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America's Funniest Home Videos is ABC's longest-running comedy series. The show began with original host Bob Saget (Full House)The series was an instant sensation on Sunday nights and ran for seven successful seasons. The show was re-launched with new hosts John Fugelsang (a stand up comedian with a one man show called Junk Male) & Daisy Fuentes (Loving), with a new hour long format, and moved to Monday nights where it would once again become a ratings success and then aired on Saturday. Then, after several years of being shown as an occasional special hosted by D.L. Hughley (The Hughleys) and Richard Kind (Spin City), ABC brought the series back on Friday nights with new host Tom Bergeron (Hollywood Squares). In September 2003, it was moved back to Sunday nights. Once again, the series has become a success. "And remember, if you get it on tape, you could get it in cash." Number of episodes: 330+ First Telecast: November 26, 1989


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de America's Funniest Home Videos

S01E01 Pilot 14/01/1990 Disastrous pool party; fainting bridegroom; battling basset hounds.
S01E02 Weddings 21/01/1990 An above-ground swimming pool that collapses; water-skiing mishaps; weddings gone awry.
S01E03 February 4, 1990 04/02/1990 Proposing at an airport; skydiving into a lawn chair; skiing a flooded street.
S01E04 February 11, 1990 11/02/1990 Bride interrupts ceremony to go to rest room; wrestling kittens; people suddenly losing their clothes.
S01E05 February 18, 1990 18/02/1990 A variety of clips involving dogs; a boy's ordeal with his shadow; having fun with water. Host: Bob Saget.
S01E06 March 4, 1990 04/03/1990 Construction projects that don't end as planned; unusual water-skiers; not-quite-professional magicians.
S01E07 March 11, 1990 11/03/1990 Pulling off practical jokes; things to remember from bicycle safety classes; an interesting set of ear lobes.
S01E08 March 18, 1990 18/03/1990 Bowlers wear football helmets; donkey basketball; the importance of paying attention; a toddler's first birthday.
S01E09 April 1, 1990 01/04/1990 Children and adults discover the hazards of being in the limelight; funny faces; a girl's dream. Host: Bob Saget.
S01E10 April 8, 1990 08/04/1990 Fun in the snow; vehicles contending with icy roads; joining astronauts in their spacecraft; playing the harmonica.
S01E11 April 15, 1990 15/04/1990 Gathering Easter eggs; the happenings at Buckingham Palace; baby's first haircut.
S01E12 April 29, 1990 29/04/1990 A 3-month-old child speaks; do-it-yourself projects gone awry; amateurs feel baseball fever; going to the rodeo.
S01E13 May 6, 1990 06/05/1990 Amateur basketball plays; persistence pays off; baby talk; performing with yo-yos.
S01E14 May 13, 1990 13/05/1990 The importance of fresh breath; parasailing; the cat, the canary and the fish; making music. Host: Bob Saget.
S01E15 May 20, 1990 20/05/1990 Grand-prize winner; above-ground pool bursts; trick candle; sledders; dog says "mama."
S01E16 Grand-prize winner 20/05/1990 Grand-prize winner; finalists' clips; baby's first foods; woman stuck in a dishwasher.
S02E01 Belly-flop: back-flips; lizards 16/09/1990 Graceful belly-flop; bodybuilder back-flips; lizards as earrings.
S02E02 Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat. 23/09/1990 Bride reconsiders; man and beached boat.
S02E03 Violin; canoe; felines; toddlers eating 30/09/1990 Violin player; canoe goes under; feline follies; toddlers eating.
S02E04 Dog hoses a man down; “singing” horse 07/10/1990 Dog hoses a man down; "singing" horse.
S02E05 October 14, 1990 14/10/1990 Springboard daredevils; golf gaffes; wall-walking baby.
S02E06 Sky divers; landings; cats; dancing 28/10/1990 Sky divers; near-miss landings; cat bloopers; ballroom dancing.
S02E07 November 4, 1990 04/11/1990 Canine mechanic; birthday surprises; an overwhelmed groom.
S02E08 Finalists vie for prize; past shows 11/11/1990 Seven finalists vie for the grand prize; clips from past shows.
S02E09 Boxers; stuffing chicken; Batman 18/11/1990 Boxers knock each other out; stuffing a chicken; young "Batman."
S02E10 November 25, 1990 25/11/1990 Monkey antics; video inspired by a horror film; shy boy.
S02E11 December 2, 1990 02/12/1990 Marriage proposal at a public meeting; monkey antics.
S02E12 December 16, 1990 16/12/1990 Girl fishes without tackle; holiday gaffes; musical pets.
S02E13 January 6, 1991 06/01/1991 Track and field competitors; bullfighter's costume change.
S02E14 Martial-artists; golfers; dog 13/01/1991 Overzealous martial-artists; erratic golfers; sleigh-riding dog.
S02E15 January 20, 1991 20/01/1991 Tricks with a cue stick; stripper salesman.
S02E16 Finalists vie for the grand prize 03/02/1991 Finalists vie for the grand prize.
S02E17 Karate; dog; birthday candles 10/02/1991 Karate master; zealous Frisbee-catching dog; blowing out birthday candles.
S02E18 Cat climbs; dog: resemblance 17/02/1991 Cat climbs wall; dog goes through wall; owner/pet resemblance.
S02E19 Primping; wrestling; punching bag 24/02/1991 Teen primping; wrestler in trouble; little girl and big punching bag.
S02E20 Mount mule 10/03/1991 Rider can't mount mule; bridegrooms flub vows; cat escapades.
S02E21 March 17, 1991 17/03/1991 Canine exploits; rubber hamburgers; dancing janitor.
S02E22 Toddler helps; dog; hamster 07/04/1991 Toddler helps mother clean; dog surprises owner; hamster calisthenics.
S02E23 April 28, 1991 28/04/1991 Tug-of-war between teens and an elephant; military antics.
S02E24 Wedding fun 05/05/1991 A demonstration on how to throw money away; a boat owner gets stuck; animal antics; wedding mishaps. Host: Bob Saget
S02E25 Grand-prize winner is announced 12/05/1991 Grand-prize winner is announced.
S03E01 September 22, 1991 22/09/1991 Amateur baseball gaffes; owner/pet look-alikes.
S03E02 September 29, 1991 29/09/1991 Oddball clarinetist; canoe in rapids; human aerosol can.
S03E03 October 6, 1991 06/10/1991 Dancing blunders; dogs upstage owners; willing guitarist.
S03E04 Bride and groom; horses; partygoer 13/10/1991 Bride and groom in a shower; horses vs. riders; partygoer misses chair.
S03E05 Bicyclists exchange vows; dogs; waiters 20/10/1991 High-wire bicyclists exchange wedding vows; dog rescues dog; waiter race.
S03E06 Davy Crockett cap; dragon; dancing 27/10/1991 Boy with a Davy Crockett cap; dragon that falls apart; dancing faces and belly.
S03E07 Man vs. goat; reflection; TV-ad 03/11/1991 Man vs. goat; tot intrigued by reflection; TV-ad marriage proposal.
S03E08 Baths; rabbit; swimming 10/11/1991 Children and baths; rabbit with a human's foot; troops go swimming.
S03E09 $100,000 grand prize awarded 17/11/1991 The $100,000 grand prize is awarded to one of eight finalists.
S03E10 Jumping horse; bat; cat plays golf 24/11/1991 Jumping horse prefers to walk; bat swallows ball; cat plays golf.
S03E11 December 8, 1991 08/12/1991 ong-jumper; man falls for broom trick; cat and skater.
S03E12 High jump; water-skier; breath 22/12/1991 High jump; water-skier proposes; girl comments on friend's breath.
S03E13 Children react to Christmas gifts 05/01/1992 Children react to Christmas gifts; hogs infiltrate picnic table.
S03E14 January 19, 1992 19/01/1992 Horses take the plunge; cat capers; slippery football.
S03E15 Girl makes mess blowing out candles 02/02/1992 Girl makes mess blowing out candles; tent-pitchers brave wind.
S03E16 March 1, 1992 01/03/1992 Hand in cookie jar; actor's entrance; smoked-out singer.
S03E17 Father puts hat on baby 15/03/1992 Father puts hat on baby; Little League clips; chimp gets revenge on owner.
S03E18 Toddler looks for Easter eggs 05/04/1992 Toddlers look for Easter eggs; cat bloopers; boxer and punching bag.
S03E19 Basketball; man vs. dog 26/04/1992 Clips of basketball players; man vs. dog; giant baby confronts dinosaur.
S03E20 May 3, 1992 03/05/1992 Dancers; gymnast flops; children in how-to clips.
S03E21 May 10, 1992 10/05/1992 Performers' gaffes; boy mimics grandfather.
S03E22 The $100,000 grand prize is awarded 17/05/1992 The $100,000 grand prize is awarded.
S04E01 September 20, 1992 20/09/1992 Baby goat does tricks; video-game whiz; cat dominates dog.
S04E02 Bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleeps 27/09/1992 Cherubs take bubble bath; car bucks driver; puppy sleeps through concerto.
S04E03 Dogs; goat; kindergarten graduation 04/10/1992 Carload of dogs; goat hits the skids; kindergarten graduation.
S04E04 Ice cream truck passes by toddlers 18/10/1992 Young batter needs time-out; ice cream truck passes by toddlers; persistent woodpecker; duckling walks on treadmill.
S04E05 Child dumps ice water; dogs chase stick 25/10/1992 Child dumps ice water down classmate's pants; four dogs chase one stick.
S04E06 Mothers barnyard sounds soothe baby 01/11/1992 Mother's barnyard sounds soothe baby; retiring dean's speech; Halloween surprise.
S04E07 November 8, 1992 08/11/1992 Six finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
S04E08 Cranky baby; tot's description 15/11/1992 Cranky baby responds to music; tot describes loss of bandage.
S04E09 November 22, 1992 22/11/1992 Football touchdown celebration; a baseball-playing nun; an unusual marriage proposal; white-water rafters.
S04E10 Child's hidden-camera trick goes awry 29/11/1992 Child's hidden-camera trick goes awry; tot rides vacuum.
S04E11 Bride plays drum at reception 13/12/1992 Bride plays drums at reception; bald guy parodies hair ads.
S04E12 Child tells mother he saw Santa 20/12/1992 Child tries to convince mother he saw Santa; Santa at birthday party.
S04E13 Performer perseveres 03/01/1993 Performer, 6, perseveres after costume fails; 5-year-old sneezes on cake.
S04E14 Owner plays with chihuahua 10/01/1993 Owner plays with chihuahua's tail; Army shaving-cream prank.
S04E15 Crab on sunbather; tot teaches baby 24/01/1993 Crab on sunbather; tot tries to teach newborn tricks; lyrical raccoon.
S04E16 Beachcomber; distracted performer 14/02/1993 Beachcomber; insect distracts performer; tot applies icing to face.
S04E17 Nine vie for the $100,000 prize 21/02/1993 Nine videos vie for the $100,000 grand prize.
S04E18 Toddlers perch atop washer 28/02/1993 Toddlers perch atop washer; boy gets his head stuck; surprise Christmas presents.
S04E19 Rocking-horse race; bug scares girl 14/03/1993 A man and son vie in rocking-horse race; praying mantis scares girl; infant actor.
S04E20 Tot sinks putt; girls first bra 21/03/1993 Boy, 3, sinks putt; girl gets her first bra for Christmas; domino puzzle.
S04E21 Bribe flubs vows; tot streaks 28/03/1993 Bride flubs vows; tot streaks; trooper has uniform problems.
S04E22 Sleeping baby; dog jumps through screen 18/04/1993 Baby sleeping; dog jumps through screen door; firefighter.
S04E23 Kindergarten singer; an agile cat 02/05/1993 Kitten limbo; dog at a wedding; children share lunch; dog chases its tail; personal grooming.
S04E24 Kids bad haircut; ill-fitting gown 09/05/1993 Child has a bad haircut; bride has an ill-fitting gown; Mother's Day tribute.
S04E25 Seven finalists vie for $100,000 16/05/1993 Seven finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
S05E01 Toy dizzies tot; dog sees reflection 19/09/1993 Toy car dizzies tot; Rottweiler snarls at reflection.
S05E02 Bloody nose interrupts speech 26/09/1993 Bloody nose interrupts valedictorian's speech; goat mugs for hunters.
S05E03 Tot interview at beauty pageant 03/10/1993 Tot is interviewed during beauty pageant; parakeet wears toilet-paper tube.
S05E04 Ocean wave interrupts video taping 10/10/2003 Ocean wave soaks guitarist during taping of video; skater loses wheels.
S05E05 World Series; showering horse 17/10/1993 World Series salute; showering horse; dogs brush their teeth.
S05E06 Biting turtle; mother caught in tire 31/10/1993 Halloween scares; biting turtle; mother is caught in tire; raft becomes airborne.
S05E07 Cat attacks dog; sister; pilot 07/11/1993 Cat attacks stuffed dog; scene-stealing little sister; backyard pilot.
S05E08 Seven videos vie for $100,000 prize 14/11/1993 Seven videos vie for the $100,000 grand award.
S05E09 Retrospective on the first 100 shows 21/11/1993 The show's 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
S05E10 Retrospective on memorable clips 21/11/1993 The show's 100th episode is a retrospective of memorable video clips.
S05E11 Thanksgiving; boy; bird 28/11/1993 Thanksgiving salute; boy regrets mimicking sister; bird watches television.
S05E12 December 12, 1993 12/12/1993 Children who don't like Christmas; cracking eggs.
S05E13 Unhappy birthday 02/01/1994 Unhappy birthday boy; startled Hawaiian visitor; dog gets wet.
S05E14 Bicyclist; Dracula; cat; egg-cracking 09/01/1994 Determined bicyclist; Dracula seems to bite man; cat on drums; creative egg-cracking.
S05E15 January 23, 1994 23/01/1994 Limbo dancer; hungry parrot; duck towing service.
S05E16 Finalists vie for the grand prize 06/02/1994 Six finalists vie for the grand prize; "backward classics"; animal videos.
S05E17 February 13, 1994 13/02/1994 Valentine's Day salute; girl sings like broken record.
S05E18 Patriot; karate kick 27/02/1994 Young patriot pretends to be Thomas Jefferson; mother's china meets son's karate kick.
S05E19 Cats affection 13/03/1994 Cat's affection for pot-bellied pig; bunnies and brides; practical jokes.
S05E20 Cockatiels; grandmother tends bar 27/03/1994 Cockatiels fight; grandmother tends bar at wedding; Candace Cameron.
S05E21 Mother in drain: disrespect 01/05/1994 Mother in drain; oven as a musical instrument; canine disrespect for the president.
S05E22 Five finalists vie for the grand prize 22/05/1994 Five finalists vie for a $100,000 grand prize.
S06E01 Tree; golf; billiards; baby; dogs 18/09/1994 Tree surgeon; golf instructor; billiards; baby; dogs; vacations.
S06E02 Big lizard; cats; children; aliens 25/09/1994 Big lizard surprises campers; cats; neighborhood children; aliens.
S06E03 Wrestlers; egg-crackers; bronco-busting 02/10/1994 Wrestlers; egg-crackers; man practices bronco-busting; bowlers use cannonball.
S06E04 Summer vacation; swan mocks speaker 09/10/1994 Bob Saget's summer vacation; swan appears to mock public speaker.
S06E05 October 16, 1994 16/10/1994 Bowling ball; raccoon on tightrope; aircraft; food fight.
S06E06 A hot-air balloon; dogs; baby 23/10/1994 A hot-air balloon's descent; dogs with "jobs"; baby flushes flashlight.
S06E07 October 30, 1994 30/10/1994
S06E08 Cat vs. fish 06/11/1994 Cat vs. fish; toy trouble; pet parade; salute to the military; Kenny Rogers.
S06E09 A $100,000 grand prize is awarded 13/11/1994 A $100,000 grand prize is awarded; with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.
S06E10 November 20, 1994 20/11/1994 Halloween clips; cats; salutes to fathers and dogs.
S06E11 Dog cheats 27/11/1994 Dog cheats in race; bird watches television; turkey reporter; gluttonous pig.
S06E12 December 11, 1994 11/12/1994 Winter preview; rodents; troubles with gravity.
S06E13 Holiday happenings; fainting groom 18/12/1992 Holiday happenings; fainting groom; barking bird; barking bride; video horoscope.
S06E14 Resolutions; marriage proposal; gorilla 18/01/1995 New Year's resolutions; unusual marriage proposal; gorilla scares singer.
S06E15 Parasailing; dogs play baseball 22/01/1995 Parasailing problems; dogs play baseball; tossing salad; praying mantis attacks computer.
S06E16 Valentines day; office antics 12/02/1995 Kenny Rogers in a Valentine's Day salute; workplace laughs.
S06E17 A grand-prize winner is chosen 19/02/1995 A $100,000 grand-prize winner is chosen; guest Rodney Dangerfield.
S06E18 San Diego Charger Stan Humphries 26/02/1995 San Diego Chargers quarterback Stan Humphries presents football home movies.
S06E19 Children at weddings; kayaker gaffe 05/03/1995 Men break logs with their bodies; children at weddings; kayaker gaffe.
S06E20 Elvis impersonator; raccoon; piñata 12/03/1995 Elvis impersonator; raccoon; pinata; cats.
S06E21 Vacation woes; dog trails horse 26/03/1995 Vacation woes; new "Gilligan's Island" theme song; dog trails horse; snake charmer; zucchini-hating dog.
S06E22 Weddings; children's jokes 30/04/1995 Weddings; children's jokes; animal antics with food; audience surprises.
S06E23 Police pursuit; a bored wrestler 07/05/1995 Police pursuit; animal antics; a bored wrestler; kids at play; men at work.
S06E24 Six finalists vie for the grand prize 21/05/1995 Six finalists compete for the grand prize.
S07E01 Backyard foibles; vacations 17/09/1995 Backyard foibles; vacation antics; tooth troubles; baby blows bubbles; flying rodeo clown.
S07E02 Canines; post- nuptial havoc; announcers 24/09/1995 Canine capers; post-nuptial havoc; annoying announcers.
S07E03 Human hummingbird feeder; cat capers 01/10/1995 Human hummingbird feeder; cat capers; gelatin dropping grandma; birthdays; video dictionary.
S07E04 Kids and food; trampoline 15/10/1995 Children and food; reluctant driver; trampolines; funny signs; Saget's dance school.
S07E05 Hippie nuptials; Halloween antics 22/10/1995 A hippie bride and groom; Halloween antics; a sneezing dog; a curious cat; a fight between a sheep and a goose.
S07E06 Faulty catapult; squirrel steals sweets 05/11/1995 Faulty catapult; squirrel steals sweets; science experiment; pesky rodents.
S07E07 Animal antics; child escapades 12/11/1995 Animals on parade; child escapades; sports; a salute to senior citizens.
S07E08 Seven finalists vie for $100,000 grand prize 19/11/1995 Seven finalists vie for $100,000 grand prize.
S07E09 Leisure-time antics; birthday fun 26/11/1995 Leisure-time antics; birthday fun; sports clips; a winter preview; kids caught in the act.
S07E10 Feisty fish; patty-cake cats 03/12/1995 A stomach laughs; fish hits fisherman; patty-cake cats; a bikini man; a lizard catcher.
S07E11 Christmas theme 17/12/1995 Christmas wishes; Santa mishaps; a girl performs a Christmas song; guest model Bobbie Brown.
S07E12 Sibling rivalries; brawling babies 07/01/1996 Sibling rivalries; brawling babies; theme-park screamer; sports shorts.
S07E13 Seaplane somersault; children's antics 14/01/1996 Seaplane somersault; children's antics; heavy metal proposal; weightlifter.
S07E14 Cat in a tub; truck splits 21/01/1996 A cat in a tub; a dump truck splits; a giant grasshopper; wrestlers pin a referee.
S07E15 Bears; wedding mishaps 11/02/1996 Trouble with bears; wedding mishaps; a hospital proposal; birthday antics.
S07E16 Seven finalists vie for the grand prize 18/02/1996 Seven finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
S07E17 Camera-hating grandma; Fabio 25/02/1996 Camera-hating grandmother; sleeping habits; dog antics; Marine-drill toddler; guest Fabio.
S07E18 Kids at large; sports; animals 10/03/1996 Children at large; sports mania; animals unleashed; automotive follies.
S07E19 A dizzy grandma; a belching man 24/03/1996 Wild and funny animals; a dizzy grandma; baby antics; a belching man.
S07E20 Costumed pets; weddings; outdoor antics 28/04/1996 Pets in costume; wedding mishaps; outdoor antics.
S07E21 Household hints; canine capers 05/05/1996 Household hints; canine capers; children being children; large lovable people.
S07E22 Five finalists compete for $100,000 19/05/1996 Five finalists vie for the grand prize of $100,000.
S08E01 Summer; wild animals; sports 22/09/1996 Summertime fun; wild animal antics; outrageous sports highlights; weather mishaps; vacation memories.
S08E02 Helicopter drops car; skydiver 22/09/1996 A helicopter drops a car; first-time sky diver; a tractor rolls into the ocean; a preacher breaks his podium.
S08E03 Family wears antlers; spinning boy 29/09/1996 A family dons reindeer antlers for dinner; a snowboarding daredevil tumbles on some rocks; a skinny man adopts bodybuilder poses.
S08E04 Pool fun; dancer gets diploma 06/10/1996 Swimming-pool bowling; girl misses pool; dancer gets diploma; groom faints.
S08E05 Wet toddler; rocket 13/10/1996 A man's close encounter with a toilet seat; a toddler has a run-in with a watering can; a failed amateur rocket launch.
S08E06 Puppy escapes; rodeo tumble 26/10/1996 A tiny puppy's great escape; a tumble at the rodeo; a beer belly pregnancy; a state-of-the-art baby feeder.
S08E07 Music chairs; babies' hairdos 10/11/1996 Musical chairs; babies' hairdos; horseplay; birthday surprises.
S08E08 Kerri Strug; gymnastics; shed falls 10/11/1996 Guest Kerri Strug; gymnastics; shed collapses; swimmers race; female impersonator.
S08E09 Comic canines; psychic grandma 17/11/1996 Tree-climbing Chihuahua; boxing dachshund; psychic grandma; popping egg.
S08E10 Finalists compete for $100,000 17/11/1996 Nine finalists compete for the $100,000 grand prize.
S08E11 Infant escapes; military mishaps 24/11/1996 An infant's crib escape; a cat's fear of its own reflection; a toddler's first ride on a snowmobile. Host: Bob Saget.
S08E12 Coifed cockatoo; fearful turtles 01/12/1996 A coifed cockatoo; fearful turtles; a bride dunks her groom in a lake.
S08E13 President Clinton; iguana-kissing woman 08/12/1996 President Clinton greets puppet; iguana-kissing woman; baby's workout; goofy animals.
S08E14 Children speak on Christmas morning 15/12/1996 Christmas Boneheads; children's Christmas morning comments; "Twas the Night Before Christmas"; features Santa's elves.
S08E15 Birthday blunders; child's 'Hamlet' 05/01/1997 Birthday blunders; child recites "Hamlet"; bored snake; Christmas morning.
S08E16 Woman rides 'flying fox'; hungry dog 12/01/1997 Woman rides "flying fox"; hungry dog; wedding mishap; child's recitation.
S08E17 Football foibles; bonehead bowl 02/02/1997 Clips featuring football at its worst; the Bonehead Bowl. Host: Bob Saget. Guests: Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford.
S08E18 Weddings; macho men; guest Joely Fisher 09/02/1997 Embarrassing bride and groom moments with newlywed Joely Fisher; a tribute to America's macho men. Host: Bob Saget.
S08E19 Animals and cages; bathroom surprises 16/02/1997 Astonishing animals; bathroom surprises. Host: Bob Saget.
S08E20 Finalists vie for $100,000 23/02/1997 International home videos; giraffe licks tourists in car at theme park; siblings scared by Easter Bunny.
S08E21 Pillow fight; bikini tuxedo 23/02/1997 Pillow fight at 30,000 feet; commercial parody; bride's dad models bikini tuxedo.
S08E22 Toddlers mess with makeup 03/03/1997 Toddlers mess with mom's makeup; "As the Videos Roll," a soap-opera parody.
S08E23 Health clubs; basketball bozos 23/03/1997 Embarrassing health club incidents; March Madness Basketball Bozos.
S08E24 Cats and dogs 13/04/1997 Cats and dogs.
S08E25 In-line skaters; bad driver 27/04/1997 Daredevil in-line skaters; bad driver; stuffed bunny explodes.
S08E26 Animals; llama spits on grandma 27/04/1997 Animals; polar bear charges tourist; llama spits on grandma; turtle bites diver.
S08E27 Woman gives birth to a puppy 04/05/1997 Woman gives birth to a puppy; crop-dusted man; woman flosses; toe bikini.
S08E28 Social blunders; belching boy 04/05/1997 Social blunders; belching boy; man drills ceiling; seasick groom.
S08E29 'Full House' cast members reunite 09/05/1997 "Full House" cast members join Bob Saget to show video clips.
S08E30 Finalists vie for $100,000 18/05/1997 Finalists compete for the grand prize of $100,000.
S09E01 Animal antics; airplane comes apart 05/01/1998 Moose goes door-to-door; rat uses a toilet as a hot tub; duck named Fido; airplane comes apart at the seams.
S09E02 Salute to Boneheads (1) 11/01/1998 Jokesters at work; scared people; dad's in charge; dainty boneheads; divot heads; Mr. Pitiful.
S09E03 Salute to Boneheads (2) 11/01/1998 Jokesters at work; scared people; dad's in charge; dainty boneheads; divot heads; Mr. Pitiful.
S09E04 Gift-giving elephant; ski-less skier 12/01/1998 Gift-giving elephant; ski-less skier.
S09E05 Jackie Chan wannabes; simian dentistry 19/01/1998 Jackie Chan wannabes; dysfunctional family; simian dentistry; human tee-ball game; special talents; theatrical mishaps.
S09E06 Kids and animals (1) 25/01/1998 Children, their pets and animal antics; a woman who speaks goat; a clinging frog; a fresh elephant; a blue poodle; a bologna facial.
S09E07 Kids and animals (2) 25/01/1998 Children, their pets and animal antics; a woman who speaks goat; a clinging frog; a fresh elephant; a blue poodle; a bologna facial.
S09E08 February 2, 1998 02/02/1998 Wedding regrets; wild car-ride; infant aerobics; smart dog.
S09E09 Finalists vie for $100,000 09/02/1998 Finalists compete for the grand prize of $100,000.
S09E10 Poodle brooch; abusive parrot 16/02/1998 Woman wears her poodle as a brooch; parrot verbally abuses its owner; runway-challenged fashion models; water-jug soccer.
S09E11 March 2, 1998 02/03/1998 Man uses face as a baseball mitt; dog picks padlock; thrill-ride on a clothesline; man cleans gutters with trampoline's help.
S09E12 Snake attach; dog; caterpillars; wasp 09/03/1998 Snake attacks camcorder; dog fears slippers; dancing caterpillars; paparazzi-stinging wasp.
S09E13 Couple rides bucking bronco; cats 16/03/1998 Couple have a date on a bucking bronco; cats.
S09E14 Snoring snorkeler; dog snoozes in tub 26/03/1998 Snoring snorkeler; dog snoozes in tub; mouse raids candy dish; poodle has the blues.
S09E15 Houdini wannabe; back-flipping groom 30/03/1998 A Houdini wannabe; a back-flipping groom; dog-and-pony show; a pair of juggling wedding ushers.
S09E16 April 10, 1998 10/04/1998 Leaf blower powers rollerskater; power sanders race; human propeller.
S09E17 Hammock spin; boy's birthday cake 20/04/1998 Hammock-spinning makes dad queasy; boy mistakes birthday cake for a mask.
S09E18 Birds and bees; lunch-box surprise 25/04/1998 Boy bolts from father's birds-and-the-bees chat; lunch-box surprise; homecoming queen crowns wrong king.
S09E19 Man hangs from a tree in his underwear 27/04/1998 Man hangs from a tree in his underwear; clumsy wedding photographer.
S09E20 Man eats corn; cyclist; bowling 04/05/1998 Man eats corn-on-the-cob without using his hands; child shoots baskets while riding a bicycle; bowler doesn't release his ball.
S09E21 Finalists vie for $100,000 11/05/1998 Finalists compete for the grand prize of $100,000.
S10E01 Ten compete to win a $100,000 03/10/1998 Ten contestants vie to win a $100,000 grand prize.
S10E02 October 10, 1998 10/10/1998 Expectant father faints in delivery room; baby has a goatee; fish wrestles with a fisherman; cockatoo dances.
S10E03 Pregnant woman sports watermelon 17/10/1998 Man flies in a harness; woman tries to remove facial mask; duck is obsessed with his owner; pregnant woman sports a watermelon.
S10E04 October 24, 1998 24/10/1998 Cocky raccoon; out-of-control recreational vehicle; generous elephant; skier without skis.
S10E05 Cocky raccoon; an out-of-control RV 07/11/1998 Cocky raccoon; an out-of-control recreational vehicle.
S10E06 Music-hating toddler 14/11/1998 Music-hating toddler; boy's parakeet flies the coop.
S10E07 Audience picks grand-prize winner 12/12/1998 Audience selects $100,000 grand-prize winner.
S10E08 Man is trapped in portable toilet 12/12/1998 Woman gets stuck between dryer and a hard place; man is trapped in portable toilet; wind-swept family reunion.
S10E09 December 19, 1998 19/12/1998 A woman waxes a man's eyebrows; hurdle-jumper; a little girl collects frogs.
S10E10 Boy rips duct tape off grandma 30/01/1999 Boy rips duct tape off his grandma; bird pecks at bikini; dog eats from toaster oven.
S10E11 January 30, 1999 30/01/1999 White-water canoeing in pool; forklift exterminates a VW Bug; song sickens dog.
S10E12 Stir-crazy hamster; scooter 04/03/1999 Stir-crazy hamster; snake plays dead; scooter-riding etiquette.
S10E13 Man white-water canoes in pool 04/03/1998 Man white-water canoes in pool; forklift exterminates VW Bug; man's story sickens dog.
S10E14 Dog exits without a dog door 11/03/1999 Dog exits without a dog door; grandmother goes over waterfall; dog eats ice cream.
S10E15 Finalists vie for $100,000 grand prize 18/03/1999 Six finalists vie for the $100,000 grand prize.
S10E16 Child samples Santa's cookie 18/03/1999 Child samples Santa's cookie; hill halts motorcyclist; family's video portrait.
S10E17 Man picks up food; hot-tub handstand 25/03/1999 Man picks up food; hot-tub handstand; disgruntled "talking" ants.
S10E18 Baby uses treadmill; parrot talks 08/04/1999 Baby uses treadmill; parrot talks to two cats; woman milks a goat.
S10E19 April 15, 1999 15/04/1999 Little girl fakes tantrum; boy howls at the moon; person hides from parakeet.
S10E20 Boy encounters loaded envelope 22/04/1999 Boy encounters loaded envelope; dog attacks laser light; girl's Christmas toy wish.
S10E21 Cat protects his turf 29/04/1999 Cat protects his turf; organ player's monkey monitors tips; kitty and open door.
S10E22 Tot reacts to sneezing horse 29/04/1999 Men eat hot peppers; marbles fill medicine cabinet; tot reacts to sneezing horse.
S10E23 Wedding reception; pig in pool 15/05/1999 No one at the reception knows the groom's name; collegian's awakening; pig paddles in pool.
S11E01 Matrimony Mania 03/02/2001 Cameras capture nuptial mishaps.
S11E02 Nincompoop-a-rama 04/03/2001 Clips show people doing clumsy and not-so-clever things; host Tom Bergeron.
S11E03 July 20, 2001 20/07/2001 Common household accidents; a dog catches hockey pucks; a woman deals with the cameraman who woke her.
S11E04 July 27, 2001 27/07/2001 A basketball team runs over a cheerleader; a parasailor takes an unwanted detour; strange inventions.
S11E05 August 3, 2001 03/08/2001 A tribute to the film "Psycho"; people who are double-jointed; winter mishaps.
S11E06 August 10, 2001 10/08/2001 Trampoline antics; a ceramic cat frightens a dog; crazy animal moments.
S11E07 August 17, 2001 17/08/2001 An ostrich swallows a wedding ring; football follies; hobbies gone wrong.
S11E08 August 24, 2001 24/08/2001 Working animals; golf-course blunders; a monkey shampoos a man.
S11E09 August 31, 2001 31/08/2001 Pinata mishaps; gymnastics gone awry; a man who can't take the heat in the kitchen.
S11E10 October 19, 2001 19/10/2001 A grizzly bear scratches an itch; people react to amusement-park rides; a boy crashes his sister's singing solo.
S11E11 October 27, 2001 27/10/2001 Classic Halloween clips; clumsy and not-so-clever acts caught on tape.
S11E12 The Greatest Videos of All Time, Vol. 1 23/11/2001 An 11-season compilation of the best videos ever featured. With appearances by Whoopi Goldberg and Regis Philbin.
S11E13 November 30, 2001 30/11/2001 Vacation blunders; a swimmer faces off against an angry swan; rodeo antics.
S11E14 December 7, 2001 07/12/2001 A sneezing canine; a crocodile gets a little too close to a handler; a toddler's golfing Cinderella story.
S11E15 January 4, 2002 04/01/2002 Movie parodies; amusement park bungee jumpers have fun with aerial milkshakes; a dad has an unfortunate trampoline adventure.
S11E16 January 25, 2002 25/01/2002 Votes are tabulated to determine the $100,000 grand prize winner from among 14 finalists whose funny or unusual videos were shown during the season.
S11E17 Athletic supporters 08/02/2002 It's the agony of defeat for not-so-athletic people caught on video in sports ranging from skiing to football and golf.
S12E01 February 15, 2002 15/02/2002 Ice skating follies; giggling baby; parrot with an attitude. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S12E02 March 1, 2002 01/03/2002 Videos include a naked man riding a snowboard, long-distance runners being chased by a dog and a tribute to the United States.
S12E03 March 8, 2002 08/03/2002 Camels bring a caravan of trouble; woman's close encounter with an alligator; musical tribute to motorcycles.
S12E04 March 15, 2002 15/03/2002 Hockey blunders; party surprises; a comical tribute to the movies.
S12E05 March 22, 2002 (1) 22/03/2002 Vacation follies; wedding proposal in an operating room; diaper-changing adventure.
S12E06 March 22, 2002 (2) 22/03/2002 A pooch displays poor form at a dog show; things that can go wrong at a surprise party; precarious situations.
S12E07 March 29, 2002 29/03/2002 Votes are tallied to choose the $100,000 grand prize winner. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S12E08 April 5, 2002 05/04/2002 Videos featuring football follies, a man's emotional reaction to a gift and creative ways to pour milk.
S12E09 April 12, 2002 12/04/2002 Children make a mess; a construction worker wears stilts; a girl cuts her own hair.
S12E10 April 19, 2002 19/04/2002 Videos of very bad dogs, a nosy tot who can name spices by smell and a cat's aquarium adventure. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S12E11 April 26, 2002 26/04/2002
S12E12 The Battle of the Best (1) 02/05/2002 Celebrity panelists pick their favorite home videos from the past 12 seasons, then the audience chooses one video that will collect the grand prize; host Tom Bergeron.
S12E13 The Battle of the Best (2) 02/05/2002 Celebrity panelists pick their favorite home videos from the past 12 seasons, then the audience chooses one video that will collect the grand prize; host Tom Bergeron.
S12E14 May 10, 2002 10/05/2002 Videos featuring golfing mishaps, a tot's impression of a president and Mother Nature striking back. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S12E15 May 17, 2002 17/05/2002 The $100,000 grand prize winner is chosen from among five finalists.
S13E01 September 27, 2002 27/09/2002 People have bumbling brushes with nature; a wedding day practical joke; a grandpa's sleepy surprise. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S13E02 October 4, 2002 04/10/2002 A monkey steals a man's watch; a fish is memorialized; brides, grooms and well-wishers commit wedding-day blunders.
S13E03 October 11, 2002 11/10/2002 Spa treatments; baseball mishaps; crazy bird driver.
S13E04 October 18, 2002 18/10/2002 A chimpanzee admires a monkey mask; fishing mishaps; comical babies.
S13E05 October 25, 2002 25/10/2002 Halloween videos, including a dachshund chasing away a trick-or-treater, a little "witch" who's afraid of her own reflection and a spooky musical montage.
S13E06 November 1, 2002 01/11/2002 Karate cut-ups; husband and wife mishaps; close encounters with dinosaurs.
S13E07 November 8, 2002 08/11/2002 Wedding mishaps; sled ride; song-and-dance number.
S13E08 November 15, 2002 15/11/2002 A minister receives a cell-phone call during a wedding ceremony; man in a bear costume; cats and dogs.
S13E09 November 22, 2002 22/11/2002 Thanksgiving blunders; a spontaneously combustible cake; a baby expresses disgust over food. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S13E10 December 13, 2002 13/12/2002 Videos celebrating the spirit of Christmas, including Santa Claus mishaps, toys gone awry and children's reactions after unwrapping gifts.
S13E11 January 10, 2003 10/01/2002 Wet graduation ceremony; a flower girl practices pest control on a bride's dress; "Hot in Here" musical montage.
S13E12 January 24, 2003 24/01/2003 Football mishaps and blunders, including a game interrupted by a deer; amazing dog tricks; everyday nincompoops.
S13E13 January 31, 2003 (1) 31/01/2003 Twelve finalists whose funny or unusual videos were chosen as episode favorites during the season contend for a $100,000 grand prize.
S13E14 January 31, 2002 (2) 31/01/2003 The $100,000 grand-prize winner.
S13E15 February 7, 2003 07/02/2003 Performers blunder on stage; animal mishaps; a baby's pacifier problem.
S13E16 February 14, 2003 14/02/2003 Videos celebrate love, weddings and babies for St. Valentine's Day.
S13E17 February 21, 2003 (1) 21/02/2003 Videos featuring nincompoops, sleeping disasters and children's mishaps.
S13E18 February 21, 2003 (2) 21/03/2003 Sports blunders; children's follies; cats vs. dogs. Host: Tom Bergeron..
S13E19 March 7, 2003 07/03/2003 Videos featuring goofy children, canines and screaming amusement park ride patrons. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S13E20 March 28, 2003 28/03/2003 Sports blunders; a woman blowing out her birthday candles loses her dentures; funny reactions to fabricated lottery tickets.
S13E21 April 4, 2003 04/04/2003 A monkey rips off a woman's wig; a man makes a feeble attempt to eat a giant clam; a skewed look at host Tom Bergeron's "home movies.".
S13E22 April 25, 2003 25/04/2003 A squirrel takes a ride on a spinning bird feeder; a child takes a spill on Easter; people do comical things while sleeping.
S13E23 May 2, 2003 (1) 02/05/2003 Children at play; animal mishaps; funny female moments. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S13E24 May 2, 2003 (2) 02/05/2003 Special "home movies"; sporting accidents; man with a "weight" problem.
S13E25 Finalists vie for the prize 09/05/2003 Ten finalists vie for the $100,000 prize; Mother's Day tribute.
S14E01 September 28, 2003 28/09/2003 Dogs talk; musical montage features cats; trampoliner falls 31 times in 34 seconds; a man tries to uproot a tree by tying it to his vehicle.
S14E02 October 5, 2003 05/10/2003 A limousine driver needs to go back to driving school; a girl tries to mail her brother; a hungry youngster cannot wait until the cookies are done baking; a man gives his baby a pacifier that looks like a rat.
S14E03 October 12, 2003 12/10/2003 Tom's Home Movies; Thought Bubble Theater; a human and a bear have a standoff.
S14E04 October 19, 2003 19/10/2003 Halloween hijinks; scary practical jokes; wedding horror happens when a bride tries to get rid of a pesky bug and the bridegroom gets in the way.
S14E05 November 2, 2003 02/11/2003 Clips from more than a decade of embarrassing moments; countdown of classic clips; "greatest groin hits"; past hosts including Bob Saget, Daisy Fuentes and John Fugelsang; various ABC actors talk about their favorite home videos.
S14E06 November 9, 2003 09/11/2003 Tom's Home Movies"; naughtiest clips from over a decade; "Greatest Groin Clips"; ABC actors remember favorite clips; montage of winning moments.
S14E07 November 30, 2003 30/11/2003 A man grapples with a bee hive; sports bloopers; a dog refuses to cooperate on stage; people engage in risky behavior.
S14E08 December 7, 2003 07/12/2003 Christmas morning chaos; Santa clips; a bear steals campers' food; fake lotto ticket; Santa vs. the Easter Bunny.
S14E09 January 11, 2004 11/01/2004 Animals causing havoc in the home; man loses dentures while boating; father's foot is crushed by son's bowling ball; firefighter loses control of the firehose; "Sports Mishaps."
S14E10 January 25, 2004 25/01/2004 Weddings gone wrong; babies doing the darndest things; a teenage boy gets a haircut from some friends.
S14E11 All Animal Extravaganza 07/02/2004 A cheetah and other animals from the San Diego Zoo join Tom Bergeron in the studio; videos feature talking cats, swooping birds and other crazy critters.
S14E12 Videos of disastrous home repairs 15/02/2004 Carpenter Ty Pennington ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition") presents videos of disastrous home repairs.
S14E13 Grand prize winner is selected 22/02/2004 The $100,000 grand prize winner is selected; a cat sings a duet with its owner; a boy stuffs spaghetti up his nose; a pinata party spins out of control.
S14E14 March 7, 2004 07/03/2004 Messy children; animal escapes; rude awakenings; wedding proposals.
S14E15 March 14, 2004 14/03/2004 A prank on a firefighter; man vs. duck in slow motion; a tricked office worker; a scary bear; wedding clips.
S14E16 March 21, 2004 21/03/2004 A boy reacts with displeasure when told he is getting a little sister; weight lifters face peril; cats versus dogs; a mouse escapes from a trap.
S14E17 March 28, 2004 28/03/2004 A husband gets a chilly wake-up call; a skateboarding bulldog; a close encounter for lumberjacks; roller-skating mishaps.
S14E18 April 11, 2004 11/04/2004 A roof collapses; kittens; prank lottery tickets; pet tricks.
S14E19 Basketball shots; skateboarding mishaps 18/04/2004 Basketball shots; skateboarding mishaps; weddings. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S14E20 Dads react to diaper changes 02/05/2004 Dads react to diaper changes; a teenager gets a cell phone for Christmas; a boy decorates the house with whipped cream.
S14E21 No Brain, No Pain 16/05/2004 A bride forgets her new groom's name; groomsmen surprise the bride and groom by dropping their pants at the reception; a woman pulls a practical joke on her boss by dressing in a bear costume; raccoons take over a woman's patio.
S14E22 May 23, 2004 23/05/2004 The $100,000 grand prize winner is selected; a little boy's bike stunt hits him where it really hurts; silly home movies chronicle the adventures of "Super Nerd"; two Little Leaguers ponder the real reason for their protective cups.
S15E01 September 26, 2004 26/09/2004 Odd things people get stuck in their hair; gymnastic goofs; a cranky cat; a little boy gets a big surprise when he pretends to break a guitar.
S15E02 October 3, 2004 03/10/2004 Teens play a practical joke on a friend; a little boy gives the dishes a special shine; a man discovers a live opossum in his barbecue grill.
S15E03 October 10, 2004 10/10/2004 A montage of funny pinata accidents; yo-yo attacks; a man gets the surprise of his life when he views his wife's ultrasound.
S15E04 October 17, 2004 17/10/2004 Clips of people snoring; a man tries to cook a stubborn lobster; dogs causing trouble.
S15E05 October 31, 2004 31/10/2004 Amazing basketball shots, A food fight, a father-to be in a delivery room, a mailman's battle with a peacock
S15E06 December 12, 2004 12/12/2004 The winner of the $1000,000 video grand prize is revealed.
S15E07 November 21, 2004 20/12/2004 Thanksgiving-themed clips.
S15E08 November 28, 2004 28/11/2004 Hilarious sneezes; a practical joke played on a mother afraid of snakes; a man's encounter with an electric fence.
S15E09 December 12, 2004 12/12/2004 The winner of the $100,000 video grand prize is revealed.
S15E10 December 19, 2004 19/12/2004 Holiday-themed videos include mishaps in the snow and a bah-humbug cat taking on a Christmas tree.
S15E11 January 9, 2005 09/01/2005 Amazing basketball shots; a food fight; a father-to-be in a delivery room; a mailman's battle with a peacock.
S15E12 A lazy dog; people at amusement parks 25/01/2005 The submissions for the AFHV Mini-Movie Contest; a lazy dog; scared people at amusement parks; kids with bad hair.
S15E13 January 30, 2005 30/01/2005 A bear takes a nap on a backyard hammock; a man is terrified of a very large spider; a musical montage salutes funny felines.
S15E14 February 20, 2005 20/02/2005 A wedding party takes a wild ride on some golf carts; dogs try to catch a mouse but trash the house instead; fathers' reactions when confronted by dirty diapers.
S15E15 The show offers the “Homie Awards” (1) 25/02/2005 The show offers its own awards, the "Homie" awards for best actor, best actress, best stunt, and best canine performance.
S15E16 The show offers its own awards (2) 25/02/2005 The show offers its own awards, the Homie Awards, for best actor, best actress, best stunt and best canine performance.
S15E17 March 6, 2005 06/03/2005 Humorous animal moments include an ostrich swallowing a woman's wedding ring, parrots attacking, funny fishing mishaps and a dog that trashes its home.
S15E18 March 27, 2005 27/03/2005 The Easter Bunny visits a baby with tummy trouble; babies at mealtime; a sheep makes big trouble for a woman.
S15E19 April 3, 2005 03/04/2005 A dog uses a stool to escape from his doggy gate; a boy frightens his mother with a tub full of quacking ducks.
S15E20 April 17, 2005 17/04/2005 Adults, children and pets try to wriggle out of tight spots. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S15E21 April 29, 2005 29/04/2005 Viewers are invited to call in to vote for the last prize winner of the season.
S15E22 May 8, 2005 08/05/2005 The Muppets pay a visit to help host; the Muppets "home video."
S15E23 Competing for the grand prize (1) 13/05/2005 The season's three $100,000 prize winners return and compete for the grand prize -- a trip to all 11 Disney theme parks worldwide.
S15E24 Competing for the grand prize (2) 13/05/2005 The season's three $100,000 prize winners return and compete for the grand prize -- a trip to all 11 Disney theme parks worldwide.
S16E01 October 2, 2004 02/10/2005 A close encounter during a whale-watching expedition; funny footage of animals caught stealing; a little boy cooks up a flour fiasco; a boy reacts to his sister's musical tribute to him.
S16E02 October 9, 2005 09/10/2005 Geese attack wedding groomsmen; a raccoon sneaks into a house through the dog's door; a toddler gets a toilet seat stuck around his head; a tree falls on a man in a hammock.
S16E03 October 23, 2005 23/10/2005 A man is left with a bald spot when an attachment falls off his shaver; a woman's hair gets caught in a power drill; a toddler throws mom's hair products down the toilet.
S16E04 October 30, 2005 30/10/2005 Magicians and magic gone wrong; an employee frightens co-workers with a scary costume; Chicken Little visits.
S16E05 November 13, 2005 13/11/2005 A child scratches a monkey's head; a seagull swoops down into someone's ice cream; a lion swipes at a car in a safari park; swing-set mishaps.
S16E06 November 20, 2005 20/11/2005 A montage of football follies; a bride and groom's food fight; sneaky animals; a prom night stumble.
S16E07 December 2, 2005 02/12/2005 Unusual reactions from children opening gifts; chaotic Christmas pageants; a poodle runs amok during a nativity play; a boy barters with Santa.
S16E08 December 4, 2005 04/12/2005 Practical jokes; a woman waxes a sleeping man's chest; snake gift; comical canine clips.
S16E09 December 11, 2005 11/12/2005 A $100,000 prize is awarded to the funniest video; a viewer who votes for a video online is selected at random to receive a cruise vacation for four.
S16E10 January 8, 2006 08/01/2006 School mishaps; canine capers; a dog and crab face-off; poolside pranks; a little boy's flight response.
S16E11 January 22, 2006 22/01/2006 A body comes back to life, frightening a hospital orderly; a garbageman gets more than he bargained for; firefighters lose control of a high-powered hose; a little boy finds his mom's mascara.
S16E12 January 29, 2006 29/01/2006 Dogs that can smile; a squirrel runs amok in a family's home; babies react to their first tastes of solid food.
S16E13 February 19, 2006 19/02/2006 Dogs and cats that can talk; a father and son wear homemade bee suits as they try to dispose of a hive on their porch; funny wedding wishes.
S16E14 February 24, 2006 (1) 24/02/2006 The show awards the second $100,000 video prize of the season.
S16E15 February 24, 2005 (2) 24/02/2005 The second $100,000 video prize of the season is awarded.
S16E16 February 26, 2006 26/02/2006 A woman faints at her surprise birthday party; graduation mishaps; comical canines.
S16E17 March 3, 2006 03/03/2006 A dog has an adverse reaction to a mailman; golfers attempt to retrieve a lost ball from an alligator.
S16E18 March 17, 2006 17/03/2006 A teacher startles students with a scary e-mail; a pillow fight gets rough when a little boy loses a tooth; a little girl sticks her mom's maxi-pads to a wall; Ashly DelGrosso ("Dancing With the Stars").
S16E19 March 26, 2006 26/03/2006 A dog hides under a sofa every time its owner mentions the word "bath"; a swamp alligator lunges at a woman; a puppy in a roll of toilet paper.
S16E20 April 9, 2006 09/04/2006 Easter calamities include an egg hidden in a tree; what happens when insects attack; baseball mishaps.
S16E21 April 16, 2006 16/04/2006 Embarrassing graduation-speech goofs; a dog is primed to attack when he hears an ice maker; a woman breaks a parking-garage arm while doing the limbo there.
S16E22 April 23, 2006 23/04/2006 Aggression toward office equipment; bad-hair day; a man walks into shrink-wrap.
S16E23 May 7, 2006 07/05/2006 Finalists in contention for the $100,000 prize include a cat with a strange reaction to being petted, a fish that goes belly-up and a little girl who likes to sing.
S16E24 May 14, 2006 14/05/2006 The three $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize.
S16E25 May 19, 2006 (1) 19/05/2006 A countdown of the 20 funniest home videos results in the winner taking home $250,000. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S16E26 May 19, 2006 (2) 19/05/2006 A countdown of the 20 funniest home videos results in the winner taking home $250,000. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S17E01 October 1, 2006 01/10/2006 A dog opens his own food can; a cat montage, set to music; a skydiver freaks out before his leap; Tom's Home Movies.
S17E02 October 8, 2006 08/10/2006 Wedding bloopers; a lightning bug gets stuck in a belly button; a dog catches a fish in a river.
S17E03 October 15, 2006 15/10/2006 Tennis and pingpong mishaps; a pastor passes out during a wedding ceremony; a baby's funny reaction to oatmeal; kids wax their father's back.
S17E04 October 22, 2006 22/10/2006 A boy does a cannonball into a water tank; basketball trick shots; Tom's home movies; a driver drives through a store window.
S17E05 AFHV: Halloweenies 29/10/2006 Halloween videos; people in frightening costumes scare unsuspecting people.
S17E06 November 5, 2006 05/11/2006 A homemade rocket shoots a man in the groin; an enlisted man reacts to learning his wife is expecting twins; a montage of baseball goofs; a baby laughs each time mom says the word "peas."
S17E07 November 12, 2006 12/11/2006 A collection of unusual video footage shot by nonprofessionals captures humorous moments in everyday life. Host: Tom Bergeron.
S17E08 November 19, 2006 19/11/2006 Thanksgiving-themed clips include a turkey catching fire, a football player losing his pants and a montage of snowy mishaps.
S17E09 All Animal Extravaganza 2 26/11/2006 Animal mishaps.
S17E10 December 10, 2006 10/12/2006 A Santa performer falls down stairs and off the stage; Christmas lights fall off a house as they turn on; a Christmas tree topples a dinner table.
S17E11 January 7, 2007 07/01/2007 A boy pushes a girl down a slide and into a pool; a boy sits on his birthday cake; a woman dances on a cooler; a drunken raccoon stumbles around.
S17E12 January 14, 2007 14/01/2007 A kneeboarder skids onto shore; a sea gull quickly eats four hot dogs; a squirrel does a handstand; a man flies off a personal watercraft.
S17E13 January 21, 2007 21/01/2007 A bodybuilder does a flip off the stage; a man swings a rope into a rock; a boy falls off a treadmill; a rocket lands on a parked car.
S17E14 January 28, 2007 28/01/2007 Six contestants vie for the $100,000 prize.
S17E15 February 18, 2007 18/02/2007 A cheetah almost tumbles through a car's sunroof at an animal park; a dog attacks a pinata at a birthday party; a teen gets a pumpkin stuck on his head.
S17E16 March 4, 2007 04/03/2007 Practical jokes; birthday mishaps; a little girl calls a cat fat.
S17E17 March 11, 2007 11/03/2007 Co-workers scare a man with a fake bat; a worker gets his tie caught in a laminator.
S17E18 March 25, 2007 25/03/2007 Wedding clips include two women fighting over who will catch the bouquet and a ring bearer who will not give up the wedding band.
S17E19 April 1, 2007 01/04/2007 Practical jokes on animals; a family's Christmas dinner goes up in flames; children have a hard time gathering Easter eggs; basketball mishaps.
S17E20 April 15, 2007 15/04/2007 A man puts a rubber bird in the freezer; a pistachio nut sticks to a man's lip; a dog makes a mess of the yard.
S17E21 April 22, 2007 22/04/2007 People get surprise e-mail; fishing mishaps; a woman loses her wig on an amusement park ride; a little boy makes a mess with whipped cream; raccoons steal candy from a bowl.
S17E22 April 29, 2007 29/04/2007 An electric mixer catches a teenager's hair; baseball mishaps; a groom answers his cell phone during a wedding; pie-throwing.
S17E23 May 6, 2007 06/05/2007 The final $100,000 prize of the season; a monkey takes a shine to a car at an animal park; a dog sticks out its tongue; fishing mishaps.
S17E24 May 13, 2007 (1) 13/05/2007 The season's $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize, a vacation package.
S17E25 May 18, 2007 (2) 18/05/2007 The season's $100,000 prize winners compete for the grand prize, a vacation package.
S18E01 October 7, 2007 07/10/2007 A teen bites into a burger containing a fake bug; a man has an unfortunate encounter with shellfish.
S18E02 October 14, 2007 14/10/2007 Crazy dogs; birthday-cake disasters; a man opens a car door at a carwash; a montage of slide mishaps.
S18E03 October 21, 2007 21/10/2007 A really bad day at work; children make very big messes; a parrot has some choice words for a cat.
S18E04 October 28, 2007 28/10/2007 Ghoulish costumes scare people silly.
S18E05 November 4, 2007 04/11/2007 Footage of cats and dogs who do not get along; cake mishaps; a man spews champagne out of his nose; a crab grasps someone's ear.
S18E06 November 11, 2007 11/11/2007 A cat parcels out food to dogs, one piece at a time; Tom Bergeron's home movies.
S18E07 December 2, 2007 02/12/2007 A girl wears an unusual face mask, and another spills hot chocolate on her brother.
S18E08 December 9, 2007 09/12/2007 Finalists from around the country compete for the first $100,000 prize of the season.
S18E09 December 16, 2007 16/12/2007 Holiday-themed clips include a montage of Santa mishaps, a boy who unwraps a gift with his mouth, and kitchen snafus.
S18E10 January 6, 2008 06/01/2008 Football mishaps; a little girl gets a green bean stuck in her nose.
S18E11 January 13, 2008 13/01/2008 A little girl is overwhelmed with emotion when her mother surprises her; kids say funny things; a groom uses the wrong name for his bride during the wedding toast.
S18E12 January 27, 2008 27/01/2008 Trampoline mishaps; a man on a roller coaster screams like a little girl.
S18E13 Top 10 Practical Joke Countdown 10/02/2008 A man is frightened by Dracula leaping from a coffin; a man dresses like the Grim Reaper to scare his mother; a father fools his son into thinking he has slept all night and it is time for school.
S18E14 February 17, 2008 17/02/2008 A boy plays a practical joke on his mom; a man's water slide ride ends in disaster; a dog jumps off a boat to chase a dolphin; an ostrich attacks a woman.
S18E15 March 2, 2008 02/03/2008 A dog sneaks into a refrigerator; pets who can talk; animals who steal.
S18E16 March 9, 2008 09/03/2008 Five finalists compete for the second $100,000 prize of the season.
S18E17 March 16, 2008 16/03/2008 A woman on a roller coaster swallows a bug; a misguided mascot; a buffalo charges a tour bus at a wild animal park.
S18E18 April 6, 2008 06/04/2008 A dog escapes from a gated area; co-workers play a prank by putting a live mouse in a woman's coffee cup; twins eat sour candy.
S18E19 April 13, 2008 13/04/2008 A man passes out while videotaping in the delivery room; a little boy calls his grandfather a cheapskate; a dog steals pizza from the refrigerator; footage from roller coasters.
S18E20 May 4, 2008 (400th Episode) 04/05/2008 Footage of wedding mishaps, a homemade water slide in a dormitory and a little girl making a mess with chocolate powder highlight the 400th episode of the series.
S18E21 May 11, 2008 11/05/2008 A humorous basketball montage; a man is stung while videotaping a beehive; a skydiver gets sick on the trip back to land.
S18E22 May 16, 2008 (1) 16/05/2008 The three finalists compete for the grand prize.
S18E23 May 16, 2008 (2) 16/05/2008 The three finalists compete for the grand prize.
S19E01 October 5, 2008 05/10/2008 Men get their hair waxed; a little boy gets unwanted assistance in jumping from a diving board; a puppy goes to extremes to avoid a bath; a deer kicks a man in the head.
S19E02 October 12, 2008 12/10/2008 A boy tries to free his father, whose arm is stuck in a car's power window; medical students play practical jokes on their instructor; a man becomes the target of a bird.
S19E03 October 19, 2008 19/10/2008 Parents discover their daughter has been hiding food; people react to the news that a loved one is pregnant; wedding mishaps include a groom who drops his bride in the aisle.
S19E04 October 26, 2008 26/10/2008 Mayhem ensues when a couple try to capture the squirrel that has invaded their house; birthday cake mishaps; funny dogs and cats; a musical montage.
S19E05 November 2, 2008 02/11/2008 A montage of crazy dancers; a boy who sleeps standing up; brothers sabotage their sister's performance; a man exits a restroom with a paper trail.
S19E06 November 9, 2008 09/11/2008 Baseball mishaps; practical jokes; a man is startled by firecrackers set off by his co-workers; a woman finds a mouse in her cupboard; an alligator tries to wrest a fisherman's catch away.
S19E07 November 30, 2008 30/11/2008 Football mishaps; a woman wearing a face mask startles her child; a man accidentally sticks his hand in a ceiling fan.
S19E08 December 9, 2008 09/12/2008 A boy gives an unusual performance during a school recital; Santa Claus trips down the stairs; a boy is upset with his Christmas presents; a pug steals a cat's treats.
S19E09 December 14, 2008 14/12/2008 A cat resists a bath; a toddler makes a break from his crib; a hula-hoop challenges a 3-year-old; a 4-year-old does a musical tribute to Barry Manilow.
S19E10 January 4, 2009 04/01/2009 A woman discovers her dog has trashed her kitchen; trampoline accidents; animal escapes.
S19E11 January 11, 2009 11/01/2009 A dog that can smile on command; quadruplet infants show a preference for country music; a man has his unibrow waxed; basketball mishaps.
S19E12 January 18, 2009 18/01/2009 Funny bulldogs; people scared by an e-mail prank; kids name their choices for president; a woman throws a bowling ball into the ceiling of a bowling alley.
S19E13 January 25, 2009 25/01/2009 A man scares his wife and kids with a fake spider; a dog is caught raiding the fridge; a puppy gets slapped by a cat.
S19E14 February 8, 2009 08/02/2009 Parents are stunned by their babies' first words; high-school students react to seeing a video on childbirth in health class; a dog that does an impression of E.T.
S19E15 March 1, 2009 01/03/2009 A little girl thinks a radish is an apple; a dog with unusual bathroom habits; a man who talks to animals; a boy steals the show in a holiday pageant; a toddler escapes from his crib; one video maker wins $100,000.
S19E16 March 8, 2009 08/03/2009 Children try to pull their loose teeth; a man scares his girlfriend with a crab on the beach; a boy's homemade volcano erupts to the ceiling; baseball mishaps.
S19E17 March 15, 2009 15/03/2009 Cats playing table tennis; wedding mishaps; babies make funny faces when trying solid foods for the first time.
S19E18 March 22, 2009 22/03/2009 A fake lottery ticket prank convinces a young man that he has won $20,000.
S19E19 March 29, 2009 29/03/2009 Children make funny comments while opening Christmas gifts; a grandfather is caught sleeping through everything; dogs with funny facial expressions.
S19E20 April 19, 2009 19/04/2009 A woman rescues a squirrel stuck in a tree; a teen gets the ride of his life at an amusement park; creative marriage proposals; a dog is determined to escape.
S19E21 April 26, 2009 26/04/2009 Talking pets; a dog rings a bell to let his owner know when he needs to go out; a woman with too much numbing medication after a dentist visit; people with funny laughs.
S19E22 May 3, 2009 03/05/2009 A dog learns to break into the refrigerator; a dog balances a pizza on its head; a woman comes home to a house wrecked by dogs; a mother plays a trick on her twin sons.
S19E23 May 10, 2009 10/05/2009 A boy gets a plastic building block stuck on his tooth; a prank involving a fake lottery ticket; a boy names the presidents and their famous quotes; saving a squirrel stuck in a tree.
S19E24 Contestants compete for the grand prize (1) 15/05/2009 Three winners from this season compete for the grand prize.
S19E25 Three compete for the grand prize (2) 15/05/2005 Three winners from this season compete for the grand prize.
S20E01 A dog steals bread from a toaster 04/10/2009 A dog steals bread from a toaster; an office prank involves a remote-control spider; a man cuts down a tree that lands on his house; a faucet prank leaves people with wet faces.
S20E02 A music montage features cats 11/10/2009 A musical montage features cats; a dog's funny reaction to taking a bath; mishaps due to not-so-bright ideas; a teenager has his eyebrows plucked.
S20E03 Daredevils' stunts go awry 18/10/2009 Daredevils' stunts go awry; a mother discovers that her children have painted themselves; people wake each other up in unusual ways.
S20E04 A man pulls a prank on his girlfriend 25/10/2009 A man pulls a prank on his girlfriend with a phony proposal; people who sleep in unusual ways; videos submitted by Kentucky residents.
S20E05 Pint-sized pooches; wedding mishaps 01/11/2009 Pint-sized pooches; wedding mishaps; talking animals; funny things kids say; clips submitted from Texas.
S20E06 A squirrel picks a fight with a deer 08/11/2009 A squirrel picks a fight with a deer; exercise mishaps; babies have funny reactions to food.
S20E07 A car alarm prank 15/11/2009 Videos contending for the season's first $100,000 prize involve a car alarm prank, a little girl with a big vocabulary, a baseball fan catching a ball and a dog chasing a laser pointer.
S20E08 Bob Saget makes an appearance 29/11/2009 Former host Bob Saget makes an appearance. Bob Saget, Tom Bergeron
S20E09 Boy steals Christmas cookies 13/12/2009 A boy recites a seemingly endless Christmas list to a department store Santa; a boy steals Christmas cookies left for Santa.
S20E10 Unusual sneezes; golf mishaps 03/01/2010 Unusual sneezes; golf mishaps; a cat attacks a freshly baked cake.
S20E11 A dog eats a girl's homework 10/01/2010 A dog eats a girl's homework; wedding mishaps; kitchen disasters; a canine tries to find a cat whose image is on a computer screen; features appearances from the Muppets, including Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.
S20E12 A boy makes a funny toast at a wedding 17/01/2010 A boy makes a funny toast at a wedding; reactions of people learning their loved ones are pregnant; a whale tries to get a boy's cookie; practical jokes.
S20E13 A cat gives a dog a massage 31/01/2010 A bear tries to steal a fisherman's catch; a montage of people being attacked by birds; a cat gives a dog a massage.
S20E14 Videos compete for the $100,000 prize 14/02/2010 Six previous winning videos compete for the $100,000 prize.
S20E15 Kids say funny things; a running puppy 14/02/2010 Kids say funny things; a puppy runs in its sleep; fishing mishaps.
S20E16 A dog tears apart a Halloween costume 21/02/2010 A dog tears apart a child's Halloween costume; a firefighter pulls a prank on a colleague; a fake rat in a kitchen cabinet; a woman says funny things after a trip to the dentist.
S20E17 Skydiving accidents 28/02/2010 A man is scared by a fake bug; dogs making unusual noises; skydiving accidents.
S20E18 Fake lottery tickets; pet pranks 14/03/2010 People get excited over fake lottery tickets; pet pranks; kids chase their father with a dead bat.
S20E19 A collection of Easter mishaps 28/03/2010 A collection of Easter mishaps includes an elk that finds Easter eggs.
S20E20 A dog chases a mountain lion up a tree 11/04/2010 A dog chases a mountain lion up a tree; sparring cats and dogs; the smell of sausage awakens a snoring bulldog; a woman dances at a restaurant.
S20E21 A baby imitates a dancing doll 25/04/2010 Two kids stage a battle scene from their favorite movie; a child with a cute plea for candy; a baby imitates a dancing doll.
S20E22 Videos compete for the grand prize 02/05/2010 The season's three $100,000 winners compete for the grand prize; featured videos include a dog and child who are both obsessed with a laser pointer, a baby rocking out with a musical doll, and a dog leading an escape.
S20E23 Funny and unique videos 09/05/2010 A selection of the funniest and most unique videos the show has received.
S20E24 The strangest video is revealed 16/05/2010 The strangest video in the show's 20-year history is revealed.
S21E01 A bulldog drools in a car 03/10/2010 A bulldog drools in a car; a musical montage featuring men getting waxed; siblings argue.
S21E02 Musical cat montage; videos from Iowa 10/10/2010 Clips of a confused dog, kids saying funny things, and a musical cat montage; videos from Iowa.
S21E03 A man has a run-in with a squirrel 17/10/2010 A man has a run-in with a squirrel hiding in his chimney; a woman faints at a surprise party being thrown for her; a bride's veil catches fire; videos from Oklahoma.
S21E04 Dogs that talk; a man scares neighbors 24/10/2010 Dogs that can talk; a man scares neighbors with a rubber snake; friends rewire a man's car so it honks when he steps on the brake; videos from Mississippi.
S21E05 A woman on a roller coaster 31/10/2010 A woman rides a roller coaster; trick-or-treat mishaps; a boy prays that his mother makes better meals; a montage of dads changing diapers; videos from Kentucky.
S21E06 Trick or treat mishaps 07/11/2010 Trick or treat mishaps; pets in costumes.
S21E07 A woman passes out 14/11/2010 A woman passes out after riding a roller coaster; game players must swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon; family members try to move a cookie fown their faces using only facial muscles; toddler has an uncomfortable diaper issue.
S21E08 A turkey catches fire in the oven 21/11/2010 A turkey catches fire in the oven; golfers chase a runaway cart; a bear gets too close to a car; a car door gets stuck in the snow; clips from New York.
S21E09 Christmas morning pranks 05/12/2010 Christmas morning pranks; Santa takes a fall down the stairs.
S21E10 Bridesmaids with trick bouquets 02/01/2011 A wedding proposal does not go as planned; a man tries to catch a runaway snowmobile; bridesmaids with trick bouquets.
S21E11 Trick basketball shots 09/01/2011 A man scares his wife by putting a mouse in a trash can; trick basketball shots; a curious zebra.
S21E12 Backyard birds bother a cat 23/01/2011 The canine stars of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2" visit Tom; a Chihuahua shows a German shepherd who is boss; backyard birds bother a cat; animals that make strange noises.
S21E13 A boy dumps cold water over his father 30/01/2011 A boy dumps cold water on his sunbathing father; kids saying funny things; a football player runs in the wrong direction.
S21E14 A woman interrogates her dogs 13/02/2011 A 4-year-old with gubernatorial aspirations; a boy is annoyed with his crying cousins; a girl is frightened by a bunny towel; a girl is disappointed with a gift; a boy puts stickers on his sister's face; a woman interrogates her dogs.
S21E15 Workplace mishaps 20/02/2011 A kangaroo goes after a woman in an animal park; workplace mishaps; a candle disrupts a Christmas video greeting.
S21E16 Golf cart mishaps 06/03/2011 girl gets a scooter for Christmas; golf cart mishaps; a kid eats a ball bearing; a baby bites his mom.
S21E17 Cheerleading gone wrong 13/03/2011 Cheerleading gone wrong; a girl pulls out her sister's tooth by tying it to a baseball; men bite into caramel onions thinking that they are apples.
S21E18 A Thanksgiving turkey goes up in flames 27/03/2011 A Thanksgiving turkey goes up in flames during a kitchen mishap; a boy thinks George Washington on a dollar bill is a picture of his grandmother; an ostrich removes a woman's wig.
S21E19 Snow mishaps; funny kids 03/04/2011 Snow mishaps; funny kids; a dog runs onto a football field during a game.
S21E20 A child makes a mess dyeing Easter eggs 17/04/2011 A child makes a mess dyeing Easter eggs; primate music montage.
S21E21 A marriage proposal goes wrong 01/05/2011 A marriage proposal goes wrong; a girl sneaks up on her father with a hose.
S21E22 The $100,000 winner is chosen 08/05/2011 A teenager learns she used her dog's rectal thermometer; a man has his chest waxed; a kid loses his camera; a girl can't pronounce a word; a boy tries to read; a girl believes a rainbow means treasure at her grandma's house; a balloon won't pop.
S21E23 Counting down to the grand-prize winner 15/05/2011 Beginning the countdown to this year's grand-prize winner.
S21E24 The grand-prize winner is revealed 22/05/2011 This year's grand-prize winner is revealed. Tom Bergeron
S22E01 A man teases an alligator 02/10/2011 A man teases an alligator; homemade rocket disasters; a poodle doesn't want to take a bath; a man reacts to lizards crawling on him; a package of frogs causes chaos.
S22E02 Cats attack 09/10/2011 Cat attacks; kids pull out their loose teeth in unusual ways; a woman faints at her surprise party.
S22E03 A man wrestles with a giant fish 16/10/2011 A woman accidentally cheers for a girl that is not her daughter during a swim meet; a man wrestlers with a giant fish; naughty cats.
S22E04 A dog steals a birthday 23/10/2011
S22E05 A toddler fears his own reflection 13/11/2011 A toddler in a costume fears his own reflection; dance montage; Halloweeners versus wieners; Too Far? Too Short? Just Right?
S22E06 Dogs; A man tries to catch a spider 27/11/2011 A woman in labor gets held up by a train on the way to the hospital; funny dogs; a man tries to catch a spider; a fake snake wakes a woman; Kid, Kat or Canine?
S22E07 A bride laughs during her ceromony 04/12/2011 Videos contending for the seasons first $100,000 prize include a laser pointer prank, a bride laughing during her ceremony, a woman fainting at a surprise party and two boys talking about their fathers.
S22E08 Christmas Spectacular 08/12/2011 Classic Christmas videos and new clips that include a child reacting to a disappointing gift, mayhem during a recital, kids saying funny things to Santa, and mischievous pets investigating gifts and decorations.
S22E09 Kids say funny things 08/01/2012 Kids say funny things; guys with burning pants; dogs with itchy rear ends; people get frightened; a dog gets his head stuck in a container of snacks.
S22E10 A little boy's take on plumber pants 15/01/2012 A little boy's take on plumber pants, things that go wrong at work; baseball mishaps.
S22E11 Football mishaps; Shark encounters 22/01/2012 Seniors; football mishaps; shark encounters; Dog Park; Pick the Real Video.
S22E12 Animals on the attack 29/01/2012 Animals on the attack; weddings gone wrong; a girl's hair gets caught in an electric mixer.
S22E13 Mishaps caught on camera 12/02/2012 A boy hides toys in his pajamas; mishaps caught on camera; angry deer.
S22E14 A toddler reacts to a phone ringing 19/02/2012 A toddler reacts to a phone ringing; friends put a lobster on a sleeping woman; Pick the Real Video.
S22E15 A baby cheers while sleeping 04/03/2012 A girl makes funny comments while disoriented from surgery; a girl puts a pregnancy test in her mouth, thinking it a thermometer, a baby cheers while sleeping; a dog responds to his name with a funny sound.
S22E16 Pranks that backfire 11/03/2012 A musical montage featuring dogs and cats who do not get along; guys play a trick on their roommate; pranks that backfire.
S22E17 Pranking a co-worker 18/03/2012 Dropping hundreds of ping-pong balls on a co-worker; a groom removing his wife's garter is met with a big surprise; a man messes with a squirrel against his wife's advice.
S22E18 Mishaps involving Easter eggs 25/03/2012 Mishaps involving easter eggs and children; a flower girl throws a tantrum halfway down the aisle; a model has a difficult time walking in heels.
S22E19 Kids say funny things 29/04/2012 Kids say funny things; a boy's reaction to getting socks for Christmas; "What Would Geezer Do?"
S22E20 A gassy baby; kids say funny things 29/04/2012 A gassy baby, kids saying funny things, an upset boy who misses George Washington; a child reacts to an amusement park ride.
S22E21 A kid tries kumquats for the first time 06/05/2012 A 4-year-old tries kumquats for the first time; a man slaps his sleeping friend with a slipper; a dog does sit-ups; a girl uses a hula hoop; a family fears a chip bag contains a mouse.
S22E22 A countdown begins 13/05/2012 The beginning of a countdown that will determine this season's winner of the $100,000 grand prize
S22E23 The grand prize winner is announced. 20/05/2012 The grand prize winner is announced.
S23E01 October 7, 2012 07/10/2012 A boy flushes the toilet too soon during a goldfish funeral; animal make strange sounds; frightened people on amusement park rides.
S23E02 October 14, 2012 14/10/2012 Kids saying funny things; a bride and groom knock their cake over; a kid removes his tooth by tying it to an anvil.
S23E03 October 21, 2012 21/10/2012 Family members do embarrassing things not realizing they're being taped; a hen tries to hatch light bulbs; dog park.
S23E04 October 28, 2012 28/10/2012 A Halloween-themed episode includes a montage of dogs in costumes.
S23E05 November 4, 2012 04/11/2012 People dressed as superheroes; people learn loved ones are pregnant; talking pets; Pick the Real Video.
S23E06 November 11, 2012 11/11/2012 Celebrating the show's 500th episode; highlights include a woman finding half a $20 bill in her dog's mouth, wedding mishaps and a teen talking after dental surgery.
S23E07 November 18, 2012 18/11/2012 Six former winners compete for $100,000; videos include a dog who howls with a toilet paper roll in his mouth: a 14-month-old boy who has been hiding his father's credit cards, a boy who scares his younger brother with a mask.
S23E08 November 25, 2012 25/11/2012 Cranky dogs; practical jokes gone wrong; dancing animals; special guest Carrie Ann Inaba.
S23E09 December 2, 2012 02/12/2012 Wet willies; Name That Sound; a bear breaks into a parked car; Too Far, Too Short, Just Right.
S23E10 December 9, 2012 09/12/2012 A family finds the missing remote control in a wrapped Christmas gift; kids get excited when they realize they're on their way to the beach; a snake loose in a living room.
S23E11 January 13, 2013 13/01/2013 A dog stares at an aquarium; a man finds a squirrel has filled his golf bag with nuts; kids react to learning they have a sibling on the way.
S23E12 January 20, 2013 20/01/2013 A teen waxes her lip for the first time; a dog gets into the garbage despite his owner's best efforts; cooking mishaps.
S23E13 February 10, 2013 10/02/2013 A teenager attempts a handspring; cats and dogs make mischief; a doctor fools around in a wheelchair.
S23E14 February 17, 2013 17/02/2013 A woman reacts to news that she is going to be a grandmother; a girl thinks she is talking to Santa on the phone; sisters record a video for their dad; a man scares his son; a girl rewrites a nursery rhyme.
S23E15 March 3, 2013 03/03/2013 A beach wedding proposal, "Name That Sound," a dog's reaction to a ring and things at the zoo.
S23E16 March 10, 2013 10/03/2013 Videos include a dog who calls his owner by name, dogs walking on two legs, funny babies and a marathon runner who has a surprise for his girlfriend.
S23E17 March 24, 2013 24/03/2013 A boy confesses to lying to get out of school; a family discovers its new hamster has babies; people getting sprayed by a kitchen sink hose.
S23E18 April 21, 2013 21/04/2013 Funny signs; people on crutches; a dog reacts to wearing little booties.
S23E19 April 28, 2013 28/04/2013 A soldier surprises his girlfriend; a Marine with an unusual way of cutting cake at his wedding; dogs eating with human hands.
S23E20 May 5, 2013 05/05/2013 Sisters react when their mom reveals she's pregnant; funny dog videos; inventive wedding proposal.
S23E21 May 12, 2013 12/05/2013 A boy sneaks food while pretending to pray; a girl asks if a pregnant woman ate the baby; a girl makes animal faces and sounds; two men try to catch a spider; a tired toddler tries to stay awake.
S23E22 May 19, 2013 19/05/2013 The makers of this season's funniest video win a vacation for four.
S24E01 October 13, 2013 13/10/2013 A big cat tries to get through a small cat door; dogs causing trouble; a latex glove is accidentally pierced to a customer's ear.
S24E02 October 20, 2013 20/10/2013 Kids saying funny things; a llama at a drive-through zoo gives a family a surprise; a woman plays a prank on her mother; a man lets his daughter give him a makeover.
S24E03 October 27, 2013 27/10/2013 A ticklish man laughs uncontrollably during a pedicure; funny felines; Halloween videos include a dog in costume.
S24E04 November 3, 2013 03/11/2013 A man flies a remote-controlled airplane into his head; a golf ball dispenser goes haywire; a bulldog licks his lips and chews while sleeping.
S24E05 November 10, 2013 10/11/2013 People failing at magic tricks; a man discovers that his daughters have thrown their belongings out a window; a passenger in a race car with humorous facial expressions; a wedding photographer falls while trying to capture a shot.
S24E06 November 17, 2013 17/11/2013 A man scares a woman with a snake; treadmill mishaps; a soldier surprises his mom with his homecoming.
S24E07 November 24, 2013 24/11/2013 A bullfrog latches onto a woman's fingers; a prank involving an air horn; a tiny dog determined to carry a large object; a musical tribute to baseball.
S24E08 December 1, 2013 01/12/2013 Monkeys cause trouble; a parody starring pugs; gymnastic mishaps; dog videos.
S24E09 December 8, 2013 08/12/2013 A boy accidentally shaves his hair; a woman finds that her dog has gotten into a can of paint; an ostrich harasses zoo visitors.
S24E10 December 15, 2013 15/12/2013 Christmas-themed videos; kids putting makeup on their dads; a dog gets tangled in window blinds.
S24E11 January 5, 2014 05/01/2014 Ten prize-winning finalists compete for $100,000; videos include a girl telling her father a big secret, a teen girl being pranked by her brother, three toddlers tipping over in bulky snowsuits and a boy having trouble with a cookie.
S24E12 January 12, 2014 12/01/2014 Videos featuring bulldogs, cats with unusual reactions to wearing sweaters, bicycle accidents and Name That Sound.
S24E13 January 26, 2014 26/01/2014 A musical montage features rivalry between dogs and cats; trick basketball shots; a dog who cheats at exercising.
S24E14 March 16, 2014 16/03/2014 Destroying snowmen in unusual ways; a squirrel steals a man's cell phone; a toddler navigates a child-proof lock.
S24E15 March 23, 2014 23/03/2014 Kids saying funny things; blue paint is spilled and dragged all over a house; head, gut or groin; hysteria over a pregnancy.
S24E16 March 30, 2014 30/03/2014 A salute to hopping dogs; mishaps on the farm; kids and Christmas gifts; capturing a lizard; "Nice Face."
S24E17 April 6, 2014 06/04/2014 A girl scares her grandmother with a fake iguana; a soldier surprises his cheerleader daughter during half-time; a hamster eating peanut butter; a dog tries to steal a snow shovel.
S24E18 April 13, 2014 13/04/2014 A woman scares her mother when she surprises her on Christmas; animals dressed in clothes; a teen pranks his brother.
S24E19 April 27, 2014 27/04/2014 A musical tribute to basketball failures; a man takes hilarious falls during his first time ice skating; parents play a prank.
S24E20 May 4, 2014 04/05/2014 A boy is upset to learn he's getting a sister instead of a brother; animals scratching themselves; a moth frightens a man; dogs licking peanut butter; a girl finds a worm in her salad.
S24E21 May 11, 2014 11/05/2014 Ten finalists vie for a $100,000 prize.
S24E22 May 18, 2014 18/05/2014 One of the season's funniest videos -- including funny pranks, a dog with a slobbering problem and a teen in shock over a new car -- wins the grand prize.
S25E01 The Barking Lot, Mission Im-Paw-Sible, Hammocks vs Hams 12/10/2014 Clips for the 25th-season premiere include Ice Bucket Challenges gone awry, a little girl trying out a new gift, a music montage of dogs, and “Hammocks vs. Hams.” Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Head, Gut or Groin?”
S25E02 Halloween, Stumblebums, Creative Drinkers vs Lousy 19/10/2014 Animals in Halloween costumes are featured, including a goat in a cheerleader outfit and a dog dressed as a fish. Also: People react to being told they're going to be grandparents, two little girls are frightened by cotton candy, and host Tom Bergeron plays “What's Behind the Scary Ghost?”
S25E03 Feline Fun Fest, Dim Bulbs, The AFV World Cup 02/11/2014 Clips include a little boy's reaction to his first kiss, a man doing cartwheels in a hotel corridor and breaking a sprinkler in the ceiling, parents replacing a cookie's filling with toothpaste, and a montage of soccer snafus.
S25E04 Who's Who in the AFV Zoo, Kids Fighting Sleep vs People 09/11/2014 Clips include a little boy seeing twins for the first time, a golfer's encounter with a territorial goose, a dog jumping over its owner's new fence, an electric-bike snafu, and “Kids Fighting Sleep vs. People Scared by Fake Mice in Kitchen Cabinets.”
S25E05 Dim Bulbs, Dog Shame, and Trampolines 16/11/2014 Clips include dogs with guilty looks after destroying furniture, a cockatoo giving treats to dogs, a giraffe going through a car's sunroof to take a passenger's soda, and a man swatting at bats with a broom. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Nice Face.”
S25E06 Ten Pounds of Dumb in a Five Pound Bag, and Kids Who Think They're Hula Hooping vs Flaming Turkeys 23/11/2014 A tribute to Thanksgiving includes a family prank involving a turkey, and a woman uses a remote to trick her husband. Also: “Head, Gut or Groin?”
S25E07 Stumblebums, There's the Dog, and Hamsters vs Hamstrings 04/01/2015 Clips include Ice Bucket Challenges gone awry; basketball mishaps; a little boy running away from the bus on his first day of school; and a young lad's birthday wish while blowing out his candles. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Who Breaks It?”
S25E08 Best Christmas Ever, Like a Light Bob, and Who Doesn't Like Dogs? 07/12/2014 Christmas-themed videos include a little girl's reaction to a new puppy, a boy's response to a present inside a macaroni box, and surprise homecomings.
S25E10 Hooked on a Feline, Animals on Pianos, and Clumsy Groomsmen 11/01/2015 Clips include ways to destroy a snowman; a musical tribute to messy kids; a little girl with a piece of candy in her nose; “Clumsy Groomsmen vs. Dogs Saying 'I Love You'”; and curious cats, including one that falls into a fish tank. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S25E11 $100,000 show, Dog Park, and Dudes Doing Splits vs Ants 18/01/2015 Clips competing for a $100,000 prize include a young boy's anger when his ATV gets stuck on a curb; parents playing a joke on their daughter by giving her a beat-up car for Christmas; a little boy who learns his favorite babysitter is getting married; two boys pretending to pull an invisible rope across the street; a boy telling his crying sister to take a nap; and a toddler's reaction to her dad swallowing a plastic centipede.
S25E12 A Whole Lotta Little Dogs, Nice One Dad, and Folding Chair Fails vs Thirsty Kittens 25/01/2015 Clips include “Nice Face”; a man crashing his scooter into a grocery store display; a car rolling down a driveway; a little girl who denies eating cake despite evidence to the contrary; and kids playing a practical joke on their teacher by putting an air horn on his chair.
S25E13 Dogs Behaving Badly, and Momentum, Mo Problems 08/02/2015 Clips include dogs behaving badly; a little girl trying to hammer wrinkles out of a shirt; a girl's lemonade endorsement; and “Failed Football Entrances vs. Babies Knocked Over by Sneezes.” Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Pick the Real Video.”
S25E14 AFV's 25th Anniversary Celebrity Celebration 15/02/2015 Host Tom Bergeron kicks off a special, 25th Anniversary party, and welcomes actors Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Cristela Alonzo to the show to watch the top funny clips and find out which submission will win the grand prize cruise trip.
S25E15 Teen Scene, Department of Duh, and Dogs 08/03/2015 Clips include a jealous dog that tries to get in between a kissing couple; a cat's strange reaction to a dog dressed as a zebra; a husband seeing twins on an ultrasound; and a Great Dane's encounter with a Chihuahua. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S25E16 A Dose of Dumb, The Feline File, and Bowling 15/03/2015 Clips include a little girl finding a puppy in a box and thinking it's a large hamster; a girl hoping to convince her mom that she finished her supper; a boy embarrassed by his dad's ugly sweater; and a cat pulling down a fireplace screen trying to get a Christmas stocking. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Pick the Real Video.”
S25E17 Mensa's Rejects, Teen Scene, and Air Mattress Catapults vs Weirdo Eye Tricks 22/03/2015 Clips include a girl who swallows a bug on a roller coaster; a montage of cats that see their reflections in mirrors; a squirrel stuffing its cheeks with tissues; and a singing teen who's threatened by his sister after he wakes her up. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Who Breaks It?”
S25E18 Who Said Childhood Was Easy?, Nature Gone Wild, and Paws for Effect 12/04/2015 Clips include a dog who barks in the tune of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, a little boy who is envious over his dad's “big boobs,” a goose gives chase to three men, a teenage girl sobs in happiness when she discovers she has been retweeted by pop superstar Justin Timberlake, and Tom plays “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S25E19 Bears, Name That Sound, and Mediocre Mascots vs Flying Fairies 19/04/2015 Clips include a music montage featuring cats and dogs causing trouble, a mom who discovers her son has placed corn kernels in his nose, a man pranks his co-worker by wearing a bear costume at a construction site, a dog is tricked by a cardboard cat in the window, and Tom plays “Nice Face.”
S25E20 Dogs, Super Slo-Mo, and People Who Disappear in Snow vs Lousy Divers 26/04/2015 Clips include a man changing his car battery who gets startled by the horn, a dog trying to get outside to do his business when snow is piled high in the doorway, hysterical reactions to pregnancy, a bench pressing man takes a slide off the bench, and Tom plays “Who Breaks It?”
S25E21 A Day in the Life of a Kid, Wardrobe Malfunctions, and Super Fat Cats 03/05/2015 Clips include a goose chasing a woman through a parking lot; a montage of large cats; a girl questioned about who got into her mother's makeup; and a girl who says she'd rather have a puppy than a new baby sister. Also: Host Tom Bergeron plays “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S25E22 Failure is an Option, Dogs, and $100,000 Episode 10/05/2015 On this season's second $100,000 episode, nine finalists compete for the prize. They include: “What Would Cheez-Its Do?”, “A Giant Leap for Womankind”, “Fake-Sleeping Santa Fan”, “Oblivious Engagement”, “Hilarious History Lesson”, “H2O NO-NO”, “Sister Celebrates Standing”, “Bun in the Oven”, “Ice Bucket Breakdown”.
S25E23 Farewell to Tom and the Grand Prize episode 17/05/2015 The show says farewell to Tom Bergeron from the Disneyland Resort in California as the season's two $100,000 winners battle it out for the Grand Prize.
S26E01 Blessed are the Mess Makers, Animal Encounters, and Ladies Who Fall 11/10/2015 New host Alfonso Ribeiro kicks off a new season with a package of “Animal Encounters” complete with an affectionate seal who jumps into a man's kayak to snuggle, a dolphin who gives a woman climbing into a boat a playful nudge, a sneaky raccoon is caught on camera climbing into the house through a doggy door to steal the dog's food, a woman finds a possum underneath her bed, and a practical joke is played on a group of teens who bite into caramel onions rather than apples.
S26E02 The Teen Commandments, It Coulda Been Worse, and Squirrels 18/10/2015 Clips include a woman who gets her wrist stuck in the freezer door handle at the market, a montage of funny faces babies make when they are pooping, an emotional Christmas morning proposal, a teen receiving his diploma on stage trips and falls down the steps, and a wife who plays a practical joke on her husband by filling his “cream donut” with mayonnaise.
S26E03 Halloween, Frights, and Tricks and/or Treats 25/10/2015 This week's Halloween-themed episode includes a trick-or-treating tot who walks into a neighbor's house, another trick-or-treater who dislikes a dancing skeleton, a little boy who interrupts the pastor during service to ask where the candy is, a fisherman who gets spooked by a rubber shark, and a dog who is frightened by a lone bird feather.
S26E04 You're Doing it Wrong, Daddy-Daughter Time, and Water Bottle Prank 01/11/2015 Clips include a dog trying to sneak away after trashing the kitchen, a dog who balances a treat on his nose only to have another dog snatch it, a woman who unintentionally destroys part of her house with a crane, an unexpected response from a baby learning to say “mama,” and a fun segment titled “Spitting Animals Versus Flexible Girl Fails.”
S26E05 Selfies Gone Wrong, The Barking Lot, and Rocket Men 08/11/2015 Clips include a couple attempting to take a seaside selfie when they are surprised by a wave, a man who thinks he is shooting video of a moose but doesn't realize he's actually recording himself, a man who has fallen asleep with a mouthful of popcorn, a giraffe at a drive-thru who wreaks havoc on a family after he's fed too many carrots through the sunroof, and the AFV debut of Alfonso’s famous “Carlton” dance.
S26E06 A Salute to Dogs, Frogs, and Hot Tub Trouble Versus Frisky Camels 15/11/2015 Clips include a man who is locked out of his house and successfully coaxes his dog into unlocking the door, an ostrich who snatches a boy's cell phone at a safari park, a police office tasked with removing a yogurt cup from a wild skunk's head, a montage of dogs with human hands, and an eyebrow-waxing session gone wrong.
S26E07 Things We're Thankful For, Dog Park, and Bowling Alley Blunders 22/11/2015 Clips include a segment called “What's Behind the Thanksgiving Turkey,” a ram who refuses to get off of a woman's car at a drive-through zoo, a dog who decided to redecorate the living room with food coloring, and bowling-alley blunders.
S26E08 Cowards, Awesome Animals, and You Think It's Easy Being a Kid? 06/12/2015 Clips include a monkey who refuses to give up a toy, workplace pranksters, a little girl who is afraid of her own shadow, and a package of anxious people, including a woman who is startled by an exploding biscuit dough canister.
S26E09 On the 1st Day of Christmas, Tool Fools, and 24 Christmas Tree Hits in 43 Seconds 13/12/2015 Christmas-time clips include tree-trimming fails, a little boy who wants cough drops instead of toys for Christmas, a workman who sends his ladder crashing through a glass door, and a welder who sets his hair on fire.
S26E10 Major Doofuses, Dogs in Slo-Mo, and Babies Will Laugh at Anything 03/01/2016 “AFV” rings in the new year with new videos that include a music montage of cats and dogs causing mischief, a woman who prepares a special dinner to announce her pregnancy to her husband, which includes baby back ribs, baby spinach and baby carrots, a little girl who blames her dolls for making her cover them in nail polish, a man who proudly shows off the breakfast he made for his wife and proceeds to drop it on the floor, and Alfonso plays the game “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S26E11 $100,000 Show, Dog Park, Second Guy Bites It 10/01/2016 Ten finalists compete for the first $100,000 prize of the season. Clips include “Can't-Do-Karate Kid,” a kid who can't break things and just can't catch a break; “Car-Sick Sympathizer,” a nauseous boy sets off a chain reaction of “yuck”; “Brain Freeze Feline,” a cat realizes that brain freeze isn't just for humans; “Oblivious Bun in the Oven,” a father-to-be just can't take a hint; “Clown Face Flip Out,” a kid who's not scared of clowns, but doesn't want to look like one; “Kid's Clipper Catastrophe,” a boy shows why 8-year-olds aren't hair stylists; “Scare Ya Later Alligator,” a hot-blooded woman doesn't want to hold a cold-blooded reptile; “Yes Man,” a man can't spell, but he can take a joke; “Cough Drop Kid,” a child has a very short Christmas list; “Donkey Delights Lil' Dude,” a certain animal makes a tot laugh a lot.
S26E12 Third Times the Harm, Jokes Backfire, and Girls Getting Their Hair Caught in Things Versus Hot Dog Dogs 17/01/2016 Clips include a couple of dogs who try to play catch with a skeleton, a boy caught slow-dancing with a mop, a toddler who is too sleepy to make it to her room and falls asleep on the stairs, girls who get their hair caught in things, a mom who forgets that she hid her kids' Halloween candy in the oven and discovers it after it is too late, and practical jokes that backfired, including a man who tries to hit someone else in the face with a pie.
S26E13 Kids are a Handful, Dog Park, and Blockheads 14/02/2016 Clips include a birthday boy who makes a surprising wish when blowing out his candles, a dad who saves the day when a little girl who lost her first tooth nearly drops it down the drain, a military dad who returns home and surprises his daughter in the middle of class, and a mom who gets an unwelcome surprise when supervising her daughter's driving lesson.
S26E14 Grandmas, Stumblebums, and Hoo-Ray for Sports 21/02/2016 Clips include an enthusiastic sports fan who gets angry when his team on TV doesn't take the advice he gives them from his living room, a montage of amazing basketball trick shots, a mom who serves a happy-face-shaped dinner that her son thinks is too cute to eat, and a cat that climbs on top of the refrigerator to get the dog a treat.
S26E15 Felines, Dog Park, Snackin' Rodents vs People Crashing Into Sheds 13/03/2016 Clips include a segment called “Snackin' Rodents Versus People Crashing into Sheds”, a woman trying to catch a rat while her cat watches intently, a man who tricks his mother with a fake turkey leg for Thanksgiving dinner, a music montage of things going wrong at the playground, and Alfonso plays “Who's Makin' That Racket?”
S26E16 Easter Funny, Hover Board, Ice Buckets Vs Baby Fails 20/03/2016 Clips include a little girl who makes a run for it when the Easter Bunny joins her for a photo at the mall, a Chihuahua who is perplexed by his owner who is wearing an Easter Bunny head, a woman who catches her husband laughing hysterically in his sleep, a package of electric skateboard mishaps, and Alfonso plays “Pick the Real Video.”
S26E17 Dudes Being Dads, You're Busted, and Happy Birthday to Us 03/04/2016 Clips include unique pregnancy announcements and their hilarious reactions, young siblings who argue about wanting to be the first to apologize to one another, a dog who tries to get a life-size doll to play fetch with him, another dog that gets caught stealing food from the refrigerator, and Alfonso plays “Pick the Real Video.”
S26E18 Out of Nowhere, Face Plants, and Babies Will Laugh at Anything 10/04/2016 Clips include a dog who obeys the “sit and stay” command yet still finds a clever way to get closer to a treat, a woman who is frightened when a camel sticks his head inside her car window, a family that learns DIY is harder than it seems when they pull down an old chimney and it smashes the side of their house, a segment called “Pets Making the Best Out of Wearing a Cone Versus People Sitting on Hover Boards,” and Alfonso plays “Say What?”
S26E19 Sneezes, Dog Park, and Snow Follies 24/04/2016 Clips include a boy that takes a treat off a dog's nose before it can be eaten, a dog that sneaks food from another dog's bowl, a girl whose tongue gets stuck to a freezing flagpole, and people sneezing.
S26E20 Stumblebums, Basic Boneheads, and Pets Who Sit Like People 01/05/2016 Clips include a bear who breaks into a convertible by tearing through the soft roof, pets who sit like people, a man with a squawking cockatoo on his shoulder gets very nervous as the bird becomes more animated, and amazing basketball trick shots.
S26E21 $100,000 Showdown, Tough Being a Kid, Great Moments in Bad Ideas 08/05/2016 Nine finalists battle it out for a $100,000 prize and the winner will go on to compete against the season’s first $100,000 prize winner for the grand prize. The videos include “Arachnophobic Flip Out”, “Super Scared of Snakes”, “Butterfly Freedom Fail”, “Eggsperiment Gone Wrong”, “Grandma’s Game Goof”, “Breathless Birthday Boy”, “Pretty Pink Pooch”, “Befuddled Baboon”, and “Sibling Surprise Shocker”.
S26E22 AFV's Grand Prize Spectacular, Food Follies, and Kids Say 22/05/2016 On the season finale, the season's two $100,000 winners battle it out for the grand prize. Special guests Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck join Alfonso as he announces the grand prize winner. Former host Tom Bergeron returns to play "Who Breaks It?" with Alfonso.
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