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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Amish Haunting

S01E01 Faceless Doll, The Witch's Grave 14/09/2014 Faceless Doll: An innocent gift that defies Amish beliefs opens a doorway to evil for the Lapp family. The Witch’s Grave: The ghost of an Amish witch that’s been dead for a century awakens to haunt an unsuspecting family.
S01E02 Cry Baby Bridge, The Witch's Tree 21/09/2014 Cry Baby Bridge: A Deacon’s son and his friend taunt the Devil, leading to a terrifying encounter with the fabled ghost of Cry Baby Bridge. The Witch’s Tree: A woodworker defies a Bishop’s orders to burn a fallen tree and he unleashes terrifying evil.
S01E03 Possessed Boy, Buried in Black 28/09/2014 Possessed Boy: When an Amish family’s new home turns out to be haunted; they are forced to live in the presence of unthinkable evil. Buried in Black: The evil spirit of a man who was disgraced by the Amish church seeks revenge against the community.
S01E04 Possessed Barn, The Dark Art 05/10/2014 Possessed Barn: When they purchase a haunted Amish barn, a dangerous spirit from the past threatens to haunt the King family for the rest of their days. The Dark Art: When an Amish family turns to the dark art of fortune telling, they are cursed by evil.
S01E05 Sinner's Death, Electric Lies 12/10/2014 A terrifying story of an Amish farmer who turned to gambling to solve his financial problems. Also: A family pay a harsh price for defying the church and using electricity.
S01E06 Goat Baby, Evil Taxi 19/10/2014 Goat Baby: As punishment for having relations out of wedlock, an Amish woman gives birth to a baby that is half human and half goat. Evil Taxi: The ghost of an Amish woman savagely murdered by a taxi driver, seeks revenge on other unsuspecting drivers.

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