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American Playhouse was an anthology television series periodically broadcast by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States. It premiered on January 12, 1982 with The Shady Hill Kidnapping, written and narrated by John Cheever and directed by Paul Bogart. Its final broadcast, In the Wings: Angels in America on Broadway, a rerun of a behind-the-scenes look at Tony Kushner's award-winning play in two parts, aired on January 1, 1994. The series proved to be the springboard for the careers of numerous performers, including David Marshall Grant, Laura Linney, A Martinez, Conchata Ferrell, Eric Roberts, Lynne Thigpen, John Malkovich, Peter Riegert, Lupe Ontiveros, Ben Stiller, and Megan Mullally.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de American Playhouse

S01E01 The Shady Hill kidnapping 12/01/1982
S01E02 King of America 19/01/1982
S01E03 Seguin 26/01/1982
S01E04 Who am I this time? 02/02/1982 From a short story by Kurt Vonnegut. Christopher Walken is a shy hardware store employee. But whenever he takes a part in a local amateur theater production, he becomes the part completely--while on screen. Susan Sarandon is new in town, a lonely itenerant telephone company employee. On a whim, she auditions for and gets the part of Stella to Walken's Stanley when the theater group does A Streetcar Named Desire. Before anyone realizes the problem, she falls deeply in love with the sexy brute, not knowing what the real man is like.
S01E05 Any friend of Nicholas Nickleby is a friend of mine 09/02/1982
S01E06 Come along with me 16/02/1982
S01E07 For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf 23/02/1982
S01E08 Echoes and silences 02/03/1982
S01E09 The fifth of July 09/03/1982
S01E10 The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters 16/03/1982 Jean Shepherd the famous writer of "The Christmas Story", as an older "Ralph," recalls his memory of a particular Fourth of July from his high-school years in Hollman, Indiana. Ralph plays the sousaphone in the high-school band to the instructions of the baton-twirling drum master Wilbur Duckworth. Ralph is grudgingly set up on a blind date, only to find himself in the company of the gorgeous Miss Junior Corn Blossom, who rejects his advances. On the Fourth of July Duckworth causes a power outage by twirling his baton onto an electrical line during a parade; the town drunk Ludlow Kissel sets off an enormous firework that explodes under his own porch; and Ralph's father entertains the neighbors with his annual dramatic display of fireworks. "Ballad of Ludlow Kissel" is sung by Leigh Brown. Produced by Olivia Tappan.
S01E11 Pilgrim farewell 23/03/1982
S01E12 Northern lights 30/03/1982
S01E13 Medal of honor rag 06/04/1982
S01E14 Working 13/04/1982
S01E15 Weekend 20/04/1982
S01E16 Private contentment 27/04/1982
S01E17 My Palikari 04/05/1982
S01E18 Oppenheimer (1) 11/05/1982
S01E19 Oppenheimer (2) 18/05/1982
S01E20 Oppenheimer (3) 25/05/1982
S01E21 Oppenheimer (4) 01/06/1982
S01E22 Oppenheimer (5) 08/06/1982
S01E23 Oppenheimer (6) 15/06/1982
S01E24 Oppenheimer (7) 22/06/1982
S01E25 The ballad of Gregorio Cortez 29/06/1982
S02E01 The skin of our teeth 18/01/1983
S02E02 Miss Lonelyhearts 25/01/1983
S02E03 Family business 01/02/1983
S02E04 Keeping on 08/02/1983
S02E05 The file on Jill Hatch (1) 15/02/1983
S02E06 The file on Jill Hatch (2) 22/02/1983
S02E07 The file on Jill Hatch (3) 01/03/1983
S02E08 For us, the living 22/03/1983
S02E09 Verse person singular 29/03/1983
S02E10 Until she talks 05/04/1983
S02E11 Wings 26/04/1983
S02E12 The Rothko conspiracy 03/05/1983
S03E01 The Ghost Writer 17/01/1984
S03E02 Pudd'nhead Wilson 24/01/1984
S03E03 True West 31/01/1984
S03E04 Nothing But a Man 07/02/1984
S03E05 Popular Neurotics 14/02/1984
S03E06 The Cafeteria 21/02/1984
S03E07 Refuge 28/02/1984
S03E08 The Gin Game 06/03/1984
S03E09 Haunted 20/03/1984
S03E10 The Killing Floor 10/04/1984
S03E11 Heartland 17/04/1984
S03E12 City News 24/04/1984
S03E13 Hughie 01/05/1984
S03E14 Concealed Enemies (1) 07/05/1984
S03E15 Concealed Enemies (2) 07/05/1984
S03E16 Concealed Enemies (3) 08/05/1984
S04E01 Testament 26/11/1984
S04E02 A Matter of Principle 03/12/1984
S04E03 Solomon Northup's Odyssey 10/12/1984
S04E04 Tomorrow 17/12/1984
S04E05 Go Tell It on the Mountain 14/01/1985
S04E06 Noon Wine 21/01/1985
S04E07 The Joy That Kills 28/01/1985
S04E08 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 04/02/1985
S04E09 The Star-Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski 11/02/1985
S04E10 Some Men Need Help 18/02/1985
S04E11 Charlotte Forten's Mission: Experiment in Freedom 25/02/1985
S04E12 Breakfast with Les and Bess 11/03/1985
S04E13 Nightsongs 15/04/1985
S04E14 Under the Biltmore Clock 22/04/1985
S04E15 Displaced Person 06/05/1985
S04E16 The Europeans 16/05/1985
S04E17 00/00/0000
S04E18 00/00/0000
S04E19 00/00/0000
S04E20 00/00/0000
S04E21 00/00/0000
S04E22 00/00/0000
S05E01 The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket 20/01/1986
S05E02 The Roommate 27/01/1986
S05E03 Valentine's Revenge 03/02/1986
S05E04 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1) 10/02/1986
S05E05 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (2) 17/02/1986
S05E06 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (3) 24/02/1986
S05E07 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (4) 03/03/1986
S05E08 Tell Me a Riddle 17/03/1986
S05E09 The Little Sister 07/04/1986
S05E10 The House of Ramon Iglesia 14/04/1986
S05E11 A Flash of Green 21/04/1986
S05E12 Damien 28/04/1986
S05E13 Rocket to the Moon 05/05/1986
S05E14 A Case of Libel 12/05/1986
S05E15 Painting Churches 19/05/1986
S05E16 Roanoak (1) 26/05/1986
S05E17 Roanoak (2) 02/06/1986
S05E19 Sunday in the Park with George 16/06/1986
S06E01 All My Sons 19/01/1987
S06E02 The Prodigious Hickey 26/01/1987
S06E03 The Wide Net 02/02/1987
S06E04 A Mistaken Charity 00/00/0000
S06E05 A Mistaken Charity 16/02/1987
S06E06 The Innocents Abroad 23/03/1987
S06E14 Charley's Aunt 11/05/1987
S06E16 The House of Blue Leaves 25/05/1987
S06E17 Blue Window 01/06/1987
S06E18 Dottie 08/06/1987
S06E19 Waiting for the Moon 15/06/1987 Fictionalized portrait of one of history's great literary couples: Stein & Toklas. Summer 1930s France, Alice tends to ailing Gertrude; they visit Fernande Olivier, Guillaume Apollinaire, others; and Hemingway pops in.

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