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Amnesia Fortnight is the name for Double Fine's annual prototyping period. Daily video digests document each day of production and development. Depending on how the prototypes turn out, they may end up being expanded into full-size games.


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S01E01 Day Zero 29/11/2012 We follow the Double Fine staffers as they choose the teams they'd like to be in and we hear the reactions of the winners. Let Amnesia Fortnight begin!
S01E02 Day One 30/11/2012
S01E03 Day Two 03/12/2012
S01E04 Day Three 04/12/2012
S01E05 Day Four 05/12/2012
S01E06 Day Five 06/12/2012
S01E07 Day Six 07/12/2012
S01E08 Day Seven 10/12/2012
S01E09 Day Eight 11/12/2012
S01E10 Day Nine 12/12/2012
S01E11 Day Ten 13/12/2012
S01E12 The Post Mortem 07/03/2013 Postmortem of 2 Player Productions' extensive video coverage of the 2012 Amnesia Fortnight event at Double Fine. Five teams of developers have two weeks to build their game ideas into functioning prototypes.
S01E15 The Games - White Birch Playthrough 13/03/2013
S01E16 The Games - Space Base DF-9 Playthrough 13/03/2013
S01E17 The Games - Hack N' Slash Playthrough 13/03/2013
S01E18 The Games - Black Lake Playthrough 13/03/2013
S01E19 The Games - Autonomous Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E01 Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Launch Video 19/11/2012 Double Fine wants you to be a part of Amnesia Fortnight! For one week, you vote on different game ideas to decide which ones they'll make into real prototypes. For the following two weeks, Double Fine will be developing these prototypes, all while live streaming their progress. In addition, 2 Player Productions will be filming the process and posting videos daily. That means you get to see all these games come together from scratch in front of your eyes!
S00E02 Amnesia Fortnight 2012 All 23 Pitches 19/11/2012
S00E03 Brazen Prototype Trailer 21/11/2012 Brazen is a 4-player co-op online action game currently in the prototype stages over at Double Fine. Players form groups to battle epic creatures in a world that draws inspiration from classic Hollywood fantasy films like Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, and the original Clash of the Titans. Choose from three character classes: the stout defensive Stalwart, the agile and versatile Waracle, or the drunkenly unhinged Beerzerker. Do battle against the Gorgoth, a mythical two headed creature with an insatiable appetite for mankind. The Brazen prototype represents a core concept from a small team at Double Fine led by Brad Muir, Project Lead of Iron Brigade.
S00E04 Costume Quest Prototype Trailer 21/11/2012 Costume Quest is a prototype game from Amnesia Fortnight 2009. It's Halloween, so don a costume and collect some candy! However, ghouls can hide behind any door. Fueled by your childhood imagination, your costume turns you into a fully realized monster to battle against the big bad wolves and rats who answer their doors. Wearing a dragon costume? You're now a fire-breathing dragon, ready to fight, win, and get all the candy. The more candy you have, the cooler costumes you can purchase, all with their own awesome abilities. Costume Quest was released as a full product for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network in October 2010, and for PC in October 2011.
S00E05 Happy Song Prototype Trailer 21/11/2012 Happy Song is a prototype game from Amnesia Fortnight 2007. You create your own band from a selection of animated musical monsters, then customize each band member to play an instrument of your choosing. Pick from an array of pre-made styles and rhythms and watch as your customized stylings come to life in vibrant animation and melodious zest. Some monsters can even sing based on your lines recorded via microphone! Happy Song is the original prototype for what would become the Sesame Street game Once Upon a Monster™, released for Xbox 360 in October 2011.
S00E06 Autonomous Pitch 19/11/2012 Autonomous is a first person sandbox construction game set in an 80's inspired futuristic junkyard world. You must use found objects to construct automatons, which have a mind of their own that you cannot directly control. You must use these automatons to survive the hazardous world around you. Autonomous will be a stylish science fiction game about player experimentation and the sometimes disastrous, but always fun, scenarios that result.
S00E07 Bad Golf Pitch 19/11/2012
S00E08 Battle Bros Pitch 19/11/2012 From the future a new king will come to save the world of the past. A college fraternity is brought back in time to King Arthur's court. They fight the evil baron with weapons and armor forged from their modern designs. Their bond of brotherhood is forged through keg stands on the round table nothing can stop their blowouts of righteous fury.
S00E09 Black Lake Pitch 19/11/2012 Black Lake is an action adventure game set in a forest filled with the dreams of it's animals. It follows a hunter's daughter on a journey to track animals and cleanse their dreams of a darkness that has been feeding on them. The evil has erupted from Black Lake at the center of the forest and is crawling in all directions as a thick dark bramble. With every dream cleansed brambles die away and let you closer to Black Lake.
S00E10 Bragging and Fighting Pitch 19/11/2012
S00E11 Cloud Prix Pitch 19/11/2012 Cloud Prix is a multiplayer racing game set on the clouds with magnet-like repel and grapple mechanics. Cloud Prix's gameplay is inspired by physical racers Wave Race 64 and Jet Moto. It's world is influenced by classic Miyazaki films Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. If you vote for Cloud Prix, our prototype goal is to build one full-featured cloud course playable in online races and a no-limit Freeride mode for practicing stunts solo or with friends.
S00E12 CritterVerse Pitch 19/11/2012 A team of wildlife researchers are on an intergalactic voyage to discover life on other planets. During the mission, their ship is caught in a wormhole and transported across the universe where odd creatures inhabit strange planets. Influenced by games like Pokemon, the Legend of Zelda, and logic puzzles like Chip's Challenge, In CritterVerse - you'll travel from planet to planet, solving 2D action puzzles and collecting unique creature data to unlock new abilities.
S00E13 Double Fine High Pitch 19/11/2012 Imagine playing a head-to-head puzzle fighting game on iPad as Raz from Psychonauts against Sweet Justice from MMoJ! In Double Fine High, players from competing high schools smash tiles on a grid playfield to win the round. Satisfying "tap to smash" gameplay gets players interested, but complex linked swipe gestures give experienced players an advantage. Double Fine High is inspired by the competition-based gamplay of puzzle fighting games past such as Super Puzzle Fighter, Magical Drop, and Bejeweled. And all set in the drama and story-filled universe of Double Fine's games!
S00E14 Echelon Pitch 19/11/2012 In the game Echelon you take on a role of the most gifted surveillance contractor in the world. With the advanced signal intelligence technologies, you will explore a vast covert underground network, direct real time raids and rescue missions, and progress to become the most feared operator in the world.
S00E15 The Flock Pitch 19/11/2012 From the opening moments of a baby bird hatching out of its egg, learning to find food, and ultimately taking to the skies, The Flock will take players on a dramatic journey across the planet. Along the way they'll be confronted with many of the perils that face birds during migration from unpredictable weather to groups of hunters. With controls that aim to really nail the feel of a bird in flight, players will soar through beautifully rendered 3D landscapes drafting off of each other to save energy and make better time in hopes of finishing their journey and arriving safely with the rest of their flock.
S00E16 Flopulous Pitch 19/11/2012 "Flopulus is a destruction based platformer where you must escape a massive industrial Factory using your powers of inflation and deflation. Because absolutely everything in the Factory, including Flopulus, is completely physics driven, you can think of him as your very own floppy muscle through which you push, squeeze, jump, and navigate the world. Crawl underneath a box and then inflate to launch it into the air. Or deflate, then quickly inflate to launch yourself into the air. Slipping off that conveyer belt? Deflate and you'll spread yourself across it and hang on. Although your origin is mysterious, the Factory is filled with other crates that have your picture on them. Could these be your brothers and sisters, and what will be their fate!? Free them by knocking them off ledges, pushing them into hydraulic pistons, or using any other clever solutions you can dream up. As you learn more about the Factory and its sinister purpose, take solace that through clever manipulation of its machines, you can demolish it section by section for POINTS as you make your escape!"
S00E17 Hack n' Slash Pitch 19/11/2012 Hack n' Slash is an action adventure game focused on exploration and discovery, not just of its charming fantasy world, but also its internal workings. Based on my childhood experiences hacking on games in emulators to discover new things (and break others), Hack 'n' Slash is a world of puzzle dungeons based on progressively more sophisticated cheating, hacking, and reverse engineering techniques. Instead of a sword, you get a laptop, searching for and building software to help you dismantle and rebuild the world around you.
S00E18 Kaiju Piledriver Pitch 19/11/2012 In KAIJU PILEDRIVER, players take the role of giant rubber-suited monsters and wreck the shit out of randomized corporate cities! Players choose from several Godzilla-inspired monsters to battle evil mayors and their gigantic corporate henchman. Eat people and other delicious things to keep your stomach full so that you can continue rampaging through the city. Choose new Mutations like radiation breath and eye lasers as your monster levels up. Randomized city layouts, mutations, and enemies make KAIJU PILEDRIVER a deep, replayable experience!
S00E19 The Knockover Pitch 19/11/2012 In The Knockover, you'll get to plan and pull off heists. Each heist will have a number of different ways to complete successfully. Scouting and planning are important to pull of successful heists. You'll need to recruit a crew that's skilled at exploiting vulnerabitlies in your target. Build a big crew; the take gets divided up more. Use a small crew; the takes are higher, but success is much riskier. Completing pre-heist objectives can give you items to boost your character's stats. However, some items have a limited timeframe to use. You'll have to make all these kinds of decisions in The Knockover.
S00E20 Milgrim Pitch 19/11/2012 Milgrim is a game that puts you in the role of the bad guy. Of course, you don't think of yourself as the bad guy. You're a king, and it's your job to govern your kingdom and keep trespassers out. And there's a lot of them. To defeat the swarms of little men invading your kingdom you'll construct levels, hire guards, and cobble together traps from the resources you have at your disposal. It's like tower defense mixed with a 2D side-scroller. Enjoy the thrill of success as hundreds of tiny little men are defeated in your levels. You will kill these little men. You will know victory.
S00E21 Primordial Slime Pitch 19/11/2012 Primordial slime is new way to interact with a character on your touch/mobile device. Use gestures to push and pull on a piece of living slime, flinging it through the air and splattering it against objects in a mad laboratory filled with physics puzzles, traps and abominations of science! You, the slime, awaken resting in a Petri dish inside a self destructing laboratory. Explore your way through a maze of physics puzzles while uncovering the mystery of the experiment that both brought you to life as well as brought doom to the lab. Travel through a world filled with physics puzzles you'll need to experiment with to solve and navigate through, while eluding traps built to capture wild experiments. In primordial slime, you'll need to fend for your newly gained sentient life against other experiments and abominations, who thanks to the wonder of science, range from incredibly cute octopus cats to vicious spider tailed tiger eels, or whatever other genetic engineering monstrosities science is capable of creating.
S00E22 Redbot's Reboot 19/11/2012 Of course everybody knows Redbot as explorer of the great gray pyramids and teacher of programming methodologies. What most people aren't aware of, however, is that he is also a connoisseur of a wide range of different alcoholic beverages. Every once in a while the algorithm that is supposed to control his intoxication level fails for mysterious reasons (Redbot blames gamma-ray radiation) and he has a few too many drinks. One buffer overflow leads to another and before long memory gets corrupted and Redbot has absolutely no clue how to get home anymore. This is where he will need your help! In this strategic platformer you have to program Redbot to find his way back home. After cueing up individual traversal operations like walk forward, jump or slide (to name just a few examples) you can reboot Redbot and see your plan unfold. But did you account for that new oil spill or the other roaming robots? No matter the outcome watching Redbot stumble through the world is fun and he probably won't remember a thing anyway...
S00E23 Shine Run Pitch 19/11/2012 Shine Run is a driving game where you deliver moonshine to customers in a customizable muscle car while avoiding competition in an obstacle laden cartoonish environment full of numerous ways to apply a lot of fun physics. You earn money for your deliveries and you can then upgrade your car; still; beard; wardrobe; and shack allowing you to make better product and deliver it faster, in ever increasing style. The setting is like the 1970's and prohibition never ended; the backdrop is a mixture of low hills, farms, and thirsty hillbillies. You compete against other shiners to deliver your juice and for control of the territory; you earn achievements for deliveries, win scenarios, and for performing stunts while driving.
S00E24 Silent but Deadly Pitch 19/11/2012 You are the sole IT worker in the deepest basement of a massive office building, and after eating a burrito that's been sitting in the fridge for too long, you soil your pants. An incriminating cloud of gas surrounds your body as you walk, so in order to escape the building without being caught, you'll have to be stealthy. You can utilize the office equipment using your IT skills, and you can also control the fluid simulation of gas around you to fool coworkers.
S00E25 Spacebase DF-9 Pitch 19/11/2012 Build a sprawling flotilla-city in space. Peer into the thoughts of its citizens: see their personalities, prejudices, and relationships play out in unexpected ways. Allow visiting ships to permanently join with your base. Take screenshots and string them together into stories to show your friends.
S00E26 Turk Pitch 19/11/2012 Turk is a puzzle game that uses photomosaics to allow players to explore the 6 degrees of separation between tagged images, where your objective is to get from one image another in as few moves as possible. Using the visual and semantic cues in the images onscreen, you'll travel into a recursive photomosaic to plot a unique path towards your goal image. Turk will challenge you to think creatively, and lead to rich community interactions as players share and compare their association chains with one another.
S00E27 The White Birch Pitch 19/11/2012 The White Birch is an ambient platform exploration game in which a young girl climbs a tower to escape a dark and malevolent forest & reach the prize hanging in the branches of a lone white birch tree growing high above. The game will have a similar atmosphere and feel to games like Ico and Journey and will be designed to encourage and reward repeated playthroughs by the use of alternate endings and different prizes hanging from the tree. The tone and story of the experience will be evocative and open to interpretation.
S00E28 Zumbi Chained Pitch 19/11/2012 Coop brawler game where players are enslaved and chained together and have to fight for their freedom. This small epic game is set in a time of slavery in Africa to Brasil. You are slaves, a couple bad seeds that will spark a revolution. The game will have an unique art style in exotic locations, exploring the Brazilian culture, with hand painted visuals in 2.5 D. You will have to play together for you are chained together, astray and you won't be able to even get out of place. Fight together and you will become legends, you will achieve your freedom and not just that, you will transcend it, you will learn what it takes to fly, with the fighting acrobatics of capoeira! You will lead a revolution, and you will free other coop groups and abolish slavery.
S00E29 Autonomous Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E30 Black Lake Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E31 Brazen Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E32 Hack n' Slash Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E33 Spacebase DF-9 Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E34 White Birch Playthrough 13/03/2013
S00E40 Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Recap 06/02/2014
S00E41 Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Launch Video 06/02/2014 Double Fine has launched Amnesia Fortnight 2014, the latest iteration of its two-week internal game jam, on Humble Bundle. Amnesia Fortnight has generated many of the studio's game ideas over the past five years, including Spacebase DF-9, Hack 'n' Slash, Costume Quest, Stacking and more. Members of the public can now pay any amount for the chance to vote on dozens of ideas pitched by Double Fine staff members, with the top-ranked choices becoming two-week PC prototypes playable by contributors. Contributors decide the percentage that will go to charity.
S00E42 AstroHelmet Pitch 06/02/2014 Astro Helmet is a fast-paced and hyper-stylized space shooter focused on MASSIVE boss battles - think Star Fox meets Shadow of the Collossus.
S00E43 Bad Golf 2 Pitch 06/02/2014 Bad Golf 2! Sequel to the Greatest Golf Game never made! Bad Golf 2!
S00E44 Breach Pitch 06/02/2014 Breach is a space sim 3rd person shooter.
S00E45 Buried Metropolis Pitch 06/02/2014 Explore a lost robot civilization in Buried Metropolis, a roguelike-like where every wireless access point you visit in the real world holds its own unique, randomly generated dungeon.
S00E46 Cat In A Box Pitch 06/02/2014 You are a cat jumping through boxes to other worlds!
S00E47 Dear Leader Pitch 06/02/2014 An emergent narrative game, where you play a despotic ruler guiding the future of a post-revolution Republic.
S00E48 Derelict Pitch 06/02/2014 Derelict is a exploration game in which you'll have to find out what happened to the crew of an abandoned spaceship drifting through outer space.
S00E49 Dum Sim Pitch 06/02/2014 Dum Sim, a dim sum dining game with Kairosoft, Warioware, and Cooking Mama mechanics.
S00E50 Eras of Adventure Pitch 06/02/2014 Journey through the different eras of adventure games - begin in a text based adventure, move to the 8-bit graphic era, through points & click, and finally arrive in the modern day incarnation of the genre.
S00E51 Ether Pitch 06/02/2014 Ether is a game about the joy of exploration; skimming over the ruins of Derelict ships scattered across a lonely, desolate island.
S00E52 ExtraTerrarium Pitch 06/02/2014 A 3rd-Person Action Puzzler where you observe alien wildlife and adopt their abilities to survive in a hostile ecosystem.
S00E53 Fathomless Pitch 06/02/2014 Terrifying, atmospheric first person cave exploration tapping into the wonder of discovery and the fear of the unknown.
S00E54 Gone Astray Pitch 06/02/2014 A 3D action adventure game where you play a house cat exploring the outside world for the first time.
S00E55 Great Spirits Pitch 06/02/2014 Great Spirits is a 3D Adventure where you play a down-and-out stage magician who gains the power to summon spirits from beyond the grave to help him on a supernatural quest.
S00E56 Headlander Pitch 06/02/2014 Headlander is a third person action adventure game set in a retro future world where you can launch your head from its body, fly it around, land into— and take control of, the bodies of enemy forces.
S00E57 Headlander Extended Trailer 06/02/2014 An extended look at the world of HEADLANDER, a new game concept from Double Fine Production's Lee Petty, creator of Stacking and Autonomous. Headlander is a third person action adventure game set in a retro future world where you can launch your head from its body, fly it around, land into— and take control of, the bodies of enemy forces.
S00E58 Humans: A Study Guide Pitch 06/02/2014 Humans: A Study Guide, is a life and relationship simulation where you control a person from childhood to old age, leveling up life skills, making critical choices, and fostering meaningful connections with people that last a lifetime.
S00E59 Jet Girl and Ghost Dog Pitch 06/02/2014 Jet Girl & Ghost Dog is a co-op action RPG where you control either a girl with a cool jetpack or her ghost dog friend as you seek out what, exactly, killed the dog.
S00E60 The Last Missile Commander Pitch 06/02/2014 The Last Missile Commander is a global tactical strategy game on an epic scale! Set in an alternate 1984 Earth, you are charged with guarding the world's last seed bank. Imagine the Norad Scene from the movie Wargames, with Civ 5 game mechanics!
S00E61 Mega Rad Karate Troopers Pitch 06/02/2014 Karate Troopers is a turn based strategy game with epic battles that scale up in size.
S00E62 Mnemonic Pitch 06/02/2014 Mnemonic is a surreal, first-person noir adventure where you explore and rearrange memories in order to solve the murder of the woman you loved. Along the way you'll discover the impermanence of your remembered experiences and uncover secrets that are found only in the deepest realms of your consciousness.
S00E63 Oscillate Pitch 06/02/2014 A rhythm-based shoot 'em up inspired by Ikaruga and Ridiculous Fishing, where you explore the mysterious depths of the ocean.
S00E64 Parabolic Pitch 06/02/2014 A microphone operator listening in on the quarterback's plays overhears something sinister in the crowd and must use wits and skills to save the world.
S00E65 Project Xing Pitch 06/02/2014 Project ? is a spell-casting fighting game, based on the five Chinese elements.
S00E66 Reentry Pitch 06/02/2014 Bionic commando meets the movie Gravity in Reentry, a Zero-G physics thriller.
S00E67 Scavengers Pitch 06/02/2014 Scavengers is League of Legends crossed with survival games such as Day Z and State of Decay.
S00E68 Steed Pitch 06/02/2014 Play as a fearless horse-for-hire to save a storybook land full of inept heroes.
S00E69 Timagotchi Pitch 06/02/2014 Timagotchi is a pet simulator where you nurture an adorable little Tim Schafer and help him bring his ideas to life.
S00E70 What Could Go Wrong? Pitch 06/02/2014 A summer camping slasher horror adventure game that captures the aesthetic of the films from the 70's and 80's.
S00E71 The White Witch's Gnome War Pitch 06/02/2014 Seven gnomes and a shape shifting witch hack through an army of Un-Dead. Craft awesomer weapons, cut down more Un-Dead, then relax and Drink Ale (Gnomes LOVE Ale).
S00E72 Cupid, You Fat Little Scamp Pitch 06/02/2014 Cupid can make anyone fall in love with anything!
S00E73 Damnit Jerry Pitch 06/02/2014 Help Jerry climb human pyramids to please the king.
S00E74 No More McDonalds Pitch 06/02/2014 A zombie game where you can do crazy stuff!
S00E75 Little Pink Best Buds Pitch 06/02/2014 Uncover the mystery of the little pink dudes who all want to be your friend.
S00E77 Pitch Review 10/02/2014 Watch Tim Schafer, Isa Stamos, and Greg Rice discuss all 29 pitch videos for the 2014 Amnesia Fortnight!
S00E78 Finalists Revealed 10/02/2014 The top ten are announced!
S00E79 Finalist Interviews 10/02/2014 The 2014 Amnesia Fortnight finalists have been announced and now they get put on the hot seat with Tim!
S00E81 Tim Interviews Penn 15/05/2015
S00E82 Penn's Potatos 15/05/2015
S00E83 Dear Leader Team Playthrough 15/05/2015
S00E84 LPBB Team Playthrough 15/05/2015
S00E85 Mnemonic Team Playthrough 15/05/2015
S00E86 Steed Team Playthrough 15/05/2015
S00E87 Audio Team Round Table 15/05/2015
S00E88 Amnesia Fortnight 2014 All The Pitches 15/05/2015
S00E89 Amnesia Fortnight 2014 Trailer 15/05/2015
S00E90 Amnesia Fortnight 2017 Announcement 28/03/2017 Amnesia Fortnight returns on April 4th, 2017!
S00E91 Outside Pitch 04/04/2017 Outside is a game with optional VR support about kayaking and exploring the majesty of the great outdoors. Players visit a procedurally assembled natural environment of beautiful forests and rivers with branching paths that provide a multitude of different experiences.
S00E92 The Gods Must Be Hungry Pitch 04/04/2017 A 3D platformer where warrior chefs make giant meals to stop ravenous gods from eating the human race! Each level starts with a mad dash to gather ingredients around town and arrive at an arena before the god does. The better you are at platforming and chopping up food-based enemies, the better your ingredients will be. Inside the arena, you’ll prep and serve your culinary masterpiece as spectators look on in the world’s largest televised event. Guided by a panel of eccentric commentators, you’ll manage cook times in a twisted kitchen, arrange food and garnish on massive plates with portable, Splatoon-like cannons, and feed the beasts into an eternal food coma. It’s like a 3D “Burger Time” topped with a slice of “Attack on Titan” but as a completely over the top (and delicious) game show!
S00E93 Darwin's Dinner Pitch 04/04/2017 Darwin's Dinner is a survival game where your actions shape the evolution of the creatures you eat. Explore the island to hunt a variety of species. There is genetic variation among the individuals of each species. After each foraging cycle, time advances to the next year and the remaining animals reproduce. The genes of those you ate will not be passed along to the new generation. Eat all of the slow bunnies this year? You may starve next year when the bunny population is quick to catch. Try to maintain the existing balance or reshape the species as you see fit. With careful food selection over the generations you can drastically change a species. Can you evolve a chicken into a ferocious dinosaur? Each playthrough is a chance to explore the possibilities as you find new ways to survive.
S00E94 Vagina Crisis: A Period Place Pitch 04/04/2017 Vagina Crisis: A Period Piece is a health education game about a 13 year old girl who gets her first period. It’s an adventure game where the player is presented with solutions to a problem. None of the options will have a correct choice because life has no perfect solutions. Cutscenes will depict the girl’s reactions to the situations she’s put in. There will also be facts on how a period affects women’s everyday lives. The girl’s appearance will be customizable and a meter will monitor different emotions. When an emotion gets too high the girl will react. Both the story and facts will be different for every decision, making the game perfect for multiple playthroughs. Every gender should feel comfortable playing the game as it will be a great learning tool for students as well as adults.
S00E95 Urchin Squad Pitch 04/04/2017 Urchin Squad is a 4 player cooperative first person shooter, where you play a team of teenage superhero hackers. Use complimentary cooperative special abilities and work together to fight back waves of evil authoritarian robots. Use unique skills and mobility gadgets to maneuver through alleys and rooftops, making your way through the urban sprawl to complete your mission - destroy the robot scumbags and take back your city.
S00E96 Jacina Pitch 04/04/2017 Jacinda is a side-scrolling puzzle game in which you'll take control of two characters simultaneously using both analog sticks. You play a thief who goes to an abandoned castle and gets trapped in a mirror world where a girl that lives there finds you and tries to help you escape, but she walks on ceilings and is always upside down.You'll have to work together in different planes to overcome obstacles and get back to the real world.
S00E97 Soul Garden Pitch 04/04/2017 Soul Garden is a VR puzzle game where the objective is to reverse plants back into seeds and manipulate the environment that they were planted in to make them grow stronger than before. The player alters the flow of time as they move water, light, soil, weather, events, and magical energy around the plant’s relative spacetime to turn small, emaciated sprouts into otherworldly herbs inspired by wuxia literature, the Voynich Manuscript and the Codex Seraphinianus.
S00E98 Pretty Warriors vs. The Chaos Gem Pitch 04/04/2017 Pretty Warrior vs. The Chaos Gem is a board game about magical girls trying to defeat an evil villain. One player assumes the role of that villain, the Empress of Chaos, and acts as the game master, and controller of time. The other players assume the role of a magical girl warrior, playing as a team.
S00E99 Mega Flora Pitch 04/04/2017 The microscopic world of the forest floor becomes BIG in Mega Flora.
S00E100 Kiln Pitch 04/04/2017 Kiln is a multiplayer, team-based brawler with a focus on creating unique player sculpted characters featuring crazy physics-based animation and destruction. In Kiln you play as a Mountain Spirit, supernatural beings forever at war on the summit. You’ll use an ancient pottery wheel to create warrior golems called Vessels, inhabiting them and enabling you to interact with the physical realm to do battle. Created during the match, extremely diverse character shapes and sizes are possible each exhibiting unique attributes and controls that leverage the possibilities in procedural animation. Collect resources to build larger and better equipped Vessels, advance into enemy territory, and enjoy the destruction of artisan pottery with Kiln!
S00E101 I Have No Idea What I'm Doing Pitch 04/04/2017 “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” is a fast-paced VR party game where you need to rely on your friends outside VR to figure out who you are, where you are, and what the heck you’re supposed to be doing.
S00E102 Play Nice Pitch 04/04/2017 Play Nice is a 3D action-horror game in which the player takes control of a living dummy. Driven by ragdoll animation and wobbly physics, the dummy uses environmental traps, sneak attacks, and strategic stealth to scare off a group of uninvited and unruly humans. Some will flee in terror, but others will go mad and viciously hunt for the dummy until only man or puppet is left standing.
S00E103 Dr. Human Great Job Pitch 04/04/2017 You are Dr. Human, the last non-robot working at the Factory. Your job is to keep your job by keeping meeting goals set by management, and seeing as there are no more jobs for humans, you really want to keep it! Talk to factory robots, get to know their likes and dislikes, and then make promises that you likely won't be able to keep. Or won't want to. They'll remember either way. Making robots happier will increase their productivity, but they might be most productive doing something they hate. You have limited influence in the Factory and unfortunately every ManagementBot will put different limits on what you can and cannot do in order to alleviate the robots' concerns. Regardless, all blame will fall on you.
S00E104 Trinary Pitch 04/04/2017 Trinary is a team based 2D fighting game where players face off relay race style until one team is eliminated — so instead of getting beaten by your friends over and over, you can learn the game alongside them. Teams consist of three characters, with each character being controlled by a player. Six players will fight 1-on-1 in a predetermined order, with players seamlessly entering the battle once another team member's health bar is depleted. Players will have the ability to assist other characters during the match with strategic power ups. Trinary brings the much needed component of team-play, while preserving the 1 on 1 integrity of fighting games.
S00E105 Oota's Songs of Happiness Pitch 04/04/2017 Oota's Songs of Happiness is a musical action RPG where you need to save the world through the power of song. Our hero, Oota, is the last good-hearted person alive with the ability to sing, and must face the evil singing monsters to restore the peace to the planet. Unlike conventional RPGs you have no swords or armor, and there is no killing. Instead, you will have to sing to your enemies to sway them and befriend them. Things usually found in RPGs like weapons, magic, and summoning, will instead be your voice with different styles of singing, instruments and backup dancers, and you will get kisses instead of experience points. Oota's Songs of Happiness has unique turn based musical combat, with each round filled with singing and dancing!
S00E106 The Lunar Gazette Pitch 04/04/2017 These are turbulent times on the Moon, and the colonists look to The Lunar Gazette to report on the daily happenings. As the Editor-in-Chief, you set the tone of the pivotal paper, deciding what news graces the front page and what gets forgotten. Cover the hard issues of immigration from Earth and the rise of organized crime, while reminding people of the good times with speakeasy reviews and space-ball scores. Investigating recklessly booming businesses might anger the advertisers, but your duty is to the trusting readers. Choose your headlines carefully, as they influence the next day's events. Show why your team of writers and photographers deserve the distinguished status as the Moon's leading voice.
S00E107 Jiffy Nuke Pitch 04/04/2017 Jiffy Nuke is a 2D couch co-op platformer in which two teams will attempt to obliterate each other by quickly assembling and launching a nuclear missile.
S00E108 Liz. Miserable. Pitch 04/04/2017 Liz Miserable is a modern adventure game musical about Liz, a creative girl in a world without creativity. As Liz discovers the effect her creative impulses have on the world and the people around her, players will make narrative decisions ranging from slow, thoughtful choices to impulsive choices in the middle of a song! The game’s visuals will be recorded video of real, physical set design models we make, and the music will be written by the wonderful Austin Wintory (Journey, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate)
S00E109 Iron Legion Pitch 04/04/2017 Iron Legion is an Action RPG brawler in which the player will be able to move freely between piloting a giant Knight and delving into dungeons on foot. Pairs slower, tactical combat in 3rd person when in the Knight with frantic brawling when fighting on the ground.
S00E110 Video Games Inc. Pitch 04/04/2017 Video Games Inc. is a fast, cooperative, and silly game development simulator. Pick your title, genre, and string together a list of random features to come up with wacky game concepts. Think it's high time someone made that first-person golfing text adventure? Well, now -you- can with up to three of your friends.
S00E111 Fresh Pitch 04/04/2017 Fresh is a 3D single-player dance game where you must out-perform your opponents in epic, fantasy hip-hop dance battles. As you attempt to access different turfs in the game, you will be pitted against local dance crews and attempt to win the entire audience’s applause. Take turns with your opponents, performing dance moves that require unique button combinations, and perform more advanced moves to earn even more applause points. Each crew you face will practice different dance styles, and you will need to learn new moves and combinations in order to out-dance them all, and prove you are the freshest dancer on the block.
S00E112 A Slice of Heaven Pitch 04/04/2017 "A Slice of Heaven" is a space-themed rail shooter in the style of Starfox 64. The player controls Frey, the commander of an elite squad of fighter pilots, as she flies across a plethora of beautiful, exotic landscapes, routing the enemy forces wreaking havoc. On your journey you'll be accompanied by your loyal crew. As you complete missions and overcome challenges, you'll get to upgrade your allies to make them better at taking out enemies, defending objectives, spawning items, finding weak points, or even finding new hidden paths that lead to entirely different missions! And whether you succeed or fail, these upgrades will still be there the next time you play, increasing the effectiveness of your squad until you can finally uncover the mystery behind the evil empire, and Frey herself.
S00E113 Taroky Pitch 04/04/2017 Based on the trick-taking card game of the same name, Taroky is a game as much about tradition and relationships as it is about cards.
S00E114 Empath Pitch 04/04/2017 Empath is a first person time traveling adventure game played in real time where the world keeps simulating and doesn't wait for your action. To discover the truth behind a murder, you will travel back in time and inhabit the body of key individuals surrounding the event to recreate their actions at the correct time. Surreal environmental effects will be used to show their feelings and memories as you gain a deeper understanding of their motivations and point of view. After you've successfully recreated the event you will reverse time and change a series of actions to prevent the tragedy from ever taking place. Each action may have unintended consequences as the timeline tries to correct itself. Save a life, see and understand the world through multiple perspectives, choose Empath.
S00E115 Symphonic Strife Pitch 04/04/2017 Symphonic Strife is a 2-D action platformer in which you control a classical composer creating his latest symphony. Imagine a ninja Beethoven doing parkour and dispatching scores of enemies in tempo to the music he is inventing. You have a set of free-running moves and musical attacks at your disposal. Each level features a unique composer and is set to a piece of music of his or her creation. You must climb, jump, slide, vault, roll, and fight your way through a dark environment full of obstacles and Insecurity Guards. You’re guided around the darkness only by Muses - glowing fairy-like creatures. You have a choice of path to take, but executing your moves in tempo to the music is crucial to making it through the level and its obstacles. Fight to bring your symphonic masterpiece to life!
S00E116 Amnesia Fortnight 2017 Selections Announcement 07/04/2017 To celebrate the closing of the Amnesia Fortnight 2017 voting period, Double Fine will be hosting live demos of previously unseen AF prototypes before announcing this years winners.

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