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America 2Night is a talk show parody that ran in syndication in 1978. Produced by Norman Lear, it is actually the second season of "Fernwood 2Night". The locale has been moved to California to make it easier for celebrities to drop in. As in F2N, Barth Gimble is the host and Jerry Hubbard is his co-host. The music is provided by Happy Kyne and the Mirth-Makers. There are currently no videos available of this show or Fernwood 2Night.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de America 2Night

S01E01 60 Seconds of Fame 10/04/1978 Special Guest: Charlton Heston; Dr Willard Honeywell claims that homosexuality is caused by a virus; The Friedkin Family Singers pay a bunch of money for 60 seconds of fame; Sally Hayes, whose husband will be executed on an upcoming show.
S01E02 Help Every Little Person 11/04/1978 Gary Burghoff talks about his frozen yogurt stores; the treasurer of HELP (Help Every Little Person), Wanda Ford.
S01E03 George Gobel 12/04/1978 George Gobel, Baby Irene, and textile-mill owner Calvin Proctor.
S01E04 Celebrity Night 13/04/1978 Guests include Sally Hayes, whose husband is still awaiting execution. This episode also includes clips of a press conference in which various celebrities welcome America 2Night to the UBS network.
S01E05 Phyllis Diller 14/04/1978 Guests include Phyllis Diller and Happy's niece, Joanie Kyne.
S01E06 Rita Moreno 17/04/1978 Rita Moreno; Former White House paper shredder Pearl Wingate; and elderly actor Chad Brandon describes how he stays fit.
S01E07 A Date with a Star 18/04/1978 A viewer wins a date with Karen Lynn Gorney (""Saturday Night Fever"").
S01E08 Jason Shine 19/04/1978 Barbara Feldon and professional escort Jason Shine.
S01E09 The Pine Family Singers 20/04/1978 Singers Buck and Harriet Pine; former deli owner Susan Cloud.
S01E10 Vincent Price 21/04/1978 Happy Kyne sings "Don't Leave Me This Way". Guests include Vincent Price, and entrepreneur Ernest Twilley, who sells merchandise based on dead celebrities.
S01E11 Anne Murray 24/04/1978 Guests include the Angels String Quartet; DJ Larry Guy; and Anne Murray, who has trouble lip syncing.
S01E12 Lose Weight Fast 25/04/1978 Maharishi Maheesh Majipoor demonstrates how to lose weight by chanting. Also: consumer advocate Lou Moffatt.
S01E13 Vicki Carr 26/04/1978 Vicki Carr; Peanut trainer Emanual Kasinski; and unemployed magician Brandy McAllister.
S01E14 Pharaoh Fawcett and the Sphinx 27/04/1978 Sherman Hemsley; Singer Pharaoh Fawcett and police sergeant Norman Botello.
S01E15 Norman Fell 28/04/1978 Guests include Abraham "Shecky" Stein, a Rabbi comedian; and Norman Fell, who has a difficult time getting on the show as he has problems with the parking lot attendant.
S01E16 The Condensed Bible 01/05/1978 Jim Nabors; Irene Huddleston on the condensed form of the Bible.
S01E17 Cindy Williams 02/05/1978 Gary Coleman (as Little Wayne Coleman); Cindy Williams; UBS programming executive Bill Nickerson.
S01E18 The Singing Dentist 03/05/1978 Jill St. John visits the dentist with a troubled wisdom tooth. The dentist and his assistant perform a song on the show.
S01E19 New Talent 04/05/1978 Gary Coleman (Wayne Coleman) and Corey Feldman premiere a talk show for kids scheduled to air on the UBS network.
S01E20 Abe Vigoda 05/05/1978 Abe Vigoda tap dances. Stanley Turnbull (Richard Kline) talks about his book ""Winning Through Acting Crazy.""
S01E21 Mr. City of Merchandise 08/05/1978 Elke Sommer; the three semi-finalists in the City of Merchandise pageant.
S01E22 Urban Poverty Consultant 09/05/1978 Rob Reiner; Urban Poverty Consultant Richard Osgood.
S01E23 Fighting Fright 10/05/1978 Peter Marshall; David Fairchild tells how to fight fright.
S01E24 The Benefits of Sugar 11/05/1978 It is all natural and cancer-free! Guests include Gaylord and Holiday; Dr. Wendell Dellerton; and Twiggy.
S01E25 Gaylord and Holiday 12/05/1978 Gaylord and Holiday; Marshall Petty; Jack Jones.
S01E26 Russia 15/05/1978 Russia expert Arthur Zaprinski and actress Suzanne Sellers.
S01E27 Tony Rolletti 16/05/1978 Alice Ghostly; lounge singer Tony Rolletti.
S01E28 Mission Army Band 17/05/1978 The Mission Army Band; The Hennesy Family; Gardener Toshiro Asaki.
S01E29 Roger Miller 18/05/1978 Hennesy Family; Roger Miller; Mario Dorsett.
S01E30 Susan Cloud 19/05/1978 Jay Longtoe Ballet; Susan Cloud; Arte Johnson.
S01E31 Carol Burnett 22/05/1978 Haus Family Criminal Singers; Carol Burnett.
S01E32 Legalizing Prostitution 23/05/1978 Mark Hammill; Judge Marshall O. Petty proposes legalized prostitution.
S01E33 Ernest Twilley 24/05/1978 Mortician Ernest Twilley and actress Gloria Chambers.
S01E34 Rolletti-Sherwood Wedding (1) 25/05/1978 From the Pump Room of the Coma Cabana: the wedding of Tony Rolletti and Joanie Sherwood, presided over by Rabbi ""Shecky"" Stein.
S01E35 Roletti-Sherwood Wedding (2) 26/05/1978 Part 2 of the Tony Roletti - Joanie Sherwood wedding.
S01E36 McLean Stevenson 29/05/1978 Vera LeBeau; McLean Stevenson.
S01E37 Jean's House of Cakes 30/05/1978 Anthropologist Carl Cyrus and the owner of Jean's House of Cakes.
S01E38 The New PTA 31/05/1978 Barth talks about his housing situation; Deaf comic Ronnie Martin and his alligator; Morey Johnson: and adoptee who traced his missing parents; A former flower child who is now a mother, Kona Golden, on the _new_ PTA.
S01E39 The El Tijo Ballet Co. 01/06/1978 Barth talks about his new home; The El Tijo Half-toe Ballet Company (""...because we don't go all the way"") presents the ""Dance of the Belle Femme Suburbia""; W. D. Bud Prize presents Edith Bush, claiming that she's really Amelia Earhart. Then he talks about the San Andreas fault only to be interrupted by a UBS bulletin: Radioactivity Warning.
S01E40 UBS Liftetime Achievement Award 02/06/1978 Japanese country and western artist Jimmy Yen; UBS presents its first Lifetime Achievement Award to Barbi Benton; Consumer advocate Lou Moffatt introduces Bible Gum Cards.
S01E41 I Am Democracy 05/06/1978 Barth talks about helping a man find his car keys; Jerry and Happy present their mini-pageant ""I Am Democracy""; Disc jocky Tom ""Cat Love Man"" Wilson; Billy Crystal makes some phone calls.
S01E42 Fernwood Reunion 06/06/1978 Barth talks about his move from Fernwood to California and introduces the Fernwoodites who financed the move: Candy Lee Hargrove, Connie Bushman, Mercedes Blywiess and Vernon Taylor. Candy Lee talks about the Fernwood Fascinating Females Society. Vernon Taylor talks about the ammo convention. Connie Bushman reunites Happy with his pet turtle. Mercedes Blywiess talks about the Barth Gimble Fan Club.
S01E43 Surfin' to Heaven 07/06/1978 Denny and Brian, the Born Again surfers sing ""Surfin' to Heaven"". Dr. Joyce Brothers tries to reconcile roommates Happy and Jerry.
S01E44 Ted Jennings 08/06/1978 Bella Abzug; concerned citizen Ted Jennings.
S01E45 Melissa Manchester 09/06/1978 Mirth Gimble; Melissa Manchester.
S01E46 Carl Reiner 12/06/1978 Jean's House of Cakes; Carl Reiner.
S01E47 Daredevil Virgil Simms 13/06/1978 Robert Conrad; Taters the Clown; Daredevil Virgil Simms.
S01E48 Punk Monks 14/06/1978 The Punk Monks perform ""Karmic Love"". Happy talks about his new innovation: dental house calls. Barth ""lip syncs"" to the Martin Mull song ""I'll Do the Samba"".
S01E49 Barth's Memoirs 15/06/1978 Barth decides to issue his memoirs: ""Barth Gimble -- One Man: One Life""; The El Tijo Half-toe Ballet Company present ""The Ballad of the Broken Station Wagon""; Dr. Richard Osgood talks about the black market for organs and his ""Whole Body Parts Catalog""; UBS promo: ""Say What?""; Barth talks about his altercation with the owner of the gas station.
S01E50 Rolletti-Sherwood Divorce 15/06/1978 Tony Rolletti follows up his on-air wedding on A2N with his on-air divorce. Rabbi ""Shecky"" Stein officiates.
S01E51 Falafel On A Stick 20/06/1978 Baby Irene sings ""Hot Diggity""; Susan Cloud talks about Falafel-on-a-stick; UBS owner D.W. Underwitter on why UBS is standing beside A2N.
S01E52 Punk Country 20/06/1978 Jerry and Happy appear in a commercial that Barth turned down, for the Yam Council; Virgil Simms talks about his new girlfriend and the Mobile City; A clip from the David John Decker Show; Virgil sings a Punk Country tune.
S01E53 Olfactory Distosis Telethon 21/06/1978 Happy talks about OD and sings a take-off on ""Jeepers, Creepers"". Teacher Terry Litchfield talks about the telethon tote board; Jack Albertson makes an appearance, but won't contribute himself; The OD poster boy, Howard Pellegrini; the telethon ends with no calls, and Jack Albertson needs cabfare; Jason Shine talks about his candidacy; Jack Albertson does a soft shoe number.
S01E54 Oral Smoke Alarm 22/06/1978 The band has been locked out for attempts to unionize, so Happy is the whole band. Barth and Jerry interview Barbara Eden and Melissa Gilbert -- at the same time. Happy talks about the Oral Smoke Alarm. Chuck Emmitt Saugis and his hostage Mary Marie Clark. Barbara Eden sings.
S01E55 Hostage Crisis 23/06/1978 Barth explains that his appearance is due to being part of ""an all-night pajama party with guns"" -- Chuck Emmitt Saugis is still waiting on his demands. Louden Wainright III sings. Chuck Emmitt continues negotiations. Dr. Arnold Shollien plays some surprisingly recognizable ""whalesongs"". More demands. Special appearance by ""Raquel Welch"" -- really a cop.
S01E56 Monty Hale 26/06/1978 Child singer Frankie Wonder sings ""My Way"". Cowboy Monte Hale, host of the the UBS Cowboy Movie. From ""Laverne and Shirley"" -- David L. Lander and Michael McKean. Someone sings ""Blue Suede Shoes"". Michael and David sing ""The Creature Without a Head"".
S01E57 Big Turkey and Super Quack 27/06/1978 Barth talks about the mobile home warming gifts he received. From the Silly Barn -- Big Turkey and Super Quack. Herb Matthews reveals new Carter White House incidents. Joan Rivers plugs ""Rabbit Test""; Commercial for Jean's House of Cakes: the Second Wedding Cake.
S01E58 Steve Garvey 28/06/1978 Barth and Jerry do some substitute hosting; Tony Rolletti presents his version of ""America the Beautiful"" and does a tribute to Judy Garland. Steve Garvey hurts himself playing baseball.
S01E59 Karen Black 29/06/1978 Barth talks about liquor advertising. The Mirth-Makers perform ""Steam-roller Blues"". Barth accosts Karen Black in the audience and Karen interviews herself. Barth, Jerry, and Karen sing ""Sentimental Journey"". Bud Prize appears with Edith Bush and introduces his dancing teacher, Miss Brenda.
S01E60 The UBS Story 30/06/1978 Barth tells the UBS Story. The Hon. Marshall O. Petty kicks off his Congressional campaign. Shari Lewis searches for a missing Lamb Chop. Virgil Simms talks about his World Record -- and the accident. Virgil then sings ""I'm Swearin' Offa You (You Hag)"". Jerry tries his hand at ventriloquism, with a very familiar puppet.
S01E61 UBS Awards Ceremony 03/07/1978 UBS Golden Anniversary Show.
S01E62 Connie Stevens 04/07/1978 Barth talks about his tan. Happy Kyne and the Mirth-Makers sing ""Good Vibrations"". Sociologist Wendell Healey discusses surfing. Connie Stevens talks about her contract but does a number for the UBS special anyway: a lip-synch to ""Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb"".
S01E63 Taters the Clown 05/07/1978 Barth talks about his new talk show ideas. Taters the Clown sings ""The Counting Song"". Father John Lewis of the Mission San Tijo. Commercial for MST wine.
S01E64 Man of the Year Award 06/07/1978 Barth grouses about the Alta Coma Chamber of Commerce ""Man of the Year"" award. Wayne Coleman of ""America After Lunch"" returns to interview Isabel Sanford.
S01E65 Martin Mull 07/07/1978 Barths ""bad"" news -- Jerry is fired. Fred Willard talks about his resemblence to Jerry Hubbard. Martin refuses to sing without Jerry being present. Jerry shows up, so Martin sings ""Goodnight"".