga bracelets. He calls up Natsu on the phone to possibly make 50 more. The Amas are about to leave for the station to watch the show but Daikichi pleads with them. "Please! They're willing to pay extra. 400 yen more per piece." The ladies said fine, and stayed to make more bracelets. The second show/round trip had started at noon and ended at 3 pm. It was deemed more successful than the first, closing the curtain on KitaTetsu's 25th Anniversary on a happy note. However, the Amas are upset because they missed the show and are demanding that there should be a special trip for them. "We started working at 4:30 making unidonburi, and wove 50 misangas after that! Put the train back on its track!" One of the el
S01E54 My Big Heartbreak 01/06/2013 It's already spring-time in Kitansanriku, and a new school year has started. Aki is now a senior in high school. Thanks to the success of the opening day of the parlor train, Yui and Aki by now are the most popular high school girls in Iwate. Aki looks up at their billboard, seemingly happy recalling those times with Yui. Fans are still going to the station. They are told they can still see Yui every Saturday at the station. But with Aki... As Daikichi had promised Haruko, Aki's PR activities for the train have stopped and she's back to being a normal high school girl. However... At the Diving Department, Isono is nervous to be having more girls enroll in his class. "I've never taught with girls in front of me!" Aki: "I'm a girl!" Isono: "I don't think of you as a girl!" Isono, boosting up his confidence, comes in his class but the girls are more interested in Aki. "Here she is!" One of the girls trick her into saying "Jejeh" by pretending there's a cockroach.
S01E55 I'm Being Scouted? 03/06/2013 Takuma does not answer Yui's question. Haruko says she's acting a bit weird. Yui: "I know!" But she says sorry and backs away. Just in time, the Ama-sans come in, all hyped up about their strike. Aki greets Yui but Yui does not greet back and hurriedly goes out. Aki and Haruko exchange a "What was that about?" look. Takuma goes after Yui. He apologizes if he had given a wrong impression. He says the photos and videos he had taken of her were for his relatives who are big fans of Yui. Yui hands him her card. "The web address on this card is for my blog, though it hasn't been updated lately." Takuma: "Eh?" Yui: "Pass this to your relatives." Inside the shop, Aki tells everyone what Yui thinks of Takuma. "He's a scout?" But the women do not take it seriously. Misuzu: "Maybe he's gonna scout me?" They laugh. "What do you think, Aki? Has he said anything to you?" Aki: "Well, he only talked about my video on the internet. She is asked what she will do if she gets scouted. Haruko say that's not going to happen. Aki: "Besides, I've got an Ama Cafe to think about for now." Back at the Tourism Office, the guys contemplate on the Ama Cafe idea. They lament how troublesome the older Ama-sans are. If they give in to the Ama-sans, pretty soon they'll be asking endlessly for things: raising their wages, demanding transportation expenses, etc. They vent out their irritation by giving each one an 'old biddy' nickname. The top old biddy is Natsu-bappa, "who's healthy and stubborn, it's even more difficult (meaning, if she wasn't strong and healthy, she'd give in more)." Katsue is the no. 2, calling her "The Four-Eyed Accountant Old Biddy" who handles money matters. Yayoi is the "Noisy Old Biddy" who instigates things up by always saying "Nda! Nda! Nda!" or "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
S01E56 I'm Being Scouted? 04/06/2013 Takuma: "If you're looking for Ben-san, he's at the bar." Yui cuts to the chase. "Are you a scout? Working for the industry?" Takuma denies it. Yui says she had read in a magazine that when a scout finds a target, he will rent a room near the target's house, get along well with her friends and family so he can negotiate amicably for a debut. Takuma denies it still, "Have no idea what you're saying." Yui: "I want to debut! I want to be an idol in Tokyo! I don't wanna end in this countryside. What should I do now?" Takuma: "It's up to you. I mean, you say you're prepared and serious... If I WERE a person from the industry, which I am not... But, let's just say if I were, ok?... I would like to know what is the difference between you and all those idol wannabes, the kinda cute but pitiful girls out there?" At the Amanos, Natsu is told of the good news. Apparently the banker who approved of the loan happens to be a fan of Aki and he was on board the parlor train during the 25th anniversary. "We were able to borrow in Aki's name!" Haruko: "Wait! What do you mean? The loan is in Aki's name?" Katsue: "No! If we have Aki, customers will be coming in all the time, it means we'll be able to pay back the loan in no time."
S01E57 I'm Being Scouted? 05/06/2013 July 1, 2009: The first day of the Umihiraki and the Ama season...AND the opening day of the Ama Cafe. Katsue's voice is heard over the PA system, greeting and calling all Ama-sans, old and new, to gather at the Ama Cafe. Aki and Natsu are already up and ready to go at 5:30 am. Aki: "I'm so excited, I couldn't sleep!" But Haruko is still asleep. Natsu says to let her be but Aki says Haruko promised to get up early today. Aki shows Haruko the new cafe. Here's a description of the place: At the door, young, fresh-faced Ama-sans line up to welcome visitors. The Co-op President has a new office where he can idle his time away. On the south side, there is a photo gallery of Ama-sans, and aquariums filled with rare fishes. The store room where Tamako used to search for stuff has been turned into a cute kitchen where Anbe-san's mamebu cauldron (one she left behind in the station) is enshrined on a stove. At the back of the kitchen, there is a space where the Ama-sans can braid misanga or just plain gossip. The space where they used to gossip and drink has been transformed into a souvenir corner where they can sell the misangas and stuff. At the entrance, there is also an open terrace where rookie Ama-sans break open freshly caught sea urchins for customers. And lastly, Aki shows Haruko the stage where one can do a mini-concert and hold hand-shake events. Plus! There's an impressive 100 inch screen at the stage's background where customers can view live footages of Ama-sans diving for uni. Haruko can't help but be dazzled by it all and be amazed by what her daughter has achieved in just one year. "To think I was worried about bringing you here... Because I hated this town. Well, I still sorta hate it up to now. But I love it.. I love this Ama Cafe!... And for you to help change my dislike for this place, and make me love it? It's really awesome!" Aki tells her mom to quit praising her because she's start
S01E58 I'm Being Scouted? 06/06/2013 Yui just tells her to hurry on inside before Ben comes back. Meanwhile, Misuzu is trying to reach Takuma's phone but only got an answering service. Ben says she can't call him since it's out of range. "The tunnel is 10 meters under the ground." Misuzu: "Geez! What is more important? Me or amber?!" Yoshida (slightly drunk): "Whichever. If you polish both, it'll shine." Misuzu glares at him. "Areh? It was meant as a compliment." Back in the tunnel, Aki asks what Takuma is doing. He says, "Digging a hole. You see, the formation of the amber is along this coast" pointing at the wall, "and extends straight southwards. So if I keep digging here, I'm supposed to reach Miyako. From there, Yui and I will ride a train in Miyako and go to Tokyo." Aki is silent, not really sure what to say to that. Finally Yui says, "He's kidding." At last, she and Takuma explain. Aramaki Taichi is apparently going to build two theaters: the first one already in progress in Ueno (being the gateway to Eastern Japan); and the second to be built soon in Shinagawa (the gateway to Western Japan). In an attempt to nurture promising idols and to present them in these venues, he has sent scouts all over Japan, to find these idols in each of the 47 prefectures, and form one big national idol group. This is his so-called "GMT47" plan, with GMT a pun for "Jimote", meaning 'local'. "Girls like us, local idols from the countryside,"
S01E59 I'm Being Scouted? 07/06/2013 Aki meets with Yui at the Ama Cafe. As she lets her inside, Yui tells her she had a fight with her mother (and seems to be planning to run off to Tokyo). Yui has told her mom earlier in the day that she wants to audition for Ameyoko Jogakuen... Yoshie: "AmeJo?" Yui: "You don't know it? It's Ameyoko Jogakuen Performing Arts Course. They're gonna be having an audition for their Batch 3 this coming weekend." Yoshie: "Can't you do that after you graduate?" Yui: "No! I don't know if there'll be a next time." Yoshie: "What happens if you pass it?" Yui: "I'll be busy doing events and training for AmeJo." Yoshie: "So you'll be going there from here..." Yui: "It's impossible! Tokyo is 7 hours away." Yoshie: "Then what will you do?" Yui: "I have to move there, of course!" Yoshie: "All of us?" Yui: "How can we ALL move there?" Yoshie: "Is this AmeJo a private or public school?" Yui: "Mom! It's not a school! It's an idol group!" Yui says her mom doesn't understand no matter how much she explains it so she gave up. Aki: "The Akihabara system(1) is difficult (concept), isn't it?" Yui explains to her that AmeJo is more popular now than the 'Akihabara one', plus there will be the upcoming GMT47. "GMT will be the little sister unit of AmeJo." Aki: "I get the picture." Yui: "Do you really?" Aki: "I understand you want to enter AmeJo." Yui says it doesn't matter if it's GMT or AmeJo, "But my parents say I can't go unless I graduate. They even think I'll get over this dream after I graduate. That's WHAT THEY THINK!" Just then, Takuma comes inside the Cafe. He says to Yui it's no good to run away from home. "I told you, right? To convince your parents properly. If you don't h
S01E60 I'm Being Scouted? 08/06/2013 While waiting Aki remembers to get Yui's autograph for the store. "Once you get famous, it'll be too hard to get one. Please write 'To Ama Cafe...' and 'Your mamebu is delicious'." Yui writes it even if she hasn't tasted it. Aki thanks her for "making me your friend even though I'm so self-centered and noisy. I've been annoying right?" Yui says that SHE should be the one who says that. "Because in the internet we are rivals, right? I stole your man, too... If you hadn't had a big heart, I would have received a few punches. Well, actually I doubt whether I can see Taneichi-senpai anyway... Love is prohibited among members of AmeJo." As Futomaki has explained in an interview: "Because, try to imagine. Who would pay for an idol's CDs and collectibles if she is already going steady with someone? She is 'going steady' with every one of her 100,000 or million fans. That's what being an idol is. Well, if she doesn't get caught, then it's good." Yui says that when she was small, she wanted to be somebody different from the usual ambitions of girls. "Cameron Diaz or a 'whirlwind' kind of woman like in movies 'Tomb Raider' and 'Resident Evil.' When I was in 8th Grade I said, 'I want to be an idol.' My mom finally smiled... Now I understand. My parents basically approve and support what I'm doing but... I think it's time. Internet idol, parlor train, local station reporter... I accomplished everything I could do here. Since there are people who come all the way here to meet me... Maybe it's okay for me to feel a little confident about myself. I want to meet those people's expectations.. Am I wrong?" Aki says no. She knows Yui belongs in the limelight ever since the first time she saw her on the train. Especially when she rode on the float during the Autumn Festival.
S01E61 I Want To Be An Idol! 10/06/2013 As Natsu the Narrator says, "Yui's Operation Tokyo ends up as a failure." Rokuro asks Daikichi if the blockade should be lifted, and Daikichi says yes. Then the Amas, awakened by the ruckus, have arrived as well. "What the heck is going on?" they ask. Takuma says to all of them, "I'm sorry for tricking you... Yes, I'm a talent scout from the leading talent agency Heartfull." He says that he lied about being an archeological student and that he has no interest whatsoever in amber. "I don't even understand what's so interesting about it at all." Ben shouts at him, "You bastard~!" and is held back by the others. Isao asks Takuma to explain in detail but Haruko says there's no need since it's obvious anyway. She assumes that he saw Yui and Aki on the internet, seeing that they're kinda cute and popular, he thought of offering them to debut as idols. "And you probably thought that country folks are naive and that you can make your way easily in here. Something like that, right?" Takuma does not deny it, "There's really no excuse for what I did.
S01E62 I Want To Be An Idol! 11/06/2013 It was the second day of August, and Yui is still not coming out of her house nor showing up for her TV work. A replacement reporter is doing her segment. Haruko, Hiroshi and Yoshida are at the Rias shop, watching Katsue, Yayoi, and Aki being interviewed for their popular segment called "Ama Cafe Situation." Katsue smiles and talks well to the camera, prompting Yoshida to comment, "Four-eyed Accountant Old Biddy has gotten used to being on TV, huh?" But Yayoi is still stammering nervously
S01E63 I Want To Be An Idol! 12/06/2013 But Aki reminds the Ama-sans that Haruko is strongly against her being in the entertainment field. She mockingly mimics her mother's exact words, making the Ama-sans laugh. Just then, Haruko arrives asking them what was funny. "Oh! Surprise to see you here!" Haruko: "Just thought to have lunch here once in a while... What is it?" Amas: "No, nothing! Welcome, welcome!" Haruko goes inside the Cafe and sits at a table. Natsu asks Aki when will the festival be held. She replies, "Thursday, is it okay?" Natsu: "Sure. Leave it to me." Natsu goes in and asks Haruko if it's ok to borrow Aki on Thursday. Haruko: "Sure, go ahead." Natsu tells her granddaughter that it's a go. Aki: "Oh, no! I can't back out now!" At the Tourism Office, Aki gives them her proposal, "Ama-sonic." "It is for Yui-chan, just a one time thing. Not really a revival of 'Shiosai no Memory' but a quiet event for a limited time, only for the duration of the 'Ama-sonic'." Ikeda: "It HAS to be a grand event, it can't be helped! We'll prepare a special live coverage." Aki tells Hiroshi to invite Yui to the Ama Cafe. They ask if she has asked her mother about this.
S01E64 I Want To Be An Idol! 13/06/2013 Rehearsals for the Ama-Sonic show have started. Hiroshi calls out each of the performers, in their show costumes, according to their order of appearance. "First is Aki-chan to give the welcoming speech." She is followed by Shiori (btw what is SHE even doing there?) who will perform as Lady Gaga. The third act are the rookie Amas who will perform a 'Morning Musume' medley. They will be followed by Misuzu who also wants to perform as Lady Gaga. Shiori tells her, "Instead of Gaga, you look more like a 'ga' (moth)," irritating Misuzu. Hiroshi asks the two to settle the problem among themselves later on. But he reads that the next act is Tamako, also doing "Lady Gaga." "Please be reasonable!" he says, exasperatedly. But Tamako corrects him and says, "It's Queen, okay?" meaning she will perform "Radio Gaga" dressed up as Freddie Mercury. Yayoi is next who will sing a medley of Showa hits. Hiroshi asks her how long will her song be, and she answers, "Two and a half hours with breaks." Hiroshi: "By the time we get to 'Shiosai no Memory,' everybody would have had enough!!"
S01E65 I Want To Be An Idol! 14/06/2013 'Oh no, isn't she supposed to be at the Rias?' Aki thinks as she sees her mom in the audience. The song ends and the live broadcast has wrapped up as well. Haruko finally gets on stage to confront Aki. She slaps her hard across the cheek right in front of the audience. Aki falls down as everyone gasps in shock. "What's going on, Aki!" Yui: "No, you got it wrong!" Haruko: "No, I didn't! (To Aki) A promise is a promise. You said the parlor train will be the last. Why are you here prancing around?" Daikichi and Ikeda tries to calm Haruko down. "Please wait until the audience leaves for now." Haruko: "I don't want to! My own precious daughter being ogled by glaring eyes of men like them!" Hibiki: "We don't look at her like that!" Haruko: "Shut up! Four-eyes!" Hibiki: "I am not Four-eyes if I take off my glasses!" The audience start protesting. Daikichi again pleads with Haruko but she refuses. Haruko to Aki: "You said you had thought seriously about your future when you become a senior... Right, Sensei?" Embarrassed, Isono hesitated to answer being that he was caught watching in the audience. Then Aki speaks, "Why did you have to hit me? Why did you have to hit me out of the blue? In front of all these people... I have my own plan. What did you have to hit me for?" Natsu comes in Aki's defense, "That was certainly too much! This is Aki's workplace. Getting up on stage without even hearing her out and striking her, it's too much even for a parent!" Haruko, still unapologetic, pulls up Aki and addresses the fans: "Excuse me. Can you please not make such a fuss over her anymore? She is just a normal girl. Why is it? Can't Aki spend a normal high school life here any more?"
S01E66 I Want To Be An Idol! 15/06/2013 The next morning, there is a cold atmosphere at the dining room of the Amano home. Aki is aloofly avoiding her mother as they eat breakfast. Haruko tells her to quit acting up. "I already said sorry for striking you, didn't I?" Aki: "Then after you apologized, you hit me again." Haruko: "Only because you said something ridiculous." Natsu has had enough. "Stop it! Starting the day with an awkward mood... it's bad!" Haruko finishes up and goes to the kitchen. Aki mutters, "How childish... Shouldn't she just entrust her dream to her daughter?" Haruko overhears her and says, "What did you just say?... MY dream? Entrust it to YOU? Fool~! You're like a poor hunchbacked female monkey!" Natsu: "Haruko! (Aki starts crying) Don't cry!"
S01E67 I'm Going To Tokyo! 17/06/2013 Natsu the Narrator: "Since she arrived in Kitasanriku a year and a month ago, the day has come at last for Aki to leave this place." She has reached the main station where Yoshida is singing a song about Tokyo(1) while closing up. Aki tries her best not to be seen by him. But as she tries to exit the building, she spots Hiroshi at the Tourism Office, keeping an eye out on the nearby bus terminal like a hawk, using a pair of binoculars... Up at the Tourism Office, Shiori tells Hiroshi that the two will not likely run way at this time of the night. Sugawara: "Yeah. Of all things, why would they use a late-night bus." Hiroshi: "It could be Yui's way to outsmart us." Shiori: "You do think of your little sister, huh?" Hiroshi says he's not thinking of Yui. "Is she wants to go, she can go. But Aki-chan... This town needs her." Hearing that, Shiori, feeling heartbroken, tries to hold back her frustration by biting on her hankie.
S01E68 I'm Going To Tokyo! 18/06/2013 Members of the K3NSP converge for a meeting to discuss the recent running away incident of Yui and Aki. "By bus, of all things," Daikichi the moderator says, "The late night bus!" Yui is there, along with her father, Isao. Daikichi continues: "It was Yui-chan's second attempt... And this time, even Aki-chan had sided with her in running away from home. Fortunately, the bus they got on was bound for Sodegahama." Isao: "Somehow, I'm sorry." Haruko (standing up, mad): "'Somehow'?" Sugawara tells Haruko not to blame their former teacher. Rokuro who is sitting next to Ben says, "Yeah. It's the fault of this here Ben-san's fake disciple," and Yoshida agrees. Ben, while polishing his amber, apologizes: "Somehow, I'm sorry." Rokuro: "Don't say 'somehow'! Apologize properly! And stop polishing that amber!" Haruko: "By the way! Where's Aki?" She's told that Natsu had asked to borrow Aki
S01E69 I'm Going To Tokyo! 19/06/2013 "Continue! Please continue!" Rokuro says, with tears in his eyes. Hiroshi and Yoshida tell Aki that everyone here is shocked that's why Rokuro is probably feeling 'emotional.' "He's like the 'Naita Aka Oni'(1)." Rokuro drank even more of the tea and he went out of the room, screaming. "AAARGH~!!" Aki feeling sorry to see the Fishery President, says: "I didn't know he'd cry like that!" Asked by Natsu, Aki and Yui apologize again to everyone for trying to run away that night. Natsu: "Now, Haruko, apologize properly to Aki for hitting her." Haruko: "What, now?" Natsu says such a thing will remain lingering badly in the air if not addressed properly. "So you should apologize in front of everyone." Haruko: "Sorry." Natsu: "Can't hear you." Haruko: "I am very sorry." Aki nods at her mother. Natsu then asks Daikichi what had transpired so far in their meeting. Daikichi says they have explained the situation to Haruko and Congressman Adachi.
S01E70 I'm going to Tokyo! 20/06/2013 Daikichi drives Haruko home where Aki and Yui are waiting. The girls ask where Takuma is. Haruko says he's at the snack bar. She tells Yui that her father had gone home, too. "Where's your Obaa-chan?" Aki: "I dunno. Maybe at the Ama Cafe?" Haruko tells Aki that the two of them will have a talk upstairs. Haruko and Aki are in the 80s room, recalling the time that Haruko told her about her dream on becoming an idol.
S01E71 I'm Going To Tokyo! 21/06/2013 While eating udon, Natsu had told Haruko: "Listen. You now know the feelings of both a daughter and a mother as well... You can think well about what's best for Aki." Haruko nods and says she now understands. Upstairs, Haruko is about to write some sort of letter. Aki wakes up. "Sorry, I fell asleep." Haruko tells her to go on and sleep. Aki: "But about Mizuguchi-san..." Haruko tells her it's okay and to leave it to her. "I will persuade the Stationmaster, the Co-op President, and the Tourism Office." Aki does not believe her ears. "You mean I can go?! Yahoo~!!" She hugs her mom tightly. "Ouch! That hurts!" Aki lets her go and says: "I'm not joining a Girls Bar, okay? I'm going to be an Idol." Haruko: "Since you caused a big fuss about going to Tokyo, it's no good if you're not gonna be serious about this... (Quoting what Natsu said to her before) It can only be either zero or 10, which is it?" Aki: "Yes, I'm going for 100!" Haruko (smilingly): "Alright!" and ruffles her daughter's hair.
S01E72 I'm Going To Tokyo! 22/06/2013 In contrast to Haruko's angry departure from Kitansanriku 25 years ago, Aki is given a warm and proper send-off by her Mom and friends, complete with flag-waving and happy banzai cheers. Inside the train, Daikichi gives mother and daughter some alone-time before departure. Haruko asks Aki if there is something they need to discuss. But Aki turns away, saying they've already talked about everything last night. She looks out the window, somewhat feeling reluctant to leave. All the while, her mother tries to give her some motherly, last minute advice.
S01E73 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 24/06/2013 This episode opens with flashbacks of young Haruko arriving in Tokyo in 1984. As Aki the Narrator reveals (presumably from her mom's letter that she will read later on): 'My mother Amano Haruko arrived at Ueno Station. Ueno is the entrance to Eastern Tokyo. But the Tohoku Shinkansen has not yet been extended (up to Ueno) and so she seemed to have used a local train from Ohmiya Station.' Haruko is seen having a commemorative photo taken of her arrival, with the street sign "Ameyoko(1)" behind her. 25 years later, as soon as she lands in the same place, Aki eagerly does the same thing but with her cellphone camera. Aki the Narrator goes on to explain how she got from Kitasanriku to Tokyo by train. 'You use the KitaTetsu going to Miyako Station. Then transfer to Yamada Line to go to Kamaishi Station. Then transfer to Minami (South) Sanriku Line to go to Sakari Station. Then transfer to Ofunato Line to go to Kesennuma Station. Then transfer to Kesennuma Line to go to Ishinomaki Station. Then transfer to Ishinomaki Line to go to Sendai Station... And from there take the Shinkansen...
S01E74 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 25/06/2013 The woman inside his dad's apartment goes in one of the rooms. But before that, she asks Masamune, "Who is it?" He answers, "Daughter..." The woman does not say anything and closes the door behind her. Still not letting her in, Masamune asks Aki why she is in Tokyo. Aki: "Sorry." Masamune: "No, I'm not mad... I was just wondering why you came." Then Aki's phone rings. It is Haruko. "Listen, you..." Haruko says from the Rias shop in Kitasanriku. "Why didn't you call me? I was worried! Did you read my letter? Have you eaten? Where are you right now? Setagaya? Eh? You went there already?" Aki explains that since she's gonna be busy soon, she thought to get the greetings over with already. Haruko: "I see. What's your Dad doing? Still the same?" Aki looks over at her father standing quietly by the door. "Yeah. He's doing REALLLYYY well~!!" Masamune goes over and glares at his daughter. Aki continues on the phone: "The usual... He's fine as usual."
S01E75 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 26/06/2013 "Yes!" Aki responds nervously. Futomaki shows her two dance moves, and then asks, "Which one is good?" Aki: "Eh?" He shows it again. "Which one do you like?" Aki is speechless, wondering if he was testing her. 'Is he trying to see if I have potential as an Idol? Yui-chan, please tell me what to do!" Futomaki finally says, "Well, either one is okay (giggles)." He goes back to dancing. But Aki goes over and shows him instead a rather awkward, stiff dance step she came up with. "I think this one is good." He looks at her silently, so she repeats it again. But Futomaki, holds his chin, and just stares at her, still not saying a word. 'Shoot! I made him mad!" Just then, a lovely tall girl from up the stairs, greets them a good morning. "Jeh!" Aki looks at the girl who's wearing a silver show costume and descending the spiral staircase like a some outer space goddess. 'So pr-pretty! And she has long legs!' Futomaki calls her by her pet name. "Mamerin, starting today we will change the step in the B Melo(1)." He proceeds to teach her the new step. Aki is surprised to see that it was the dance step she had shown earlier to him
S01E76 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 27/06/2013 Aki: 'My mom had arrived in Tokyo at a time when there were so many things happening outdoors, such as young people dressed up ridiculously, dancing in the streets and shouting "Soiya! Soiya!"... While pursuing her dream to be an idol, she worked part time at a coffee shop called "Idol" along Takeshita Street in Harajuku, earning 550 yen per hour. The shopkeeper Kai-san treated her like his own daughter...' The year is 1985. Aki: 'It had been almost a year since Haruko came to Tokyo...' At Coffee Shop Idol, Kai asks Haruko how did her audition (probably for a movie role) go yesterday. "That part of a Sukeban who fights with a yoyo." Haruko says it seemed it was a no go. Kai: "I see. Too bad, that role could have been perfect for you." He is watching a TV show featuring a then new all-girl idol group Onyanko Club, singing their hit song, "Don't Make Me Take Off my Sailor Suit." Kai says to Haruko, "Why are these girls on TV and you're not?" Haruko: "They're just recent, Kai-san." Kai: "But that's the point. No. 6 and No. 9 look questionable. And you're a better singer than No. 4(1)... Well, they're kinda cute though." Aki: 'In 1985, Onyanko club which was produced with music created by Akimoto Yasushi (founder of AKB48) became a big hit... It ushered in the golden era of amateur stars. It was a difficult time for my mom who came to Tokyo with professional conviction...'
S01E77 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 28/06/2013 Aki and Anbe are so happy to see each other. They sit and chat at the back of the stall. While serving her customers, Anbe tells her the difficulties she faced trying to sell Mamebu outside Kitasanriku. Anbe: "I opened a small shop in a department store in Utsunomiya but it didn't do well... It can't be helped... Even Iwate natives can't quite appreciate Mamebu... If people in Tochigi can appreciate them, then it should be Tochigi specialty." Aki: "So that's why you're masquerading as a stand-only Soba-ya street stall..." Anbe: "I was lucky enough to find someone who would sell me this food truck for a reasonable price.... I made the 'noren'(1), and little by little, I aimed for Tokyo... See, Ueno is the entrance to Eastern Japan, right? Once in awhile, someone from Sanriku would happen to pass by... If there's none, I would call out, 'Soba, Udon, Mamebu?' and I'd get to hook 1 in 20 people who'd ask 'What is Mamebu?'... Well, when I can't hook any customers, I'd pretend I made a mistake (and serve them mamebu)... I tell them to try and taste it and they think it's good... And so next time, they'd order Mamebu."
S01E78 I Fell In A 'Naraku'! 29/06/2013 Yui stands in front of them, silently. Hiroshi apologizes for making them worry about their Dad and all. The guys of course say that Isao was their teacher, and it's only natural that they all help out. Hiroshi says thank you. Suddenly, an emotionally overwhelmed Ben starts crying. Haruko (to the 2 siblings): "Have you eaten? Are you hungry?" However, Yui tells Hiroshi that she wants to go home. Haruko sensing Yui is not ready yet to face everyone, tells them that it's okay if they want to leave already. But Yoshida invites Hiroshi to have one drink. "Right! Sit down!" Again, Yui implores Hiroshi: "Let's go home." Her brother tells her to stay for just a short while. Ben meanwhile continues to sob.
S01E79 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 01/07/2013 The next morning, before heading out to school, Aki asks Takuma why he didn't tell her he and Suzuka Hiromi were acquaintances. Takuma answers, "Well, I didn't know she remembered me over there." Aki: "Well, it was awesome. I got to meet Suzuka Hiromi." Takuma reminds her to call her "Suzuka Hiromi-san." Aki: "Oh, right, I can call her "-san" because we've already met." However, Takuma advises her not to tell the company. "Because there seems to be some things that are going on between Suzuka-san and Futomaki-san." Aki is in her room fixing her school bag and telling Natsu on the phone about what happened last night. Natsu is at the lounge area for Ama-sans at the Ama Cafe. She is having tea with Misuzu and a male foreigner. "You mean that Suzuka Hiromi?" Natsu asks, "The one in the poster?" Aki: "Right! 'Shizuka Gozen' paid for our sushi." Natsu: "That's great LOL! Thanks to me, huh?" Aki: "Yeah. If I knew about the menu prices, I wouldn't have gone into that shop. Thanks for tricking me." As usual, she asks how everyone is in Sodegahama. Natsu: "Misuzu has gotten herself a boyfriend."
S01E80 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 02/07/2013 Hiromi asks Waiter Ito for mizuwari (spirits + water) but Futomaki says none for him since he'll be leaving soon for a meeting. "Eh? You're no fun~!" protests Hiromi. Meantime, in the other cubicle, Aki and Taneichi are listening to them. Taneichi: "Who're they?" Aki: "A famous actress and our company president." Taneichi: "Jeh! If so, then you should greet them." Aki says she can't because "in our office, love is prohibited." Taneichi: "Love?!" Aki: "Shh!" Taneichi: "Sorry... But do we even look like that?" The actress and the producer continue to talk. While fixing her mizuwari, Futomaki asks, "Do you come here often?" Hiromi: "Here? It's a hassle to prepare meals back home. (To Umezu) Right, Taisho (boss or chief)?" Umezu just gives her a nod and a smile. Futomaki: "Coming to this shop alone, you'll never know who might see you." Hiromi: "It's alright, they'll call a cab for me in front of the shop." Futomaki: "Where's your driver?" "He quit," she replies, "because he said he'll take me home, you know? I can't stand that. And then, he waits for me at the front door in the morning, too." Futomaki: "That's what a driver does." Hiromi: "Is that so? I was so scared that I reported him." Futomaki: "Eh~!" Hiromi: "It's no use. I want to keep even the smallest degree of my privacy private." Futomaki: "Well, you fired me, too, after one year." Hiromi laughs out loud at the memory.
S01E81 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 03/07/2013 Hiroshi runs into the Rias in a somewhat anxious mood. Haruko greets him and informs him his mom had dropped by earlier before going back home. Hiroshi looks perplexed and was asked what's wrong. Hiroshi: "She didn't come home..." Others: "What?" He continues, "My mother brought only her wallet and left for somewhere... Did you notice anything unusual?" Haruko does remember that Yoshie was acting a bit spaced out a while back... 'Even after a week, Yui-chan's Mom hasn't shown up and as requested by Stove-san, the police have started finally searching for her.' Missing posters are put up around town, and everyone who knows her are also being questioned. At the Rias, all the Ama-sans, and some of their husbands are present. They're gossiping about Yoshie. Rokuro: "She must have given in to temptation." Katsue: "When her husband's condition had settled down, she must have thought of her future (Or how hard it could be). Well, originally, the missus is not from here, right?" Yayoi: "She was a pampered daughter from an uptown family." Misuzu: "She used to be a TV announcer in Morioka, and at 20 years old, got married through omiai..." Yayoi: "She was a 'sebur (sable)' to the core." Tamako: "You mean 'sereb (celebrity)'." Yayoi: "A 'hato-sable'." They laugh. Katsue: "Well, anyway, these young brides have no tenacity." Yayoi: "Yes, you are right. Too proud. And they don't keep good relationship with the neighbors. That's why things like this happen."
S01E82 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 04/07/2013 An extremely shocked Yoshida walks into Rias shop, and sits in one corner, without saying a word. Nearby are Daikichi, Misuzu, Yayoi, Atsushi, and Ben, sitting and waiting for something. Then, Haruko comes in and stands onstage, modeling off a busy patterned, long sleeved top with a high collar from Konno Boutique. The others are pleasantly surprised. "Jejeh!" Daikichi: "The day has come for Haru-chan to wear 'Boutique Konno' clothes!" Misuzu: "It suits you! I can't picture you in your same usual clothes!" Haruko: "Really?" Yayoi who's wearing the same top from her store, poses with Haruko and says, "Well, my hourglass body will not lose to you... Here." She takes out another Konno Boutique item (top with matching shirt) and asks her to wear it. Misuzu: "Good, good! Let's have a fashion show!" Ben claps, also egging her on. Haruko, seemingly in a rare jolly mood, tells them to wait as she goes to try the outfit on. Daikichi (happily): "Finally, Haru-chan has come down to our level lol!" They finally notice the dazed Yoshida. "What's wrong?" Yoshida stands up and starts sobbing. Daikichi: "Are you crying?" At last, Yoshida stammers, "Our Yui-chan... KitaTetsu's Yui-chan... Has fallen from our level..." He starts bawling loudly while the others just stare at him speechlessly.
S01E83 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 05/07/2013 On that rooftop that night, Aki had told Taneichi what's on her mind about Yui... However, in her heart, 'We believe in Aki... but...' In Kitasanriku, Yui, the Yankii, is at a supermarket. She stops at a make-up section and tries to shoplift a lipstick. However, she hears a voice. "That's bad, you know." It is Haruko, who's probably been secretly following Yui. She warns Yui, "You better not do that." Yui throws away the lipstick and tries to run for it but Haruko grabs a hold of her hoodie and drags her along to the Rias. Outside the entrance of the shop, Yoshida sees Ben squatting and peeking inside the glass door. Yoshida (*old man's voice*): "Ben, you sunovagun, what're you doin?" Ben signals for him to shut up and points to a sign that says, 'Private (Reserved)." They both peek in.
S01E84 I'll Be an Assistant to a Famous Actress 06/07/2013 Futomaki, wearing a kimono, had announced the AmeJo elections in a somewhat dramatic press conference earlier in the day. Next to him is a scroll sign that says 'Elections.' "The 2009 national elections has already replaced the administration. In the Idol world, there may also BE a change in power! Or maybe not. It's already AmeJo's 3rd Founding Anniversary! Everyday, members who are also currently working hard in a place where the sun doesn't shine... they were not given a chance... So for this reason, we will hold the elections!" Back at the GMT meeting, Takuma explains it by way of a pile of biscuits. "Those who are voted into the Top 20 will be promoted as regular members of AmeJo. Those who are ranked 21-30, will be termed as 'reserves'. These Top 30 members can perform in their Annual New Year's Eve Live show. Those who are ranked 31-40 are the 'beyond.' For those who are in the remaining bottom 6... Well, the subs, right?" As Futomaki had announced earlier: "However, past the 40th ranking, those 6 will be...", he takes out a sword and with dramatic flourish, he slashes off the 'Election' sign next to him, to reveal the word, 'Dismissal' in red characters underneath. The girls are astonished to hear about it. "Dismissal?" Takuma takes one of the biscuits from the 'bottom 6' pile and eats it. "Yeah. Well, that's how it is. Sorry." (What happened to your 'I will never abandon you' speech? lol) Ellen: "Geez, it'll really be impossible for us, since we're like underground idols or something." Mana: "How will they do the voting?" Ayumi says it might be through the internet or through mobile phone. Shiori suggests they should vote for themselves. Ayumi: "In that case, we can keep casting block votes as we wish." But Takuma tells them not to be so pessimistic. "The President is gi
S01E85 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 08/07/2013 Takuma is at a meeting with his peers at the company. Five of the GMTs (Kaoruko seems to be absent) come inside the meeting room, wearing their respective costumes. They line up in front of everyone as Takuma passes out proposal hand-outs for a fanmeet which will also serve as the unveiling of GMT6. "There'll be handshake meetings, photo sessions, of course we'll be serving local specialties. It's to promote the local flavors. It'll be a strategy that will increase awareness..." But AmeJo chief manager, Kawashima, cuts him off. "Did Futomaki-san give a go-signal for this?" Takuma says he wanted to check the feelings of everyone about it. But Kawashima says he should check with the president first. Unless he shows it to Futomaki, "our feelings will be like this..." He points at the disinterested staff, not really listening to Takuma nor reading his handout at all. "If he says 'Do it,' then do it. Futomaki-san is the one who drew up the vision and shapes it... Our role is to be his employees, Mizuguchi." Then, Futomaki arrives and greets his staff, and vice versa. Futomaki: "Wouldn't it be good to say your greetings in a dialect? Like "Menso~re!" (Okinawa) or "Maido!" (Osaka)." His staff laughs. He sees Takuma's hand-out. "What is this..." Takuma: "A fan meeting of GMT... We plan to expand the fair to the second floor of the Idol Cafe..." But Futomaki, too, cuts him off. "Hmm, don't you think it's too early?" Kawashima agrees and adjourns the meeting. Meanwhile, Aki is finding something strange about Futomaki ever since she told him about her mother, like he has gone cold to her and distant. "Am I overthinking it? Or has the President seem to have changed since that day?" Aki watches her Boss, puzzled.
S01E86 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 09/07/2013 Aki: 'But if we do not persist here, then it'll be dismissal for us. GMT is without name recognition... So with a sense of crisis, we started our promotional activities.' The girls psyche themselves up as they start their own fanmeets. "Let's take the world!" "GMT!" "Let's get outta the Hole!" "GMT!" "Let's quit our part-time jobs! Let's quit getting allowances!... We are... GMT6!" During their events, they'd set up flags and announce the schedule of their fanmeets. They'd sing and dance to AmeJo's "On the Calendar is December" while people pass by, not really interested enough to stop and look. There'd be a few otaku photographers taking their pics. Aki has also asked Anbe to cooperate. She is asked to serve mamebu of course, as well as specialties from the other regions, and to promote it around the Tokyo Edo theater. The girls are happy with the dishes Anbe is serving, like Zunda-mochi of Miyagi; Tebichi (stewed pig's feet) and pig's ears Chiragaa of Okinawa and Saga's Grilled Mutsugoro (blue spotted mudskipper). The girls start offering the food to the guys waiting outside at the theater. "Those who are waiting outside, thanks for the hard work!"
S01E87 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 10/07/2013 "Jeh!" Aki leaves the handshake event and goes to get Anbe. "Anbe-chan, look! Look over there!" Yui's mom and the man she's with are walking away down the street at a rather far distance, their backs to Aki and Anbe. However, Anbe instead sees someone else who's headed their way. "It's Mimata Matazo*!" Aki, distracted, says, "Jejeh! No way? Where? Where?" "Over there! He's from Iwate Prefecture! He's the son of a doctor from Hanamaki. He was also an attendant in a croquette shop." Aki realizes that Yoshie has already disappeared. "Oh, no!" But Anbe is still dishing out some celebrity info. "From croquette, that's how he got his stage name, Ham-Egg (ham and eggs)!" Aki (dismayed): "Ah, geez, she's disappeared somewhere!... Why is that... (To Anbe) You have too much information about Mimata Matazo!" Anbe hushes her as the comedian passes them by.
S01E88 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 11/07/2013 The announcement of the Idol election results is underway. Aki: 'At the time, the members of GMT are about to be bestowed judgment in the Hole.' The girls are watching the event live through the internet. Meanwhile... Aki's filming of her drama debut has also started. Cast and crew are ready to film in the studio. Takuma is also there watching while listening to ongoing live event at Ueno through his smartphone. Hiromi acts her scene of pressing the apartment doorbell of a certain 'Shimada-san' but Aki as Neighbor C, opens the other door and says her line way too soon. "Cut!" shouts the director. Koike the AD, tells Aki to wait for her cue before coming out. "I was here giving you the cue, didn't you see it?" Aki: "What's a 'cue'?" AD: "Oh, it's 'prompt'." Aki: "Prompt? Okay, yes! (Later) What's a 'prompt'?" AD: "It's a signal to open the door." Aki: "Oh! You should have said so! lol" The cameraman shouts, "Okay, (clapper)board!" Aki: "What's a 'board'?...
S01E89 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 12/07/2013 Inside the Heartful Office, Ayumi is being questioned by Kawashima and Takuma. Kawashima shows her pics in the laptop. They were seemingly candid shots of Ayumi looking sweetly intimate with a certain guy. Kawashima says they were sent by an anonymous person. "Answer honestly. Who is this guy?" Takuma: "A friend? Like from your part-time job... (Then, he tries to give her a way-out) Areh, isn't he your big brother..." But Ayumi refuses it. "He's my boyfriend." Kawashima orders her to read the company's 3 Rules on Prohibited Love, printed in huge posters pinned on the board. "Don't take pictures. Don't get your picture taken. Don't go with them." Kawashima: "Honestly, I'm surprised. Not just main members but I never thought I have to keep eye on the Hole group, too. Because you're all nobodies, basically you're all ordinary people. Then, may be this was taken by someone within, don't you think? That's scary, Amejo is scary!!" Takuma feeling offended by Kawashima's remarks, and says, "No, it's not! I mean, AmeJo wouldn't do such a thing, right?" Kawashima nods and asks Ayumi what she will do now. She asks to be given 5 seconds to think about it, but answers in two seconds: "I quit... I love my boyfriend." Kawashima asks her if she's serious. "You can't come back to the Hole!" Ayumi: "It's okay. I rather do my best for my boyfriend, instead with friends who will betray me without any hesitation. Thank you for everything!"
S01E90 My Battle Without Honor and Humanity 13/07/2013 On a snowy first day of 2010, a KitaTetsu train, bearing Aki and Eren, arrives at the main station in Kitasanriku. It is Aki's first time to come back after 4 months. At the train stationmaster's booth, Yoshida sees her first. "Jejeh!" He is so flabbergasted as he tries to call Daikichi, that he jumbles up "Jeh" and "Ekicho" (station master) together. "Jekicho!" Daikichi sees Aki too and is pleasantly surprised. "Aki-chan! Welcome back!" Aki greets them a happy new year and introduces Eren to them. The men give them hot milk (?) and chats with them at the lobby. Aki meanwhile asks if the Rias shop is closed for the holiday. Daikichi says it's open since customers are doing "Hatsumode" (first shrine visit of the New Year) so it's business as usual. Haruko arrives not knowing Aki is coming so she is surprised to see her, too. She exclaims in full Tohoku accent. "Jejeh! The heck, why didn't you say you'll come back!" Aki: "I changed my mind. Since it was too sudden, I wasn't able to bring omiyage (gifts)." She introduces Eren who greets them with "Haisai!"
S01E91 My Mom Has a History 2 15/07/2013
S01E92 My Mom Has a History 2 16/07/2013
S01E93 My Mom Has a History 2 17/07/2013
S01E94 My Mom Has a History 2 18/07/2013
S01E95 My Mom Has a History 2 19/07/2013
S01E96 My Mom Has a History 2 20/07/2013
S01E97 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 22/07/2013
S01E98 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 23/07/2013
S01E99 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 24/07/2013
S01E100 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 25/07/2013
S01E101 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 26/07/2013
S01E102 My Sadness Doesn't Stop 27/07/2013
S01E103 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 29/07/2013
S01E104 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 30/07/2013
S01E105 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 31/07/2013
S01E106 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 01/08/2013
S01E107 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 02/08/2013
S01E108 I'm Going Back to My Hometown?! 03/08/2013
S01E109 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 05/08/2013
S01E110 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 06/08/2013
S01E111 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 07/08/2013
S01E112 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 08/08/2013
S01E113 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 09/08/2013
S01E114 My Heart Is Re-Ignited 10/08/2013
S01E115 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 12/08/2013
S01E116 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 13/08/2013
S01E117 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 14/08/2013
S01E118 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 15/08/2013
S01E119 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 16/08/2013
S01E120 My Bappa's Rare Journey of Love 17/08/2013
S01E121 Our Big Reversal 19/08/2013
S01E122 Our Big Reversal 20/08/2013
S01E123 Our Big Reversal 21/08/2013
S01E124 Our Big Reversal 22/08/2013
S01E125 Our Big Reversal 23/08/2013
S01E126 Our Big Reversal 24/08/2013
S01E127 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 26/08/2013
S01E128 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 27/08/2013
S01E129 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 28/08/2013
S01E130 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 29/08/2013
S01E131 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 30/08/2013
S01E132 My Mom's and My Shiosai no Memories 31/08/2013
S01E133 I Want to See Everyone! 02/09/2013
S01E134 I Want to See Everyone! 03/09/2013
S01E135 I Want to See Everyone! 04/09/2013
S01E136 I Want to See Everyone! 05/09/2013
S01E137 I Want to See Everyone! 06/09/2013
S01E138 I Want to See Everyone! 07/09/2013
S01E139 I Love This Sea After All! 09/09/2013
S01E140 I Love This Sea After All! 10/09/2013
S01E141 I Love This Sea After All! 11/09/2013
S01E142 I Love This Sea After All! 12/09/2013
S01E143 I Love This Sea After All! 13/09/2013
S01E144 I Love This Sea After All! 14/09/2013
S01E145 We Dream Always 16/09/2013
S01E146 We Dream Always 17/09/2013
S01E147 We Dream Always 18/09/2013
S01E148 We Dream Always 19/09/2013
S01E149 We Dream Always 20/09/2013
S01E150 We Dream Always 21/09/2013
S01E151 We're Hot Neh~! 23/09/2013
S01E152 We're Hot Neh~! 24/09/2013
S01E153 We're Hot Neh~! 25/09/2013
S01E154 We're Hot Neh~! 26/09/2013
S01E155 We're Hot Neh~! 27/09/2013
S01E156 We're Hot Neh~! 28/09/2013
S00E01 16/08/2013
S00E02 17/08/2013
S00E03 18/08/2013
S00E04 14/10/2013
S00E05 14/10/2013
S00E06 64th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Amachan SP - Episode 157 31/12/2013
S00E07 31/12/2013

Les critiques & échangesDiscussions et débats sur la série

Par Glenn Le 20/06/2016

Bein.... c'est bien mais.... le réal a dû faire deux AVC pendant le tournage, un en plein milieu pendant la scène où on voit ENFIN ce qui se trame, et un à la fin, quand en fait le mec détruit tout ce qu'il a patiemment mis en place avec un plan séquence qui clos le débat sans rien expliquer, sans intention, sans émotion, on vous laisse deviner ou penser ce que vous voulez. C'est dommage parce que sinon l'ambiance est plutôt bien desservie tout au long du film.