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For what Reno 911! did for the world of law enforcement, American Body Shop does for auto body repair. ABS sheds a new light on the every day auto body shop and the eclectic mix of characters who work there.


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S01E01 Flamers 08/07/2007 With the insurance inspectors threatening to take away their license, Sam has to hurry and get the shop up to code. This isn't an easy task with his stubborn miscreant employees. While Sam is struggling with the shop, Denise is hunting down car wrecks and planting sales material on the vehicles and their injured passengers.
S01E02 The Bishop and the Pawn 15/07/2007 Tim needs to deal with a Bishop's car, that has a dead body stuck in its windshield. Soon, the whole DBC crew gets involved into discarding the body.
S01E03 Fluids 22/07/2007 The DBC crew have one week to get their shop up to speed again after they failed an EPA inspection.
S01E04 Superquads 29/07/2007 The DBC crew face a new challenge when Denise comes up with the idea of modifying a quadriplegic's van so he can steer it with his mouth and big toe only - Rob's new project is born.
S01E05 Million Dollar Year 05/08/2007 The workers go on strike after they find out that the shop had a million dollar year and they feel that Sam doesn't share the wealth.
S01E06 Juicy Lou's 19/08/2007 After Juicy Lou runs a TV commercial that makes DBC look bad, Tim offers to hire Scott Bakula for a commercial of their own. However, Tim's Scott Bakula turns out to be a fraud. Sam's ex-girlfriend is released from prison and he thinks he might still have a chance with her.
S01E07 Stretchy Face 27/08/2007 The DBC crew has to deal with an unhappy and lonely client and a prostitute.
S01E08 The Gift 03/09/2007 After a suggestion by Luis, Tim starts to think that he is able to paint the faces of recently departed people, so both of them try to make money with that "gift". Meanwhile, Sam wants to give a homeless guy a chance to earn money.
S01E09 Sam's Back 10/09/2007 Sam cannot watch over the shop due to a breakdancing accident, that leaves him incapacitated.
S01E10 Shop for Sale 17/09/2007 Sam realizes he might come his dream to hike the Appalachian Trail a little closer, when Juicy Lou shows up and offers to buy the shop. However, Sam's employees start to beat Juicy Lou's offer.

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