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One year after the demise of The Jeffersons, Sherman Hemsley returned to television to star in another hit sitcom as Ernest Frye, the lawyer and scheming deacon of First Community Church of Philadelphia, and who intended to keep it under his thumb. Unfortunately, the new minister, Rev. Reuben Gregory, had other ideas and every week he quietly deflated the strutting deacon. Both, of course, really had the church's best interests at heart. Frye's 30-year-old romantically frustrated daughter, Themla, developed a massive crush on the new pastor. Other members of the church board included chattering sisters, Amelia and Casietta Hetebrink and Rolly, the board's wise old voice of reason.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Amen

S01E01 Pilot 27/09/1986 In the series pilot, Ernest Frye, a holier-than-thou deacon, is seeking a new minister for the First Community church.
S01E02 The Courtship of Bess Richards 04/10/1986 After hearing a beautiful gospel singer sing at a wedding, Deacon Frye decides to woo her so she will join the church and sing in the choir. He flatters her, and wines her and dines her to compel her to come, but his plan backfires when all the attention she is receiving causes her to fall in love with Deacon Frye, and she thinks he wants to marry her. At his wits end, he decides to tell her the truth, unaware of the wrath of a scorned woman.
S01E03 The Morning After 11/10/1986 Thelma intoxicates Reverend Gregory with her wine-cooked dinner, and he intoxicates her with a kiss. But the next morning, he has to break the news to her that he is not romantically interested in her, it was the alcohol that affected him. However, Thelma doesn't take the bad news very well, and gives him some charm of her own. Reuben also faces a dliemna with secretarial overstaffing.
S01E04 The Deacon Delivers 01/11/1986 A wayward teen wants to be reinstated in the church choir after being away from it for a while. Pastor Gregory is anxious to reinstate her, until he finds out she is pregnant, and not married. Fearing that her example might be a bad one for other teens in the church, he asks her to leave the choir. But things come to a head when she goes into labor during a baby shower at Deacon Frye's house, and the deacon is the only one left to deliver the baby. Meanwhile, the gang is trying to learn to speak Italian.
S01E05 Rolly Falls in Love 08/11/1986 Rolly has his eye on the waitress at the diner around the corner, but he is too shy to approach her. So he asks Deacon Frye to approach her on his behalf. Deacon Frye meets the waitress named Leona and finds out she doesn't even know who Rolly is. But since she's so attractive, he decides to ask her out himself. But while having a romantic get-together at her place, they are surprised by the unexpected return of her husband. Deacon Frye narrowly escapes without getting caught, but when he stops by to tell Rolly what happened, Rolly makes a date with the real waitress he's had his eye on, Hannah. Oddly enough, he doesn't even know who Leona is.
S01E06 Retreat, Heck! 15/11/1986 The church's planned retreat is not at all interesting to Deacon Frye, until he learns that a former client, whom he caused to spend 5 years in jail, is getting out, and blames him for his jail time. So now, Deacon Frye must join the rest of the church at the retreat so the angry former client can't find him.
S01E07 Sermon From the Cell 22/11/1986 Rev. Gregory is jailed for giving refugees sanctuary, and the Deacon, charged with contempt of court while trying to defend him, gets incarcerated for 1 day. While there, the Reverend realizes that it is the first Sunday he hadn't delivered the sermon in many years, and preaches a rousing sermon to the only person he has available to him, his cellmate Willie.
S01E08 Maitre D'eacon 29/11/1986 A woman bequeaths the church members her eatery (a French restaurant) — providing they continue its successful operation. But the church runs into trouble meeting it's next balloon mortgage payment, which is due immediately. So, in order to save the church, they decide to sell the restaurant, but the terms of the will state that as long as it is a success, they can never sell it. What will the church do in order to meet its obligation to the bank?
S01E09 Reuben's Romance 06/12/1986 Rev. Gregory has a crisis of conscience when he is attracted to a widow who needs comforting in her time of grief. He wrestles with his conscience when she asks him to perform her wedding ceremony to another man, knowing that he wishes it was him.
S01E10 After the Fall 13/12/1986 Rolly falls at the bank and, after the Deacon finagles, is awarded a settlement—which he refuses.
S01E11 Your Christmas Show of Shows 20/12/1986 The church is preparing to put on a Christmas pageant, when they find out that a TV crew is scheduled to come and broadcast the show on live TV. Everyone works feverishly long into the night to finish preparations for the event. But at the last minute, a heavy snowfall blankets Philadelphia in tons of snow. Now everybody is snowed-in, and no one shows up to watch the show, not even the film crew. Eventually, the kids in the show teach the congregation a lesson in faith & perseverence.
S01E12 Frye for the Defense 10/01/1987 A fund-raiser at the church takes an unexpected turn when the church gets sued for making someone sick with tainted macaroni salad. During the trial, Deacon Frye takes matters into his own hands to win the case for the church.
S01E13 Thelma's Choice 17/01/1987 The new man in Thelma's life seems like Mr. Right to everyone, especially Deacon Frye, who thinks he's the greatest. But as they head for the altar, the question becomes: Is Thelma's heart really for Larry, or is it still for Rev. Gregory?
S01E14 Betting on the Boy 24/01/1987 Frye befriends a computer whiz who picks sports winners.
S01E15 Casting the First Stone 07/02/1987 While testifying in the church, Lorenzo admits to having an affair with an unnamed sister in the church, which starts the congregation speculating and gossipping, and turns member against member. In order for the church to get back to normal, and for people to stop speculating, the woman must come forward and also confess her illicit affair with Lorenzo. However, in an uncharactistic move, the congretation gels when the guilty party stands before them.
S01E16 Yes Sir, That's Your Baby 14/02/1987 After attending the christening of Lynnette and Jerome's child, the Hetebrinks break down and cry because they believe they're too old to have any children of their own. But after the Reverend recommends that they consider adoption, they engage deacon Frye's legal services to adopt a baby son. And with the deacon's usual effectiveness, he arranges a super-quick adoption for a son for the Hetebrinks. But the child turns out to be an 18-year-old. Now the sisters must decide to send the child back or to dig deep and find the love in their hearts to provide a home for their new son Ricky.
S01E17 Into the Night 21/02/1987 A date with Frye lands Reuben's aunt in jail.
S01E18 The Divorce Lawyer 28/02/1987 A forlorn woman comes to Deacon Frye's office seeking a divorce from her husband who she suspects is cheating on her. Frye sends his undercover detective to follow the man, and is informed that the husband is definitely cheating. However, after being misinformed, Frye tells the woman that her husband is unfaithful. Meanwhile, the church board votes in a new chairman to replace the deacon.
S01E19 The Rival 07/03/1987 Deacon Frye hires a new attractive Sunday school teacher for the church, and Reuben falls for her, angering Thelma.
S01E20 The Magician 14/03/1987 Aspiring magician Frye auditions for a children's show.
S01E21 Glen Garry Glen Thelma 21/03/1987 Inept Thelma tries her hand at real estate.
S01E22 What's Up, Deacon? 04/04/1987 The Deacon turns over a new leaf in an effort to be the church's nominee for a humanitarian award, which could win him and Thelma a trip to the Holy Land.
S02E01 California Dreaming 03/10/1987 Reuben contemplates accepting a new job in Los Angeles.
S02E02 Dancing in the Dark 17/10/1987 A rivalry is renewed when Deacon Frye is pitted against an old law-school classmate, in defending a palimony suit. Deacon Frye decides to settle their rivalry in court.
S02E03 You Bet Your Life 24/10/1987 Amelia's gambling habit resurfaces.
S02E04 Dueling Ministers 31/10/1987 Rev. Johnny returns to give a sermon at the church.
S02E05 Thelma's Reunion 07/11/1987 As Thelma's high school reunion approaches, Thelma dreads coming to the reunion because of the way her life has turned out, and especially because of her old friend, Darlene Moore who she grew up with, and with whom she feels she could never match up. Meanwhile, the Reverend asks Thelma to go with him to her reunion, but then she finds out her father set it up. Meanwhile Cassietta is being audited by the IRS.
S02E06 Deacon on the Line 14/11/1987 The Deacon is left to his own devices when a teen-hotline caller threatens suicide.
S02E07 Rolly's Proposal (1) 21/11/1987 Romance blooms between Frye's aunt and Rolly.
S02E08 Rolly's Wedding (2) 28/11/1987 On the verge of marriage, Rolly gets cold feet.
S02E09 Thelma's Birthday 05/12/1987 Deacon Frye slips and falls while shovelling snow, and hurts his back. The doctor treating the Deacon's back becomes romantically interested in Thelma, and competes with Rev. Gregory for her attention, on her birthday.
S02E10 Thelma's Little Girl 12/12/1987 Thelma becomes a foster parent to a precocious nine-year-old girl.
S02E11 The Twelve Songs of Christmas 19/12/1987 The choir fights over which carol to sing in a competition.
S02E12 Snakes Alive 02/01/1988 After the Deacon runs out of the church in mortal terror, the Reverend discovers that his panic was due to a fake rubber snake someone had left behind. And because of that incident, the Deacon has been the object of ridicule with the congregation. So, to help conquer his fear of snakes, the Deacon visits a therapist, who begins treating him for his phobia. Part of the treatment includes him staying in a room alone with a large boa constrictor.
S02E13 Man on a Ledge 16/01/1988 Frye tries to erase Thelma's angry phone message.
S02E14 To Catch a Thief 23/01/1988 After money from the collection plate comes up missing, the Reverend and the Hetebrinks believe that Jeanette may have stolen it. And when Jeanette buys Thelma an expensive gift, they become more than convinced that she is the theif. At their accusations, the deacon is infuriated that they would suspect his precious granddaughter, and threatens to quit his position in the church. In the end, a lesson is learned by all, that what may appear to be true is not necessarily true, and that suspicion and lack of trust has no place in the church.
S02E15 The Widow 06/02/1988 An attractive church benefactor eyes Reuben.
S02E16 Stranded 20/02/1988 At a church retreat in the mountains, the Deacon has a spiritual reawakening after almost freezing to death during a blizzard. Thanks to Amelia, who took quick action to help save his life.
S02E17 Deacon Dearest 27/02/1988 Deacon Frye takes a personal interest in the divorce of a church couple, when he finds out the husband of the distraught woman is a millionaire.
S02E18 The Fantasy 05/03/1988 Thelma daydreams about a honeymoon with the Reverend, but the Deacon has his own vision of being with someone special, and where having the minister as a son-in-law creates lots of problems for him.
S02E19 Wedding Bell Blues 12/03/1988 Rev. Gregory is upset when the first couple he ever married accuses him of malpractice and negligent counseling. He is represented at his trial by attorney Frye, with surprising results. Meanwhile, Deacon Frye tries to turn the church into a wedding chapel, Las Vegas style.
S02E20 A Slight Case of Murder (1) 30/04/1988 When an attractive & glamorous woman comes to Deacon Frye for help in the murder of her husband, Deacon Frye defends her in court, and falls for charms.
S02E21 A Slight Case of Murder (2) 07/05/1988 Deacon Frye has now defended Roxanne in court and she has been found not to have murdered her husband. Now, there is nothing to stand in the way of his romantic passions for her. After a brief romantic interlude, they decide to get married, even though Thelma strongly disapproves. At the wedding ceremony, Thelma does everything she can to interrupt the proceedings, but undaunted, Deacon Frye presses ahead with the ceremony. Not even a fire in the church could stop him from marrying the woman of his Dreams.
S03E01 Fear of Flying 08/10/1988 While stuck on a discount flight to the Bahamas, with the gang, Thelma has to overcome her extreme phobia of flying. Little does she know that the pilot has turned green from eating a tuna sandwich, and is out cold. Who will fly the plane? Who will land the plane before they run out of fuel? Will Thelma's worst fears be realized? Will the Reverend be able to say anything to Thelma to make her not afraid?
S03E02 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 22/10/1988 Frye pushes Thelma to give Reuben an ultimatum.
S03E03 Look at Me, I'm Running 29/10/1988 Frye campaigns against an imprisoned state senator.
S03E04 Court of Love 05/11/1988 The Deacon can't keep his mind on church business when a comely legal assistant (Loretta Divine) is brought in by Rev Gregory to assist him on an insurance case. The church needs to win the court case against the insurance company in order to get a new boiler for heat in the church, during the coldest winter on record. The Deacon is so completely smitten by his new assistant that he may be in danger of losing the case.
S03E05 Get 'Em Up, Scout 12/11/1988 To get a recommendation from the church board, the Deacon has to take a scout troop on a camping trip.
S03E06 The Minister's Wife 19/11/1988 Thelma tries to snare Rev. Gregory in matrimony, but the lavish church banquet she arranges to lure him turns into a washout thanks to the Deacon's faulty plumbing repairs.
S03E07 The Housekeeper 26/11/1988 Thelma moves in with Rev. Gregory, creating a church scandal that threatens to defrock the minister.
S03E08 Thelma's Handyman 03/12/1988 Thelma, at age 34, finds herself in a situation where she has to dissuade a 19-year-old admirer from chasing after her. And because everyone thinks they are having an affair, she tries to halt rumors linking her to the young handyman. The scandalous rumors have not set well with the Reverend, or the young man's girlfriend.
S03E09 The Deacon's Donkey 10/12/1988 The animals in the congregation's live Nativity scene include a goat that sends Rev. Gregory up a tree and an ailing donkey that finds a place in the Deacon's heart.
S03E10 Matchmaker, Matchmaker 07/01/1989 A rich widower is willing to make a substantial donation to the church, if the Deacon can match him up with a devout woman to be his bride. When the deacon invites him to a social at his house to introduce him to the eligible women in the church, he spots Thelma, and decides she is the one for him.
S03E11 I Remember Mama 14/01/1989 Certain he is dying, Deacon Frye begins to reminisce about the love he had for Thelma's mother, and how she used to take care of him. He begins to tell Thelma about her late mother, about the day Thelma was brought home from the hospital, and about the day he had to tell her that her mother had died.
S03E12 The Reverend Ernest Frye 28/01/1989 Thelma cares for Rev. Gregory, who's felled by the measles, and copes with the Deacon, who has appointed himself the new minister.
S03E13 The Green Card 04/02/1989 The Deacon's Swedish housekeeper will be deported unless she finds an American citizen willing to marry her. When her husband-to-be drops out at the last minute, Deacon Frye volunteers to stage a marriage ceremony to fool immigration.
S03E14 The Psychic (1) 11/02/1989 The Deacon and Thelma seek advice from a client whose psychic powers came from a bump on the head.
S03E15 The Psychic (2) 18/02/1989 Rev. Gregory looks for a way to convince Thelma that Tanya's prediction is bunk, while Thelma goes on an eating binge and Tanya dons a wedding gown. (Part 2 of 2)
S03E16 The Boxer 25/02/1989 The congregation thinks the Deacon must be punch-drunk for agreeing to manage boxer Windmill Pearson—until Windmill gets into the ring with a contender.
S03E17 Nothing But the Truth 04/03/1989 Rev. Gregory's mother comes to town for a visit, and is smitten by the deacon's charms. So much so, that they get caught in a compromising situation with her taking the deacon's pants off. On the other hand, she disapproves of Thelma because of her large bone structure.
S03E18 Career Girl 18/03/1989 Tired of waiting for Rev. Gregory to marry her, Thelma decides to embark on a marketing career.
S03E19 First Community Talent Show 01/04/1989 Church members perform in a charity show. Songs include ""Triplets,"" ""Sonny Boy,"" ""I Remember It Well,"" ""Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,"" ""Livin' in America,"" and ""Amen."" Easter Seals poster child Joy Hall appears.
S03E20 The Last Supper 08/04/1989 While trying to cook a fancy dinner to impress the head of the church council, Thelma refuses the help of the Hetebrink sisters and decides to cook the meal by herself. After she feeds some of her food to the neighbor's pet hamster, and it dies, Thelma fears she served the church board poisoned food, and they all must rush to the hospital.
S03E21 Sing, Sister, Sing 15/04/1989 A record producer wants to make a star out of Amelia, so the Deacon appoints himself her manager and books her in a club, so the producer can hear her sing. But not being an experienced manager, deacon Frye never checked out the kind of club he booked her into. It turns out the club is a dive that features strippers and women mud wrestlers.
S03E22 A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste 22/04/1989 The Reverend, Dea Frye, and Rollie try to talk a young man into going to college, and try to give him examples of what their lives would have been like had they not gone to college themselves.
S04E01 Thelma Frye, Dough Girl 16/09/1989 Home on leave, Thelma attempts Christmas dinner.
S04E02 The Engagement 23/09/1989 Nobody in the First Community Church can keep a secret. When word gets out that Ruben is about to propose marriage to Thelma, the whole congregation drops what they were doing, and shows up at the church to witness the blessed event. But when the deadline comes and goes, and Rev Gregory doesnt make his move, everyone wonders if it will ever happen.
S04E03 Where There's A Will 30/09/1989 The Deacon's estranged father-in-law, who once disowned the Fryes, lies on his deathbed and tries to reconcile with the Deacon by leaving him an inheritance. But all bets are off when Grandpa Tillman begins to recover.
S04E04 Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine 14/10/1989 Everyone thinks Thelma needs help holding on to her man when the svelte ex-fiance of the Reverend's, Maxine Varnay, comes to Philadelphia and makes a beeline for the Reverend, intending to rekindle a love affair.
S04E05 Who Am I? 21/10/1989 After tripping and falling during a fishing trip, Thelma looses her memory and can't remember who she is. She can't remeber that the Deacon is her father, and she forgets that she is in love with Ruben. To compensate, she takes on new personality and begins dating another man.
S04E06 Witness for the Defense 28/10/1989 Frye gets his first big murder case.
S04E07 TV or Not TV 04/11/1989 As the congregation prepares for a TV appearance showcasing Sunday services, a street gang terrorizes the neighborhood and threatens to stop Rev. Gregory from delivering his sermon.
S04E08 Don't Rain on My Shower 11/11/1989 Thelma goes overboard at her bridal shower to impress her high school nemesis with reports that she's living the good life.
S04E09 Thelma Says, I Do 18/11/1989 Everything goes wrong that could possibly go wrong on Thelma's wedding day; the wrong wedding dress is delivered to the house and Rev. Gregory comes down with wedding-day jitters.
S04E10 You're in the Army Now (Part 1) 25/11/1989 Thelma joins the Army, intending to become one lean, mean fighting machine. (Part 1 of 2)
S04E11 You're in the Army Now (Part 2) 02/12/1989 Rev. Gregory and the Deacon pay a visit to the Army base after a tough drill sergeant denies misguided private Thelma a weekend pass.
S04E12 Sergeant in Arms 06/12/1989 Fearing he's lost Thelma to Sgt. Burke, Rev. Gregory puts up a fight when she comes home on a weekend pass with the sergeant in tow.
S04E13 Thelma Frye, Dough Girl 16/12/1989 Thelma is home on a weekend pass for the Christmas holiday, which affords her the perfect opportunity to be the perfect hostess, the perfect cook and the perfect wife-to-be for Rev. Gregory.
S04E14 The Deacon vs. the US Army 06/01/1990 Frye defends Thelma in court-martial proceedings.
S04E15 The Roast 13/01/1990 Deacon Frye is the subject of an honorary roast.
S04E16 The Deacon and the Mother-in-Law 27/01/1990 Frye entertains Reuben's mother in Atlantic City.
S04E17 The Wedding 03/02/1990 Thelma and Reuben are finally ready to tie the knot, but the minister isn't: a sedative puts him to sleep during the ceremony and there are no other ministers available to perform the ceremony.
S04E18 The Honeymoon 10/02/1990 Plans for a Hawaiian honeymoon sour like yesterday's poi when a man tries to jump from the ledge of Thelma and Reuben's hotel suite.
S04E19 The Talent Show 12/02/1990
S04E20 Moving In 17/02/1990 A lonely Deacon makes a pest of himself after the newlyweds return home from their honeymoon, and Thelma makes a huge mess when she tries to flambe' a chicken at her first dinner party.
S04E21 Deacon's Dilemma 24/02/1990 The Deacon swears off defending sleazy clients after he falls for the new assistant minister, who thinks he is a perfect Christian man, and looks to him for inspiration. So much so, that she decides to make a drastic change in her life so she can be a help to her fellow man, just like the Deacon.
S04E22 Trouble in Paradise 03/03/1990 A brick doesn't need to fall on Thelma to remind her that the honeymoon is over; Reuben has lost interest in her and Thelma blames herself.
S04E23 Who's Sorry Now? 17/03/1990 The Deacon and Amelia trade insults in and out of the courtroom after Amelia trips on the Deacon's steps and breaks her foot.
S04E24 The Deacon's Confession 00/00/0000 Newlywed Thelma longs to buy her first home, unaware that the Deacon is wracked with guilt over letting her $25,000 inheritance slip through his fingers.
S05E01 Love, Deacon Style 17/11/1990 On her six-month anniversary, Thelma feels neglected because Reuben is teaching night school.
S05E02 Two Men, One Woman and a Baby 01/12/1990 After a woman is car-jacked, with her baby still in the car with the theif, the thief drops the baby off on the doorsteps of the First Community Church. And since Thelma has no children of her own, whe makes plans to become the child's foster mother, against objections from the deacon and the Rev. Soon the child even begins to soften the deacon's stand. But in the end, Thelma is determined to hold onto the baby. . . until the child's mother shows up. Meanwhile, Deacon Frye is tax audited and owes Uncle Sam a large sum of money.
S05E03 Child's Play 08/12/1990 Frye establishes a day care center called ""Deaconland.""
S05E04 Yo, Deak 15/12/1990 Frye takes in a trouble-prone teen, a would-be rapper dubbed ""Clarence So Fine.""
S05E05 Miracle on 134th Street (1) 22/12/1990 Frye backs a man claiming to be Santa Claus. (Part 1 of 2)
S05E06 Miracle on 134th Street (2) 22/12/1990
S05E07 Judge Deacon Frye 29/12/1990 Newly appointed to the bench, power-drunk Judge Frye aims to throw the book at all who come before him.
S05E08 The Gospel Truth 05/01/1991 Reuben's visiting niece reveals she's leaving seminary school to become a singer, and Frye enters her in a gospelfest.
S05E09 Lights, Camera, Deacon 12/01/1991 Frye sees publicity in a televised trial involving writer-comedian Steve Allen in a suit against a fried-chicken mogul.
S05E10 Unforgettable 19/01/1991 Frye dates a beautiful and much younger environmentalist.
S05E11 Ernie and the Sublimes 02/02/1991 The deacon reassembles his '50s doo-wop group for a benefit.
S05E12 The Deacon's Slam Dunk 09/02/1991 Frye and Ruben both try to intervene when the Deacon's pro basketball player client, wants to marry Amelia and move to Italy. Will Love intervene instead and short-circuit the deacon's plans?
S05E13 Three Men and a Hammer 23/02/1991
S05E14 Nothin' Says Lovin' ... 02/03/1991
S05E15 My Fair Homeboy 09/03/1991
S05E16 A Star is Burned 23/03/1991 Thelma gets her own TV cooking show.
S05E17 Deak-Scam 30/03/1991 Judge Frye visits an old nemesis who tries to set him up in a sting operation. The judge is offered a large sum of money to alter the outcome of a certain case he presides over. And while everyone watches him on film, Judge Frye must make one of the toughest decisions of his life: whether to be honest and turn the money down, or enjoy the spice of life, with all that cash!
S05E18 The Wild Deak 06/04/1991
S05E19 Three's a Crowd 13/04/1991 Deacon Frye dates a teacher Clarence likes, and the 2 begin to bump heads.
S05E20 Date with an Angel 27/04/1991 At an auction, an insufferable woman wins a date with Frye.
S05E21 Deliverance (1) 04/05/1991 Frye and Clarence try raising church funds by dating wealthy Darla and her equally unattractive granddaughter Darletta.
S05E22 Deliverance (2) 11/05/1991 Appearances by James Brown and Lloyd Price aren't the only surprises during a telethon to save the church: Thelma delivers a baby boy. (Part 2 of 2) Her delivery overdue, Thelma attends a telethon.