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S01E01 California Cool: Woodie Wagons 28/01/2014 Dragsters, surf culture/Woodies. The 1940 Ford West Coast style - If they were running Moonshine in the southeast in 1940s Ford - on the west coast there was a different take. They were cruising, modifying the car for hot rodding and cutting the top off.
S01E02 Moonshiners and the 1940 Ford 28/01/2014 Junior Johnson, Bill Elliott and other surprise guests explore the impact on the 1940 Ford in Post World War II America on the southeast. They explain how they used the car and their ingenuity to build a business that turned into a popular sport.
S01E03 Marty Robbins Resto 04/02/2014 Nashville, country music and the automobile. Both respected musician and auto racer Marty Robbins crossed between the world of the Grand Ole Opry and stock car racing flawlessly and no one has done it since. Ray returns Marty’s 777 to the race track.
S01E04 Hot Rods and Dragsters 04/02/2014 A visit with Don Prudhomme and John Force as well as director Ron Howard and Beach Boy Mike Love. Ray and Don take a look at street racing and the Tom Cobb Roadster that set so many land speed and early drag records.
S01E05 Buried Treasures 11/02/2014 Two buried treasures/time capsules from the 1970s. The PUROs had their Daytona race car literally buried in a car hauler for almost 40 years. Ray uncovers their prized possession and takes a look at the car that is a hidden treasure
S01E06 Indy Car Rescue 18/02/2014 A journey to Indy & a rooftop finds that the car that finished 2nd in the 1955 Indy 500 sat on the roof of auto mechanic shop for nearly 50 years. Rescued by prominent Indy mechanic/owner Chris Paulsen the car is now being restored.
S01E07 Smokey's Truck 25/02/2014 Innovative NASCAR mechanic Henry ``Smokey'' Yunick sells his famous truck to a Virginia family in the 1960s.
S01E08 The Vanderbilt Cup 04/03/2014 The automobile impacts life in large cities in the early 20th century and contributes to the transformation of Long Island.
S01E09 Ray's Roots & the Yellow 303 11/03/2014 New Jersey racer Fred Dmuchowski drives for fun on weekends and becomes a legend.
S01E10 The Corvette 18/03/2014 Rick recalls how the Chevrolet Corvette inspired the beginning of his car empire; musician Brad Paisley makes an appearance.

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