Affiche Amour, Gloire et Beauté
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They created a dynasty where passion rules, they are the Forresters, the first name in Fashion. The Bold and the Beautiful, a world of fashion, glamor and romance. A place where power, money and success are there for the taking in a city where dreams really do come true. Follow the lives and loves of the Forresters on The Bold and the Beautiful...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Amour, Gloire et Beauté

S01E01 Ep. #1 23/03/1987 Eric Forrester puts on his latest fashion show. Bill Spencer demands that Ridge stop dating his daughter, Caroline. Det. David Reed questions Brooke Logan about the two men who tried to rape her.
S01E02 Ep. #2 24/03/1987 Eric tells Stephanie their marriage has gone stale. Ridge tells his parents he and Caroline are getting married. Brooke searches through mugshots to find her attackers.
S01E03 Ep. #3 25/03/1987 Beth reassures Katie about her complexion. Stephanie informs a stunned Thorne that his brother Ridge is getting married. Brooke confides in her sisters Katie and Donna about her attack. Caroline introduces Ridge to her father and tells Bill she is marrying Ridge. Bill who knows of Ridge's constant womanizing via Margo tries to hide his rage.
S01E04 Ep. #4 26/03/1987 Dave tells Brooke he wants to use her as bait to catch the rapists. Brooke is worried. Thorne suspects Ridge is marrying Caroline to spite Bill. Eric informs a shocked Margo that Ridge is now engaged. Bill tries to convince Caroline that Ridge is no good for her but she refuses to stop her wedding plans.
S01E05 Ep. #5 27/03/1987 Caroline urges Bill to accept her feeling for Ridge. Brooke tells Dave she will act as a decoy. Though he is reluctant, Dave agrees. Stephanie and Eric have their first meeting with Bill and offer to use their home for the wedding. To lift Katie's spirits, Storm asks Donna to set Katie up with a date. Bill hires a private detective to uncover Ridge's indiscretions and to stop his daughter from marriage.
S01E06 Ep. #6 30/03/1987 Dave proposes to Brooke but she asks for time to think about it. Bill pressures Margo to tell him about Ridge but she refuses. Storm and Dave argue about using Brooke as a decoy. Eric confronts Ridge about whether or not he loves Caroline.
S01E07 Ep. #7 31/03/1987 Stephanie calls her daughter Kristen in New York. Kristen tells Stephanie she won't be able to attend the wedding. Donna meets Rocco at the library and convinces the young hipster to ask Katie out. Katie is overjoyed when Rocco calls. Thorne meets Caroline and feels initially attracted to her. Meanwhile, Stephanie gets a suspicious phone call.
S01E08 Ep. #8 01/04/1987 Stephanie believes Eric and Margo are having an affair. Rocco arrives for his date at the Logan house but is disappointed in Katie's looks. Eric and Stephanie argue about their absent daughter - who Stephanie chastises as having an unhealthy proximity to Eric - as Caroline convinces Kristen to come to the wedding.
S01E09 Ep. #9 02/04/1987 Ridge receives a call from his old flame Alex Simpnson who convinces him to go out on date upon her return to Los Angeles. Caroline talks Bill into giving Ridge a chance. Bill then unsuccessfully tries to reach Conway Weston. He leaves a message to call off the investigation on the P.I.'s answering machine. An overjoyed Katie returns home from her date with Rocco. Brooke isn't ready to marry Dave just yet.
S01E10 Ep. #10 03/04/1987 Eric urges Stephanie to come clean with Kristen. Caroline daydreams about her wedding. Ridge manages to have Thorne cover for him at Forrester Creations and takes off the Café Russe where he meets Alex. Alex gets Ridge to reminisce about all the good times they had together. Conway gets the message that Bill called off the investigation but proceeds: He breaks into a hotel suite and takes pictures of Alex and Ridge making love.
S01E11 Ep. #11 06/04/1987 Thorne finds Caroline having a first fit in her wedding dress. Bill tells Margo to confess all about her relationship with Ridge or to drop the subject. Storm reads aloud about the upcoming Forrester wedding. Beth pauses and wonders if Eric - who she seems to know - remembers her. Ridge is worried about Conway's picture. Thorne confronts Ridge about his late-night disappearance but Ridge doesn't tell him about Alex. P.I. Weston fails to get a hold of Bill to inform about his coup.
S01E12 Ep. #12 07/04/1987 Kristen arrives in L.A. and meets with Caroline. Alex approaches Ridge again but he tells her he only loves Caroline and is worried he will lose her because of the picture. Later, Bill tells Ridge he now accepts his relationship with his daughter. Brooke tells Storm how much she envies Caroline's wedding. She is still undecided about Dave's proposal. Conway gives Bill the picture.
S01E13 Ep. #13 08/04/1987 Caroline and Kristen get along fabulous and she asks her future sister-in-law to be her matron of honor. Bill is furious when he sees the picture of Ridge and Alex. Ridge and Caroline have a press conference about the wedding where he confesses his love. After a long time away, Kristen returns to the Forrester mansion where she runs into her mother. Their conversation is as icy as ever. Bill shows the picture to Margo and asks her what to do.
S01E14 Ep. #14 09/04/1987 Eric is glad to have his daughter Kristen back in town. Brooke continues to be amazed by the Forrester wedding. This prompts Beth to tell her daughter that she knew Eric Forrester in college. Bill's dinner party for the newly engaged couple begins. Margo can hardly hold Bill who is raging mad back. Eric and Stephanie wonder how well Margo knows Bill. Dave and Brooke have a romantic dinner. Brooke is angry when Dave admits Storm talked him out of the decoy plan. Bill tells Ridge he wants to speak to him after the party.
S01E15 Ep. #15 10/04/1987 Donna realizes Katie is upset that Rocco hasn't called her and convinces him to ask her out again. Bill confronts Ridge with the picture. Ridge tells Bill it was a mistake but Bill wants the wedding called off immediately!
S01E16 Ep. #16 13/04/1987 Ridge confesses to Thorne his indiscretion but maintains that he loves Caroline. After some soul-searching Ridge decides not to tell Caroline anything. Donna informs Beth about Rocco's true interest in Katie. Later, Rocco tells Donna he wants to date her not Katie.
S01E17 Ep. #17 14/04/1987 Stephanie argues with Kristen about her love life. Brooke and Storm worry about their grandmother living alone at her high age. Kristen and Caroline continue to bond. Storm tries to convince Grandma Logan to move in with the rest of the family. Ridge informs Bill he will have to tell Caroline the sordid truth himself because he refuses to hurt her.
S01E18 Ep. #18 15/04/1987 The big day has arrived: Ridge and Caroline have a trial ceremony where the Minister is surprised that the father of the bride is not present. Bill is still at his apartment and ponders his next move with Margo. Meanwhile Ridge says to Thorne that he hopes Bill won't tell Caroline about Alex. Caroline is thrilled about the wedding. When Bill finally arrives at the Forrester Mansion, he goes to straight to Caroline and informs her that there is something important he has to tell her.
S01E19 Ep. #19 16/04/1987 Stephanie is astounded that Margo is attending the wedding. Eric urges his wife to focus on the happiness of this days instead of any hostile feelings. Brooke tells Storm that she cannot forget the day when she was mugged. She still plans on acting as a decoy as Dave is planning. Bill tells Caroline about Ridge and Alex and she is heartbroken. Caroline decides to go through with the wedding anyway but collapses at the altar.
S01E20 Ep. #20 17/04/1987 Ridge rushes Caroline to the hospital. Though Dr. Adams informs the waiting family that Caroline is fine physically but very much torn up, so he had to give her a sedative. Rocco comes to the Logan house see Donna but is caught by Katie. Margo is shocked that Bill told his daughter about Ridge's indiscretion. Ridge and Thorne learn the same via Kristen who mentions that Bill spoke to Caroline just before she collapsed.
S01E21 Ep. #21 20/04/1987 Brooke acts as a decoy but the plan traps the wrong men. Kristen tells Bill that she doubts that the excitement of the wedding caused Caroline's collapse. Meanwhile Brooke and Donna read about the wedding in the paper and decide to go to the hospital to get in on the tumultuous events regarding the Forresters and Spencers. Bill lets Ridge know that it is over between him and his daughter. Caroline wakes up and begins to cry. Thorne comforts her.
S01E22 Ep. #22 21/04/1987 Donna is having second thoughts about going to the hospital to see a woman they never met before. Brooke however is certain that it is a chance for them to feel a brisk of the life of the rich and famous. Eric asks Kristen to stay in town. Due to hostility with Stephanie Kristen refuses. Thorne begs Caroline to give Ridge another chance. Stephanie and Eric wonder about what caused Caroline to collapse. Brooke actually walks into Caroline's room and the two woman have a friendly chat.
S01E23 Ep. #23 22/04/1987 Upon her release form the hospital, Caroline tells a shocked Kristen the wedding is canceled permanently. Brooke narrates to her mother how she went to the hospital last night and actually met the Forrester brothers and Caroline Spencer. As Brooke mentions how interesting it would be if Beth had known Eric Forrester better at college, Beth has a thoughtful look. Thorne urges Ridge to talk to Caroline but Ridge is reluctant. Caroline asks Bill how he could be so cruel as to break the news of Ridge's infidelity to her on her wedding day.
S01E24 Ep. #24 23/04/1987 Caroline tells Bill that she won't forgive him for his cruelty. She plans to turn her life around and become independent. Hence she is moving out.The wedding is canceled indefinitely. Stephanie is deep in thoughts and ponders to tell Ridge a huge secret. Ridge decides to talk to Caroline but is devastated to find her gone. An argument as to who is responsible ensues but most importantly Bill and Ridge wonder where Caroline went.Caroline rents her own apartment.
S01E25 Ep. #25 24/04/1987 Storm is catching up with his old flame Alex at Café Russe. Brooke is having a romantic dinner with Dave but is taken aback when he gives her an engagement ring. Katie and Donna make dinner for Rocco. When Katie leaves the room, Rocco tries to kiss Donna. She likes it despite her efforts not to.
S01E26 Ep. #26 27/04/1987 Kristen is annoyed when she comes down to breakfast and gets grilled for information by Ridge and Stephanie. Kristen tells them that she hasn't heard from Caroline. Kristen later calls Caroline and wonders if it may be better for her to come home as everybody is concerned about her. Rocco is working at Griffey's when Donna walks in with her friend Mark Mallory. When she notices Rocco watching her, Donna grabs Mark and kisses him. Rocco sees right through Donna's game and later kisses Katie in front of Donna to get his own back. Donna is angry and tells Rocco to leave both her and Katie alone. Rocco wonders why they are both playing games when they both obviously just want to be with one another.
S01E27 Ep. #27 28/04/1987 Eric is working on some designs when Stephanie walks in. Stephanie tells Eric that she and Ridge believe that Kristen knows where Caroline is. Eric tells her that he tried talking to Bill but got nowhere. Kristen visits Caroline and tells her that Ridge is really worried about her. Kristen wonders if Caroline could possibly forgive Ridge and come home. Caroline tells her that her reason for moving is more than just about Ridge. Caroline says that she needs to find her own way without her father suffocating her. Caroline is surprised by a knock at her door and finds Ridge standing there, having followed Kristen and located her.
S01E28 Ep. #28 29/04/1987 Caroline isn't happy that Ridge has found her and she asks him to leave. Ridge tells her that they need to talk and he has Kristen leave. Ridge apologises for hurting Caroline and promises never to do it again. He tells Caroline that he loves her and he begs for another chance. Caroline refuses to be hurt again and tells Ridge that she doesn't want to marry him. Kristen chats with Thorne about Ridge and Caroline. Thorne thinks that Ridge doesn't really deserve Caroline's forgiveness, but Kristen believes that they both really love one another. Kristen says that Ridge made a mistake and realised that Caroline was the only woman for him.
S01E29 Ep. #29 30/04/1987 Kristen goes home and informs Eric and Stephanie that Ridge is with Caroline. They all agree that things seem positive and that there still may be a wedding. Ridge calls and shatters that illusion by telling them that Caroline doesn't want him. Kristen feels therefore that it's time for her to return to New York, but Eric asks her to stay. Kristen is unsure and tells Stephanie that they will never get along, but Stephanie says that she would like to try. Margo offers Bill some support in his hour of need. He tells Margo how much he wants Caroline home. Bill later kisses Margo. Bill is concerned when a police offer brings by Caroline's purse, having found it in a park. Ridge tells Bill that Caroline is safe but refuses to tell him where she is. Thorne feels that Ridge should now give Caroline some space, but he is determined to win her back.
S01E30 Ep. #30 01/05/1987 Brooke finds that Storm is in a foul mood. He reminds Brooke that it has been seven years to the day that their father walked out on them. Beth comes home and they have dinner together as Storm insults their father. Beth leaves to go speak with Stephen's mother Helen. Helen blames Beth for Stephen's disappearance and tells Beth to acknowledge that it is her fault. Eric orders Stephanie to make more of an effort with Kristen as her fears she will leave town again. Eric later apologises and tries to get Stephanie to open up about her issues with Kristen. Thorne meets with Kristen and learns that Caroline was mugged. Thorne asks Kristen where Caroline is as he needs to speak with her.
S01E31 Ep. #31 04/05/1987 Beth is shocked when Helen tells her that the reason Stephen walked out on her was because he couldn't compete against Eric in her heart, the man that she has always truly loved. Eric decides that he and Stephanie are overdue some much needed time together. Eric realises that Stephanie is jealous of the affection he shows towards Kristen. Stephanie admits that she has always felt second best, even in college against his first love Elizabeth Henderson. Stephanie feels that Eric would have married Elizabeth if she herself hadn't of been pregnant with Ridge. Thorne begs Kristen to tell him where Caroline is. Kristen is reluctant but eventually gives in. Judging by the way Thorne talks of Caroline, Kristen realises that Thorne is in love with Caroline himself.
S01E32 Ep. #32 05/05/1987 Beth informs Storm of Helen's explanation of why Stephen left them. Storm thinks the idea is absurd and Stephen had no right to walk out on a wife and four children. Eric is excited about his new collection but notices that Ridge is distracted. Ridge says that he has no win Caroline back, but Eric advises him to keep his distance and give her some space. Stephanie later meets with Eric and seeks his opinion on throwing a party to cheer the family up due to their woes lately. Eric suggests hiring a catering service to do the food. Caroline heads into town to find herself a job, but just gets rejected from every interview due to her lack of experience. Tired, she goes home and is surprised to find Thorne there waiting for her. Thorne is annoyed when roses are delivered to Caroline's door from Ridge.
S01E33 Ep. #33 06/05/1987 Margo is angry with Ridge when he snaps at her infront of some employees. Margo suggests that he is just in a foul mood because of Caroline, which Margo is obviously jealous of. The tension between them grows and an argument about nothing erupts. Ridge learns that Bill kissed Margo when she lets it slip. Thorne brings some food by for Caroline and cooks her a meal. Caroline is glad that he is there for her as a friend. Stephanie begins planning her party and orders a menu from Logan Catering Services. Bill asks Stephanie to come over and he tells her of his concerns for Caroline. They begin bickering when Bill insults Ridge. Stephanie advises Bill to take a step back from Caroline as he seems to be using her as some sort of replacement for his dead wife.
S01E34 Ep. #34 07/05/1987 Thorne returns from visiting Caroline and Ridge shares with him his idea for winning Caroline back. Ridge shows him a huge diamond ring and feels it will bring Caroline back to him. Ridge asks for Caroline's forgiveness but she says that she can no longer trust him. Ridge pulls out the ring. Eric asks Kristen to assist him with some designs at Forrester Creations. He is impressed with her taste and impeccable design. Rocco comes over to have dinner with Katie and shares a family meal with them all. Brooke, Storm, Donna and Katie are surprised when Beth informs them that she has received an order to cater a Forrester party, but is unsure on whether she will do it.
S01E35 Ep. #35 08/05/1987 Donna goes to Griffey's with Mark and they sit making out as Rocco watches with insane jealously. Mark asks Donna if she would like to officially date him and she seems happy with the idea. Ridge tells Caroline that he loves her and needs her. Ridge adds that she is the only person that he has ever wanted a future with. Caroline wears the ring but tells Ridge that she can't make him any promises. Eric invites Margo to the party at the Forrester home. Margo wonders if Stephanie will be angered by her being there, but Eric says that he needs Margo there for Kristen. Unsure on what he means, Eric explains that he would like Margo to introduce Kristen into the business as he wants his daughter working with him.
S01E36 Ep. #36 11/05/1987 Bill manages to find out where Caroline is and he pays her a visit. Caroline doesn't want to hear his explanations when he begins apologising for his actions. Bill notices the diamond ring on her finger and demands to know if she has returned to Ridge. Caroline tells him to butt out of her life and allow her to be her own woman. Ridge tells Thorne that Caroline accepted his ring. Ridge begins to show hope of having Caroline again, but Thorne isn't impressed by the news. Beth goes to her boss, Ruth Wilson, to decline the order for the Forrester party, but Ruth tells her that it's an oppotunity for her to make lots of money and tells Beth that she has to take it. Beth arrives at the Forrester home and is greeted by Stephanie. Beth hopes and prays that Eric will not remember her. Beth becomes nervous as the party begins and Eric comes home. She attempts to hide herself from view.
S01E37 Ep. #37 12/05/1987 Storm asks Brooke if she and Dave have set a date for their wedding. Brooke later gets a call from Dave and he suggests they marry in the Autumn. Storm questions Brooke on if she really wants to get married. Brooke and Storm wonder where Beth is and realise that she must have accepted the job at the Forrester party. Storm suggests Beth knew Eric a little more than she ever let on. Eric and Stephanie talk to the buyers at the business party. Ridge and Thorne stand off to the side with Kristen. Stephanie makes a point of embarrasing Margo by refering to her as the secretary. Eric hints to Kristen about her becoming part of the fold and working along side the family. Beth hides her face when Eric comes over to get a Brandy, but he realises that he recognises her. Beth quickly leaves before he is able to identify her.
S01E38 Ep. #38 13/05/1987 Brooke and Storm look over some household bills and realise that Beth is struggling with payments. They suggest helping out more and put the idea across to Donna and Katie about getting summer jobs. Beth returns from catering the party and Brooke jumps on her with questions about the Forrester family. Eric feels the party was a success but Stephanie thinks that it was a bore. Stephanie says that she doesn't want strangers in her house again and suggests having business parties elsewhere next time. Eric tells Stephanie about his idea of having Kristen work at Forrester Creations. Stephanie isn't too happy by the idea but hides her thoughts. Eric enquires with Stephanie about the company that catered for the party.
S01E39 Ep. #39 14/05/1987 Ridge relaxes by the Forrester pool and is surprised when he sees Alex arrive. She strips to her bathing suit and flirts with Ridge. She says that he is free game until he is married. Ridge pushes her away when she attempts to kiss him. Bill confesses to Margo that his father was a womanizer that cheated on his mother. Bill admits it's the reason he is so protective over Caroline as he saw how that pain destroyed his mother and he won't have that happen to Caroline. Bill later meets with Thorne and asks him to keep tabs on Caroline's involvement with Ridge. Bill feels Caroline will tell Thorne due to their close friendship. Caroline has another interview but again doesn't get the job. Desparate, she asks for any type of employment, but they turn her away. Caroline sobs at home when Bill comes over and she throws her arms around him.
S01E40 Ep. #40 15/05/1987 Margo and Eric prepare for giving Kristen a tour of the building and introducing her to the business. Stephanie becomes jealous when she sees them together and accuses Eric of having an affair with Margo again. Margo later shows Kristen around and she agrees to join the company. Stephanie is concerned when Thorne hints about a future with Caroline, Thorne later asks Eric if they could give Caroline a job. Caroline informs Bill of her failed job search. Bill offers his help but she declines. A dress arrives from Ridge which angers Bill, but Caroline says that she can handle it. Without her knowing, Bill takes Caroline's ring and returns it to Ridge. Caroline later calls Ridge and asks him to dinner.
S01E41 Ep. #41 18/05/1987 Donna asks Beth if she can go to a party at the beach but Beth won't allow it as she has to stay home and take care of Katie. Donna calls Rocco over, leaves him with Katie, then heads off to the party with Mark. Donna and Mark kiss on the beach where he asks her again if she would like to be his girl. Beth and Storm are furious when Donna gets home for leaving Katie with Rocco. Ridge and Caroline spend the evening together, he gives her the ring again but Caroline tells him that she needs some time alone. Thorne grows jealous knowing that Ridge and Caroline are together. Thorne feels he should take things slow instead of rushing in like Ridge. Thorne later goes to Caroline and offers her a job at Forrester Creations.
S01E42 Ep. #42 19/05/1987 Storm yells at Donna for leaving Katie at home alone. Brooke asks Storm to go easy on Donna as she does have her own life and isn't a babysitter. Donna heads off to the library and meets with Mark. Donna takes him up on his offer for them to be together. Stephanie has breakfast with Ridge and Thorne. Ridge talks of how he is slowly winning Caroline back. Thorne talks about how Caroline needs a job, but Ridge says that she won't once she is his wife. Stephanie notices Thorne's anger towards Ridge and later tells Thorne to stay out of Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Thorne tells his mother that he loves Caroline and the choice will be Caroline's to make. Eric goes into the office at the weekend and is surprised to find Margo there. They work on some designs, and Margo later admits to herself that she is in love with Eric.
S01E43 Ep. #43 20/05/1987
S01E44 Ep. #44 21/05/1987
S01E45 Ep. #45 22/05/1987
S01E46 Ep. #46 25/05/1987
S01E47 Ep. #47 26/05/1987
S01E48 Ep. #48 27/05/1987
S01E49 Ep. #49 28/05/1987
S01E50 Ep. #50 29/05/1987
S01E51 Ep. #51 01/06/1987
S01E52 Ep. #52 02/06/1987
S01E53 Ep. #53 03/06/1987
S01E54 Ep. #54 04/06/1987
S01E55 Ep. #55 05/06/1987
S01E56 Ep. #56 08/06/1987
S01E57 Ep. #57 09/06/1987
S01E58 Ep. #58 10/06/1987
S01E59 Ep. #59 11/06/1987
S01E60 Ep. #60 12/06/1987 A milestone episode: The lavish party at the Forester Mansion is about to start. Beth introduces Brooke to Stephanie who leaves a lasting impression on the ingénue. When Caroline is running late, Ridge mistakes another Blonde for his lady love: Brooke! Eric is perplexed as the caterer seems very familiar to him. He asks Brooke for Beth's name and is shocked to realize that the woman is Beth Henderson, his college crush. Ridge is green with envy when Thorne welcomes Caroline with a hug. Storm asks Alex out to dinner so she cancels her plans with Thorne. Alex confesses to Storm that she cares deeply about him.
S01E61 Ep. #61 15/06/1987
S01E62 Ep. #62 16/06/1987
S01E63 Ep. #63 17/06/1987
S01E64 Ep. #64 18/06/1987
S01E65 Ep. #65 19/06/1987
S01E66 Ep. #66 22/06/1987
S01E67 Ep. #67 23/06/1987
S01E68 Ep. #68 24/06/1987
S01E69 Ep. #69 25/06/1987
S01E70 Ep. #70 26/06/1987
S01E71 Ep. #71 29/06/1987
S01E72 Ep. #72 30/06/1987
S01E73 Ep. #73 01/07/1987
S01E74 Ep. #74 02/07/1987
S01E75 Ep. #75 03/07/1987
S01E76 Ep. #76 06/07/1987
S01E77 Ep. #77 07/07/1987
S01E78 Ep. #78 08/07/1987
S01E79 Ep. #79 09/07/1987
S01E80 Ep. #80 10/07/1987
S01E81 Ep. #81 13/07/1987
S01E82 Ep. #82 14/07/1987
S01E83 Ep. #83 15/07/1987
S01E84 Ep. #84 16/07/1987
S01E85 Ep. #85 17/07/1987
S01E86 Ep. #86 20/07/1987
S01E87 Ep. #87 21/07/1987
S01E88 Ep. #88 22/07/1987
S01E89 Ep. #89 23/07/1987
S01E90 Ep. #90 24/07/1987
S01E91 Ep. #91 27/07/1987
S01E92 Ep. #92 28/07/1987
S01E93 Ep. #93 29/07/1987
S01E94 Ep. #94 30/07/1987
S01E95 Ep. #95 31/07/1987
S01E96 Ep. #96 03/08/1987
S01E97 Ep. #97 04/08/1987
S01E98 Ep. #98 05/08/1987
S01E99 Ep. #99 06/08/1987
S01E100 Ep. #100 07/08/1987
S01E101 Ep. #101 10/08/1987
S01E102 Ep. #102 11/08/1987
S01E103 Ep. #103 12/08/1987
S01E104 Ep. #104 13/08/1987
S01E105 Ep. #105 14/08/1987
S01E106 Ep. #106 17/08/1987
S01E107 Ep. #107 18/08/1987
S01E108 Ep. #108 19/08/1987
S01E109 Ep. #109 20/08/1987
S01E110 Ep. #110 21/08/1987
S01E111 Ep. #111 24/08/1987
S01E112 Ep. #112 25/08/1987
S01E113 Ep. #113 26/08/1987
S01E114 Ep. #114 27/08/1987
S01E115 Ep. #115 28/08/1987
S01E116 Ep. #116 31/08/1987
S01E117 Ep. #117 01/09/1987
S01E118 Ep. #118 02/09/1987
S01E119 Ep. #119 03/09/1987
S01E120 Ep. #120 04/09/1987
S01E121 Ep. #121 07/09/1987
S01E122 Ep. #122 08/09/1987
S01E123 Ep. #123 09/09/1987
S01E124 Ep. #124 10/09/1987
S01E125 Ep. #125 11/09/1987
S01E126 Ep. #126 14/09/1987
S01E127 Ep. #127 15/09/1987
S01E128 Ep. #128 16/09/1987
S01E129 Ep. #129 17/09/1987
S01E130 Ep. #130 18/09/1987
S01E131 Ep. #131 21/09/1987
S01E132 Ep. #132 22/09/1987
S01E133 Ep. #133 23/09/1987
S01E134 Ep. #134 24/09/1987
S01E135 Ep. #135 25/09/1987
S01E136 Ep. #136 28/09/1987
S01E137 Ep. #137 29/09/1987
S01E138 Ep. #138 30/09/1987
S01E139 Ep. #139 01/10/1987
S01E140 Ep. #140 02/10/1987
S01E141 Ep. #141 05/10/1987
S01E142 Ep. #142 06/10/1987
S01E143 Ep. #143 07/10/1987
S01E144 Ep. #144 08/10/1987
S01E145 Ep. #145 09/10/1987
S01E146 Ep. #146 12/10/1987
S01E147 Ep. #147 13/10/1987
S01E148 Ep. #148 14/10/1987
S01E149 Ep. #149 15/10/1987
S01E150 Ep. #150 16/10/1987
S01E151 Ep. #151 19/10/1987 Ridge and Margo fight over Ridge's feelings for Caroline. In court, Ron Deacon's character witnesses heighten his credibility. The district attorney realizes he needs Ridge's testimony. Ridge is hesitant about testifying but realizes that he owes it to Caroline.
S01E152 Ep. #152 20/10/1987 As Ridge prepares for his witness statement in court for Caroline's trial, the Logans remember their long-disappeared father since it is 27th wedding anniversary of Beth of Stephen Senior.
S01E153 Ep. #153 21/10/1987
S01E154 Ep. #154 22/10/1987
S01E155 Ep. #155 23/10/1987
S01E156 Ep. #156 26/10/1987
S01E157 Ep. #157 27/10/1987
S01E158 Ep. #158 28/10/1987
S01E159 Ep. #159 29/10/1987
S01E160 Ep. #160 30/10/1987
S01E161 Ep. #161 02/11/1987
S01E162 Ep. #162 03/11/1987
S01E163 Ep. #163 04/11/1987
S01E164 Ep. #164 05/11/1987
S01E165 Ep. #165 06/11/1987
S01E166 Ep. #166 09/11/1987
S01E167 Ep. #167 10/11/1987
S01E168 Ep. #168 11/11/1987
S01E169 Ep. #169 12/11/1987
S01E170 Ep. #170 13/11/1987
S01E171 Ep. #171 16/11/1987
S01E172 Ep. #172 17/11/1987
S01E173 Ep. #173 18/11/1987
S01E174 Ep. #174 19/11/1987
S01E175 Ep. #175 20/11/1987
S01E176 Ep. #176 23/11/1987
S01E177 Ep. #177 24/11/1987
S01E178 Ep. #178 25/11/1987
S01E179 Ep. #179 27/11/1987
S01E180 Ep. #180 30/11/1987
S01E181 Ep. #181 01/12/1987
S01E182 Ep. #182 02/12/1987
S01E183 Ep. #183 03/12/1987
S01E184 Ep. #184 04/12/1987
S01E185 Ep. #185 07/12/1987 On Christmas Eve, Rocco joins the Logan family for dinner. Brooke calls the Forrester home, but Stephanie gives her a curt and evasive answer as to whether Ridge is due back for his business trip.
S01E186 Ep. #186 08/12/1987
S01E187 Ep. #187 09/12/1987
S01E188 Ep. #188 10/12/1987
S01E189 Ep. #189 11/12/1987
S01E190 Ep. #190 14/12/1987
S01E191 Ep. #191 15/12/1987
S01E192 Ep. #192 16/12/1987
S01E193 Ep. #193 17/12/1987
S01E194 Ep. #194 18/12/1987
S01E195 Ep. #195 21/12/1987
S01E196 Ep. #196 22/12/1987
S01E197 Ep. #197 23/12/1987
S01E198 Ep. #198 24/12/1987
S01E199 Ep. #199 28/12/1987
S01E200 Ep. #200 29/12/1987
S01E201 Ep. #201 30/12/1987
S01E202 Ep. #202 31/12/1987
S06E01 Ep. #1449 00/00/0000 With Taylor assisting via phone, Ridge helps deliver Brooke's baby.
S06E02 Ep. #1450 00/00/0000 Up at the Big Bear cabin, Brooke is so happy that Ridge helped her deliver her baby and she tells him how much she loves him, although back in L.A., Taylor tells Jack that she isn't too thrilled. Sheila learns from Eric that a paternity test will be carried out on the child as soon as Brooke is flown to a hospital. Sheila makes inquiries with Dr. Peters about a job in the genetics lab at the hospital, determined that this child will not be Eric's. At the hospital, Brooke hugs Ridge as Taylor arrives.
S06E03 Ep. #1451 00/00/0000 Ridge and Brooke are concerned when they learn that the baby has jaundice.
S06E04 Ep. #1452 00/00/0000 Sheila knows she can't in all good conscience marry Eric until she sets things right with Lauren, and decides to go to Genoa City.
S06E05 Ep. #1453 00/00/0000 Karen and Brooke talked about their love for the Forrester males, and Brooke told Karen that she is certain the baby belongs to Ridge and that she will be able to make him hers.
S06E06 Ep. #1454 00/00/0000 While at the Bikini with Sly, Macy spotted Karen and Thorne together, and began to kiss Sly.
S06E07 Ep. #1455 00/00/0000 Taylor asked Stephanie to stop trying to plant doubts in her head about Brooke, and stated that she was not going to let Brooke's manipulations destroy her marriage.
S06E08 Ep. #1497 00/00/0000 Although Jack promises Taylor that he's committed to Sally, he asks his daughter to set up a meeting between himself and Stephanie. Thorne and Ridge talk about Thorne's fight with Sly, and Ridge testing Brooke to see if she would use the baby to make a move on him. Stephanie is pleased to hear that Eric doesn't plan to marry Sheila until after the showing. Sheila plans her revenge on Stephanie after Stephanie catches her spying on them.
S11E01 Ep. #2506 00/00/0000 At Spectra Fashions, Sally is desperate to raise her daughters spirits. She asks Macy to attend Grant's celebration party with her, but Macy says she will not celebrate the Forrester's losing their company. Clarke enters dripping with sweat, returning from his visit with Grant. Grant is laying on the floor of his office in a pool of blood. Everybody is rushing around after hearing the gun shot. Michael sees Enrique quickly remove the gloves he's wearing. In Paris, Beth is just telling Brooke that she shouldn't have made Grant CEO of Forrester Creations as a phone call from Michael interrupts them. Michael explains to a shocked Brooke that Grant has been shot. The paramedics rush to Grant's aid. Police Lieutenant Bradley Baker asks Grant if he knows who shot him and he shouts out that it was Ridge.
S11E02 Ep. #2507 00/00/0000 Brooke tells Beth and Stephen that Grant was shot. Brooke quickly leaves Paris with Bridget. Brooke learns that Ridge shot Grant. Grant is rushed to hospital. After immediate opperation, Grant is placed in intensive care. Stephanie learns that Grant was shot with her gun. Stephanie explains that she gave it to Michael, Michael tells the police that she gave it to Ridge, so Ridge is arrested. Thorne believes that Ridge did shoot Grant, which annoys Taylor and Stephanie. Ridge is booked, fingerprinted and thrown in a cell for the night.
S11E03 Ep. #2508 00/00/0000 Taylor worries about Ridge being in jail. Thorne tells Taylor to let the lawyers handle things and orders Taylor to rest. Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan visit Ridge in jail. Jonathan questions Ridge, but Ridge swears that he didn't shoot Grant. Lt Baker has the gun sent to the lab to be tested for fingerprints. Grant wakes up to see Brooke at his bedside. Brooke apologises for taking him for granted and promises that from now on things will be different.
S11E04 Ep. #2509 00/00/0000 Enrique, Michael and Megan are asked to have thier fingerprints taken as part of the investigation. Enrique refuses and Michael wonders why he is making trouble for himself. Jonathan requests bail for Ridge, but Assistant District Attorney Teresa Emerson believes Ridge to be a threat. Lt Baker takes the stand and informs the court that Ridge's fingerprints are on the gun. Bail is set at $1 million, and Ridge must have no contact with Grant. Brooke questions Grant about who really shot him, but he continues to insist that it was Ridge.
S11E05 Ep. #2510 00/00/0000 Ridge visits Taylor and begs for her to believe his innocence. Ridge decides he has to see Grant, Taylor tries to stop him, but he heads off. Clarke visits Grant in hospital. Clarke gloats that Ridge is in jail and away from Brooke. Lt Baker and and officer Earl Banks recieve the evidence that Ridge's fingerprints were on the gun. Ridge goes to Grant at the hospital and demands that he tell the police who really shot him. Violating his probation, a nurse calls the police to report Ridge.
S11E06 Ep. #2511 00/00/0000 Darla states that Clarke was the last person to see Grant before he was shot. Fearing the Forresters will make him a scapegoat, Darla, Clarke, Sally and Macy all make a pact never to mention that Clarke was in Forrester Creations that night. Brooke seeks advice from James. James tells her that all the stress Ridge went through because of Grant, could have forced him into an emotional state, enough to go as far as shooting Grant. Sheila later comes by and tells James that she has signed them both up for Lamaze classes. Ridge orders Grant to clear his name, but Grant only taunts him from his bed. Security bursts in, Ridge is arrested and thrown back in jail.
S11E07 Ep. #2512 00/00/0000 Stephanie, Eric, Lauren and Claudia learn from Jonathan that Ridge is back in jail. Felicia arrives from Italy to support Ridge. As Stephanie and Eric catch up with their daughter, Lauren sneaks out the back. Eric later drops by Lauren's and he realises that Lauren only dumped him for the sake of Stephanie's friendship. Maggie is furious when James tells her that he is going to attend childbirth classes with Sheila. Maggie begs him not to go. Sheila has Curtis create a plumbing leak in the house so Maggie has to stay home, while Sheila takes James to the class.
S11E08 Ep. #2513 00/00/0000 Curtis comforts Maggie as she whines about Sheila. When Curtis tells her the cold truth that she will never be happy with James, Maggie asks him to leave. Thorne drops by the Forrester mansion to see Felicia. Talking about Ridge, Felicia is stunned to hear Thorne even suggest that Ridge did shoot Grant. Thorne tells Felicia that Eric and Stephanie may be getting back together, but Felicia isn't thrilled by the prospect. She explains that their divorce was messy and nobody wants to go through it again. Eric makes Lauren admit that she is in love with him. Lauren then tells him that her love for him isn't important as Stephanie loves him too and Lauren refuses to get bewteen the two of them reuniting. Felicia sees Eric leave and then finds Lauren crying.
S11E09 Ep. #2514 00/00/0000 Stephanie questions Taylor about whether her feelings are with Ridge or with Thorne. Taylor says they both have something that she needs, what one can't give, the other can. Jonathan scolds Ridge for going to see Grant. Lt Baker allows Ridge one last chance at bail, but adds that Ridge has been charged with attempted murder. Jonathan has Ridge stay at a sleazy motel and informs him that he has hired a private investigator named Hunter Jones to help with the case. Grant returns home where Brooke, Katie, Bridget and Rick wait with a welcome home party. Rick acts cold toward Grant and leaves. Ridge later calls to speak to Bridget, but Grant orders him to stay away.
S11E10 Ep. #2515 00/00/0000 Enrique is angered when he finds Megan putting together a return party for Grant. Michael questions Enrique about why he was wearing gloves the night of the shooting. Thorne is equally angry about the party but decides to attend to represent his family. After hearing that Eric won't be there, Lauren decides to go to. Brooke believes that Grant should take more time off to recover before returning to work. He insists on going so Brooke goes with him and Grant is touched by the the employees celebration to welcome him back. Grant later makes love with Brooke in his office. The investigator, Hunter Jones, meets Ridge and they begin working on the case together.
S11E11 Ep. #2516 00/00/0000 Hunter questions Stephanie and Taylor about thier feelings towards Grant. Stephanie informs him that Ridge had gotten hold of her gun from Michael, who was supposed to get if fixed. Thorne gives Michael some extra work to do and explains to her that he is going away for a while. Grant is furious that his design award has been removed from his desk and is being held as part of the investigation. Sally and Clarke drop by and toast to Grant's return and future at Forrester Creations. Stephanie is angry when she finds Clarke and Sally in the building, but Grant goes against her wishes and allows them to stay. Hunter goes to Michael to question her about Grant.
S11E12 Ep. #2517 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Stephanie where he is staying and she goes for a visit. Stephanie is surprised when Ridge is more concerned about talking to Brooke other than Taylor. Michael tells Hunter about the gun, explaining that Enrique and Megan all saw it before she gave it to Ridge. Thorne convinces a reluctant Taylor to go with him on a skiing trip to Big Bear, asking Megan to take his messages so he isn't disturbed. Hunter looks to question Thorne but finds out from Megan that he is out of town with Taylor. Ridge is furious when he finds out. Meanwhile up at Big Bear, Taylor walks in on Thorne getting out of the shower.
S11E13 Ep. #2518 00/00/0000 Ridge vents his anger to Stephanie. He accuses Thorne of trying to steal Taylor while he is trapped in the motel. Felicia questions Lauren about her feelings for Eric. Lauren admits she loves him but refuses to act on her feelings for Stephanie's sake. Felicia later advises Eric to take the opportunity to sweep Stephanie off her feet when she comes home feeling run down. Thorne and Taylor share dinner at the cabin and he attempts to kiss her, but she gives him the brush off. Later that night Ridge shows up in Taylor's room.
S11E14 Ep. #2519 00/00/0000 Maggie and James plan a romantic picnic together. Sheila ruins the plans by demanding that James attend a childbirth class with her. A furious Maggie calls Curtis and arranges to spend the day with him instead. Brooke worries about Rick and Bridget learning that Ridge shot Grant. Grant tells Brooke that they have to keep Ridge away from the house and the children. At the cabin, Ridge tells Taylor how much he wants to be with her. He also worries about Thorne taking advantage of the situation. Ridge goes to leave but almost passes out, so Taylor lets him stay in her bed with her for the night.
S11E15 Ep. #2520 00/00/0000 Maggie goes out with Curtis. Curtis tells her that James' shouldn't be pushing Maggie aside for Sheila. Maggie thanks Curtis for being there for her. Taylor questions Grant about who really shot, but he still insists that it was Ridge. Teresa drops by and tells Grant and Taylor that tests found gunshot residue on Ridge's hands. Ridge drops by the see Brooke. He begs for her to believe his innocence, and she admits that she doesn't think he shot Grant. Ridge asks to see Bridget, but Brooke tells him of Grant's wishes not to allow Ridge near the children. Grant tells Brooke of the new evidence against Ridge.
S11E16 Ep. #2521 00/00/0000 Hunter finds out that Enrique's fingerprints are also on the gun used to shoot Grant. Enrique denies any involvement and claims that he last saw the gun in Michael's office. Claudia tells Michael that she believes that Enrique shot Grant. Michael doesn't think so but Claudia informs her that Enrique comes from a family of killers. Curtis drops by James' office and begins telling him that he isn't treating Maggie respectfully. James is annoyed that Maggie would share details of her life with Curtis and throws him out. Sheila begins rubbing the birthing methods of childbirth in Maggie's face. Maggie flips and tells her that once she gives birth she will never see the child again. James comes home, has Sheila leave and then lays into Maggie.
S11E17 Ep. #2522 00/00/0000 Sheila meets with Curtis to give him more money but he hands it back. Sheila sees that Curtis has fallen for Maggie and realises he is even more valuable to her now in her plan to get James. Maggie defends herself to James, but he accuses her of blabbing to Curtis. Maggie insists that she needs someone to talk to as he can't see that Sheila is destroying their lives and their marriage. Sheila walks in as Maggie storms out and she later tells her baby that mom and dad will soon be together. Hunter questions Thorne about his feelings towards Grant. Thorne says he has motive, but didn't pull the trigger. Hunter questions Taylor on if she has seen Ridge and she admits to the night in Big Bear. Thorne is seriously pissed off and storms out.
S11E18 Ep. #2523 00/00/0000 While Grant gives Michael orders for the party that evening, Ridge puts his head together with Jonathan and Hunter while they discuss other potential suspects in Grant's shooting, including Michael and Enrique, and even Thorne.
S11E19 Ep. #2524 17/04/1997 Ridge and Felicia discuss strategy for his case. Taylor agrees to play slave girl for Thorne to make up for seeing Ridge earlier. Hunter Jones prepares to question Clarke.
S11E20 Ep. #2525 18/04/1997 Numerous workers prepare Brooke's mansion for Grant's theme party. Enrique questions Claudia's sudden decision to go to the party with him. Ridge plans to crash the party.
S11E21 Ep. #2526 00/00/0000 Lauren tells Sally that she's prepared to fight for Eric as Stephanie and Eric are on the balcony discussing their new engagement. Hunter mingles at the party, talking to some guests while eavesdropping on others. Ridge conspires to get Taylor alone.
S11E22 Ep. #2531 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E23 Ep. #2532 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E24 Ep. #2533 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E25 Ep. #2534 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E26 Ep. #2535 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E27 Ep. #2536 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E28 Ep. #2537 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E29 Ep. #2538 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E30 Ep. #2539 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E31 Ep. #2540 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E32 Ep. #2541 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E33 Ep. #2542 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E34 Ep. #2543 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E35 Ep. #2544 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E36 Ep. #2545 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E37 Ep. #2546 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E38 Ep. #2547 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E39 Ep. #2548 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E40 Ep. #2549 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E41 Ep. #2550 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E42 Ep. #2551 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E43 Ep. #2552 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E44 Ep. #2553 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E45 Ep. #2554 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E46 Ep. #2555 30/05/1997 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E47 Ep. #2556 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E48 Ep. #2557 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E49 Ep. #2558 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E50 Ep. #2559 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E51 Ep. #2560 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E52 Ep. #2561 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E53 Ep. #2562 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E54 Ep. #2563 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E55 Ep. #2564 12/06/1997 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E56 Ep. #2565 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E57 Ep. #2566 16/06/1997 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E58 Ep. #2567 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E59 Ep. #2568 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E60 Ep. #2569 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E61 Ep. #2570 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E62 Ep. #2571 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E63 Ep. #2572 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E64 Ep. #2573 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E65 Ep. #2574 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E66 Ep. #2575 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E67 Ep. #2576 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E68 Ep. #2577 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E69 Ep. #2578 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E70 Ep. #2579 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E71 Ep. #2580 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E72 Ep. #2581 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E73 Ep. #2582 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E74 Ep. #2583 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E75 Ep. #2584 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E76 Ep. #2585 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E77 Ep. #2586 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E78 Ep. #2587 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E79 Ep. #2588 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E80 Ep. #2589 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E81 Ep. #2590 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E82 Ep. #2591 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E83 Ep. #2592 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E84 Ep. #2593 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E85 Ep. #2594 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E86 Ep. #2595 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E87 Ep. #2596 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E88 Ep. #2597 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E89 Ep. #2598 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E90 Ep. #2599 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E91 Ep. #2600 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E92 Ep. #2601 04/08/1997 While Clarke crows to Darla that revealing Grant's secret will make him the Forresters best friend, Thorne delights in telling Brooke that her marriage to Grant is invalid, hoping it will push her back to Ridge so he can have Taylor. Taylor and Ridge play word games at the pool, with Ridge attempting to convince Taylor to get romantic with him. Sheila catches Amber and Eb snooping around in her room, and Amber tells her that she's worried about her, and encourages her to go back to Los Angeles to be with her daughter.
S11E93 Ep. #2602 00/00/0000 Sally counsels Lauren on her relationship with Eric, advising her to strike while the iron is hot. Brooke calls Connor for advice, and is torn when he reveals that her marriage really is invalid. Grant tells the family that he will be putting Eric back in charge with Ridge as second in command and himself third, but not until after the next showing.
S11E94 Ep. #2603 00/00/0000 Stephanie catches Lauren in the halls of Forrester dressed as a janitor and delights in making her scrub the floor before admitting she knows the truth. Brooke tells Grant about Captain Harper and their marriage being invalid, and is furious to learn that he already knew. Clarke is refusing to design because he is not under contract.
S11E95 Ep. #2604 07/08/1997 James is pleased to hear that Dr. Kelly thinks it will be alright for them to get a babysitter for Margaret, but Maggie doesn't agree. Mike overhears, and calls Sheila. Ridge is confused by Thorne's repeated references to things 'changing' with Grant. Sheila tells Amber about her past with Eric. Grant worries that Brooke wants to end their relationship.
S11E96 Ep. #2605 00/00/0000 Grant punches Clarke, who tries to convince his former friend that it was strictly business. Seeing how upset Sheila is that Maggie and James changed the baby's name and that they plan to get a babysitter, Amber offers herself up for the job. Brooke is upset that Thorne is using her to get to Taylor, but admits that she still wants Ridge. Ridge arranges for Trish to take out the showstopper so he can give it to Taylor for the evening, but Brooke shows up before he leaves and tells him that she's not legally married to Grant.
S11E97 Ep. #2606 00/00/0000 Lauren helps Taylor choose between dresses that work for a date with Thorne, and dresses that work for a date with Ridge. Brooke and Ridge talk about her relationship with Grant, and he encourages her to do what she thinks is best. Eric and Stephanie share a romantic dinner then he heads to LAX to fly out for a meeting only to learn that the chauffeur is going the wrong way.
S11E98 Ep. #2607 00/00/0000 After getting a call from Antonio Giovanni, the designer Eric was supposed to be meeting with, Stephanie realises that the whole thing is a set up by Lauren. Amber continues to manipulate Sheila, trying to get Sheila to tell her how to get the babysitting job. Sheila initially refuses, citing the promise that she made, but finally capitulates. Eric gets Lauren to see that their relationship can never happen because he is committed to Stephanie and she agrees to let him go. Shortly after he leaves, a furious Stephanie arrives at the cabin. Maggie worries that she and James will never find a babysitter after a horrible interview.
S11E99 Ep. #2608 00/00/0000 Amber does a phone interview with Maggie and James, and sets up a meeting for the next day.
S11E100 Ep. #2609 00/00/0000 Thorne delights in pushing Grant's buttons and insisting that Brooke isn't in love with him.
S11E101 Ep. #2610 00/00/0000 Taylor goes to Eric seeking his advice on what she should do about her feelings for Ridge and Thorne.
S11E102 Ep. #2611 00/00/0000 Eric continues to design his perfect wedding dress for Stephanie, and shares with her his thoughts that Taylor will choose Ridge.
S11E103 Ep. #2612 00/00/0000 Grant angrily turns his back on Brooke after raging at her and Ridge for their constant games with him.
S11E104 Ep. #2613 00/00/0000 Macy suggests that Sally offer Clarke more money to complete the collection for them, insisting that he needs them almost as badly as they need him.
S11E105 Ep. #2614 00/00/0000 Taylor begins to feel spasming pains as Brooke taunts her about how she, not Taylor, will have Ridge.
S11E106 Ep. #2615 00/00/0000 Amber draws Sheila a sketch of the baby from memory so that she will have something to remember of her daughter.
S11E107 Ep. #2655 21/10/1997 Ridge refuses to work with Caterina, a much-sought after model that Eric has brought on-board, stating that she is selfish and bratty. Caterina proves his point when she gives Eric a list of demands.
S11E108 Ep. #2697 00/00/0000 Brooke invites everyone over to her house to make an important announcement: Eric is back! When Eric comes in, the kids immediately rush to their side. Brooke tries to get closer to Stephanie, but Stephanie tells her she will find out what she is hiding and expose her. Meanwhile, Taylor and Ridge talk, and Brooke worries Taylor will tell Ridge the truth about her pregnancy.
S11E109 Ep. #2698 00/00/0000 Connor refuses to help Maggie any more in her quest against Sheila, so she goes to Mike for help. James tells Taylor that the best thing for her to do is keep Ridge from learning of his child.
S11E110 Ep. #2704 31/12/1997 Brooke and Ridge are preparing for their upcoming wedding at the house. They thank Eric for designing special wedding outfits for Bridget and Rick, then welcome Brooke's parents, brother Storm, and sister Katie (sister Donna was unable to attend). Brooke then heads off to Taylor's beach house, while Ridge heads to the office. At the beach house, Taylor again insists that until she sees actual medical proof that Brooke is pregnant, she won't believe it. Brooke tries to suggest a home pregnancy test, but Taylor reminds her that she's a chemist; she can fake it. If Brooke cannot produce proof by the wedding, then Taylor will make sure everyone knows she's lying. At the office, Ridge finds the issue of Eye on Fashion showing Taylor in the show-stopper and his bended knee proposal. After a series of flashbacks, Ridge tosses the magazine in the trash, resigned to wed Brooke since he can't have Taylor.
S11E111 Ep. #2707 06/01/1998 Thorne and Taylor continue to race to the house. Taylor is determined to tell Ridge that he is the father of her baby, as well as her suspicions that Brooke isn't really pregnant. When her water breaks, Taylor realises they aren't going to make it to the hospital, and begs Thorne to pull over because she's about to give birth. At the house, Brooke is terrified Taylor will show up and blow her right out of the water. With her brother, mother, and sister in attendance, Brooke and Ridge say their I Do's, and Stephanie is disappointed that Taylor didn't make it to the church in time. Sally and Lauren (who is drying her nails) read about the wedding, and ask Stephanie's hairdresser Deane for information. Deane is mum on the issue, but Lauren and Sally know there's something wrong if Taylor lets Brooke manipulate Ridge away from her.
S11E112 Ep. #2708 07/01/1998 Rick continues to try hitting on Amber while Brooke rushes to get Ridge out of the house before Taylor can show up and reveal the truth about who fathered her baby. Taylor gives birth in the car, and Thorne rushes her and her son to the hospital where Dr. Santana gives them both a clean bill of health.
S11E113 Ep. #2726 00/00/0000 Brooke wonders if she is doing the right thing by denying Ridge the chance to know his son. Amber steals a tennis bracelet from Brooke's safe. James convinces Sheila not to press charges against Maggie.
S11E114 Ep. #2727 00/00/0000 Ridge and Brooke worry that Amber stole the bracelet from the safe. James makes Maggie apologise to Sheila. Amber pawns the bracelet.
S11E115 Ep. #2728 00/00/0000 After Amber admits to Rick that she was the one who stole Brooke's tennis bracelet, he agrees to help her out. Lauren and Stephanie fill Maggie in on everything Sheila has done in her past as James and Sheila kiss passionately after he learns she has hired a contractor to build the baby's room.
S11E116 Ep. #2729 05/02/1998 Sally is concerned when Lauren tells her that she's invited Jonny over for dinner, but Lauren soothes her ruffled friend. Grant and Macy are also looking out for Lauren as they pretend to 'interview' Jonny, and are surprised to learn he once pretended to be his brother at a photo shoot.
S11E117 Ep. #2730 00/00/0000 Just as Jonny admits to Lauren that part of him is glad his twin is dead, Rush wakes up in a cabin in Greenland. Thorne and Brooke worry that Taylor will tell Ridge he is the father of her baby once she realises Brooke isn't pregnant.
S11E118 Ep. #2731 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E119 Ep. #2732 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E120 Ep. #2733 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E121 Ep. #2734 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S11E122 Ep. #2735 00/00/0000 Maggie meets with Jay Garvin's widow, Maureen, and begs her for help in exposing Sheila. Although initially Maureen just wants to put everything behind her, once Maggie starts detailing Sheila's recent actions, she agrees to help.
S11E123 Ep. #2736 00/00/0000 Maggie goes to Eric looking for help in destroying Sheila. Rush approaches Amur when she panics at his leaving. Lauren looks forward to having dinner with Jonny.
S11E124 Ep. #2737 00/00/0000 Judy tells Maggie about Sheila. Lauren is dressed to the nines, and is rather surprised to see he isn't dressed in kind. Eric tries to convince James that Sheila will never be any good.
S11E125 Ep. #2738 00/00/0000 Brooke is convinced that her marriage to Ridge is so strong that even if Taylor did make a play for him she couldn't win. Lauren spends the night relaxing with Jonny.
S11E126 Ep. #2739 00/00/0000 Thorne refuses to believes that Brooke faked both her pregnancy and her miscarriage to keep Ridge at her side. Maggie meets with James and lies to him that she's not out to get Sheila. Taylor arrives at Brooke's home to see Ridge.
S11E127 Ep. #2740 23/02/1998 Taylor returns to L.A. and shows up at Brooke's door with the baby. Brooke doesn't want to allow her to talk with Ridge, who is waiting for her in the bedroom. Taylor assures Brooke that she will not tell Ridge that he is the father of her child. Meanwhile Thorne is upset, thinking that that's the end for him and Taylor. Brooke calls him to tell him the good news about Taylor's decision. Meanwhile, Maggie has invited Lauren to watch Sheila's reaction when Judy, the nurse who worked in Sheila and Eric's house earlier, shows up at door and shocks Sheila. They are using a video camera with special sound effects also. Taylor is back at home where Thorne is waiting for her happy, but he doesn't know there will be a surprise.
S11E128 Ep. #2741 00/00/0000 Stephanie wants to talk with Taylor to find the truth and calls her father to find out that Taylor is already back in LA. Sheila is very upset because of Judy's visit and because of the strange sounds coming from different parts of the house. Maggie and the others are doing everything to make Sheila unsure and afraid. Taylor tells Thorne that her real decision is to tell Ridge the truth about her baby and that she lied because of Brooke. Thorne is very upset and leaves her.
S11E129 Ep. #2742 00/00/0000 Stephanie visits Taylor and starts asking her questions. Thorne wants to talk with Macy in her office while she is with Grant. He tells her that he is not the father of Taylor's baby. Taylor finally tells the truth to Stephanie and she is very happy. Taylor plans to talk with Ridge tomorrow and let him know that he is the father of her child.
S11E130 Ep. #2743 00/00/0000 Lauren shows up in Sally's office and they are talking about her new relationships with Jonny Carrera. Meanwhile Tony Carrera, who everyone believes is dead, is coming to L.A. to find Lauren. Thorne and Macy continue their conversation and she tells Thorne she's going to marry Grant. Lauren recieves a phone call with invitation for a meeting from Jonny Carerra.
S11E131 Ep. #2744 00/00/0000 Taylor is ready to talk with Ridge and has invited James in the house to help her with the baby. Stephanie calls her to support her decision again. Brooke is in good spirits and has a surprise for Ridge in his office. Meanwhile, Stephanie visits Thorne is his office and both have a fight over the baby secret. Thorne calls Macy to ask her for a meeting again. Stephanie goes into Brooke's office while she is waiting for Ridge and tells her she knows the truth about Taylor's baby. Taylor is calling Ridge to let him know she's back and on her way to the Forrester building where she must talk to him about something she says is very important.
S11E132 Ep. #2745 00/00/0000 Taylor and Ridge have a little conversation about the baby's name before she lets him know he is the real father. Ridge is shocked and can't believe it. Taylor decides not to tell Ridge about the role Brooke played in the secret. Meanwhile Stephanie and Brooke have a fight again at her office where Brooke tries to stop Taylor bycalling her at home. But she is already in Ridge's office where he is really happy to be a father. Sally and Macy are talking when Thorne comes to visit Macy. She supports him in his decision and suggest him to have a little break at home, away from his family.
S11E133 Ep. #2746 00/00/0000 Brooke comes to Ridge's office while he is still with Taylor. His first happy reaction changes after seeing both women. He has a fight with both Brooke and Taylor over the truth. He is upset that both are hiding it from him until now. Stephanie is very happy and waiting with Eric and James in the office. She is sure Ridge will chase out Brooke and their marriage will be over. After Ridge leaves the office Brooke and Taylor start arguing over the real reason for the problem. Brooke is sure Ridge will stay with her, because they are married. Taylor comes in Eric's office, upset and sorry for letting Ridge know the truth.
S11E134 Ep. #2747 00/00/0000 Lauren and Maggie are talking about Jonny and Lauren tells Maggie she still loves Eric. Grant and Macy have dinner in the same restaurant where Thorne is. Sheila is afraid of the strange sounds, but doesn't want to tell James. Maggie and Lauren are waiting for her reaction. The contractor, Nick Fielding, sneaks back into the house again.
S11E135 Ep. #2748 05/03/1998 The man Maggie and Lauren hired is in Sheila's house and starts playing different sounds again, while Sheila is having a dream about her past. She calls her mother and wants to leave L.A. for awhile. James can't understand her decision, but she is afraid her dark past is coming back. Macy is worrying about Thorne and starts singing in the restaurant. Thorne congratulates her for the song and gives her a phone number to call him. Rush is on his way on the plane to L.A. to find Lauren. Lauren has a strange feeling and discusses it with Maggie.
S11E136 Ep. #2749 00/00/0000 Brooke is searching for Ridge. He is alone in Big Bear where Stephanie comes to support Taylor. He is not sure yet. Rush finds Lauren's apartment where she is having a dinner with his brother Tony. Brooke visits Taylor and both fight about Ridge again. Both want to talk with Ridge first, but dont know where he is. Brooke finds from Megan later he is in Big Bear.
S11E137 Ep. #2750 00/00/0000 Brooke is on her way to Big Bear, where Ridge is still talking with Stephanie. Rush looks at Lauren's apartment through the window. Brooke comes to Big Bear right after Stephanie leaves for L.A. Ridge doesn't want to talk with her and suspects her of faking her pregnancy. Stephanie visits Taylor at her house to let her Ridge is in Big Bear. Taylor wants to talk with him, and Stephanie supports her, saying he will choose her instead of Brooke.
S11E138 Ep. #2751 00/00/0000 Ridge believes that Brooke lied about being pregnant to keep him and Taylor apart. Stephanie and Taylor discuss her experiences with Brooke over the years. Taylor is afraid Brooke will be the first to talk with Ridge and decides to go to Big Bear. Jonny and Lauren are happy together. He later goes home where his brother Rush is waiting for him. They have a fight and Rush hits him. Lauren calls to see him, and Rush acts like he's Jonny. Brooke is upset and wants from Ridge to stay with her, but he is not ready to do that. He still doesn't believe everything she is saying.
S11E139 Ep. #2752 00/00/0000 Taylor arrives at Big Bear right after Brooke has left and their conversation is almost identical as Taylor makes it clear she still loves him and wants him. Amber meets Thorne in a restaurant, and they talk briefly about Taylor and Brooke. Rick and C.J. are at Insomnia waiting for Amber. Taylor and Ridge talk about Brooke faking her pregnancy, and Ridge learns that Taylor tried for months to tell him the truth.
S11E140 Ep. #2753 00/00/0000 Macy and Grant are waiting for a special guest in their restaurant. He is a music agent, and Amber is very excited and wants to sing, but is not sure Macy will let her. So C.J. suggests Macy and Grant visit Sally, because she is alone at home. Meanwhile, Thorne is searching for Macy and has a fight with Sally. Macy and Grant comes to Sally's house with dinner. Amber wants Rick to help her with the song. The music agent really likes the song and congratulates Amber.
S11E141 Ep. #2754 17/03/1998 Amber is very happy that John Quincy likes her, and wants to celebrate with the guys. They steal a bottle of wine from the bar. Sally is happy to see Macy and Grant, but is already busy with a dinner with a new man in her life (baseball player Steve Garvey). Thorne is visiting James for advice about his life. Macy shows Grant her room as a child and the two have fun. Amber realises she has had too much to drink and gives Rick the keys to the car then gets in, the bottle still in her hand.
S11E142 Ep. #2755 00/00/0000 Stephanie pumps Taylor for information about how her meeting with Ridge went. James has come to visit Brooke, and they are talking about Ridge. Rick and Amber are in the car when she orders Rick to pull over. Amber returns carrying a bottle of wine. Rick asks her to stop calling him kid because he's not. Brooke starts to worry about Rick, because he is not at home.
S11E143 Ep. #2756 19/03/1998 Ridge is coming to visit Taylor while she is still with Stephanie. They are talking about the baby, and Ridge is really sorry about the lost time with his new son. Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick are still up on Mulholland Drive making out. Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a driver's license, but it is C.J. He wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C.J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. At the last minute Rick changes his decision. The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says "Start"! She is screaming with excitement because they are winning, but Rick turns back and loses control of the car.
S11E144 Ep. #2757 00/00/0000 Stephanie and Eric are talking about the great success of the Forrester collection. Taylor and Ridge are still talking about his feelings about the baby. Brooke is calling all of Rick's friends again, but none of them have heard from Rick or C.J. At the crash scene, the car is shown demolished and smoking. C.J. helps Amber and both start searching for Rick. They find him bleeding. As they hear the first strains of the siren from the ambulance, C.J. tells Amber that she has to leave. Stephanie tells Eric that if he could have seen Ridge and Taylor together, he would agree they are for each other. As Brooke and James open the door to leave, the phone rings and Brooke learns the bad news from C.J. Brooke and James rush into the hospital where she finds Rick with the doctors.
S12E01 Ep. #2758 00/00/0000 Brooke is standing over Rick, begging him to please be strong and make it. Amber is back in the house and locks the door to her room. She is hysterical and starts to take off her bloody clothes from the accident. Sally gets in from shopping and C.J. is on the phone, crying to his mother about the car crash. Ridge shows up at home after trekking back from his visit to Big Bear and Eric calls him with the news. Amber asks to come along. Brooke is crying as she watches her son through the window in the emergency room. Ridge is holding Brooke. Sally comes over to them and asks Eric if they know where C.J. is and if he is all right. Amber pulls C.J. aside in the hallway to ask why he bothered to cover for her in this whole mess. Brooke goes into the chapel to pray for her son.
S12E02 Ep. #2759 00/00/0000 Rick is in surgery and his vital signs start to drop according to all of the machines he is hooked up to. Amber is upset that Rick may be in there dying because of her. Brooke is still in the chapel while Ridge comes to her. Rush wants all the details from his brother Jonny about how he and Lauren met and hooked up. Eric tells the doctor that he wants to donate a kidney, but the doctor explains that just because he is related doesn't mean that his will match. Brooke tells her son to be strong just like she has asked him to.
S12E03 Ep. #2760 00/00/0000 The whole Forrester family is standing in line to donate a kidney. Amber says the Forresters are just great people, then starts crying again. Jonny is struggling with his bonds and thinks to himself that Rush will kill Lauren if she notices a difference. Rush is at the door and Lauren lets him in and tells him dinner is ready, but he grabs her ask to leave the town with him. The doorbell rings and Macy and Grant announce they are having a party next week and want Lauren and Jonny to come. Amber sneaks in to see Rick. The doctor is putting Rick on the kidney donor list, but it may be three to four years before a kidney is found. Brooke starts crying as Amber walks in and tells them she wants to donate her kidney. Then Brooke and Amber hug each other and sob some more.
S12E04 Ep. #2761 26/03/1998 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E05 Ep. #2762 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E06 Ep. #2763 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E07 Ep. #2764 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E08 Ep. #2765 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E09 Ep. #2766 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E10 Ep. #2767 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E11 Ep. #2768 06/04/1998 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E12 Ep. #2769 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S12E13 Ep. #2772 00/00/0000 Rick and Amber recover from their surgeries. Brooke becomes more concerned about Stephanie and Taylor turning Ridge against her.
S12E14 Ep. #2800 00/00/0000 C.J. tells Sally about Bridget's disappearance and later at the music instrument store he finds Bridget crying. Meanwhile, Brooke asks Taylor to go home and assuces her of using the situation to her advantage.
S12E15 Ep. #2808 00/00/0000 Bridget returns home and apologizes to her family for running away.
S12E16 Ep. #2970 26/01/1999 Brooke tells Lauren about her plan, and Lauren warns her not to let Victor find out. Meanwhile, Victor catches Ridge and Taylor kissing which has him steamed. Amber is taken to the hospital after she is afraid to wait for an ambulance.
S12E17 Ep. #2989 22/02/1999 Sally confronts Amber about Raymond possibly being the father of her baby, but Amber tells her that it's Rick's baby, she's sure of it. In the church, Rick is stunned to see Kimberly there. He has no idea why she came. Just as the music begins to play, Raymond walks into the church.
S12E18 Ep. #3007 00/00/0000 Episode summary coming soon.
S13E01 Ep. #3008 23/03/1999 Pierce and Brooke dine on the terrace. He suggests they toast the fact that they're starting a new era in their lives. Pierce knows they've both suffered losses, but feels that they can still achieve happiness together. Lauren tells Eric that she has a surprise for him, something that will help put his mind at ease about Rick. Eric isn't thrilled when Lauren points out Rick and Amber at the Café Russe, but Lauren wants him to see that Amber has changed. Eric is certain that it's all an act and manipulation. Lauren points out that Amber wants the marriage to work and is committed to making Rick happy. As the evening goes on, Rick notices there's something different about Amber. She admits she went to Lauren for help, explaining that she wants to be better for Rick, and for his future. Rick is touched, and kisses her gently, as Lauren and Eric look on.
S13E02 Ep. #3009 00/00/0000 Brooke and Pierce discuss his feelings for Taylor, and Brooke is surprised at how fast Pierce has been able to get over them. Brooke mentions her feelings for Ridge and she feels that she has been a fool holding out for him as long as she has. Brooke and Pierce share a kiss at the end of the evening and both are surprised after the fact. Rick asks Amber to dance. As Eric and Lauren watch, Eric realizes something's different about them. Lauren tells him that maybe Amber wants to earn his respect. Rick sees Lauren and Eric and they go over to say hello. Eric is impressed and Lauren is pleased. When Eric calls Amber a lady, Amber is thrilled. Lauren tells Eric that Amber is committed to becoming the kind of wife Rick can be proud of. Eric sees Amber in a whole new light. Amber thanks Eric for helping to make their evening special and is touched when Eric gives her a little hug good-bye.
S13E03 Ep. #3010 00/00/0000 Eric fills Brooke in about Amber's ladylike behavior at the Café Russe. Brooke is dubious when Eric tells her how much Amber has changed. Eric points out that Amber is Brooke's daughter-in-law and Brooke needs to appreciate their attempts to make the marriage work. He urges Brooke to offer to be with Amber and Rick when the baby's born. Ridge has a romantic evening planned for Taylor. They reminisce about the early days of their relationship and think about Rick and Amber, who are now starting married life in the same guest house at the Forrester home where they once lived. Amber thanks Rick again for a wonderful evening, and is thrilled when Rick admits he felt there was something good between them again, too. He asks her to sing something for him and she happily obliges. Rick asks Amber how she feels about having to give up her singing career, and Amber tells him that her priorities have changed.
S13E04 Ep. #3011 26/03/1999 Adam is frantic with worry as he waits for Kimberly to come home. Rick drops by and learns that Kimberly is missing. Rick is stunned when Macy and Sally show up and Macy refers to Adam as her father. Macy explains the story and they ask Rick to help them find Kimberly. Meanwhile, Kimberly is staying with her friend Alexis. Kimberly tells Alexis how she plans to return to Nantucket as she can no longer trust her father. Rick later calls and reduces Kimberly to tears as he asks her to come home. CJ is surprised to find Amber so care free. Amber tells him how Eric called her a lady. CJ shatters her illusion by reminding her that her baby could still be Raymond's and her world could come crashing down. CJ thinks of ways for Amber to keep the truth from Rick.
S13E05 Ep. #3012 29/03/1999 Macy heads to The Insomnia Café to look for Kimberly. Sally supports Macy as she blames herself for Kimberly's running away. Adam later shows up and is also depressed as he still hasn't heard any word from his daughter. Sally and Adam become closer over the situation. Kimberly rushes around to try and leave before Rick finds her. Alexis stalls Kimberly so that Rick is able to arrive and stop her skipping town. Kimberly sobs as Rick promises to be there for her. CJ suggests Amber get out of town to have her baby. Amber thinks he is talking crazy but he sees that she has no other choice. CJ pushes Amber to call her mother and have the baby back in Furnace Creek, Death Valley. Amber refuses to speak to her mother, but CJ forces her to call Tawny.
S13E06 Ep. #3013 30/03/1999 Kimberly sobs to Rick that her father lied to her. Rick explains to Kimberly how Adam had to keep his past life a secret to protect Sally and Macy and it was harder on her father than anyone. Sally supports Adam as he beats himself up for destroying Kimberly's world. Rick later calls Macy and informs her that he has found Kimberly. Rick and Kimberly join Adam, Macy and Sally at The Insomnia Café and Sally informs Kimberly how her mother and Adam were legally married as Sally had divorced Adam years before. CJ rushes Amber to pack her things. Eric drops in and tells Amber how he and Brooke would like to be at the hospital when she gives birth. CJ makes Amber see that she has to have the baby at her mother's. Amber leaves Rick a note telling him of her visit with Tawny, before heading out the door.
S13E07 Ep. #3014 00/00/0000 Adam is thankful to have Kimberly back. Kimberly apologises for running off but admits she found the truth hard to accept. Sally and Macy understand Kimberly's issues, but Kimberly explains to her father she now knows why he had to leave the family. They all embrace. Stephanie waits in the guesthouse, intrigued by the note left for Rick. Thorne drops in and Stephanie asks him to give Rick and Amber's marriage a little support. Rick later arrives home and after reading the note left by Amber, realizes that Amber won't be home for a while. Stephanie is stunned on why Amber would want to see her mother. As Amber drives to her mother's in the desert she remembers her painful childhood and how her mother never wanted her. Amber is angry that she is that desparate to return. Amber shows up at her mother's trailer and Tawny is shocked to find that Amber is pregnant.
S13E08 Ep. #3015 00/00/0000 Ridge is busy with work and Taylor suggests they go out for dinner. Taylor drops by Brooke's office and invites her to join them, but she declines. Taylor tells Ridge of her hopes to be friends with Brooke. Thore suggests to Brooke that she takes Taylor up on her offer to show her that she is moving on from Ridge, Thorne adds that maybe she should take Pierce along too. Rick feels he should go and find Amber, but Stephanie stops him, thinking that Amber needs the time to rebuild bridges with her mother. Tawny yells at Amber for getting pregnant and suggests that she give the baby up. Amber is sickened and tells her mother that she is married and plans to raise the baby, hoping to give it the life that she herself never had.
S13E09 Ep. #3016 00/00/0000 CJ tells Raymond of his and Amber's plan for her to give birth at her mother's home. Raymond decides he should be there, but CJ stops him. Raymond fears how Tawny will react when she learns that the baby may be his. Tawny apologises to Amber for her bad childhood, but adds that she never wanted Amber to turn out the same way. Amber snaps that her life is different to her mother's, explaining about the Forrester family, Tawny is suddenly intrigued by their wealth, until Amber ruins the moment by informing her that the baby may not be her husband's. Brooke tells Ridge that she can't make it to dinner, but changes her mind when Ridge says that she needs to find a way to be friends with Taylor. Later, Pierce and Brooke wait at the Café Russe as Ridge and Taylor arrive. Brooke tries to duck out when she feels uncomfortable, but includes herself in the toast that Ridge makes about new beginnings for them all.
S13E10 Ep. #3017 00/00/0000 Tawny wonders why Rick hasn't thrown Amber out. Amber explains that Rick doesn't know and Tawny advises her to keep it that way. Amber explains that she slept with Raymond whilst drunk and the baby may be black. Tawny promises to take care of everything. Thorne and Macy spend some time together at The Insomnia Café. Macy thanks Thorne for making her feel happy again lately. Macy steps up onto the stage and sings him a song, finishing it with a kiss. At the Café Russe, Ridge attempts to make small talk with Pierce about business, during which Pierce admits that he misses Taylor. Taylor talks about being pregnant, which makes Brooke feel uncomfortable. Brooke and Ridge later talk about old times, leaving Taylor and Pierce out of the conversation.
S13E11 Ep. #3018 00/00/0000 Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor that they no longer need to tiptoe around her. Brooke admits that it will take her a while to get over Ridge, but she needs to do it alone. Brooke asks Pierce to take her home and Taylor notices that Ridge is saddened by this. Taylor questions Ridge on if Pierce makes him jealous. Brooke goes home with Pierce where they toast to new beginnings again as well as sharing a kiss. Sally and Macy decide that CJ needs to know about Adam. CJ is stunned and can't believe that Sally and Macy would allow him back into their lives. CJ refuses to allow Adam to get away with walking out on Sally. Kimberly asks Adam if there are any more secrets to come out. Adam again apologises for keeping her in the dark for so many years. CJ later shows up at the door, storms in and punches Adam.
S13E12 Ep. #3019 00/00/0000 Brooke and Pierce kiss as he asks her to stay the night. Brooke declines, but Pierce feels that they both need something from one another. Brooke admits that she is a little tipsy and agrees to stay, but in the guest room only. Stephanie questions Rick on when Amber will be home. He is unsure but sees that Amber making up with Tawny as a positive move. Sally and Macy search around trying to find CJ, before realizing that CJ has gone to confront Adam. Kimberly yells at CJ to stop attacking Adam. CJ warns Adam to stay away from Macy and Sally. CJ tells Kimberly how Sally has been hurt since the day Adam left. Sally and Macy show up and apologize for CJ's behavior. Adam apologises for all the pain he has brought to all of them, and hopes that they can all move forward together.
S13E13 Ep. #3020 00/00/0000 CJ refuses to listen to Adam and warns Sally and Macy to do the same. Sally says that their personal feelings aren't important, but rather what's best for their family. Kimberly, Macy and Sally all support Adam in bringing the family back together. CJ agrees for the sake of his mother but warns him not to hurt Sally again. Eric talks with Rick about Amber's sudden disappearance. Rick doesn't think that anything is going on and adds that Tawny's support may be what Amber needs. Amber meets a midwife named Sara, who comes over at Tawny's request. Sara does a few checks on Amber and informs her that she will be giving birth within a week. Amber freaks out when Rick calls and wonders how she could have gotten herself into such a mess.
S13E14 Ep. #3021 09/04/1999 Sally thanks CJ for the mature way he acted in accepting the news about Adam. Raymond comes by demanding that CJ tell him where Amber is. Sally is stunned to learn that Amber has gone to her mother's to have the baby. Sally suggests the truth come out as the lies and getting too big to hide. Brooke learns that Amber has left town whilst talking with Eric and Stephanie. Brooke thinks something is going on, but Rick defends Amber as he walks in. Brooke pushes her concerns onto her son and suggests he go visit Amber, Brooke has Megan locate Tawny's address. Amber tells Tawny how she wants to be a good mother and Tawny gives her support. They bond a little closer as Tawny takes responsibility for being a bad mother. Amber is determined to change her life around and dreams that when the baby is born, all will be perfect.
S13E15 Ep. #3022 00/00/0000 Thorne finds Brooke sitting in her office and questions why she is still there. She informs him how Amber has gone to her mother's and how she has sent Rick to find her. Brooke admits that she hopes Rick finds that Amber is up to something. Sally tells CJ that Raymond has a right to know where Amber is. Feeling pressured, CJ gives the address to Raymond. Amber and Tawny are shocked when Rick shows up. Tawny fusses around Rick and flirts with him. Tawny continues to make small talk with him as Amber looks on in utter shock. Amber later spots Raymond watching outside the window and freaks out.
S13E16 Ep. #3023 00/00/0000 CJ visits Kimberly and they discuss Adam. CJ tells Kimberly that he doesn't trust Adam and adds that he doesn't think that she should either. Kimberly stands by her father and mentions that she likes having a bigger family. CJ stuns Kimberly by kissing her. Brooke visits Taylor seeking advice about Amber. Taylor tells Brooke to trust her instincts, but to also prepare herself for maybe being wrong about Amber. Amber makes excuses and quickly ducks outside. Amber yells at Raymond for following her but he insists that he has a right to see her. Amber promises Raymond that if the child is his then she will contact him the moment it is born. Meanwhile, Rick and Tawny discuss him becoming a father. Tawny tells him the story of how she became pregnant with Amber from a passing trucker who left when he found out she was pregnant.
S13E17 Ep. #3024 14/04/1999 Amber accuses Raymond of trying to break up her marriage, but he only cares about the baby. Amber promises to call him and manages to get rid of him before Rick comes looking for her. Rick suggests that he and Amber return home but she makes excuses not to go. Rick wonders if she is indeed hiding something, but Tawny jumps in with reasons for Amber to stay. Suddenly the house is filled with Tawny's brother Joe, his wife Tilly, and Amber's cousins Becky and Dale, as well as Amber's old friend Eb. They quickly get to know Rick. Brooke wonders if Taylor trusts Amber, but Taylor quips that in her professional opinion Amber does seem to be hiding something. Kimberly pulls away from CJ and tells him that he shouldn't have kissed her. CJ is sorry, but Kimberly says that she simply isn't ready to move on with anyone yet. Brooke later shows up at Kimberly's hammering on the door.
S13E18 Ep. #3025 15/04/1999 Rick tells Amber that they need to go, but Tawny stalls by ordering in some dinner. Amber talks to a heavily pregnant Becky outside. Becky tells Amber that she is giving her baby up for adoption as she is too young and the father left her before he even knew she was pregnant. Amber later has a contraction and tells Tawny to get rid of Rick quickly. Brooke asks Kimberly if she knows anything about Amber keeping a secret. Kimberly admits that she knows nothing and refuses to hope anymore when it comes to Rick. Brooke gets an idea when Kimberly mentions Sally causing a scene at the wedding. At Spectra Fashions, Sally wonders why she, CJ and Raymond are keeping Amber's secret. CJ says they need to do it for the innocent child and pleads with Sally to keep the information she knows to herself. Brooke later arrives and begins questioning Sally on what she knows about Amber.
S13E19 Ep. #3026 16/04/1999 Brooke demands that Sally tell her the truth about Amber. Sally acts as if she knows nothing, but Brooke doesn't buy it. CJ and Raymond cause a distraction outside of the office and Brooke then accuses all of them of being in on Amber's secret. Brooke realizes that it is about the baby and is determined to find out the truth. Amber feels that her baby is coming soon and so Tawny quickly gets rid of the family. Rick asks about Becky's pregnancy but Tawny brushes over the subject. Rick packs Amber's things into the car, preparing to take her home, but Amber begs Tawny for help. Tawny tells Rick that she would like one more night with her daughter, Rick gives the okay and leaves. Amber later tells Tawny to get the midwife, as the baby is ready to be born.
S13E20 Ep. #3027 00/00/0000 Brooke tells Ridge that Amber is hiding something big. Ridge feels that Brooke shouldn't involve herself, but she insists that Rick shouldn't be married to a woman that he doesn't love. Rick heads back to Los Angeles and calls Kimberly. She asks him to come by and they embrace. CJ calls Amber and warns her that Brooke is on her tail. CJ informs Sally and Raymond that Amber is in labor. Raymond tells of how he will stand by Amber if the baby is his. Sally warns that if that turns out to be the case, sparks will fly. Tawny wonders how Amber could have gotten herself into such a mess. Tawny tries to locate Sara but is unable to do so. Amber goes into full blown labor as they finally hear from Sara who is then on her way.
S13E21 Ep. #3028 00/00/0000 Rick tells Kimberly that he is scared of becoming a father. Kimberly reassures him that he will be fine. Before leaving, Rick tells her that he will never forget her and she sobs. Brooke refuses to let up on what Amber is hiding. Ridge believes that there is nothing she can do except accept the marriage. Brooke thinks she should talk to Rick and heads off. CJ tries to get Raymond to relax but he is too on edge. CJ fears he will lose Amber's friendship if the baby is Raymond's. CJ admits that he wants Rick with Amber in order to keep him away from Kimberly. The midwife Sara arrives and sets up her equipment. Sara tells them that Amber should have the baby by the morning. Tawny holds Amber as she panics that the baby could end up being Raymond's.
S13E22 Ep. #3029 00/00/0000 Brooke visits Rick at the guest house and is angry that Amber is still with Tawny. Brooke tells Rick about Sally, CJ and Raymond. Brooke plants suspicions in his mind about the baby. Raymond paces and tells CJ that he needs to know what is going on with the birth. CJ assures him that they will know soon. Macy talks with Kimberly about Rick. Macy feels Kimberly should let go, but she says that she was robbed of her chance of happiness and adds that she wishes the baby wasn't Rick's. Tawny shows Sara photographs of Raymond and Rick. Sara realizes that it's going to be obvious who the baby's father is. Amber gives Rick a call to tell him that she loves him. Sara prepares for the birth, while Amber prays for a good outcome.
S13E23 Ep. #3030 00/00/0000 Rick tells Brooke that he has to trust Amber, but Brooke stresses that he has to see that Amber is acting strangely. Rick remembers times with Raymond when Brooke mentions him. He wonders if Amber could have been with him, but later pushes the ideas out of his mind. Raymond's impatience increases. He beats himself up for sleeping with Amber. CJ orders him to sort himself out and just await the news. Macy feels Kimberly is making herself feel worse by clinging onto Rick. Kimberly says that she loves Rick and needs to be there for him. Amber starts to give birth as a sandstorm rages in the desert. Amber pushes and screams in pain as Sara begins to deliver the baby. Suddenly the power is knocked out by the storm.
S13E24 Ep. #3031 00/00/0000 Ridge and Taylor lay in bed and she remembers back to when she was pregnant with Thomas. Taylor worries that after what happened last time, she may not be able to carry the child to term. Rick tells Stephanie how Brooke is on a mission to uncover something about Amber. Stephanie is stunned to learn that Brooke has been questioning that Raymond could be the father of the child. Stephanie tells him not to buy into Brooke's ideas. Eric is angry with Brooke for going to Rick with her theory. Brooke concludes that Amber has left town to have the baby as it could be born black. Amber gives birth and Tawny can clearly see that it is indeed Rick's child. Amber is thrilled but then realizes that the baby isn't crying. Sara rushes off and informs them that he isn't breathing. Amber is hysterical as she cradles her dead child.
S13E25 Ep. #3032 00/00/0000 Stephanie and Rick talk about Amber over a cup of coffee. Rick wishes that Brooke could see Amber the way Stephanie does. Stephanie admits that she didn't trust Amber, but she has proved herself to be a good person. Amber holds her baby and rocks back and forth. Tawny watches with tears in her eyes as Amber talks to the dead child. Sara manages to take the body away from Amber as she yelps with heartache. Sara mentions that Becky is also preparing to give birth any day now and so she has to run. Amber blames herself for the death, feeling that she doesn't deserve a baby. Tawny suggests calling Rick, but Amber refuses, believing that Rick will hate her and blame her too.
S13E26 Ep. #3033 00/00/0000 Stephanie barges in on Brooke and tells her to stop interfering in Rick and Amber's marriage. Brooke is stunned and tells Stephanie that Rick is her son and, therefore, her concern. Brooke says she is determined to find out Amber's secret. CJ drops in on Rick, wondering if Amber has called. Rick informs him that she hasn't and CJ questions Rick on what he would do if the baby wasn't his. Rick admits that their would be no marriage, but tells CJ that the baby is his. Amber refuses to call Rick and continues to blame herself for her son's death. Tawny calls Sara and asks her to pick up the body. When Sara comes by she has Becky's baby and Tawny is furious. Sara explains she is on her way to social services with him. As Sara takes Amber's baby away, Tawny suddenly gets an idea while talking to Becky's son.
S13E27 Ep. #3034 00/00/0000 Stephanie warns Brooke that she will lose Rick if she continues to try and dig up dirt on Amber. Stephanie asks Brooke to give Amber a chance but she refuses to let up. Rick talks with Kimberly that he will be a father any day. Rick informs Kimberly of Brooke's suspicions about Amber. Kimberly becomes excited that there is even a slight chance that the baby might not be Rick's. Tawny tells Sara to leave the baby with her. Sara is stunned when Tawny suggests that Amber raise the baby. Tawny feels that if Becky doesn't want him and Amber has lost her child it could be the best thing for her to hold onto her marriage. Tawny pleads with Sara to help her. Amber later comes out of the bedroom and is horrified to see the baby.
S13E28 Ep. #3035 00/00/0000 Rick tells Kimberly not to get ahead of herself when she starts considering that Raymond could be the father of Amber's child. Rick feels guitly that he is even considering it and bids Kimberly goodbye. Amber cries as she sees Becky's baby. Tawny suggests that Amber hold him and says that maybe he will help her forget her loss. Amber is furious that Tawny thinks she can forget her own child and she orders Sara to take the baby away. Tawny stops her and hints that Amber could raise the baby. Amber is in an emotional state and doesn't realise what Tawny means. Tawny says that the baby needs love, and feels that Rick and Amber can give him that. She adds that Rick never need know that the baby isn't really his. Tawny tells Amber that the baby is Eric Forrester III.
S13E29 Ep. #3036 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Brooke that Jack Abbott has been calling for her. Brooke tells him that she is too concerned with Rick to talk to Jack or Ashley Abbott. Ridge is surprised when Brooke suggests that Amber may be having Raymond's child. Ridge warns Brooke that she could hurt a lot of people if she continues to pursue her theory. Tawny stands by Amber as she buries her son in a little wooden box in the desert. Amber sobs as she sings to him and wonders why her baby had to die. Rick finds Stephanie waiting for him at the guesthouse. Rick admits that he is worried that Amber still hasn't come home. Tawny takes Amber back to her trailer and again suggests that Amber take Becky's son back to Los Angeles. Rick later calls Amber, and in a fluster, Amber admits that she has had the baby and that she is bringing him home.
S13E30 Ep. #3037 00/00/0000 Rick calls CJ and tells him that Amber is coming home with his son. CJ is relieved to know that Rick is the father. Raymond waits with Sally when CJ arrives with the news. Raymond is thankful and Sally states that Amber is very lucky. Brooke tells Eric, Ridge and Taylor that she is determined to find out what Amber is hiding. Rick calls and informs her that Amber is on her way home with his son. They all head out the door to Stephanie's house. Rick goes to Stephanie and tells her the news. She is pleased and congratulates him. When Eric, Ridge, Taylor and Brooke arrive, Brooke stands off to the side and is upset that her hopes have been smashed. Amber is distraught that she is taking Becky's baby home to Rick. Tawny tells her that the child is now a Forrester and reminds her that she will lose Rick if there was no baby. Tawny drives Amber and the child back to town.
S13E31 Ep. #3038 00/00/0000 Kimberly tells Adam that Amber's baby may not be Rick's. Adam tells Kimberly that she has to move on and is furious that Brooke has been filling her head with false hope. Rick calls Kimberly to inform her first hand that Amber gave birth to his son. Kimberly is devastated. Everybody gathers at the Forrester home, awaiting Amber's arrival. Eric is concerned that Amber is travelling back so soon after having the baby, but Rick tells them that Tawny is coming too. Ridge notices that Rick is upset after talking with Kimberly. Ridge and Brooke both promise to be there for him should he need it. Stephanie corners Brooke and is angry when Brooke insists that something is still going on with Amber. In the car, Amber feels sick thinking about what she is about to do. Tawny tells her that she has to do it. Tawny adds that the baby swith never happened and that this child is Rick's son.
S13E32 Ep. #3039 00/00/0000 CJ offers support to Kimberly as she sobs about Rick. CJ tells her that she will have the chance to love again, but she feels that Rick was the only man for her and that now she will never have him. Amber and Tawny show up at the Forrester home and Tawny makes Amber enter with the baby. Everybody admires the baby and Brooke asks to hold him. Taylor notices how down Amber looks, but Tawny passes it off as an upset stomach. Tawny later questions Brooke on her desire to destroy Rick's marriage. Tawny suggests that Brooke give Amber and Rick a little support. Rick is lost in happiness as he holds the child. Amber sees how much he already loves the baby and she vows to herself that she will have to keep the secret for the rest of her life.
S13E33 Ep. #3040 00/00/0000 Macy visits with Kimberly and notices how depressed she is. Macy suggests that Kimberly go to some parties and maybe meet some new people, but Kimberly isn't interested. Brooke tells her concerns about Amber to Thorne. Brooke explains how scared and jittery Amber looked when she returned with the baby. Thorne advises Brooke to let it go, but she tells him that she will never accept Amber. Stephanie, Tawny and Rick play with the baby, while Amber looks on with sadness in her eyes. CJ later finds Rick working on a song with his guitar and is surprised that the song is about Kimberly. Tawny attempts to have Amber breast feed the baby but she can't do it. Amber starts to fall apart and Tawny warns her to keep it together, just as Brooke barges in to the guesthouse.
S13E34 Ep. #3045 13/05/1999 Brooke heads to Raymond's hotel room to confront him. C.J. and Darla both give Adam a hard time at the office. Rick nearly learns the truth about the baby, but Tawny covers for Amber.
S13E35 Ep. #3068 15/06/1999 Tawny makes certain that Becky does not see the photo that shows the baby's heart-shaped birth mark. Kimberly fantasises that C.J. is actually Rick and kisses him passionately.
S13E36 Ep. #3069 16/06/1999 Thorne tries to convince Brooke that nothing is going to happen between the two of them. Sally rebuffs Adam when he comes on to her. Macy sets up a dinner with the hopes of reuniting the Forresters.
S13E37 Ep. #3070 17/06/1999 Ridge and Taylor prepare to go in for an ultrasound. Thorne and Macy announce to their families that they have set a wedding date. Brooke fantasises about a life with Thorne.
S13E38 Ep. #3111 13/08/1999 Gladys begins Becky's make-over as she gets ready for her date, but the only thing that Becky wants to do is hold Little Eric. Desperate to keep her cousin away from the baby, Amber insists they don't have time, and she has to get ready to go.
S13E39 Ep. #3112 00/00/0000 Coming soon...
S13E40 Ep. #3207 00/00/0000 Kimberly realises she has a better chance if she uncovers Amber's secret now that her guard is down. C.J. wonders if Amber plans to see Becky while she's in Europe. Taylor is concerned about Stephanie's reaction to Brooke.
S13E41 Ep. #3242 00/00/0000 Macy tells Throne about making a contribution she did in Venice and what Thorne has bought to her life. Brooke assures Taylor that Thorne is about to end his marriage to Macy.
S13E42 Ep. #3248 29/02/2000 Ridge realises that Taylor is a little jealous of Morgan and he assures her that she has absolutely nothing to worry about. After giving her one of his newest creations to try on, the two get passionate in his office. Clarke stops by to see Giovanni and learns that he left a note inviting Morgan out for dinner. Morgan finds the note in her office, along with the rose Giovanni left, and looks forward to going out with the photographer. Clarke stops by to tell Morgan that Giovanni will be late, and manipulates her into giving him the name of the restaurant. After the delivery woman drops off the roses he was waiting for (and her phone number), Giovanni heads to Morgan's office to find a note from Clarke. At Mannequins, Taylor warns Morgan to stay away from Ridge.
S14E01 Ep. #3263 00/00/0000 C.J. sees Rick at Insomnia and asks him about his date with Kimberly. Rick admits that Kimberly wants to wait until she is married to have sex. C.J. tells Rick that he is dating Becky, Rick wonders if C.J. can handle taking on a child too. Kimberly drops by to see Macy and confides in her that she couldn't have sex with Rick. Macy tells Kimberly that if she wants to wait then she should, and if Rick loves her then he will respect that. Rick goes to see Kimberly and gives her a gown, he tells her that they are going to have dinner at the Cafe Russe. Becky tells Amber that she and C.J. know somebody that is interested in her, but Amber tells her not to set her up as she is still in love with Rick. Brooke is busy looking at shipments when Giovanni starts questioning her about Thorne, Brooke promises him that she will not let her personal issues interfere with her work. Thorne comes by and senses that Brooke is tense around him. Later a package arrives from Venice.
S14E02 Ep. #3264 24/03/2000 As C.J. helps feed little Eric, Becky asks him about his thoughts on Rick and Amber getting back together. C.J. says that it will never happen, but Becky has other ideas. Rick helps Kimberly into the dress he bought her, before heading off to the Cafe Russe. Amber is horrified when she sees that she is going to have to bus their table. Brooke and Thorne make small talk as they work, but Thorne abruptly leaves when they start reminiscing about Venice. Brooke later opens the box left from Venice and finds a wedding gown from Thorne inside. Trying it on, Thorne returns and tells her to take it off. Giovanni goes to enter, but Megan stops him telling him that Brooke didn't want to be disturbed. Brooke tells Thorne that she can't have the wedding, but asks for a dance instead.
S14E03 Ep. #3265 00/00/0000 Kimberly and Rick are shocked when they see Amber setting their table. Kimberly wants to leave but Rick convinces her to stay. Kimberly flaunts her relationship with Rick in front of Amber until she ends up crying. Becky and C.J. look through her photos of Paris. As Becky reads some poetry, C.J. confesses his love to Becky. Megan tells Giovanni how deep Brooke's feelings for Thorne are, and how she hopes that they can work it out before it's too late. As Thorne and Brooke dance, he goes in to kiss her but is interrupted when his pager goes off. Brooke later apologises as Thorne offers to leave Forrester Creations to make things easier. Worried about Macy, Thorne tells Brooke to forget what just happened between them.
S14E04 Ep. #3266 28/03/2000 At the Cafe Russe, Kimberly tells Amber to leave them alone as she fusses around their table. Rick apologises to Kimberly, but she complains to the manager that Amber is harassing them. Amber gets fired, but Rick intervenes to stop her losing her job. Ridge and Morgan arrive at their hotel in Paris. Morgan is upset to see that they will be sharing a suite. Brooke finds Taylor in Ridge's office at Forrester Creations. Taylor explains that she wants to get hold of Ridge. Brooke tries to make Taylor jealous by playing on her insecurities about Morgan. When Taylor calls Ridge in Paris and Morgan answers the phone, Taylor learns that they are sharing a room. Morgan later catches Ridge in the shower.
S14E05 Ep. #3267 29/03/2000 Becky tells C.J. how surprised she is that their relationship is going so well, both agree that they thought it would be complicated. C.J. later goes to Spectra Fashions where Sally and Clarke jump on him for spending time with Becky. C.J. tells them not to judge her, and informs his parents that Becky is coming to dinner the following night. Amber tells Becky that Rick saved her from being fired, but how cold he still remained towards her. Brooke visits Stephanie at home and questions her about Morgan and Ridge's past. Stephanie insists it was just a fling but Brooke isn't convinced. At Forrester International, Suzanne sets Ridge and Morgan up in their office. Ridge later jokes with Morgan about how she dumped him and ran off. Morgan flips out and tells him never to mention that again.
S14E06 Ep. #3268 00/00/0000 Becky tells Amber that she had some tests done for some stomach aches that she has been having and adds that she has been feeling tired lately. Becky later tells Amber about how happy she is with C.J., and she questions Amber about her feelings for Rick. C.J. sees Rick at Insomnia and they discuss Kimberly and Becky. Becky calls C.J. and asks him to get Rick to visit the baby tonight to get him alone with Amber. C.J. arrives home and finds Sally and Clarke are not interested in having dinner with Becky. He orders them to be civil to her and to take the chance to know her. As Amber babysits little Eric, Rick arrives and the two realise that they have been set up. At Forrester International, Ridge questions Morgan about why she left him, against her objections. Ridge massages Morgan's neck when she seems stressed, but she later rushes out. Ridge finds Morgan packing her things in the hotel room and he damands to know what is going on.
S14E07 Ep. #3269 00/00/0000 In Paris, Ridge refuses to let Morgan leave until she admits the truth to him. Morgan tells Ridge that she has always loved him, and that she only left him because she was pregnant. Morgan confesses that she had an abortion. At Sally's penthouse, Sally tells Becky that she wants what's best for C.J. and her baby doesn't fit into that picture. Becky explains that she too wants C.J. to be a success, she loves him, and she won't stand in the way of that. Sally admires Becky's guts to stand up to her. Rick and Amber grow closer as they play with little Eric. Amber thanks him for saving her job, and Rick can't keep his eyes off Amber as she walks around in scantily clad. Later Amber receives a call from a Dr. Fetter, who Becky had previously seen that day. Believing Amber to be Becky, he advises her to come to hospital right away as he informs her that her test results showed signs of cancer cells.
S14E08 Ep. #3270 00/00/0000 In the hotel room in Paris, Ridge vents his anger at Morgan for destroying a child he didn't even know exsisted. Morgan tells him that she wanted the baby, but Stephanie took control and forced her to have an abortion. Ridge later calls Stephanie and yells that he'll never talk to her again. After dinner, Becky opens up to Clarke and Sally about how she grew up. Sally asks about little Eric's father, but Becky assures them he'll never be in the picture. Clarke and Sally warm to Becky as they welcome her into their family. Amber goes to the hospital posing as Becky and Dr. Russell, the oncologist, tells her that she has cancer of the pancreas and must have a biopsy. Later, as C.J. takes Becky home, Amber sits in the darkness and sobs.
S14E09 Ep. #3271 00/00/0000 At Spectra Fashions, Sally calls C.J. to her office to tell him that she made a mistake in not trusting Becky. Sally wishes her son happiness as C.J. says that he wants to be with Becky for the rest of his life. Amber tries to tell Becky that she might have cancer, but holds back when Becky gushes with happiness about C.J. Amber only tells Becky that the doctor called and wants to do more tests, so Becky agrees to go. Macy goes to Brooke and tells her that she wants to put things behind them. Asking to be friends, Macy invites Brooke to a barbecue at Thorne's beach house. Brooke later cries to Thorne that Macy has no idea about how close herself and Thorne were.
S14E10 Ep. #3272 00/00/0000 Rick finds Kimberly in the studio at Forrester Creations. Rick tries to make love to Kimberly but she stops him again. Macy arrives and invites Rick and Kimberly to the barbecue at Thorne's beach house. Megan sences that Brooke is upset, so she takes three male models to Brooke's office to show off the lastest line of male underwear from the Brooke's Bedroom line. Rick drops in and Brooke asks him about how things are going with Becky. Rick tells her that Becky is a great mother and the baby is happy. Amber and little Eric go with Becky to the hospital. Becky nervously has the nurse do the tests. Later, Amber again pretends to be Becky as Dr. Russell calls. He tells her he needs to see her right away.
S14E11 Ep. #3273 00/00/0000 At Spectra Fashions, C.J. shows Sally some diamond earrings that he has bought for Becky. Clarke brings in a tuxedo for C.J. as he informs Sally that he's taking Becky to the Cafe Russe. Becky returns home from work early because she is exhausted. Becky answers a call from C.J. and tells him she can't go to the Cafe Russe, but a dress arrives for her and she is thrilled to go. C.J. picks Becky up for their date, as Amber prepares to go visit Dr. Russell. Thorne and Macy prepare for the barbecue at his beach house. They make love before Sally and Clarke arrive. Macy learns that C.J. is out with Becky, and Sally comments that she is happy both her children are in love. Becky and C.J. arrive at the Cafe Russe, while Amber awaits Becky's test results in the doctors office.
S14E12 Ep. #3274 00/00/0000 Rick and Kimberly arrive at Thorne's beach house barbecue. Eric attends alone as Stephanie is visiting a friend. Sally and Eric both state how happy they are that Thorne and Macy are together. Thorne later asks Sally if she has heard from Adam, but she informs him that she doesn't intend to. Rick and Kimberly go to the bedroom but are interupted again when Eric comes in to take a telephone call from Ridge. Macy goes to use the phone in the kitchen and hears Eric and Ridge on the other line. She is shocked when she hears Ridge and Eric discussing their plan from Venice. At the Cafe Russe, Becky marvels that she is there. Becky is even more blown away when a plate arrives with the diamond earrings on it that C.J. bought her. At the hospital, Amber, posing as Becky, is informed that Becky has a stage four cancer of the pancreas. Dr. Russell tells her that they can ease the pain but there is no chance of a recovery. Amber is distraught when the doctor gives Becky six months to live.
S14E13 Ep. #3275 00/00/0000 Dr. Russell gives Amber a perscription and advises her to make arrangements for the baby. C.J. and Becky enjoy their meal at the Cafe Russe as they declare their love for one another. Amber later arrives and Becky is concerned when she sees Amber crying. Brooke arrives home and tells Katie that Macy invited her to a barbecue. Brooke says that any hope she had of reuniting with Thorne has died. Meanwhile at the barbecue, Macy is stunned with what she hears and Eric, Sally and Clarke soon leave when they notice her strange behavior. Rick helps Thorne clean up after the party, while Macy takes Kimberly aside and informs her of what she heard. Kimberly is amazed when Macy says that Thorne only married her because of what Eric and Ridge did.
S14E14 Ep. #3276 00/00/0000 As Rick tells Thorne about his sexual frustration with Kimberly, Macy is inside going out of her mind rehashing Eric and Ridge's conversation. Kimberly advises Macy to calm down, but she is unable to control her fears that Thorne would rather be with Brooke. In Paris, Ridge questions Morgan on what happened to her after her abortion. She tells him that Stephanie sent her away, and ever since she has suffered from depression and she almost had a nervous breakdown. Stephanie is at home with Eric as she tells him of her concerns about Morgan. Eric thinks Stephanie is making an issue out of nothing, but Stephanie insists that Morgan is cunning and after Ridge. Stephanie later calls Ridge, but Morgan takes the call. Stephanie warns Morgan not to return to Los Angeles, but Morgan informs Stephanie that she is going to make her pay.
S14E15 Ep. #3277 00/00/0000 As Morgan and Ridge board their return flight to L.A., Ridge shows Morgan photographs of Thomas, and the twins. Morgan tells Ridge that she hopes she has the same family life one day. Taylor visits Stephanie at her home and Stephanie begins warning Taylor that Morgan is a threat to her marriage, although Taylor won't hear of it. Amber makes Becky a smoothie and secretly blends up her medication into it. Later, Megan senses something is wrong when Becky winces in pain, dropping files everywhere. Amber goes to Stephanie seeking help. Stephanie refuses to talk to Amber, so Amber is forced to tell Stephanie that Becky has cancer.
S14E16 Ep. #3278 13/04/2000 Ridge returns home to Taylor and the kids with gifts. Ridge tells Taylor how much he missed her before they head over to Forrester Creations. Brooke attempts to drill information from Morgan about her time with Ridge in Paris. Brooke later tries the same thing with Ridge. Morgan sees Taylor in Ridge's office with the kids and thinks about the family she could have had with Ridge. Becky works with Thorne in his office when she experiences some stomach pain and Thorne notices. Amber informs Stephanie that Becky is dying and Stephanie insists that Becky has to be told. Amber makes Stephanie see that she is trying to spare Becky the pain as this is the first time in her life that she is happy. Stephanie holds Amber as she sobs.
S14E17 Ep. #3279 00/00/0000 Brooke questions Ridge about his involvement with Morgan. Ridge tells Brooke to butt out, but she doesn't let up. Taylor stops by Morgan's office and Morgan confesses to Taylor that she is jealous of her family. Morgan says that her life is empty and she wants a baby. Taylor promises to help her. Thorne questions Becky about her stomach pains but she changes the subject. Stephanie believes Becky should be told about her condition but Amber refuses to kill Becky's dream of a happy life. Amber pleads with Stephanie to keep the truth to herself and help make Becky's final months worthwhile. Becky comes by with some samples for Eric and is surprised to see Amber and Stephanie talking.
S14E18 Ep. #3280 00/00/0000 Taylor suggests Morgan find a husband to have children with, but Morgan insists that she just wants a baby and not a man. Taylor suggests they look into artificial insemination. Becky thinks Stephanie and Amber making up is reason to celebrate but Stephanie suggests Becky go home and rest. Amber thanks Stephanie for not telling Becky about her cancer and Stephanie promises to help Amber make Becky's final months happy. Macy prepares a special dinner for Thorne. He tells her that he has to go to the office but promises to be home in time for the meal. Kimberly drops by and Macy tells her to forget their last conversation, telling Kimberly that she won't allow Brooke to become an issue. Thorne later calls Macy and tells her that he is going to be late home. Macy learns that he is working with Brooke.
S14E19 Ep. #3281 00/00/0000 Morgan tells Ridge about her decision to have a baby. Ridge tries to talk her out of it, but Morgan says that having a baby will finally end the nightmare of her abortion. Giovanni stops by Brooke's office and worries about her working with Thorne. Brooke tells him that she respects Thorne's marriage to Macy, although it isn't easy for her. Macy sits alone waiting for Thorne as Kimberly calls. Kimberly offers to come over and be with Macy, but Macy assures her that she is fine. When Thorne arrives home he finds Macy in bed. As Brooke calls to thank Thorne for staying late to finish their work, Macy tries to contain her tears of pain and dissapointment.
S14E20 Ep. #3282 00/00/0000 Macy brings Thorne lunch to his office but he is too busy with work to talk to her. Macy suggests they go out for dinner but then Thorne gets called away. Macy finds Brooke and begins questioning her about her feelings for Thorne, but Brooke refuses to discuss it. Macy later finds the boxed wedding dress from Venice and is confused when Thorne takes it away. Eric sends Becky home early when she begins experiencing some pain. Stephanie stops by to visit Amber and they begin planning a birthday party for little Eric's first birthday. Becky arrives home and is thrilled at what they are doing. Becky is happy that the Forrester family still love her son.
S14E21 Ep. #3283 00/00/0000 Becky drops by Spectra Fashions to meet C.J. before little Eric's birthday party. Sally is suspicious when Becky tells her the Forrester's are throwing it and that Amber will be there. Amber visits Kimberly in her college dorm to invite her to the party. Kimberly refuses to talk to Amber and tries to throw her out. Rick arrives and tells Amber that he and Kimberly will be attending. Eric finds the house ready for the party and is sure there is more going on than he knows when Stephanie tells him that Amber and Brooke will be coming. Thorne arrives but tells Stephanie that he couldn't get hold of Macy. Rick and Kimberly arrive, followed by Amber and finally C.J. and Becky with little Eric. As everyone gathers Eric's suspicions grow when he sees how close Stephanie and Amber are.
S14E22 Ep. #3284 00/00/0000 Darla learns about the birthday party and shares in Sally's suspicions, but Clarke tells them that they are being silly. As the party begins, Stephanie has to get Amber to compose herself as she starts to break down. Brooke arrives and refuses to be in the same room with Amber but Stephanie convinces her to stay. Eric then demands to know what is going on and so Stephanie has to tell him about Becky's cancer. Eric agrees to keep quiet about it and help Becky enjoy her final months. Thorne and Brooke talk, while Kimberly tries to listen in on their conversation. C.J. apologises to Stephanie for the harsh words he said to her in the past, but Stephanie assure him it's all forgiven. Everybody sings happy birthday to little Eric as Stephanie, Eric and Amber all exchange knowing glances.
S14E23 Ep. #3285 24/04/2000 As the party continues, Eric lets Amber know that he knows about Becky's cancer. Eric hopes that what Amber is doing is the right thing. C.J. notices Eric hug Amber and questions her about it, but Amber insists that nothing is going on. Brooke and Thorne also become suspicious of what's really going on when Brooke sees Stephanie talking with Amber. Thorne attempts to call Macy but receives no response. As he leaves to find her, he forgets to take his phone. Macy calls Thorne back but Brooke finds Thorne's phone and answers, leaving Macy even more worried about Thorne and Brooke's involvement. As everybody leaves the party, Amber thanks Eric and Stephanie for all they've done, while C.J. looks on. Macy is at an AA meeting and wonders why Thorne hasn't arrived to be with her to support Roberta. Thorne later arrives but everyone is gone, meanwhile Macy sits at home and finds alcohol in the cupboard.
S14E24 Ep. #3286 00/00/0000 Taylor tells Ridge that Morgan left her a note with just an address on where to meet. Ridge thinks it's good that Morgan has Taylor to talk to. Following the address, Taylor finds herself at a fertility clinic. Taylor tries to convince Morgan to wait a while for a baby, but Morgan insists she needs a baby now as she leads Taylor in to see Dr. Palmer with her. Stephanie stops by Ridge's office to ask why he didn't attend little Eric's birthday party. Ridge tells her that he doesn't want to be around her. Ridge comes down on Stephanie for Morgan's abortion, but Stephanie tells him that she has no regrets, saying that she would do it again. Thorne apologises to Macy for missing her AA meeting. Macy questions Thorne about where he was and why Brooke was there, then adds that he spends too much time with Brooke. Later, Macy drives herself crazy with worry about Brooke and opens a bottle of wine, but manages to avoid temptation.
S14E25 Ep. #3287 00/00/0000 Sally takes Clarke to the Cafe Russe and informs him that Becky will be joining them. Becky tells Sally about the birthday party and how Amber was welcomed. Once alone, Sally tells Clarke that she is going to find out what's going on, as Amber overhears and freaks out. Dr. Palmer tells Morgan about the artificial insemination procedure, but once she sees the room and memories of the abortion fill her mind, Morgan quickly runs out. Ridge lays into Stephanie when she refuses to take any responsibilty for Morgan's pain. Ridge also lets it slip that Morgan is living in the beach house, Stephanie isn't impressed. Taylor later comes by to see Ridge and tells him how Morgan freaked out at the fertility clinic. Morgan arrives home and finds Stephanie there. Stephanie tells Morgan to pack her things and get out.
S14E26 Ep. #3288 27/04/2000 At the Cafe Russe, Sally and Clarke continue to question Becky about why Stephanie forgave Amber, but Becky insists that there is no hidden agenda. Sally grabs Amber on the way out and warns her that she will find out what's going on. C.J. stops by Eric's office to ask if Becky can have the day off work so he can take her to Santa Barbara. Eric agrees then calls Amber telling her he needs to see her right away. Ridge and Taylor spend some quality time together with the kids before going to bed to make love. Stephanie refuses to allow Morgan to turn Ridge against her. Morgan insists she is having a baby for her own sanity and brags that Ridge and Taylor will be involved. Stephanie questions how Morgan intends on getting pregnant, but Morgan throws her out.
S14E27 Ep. #3289 00/00/0000 Kimberly finds Macy at the Insomnia and is worried at how shaken she is. Macy says that she feels like she is going crazy and admits that she nearly had a drink. Macy realises that she has to talk to Ridge. At Forrester Creations, Brooke lays into Ridge when he comments on how she is moving on with her life. Brooke tells Ridge that she wants him to feel guilty for destroying her happiness. Ridge is surprised when Macy later drops in demanding answers about what happened in Venice. In his office, Eric tells Amber about C.J.'s plan to take Becky to Santa Barbara. Eric feels C.J. needs to know about Becky's cancer incase something happens while they are away. Becky is thrilled when C.J. tells her about their trip. Amber goes to Spectra Fashions looking for C.J., but only finds Darla and an office full of roses for Becky. C.J. comes in and Amber tells him she has something important to say.
S14E28 Ep. #3290 00/00/0000 Brooke looks through photographs of her and Thorne from Venice. Thorne finds her crying and Brooke admits that things aren't any easier for her. Ridge refuses to discuss Venice but Macy demands answers. Ridge explains his plan to suduce Brooke and have Thorne see so their relationship would be over. Macy is in shock when she realises that Thorne proposed to her right after seeing Ridge with Brooke. Amber attempts to tell C.J. about Becky's cancer, but once Darla tells Sally that Amber is in the building, Sally barges right in. C.J. and Becky head out down the highway to Santa Barbara, both excited about their trip. Meanwhile, Sally throws questions at Amber demanding answers on what's going on. Amber confesses it's about Becky, which leads Sally to think she is hiding a secret. Sally threatens to call Becky, so Amber blurts out that Becky is dying of cancer.
S14E29 Ep. #3291 00/00/0000 In his office, Ridge tires to make Macy see that Thorne loves her, but Macy is unsure. She believes that Thorne would have married Brooke had Eric and Ridge not intervened. Becky and C.J. arrive in Santa Barbara and Becky is blown away at how beautiful their room is. C.J. tells Becky how much he loves her as they begin making plans together. At Spectra Fashions, Amber fills Sally in on Becky's fate. Explaining the whole stroy, Sally is in horror and what she learns, but understands why Stephanie forgave her. Sally insists that Becky has to be told but Amber pleads with Sally to just allow Becky and C.J. one day of pure happiness before crashing her life. C.J. calls and Sally makes him promise to show Becky a good time. Sally and Amber hug as Sally promises to do things Amber's way.
S14E30 Ep. #3292 00/00/0000 Sally informs Clarke about Becky's cancer and Clarke believes that C.J. needs to be told right away. In Santa Barbara, C.J. prepares a romantic candle-lit meal for Becky on their balcony. They later go for a walk and stumble upon a wishing well, where they both wish to be in love forever. Ridge goes over to the beach house to fix a pipe for Morgan. Ridge tells her that he heard about her freaking out at the clinic. Morgan says she couldn't stop the memories of the abortion. Ridge promises Morgan that Stephanie won't cause anymore problems for her again after Morgan informs him that Stephanie came by. As Ridge comforts Morgan, Taylor comes by and finds them in each others arms.
S14E31 Ep. #3293 00/00/0000 Taylor questions Ridge and Morgan about whats going on. Morgan leaves the room as Ridge tells Taylor about Morgan's abortion. Taylor is shocked when she learns the truth but begins worrying about why Morgan really came back to town. Kimberly sits with Macy at the Insomnia as Macy tells Kimberly the information she learned from Ridge about what happened in Venice. Kimberly tries to reassure Macy, but to no avail. In the Forrester Creations gym, Thorne enters the steamroom and finds Brooke there too. Thorne goes to leave but ends up flirting with Brooke. He pulls away when she gets close and rushes out. Thorne bumps into Kimberly outside, but quickly excuses himself. Kimberly sees Brooke leave the steamroom moments later. Kimberly confronts Thorne.
S14E32 Ep. #3294 00/00/0000 Morgan is happy when Taylor says that she knows about the abortion and understands why she wants to have another baby. Taylor and Ridge promise to help her any way they can. Rick visits Brooke in her office and questions her as to why she's upset. Brooke admits her and Thorne's involvement and why he is married to Macy. Rick is shocked but hopes Brooke can move on, however Brooke says she feels Thorne's marriage to Macy will soon be over. Macy tells Sally about what happened in Venice. Sally tells Macy that Thorne loves her, and to fight Brooke. Kimberly accuses Thorne of having an affair with Brooke and informs him that Macy knows about what happened in Venice. Macy arrives and wonders why Kimberly and Thorne are fighting.
S14E33 Ep. #3295 00/00/0000 Sally pays a visit to Stephanie at the mansion and tells her that she knows about Becky's cancer. Sally and Stephanie both agree that C.J. needs to be told now. Thorne tries to apologise to Macy for making her insecure, but Kimberly constantly butts in. Macy asks Kimberly to leave and Macy tells Thorne that for the sake of their marriage he must forget Brooke for good. Brooke assures Rick that Thorne will end his marriage to Macy soon. Rick supports Brooke and prays that she will get her wish. Kimberly later comes storming into Brooke's office shouting abuse. Kimberly warns Brooke to stay away from Thorne.
S14E34 Ep. #3296 00/00/0000 Kimberly yells at Brooke to keep her distance from Thorne and Macy. Brooke reminds Kimberly that she is her boss, but Kimberly dares Brooke to throw her out. Kimberly storms out after saying her final word. Thorne tries to talk to Macy but she continues to talk on about how Brooke is a threat and needs to stay away from them. Macy tells Thorne that she needs him and wouldn't know what to do without him in her life. Thorne later goes to Brooke and tells her about how delicate Macy is right now. Brooke insists that Macy must be told the seriousness of their feelings for one another, but Thorne remains confused. In Santa Barbara, Becky and C.J. enjoy more time together as they declare their love, but C.J. grows worried when he sees Becky in pain. Sally and Stephanie drop by to see Amber and tell her that they believe Becky and C.J. need to be told of the cancer tonight. C.J. later calls Amber and tells her that they are coming home because Becky is unwell.
S14E35 Ep. #3297 00/00/0000 Brooke tells Thorne that he is living a lie and should end his marriage to Macy. Thorne tells her he feels responsible for Macy, but Brooke tells him that she should be Eric and Ridge's responsibility after what they did. Kimberly grabs Macy and tells her about Thorne and Brooke in the steam room. Macy tries to make excuses for Thorne but then storms out to find Brooke. Macy barges into Brooke's office and demands that she stay out of her marriage. Brooke loses it and tells Macy that Thorne is only staying married to her because she is weak. Clarke goes to Eric and they discuss Becky and C.J. Eric supports Clarke as he worries how Becky's cancer will affect C.J. In Santa Barbara, Becky's pain gets worse and C.J. says that they should get home rigght away. Becky makes a final wish in the well before leaving; that she and C.J. be happy forever. Amber tells Sally and Stephanie that she is having second thoughts about telling Becky the truth, but they insist that she must be told. Amber prepares herself as there's a knock at the door.
S14E36 Ep. #3298 00/00/0000 Kimberly visits Rick and they begin arguing when discussing Thorne, Macy and Brooke. Kimberly bad mouths Brooke but Rick stands by his mother. Kimberly informs Rick that she will be standing by her sister and storms out. Macy lays into Brooke and accuses her of being a slut and a bad mother. Brooke throws insults back telling Macy that Thorne is married to her out of pity. Macy is furious and warns Brooke one last time to stay away from her husband. Becky cringes in pain on the drive home and C.J. insists she see a doctor but Becky refuses. Amber is surprised when the knock at the door is Eric. Eric says he came to offer his support to Becky when she learns of her cancer. C.J. later arrives alone, explaining that Becky went to the store, and he wonders why everybody is in the apartment.
S14E37 Ep. #3299 12/05/2000 Clarke finds Darla in Sally's office and breaks the news to her of Becky's cancer. Darla sobs as she wonders how something so terrible could happen to someone so young. Becky stops by a church on her way home and and gives prayers of thanks for her son and for C.J. C.J. questions everybody as to why they are at the apartment. Amber tells the story of how Becky had some tests carried out. With Sally and Stephanie's help, Amber breaks the news to C.J. that Becky has cancer. C.J. refuses to believe it, but Sally informs him that Becky only has months to live. As C.J. breaks down in tears, he tells them all to leave so he can tell Becky alone. Becky later arrives and C.J. holds her close.
S14E38 Ep. #3300 15/05/2000 In Ridge's office, Taylor and Ridge discuss Morgan. Taylor fears that Morgan is trying to recreate the past and she asks Ridge what he would have done had he known Morgan was pregnant. Morgan listens in at the door as Ridge says that he would have married Morgan. Morgan comes in and thanks them both for helping and supporting her. Amber, Sally, Stephanie and Eric gather at the Forrester estate as they wonder how C.J. will be able to tell Becky that she is dying. Meanwhile, CJ makes Becky one of Amber's smoothies and applies the medication. Becky suffers from some pain as C.J. comforts her. C.J. tells Becky of his plans for their future as he gets down on one knee and asks Becky to marry him.
S14E39 Ep. #3301 00/00/0000 Taylor and Ridge meet Morgan at a clinic where she shows them a portfolio of the donor she has chosen for her insemination. Taylor and Ridge ask Morgan if she is sure she wants to go through with the procedure and she assures them that she is. Amber, Stephanie and Eric all worry how Becky will handle knowing she is dying. Sally has to stop them from going over to the apartment by telling them to allow CJ and Becky one last moment alone together. Becky is unsure on what to make of C.J.'s proposal. Becky suggests that they wait a while, but C.J. tells her that they shouldn't waste a moment. Becky accepts as C.J. professes his love to her. Eric, Stephanie, Sally, Amber and Little Eric arrive later and Becky wonders why everybody is so glum.
S14E40 Ep. #3302 00/00/0000 Stephanie, Eric, Sally and Amber are all shocked when Becky's tells them that she and C.J. are getting married. Sally takes C.J. aside and wonders what he is up to. C.J. tells Sally that he wants give Becky a wedding and show her how much he loves her. Sally insists Becky needs to know of her condition but C.J. thinks it isn't time. Amber and Stephanie join them and Amber sides with C.J., while Sally and Stephanie are unsure about continuing to hide Becky's fate from her. C.J. promises that he will tell her after they are married. With Ridge and Taylor at her side, Morgan confidently asks the doctor to start her insemination procedure. Suddenly Morgan freaks out when she sees the tools to be used and darts from the room.
S14E41 Ep. #3303 00/00/0000 Taylor visits Stephanie in her office and Taylor informs her that she knows about Morgan's abortion. Stephanie begins warning Taylor away from Morgan but she refuses to listen to it. Taylor stops by the beach house to see Morgan who apologises for running out of the clinic. Taylor understands Morgan's pain and promises to be there for her. Becky fusses around worrying about the preparation for the wedding but Amber sends her back to bed. C.J. arrives and Amber tells him that she is going to give Becky the wedding dress she wore when marrying Rick, that previously belonged to Stephanie. Amber later presents it to Becky. Clarke is surprised to learn that CJ didn't tell Becky the truth. Sally informs him that C.J. proposed to Becky and Clarke calls C.J. to the office. Clarke tells CJ that he won't be marrying Becky.
S14E42 Ep. #3304 00/00/0000 Morgan tells Taylor that she has decided against artificial insemination. Taylor is glad and suggests Morgan look for a man. Morgan says she doesn't want a husband, just a baby and she asks Taylor if Ridge can be the father of her child. CJ tries to explain to Clarke that he's marrying Becky because he loves her, but Clarke believes C.J. only proposed because Becky is dying. Sally supports C.J., but he ends up storming out when Clarke refuses support. Becky tries on the wedding gown as Amber sobs. C.J. later comes by and tells Becky that Clarke is against their plans to marry. C.J. gives Becky an eternity ring and says that their love will last forever.
S14E43 Ep. #3305 00/00/0000 Taylor is shocked that Morgan wants Ridge to be the father of her child. Morgan says she doesn't want to steal Ridge, she only wants his baby and then she would leave town. Morgan begs Taylor to think about it. Macy wakes Thorne up with a kiss. She tells him that she wants to start a family and tries to make love to Thorne but he leaves saying he has a meeting at work. Kimberly comes by later and Macy tells her that she is feeling unwanted and believes Thorne wants out of their marriage. Kimberly grows concerned when Macy finds Vodka in the cupboard and stares at the bottle. Rick talks with Brooke about Thorne. Rick thinks Thorne needs to leave Macy if he isn't in love with her, instead of leaving Brooke hanging in limbo denying his feelings. Thorne later bumps into Rick who demands Thorne admit his love for Brooke.
S14E44 Ep. #3306 00/00/0000 Becky drops by Spectra Fashions to speak to Clarke about her wedding. Becky tells Clarke that she is prepared to wait if he is against the wedding, but Clarke gives his blessing when he sees how much it means to Becky. Rick begins arguing with Thorne. Rick accuses Thorne of being a coward by staying with Macy, Thorne flips out as Brooke enters. Brooke gets Rick to leave and Thorne finally admits that he loves Brooke. They kiss as he promises he will end his marriage to Macy. Kimberly desperately tries to keep Macy from taking a drink. Kimberly reassures Macy that Thorne loves her, and the alcohol will only make things worse. Kimberly manages to take the bottle and leaves with it. Going to Sally, Kimberly tells her that Macy is being tempted by alcohol again. Meanwhile, Macy finds herself in a store and buys another bottle of Vodka.
S14E45 Ep. #3307 00/00/0000 Kimberly explains to Sally why Macy is insecure, including everything that happened in Venice. Sally is angry that Brooke is still causing Macy misery and she decides to sort the problem herself. Thorne and Brooke declare their love for one another in between kisses. Thorne tells Brooke they have to be together and he promises to end his marriage to Macy right away. Macy sits at home holding a Vodka bottle as she thinks about Brooke. Thorne later arrives home and finds an empty glass in the sink, meanwhile Macy stumbles into Brooke's office wearing dark sunglasses.
S14E46 Ep. #3308 00/00/0000 A drunk Macy rubs her marriage to Thorne in Brooke's face, but Brooke informs Macy that Thorne is planning to end their marriage. As Thorne sits at home worried about Macy, Sally arrives to have words. Sally tells Thorne that he must reassure Macy to keep her from drinking, but Thorne feels Macy shouldn't be depending on him to stay sober. Thorne rushes out when Brooke calls him over to her office immediately. Macy attempts to down some more Vodka when Brooke steals it from her. Macy flips out and stumbles around as Thorne arrives and sees Macy hammered. Amber makes Becky another smoothie as C.J. arrives. Becky tells C.J. that Clarke gave his blessing. C.J. is thrilled and suggests Becky tell her parents about the wedding. Tilly and Joe tell Becky that they will come to L.A. but only to stop her making a mistake by getting married.
S14E47 Ep. #3309 00/00/0000 Eric and Stephanie talk at Forrester Creations about Becky. Stephanie wonders if Becky's parents have been told and insists that they should have been told right away. Tilly and Joe arrive to see Becky and Tilly questions Becky as to why she is rushing into marriage. C.J. attempts to reach out to Joe, but Joe refuses to give his support to their wedding. Becky decides to leaves so that Joe and Tilly can spend some time with C.J. Joe notices Amber and C.J.'s shifty behavior and demands to be told the truth. Brooke and a drunk Macy trade insults while Thorne is stuck in the middle. Thorne attempts to usher Macy out the door, but Macy continues to blame Brooke for causing her to break six years of sobriety. Macy demands that Thorne tell Brooke to back off.
S14E48 Ep. #3310 00/00/0000 Macy refuses to leave Brooke's office as she continues to hurl insults. Brooke agrees with everything Macy says in order to get her out. Thorne takes Macy home and she pleads with him not to be angry with her. Thorne blames himself for Macy drinking and she goes to sleep it off. Thorne calls Brooke and tells her that he can't leave Macy right now. Brooke understands and tells him she loves him. Joe and Tilly demand answers from Amber and C.J. Amber slowly tells them about the cancer and how Becky doesn't know she is dying. Tilly and Joe are distraught and tell C.J. that their won't be a wedding, Joe demands that they gather Becky's things and take her home to Furnace Creek. Becky interupts with a phone call, and Tilly and Joe hear how happy she is at the thought of getting married. They give their blessing as Amber thanks them.
S14E49 Ep. #3311 00/00/0000 Morgan has coffee with Clarke at the Insomnia and tells him of her wishes to have Ridge father her baby. Clarke is shocked and tells her that Ridge and Taylor will never allow it. Taylor informs Ridge of Morgan's desire to have him be her child's father and asks his opinions. Morgan later arrives for their answer. Macy brags to Kimberly how she put Brooke in her place and tells her that she is past worrying about Brooke. Kimberly remains concerned but Macy says Thorne loves her, meanwhile Thorne is in the bedroom telling Brooke he loves her over the phone. Thorne later goes to Forrester Creations, takes Brooke in his arms and kisses her passionately.
S14E50 Ep. #3312 00/00/0000 Morgan presses Ridge and Taylor for an answer and Ridge breaks it to her that he won't father her baby. Morgan pleads that she only needs him as a donation, but he still refuses. Taylor apologises but stands by her husband's choice. Thorne tells Brooke that he loves her. He leaves with the promise that they will officially be together within a few weeks once Macy is stronger. Rick later comes by to see Brooke and is happy when she shares the news, although Rick wonders about what will happen to Macy. Sally spends the morning with Macy and discusses her taking a drink. Macy insists that it was just a slip, but Sally remains concerned. Macy feels Brooke is out of the picture but Sally isn't convinced. As Sally leaves she runs into Thorne and warns him that he had better not let Macy down.
S14E51 Ep. #3313 00/00/0000 Morgan continues to ask Ridge and Taylor to give her the child she needs, but they stand by their decision not to. Taylor's father calls and shocks her by saying he has had another heart attack. Taylor rushes upstairs as she informs Ridge and Morgan that she must go and be with Jack. Macy tells Thorne how she tried to be stronger and regrets taking a drink. Macy blames Brooke for her insecurities, but Thorne tries to take the blame himself. Thorne says that Macy shouldn't depend on him to stay sober, but she feels he is the only one she can count on. Rick confides in Brooke that he is happy for her and Thorne, but wonders how it will affect his relationship with Kimberly. Sally bursts into the office demanding to talk to Brooke alone. Sally warns Brooke to stay away from Thorne. She threatens to destroy her if she doesn't.
S14E52 Ep. #3314 00/00/0000 Morgan walks into Ridge's office in a skimpy dress and apologises for asking him to father her child. Ridge receives an e-mail from Taylor and is shocked by what he reads. C.J. meets with Eric at a chapel as Eric says he has a surprise for him. Becky soon arrives and is blown away when she sees the chapel beautifully decorated ready for her wedding. Becky and C.J. thank Eric for what he has done. Amber is at home alone when Tawny arrives. Amber isn't thrilled to see her, especially when Tawny starts threatening to tell Becky that she is dying, having heard the truth from Joe and Tilly. Amber manages to convince Tawny that Becky will be thankful for the final moments of her life, before throwing Tawny out the door.
S14E53 Ep. #3315 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Morgan that Taylor E-mailed him. He says that Taylor explained that nearly losing Jack made her realise what's important and she asks Ridge to give Morgan the child she wants. Ridge has trouble believing it, but Morgan thinks it's wonderful. Sally supports C.J. as he wakes up on his wedding day. Sally wishes things could be different, but CJ asks her to hold it together to make this the best day of Becky's life. Amber has to pretend to be Becky again when Dr. Russell calls about a new medication, but Amber hangs up on him as Becky wakes. Becky tries to be excited as she hides her pain through tired eyes. C.J. calls Becky and they tell one another how much they love the other. CJ starts to cry as Becky says she will be his wife for the rest of their lives.
S14E54 Ep. #3316 00/00/0000 Sally, Clarke and Darla tell Thorne and Macy about Becky's cancer. Macy realises why the wedding is being rushed and she wonders how they can celebrate a wedding when the bride is dying. Stephanie and Eric open their home to Joe, Tilly and Tawny as they arrive from Furnace Creek. Stephanie supports Tilly as she breaks down over Becky's condition. C.J. goes to Rick and tells him about the wedding. Rick tries to talk him out of it until C.J. tells him that Becky is dying. C.J. asks Rick to be his best man. Becky gushes with happiness at the thought of marrying C.J. and she asks Amber to be her maid of honor. Everybody gathers at the chapel as C.J. thanks them all for making the day possible. Amber waits in the bridesroom as Becky arrives. Amber is shocked when Becky says that she knows she is dying.
S14E55 Ep. #3317 00/00/0000 Ridge finds Brooke whilst looking for Eric at Forrester Creations. Brooke begins digging for information on why he isn't talking to Stephanie and why he is spending so much time with Morgan. Ridge goes to Morgan and she asks him if he will honor her and Taylor's wish. Becky explains to Amber that Dr. Russell called as she was leaving and told her about the cancer. Amber sobs, but Becky thanks her for making her life happy. Becky thinks she should call the wedding off, but Amber insists that she has to marry C.J. Tilly and Tawny hold Little Eric, alongside Eric and Stephanie, while Clarke, Darla, Thorne and Macy sit on the opposite side. As the ceremony begins, Amber joins Rick at the front of the chapel, followed by C.J. and Sally. Finally Joe walks Becky down the aisle to C.J. at the altar.
S14E56 Ep. #3318 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Morgan he is still unsure about her having his baby. Ridge receives a message from Taylor which seems to say for him to go ahead and make Morgan pregnant. Morgan tries to persuade Ridge to do it, but he feels he must talk to Taylor. The wedding ceremony begins as Stephanie says a prayer. Amber sings a song as Becky and C.J. light their candles. CJ says his vows to Becky and makes her realise how much everybody loves her. Becky halts the ceremony and stuns everybody by announcing that she can't marry C.J.
S14E57 Ep. #3319 00/00/0000 Ridge drops by the beach house as Morgan lights candles and looks gorgoeous in a stunning dress. Morgan continues to convince Ridge to father her child as she states Taylor is okay with it. Morgan begins pouring the wine as she flirts with Ridge. Becky announces to the stunned wedding guests that she knows that she is dying as Dr. Russell called her before she came to the chapel. Everyone apologises for hiding the truth but Becky thanks them all for trying to make her happy. C.J. manages to convince Becky that he loves her and he wants her to spend the remaining weeks of her life as his wife. Everyone joins in the ceremony as Becky and C.J. say their vows. As the congratulations are flowing, Becky collapses.
S14E58 Ep. #3320 12/06/2000 Becky wakes the next morning in the hospital with C.J. and Dr. Russell at her side. Amber, Sally, Macy, Tilly and Joe drop in and offer Becky all the support they have. C.J. and Becky later share their joy at being newlyweds. Brooke and Thorne play footsie under the table during a meeting and call it short to kiss passionately. Thorne promises Brooke again that he will leave Macy soon, but Brooke shows concern for Macy's addiction. Macy calls Thorne to see him, but after he tells her that he is busy, Macy takes some drink from a flask in her purse. Ridge drops by to see Morgan as she thanks for him for all he has done. Ridge wonders if Morgan is now pregnant and she says she hopes she is. Ridge goes home to see a returning Taylor and is shocked when she asks how Morgan's artificial insemination went.
S14E59 Ep. #3321 00/00/0000 Thorne seeks advice from Macy's A.A. counselor. Thorne informs him that he is leaving Macy for another woman and doesn't want her to be pushed over the edge. Thorne is advised to keep Brooke as far away from Macy as possible. Brooke is at Manniquins having lunch with Rick when Macy walks in and orders a drink at the bar. Macy begins yelling at Brooke when she sees her and brags that Thorne is her husband and again warns Brooke away from him. Clarke meets with Morgan at the Insomnia and she tells him she may be pregnant. She cryptically informs him that her inpregnation wasn't artificial. Ridge is horrified when he learns that Taylor leant Morgan her laptop and realises she faked Taylor's E-mail. Ridge goes to Morgan and confronts her over her manipulation.
S14E60 Ep. #3322 00/00/0000 Taylor stops by to see Stephanie at her home and Stephanie begins ragging on Morgan. Taylor informs Stephanie of Morgan's wish for Ridge to be the father of her child and Stephanie believes this proves her point that Morgan is trying to steal Ridge. Ridge demands Morgan admit to setting him up, but she sees it as something that had to be done to make things right. Ridge frets that he will lose Taylor and his children but Morgan suggests that Taylor never need know. At Manniquins, Brooke tries to offer Macy support as she knocks back another drink. Macy insists that she doesn't need help and orders Brooke to stay away as she hurries out of the bar. Macy'a A.A. counselor tells Thorne that he must be honest with Macy in order for her to get better. Thorne thinks it's cruel, but realises what he must do. Macy starts telling Thorne how she put Brooke in her place when Thorne stops her, explaining he has somethig important to tell her.
S14E61 Ep. #3323 00/00/0000 Stephanie warns Taylor to look out for her marriage but Taylor insists that Morgan isn't a threat. Stephanie can't understand why Taylor isn't taking Morgan more seriously. Ridge vents his anger to Morgan but she continues to say that it was right. Ridge says Taylor needs to know but Morgan tries to stop him ruining things. Taylor walks in and offers support to Morgan and hopes she is pregnant. As Ridge leaves he tells Morgan that he wants to be with her when she takes her pregnancy test. Brooke informs Rick that Thorne is ending his marriage to Macy but Rick feels it may be too much for her to handle while she is back on the drink. Thorne tells Macy that their marriage was a mistake. Macy tries to convince him otherwise but he says that he wants a divorce.
S14E62 Ep. #3324 00/00/0000 Macy begs Thorne not to give up on their marriage. Macy blames Brooke but Thorne insists it's nothing to do with her. Macy wonders if it's about her drinking, but Thorne explains he just doesn't love her the way he should. Kimberly, Clarke and Sally gather in her office at Spectra Fashions. Sally feels Thorne won't leave Macy but Clarke and Kimberly believe Brooke is a serious threat. Kimberly decides to go to Brooke herself, while Sally hopes and prays for Macy's marriage. Kimberly goes to Brooke and warns her to back off Thorne and Macy's marriage. Brooke says that Macy came between her and Thorne, not the other way around. Kimberly pleads that Brooke just give Macy some space and let her save her marriage.
S14E63 Ep. #3325 00/00/0000 C.J. takes Becky home from the hospital to an apartment filled with Amber, Rick, Stephanie, Joe, Tilly and Little Eric. They all wish her a welcome home as they share cake. Becky talks to her son about everyone in the family as she knows he will be well taken care of. When Macy realises that their is no saving her marriage, she asks Thorne to leave as she wants to be alone. Once alone she knocks back some more vodka. Kimberly is furious when Brooke refusues to take any responsibility for Macy going back on the bottle. Kimberly thinks Brooke is vile and warns her that once Macy is better that Brooke had better watch out. Thorne later arrives and tells Brooke that he asked Macy for a divorce. Kimberly drops in on Macy and finds her drinking. Macy says she has no reason to stop and informs Kimberly that Brooke hasn't yet won the war.
S14E64 Ep. #3326 00/00/0000 C.J. seeks support from Sally as he tells her Becky is getting worse and feels she is slipping away. Becky hints that Rick and Amber seemed closer at her welcome home party, but Amber doesn't want to think about it. Rick later comes by to spend time with the baby and Becky suggests the idea of him getting back with Amber but he doesn't believe it's possible. C.J. later drops by and tells her he is taking her out for dinner, while Amber offers to watch the baby. Taylor goes to Morgan to talk to her about her insemination procedure. Morgan thanks Taylor for allowing Ridge to help and offers her and Ridge to be godparents. Stephanie tells Ridge that Morgan is manipulative and she sences a change in his attitude towards Morgan. Stephanie suggests they have Brooke fire Morgan. Stephanie later goes to Morgan and begins ripping into her.
S14E65 Ep. #3327 00/00/0000 Rick comes by to see little Eric, whom Amber is looking after. They discuss Becky's after-death wishes for Little Eric. Rick mentions Becky's idea of him and Amber getting back together, but both agree that it isn't an option. Becky and C.J. have dinner at the Cafe Russe and Becky wonders if C.J. finds Amber attractive. C.J. understands Becky just wants two parents for her son, but he feels this isn't the right time to discuss it. Ridge can't keep his hands off Taylor and suggests they go on vacation. Taylor wonders what has Ridge so stressed but she puts it down to work. Stephanie questions Morgan about what she is up to, but Morgan feels Stephanie is only concerned because she knows Ridge has feelings for her. Ridge later drops in and realises Morgan is insane as she jokes about the situation. Ridge tells her that she had better not be pregnant.
S14E66 Ep. #3328 00/00/0000 Brooke finds Morgan working late in her office. Brooke is shocked when Morgan says that Ridge helped her get pregnant. Brooke presses for answers but Morgan remains secretive. Ridge arrives home to find Taylor waiting for him in the bedroom. She seduces him and they make love and Taylor tells him how safe she feels. Ridge later calls Morgan and orders her to meet him tonight. Becky and C.J. discuss when they first met and Becky tells him that after she has gone she wants him to move on with someone else. They have a dance, but Becky collapses. Rick asks Amber if any papers have been drawn up as to who will raise Little Eric but Amber says it isn't important as he is staying with her. Becky and C.J. bound in the door, Amber is frantic as C.J. and Rick carry Becky to the bedroom. C.J. admits he feels Becky is going to die.
S14E67 Ep. #3329 00/00/0000 Ridge marches over to the beach house and hands Morgan a pregnancy test. She uses it and while they wait they argue about how she manipulated him. Rick offers C.J. support before leaving and Amber tells C.J. he needs to be strong for Becky. C.J. feels it too soon for Becky to die. Becky sits in bed with Little Eric and tells him that she has to leave him. She promises that they will be together again some day. Amber promises Becky that she will take good care of the baby and tell him about his mother. C.J. sits by Becky's side and she asks him to talk about the wedding. They both say that their love will never end. As C.J. kisses Becky, she dies in his arms.
S14E68 Ep. #3330 00/00/0000 Thorne spends an evening with Brooke and tells her that he is going to have Macy admitted into rehab. Brooke wants Thorne to move in with her once he has. Kimberly tries to support Macy as she drinks and tells herself how she is a wreck and blames herself for Thorne leaving. Thorne later arrives home after Kimberly has left and Macy tries to touch him but he stops her. She suggests they go bed, but Thorne says he is sleeping on the sofa. Macy is upset as she grabs her vodka bottle. Ridge demands Morgan tell him the results of the pregnancy test and is relieved when it is negative. Ridge lays into Morgan about manipulating him and thanks that there is no baby. Ridge goes home to Taylor and kisses her before making love again.
S14E69 Ep. #3331 00/00/0000 Sally and Clarke talk about Becky's death and wish C.J. would come to them for support. Kimberly comes over and tells them that Macy is drinking and Thorne has asked for divorce. Thorne meets with Jonathan Young to obtain the divorce papers and is told he just needs Macy's signature. Macy pays Brooke a visit at her home and tells her that she can't have Thorne. Macy accuses Brooke of being a slut using sex as an excuse for love. Brooke controls herself as Macy insults her. Thorne later arrives and is shocked at Macy being there. Apologising to Brooke for Macy's behavior, he hands Macy divorce papers.
S14E70 Ep. #3332 00/00/0000 Ridge drops some work off in Morgan's office and she attempts to talk to him, but he refuses to listen. Clarke stops by Forrester Creations to find Thorne, but bumps into Taylor instead. He tells her that Thorne is leaving Macy for Brooke and asks for her help. Taylor says she can't get involved and Ridge orders Clarke to leave when he comes in. Clarke is furious at their lack of support and tells them that he hopes Brooke destroys them all, as Morgan listens in from outside. Macy is upset that Thorne would confront her with divorce in front of Brooke. Thorne asks her to sign the papers, but she refuses to let him ruin his life and she tears them up before rushing out of the house. Macy goes to Eric and tells him that Thorne is leaving her for Brooke. Eric shows up at Brooke's at tells Thorne that he won't marry Brooke.
S14E71 Ep. #3333 00/00/0000 Clarke comes by to see Morgan at the beach house and he tells her how he wishes to take the Forrester family down. Morgan tells him she is going to get her own revenge on Stephanie. Morgan trusts Clarke with a secret, and tells him that she slept with Ridge. Ridge makes love to Taylor and tells her he loves her, as his guilt obviously shows. Thorne and Brooke order Eric to leave them alone, but he lays on the guilt that their relationship will destroy Stephanie. Brooke tells him that she and Thorne will be together no matter what. Sally finds Macy drinking and Macy tells her that she is going to go up to Big Bear. Sally doesn't think it's wise, but Macy is decided. Thorne calls Jonathan and asks for more divorce papers, then Thorne later receives a call from Macy, asking him to meet her at the cabin.
S14E72 Ep. #3334 00/00/0000 Morgan explains to Clarke how she manipulated Ridge into her bed. Clarke can't believe Ridge fell for it and Morgan tells him that she had told Ridge that she wasn't pregnant, but now she isn't so sure. Morgan goes off to take another test. Taylor and Ridge prepare for a barbecue by the pool. Taylor suggests inviting Morgan, but Ridge refuses. Taylor wonders why he has turned against Morgan but he says it's personal. Up at Big Bear, Macy has prepared a dinner for herself and Thorne. Sally doesn't want to leave Macy alone, but Macy explains that she needs one last night alone with Thorne. Sally agrees to leave when Macy insists that she is fine. Thorne leaves for the cabin and asks Brooke to wait at home for Jonathan to bring the divorce papers over. When Thorne arrives at the cabin he is shocked to find Macy dressed up telling him that she has a surprise for him.
S14E73 Ep. #3335 03/07/2000 Ridge and Taylor sit around the pool with Thomas and the girls. Taylor wonders why Ridge is so sentimental lately, but he tells her it's because of Thorne and Macy's marriage breakdown. Morgan tells Clarke that she is pregnant with Ridge's child. Morgan is happy as can be, and Clarke revels in the news that will destroy Ridge's marriage to Taylor. Morgan makes him promise to keep the news a secret, saying she doesn't want to hurt their marriage. Jonathan brings Macy and Thorne's divorce papers over to Brooke, and she is happy that'll it'll all be over soon. Meanwhile up at the cabin, Macy tells Thorne that she will agree to the divorce. Macy says she loves him, and wishes him the best, even if that be with Brooke. Macy and Thorne sit down to one last dinner together.
S14E74 Ep. #3336 00/00/0000 Morgan brings a sketch over to Ridge, and Taylor asks her to stay to watch the fireworks. Ridge isn't impressed. Jonathan tries to convince Brooke to wait before giving the papers to Macy, but she is insistant on doing it right away. Macy and Thorne talk about old times as they share dinner at the cabin. They thank one another for all they have brought to each others lives. Thorne asks Macy to dance before taking his leave. Macy explains that she wishes to spend the night alone, and will head back to L.A. in the morning. Macy is later infuriated when Brooke shows up at the cabin with divorce papers for her to sign.
S14E75 Ep. #3337 00/00/0000 Amber and C.J. arrive home with the baby from Becky's funeral. They remember memories of Becky then decide to clear through some of her things. They find a videotape addressed to both of them, and see that it is of Becky when they put it into the VCR. Kimberly is with Sally at her penthouse and Sally worries about Macy being alone at the cabin when Thorne calls and informs her of this. Kimberly offers to drive up and check on her. Macy flips out at Brooke for bringing her divorce papers. Macy grabs them and burns them in the fireplace. Macy yells at Brooke and then takes back her decision to allow Thorne to be with Brooke. Brooke attempts to leave, but Macy throws her to the floor.
S14E76 Ep. #3338 00/00/0000 Amber and C.J. watch Becky's tape as she tells them that she wishes them to raise her son. Becky also suggests that she wants them both to be happy, hinting that they can find that happiness together. Clarke worries that Kimberly won't be able to handle Macy if she has been drinking, but Sally assures him that Macy is sober. Sally begins worrying as she sits and waits for news. Kimberly drives up the mountain and tries to call Macy but gets no answer, while Thorne sits in a diner and gets no answer when he tries to call Brooke. Macy wonders if Brooke is afraid as she lays on the floor. Macy hurls some more insults before grabbing Brooke's keys and jumping into her car. Brooke gets in as Macy speeds off. Brooke demands Macy stop the car as she picks up speed. Macy tells Brooke that she will never have Thorne as she swerves the car off the road.
S14E77 Ep. #3339 00/00/0000 Rick finds Bridget at home and she figures out that Brooke has a boyfriend. Rick avoids her questions, but Bridget demands to know who it is. Sally and Clarke both agree that Macy's marriage to Thorne will end soon, neither believing that Thorne and Macy can be happy together now Brooke is envolved. Macy wakes after the accident and finds that her legs are trapped, while Brooke lays unconscious and bleeding from her head. Thorne stumbles upon the accident and Macy instructs him to get Brooke out first. Kimberly later arrives on her way up the mountain and wonders where Macy is. The driver of the truck that Macy hit tries in vain to pull Macy from the wreckage as the tanker starts leaking gasoline. Thorne makes Kimberly stay with Brooke, while he goes to help the trucker rescue Macy, but the tanker and car ignite and explode in front of him.
S14E78 Ep. #3340 10/07/2000 C.J. and Amber spend time with Little Eric at the appartment. C.J. tells her that the baby makes him feel close to Becky. C.J. begins thinking about Macy, as if he has a feeling that she needs him. Sally and Clarke sit at her penthouse and look through a photo album. Clarke tries to reassure Sally that Macy will be fine as she begins beating herself up for leaving Macy at the cabin. Clarke says the best is yet to come as they remember memories of Macy. Kimberly screams out for Macy through the flames. Thorne rushes off in a desperate attempt to find her. The firefighters and paramedics arrive. Brooke is rushed off in an ambulance as Kimberly begins to sob. Kimberly breaks down when Thorne says he is unable to find Macy and the firefighters seem like they aren't going to find her alive.
S14E79 Ep. #3341 00/00/0000 Thorne and Kimberly seek answers from the firefighters. Kimberly breaks down as the fireman says that there were no survivors and that they have found partial remains. Thorne is in shock, but Kimberly stresses that she has to tell Sally. Amber takes the baby over to Brooke's house where Rick is hanging out with Bridget. Bridget is worried about where Brooke is. Brooke is conscious in hospital and calls Bridget and informs her of the accident. Thorne goes to Brooke at the hospital. Brooke finds herself in a serious state of shock when Thorne tells her that they couldn't find Macy. C.J. is furious when Sally and Clarke tell him that Thorne is leaving Macy for Brooke. They all agree that they need to support Macy. Everyone wonders what has happened when Kimberly falls through the door unable to speak.
S14E80 Ep. #3342 00/00/0000 Bridget flips out when Amber suggests that Brooke and Thorne are romantically involved. Rick tries to get her to calm down but Bridget storms out when Rick says that he doesn't see anything wrong with Brooke being with Thorne. Once alone Rick lets Amber know that Brooke and Thorne are in fact a couple. Brooke blames herself for Macy's death but Thorne tries to reassure her. Brooke wonders how Sally will cope with losing her daughter. C.J. orders Kimberly to tell them what is going on. Sally gently probes Kimberly for answers. Kimberly babbles that there was a car accident and that Macy is dead. Sally refuses to believe it and leaves for the cabin, but is stopped by two officers on the way out. Sally yells out in agony as they confirm that Macy is dead.
S14E81 Ep. #3343 00/00/0000 Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor gather at Forrester Creations all in shock over Macy's death. Stephanie wonders why she hasn't heard from Thorne and why Macy was with Brooke. Taylor takes Stephanie to rest in Ridge's office and Eric tells Ridge that Stephanie can't find out that Thorne is involved with Brooke at such a sensitive time. Megan later informs Eric that Stephanie has left the building. Thorne tells Brooke that he hasn't been invited to Macy's memorial but is going anyway. Stephanie barges in with comfort for Thorne and doesn't understand why she knew nothing of the memorial service. Sally, Clarke, Kimberly, C.J. and Darla gather for the service and Sally says she doesn't want any Forresters there. Sally sobs that she needs Macy. C.J. calls Thorne and warns him to stay away.
S14E82 Ep. #3344 14/07/2000 Thorne tells Stephanie that he is going to Macy's memorial alone, but Stephanie later jumps in her car and rides off too, calling Megan on the way. Brooke finds Eric and Ridge at Forrester Creations. They lay in to her about how her relationship with Thorne has only brought tragedy. Megan informs them that Stephanie is going to the memorial, which worries them all. Roberta comes to the memorial. Sally gives a speech and talks about how Macy was the joy of her life. C.J. follows with kind and loving words of his sister. Thorne and Stephanie arrive, Clarke has to hold C.J. back and Sally bits her tongue as Thorne talks about Macy. Sally flips when Thorne says that he loved Macy. Stephanie is shocked and Ridge and Eric enter the chapel and try to pull her away. Stephanie demands to know what is going on.
S14E83 Ep. #3345 00/00/0000 Rick tells Amber that C.J. must hate him right now. Amber tells him that he isn't happy with any of the Forresters. Amber also says that Brooke is going to have the fight of her life once Stephanie finds out. Taylor runs into Brooke and is horrified when Brooke tells her that Stephanie has gone to the memorial. Taylor worries about Stephanie's health. Sally begins telling Stephanie that Thorne was seeing another woman. Eric and Ridge try to get Sally to stop but she goes on and tells her that Macy is dead because of Brooke. Stephanie is confused, but becomes furious when she realises that Thorne is seeing Brooke. Stephanie hits him and calls him a fool. A huge argument breaks out as everyone airs their views. Stephanie suddenly falls to floor and is out cold.
S14E84 Ep. #3346 18/07/2000 Amber is working at the Café Russe and has to deal with a table of rowdy rockers. The women of the group give her a hard time but Amber bites back. One of the guys, Ash, likes Amber's style and Amber later finds him waiting for her after she has finished her shift. Dr. Cannon tells Ridge and Eric that Stephanie has had a small stroke and that she needs to relax. Ridge and Eric tell her to let them handle Brooke but once alone, Stephanie leaves the hospital. Sally, C.J. and Kimberly sit at her penthouse. Kimberly leaves as she says that she needs to be alone. C.J. later finds that Sally has also abruptly left. Brooke tells Thorne that she believes Macy crashed the car on purpose to kill them both. Thorne tells Brooke that he wants to get her out of town for a while. A storm brews as Megan brings in flight tickets. Alone in the office, the lights go out and Brooke finds herself face to face with a hooded figure bearing a trophy.
S14E85 Ep. #3347 19/07/2000 Ash flirts with Amber and apologises for the girls behavior at dinner. He gives Amber two tickets to his concert but she isn't interested. After they have a sarcastic debate, Amber warms to him and offers to give him a ride home. Darla helps C.J. with the baby. They discuss Macy and Darla is concerned when C.J. tells her that Sally took off. C.J. later finds Amber standing in the hall with Ash. Ash attempts to kiss her, but she walks away. C.J. wonders what is going on. Brooke fears for her life as the hooded figure smashes up her office. Brooke tries to apologise thinking that it is Sally, but the figure gets angrier, believing it then to be Stephanie, Brooke says that she loves Thorne. Brooke then realises that it is Kimberly. Kimberly accuses Brooke of killing Macy and then throws her through a window.
S14E86 Ep. #3348 00/00/0000 Amber is surprised when C.J. acts jealous over her being with Ash. They get into an argument where Amber tells him that her life is none of his business. C.J. goes to leave but they both admit that they need one another. Clarke stops by to see Morgan who tells him that she is almost two months pregnant now. Clarke offers to help her any way he can which seems to make Morgan happy. Thorne finds Brooke laying in the broken window and Kimberly standing over her. Brooke says that Kimberly is out of control, but she suddenly vanishes. Thorne tells Brooke to leave town now. Stephanie, Eric and Ridge go to Thorne's house and decide to wait for him when he is not there. Thorne arrives home and is surprised that they are there. Stephanie tells him that they have a problem that needs to be eliminated.
S14E87 Ep. #3349 00/00/0000 Amber and C.J. debate on living together. C.J. thinks that he is a mess and shouldn't be around the baby, but Amber says that they both need him. C.J. admits that losing Becky and Macy has nearly pushed him over the edge. C.J. surprises Amber by kissing her. Taylor stops by the beach house to see Morgan and questions her about Clarke. Taylor suspects that Morgan and Clarke are a couple, but Morgan insists they are just friends. Thorne doesn't want to listen as Stephanie starts insulting Brooke. Stephanie says that Brooke is responsible for Macy's death and she needs to be out of the family. Stephanie explains that she is protecting her family and that he must make a choice. If he chooses Brooke, he is no longer a Forrester.
S14E88 Ep. #3350 00/00/0000 C.J. and Amber both freak out a little after the kiss. They both make excuses for it and blame it on the stress. C.J. later goes to Spectra Fashions where Sally, Clarke, Darla and Kimberly are waiting with Connor Davis. Connor gives Macy's will to Sally in which she leaves Insomnia to C.J., her beach house to Kimberly, and her wardrobe and jewelry to Darla. Thorne is angry at Stephanie for making him choose. Brooke arrives to see him and thinks Stephanie is being cruel by putting Thorne in such a position. Thorne tells his family that he won't walk away from Brooke. Stephanie tells him that he is no longer welcome in their family and leaves with Ridge and Eric. Brooke apologises to Thorne but he insists that his future is with her. Kimberly moves into Macy's old house and watches Thorne and Brooke from the patio. Kimberly vows that Brooke will never have Thorne.
S14E89 Ep. #3351 25/07/2000 CJ isn't impressed when Ash stops by to see Amber. He invites Amber to see his band practise, but she turns him down. Ash decides to bring the party to Amber instead. Rick drops in later and CJ lays in to him about Brooke. Things get heated when Rick defends Brooke, so Amber has him leave. Stephanie warns Taylor and Ridge that Macy shouldn't have underestimated Brooke, the same way they underestimate Morgan. Taylor begins questioning Ridge when he suddenly agrees with Stephanie. Clarke suggests Morgan tell Ridge that she is pregnant, but she says she needs to keep it a secret. Stephanie notices them in close contact and barges in. Stephanie asks Clarke to leave the building as he isn't welcome there and then begins digging for answers from Morgan. Stephanie warns her not to cause any trouble and that she is on to her.
S14E90 Ep. #3352 26/07/2000 Taylor asks Morgan if she is ok, having overheard her run in with Stephanie. Morgan says she is worried that Taylor will turn on her and side with Stephanie. Taylor says there isn't anything Morgan can do to make her turn on her. Rick goes to Eric and tells him about CJ losing his temper. Eric asks if he feels the baby is in danger, Rick feels that he isn't but adds that he doesn't feel that apartment is the right enviroment to raise little Eric. CJ takes the baby into the bedroom to put him down when Ash, his girl Sam and another bandmember named Twister all barge into the apartment. CJ isn't happy as they all start drinking and making noise. Amber seems to be enjoying herself, while Sam is jealous of her talking with Ash. Twister begins getting a bit drunk and wanders into the baby's room.
S14E91 Ep. #3353 00/00/0000 Sally drops by to see Kimberly and wonders if it is wise for Kimberly to be living in Macy's old house and right next door to Thorne. Kimberly tells Sally that Macy wanted her there, and that the house was filled with happy times. Brooke and Thorne make the most of their evening alone at his house. Brooke informs him that she is taking a trip to Forrester International, so they make love out on the deck before she leaves. Kimberly spots them and is disgusted. Thorne later goes over when he sees the lights on and learns that Kimberly has moved in. Thorne comments that he hopes she will forgive him someday for everything that has happened. CJ finds Twister hanging over the baby and flips out. He tells Amber to get everyone to leave. Sam is busy getting drunk and then throwing abuse at Amber for being with Ash. CJ and Amber tell everyone to get out, but before she leaves Sam hides some pot in the apartment and calls the police.
S14E92 Ep. #3354 28/07/2000 Kimberly tells Thorne that she doesn't hate him, infact she doesn't even blame him as she knows that he did love Macy. Thorne tries to talk about Brooke but Kimberly snaps at him and begs him not to marry her. Rick tells Eric that he misses the baby and feels that CJ is going to try and keep him for seeing little Eric. Eric says that Amber won't allow it, but Rick doesn't want it to come to that. Amber and CJ manage to get everyone to leave and Sam has a smug grin on her face as she does so. Amber is shocked when an officer shows up at the apartment. CJ and Amber act innocent when he finds the drugs. CJ and Amber try to defend themselves as they are arrested and the baby is taken from them. Amber calls Rick and begs for his help.
S14E93 Ep. #3355 00/00/0000 Kimberly tells Thorne that she will never forgive Brooke and that he needs to stop defending her. Kimberly says that she needs a friend but doesn't want to hear about Brooke. Thorne later finds Brooke waiting for him at home, they make love again as Kimberly glares at them. Rick goes to Amber's apartment to collect the baby from the Child Protection Agent. Rick can't believe Amber would get herself into such a situation. Rick takes the baby back to the Forrester guesthouse for the night. Eric goes to bail CJ and Amber out fo jail. Amber apologises to Eric but he tells them how angry he is that they would allow a party around the baby. CJ and Amber arrive home and find Rick there who tells them that little Eric will be staying with him for the night. CJ isn't happy, but Amber says they have to do what is best for the child.
S14E94 Ep. #3356 01/08/2000 Rick tells Eric that he can't give the baby back to Amber and CJ to raise in their apartment. Rick suggests that Amber move back into the guest house and he will live at the main house with Eric and Stephanie. Amber and CJ both agree that they are dissapointed in the previous night, they clean the apartment for the baby's return. Rick arrives and puts across his suggestion of Amber moving back to the Forrester estate. CJ says no, but Amber is unsure. Clarke brings over a basket of baby stuff to Morgan. She is very pleased and shows him a crib that she has bought. Clarke tells her to be careful that nobody sees it. Taylor later drops in and sees the baby basket. Taylor wonders if Morgan is pregnant.
S14E95 Ep. #3357 02/08/2000 Morgan tells Taylor that the baby basket is for a friend. Taylor goes through to the bedroom as Morgan tries to stop her. Taylor is shocked when she finds Clarke in a towel. Taylor quickly leaves and Morgan thanks him for saving her back. Taylor pops back later and overhears Morgan telling Clarke that they need to keep her secret. CJ can't believe that Amber is considering Rick's idea to move back to Forrester estate. CJ and Rick argue over the baby but after talking with CJ alone, Amber declines Rick's idea. He warns them both that they had better not screw up again.
S14E96 Ep. #3358 00/00/0000 Darla helps Amber cook a special meal for CJ. Amber tells Darla that she wants to make up for everything that she has done lately, as well as cheer CJ up as he has been through a lot. CJ tells Sally about Rick's idea of moving Amber back to the guest house. Sally wonders if it wasn't such a bad idea. CJ is angry that Sally would suggest having the baby around the Forrester family, but Sally says that Amber and Rick raised the child for over a year and do have rights. CJ goes home to find Amber dressed up with dinner ready. Clarke goes with Morgan to the hospital to have an ultrasound. Morgan is thrilled when she hears the baby. Bill Spencer drops by to see Stephanie as he is in town and they catch up. Taylor later drops by and tells Stephanie that Clarke and Morgan are a couple. Stephanie suggests Morgan is up to something. Later, Stephanie lets herself into the beach house and has a snoop around while Morgan is out.
S14E97 Ep. #3359 00/00/0000 As Amber and CJ share dinner, she apologises for having the rockers in the house. CJ says he doesn't hold it against her and then removes his wedding ring. He says it is time to let Becky go and they dance. An officer later comes by and charges Amber with possession of drugs with the intent to sell. Morgan is on a high after seeing her baby on the screen. Clarke shares her joy, but reminds her that Stephanie can't find out that she is pregnant. Ridge and Taylor lay by the pool. Ridge suggests Taylor find another friend other than Morgan. Taylor can't shake the feeling that Morgan is hiding something. Stephanie finds the baby basket and then the crib. Stephanie rushes over to Morgan's doctor after finding an apointment book. Posing as Morgan's aunt, Stephanie learns that Morgan is pregnant.
S14E98 Ep. #3360 00/00/0000 Amber sobs as she realises she is going to have to go to court. CJ tells her not to worry and that they will prove her innocence. Amber begins thinking that she is a bad mother, but CJ kisses her again. Taylor asks Morgan why she is keeping secrets. Morgan says that she isn't but Taylor isn't buying it. Stephanie tells Ridge that Morgan is pregnant. He is in shock and tells Stephanie that he will handle things. Stephanie later informs Taylor of Morgan's pregnancy. Taylor suggests that Clarke is the father, but Stephanie still feels something else is going on. Ridge storms into Morgan's office and makes her confess that she is pregnant. Ridge demands to know if the baby she is carrying is his.
S14E99 Ep. #3361 09/08/2000 Thorne finds Kimberly cooped up at home. He tries to get her to come out and surf but she refuses. He invites her to dinner, but again she declines. Thorne suggests she do something to make herself feel better. Kimberly later gives Gladys a call and asks for a makeover. Taylor goes to Clarke to dig for information on Morgan's pregnancy. Clarke keeps quiet but tells Taylor that she will know everything soon enough. Ridge shakes Morgan and demands some answers. Morgan admits that she is pregnant with his child. Ridge is furious, but Morgan says nothing has to change she has everything she wants now. Ridge tells her it will destroy his family and Morgan is in shock when he suggests that she have an abortion.
S14E100 Ep. #3362 10/08/2000 Brooke calls Thorne and tells him that she is coming home from Paris. He asks her to stop by when she arrives back. Gladys drops by Kimberly's place ready to style her up. Kimberly suggests some highlights to lighten her hair. After the makeover, Kimberly goes next door to Thorne's to have dinner afterall. Morgan refuses to have an abortion. Morgan suggests telling Taylor the truth but Ridge flips out and demands Morgan get rid of the child. Morgan later tells Clarke that Ridge knows everything. Morgan fears that Stephanie will learn the truth. Taylor confides in Stephanie that something bizarre is going on with Morgan. Stephanie is determined to get to the bottom of it. Stephanie later finds Ridge in Morgan's office on the floor in a state of distress.
S14E101 Ep. #3363 00/00/0000 Thorne is impressed with Kimberly's new look. She tells Thorne that she is glad that he made her do this for herself. They have a barbecue and Thorne tells Kimberly that she is beautiful. Morgan tells Clarke that she is scared of what Stephanie will do. Clarke tells her to relax as she doesn't know the truth. Morgan feels it is only a matter of time. Stephanie pushes Ridge to open up to her. He explains how Morgan manipulated him, first with the E-mail and then the telephone message. Ridge tells Stephanie that the baby Morgan is carrying is his. Stephanie is angry and warns Ridge that he will lose his whole family over this. Stephanie tells Ridge that she will handle things.
S14E102 Ep. #3364 00/00/0000 Thorne and Kimberly sit out on the deck of his house. Thorne gives her a house warming present, a photograph of a lighthouse in Nantucket. Thorne goes to make some coffee as Brooke arrives. Kimberly glares at her. Ridge goes home to Taylor and she begins talking about Morgan. Taylor still talks of Clarke being the child's father, while Ridge finds it hard to hide his guilt. Stephanie calls Bill Spencer to ask for a favor. Bill meets with Stephanie and hands her some pills. Morgan freaks out and Clarke suggests Morgan get out of town for a while. Morgan agrees and packs her things but on her way out she bumps right into a waiting Stephanie.
S14E103 Ep. #3365 00/00/0000 Brooke wonders why Kimberly is still at Thorne's. Brooke attempts to talk to Kimberly, but Kimberly shoots her down, not prepared to discuss anything with Brooke. Brooke suggests Kimberly get some professional help, but she says that she has a very dear friend helping her through this. Ridge finds Bill at Forrester Creations. Bill lectures him on how Stephanie is still clearing up the mess that he causes. Ridge asks what Bill is doing and he informs Ridge that he gave Stephanie the pills that'll save his family. Stephanie tells Morgan that this child will destroy her family and tells Morgan to have an abortion. Morgan refuses and Stephanie realises that she has to try another approach. Reaching out to Morgan, Morgan is happy that Stephanie seems to be accepting things.
S14E104 Ep. #3366 16/08/2000 Amber brings the baby by to see Rick. They talk about her court case and Amber declines Rick's help of hiring Jonathan. Rick again brings up the suggestion of Amber moving in, she says how different things are between them now. Rick suddenly kisses Amber. Ridge demands that Bill tell him what the pills are for. Bill admits that they will cause a miscarriage. Ridge is furious that Bill would give Stephanie illegal drugs, but Bill feels Ridge should be thankful for Stephanie covering his butt again. Stephanie pretends to care for Morgan and asks for some tea and conversation. Morgan is happy to see that they can get along. While Morgan isn't looking, Stephanie opens a capsule and drops it's contents into Morgan's tea.
S14E105 Ep. #3367 17/08/2000 Amber breaks away from Rick's kiss and asks about Kimberly. Rick admits that Kimberly hasn't seen him and doesn't seem to want to either since Macy died. Rick mentions his marriage with Amber and tells her that he misses both her and the baby. Amber returns home where CJ has prepared pizza and movies. He kisses Amber. Stephanie ushers Morgan to drink her tea, but suddenly Ridge barges in. Ridge gives Stephanie a knowing glance and she tries to get him to leave. Ridge has second thoughts and has Stephanie leave which makes Morgan angry. Morgan says that Stephanie was finally accepting her, but Ridge informs Morgan that Stephanie was trying to kill her baby.
S14E106 Ep. #3368 00/00/0000 Rick catches Stephanie as she arrives back home. He asks her if she would mind him moving back into the main house, and Amber and the baby coming back to the guest house. Stephanie is surprised and wonders how CJ would deal with that, but agrees to think about it. CJ tells Amber that he cares for her and that his life with her and the baby means everything to him now. He kisses Amber again, later, Amber gets a call from Rick who asks her to think about moving back to the Forrester estate. Morgan is horrified that Stephanie tried to kill her baby. Ridge wonders if he made a mistake in stopping Stephanie. Morgan is fuming as Ridge tells her that he will only be looking out for his own family from now on. Morgan vows revenge on Stephanie.
S14E107 Ep. #3369 21/08/2000 Morgan flies into Stephanie's house as she is sipping her morning tea. Morgan tells Stephanie that she is going to make her pay. Stephanie tells Morgan that if she carries the baby to term she will go after the child in court. Morgan warns Stephanie to stay away from her, pulls out a jar with the tea inside and throws it in Stephanie's face. Bridget hears two guys at The Insomnia Cafe talking about Brooke and Thorne. Bridget is angry, especially after Kimberly confirms it. Bridget storms out as Kimberly is happy with herself. Brooke and Thorne lay in bed and make love. Brooke tells Thorne that she is going to tell Bridget about their relationship tonight. Thorne wonders if she will be ok, but Brooke believes that Bridget will be happy for them. Bridget later finds them together and is sickened.
S14E108 Ep. #3370 22/08/2000 CJ suggests that Amber get some help from Sally in regards to lawyers in court. Amber insists that she can handle it alone. Eric wonders about Amber's day in court. Rick calls her and learns that she is taking the baby, he suggests otherwise, but she hurries off the phone. CJ and Amber arrive at court and CJ insists that Amber needs a lawyer. Darla stops by to see Kimberly. Kimberly tells Darla that Bridget is the one person who can end Brooke and Thorne's relationship. Bridget blasts Brooke and Thorne for their relationship. Bridget thinks that they are both sick and is in shock when they tell her that they plan to marry. Bridget refuses to accept that her half-brother is dating her mother, and warns Brooke that either Thorne goes, or she will.
S14E109 Ep. #3371 23/08/2000 Bridget yells for Thorne to get out but he refuses, telling Bridget that he loves Brooke. Bridget tells Brooke that she has been through this time and time again with Ridge and she won't go through it again. Rick stops by to see Kimberly and they argue about Brooke and Thorne. Rick realises that things are over for him and Kimberly. Kimberly later stops by to see Thorne and learns that Bridget reacted badly to the news of his love for Brooke. Kimberly seems pleased and offers to be there for Thorne. The judge rips Amber to pieces in court. Amber tries to speak up for herself but he recommends that she get a lawyer if she plans to be heard. He puts the case on hold for two days. As Amber and CJ leave the court, a lawyer named Sherman Gale gives her his card and offers to help.
S14E110 Ep. #3372 00/00/0000 Taylor finds Ridge in his office and comments that he hasn't been sleeping well and that he seems to be working far too much. Stephanie walks in and after Taylor leaves she says that Ridge needs to tell Taylor the truth that Morgan is pregnant with his child. Amber has a meeting with Sherman, her lawyer. He asks for a check for $500 for his services. He advises Amber that she could go to jail for 5-10 years and she begs him to do something. Thorne suggests moving into Brooke's place to show Bridget that they are serious about one another. Brooke says that it would be best if he only stay there part time until Bridget warms to the idea. Kimberly meets with Bridget and is happy with Bridget's anger toward Brooke and Thorne. Kimberly suggests Bridget go to her father for help. Bridget later tells Eric that Brooke and Thorne have to be stopped.
S14E111 Ep. #3373 00/00/0000 Kimberly finds Thorne packing some things to take to Brooke's. Kimberly can't believe that Thorne is moving in with her. Thorne tells her that he will only be spending the occasional night for now. Kimberly isn't pleased. Bridget tells Eric how sick she feels at the thought of Brooke and Thorne being together. Bridget says that if Brooke chooses Thorne then she is moving out. Eric suggests that Bridget can live with him and Stephanie. Brooke tells Bridget that they need to talk, but she demands an answer on whether Brooke wants her daughter or Thorne. Stephanie advises Ridge to tell Taylor the truth now when he starts worrying about losing his family. Stephanie says he needs to do it before Morgan does. Morgan and Taylor have lunch. They discuss her baby and Taylor asks Morgan who the father is.
S14E112 Ep. #3374 00/00/0000 Brooke tries to make Bridget see reason, but Bridget demands that she chose. Brooke suggests that Bridget come home so that they can talk, but she has to promise Bridget that Thorne won't be there. Kimberly is thrilled when she learns that Bridget has stalled Brooke and Thorne's plans of moving in together. Thorne later comes over to Brooke's with flowers but she sends him away. Morgan tells Taylor that she can't reveal who her child's father is as he wants to keep it secret. Taylor is annoyed but still promises to be there for Morgan. Ridge wonders how Taylor will react to learning he slept with Morgan. Stephanie says that it won't be easy but it has to be done. Ridge arrives home and prepares to tell all.
S14E113 Ep. #3375 29/08/2000 Ridge finds his living room full of a camera crew and reporters. Taylor tells him that they have been selected for an interview with Fashion Today magazine. Taylor gushes with pride about her family and Ridge loses his bottle to tell her the truth. Stephanie storms into Morgan's office and warns her that she won't have Ridge. Morgan says that she doesn't want Ridge, only his baby. Stephanie tells her that Ridge is going to tell Taylor the truth. Morgan says that it will be Stephanie's fault if he loses his family. CJ asks Amber if her lawyer is getting anywhere with her case. He offers Sally's help again, but Amber turns him down. Sherman later calls Amber and tells her that he has some good news.
S14E114 Ep. #3376 30/08/2000 Amber is shocked when Sherman tells her that he can have her charges reduced if she pleas guilty. CJ tells her not to do it, but Amber is shaken and unsure as they have to be in court today. Stephanie learns that Ridge didn't tell Taylor anything. Stephanie says that if he isn't going to tell Taylor the truth now then he has to keep it secret forever. Ridge and Stephanie decide that they need to speak with Morgan. Clarke finds Morgan pacing in a nervous manner. Clarke takes pleasure in the thought of Ridge losing his marriage. Morgan calls Taylor and realises Ridge hasn't told her anything. Clarke leaves once Morgan is relaxed. Stephanie and Ridge later barge in and tell Morgan that they have a problem that needs to be resolved once and for all.
S14E115 Ep. #3377 31/08/2000 Amber takes the stand in court and goes with Sherman's advice to say she is guilty. CJ is worried but the plea bargain works when the judge gives her one years probation, 80 hours of community service and drug school. Eric and Rick watch from the back. Later, Eric tells Rick that Amber now has a criminal record and with that it could work in their favor with a custody case for little Eric. Stephanie and Ridge order Morgan to keep the father of her baby a secret. They all agree between the three of them that it stays their secret and it is to stay that way forever. Morgan later worries that Clarke knows the truth. Placing a call to him, she begs him to keep it a secret, to which he agrees, but he realises that he now has the power to destroy Ridge.
S14E116 Ep. #3378 01/09/2000 Brooke finds Thorne in her office and she apologises for sending him away. Thorne thinks that he should talk to Bridget, but Brooke asks him to let her handle her daughter. Bridget meets with Kimberly at The Insomnia Cafe. Kimberly tells Bridget not to move out of home as she can keep Thorne away as long as she is there. Bridget thanks Kimberly for her support. Kimberly later feels it's time for she herself to make a move on Thorne. Thorne walks into the cafe and Kimberly sets herself up on the stage and sings him a song to say thank you. Stephanie learns of Amber's court charges from Eric and Rick. Stephanie decides that the baby isn't safe living in that apartment. CJ and Amber talk about her drug charges and how it's all behind them now. Once alone, Eric, Rick and Stephanie show up. Stephanie tells Amber that she has made a big mistake.
S14E117 Ep. #3379 05/09/2000 Thorne is thankful to Kimberly for her song, but he doesn't get the message that she intended. Kimberly later drops by his place and thanks him for being there for her. She tells him that he means a lot to her and then confesses that she is in love with him. CJ visits Sally at work and she is surprised that he didn't ask for help with Amber's drug charges. Sally realises that CJ sees Amber as more than just a friend now. CJ tells Sally how Rick is trying to get Amber to move back to Forrester estate. Sally reminds him that Becky wanted he and Amber to raise the child. Stephanie makes Amber feel guilty about her drug charges. Eric and Stephanie push her to move back to the guest house. Amber refuses to leave CJ. Amber has to rush off to drug school but CJ is running late. Rick offers to take the baby. CJ later comes home and finds Stephanie there. He is angry when she tells him that the baby isn't coming back.
S14E118 Ep. #3380 06/09/2000 Thorne tells Kimberly that she is confused. She comments that she isn't, what she feels for him is love. He tells her that he loves Brooke and nothing can ever happen between him and Kimberly. Kimberly later watches Brooke and Thorne from her deck. She calls Bridget and orders her to come over right away. Eric pulls some strings with Jonathan to arrange for Amber to miss her drug school. Rick talks with Amber about old times and tells her that he misses the baby and her too. Amber feels her should stop, but he touches her hand. Stephanie and CJ argue about the baby. CJ says that baby belongs with him, but Stephanie tells him that Amber and little Eric will be living with her now. CJ yells at Stephanie for going against Becky's wishes, but she says that Becky wanted the baby to live in safe enviroment, and that's something that he can't provide.
S14E119 Ep. #3381 07/09/2000 Kimberly riles Bridget up more by telling her exactly what's going on between Brooke and Thorne. Brooke and Thorne get hot and heavy as she strips to her underwear. Bridget rushes over and barges into Thorne's house. She tells Brooke that she is ashamed of her and yells at them both. Brooke quickly ushers her home. Thorne is annoyed but Kimberly is more impressed than ever. CJ has enough of Stephanie's attitude and storms out to go get little Eric back. Rick continues to pull on Amber's heart strings as CJ bounds into the Forrester home. He begins yelling at Rick for bribing Amber back there. Amber is confused as to what's going on. Stephanie enters and a full blown argument erupts. CJ grabs the baby and goes to leave but the Forresters' warn him not to walk out the door.
S14E120 Ep. #3382 00/00/0000 Kimberly goes to Brooke and tells her that she wants to return to work at Forrester Creations. Kimberly suggests a home photo shoot with Thorne supervising. Brooke arranges things with Giovanni. Brooke calls Thorne and fills him in on the arrangement, he is a little reluctant, but later agrees. Eric, Stephanie and Rick come up with ways to lure Amber and the baby back to the house. Eric suggests legal advice, but Rick believes that he can handle it. CJ and Amber discuss his reaction to her being at the Forrester home. CJ gets angry when Amber believes that the Forresters' intensions are sincere. CJ storms out. Rick later comes by and asks Amber if she ever wonders what it could have been like for them and that it's not too late to try.
S14E121 Ep. #3383 00/00/0000 Rick asks Amber if what she feels for CJ is real. Rick suggests that CJ is vulnerable after Becky and Macy's death, and that Amber is alone since their marriage ended. He advises her to do some soul searching. CJ later returns and apologises to Amber. He confesses that he is afraid of losing her and admits that he loves her before giving her a kiss. Stephanie tells Brooke of Rick's plans to have Amber move back to guest house. Stephanie and Brooke get into it about her parenting skills. Kimberly takes full advantage of showing her sexier side during her photo shoot. She notices Thorne watching her and teases him. Thorne is annoyed when Brooke calls and cancels their dinner plans so that she can talk to Bridget. Kimberly then invites him to dinner herself.
S14E122 Ep. #3384 00/00/0000 Taylor ponders who the father of Morgan's baby could be, but Ridge tells her to drop it. Morgan enters upon hearing her name and tells Taylor that she doesn't know her baby's father. Morgan says that she was artificially inseminated when Taylor was out of town. Brooke tries to see if Bridget has warmed any more to the idea of Thorne moving in. Bridget accuses Brooke of not caring for her feelings at all and storms out. Kimberly and Thorne talk after her photo shoot. Kimberly again brings up her feelings for him but he says that he is far too old for her, as well as being in love with Brooke. Kimberly mentions that Brooke hasn't been around much. Bridget drops by Kimberly's and watches her with Thorne.
S14E123 Ep. #3385 00/00/0000 Amber is working at the Cafe Russe and sees Rick dining alone. He makes a play for Amber again but she feels it's just an act to get her and the baby back to the Forrester estate. Rick insists that he really does care for her again. Thorne calls Brooke and tells her that his patience is running thin, he makes her promise to go public with their relationship the following day. Brooke drops by to get some advice from Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke that Bridget needs her more than Thorne. Taylor suggests Brooke take Bridget out of town to show her how much her daughter means to her. Bridget confonts Kimberly and accuses her of wanting Thorne for herself. Kimberly admits that she loves Thorne. Bridget agrees to help Kimberly keep Brooke away. Brooke calls and asks Bridget to go to Hawaii with her. Kimberly thinks it's the perfect opportunity to grab Thorne.
S14E124 Ep. #3386 15/09/2000 Bridget asks Kimberly if a couple of days will be enough for her to get through to Thorne. Kimberly seems possitive. Brooke goes to Thorne and tells him that they can't go public just yet as she is going to Hawaii with Bridget. Thorne is angry and feels Brooke is letting Bridget call all the shots. CJ tells Sally about Eric, Rick and Stephanie taking the baby. Amber arrives home and CJ and Sally warn her not to underestimate the Forrester family. Amber still feels that they won't cause trouble but Sally believes otherwise. Eric and Stephanie have a meeting with Jonathan about going after custody of little Eric. Rick says that he doesn't want to take the child from Amber. Jonathan manages to pull some stings on the Forrester's behalf that states that Amber and the child must reside at the Forrester estate for the duration of her probation.
S14E125 Ep. #3387 18/09/2000 Rick is a bit unsure on if they should just go and take the baby away from the apartment. Eric says that Amber has no choice other than to move in now or else she will go to jail. Stephanie decides to go talk to Amber first. Amber is at work and CJ isn't impressed that Stephanie is there. CJ tries to throw her out but she gives him a lecture of the hazards of the apartment. When CJ refuses to cooperate, Stephanie orders him to give her the baby. Brooke and Bridget fly to Hawaii. On the flight, Brooke tells Bridget all the fun that they are going to have but Bridget gives her the cold shoulder. Kimberly begins working on Thorne. She tells him that Brooke is only letting him down after everything that he has sacrificed for her. Kimberly asks Thorne to let Brooke go and give his heart to her instead.
S14E126 Ep. #3388 19/09/2000 Thorne tries to push Kimberly away but she goes on to say how much he means to her. Kimberly feels Brooke isn't the right woman for him and that all she is bringing him is pain. Bridget and Brooke arrive in Hawaii. Brooke hopes that she and Bridget can get their relationship back on track. Brooke later calls Thorne and realises that he is feeling low, but she promises him things will all work out soon. Bridget calls Kimberly and tells her to do something as soon as possible. CJ and Stephanie bicker as Amber comes home. Amber is shocked by the court order Stephanie provides her with. Amber and CJ argue with Stephanie for trying to control their lives. Amber refuses to leave CJ, but Stephanie warns her that she had better be at the Forrester home by the end of the day or else she will send the police.
S14E127 Ep. #3389 20/09/2000 CJ has Connor look at Amber's court order. Connor informs Amber that she has to comply otherwise she will be violating her probation. Amber is upset and doesn't want to leave CJ. Eric, Stephanie and Rick await Amber and the baby's arrival. Amber eventually turns up with CJ and informs them that she will move in on the one condition that CJ can move in too. Bridget is happy to be spending time with Brooke, but grows tired when Brooke mentions Thorne. Thorne later calls Brooke to see if there has been any progress but Brooke cuts the call short. Brooke informs Bridget that she and Thorne are announcing their engagement upon her return to L.A. Bridget calls Kimberly and tells her to make her move now. Kimberly makes sure Thorne can see her across the deck and then undresses in plain view. Showering so he can see, Thorne goes over to her place.
S14E128 Ep. #3390 21/09/2000 Kimberly thinks Thorne is impressed by what he sees and she tries to seduce him over to the bed. He tells her that her infatuation with him needs to stop, he loves Brooke and wants Brooke. Kimberly sobs as he leaves. Sally tells Clarke about Stephanie's court order toward Amber. Sally informs him that Amber has a few tricks up her sleeve. Clarke fears that she is in for a fight. Everyone is shocked by Amber's idea of CJ moving into the guest house with her. Amber refuses to live there unless CJ can come too. Eric and Stephanie tell Rick that they have to make a compromise. CJ and Amber are about to leave when Stephanie gives in to her demands. Rick vows to get Amber and the baby back.
S14E129 Ep. #3391 00/00/0000 Stephanie, Eric and Ridge gather at Forrester Creations. Thorne arrives and asks them all to attend his wedding to Brooke. Ridge and Eric aren't impressed and Stephanie tells him not to marry Brooke. Thorne loses his temper when Stephanie begins blaming Brooke for Macy's death. Thorne storms out and tells them that he won't be returning to work at the company. Bridget flips out at Brooke when she again tries to get Bridget's blessing. Bridget tells Brooke that she wasted her time if she brought them to Hawaii to get her approval. Kimberly speaks with Taylor about Brooke and Thorne. Taylor guesses that Kimberly is in love with Thorne. Kimberly tells her that Thorne will soon realise that Brooke isn't the woman for him.
S14E130 Ep. #3392 00/00/0000 Forrester Creations is buzzing as preparations begin for Morgan's showing. Eric and Stephanie are not impressed that Thorne and Brooke plan to announce their engagement on stage. Ridge notices Kimberly is feeling depressed and Taylor informs him that Kimberly is in love with Thorne. Thorne runs into Rick and asks him to be his best man, to which he accepts. Bridget rushes to Kimberly and worries about Brooke and Thorne's announcement. Kimberly sees Brooke and Thorne kissing backstage. Morgan looks uncomfortable when the press takes photos of her with Taylor. Everyone notices Kimberly's strange behavior and Morgan asks Thorne to talk to her as the showing is about to start. As everyone gathers out front, Kimberly tells Thorne how much she loves him. She grabs him and kisses him as Bridget pulls the stage curtain away, revealing all to the audience.
S14E131 Ep. #3393 00/00/0000 CJ tells Sally about Amber's decision to have him live at the Forrester estate with her. Sally is surprised when CJ says that Stephanie agreed to it. Darla comes in an puts the TV on for Morgan's showing. They are all shocked when they see Kimberly kissing Thorne. The cameras go wild at the kiss. Brooke storms off and Stephanie, Eric and Ridge take great pride in what's happened. The press eat it up as Morgan's line begins, but she is dissapointed when nobody is taking notice. Thorne chases Brooke back to her office and she is fuming, she accuses him of having an affair with Kimberly but he insists that he isn't. Bridget and Kimberly are impressed by what has happened. Brooke tells Thorne that their wedding plans are off.
S14E132 Ep. #3394 27/09/2000 Stephanie and Ridge fire questions at Thorne about Kimberly. He tells them that she has an infatuation for him and that there is nothing going on. Thorne says that he still intends to marry Brooke. Bridget wonders if she has gone too far in ending her mother's relationship with Thorne and starts to feel guilty. Rick tells Amber how happy he is for Brooke that she finally has a man that she can count on. Bridget walks in and tells Rick about the kiss, Rick feels Brooke must be devastated. Brooke rushes over to Kimberly's and begins hurling insults. They get into it about who is best for Thorne. Kimberly tells her that she and Thorne are seeing one another. Brooke thinks she is delusional and warns Kimberly that she is one step ahead of her.
S14E133 Ep. #3395 00/00/0000 Rick rushes out to speak with Kimberly while Bridget is left with Amber. Amber tells Bridget that she doesn't seem surprised by Thorne and Kimberly's kiss. Bridget avoids Amber's questions but she can see right through her. Rick accuses Kimberly of going after Thorne to get back at Brooke. Kimberly snaps that it has nothing to do with Brooke and that she is in love with Thorne. Stephanie is beaming with happiness that things could be over between Brooke and Thorne. Eric isn't as happy as he feels the publicity is bad for the company. Stephanie later heads over to Kimberly's to find out what is really going on between her and Thorne. Thorne begs Brooke to listen to him. Brooke tells him that he should have told her about Kimberly's feelings for him. Brooke says she feels betrayed and leaves. Rick later comes by and punches Thorne out.
S14E134 Ep. #3396 00/00/0000 Stephanie asks Kimberly what she feels for Thorne and she admits that it's love. Stephanie is suspicious, but Kimberly tells her that what she has with Thorne would be perfect if Brooke was out of the picture. Brooke seeks Taylor's advice. Taylor says that although Kimberly loves Thorne, she doesn't feel that his feelings for Kimberly are the same. Brooke wonders how Rick and Bridget will feel and Taylor tells her that she must put her children first after what has happened. Thorne refuses to fight Rick and tells him things have gotten out of hand. Rick accuses Thorne of cheating on Brooke and warns him to stay out of Brooke's life. Rick begins fighting with Thorne again as Brooke returns home. She is horrified and Rick tells her that Thorne has to go. Bridget enters and sides with Rick. They tell their mother that the choice is her children or Thorne.
S14E135 Ep. #3397 00/00/0000 Taylor talks to Ridge about Brooke. Taylor believes Brooke's love for Thorne is sincere but that she will choose her children over her love. Sally, Clarke and CJ grill Kimberly about her kiss with Thorne. CJ calls Kimberly sick and Sally and Clarke tell Kimberly to stay away from him. Sally later feels she has to be the one to handle things. Rick and Bridget refuse to allow Thorne to hurt Brooke. They curse and insult Thorne to the point where Brooke asks them to leave. Kimberly meets with Bridget who informs her of the ultimatum she and Rick issued to Brooke. Brooke tells Thorne that Kimberly is no longer the issue, but her children instead. Brooke comments that she has hurt Rick and Bridget too many times before with her love life and she isn't prepared to do it again.
S14E136 Ep. #3398 00/00/0000 Kimberly stops by Stephanie's home to give her the latest developments. Kimberly says that Brooke is going to choose her children over Thorne. Stephanie isn't so sure as Brooke never does the right thing. CJ tells Sally that he hates living at the Forrester estate and this latest scandal with Kimberly is only going to make things worse. Rick talks with Amber about Brooke. Amber offers him comfort as he is upset and they grow closer. CJ returns and becomes jealous at seeing them together. Brooke tells Thorne that she can't marry him. Thorne begs Brooke to put all this behind them but she says that she has to think of her children. Thorne is desperate not to lose Brooke, but she tells him that it's over and asks him to leave.
S14E137 Ep. #3399 00/00/0000 CJ demands to know what is going on between Rick and Amber. Amber tells CJ that Rick needed a friend, but CJ comes down hard on him for the situation with Kimberly. Rick is angry when CJ says that he will be staying in the guest house with Amber, but Amber suggests that he does sleep in the main house with Eric and Stephanie. Bridget finds Brooke in tears and Brooke tells her that Thorne is gone and that their relationship is over. Rick walks in and they all share a hug as they tell Brooke that they couldn't see her get hurt again. Kimberly goes over to Thorne's in spite of the fact that he wants to be alone. Kimberly learns that Brooke chose her children over Thorne. Kimberly later laments that she and Thorne can be together now.
S14E138 Ep. #3400 00/00/0000 Ridge is angered when he finds Morgan in her office giving a press interview about her past love life with Ridge. Eric, Stephanie, Rick, Amber and CJ have breakfast. They all make polite conversation but everything that is said is met by sarcastic comments from CJ. CJ leaves the breakfast table and Rick goes after him. Rick tells him to show some respect towards Eric and Stephanie. Rick thinks that CJ is afraid of losing Amber and tells him that he should be. Stephanie talks with Amber and tells her to keep CJ under control as she won't put up with his attitude in her house. Amber tells Stephanie that she loves CJ. Stephanie isn't interested and simply tells Amber that CJ has to move out.
S14E139 Ep. #3401 00/00/0000 Amber agrees to talk to CJ about his attitude but refuses to ask him to leave. Amber begs Stephanie to give CJ another chance to which she reluctantly agrees. CJ tells Sally about breakfast with the Forrester family. CJ tells Sally that he loves Amber, she advises him to really be sure on what he wants before pursuing anything with her. CJ goes back to Amber at the guest house and she talks to him about his attitude. He apologises and confesses his love. CJ pulls out a ring and asks Amber to marry him. Bridget doesn't understand how Rick can be falling for Amber again and tells him so. Ridge lashes out at Morgan for playing games with the reporter. Morgan tells him to relax and he says that he wishes she'd have a miscarriage. Morgan is shocked by his cruel words. Later, Morgan falls off a chair whilst reaching for a book. Ridge sees her bleeding, but leaves her laying there.
S14E140 Ep. #3402 09/10/2000 Rick defends Amber when Bridget has nothing nice to say about her. Stephanie agrees with Rick's views and feels that maybe Amber and Rick can have something better and stronger than they did before. Amber is in shock and wonders why CJ is suddenly proposing marriage. He tells her that it is what he wants. When he sees that Amber is unsure he tells her to keep hold of the ring until she is. Rick later drops in on Amber when she is trying the ring on and he can't believe CJ asked her to marry him. Rick tells her that the idea is completely wrong. Ridge's guilt kicks in and he helps Morgan. She is rushed to hospital as she has severe stomach cramps. Morgan is terrified that she is going to lose her baby. Morgan has Ridge hold her hand as the doctor performs an ultrasound.
S14E141 Ep. #3403 00/00/0000 Morgan is told that she has a tear in her placenta, both mother and baby will be fine as long as she rests. Morgan and Ridge also learn that she is having a boy. Sally goes to Stephanie and they argue about CJ and Amber and then furthermore Kimberly and Thorne. Sally is sickened that Stephanie has no problem with it. Stephanie learns of Morgan being at the hospital and drops by to see her. Bridget and Brooke laugh and joke amongst themselves and Taylor comments that it's good to see them getting on well. Thorne tells Kimberly that Brooke is allowing her children to run her life. Kimberly says that Bridget needs her mother. Bridget later drops in on Kimberly and tells her that Thorne will stay away from Brooke as she wants nothing to do with him. Brooke arrives home and finds Thorne in her bedroom.
S14E142 Ep. #3404 00/00/0000 Taylor finds Ridge working late. He tells her of Morgan's accident and that she is having a boy. Taylor is surprised that Stephanie went to collect Morgan from the hospital. Stephanie accuses Morgan of tricking Ridge into being there for her. Morgan insists that he was there at the right time. Morgan says that the secret is still safe and she isn't after Ridge. Taylor pops in and congratulates Morgan on her baby boy. Bridget and Kimberly share an evening of movies but Bridget can't shift her guilt about hurting Brooke. Kimberly tells her that she did the right thing. Brooke asks Thorne to leave but he refuses and kisses her. Thorne tells her not to let her children run her life. Brooke tells him that for the first time in her life she is putting her children first and tells Thorne to go.
S14E143 Ep. #3405 00/00/0000 Brooke is devastated about sending Thorne away. She barges into Eric's office where he is working with Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke lashes out at all of them for destroying her life. Stephanie tells Brooke that she is glad that the relationship is over. Kimberly sees Thorne arrive home and he begins drinking. Bridget goes home so Kimberly can be with Thorne. Thorne swigs Tequilla straight from the bottle. He is in serious agony as he burns photos of Brooke. Filled with memories of everybody telling him that Brooke would destroy him, he realises that they were all correct. Thorne breaks down when he comes across a photograph of Macy. Drunk and distraught, Thorne falls to the floor and then sees Kimberly standing over him.
S14E144 Ep. #3406 00/00/0000 As the new boss of The Insomnia Cafe, CJ has a romantic meal arranged. He and Amber share good food and conversation as Rick and Bridget enter. Rick is jealous, but Bridget feels Rick is better off without Amber. Rick defends Bridget and asks her to set CJ's car alarm off so that he can speak with Amber alone. Rick traps Amber in the ladies and kisses her. Taylor calls to check on Brooke and Brooke tells her how Thorne was in her bedroom. Taylor reassures Brooke that she has done the right thing in putting her children first. Kimberly tries talking to Thorne, but realises he is intoxicated. Kimberly kisses Thorne and in his drunken state he responds. As Thorne fades in and out of consciousness, Kimberly takes him into the bedroom.
S14E145 Ep. #3407 00/00/0000 Thorne wakes up and finds Kimberly in his bedroom dressed in his shirt. He obviously doesn't remember a thing as Kimberly tells him that they slept together. Kimberly later meets with Bridget and tells her that she spent the night with Thorne but nothing sexual happened. Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor how much she loves Thorne and that she can't cope without him. Ridge tells her that she has made the right decision. Thorne calls and Brooke tells him to stop. Clarke and Sally discuss CJ's marriage proposal to Amber. Clarke thinks things are spinning out of control. Eric, Stephanie and Rick talk about CJ and Rick says that he won't allow CJ take the baby away from him. Breakfast is met by more bad attitude from CJ. Stephanie tells CJ that his marriage proposal to Amber was a desparate attempt of trying to hold onto her. CJ later calls Sally and asks for her help.
S14E146 Ep. #3408 00/00/0000 CJ tells Amber that he can't handle living at the Forrester estate anymore and tells her that they have to leave. Sally has a meeting with Connor. He tells her that the court order requires Amber to live at the Forrester estate, not the baby. Connor adds that CJ has the legal right to the child as stated in Becky's videotape. Sally informs CJ of this and he decides it's time to move the baby out. Rick tells Stephanie that moving Amber in was just about the baby at first, but now he has feelings for Amber again. Stephanie advises Rick to tell her how he feels. Amber is unsure on what to say when Rick confesses his feelings, Rick tells her that he wants a life with her again. CJ later calls Amber and tells her to pack as they are moving out.
S14E147 Ep. #3409 00/00/0000 Clarke brings Morgan a silver rattle as a baby present. She is pleased until he starts bad mouthing Ridge as if the temptation of sticking it to him is getting too much. Morgan reminds him that he has to keep his mouth shut. Clarke goes to Ridge and talks of Morgan's baby and how he will be the father figure once the child is born. Sally and Connor search for CJ's marriage certificate with the help of CJ and Amber. Connor tells them that the certificate, along with the videotape from Becky is all they need to file for custody today. Amber has a distant look as CJ tells her that Forrester family will be out of their lives. Stephanie and Rick spend time with the baby. Rick tells her that it's only a matter of time before they are all a family again.
S14E148 Ep. #3410 00/00/0000 Sally advises CJ to keep his mouth shut and allow her to talk to Stephanie and Rick. They arrive at the Forrester home as Rick and Stephanie notice that CJ has moved his things out. Sally tells them that CJ is moving back in with her. Stephanie and Rick are pleased until they try and take the baby. Darla and Amber chat at The Insomnia Cafe. Darla wonders why Amber isn't happy about leaving the Forrester estate. Darla questions Amber's feelings for CJ and asks her if she is still in love with Rick. Amber insists that once CJ moves out, she will be coming too. Ridge finds Clarke at Forrester Creations. Clarke drops hints that he knows that Ridge is the father of Morgan's baby. Ridge flips out and yells at Morgan for telling Clarke.
S14E149 Ep. #3411 00/00/0000 Clarke bumps into Taylor and stirs the pot by telling her that Ridge is pretty riled up after he spoke about Morgan's baby. Morgan denies that Clarke knows anything. She assures Ridge that the baby is their secret. Morgan calls Clarke to her office and blasts him for baiting Ridge. Morgan tells him that he had better not cross her again. Taylor speaks to Ridge about why he gets angry everytime Morgan's baby is mentioned. Darla continues to question Amber on her feelings for Rick. Amber decides that she must head over to Stephanie's. Sally and Stephanie go at it as Rick and CJ do the same. Everybody argues over where the baby is going to live. Amber walks in and is horrified. Connor and Jonathan come over with legal aide and Connor hands Stephanie the document giving CJ temporary custody of little Eric.
S14E150 Ep. #3412 00/00/0000 Kimberly drops in on Thorne at his office but he doesn't want to talk. Kimberly gets him to open up and he feels bad about taking her virginity and not even being able to remember. Kimberly then goes to Brooke who tells her to get her delusion of being with Thorne out of her head. Kimberly tells Brooke that she slept with Thorne. Jonathan confirms that CJ and Sally have the right to take the baby and live at her penthouse. Stephanie tells Amber that she won't hold her hostage and that she can go too. Sally and Stephanie get into a cat fight about the baby and CJ shoves in some sarcastic comments. Rick takes Amber aside and shows how hurt he is that she and the baby are leaving. He begs her not to go, but Sally, CJ, Amber and little Eric pack their things and leave.
S14E151 Ep. #3413 00/00/0000 Sally, Clarke, CJ, Darla and Connor crack open the champagne at their victory over the Forrester family. Amber stands off to the side with the baby and is sickened by them gloating. CJ later apologises to Amber, but she is angry that CJ can take pleasure in other people's pain. Amber tells him that they all love the baby and the situation isn't fair on anyone. Eric comforts Rick as he sobs that he has lost Amber and the baby. Brooke refuses to believe Kimberly's words but Kimberly tells her that she loves Thorne and showed him so in the bedroom. Brooke rushes to Thorne to demand some answers but he avoids the issue. Thorne admits to being drunk and then waking up with Kimberly at his side but he insists Kimberly means nothing to him. Brooke is crushed.
S14E152 Ep. #3414 00/00/0000 Brooke accuses Thorne of destroying what they had between them. Thorne insists that it was just drunken sex that he can't even remember. Brooke tells Thorne not to touch her and storms out. Kimberly has second thoughts about making Thorne believe that they slept together. Bridget tells Kimberly to keep the lie going or else Thorne will return to Brooke. Kimberly later finds Thorne feeling down and he beats himself up about taking advantage of Kimberly. Brooke is shocked that Bridget knows about Thorne and Kimberly's night together and warns Bridget to stay away from Kimberly. Rick visits Amber and the baby and asks her to consider a life with him. CJ comes home and throws Rick out. Rick meets with Jonathan. He asks Jonathan to help him in finding the baby's biological father and getting him to sign over his rights so Rick can take him back. CJ proposes to Amber again.
S14E153 Ep. #3415 00/00/0000 Brooke admits to Bridget that now Thorne and Kimberly have slept together that any future that could have been for herself and Thorne is over forever. Kimberly starts to tell Thorne the truth but he is filled with guilt about sleeping with her. He offers to stand by Kimberly and apologises. Bridget later comes by and is thrilled that Thorne seems to be getting closer to Kimberly. Kimberly believes it's only a matter of time before Thorne will love her. Rick tells Jonathan that finding the baby's real father is the only way for him to get parental rights. He hopes that it will also bring Amber back to him. Rick starts researching and gives Becky's father Joe a call. Amber asks CJ if he is sure he wants to marry her. Amber gets caught up in the moment at the idea of having a stable family again and accepts to be CJ's wife.
S14E154 Ep. #3416 00/00/0000 Rick is hurt that Amber has agreed to marry CJ. He asks her to remove the ring and replace it with her wedding ring, which he still has. Amber asks him not to do this, but he refuses to give up. Amber later goes to a church and asks for guidance. CJ tells Clarke, Sally and Darla that Amber accepted his proposal. Sally and Clarke give their blessing once they realise it is what CJ really wants. Amber returns home to a suprise engagement party. Darla notices that Amber's mind is elsewhere but she assures CJ that she is thrilled. Rick goes to Furnace Creek to visit Joe and Tilly. They talk about how they miss Becky and then Rick brings up the subject of little Eric's biological father. Joe gets angry and doesn't want to talk about him, but Rick says that he needs to know who he is.
S14E155 Ep. #3417 00/00/0000 Ridge apologises to Taylor for spending too much time at work. Catherine brings Thomas in to say goodnight and then Ridge and Taylor decide to make the most of the time alone. Clarke stops by to see Morgan, he gives her a massage and then proceeds to kiss her neck. He isn't pleased when she pulls away. Clarke tells her that she is obviously still in love with Ridge, which she denies. Darla questions Amber on whether she is sure that she wants to marry CJ. Amber assures her that her future lays with CJ and the baby and Rick will realise that. Joe refuses to give any information on the baby's father but later lets it slip that his name is Deacon. Joe warns Rick to stay away from Deacon as he seemed like a gangster and a con artist who got Becky pregnant and skipped town. When Joe is away, Tilly slips Rick a photograph of Becky and Deacon together.
S14E156 Ep. #3418 31/10/2000 Rick returns home and meets with a private investigator named Ted Jones. Rick hands him the photo of Deacon and asks him to track him down. Ridge and Taylor share a bubble bath and enjoy their moments together. They talk about all that they share and kiss. Clarke continues to try and make Morgan admit that she wants Ridge. Clarke storms out when Morgan refuses to give in to his advances. Morgan thinks about what Clarke said and dreams about a life with Ridge and their son. Morgan wonders if it is possible and calls Ridge. Taylor answers and so she hangs up. Morgan takes a photograph of herself with Ridge and Taylor. She rips Taylor from the photo and places it under her pillow as she bids Ridge goodnight.
S14E157 Ep. #3419 01/11/2000 Ridge comes home from work early and learns that Taylor is sick. Morgan drops by to meet with Taylor has they had previously arranged to go to a child birth class. Taylor has to cancel due to being sick and she asks Ridge to go in her place. Ridge is uncomfortable, but Taylor pleads with him to go. Ridge is further unnerved when people at the child birth class think that he and Morgan are a couple. Amber spends some time with Sally looking at gowns to wear for her wedding. She is blown away when Clarke and Darla come in with beautiful dress he has designed especially for her. Amber tries it on and everybody is thrilled at how perfect the wedding is going to be. Rick tells Bridget that CJ and Amber have planned to get married. Rick informs her of his plan to find Deacon. Ted Jones calls Rick and tells him that he has found Deacon, he runs a bar in L.A. called The Lair.
S14E158 Ep. #3420 00/00/0000 Morgan tries to get Ridge to loosen up during the birthing class. He tells her that he doesn't need to loosen up or learn anything as he won't be there when she gives birth. Morgan helps tidy at the end of the class. She takes Ridge aside to talk and they both learn that they have been locked in the closet. Bridget tells Stephanie that Amber is planning on marrying CJ. Stephanie feels that Amber is only marrying him for the baby and given the chance she would be with Rick. Rick goes to The Lair and asks a waitress named Carmen about Deacon. Carmen tells Rick that he is her boyfriend of over two years. Deacon tells Rick that he doesn't want him poking his nose in and bringing back faces from the past. Angry, Rick leaves and drops the photo of Deacon and Becky on the way out which Deacon finds. Rick meets with Bridget and tells her that his plan won't work because Deacon is a loser. Unknown to Rick, Deacon has followed him.
S14E159 Ep. #3421 00/00/0000 Trapped in the cupboard, Morgan tells Ridge to face up to the fact that she is having his child and asks him to stop with his mood swings. Ridge isn't happy telling lies to Taylor and Morgan isn't happy that her son will grow up without a father. Stephanie visits Amber and asks her to put the wedding on hold. Stephanie advises her to be honest about her true feelings before it is too late. At The Insomnia Cafe, Bridget tells Rick that he'll have to find another way to stop the wedding just as CJ walks in with the baby. Rick goes to leave and spots Deacon at a table. Deacon digs for information from Rick and learns that Becky is dead. Amber informs CJ of Stephanie's visit and CJ yells at Rick for his interference. Deacon overhears the argument and learns that the baby is Becky's.
S14E160 Ep. #3422 00/00/0000 Taylor wonders where Ridge and Morgan are as they are running late returning home. Clarke thinks Ridge is up to something when he calls Taylor and she informs him that Ridge and Morgan still haven't come home. Morgan asks Ridge not to hold his bitter feelings for her against their child as the baby is innocent. After they are released, Morgan asks Taylor and Ridge to be godparents. Taylor is thrilled, but Ridge isn't amused. Rick tries to deny that Deacon is the father of little Eric but Deacon doesn't buy it. Rick has to admit the truth but Deacon says that he wants nothing to do with the baby. Amber and CJ make wedding plans and notice Rick and Deacon arguing. Rick tells Deacon he wants him to sign over his parental rights and disappear and Rick offers him $10,000 to do so.
S14E161 Ep. #3423 00/00/0000 Sally goes to Stephanie and warns her to stop sticking her nose into CJ and Amber's business. Stephanie comments that the marriage is doomed and Sally orders Stephanie to stay away. CJ fires ideas about the wedding at Amber. He notices that she is distracted by Rick and Deacon's conversation. Deacon laughs at Rick's offer and doesn't believe that he has to cash until Rick mentions that his last name is Forrester. Deacon is intrigued and wonders why there is so much hype surrounding the baby. Rick protests but Deacon joins Amber and CJ. CJ gives Deacon attitude as he talks to little Eric and asks him to get lost. Deacon goes back to Rick and says they have a deal to sign over the rights, but he wants $100,000.
S14E162 Ep. #3424 00/00/0000 Deacon thinks back to the night that he slept with Becky. He remembers how he sweet talked her into bed. He thinks to himself how that one night is going to make him rich. Stephanie visits Amber and learns that the wedding has been moved up to the following day. Stephanie tells Amber that she will regret marrying CJ. Amber wants Stephanie to leave but Stephanie continues on that she is making a mistake. Rick tells Bridget about his deal with Deacon. She is shocked that Deacon demanded so much money. Rick asks Jonathan to draw up the papers. Stephanie returns home and learns of the plan, she gives her support and tells Jonathan to hurry. Rick later calls Amber and begs her not to marry CJ. He promises her that they will soon be together and she will be his wife instead.
S14E163 Ep. #3425 00/00/0000 Deacon is getting hot and heavy with Carmen when Rick calls. Deacon sends her off as he asks Rick if he has the cash. Rick informs him that the papers are being drawn up. Deacon advises him to hurry. Stephanie and Rick press Jonathan to be quick with the adoption papers. Rick visits Amber and asks her to hold off her plans with CJ as he will soon have the opportunity to be a family with her again. Jonathan later calls Rick and apologises as there may be a delay on the paperwork. Amber arrives at the chapel for her wedding rehersal with CJ. CJ wants little Eric as his best man, while Amber asks Darla to be her maid of honor. Clarke and Sally are so happy as CJ gushes will happiness about his love for Amber. Darla notices that Amber's mind is elsewhere.
S14E164 Ep. #3426 00/00/0000 CJ barges into the guest house and warns Rick to stay away from his wedding today. CJ tells Rick that Amber and little Eric are his family now. Rick calls Amber and begs her not to marry CJ. He asks her to admit that she still loves him, which she does, but she adds that her future is with CJ and the baby. Rick calls Jonathan and informs him that he'll wait for the paperwork at Deacon's. Jonathan tells Rick not to give Deacon the cash till the papers are signed. Deacon isn't happy when Rick arrives and they have to wait. Stephanie informs Eric of Rick's plan. Eric isn't happy that they are paying for a baby. Stephanie realises that she must get Amber alone to stall her. Darla notices that Amber is shaken and flustered. Sally says that it's just nerves and whisks her off to get into her wedding gown. Amber cries as she kisses a photograph of Rick and bids him goodbye.
S14E165 Ep. #3427 00/00/0000 Stephanie and Eric sneak into the bride's room to speak with Amber. Stephanie begs Amber to just hold off on marrying CJ until she hears from Rick. Amber is confused on what he has planned. Darla, Sally and Clarke are furious that Stephanie and Eric are hounding Amber and throw them out. Clarke and Connor help CJ get ready has Amber begins walking down the ailse. Stephanie feels helpless and calls Rick to tell him to hurry as he's almost too late. Rick gets on to Jonathan who informs Rick that papers aren't ready. Rick asks Deacon to help him stop the wedding but Deacon refuses to help until he gets his money. Rick reluctantly writes Deacon a check for $100,000 and they race over to the chapel. CJ says his vows to Amber and she returns hers. Rick bursts into the church and yells to stop the wedding.
S14E166 Ep. #3428 00/00/0000 Bridget visits Brooke at her office and tells her that Rick is in love with Amber. Brooke doesn't believe it and is concerned when Bridget hints that Rick is going to stop Amber's wedding to CJ. Thorne later drops in and Brooke acts cold towards him. She brings up his night of sex with Kimberly and throws it in his face. CJ is furious that the wedding has been haulted and Clarke tries to throw Rick out of the chapel. Rick says that Amber is only marrying CJ for the sake of the baby, which only angers CJ more. Sally threatens to call the police as Eric and Stephanie stand by Rick. Deacon enters and introduces himself. Amber flies at him for everything that he did to Becky. CJ rages at Rick for bringing Deacon into their lives as Deacon says that he has come to collect his son.
S14E167 Ep. #3429 00/00/0000 Brooke apologises to Thorne for lashing out at him about Kimberly. Thorne asks Brooke if there is a way for them to move past what has happened. Thorne finds Kimberly in his office wearing only lingerie. She attempts to seduce Thorne but gets nowhere. Kimberly is later confronted by Brooke and Kimberly manipulates Brooke into thinking that she has a date with Thorne. Amber storms out of the church with the baby, refusing to let Deacon take him. Rick follows and informs her that Deacon is signing custody over to him. Sally and Stephanie rip each other to pieces as CJ wonders why Deacon would suddenly want his child. Things get out of hand and Sally warns Deacon not to mess with her family. Stephanie and Eric plan to meet Deacon later for him to sign the papers. CJ attacks Rick before leaving with Amber and the baby.
S14E168 Ep. #3430 00/00/0000 Sally and CJ ask Connor what their options are where the baby is concerned. Conner tells them that Deacon holds all the cards. Sally decides that she must talk to Deacon, so she heads out to find him with CJ. Rick, Stephanie and Eric gather at the Forrester home as Jonathan comes by. Rick isn't happy when Jonathan still hasn't had the papers drawn up. Eric and Stephanie are worried about what Deacon is capable of, yet more worried about Sally finding out that they are buying the baby. Rick goes to Amber and she is angry at the risk he has taken. Rick promises her that they can now be together again, he wants their family back again. Deacon tells Carmen about the baby and it occurs to him that he has the money, yet nobody has the baby. He realises that they are willing to pay some serious money in order to have his son. Sally and CJ arrive to get some answers from Deacon. Sally realises that he has been offered money, so she offers to pay him more.
S14E169 Ep. #3431 00/00/0000 Stephanie tells Taylor that Rick is close to getting custody of the baby. Taylor airs her concerns that Deacon already has the cash. Amber is shocked when she realises that Rick has paid Deacon to get custody. Rick tells Amber that he wants her as his wife and he would do anything to have that back again. Amber is torn and tells him that she can't hurt CJ. Rick hears from Jonathan, whom has the papers ready. Rick calls Stephanie to accompany him meeting with Deacon. Sally gets Deacon to confess that Rick has paid him $100,000. Sally jumps in and offers him $200,000. Deacon laughs at how much control her has on their wallets. Rick, Stephanie and Jonathan arrive with the papers and order Deacon to sign. Deacon demands an offer of $200,000 from them. Rick is angry, but Stephanie pulls out her check book.
S14E170 Ep. #3432 00/00/0000 Taylor visits Amber to offer support. Taylor advises Amber to put her thoughts for the baby aside and think of CJ and Rick. Taylor tells Amber that she needs to make a decision. Amber worries about Deacon, but Taylor assures her that once he signs the papers he will be out of her life. Deacon hands the check for $200,000 back to Stephanie and refuses to sign the papers. Rick flips out and Stephanie warns Deacon not to mess with her. Stephanie sees Sally and CJ lurking in the back and realises Sally is competing against her. CJ and Rick get into it, as do Sally and Stephanie. Deacon tells them all to get out and heads upstairs with Carmen, saying he'll talk to them the following day. Rick calls Amber and informs her that Deacon has custody. Amber is horrified. Carmen asks Deacon what he is going to do. Deacon yells at her that it's none of her business as he gets off on the power he has over everybody.
S14E171 Ep. #3433 00/00/0000 Sally decides that she needs to concentrate on the new Spectra Fashions line to take her mind of the family problems. Sally presents her new ad compaign to Darla, which involves a huge python. Sally jokes how Clarke doesn't like snakes. Ridge admits to Stephanie that he is worried about Clarke. Stephanie realises that Clarke is close to Morgan and may learn the truth about her baby. Clarke meets with Morgan and she tells him that Ridge is warming to the idea of being a father to his child. Clarke thinks Ridge is just trying to keep Morgan sweet and adds that the truth should come out. Morgan orders him to silence. Stephanie later barges in and tells Morgan that they need to talk. Meanwhile, Clarke goes to Ridge and yells at him for hurting Morgan. Clarke tells Ridge that he knows that he is the father of Morgan's baby.
S14E172 Ep. #3434 00/00/0000 Stephanie tells Morgan to keep her mouth shut about her baby. Morgan tells Stephanie that Clarke doesn't know anything. Stephanie adds that she had better keep it that way if she knows what is good for her. Morgan wonders what Clarke is up to. Clarke taunts Ridge that he has the power to destroy him. Clarke reveals that he knows the entire truth. Ridge is livid and punches Clarke out when he threatens to tell Taylor. Ridge barges into Morgan's office and blasts her for betraying him. Amber panics that Deacon is going to take the baby. Rick tells her to calm down and that Deacon is only trying to get more money from them. Amber can't handle the pressure and heads over to Deacon. Amber tries pleading with Deacon, but it falls on deaf ears. Amber tells Deacon that she can offer him something that Rick and CJ can't.
S14E173 Ep. #3435 00/00/0000 Stephanie finds Taylor and the kids having pictures taken in the Forrester Creations studio. Giovanni snaps away while Megan looks on and comments on how lucky Ridge is. Stephanie grows concerned by those words. Morgan admits that she told Clarke the truth as she needed someone. Ridge tells her that Clarke threatened his family. Morgan says that she can handle keeping Clarke quiet, but Ridge flips out and tells Morgan to stay away from him. He adds that he wants nothing to do with her or the child. Sally and Darla present Patsy Python to Clarke. He freaks out, but Sally tells him that she is going to make them lots of money. Their meeting is interupted by a furious Morgan, who kicks them all out and glares at Clarke. CJ and Rick argue about Amber, blaming one another for the problems with Deacon. Meanwhile, Amber tries to appeal to Deacon but gets nowhere. Deacon tells her that he can work out a deal with her right now as he kisses her neck.
S14E174 Ep. #3436 00/00/0000 Bridget drops by to see Rick and notices how on edge he is when he can't get a hold of Amber. Rick guesses that she is with Deacon and heads over to The Lair. Amber pushes Deacon away but he warns her that he has control of the baby and advises her to give in to him. Amber begins to cry as Deacon kisses her. Rick arrives, grabs Amber and they leave as Deacon laughs. Taylor hopes her family photograph will cheer Ridge up as she mentions to Stephanie that he has been stressed lately. Ridge later tells Stephanie that Clarke knows that Morgan is carrying his child. Sally and Darla speak to John, the snake trainer. He tells them it's best to keep the python caged in the office overnight, rather than move her, until the shoot the following day. Morgan yells at Clarke for ruining the relationship that she was building with Ridge and she warns him that he will pay. Later, Clarke thinks to himself that Morgan will get over her anger toward him. Meanwhile, the python has been released and slithers across the office floor.
S14E175 Ep. #3437 00/00/0000 Deacon sits in his apartment above The Lair and laughs at how he worked Amber. Carmen comes in, angry that Deacon had Amber in the apartment. Deacon tells her that it's part of his plan. Deacon says that he will give the baby to Rick, for a price tag of $1,000,000. Amber tells Rick that Deacon offered to give her the baby if she slept with him. Rick asks Jonathan for some help. Jonathan tells Rick that if they could get Deacon recorded on tape, talking about selling the baby, he could go to jail and they could get custody. Stephanie advises Ridge to tell Taylor the truth before Clarke does. Ridge arrives home but doesn't get the chance to talk to Taylor as she shows him the family photograph and fusses with the children. Clarke takes a nap in his office, when he awakes he is being suffocated by the python wrapped around him.
S14E176 Ep. #3438 00/00/0000 Clarke finds it hard to breath as he attempts to break free from the snake. Clarke cries out for help as the python squeezes him. Clarke stops breathing as John, the snake keeper, comes by. He gives Clarke mouth to mouth. Stephanie calls Ridge offering support for after he tells Taylor. Ridge prepares to tell Taylor as she tries to make love. Catherine interupts and tells them that Clarke has been crushed by a snake and may be dead. Deacon kisses Carmen and tells her that they are going to be rich as he heads off to the Forrester home. Jonathan informs Eric and Stephanie of his plan to incriminate Deacon on tape. They are unsure but Rick and Amber feel that it's the only way. Jonathan hides out in the study with the recording equipment as Rick wears a wire. Deacon comes over and they all try to coax him into saying exactly what they need to hear.
S14E177 Ep. #3439 00/00/0000 Jonathan instructs Rick, using a hidden earpiece, on what to say to Deacon. Eric, Stephanie and Amber ask him questions that will incriminate him. When they have their evidence, Rick has Deacon sign the custody over to him. Deacon is about to leave when he notices Rick's earpiece. Taylor calls the hospital and learns that Clarke was attacked by a snake and almost died. Taylor is suspicious of why Ridge is so concerned about Clarke. Sally and CJ discuss the situation with the baby when Darla flies through the door and tells them that Clarke is in the hospital. They all rush to The University Hospital and enquire about Clarke's condition with a Dr. Paxson. She tells them that Clarke has broken ribs, a collapsed lung and is paralyzed. CJ begs and unconsious Clarke to wake up. Morgan later comes in when Clarke is alone. Clarke wakes up with her looking over him. Morgan tells him that she didn't want to kill him, only scare him. Clarke, unable to talk, is horrified that Morgan was the one who let the snake lose.
S14E178 Ep. #3440 00/00/0000 Deacon is angered when he realises that the Forrester family has tried to set him up. Deacon starts tearing the place up as Stephanie and Eric yell at him to stop. Deacon finds Jonathan in the study and demands he hand over the tape. Jonathan acts dumb until Deacon threatens to beat him. Deacon tears the custody document up and tells them the baby is no longer for sale. Ridge decides that he must see how Clarke is doing and heads to the hospital, which leaves Taylor even more confused. Sally comforts CJ as he is torn up about Clarke. Ridge arrives and sees Morgan in Clarke's room. Ridge notices how scared Clarke looks as Morgan glares over him. Ridge later questions Morgan and she is offended when he suggests that she is behind Clarke's snake attack. Ridge apologises and Morgan mentions how Clarke being unable to talk has infact helped their situation.
S14E179 Ep. #3441 00/00/0000 Amber is emotional at the thought of losing the baby. Rick assures her that Deacon doesn't want the baby and is just trying to scare them. Rick says that he refuses to allow Deacon to take the child. Stephanie can't believe what they have caused Deacon to do. Eric suggests sending Jonathan over to Deacon, but Stephanie says that Deacon no longer trusts them. Stephanie can't bear to see Rick beating himself up over what has happened. Rick blames himself and Stephanie decides that she must do something. Amber tells Eric that she has to pack her bags and leave town with the baby so Deacon can't find them. Eric manages to calm her down and promises that he'll sort things out. Carmen is happy with the thought of being rich when Deacon returns, but she finds him in a foul mood. Deacon tells her about the set up and warns that the Forrester family will pay. Deacon flies into a rage when Stephanie walks into The Lair.
S14E180 Ep. #3442 00/00/0000 Sally visits Clarke at the hospital with CJ, Amber and Kimberly. Sally is happy that Clarke is awake and when he gives them a sign that he can hear them. Sally is concerned when Clarke looks scared of Morgan's presence. Morgan manages to get Clarke alone and warns him not to tell his family that she let the snake lose. Morgan threatens him if he does. Amber tells CJ about the plan of incriminating Deacon and how it back-fired. CJ is furious that Rick could have blown everything. Rick talks with Brooke and she advises him to stay away from Deacon. Stephanie stands up to Deacon and refuses to be intimidated. Stephanie tells Deacon exactly what she thinks of him in order to get him to open up. He flies into a rage and Stephanie realises that he has a lot of deep hidden issues and has had a battered life. Stephanie pulls him into an embrace as he tries to struggle free, but ends up giving in as he cries.
S14E181 Ep. #3443 00/00/0000 Amber cradles the baby as Darla drops by to see her. Darla thinks that the Forrester family made a huge mistake in messing with Deacon. Amber hopes that Stephanie can get through to him. Deacon pulls away from Stephanie as she digs about his parent's treatment of him. Stephanie asks Deacon to give his son the life that he himself never had. Taylor talks with Brooke about how bizarre Clarke's accident was, when suddenly Taylor is called to the hospital as Clarke has been giving signs that he needs to see her. Morgan hears the nurse call Taylor on Clarke's behalf. Morgan slips into his room and warns him about telling Taylor. Morgan threatens to cut off his oxygen supply. Taylor later arrives, but can't understand what Clarke is trying to tell her.
S14E182 Ep. #3444 00/00/0000 Eric and Brooke discuss Morgan's designs. Eric isn't happy that Morgan is hardly in the office anymore. Brooke makes excuses that she is pregnant, but Eric wonders if she can really cope. Stephanie marches over to to Morgan and accuses her of trying to kill Clarke, but Morgan denies any involvement. Stephanie tells Morgan that Taylor will know the truth and as long as Taylor is alive, Morgan will never have Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that she believes that Morgan set the snake on Clarke. Ridge doesn't believe it, but Stephanie warns him that Taylor needs protecting from Morgan. Taylor tries to make sence of Clarke's mumbles to no avail. Clarke works himself up into a frenzy trying to tell Taylor as Morgan arrives and creeps up behind Taylor holding a scarf, as if preparing to strangle her.
S14E183 Ep. #3445 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Stephanie that she is overreacting with her opinions of Morgan, but Stephanie seriously believes that Morgan tried to kill Clarke and that Taylor is in danger. Eric walks in and is confused when Stephanie marches out, declaring that she has to protect Taylor from Morgan. Taylor is shocked when she finds Morgan standing behind her. Clarke is terrified, but Morgan manages to convince Taylor that Clarke is confused and has been accusing everyone of trying to kill him. Taylor is a bit unconvinced, but leaves. Morgan flips out at Clarke and warns him one last time to keep his mouth shut. Morgan switches off his oxygen to scare him further. Eric, Thorne, Brooke and Kimberly have a meeting with Giovanni. Kimberly begins having ideas when Giovanni suggests another photoshoot by the beach with Thorne supervising. Thorne later tells Brooke that he needs her. Brooke sobs and gives in to a kiss, but sends him away. Alone in the studio, a flashlight suddenly falls on Brooke, knocking her unconscious.
S14E184 Ep. #3446 00/00/0000 Kimberly tells Bridget about the planned photoshoot on the beach. Kimberly is stunned when Bridget thinks that Kimberly should stop her schemes. Kimberly is worried that Bridget is going to blow everything. Thorne finds Brooke laying unconscious on the floor. Megan walks in and notices another flashlight about to fall on Brooke. Thorne saves Brooke's life and tells her that he loves her as she comes to. CJ and Sally learn of Deacon's demand of $1,000,000 for the baby. They both decide the Forrester family needs to be stopped and head over. Amber sits with the baby and admits to Rick that she loves him. Amber thinks she became too dependant on CJ, but he isn't her future. They kiss as Eric and Stephanie arrive. Sally and CJ barge in and CJ rips into Rick. Deacon grabs Carmen and tells her that they are going to Beverly Hills. They walk into Stephanie's home as everyone bickers about the baby and the payment. Deacon informs them he has made up his mind about who keeps the baby.
S14E185 Ep. #3447 00/00/0000 Kimberly asks Giovanni over and seeks his help. Kimberly asks Giovanni to help her get Thorne alone on the photoshoot so that she can make her final attempt at getting him for herself. Bridget checks in on Brooke to make sure she is okay after her accident. Bridget notices how much Thorne cares for Brooke. Bridget listens in at the door after she leaves and hears how hurt Thorne and Brooke are over the fact that they are apart. Bridget later goes to Kimberly and tells her that she will no longer stand in the way of her mother being with Thorne. Deacon jumps around Stephanie's living room pretending they are having a bidding war. Everyone is sickened by his antics, but Deacon loves every moment as he insults them all. Deacon tells them that he wants more than just money.
S14E186 Ep. #3448 00/00/0000 Thorne visits Brooke and they begin discussing their relationship. Brooke and Thorne both agree that they have to move on. Thorne assures Brooke that if he has to move on, then it won't be with Kimberly. Kimberly feels desperate to keep Bridget from ruining her plans. Bridget says that she feels too guitly to carry on hurting her mother. Bridget tries to make Kimberly see that Thorne doesn't love her and that she will never have him. Kimberly realises that she has to come clean. CJ and Rick bid against one another for who is best to raise the baby. Deacon gets tired of their cash offers and tells them that he is keeping his son. They all feel that he is bluffing, but he hands them a court order giving himself full custody. Carmen goes to take the baby, but Amber warns her not to touch him.
S14E187 Ep. #3449 00/00/0000 Bridget finds Brooke crying and asks her if it's about Thorne. Bridget apologises for being selfish and tells her that she will no longer stand in the way of Brooke and Thorne's love for one another. Kimberly calls Thorne over and tells him that she is ready to let him go. Kimberly admits that they never slept together, she lied in an attempt to keep him from Brooke. Thorne is shocked, but it soon turns to happiness when Brooke arrives. Amber and Carmen begin fighting as Deacon breaks it up. Sally and Stephanie warn Carmen to keep away from the baby, but Deacon tells them that they are powerless against his custody documents, which Connor confirms. Amber takes Deacon to the study and stands up to him. Amber admits that she is trash just like him, then adds that his son should be given the life that they never had.
S14E188 Ep. #3450 19/12/2000 Thorne and Brooke can't quite believe that Bridget is giving them her blessing. Bridget apologises for all that she has done as Brooke and Thorne leave. Thorne tells Brooke that he never slept with Kimberly, they kiss and promise to never be apart again. Bridget comforts Kimberly, but Kimberly admits that she has been living in a fantasy for too long. Amber attempts to appeal to Deacon's good side but he doesn't give in. Amber finds it hard to understand why he is turning down money to have a baby that he never even wanted. Carmen grows tired of waiting and calls the police. Deacon is happy when they arrive, showing them the court order, the officer tells Deacon he is free to take the baby. Amber screams out, begging to have her baby, as Carmen leaves with little Eric in her arms.
S14E189 Ep. #3451 00/00/0000 Brooke and Thorne wake up with one another, filled with a happy glow of being reunited. Brooke takes Thorne onto the balcony asking him to remember the moment, at which point she proposes to him. Stephanie meets with Ridge and tells him that he must tell Taylor the truth before Morgan becomes a danger to his wife. Ridge wonders how Taylor could ever forgive him. Sally and the snake handler are pleased when Clarke is able to talk again. Morgan bursts in as he is about to tell all. Clarke asks them all to go, but Morgan returns and warns him never to cross her again if he wants to live. Morgan returns home and finds Stephanie there. Stephanie threatens to have Morgan jailed for attempted murder. She also informs Morgan that Ridge is telling Taylor the truth. Taylor worries when she finds Ridge looking serious, Ridge confesses that he slept with Morgan.
S14E190 Ep. #3452 00/00/0000 Amber panics that she has lost little Eric. Rick assures her that they will get the baby back. Rick thinks Deacon will soon realize that raising a baby isn't easy and will give him back. Amber worries that she also has another problem with CJ, she needs to tell him that she wants to be with Rick. Morgan is furious with Stephanie, but Stephanie says that Taylor needs to know the truth. Stephanie feels that Ridge and Taylor's marriage will survive and Morgan will be out of their lives forever. Taylor is horrfied and yells at Ridge to leave as he tries to explain himself. Ridge tells her how Morgan manipulated him, but Taylor doesn't want to hear it, she screams at him to get out. Ridge decides he must be totally honest and tells Taylor he is the father of Morgan's baby.
S14E191 Ep. #3453 00/00/0000 Thorne and Brooke kiss in his office as Rick comes in. He is surprised until she informs him of Bridget's blessing and Kimberly's lie. Rick also gives his support. Amber and Rick reveal their news of getting back together. Rick suggests a double wedding to a shocked Brooke. Eric notices that Stephanie has a lot on her mind. Stephanie confesses the whole story about Morgan and Ridge. Eric is devastated and knows that Taylor will need their support. Taylor blasts Ridge for lying to her for so many months. She accuses Ridge of being no better than Morgan and wonders if he will be a father to the child. Ridge insists that he was tricked and that he loves Taylor but she screams at him to get out of the house. He won't leave so she throws him out. Taylor cries uncontrollably on the floor as Morgan shows up.
S14E192 Ep. #3454 00/00/0000 Amber begins freaking out that they haven't heard from Deacon. Rick assures her that he will call soon enough. Carmen moans at Deacon about leaving her to mother the baby. Deacon tells her that he doesn't want little Eric, he just needs to make a point. Carmen isn't impressed. Amber calls and hears the baby crying. Deacon hangs up on her. Amber marches over and when Deacon still refuses to let her see the baby, she breaks down his door with a fire ax. Eric tells Ridge that he is sickened by the situation with Morgan. Stephanie is more concerned about Taylor and wonders how she is coping. Morgan tries apologising to Taylor, but Taylor orders her away. Morgan insists that she doesn't want Ridge and attempts to rationalize her actions by bringing up the abortion. Taylor realizes that Morgan is out of her mind as Morgan chases Taylor upstairs and grabs her. Taylor pulls herself free, causing Morgan to lose her balance and topple over the balcony to the floor below.
S14E193 Ep. #3455 00/00/0000 Carmen and Amber get into it. Deacon finds it amusing as Carmen pushes Amber around. They hurl insults and Deacon sends Carmen out. Deacon allows Amber to see the baby and she tries again to appeal to his better side. Taylor is scared seeing Morgan on the floor bleeding, she calls for an ambulance and heads to the hospital too. Dr. Paxson informs Morgan that she is in labor. Taylor learns that Morgan's torn placenta has ruptured and the baby is in trouble. Ridge returns home and sees the blood. He notices Morgan's purse and heads to the hospital. Morgan is rushed off to the operating room as Ridge shows up and learns from Taylor what has happened. He attempts to hold her, but she pushes him away. Later, Ridge and Taylor go in to see Morgan and learn that the baby has been born.
S14E194 Ep. #3456 00/00/0000 Amber informs Rick of her visit with Deacon. Amber feels Carmen is a threat to little Eric's safety, but Rick advises Amber to let Eric and Jonathan handle things. Amber feels it's time that CJ learned of her new found romance with Rick. Meanwhile, CJ closes The Insomnia Cafe and has Darla help him prepare a romantic meal for himself and Amber. She later arrives and is concerned by all the trouble he has gone through for her. Stephanie visits Clarke and digs for information about the snake attack. Clarke remains silent but says that Morgan has to be kept away from Taylor. A groggy Morgan comes to but doesn't remember how she got to the hospital. Morgan suddenly remembers and accuses Taylor of pushing her over the balcony. Morgan wonders where her baby is.
S14E195 Ep. #3457 00/00/0000 Amber tries to talk to CJ but he whisks her away with champagne and romance. CJ gets edgy when she mentions Rick. Amber admits that she cares for CJ, but loves Rick. CJ thinks Rick is manipulating Amber, but she says that her future is with Rick. CJ feels rejected as Amber returns her engagement ring and leaves. Darla visits Rick and asks him to back away from Amber and allow her to be happy with CJ. Rick informs her that Amber is leaving CJ, but she refuses to believe it. Amber later returns home and makes love to Rick. Morgan begins chanting about how she, Ridge and Taylor need to make some choices now her son has been born. Taylor thinks Morgan is crazy as she talks about them all being a family. Morgan is concerned when she still hasn't seen her baby and Dr. Paxson comes in alone.
S14E196 Ep. #3458 00/00/0000 Brooke and Thorne begin thinking about their wedding. Thorne thinks that they will be getting married alone as none of his family will attend. Brooke and Thorne go to Eric, but he doesn't want to talk to them. Thorne invites him to the wedding and Brooke hopes he will come. Megan learns of Morgan's accident and tells Stephanie, whom rushes off to the hospital. Morgan becomes hysterical when Dr. Paxson breaks the news that her baby died during the fall. Morgan is uncontrollable and accuses Taylor of killing her baby. Morgan lashes out so Dr. Paxson has to sedate her. Stephanie arrives and learns what has happened from Ridge. Taylor is furious that Stephanie knew the truth about the baby and never told her. Stephanie sends Ridge and Taylor home, then heads in to see Morgan.
S14E197 Ep. #3459 00/00/0000 Thorne and Brooke try to reason with Eric for him to attend their wedding. Eric feels their relationship has caused too much pain. Brooke informs him that Rick and Bridget have given their support. Eric is stunned but finally decides that if his children can handle it then so can he. Ridge and Taylor arrive home and he begs her to forgive him. Taylor says that he cheated and lied and doesn't know if she can ever forgive him. Taylor demands to be alone and asks him to go. Thomas, and the girls come in with Catherine and he Ridge tells them that he has to go on a business trip. Taylor sobs as Ridge does the same. Stephanie brings Morgan home to the beach house and shows genuine concern for her loss, but Morgan lashes out that she doesn't want Stephanie's fake sympathy. Morgan flips out at Stephanie and she realizes that Morgan is clearly unstable. Morgan throws her out and smashes the windows. Morgan rocks on the floor holding her ultrasound photograph.
S14E198 Ep. #3460 05/01/2001 Amber and Rick spend time together, both happy to be back together. They decide that they need to see little Eric and head over to see Deacon. Meanwhile at The Lair, Deacon props little Eric up on the bar and lights a cigarette. Rick and Amber are disgusted when they walk in and see him smoking around the baby. Deacon threatens to have a restraining order issued against them and then has Rick thrown out. Amber takes the baby upstairs to Deacon's apartment. Ridge wanders around the pool by the Forrester home and thinks back to when his kids were born. He is shocked when he sees a ghostly figure of his dead wife Caroline standing before him. Caroline tells Ridge to hold on, she adds that he and Taylor will make it through. Taylor sits with Thomas, knowing that he misses Ridge. Ridge calls and asks Taylor not to walk away from their marriage, telling her that he loves her and needs her.
S14E199 Ep. #3461 08/01/2001 Rick tells Stephanie how Deacon had him thrown out of The Lair, yet Amber stayed behind to be with the baby. Rick is concerned about Amber being with Deacon. Amber is angry with Deacon when she notices that he has been drinking. She refuses to allow him to take care of the baby in such a way and tries to take him, but Deacon won't allow it. Amber decides that she'll sleep over, which annoys Rick. Taylor is surprised when Jack arrives. Taylor seeks comfort from her father and Jack tries to make Taylor see that Ridge was manipulated just as much as she was. Taylor wonders if she will ever be able to trust Ridge again. Eric advises Ridge to give Taylor some time before pushing her to make any decisions. Ridge later walks the beach and finds Taylor doing the same. He holds her and begs for their marriage not to end.
S14E200 Ep. #3462 00/00/0000 Amber pretends to be asleep when Deacon comes into the bedroom. He knows that she is awake and tells her that they could be a good team. He adds that Carmen means nothing to him as he touches Amber's leg. Amber is stunned by Deacon's words. Carmen is angry that Amber is sleeping there, Deacon yells at her that it's none of her business what he does. Clarke stops by to see Morgan. Clarke tells her that he won't tell anyone about her letting the snake out, but advises her to leave town. Clarke says that her games are up. Taylor tells Ridge that she isn't ready to talk, but he can't walk away. Ridge says how much he needs her and the kids, adding that they are his life. Ridge suggests that they move forward, becoming stronger than ever. Ridge asks Taylor to go to St. Thomas to renew their vows and she gives in with a kiss.
S14E201 Ep. #3463 10/01/2001 Stephanie is furious that Eric is attending Brooke and Thorne's wedding. Eric tells her that they have to respect Thorne's choices but she refuses to be part of it. Stephanie wonders if Ridge managed to get through to Taylor and Eric suggests that they go over to see. Ridge and Taylor wake up together and Ridge promises her that he'll never lie to her again. Jack sits with the kids and is thrilled that Ridge and Taylor have decided to work things out. Eric and Stephanie show up and are so happy seeing Ridge and Taylor together. Brooke and Thorne plan their wedding. Brooke wants it at her home and has invited her whole family. Brooke thinks they should start trying to win over his family now. Thorne and Brooke try putting their case across to Ridge, Taylor and Stephanie.
S14E202 Ep. #3464 00/00/0000 Amber tells Deacon that she wants to take little Eric to Brooke and Thorne's wedding. Deacon flirts with Amber but she pushes him away. Amber calls Rick and tells him to bring the money to Deacon. Rick meets with Jonathan and they head over to Deacon's with guardianship papers and $1,000,000 in cash. Deacon is angered that they are pressuring him and throws them out, along with Amber too. Brooke tries to reach out to Stephanie, but she refuses to accept her relationship with Thorne. Stephanie mentions how Brooke has been with all the men in the room. Brooke is hurt so Thorne tries to reason with his mother, but she confirms that she won't be at their wedding. Thorne asks Ridge to be his best man, but Ridge turns him down. Eric and Taylor look sorry as a hurt Brooke and Thorne leave.
S14E203 Ep. #3465 12/01/2001 Brooke sits and thinks about her wedding and all she and Thorne have been through. Thorne arrives and Brooke is saddened by Ridge and Stephanie's refusal to come to the wedding. Thorne calls Eric and asks him to speak to Stephanie again. Rick and Bridget come in and promise Thorne and Brooke that their marriage is going to be perfect, with or without Ridge and Stephanie. Brooke's brother Storm arrives, followed by sisters Donna and Katie and then Grandma Logan. Their parents Stephen and Beth fly in from Paris too. Brooke asks Bridget to be her maid of honor and notices how upset Brooke is about Ridge and Stephanie. Eric tries to convince Stephanie to go to the wedding for her son's sake, but she refuses. Stephanie says she will never forgive Brooke for stealing Eric. Stephanie declares that Brooke will never be a Forrester.
S14E204 Ep. #3466 15/01/2001 Brooke and Thorne's wedding day arrives. Brooke calls Stephanie and begs her to attend, but Stephanie hangs up on her. Bridget shows up at to see Stephanie and asks her to go. Stephanie refuses and Bridget adds that if Brooke had never married Eric, she and Rick would never have been born. Bridget is hurt that Stephanie won't budge, although Bridget's words seem to affect Stephanie. Taylor tells Ridge she is going to the wedding and suggests Ridge goes too. He declines and Taylor lays on the guilt that Thorne has always supported Ridge. Rick and Amber chat with Stephen, Beth, Storm, Donna, Katie and Grandma about their own wedding. Thorne checks in on Brooke, they are both upset that Ridge and Stephanie won't come. Thorne is later surprised to see Kimberly arrive, she states that she needs closure and asks him to accept her friendship. Stephen and Beth support Brooke and tell her to focus on the joy of her wedding, rather than being down about Stephanie. Brooke is saddened further when Bridget tells her of her meeting with Stephanie. Thorne dresses and is surprised to find Ridge their accepting his offer of being best man. Brooke is shocked when Stephanie shows up in her bedroom.
S14E205 Ep. #3467 16/01/2001 Eric and Beth talk about old times and Beth admits that she is angry Stephanie won't come to the wedding. Rick and Amber joke that their wedding will be next, assuring one another that little Eric will be at theirs. Donna and Katie gather with Grandma and Beth, all noting how much Brooke wants Stephanie to attend. Rick approaches Kimberly and makes his peace with her, but notices the sadness in her eyes. Megan takes photographs of Rick, Bridget, Thomas and the twins, mentionig to Taylor the next generation of the Forrester family. Ridge apologises to Thorne for trying to control his life and offers his full support to his brother. Stephanie tells Brooke that she will never forgive her for the pain she has caused, but says that she will attend the ceremony for the sake of the family. Everyone is stunned when Ridge enters and takes his place with Thorne, while Stephanie walks Brooke down the aisle.
S14E206 Ep. #3468 17/01/2001 Sally is disgusted when she sees Brooke and Thorne's wedding announcement in the newspaper and states that it's an insult to Macy's memory. Sally is confused when she learns that Stephanie is attending. Darla and Clarke suggest if Stephanie can accept it, Sally can too. As the wedding begins, Stephen makes a speech about everlasting love between Brooke and Thorne. Beth is stunned when Stephanie offers to light a unity candle with her, putting their fued to rest. Brooke and Thorne exchange their vows and pledge their lives to one another as Kimberly fights her tears. Brooke and Thorne are pronounced husband and wife and Brooke tells of how the two families have come together. The Forrester's and the Logan's as one, all due to one man: Thorne.
S14E207 Ep. #3469 18/01/2001 Thorne and Brooke wake up on their first morning as husband and wife. They discuss how their wedding brought everyone together. Stephanie visits Ridge and the children and they both tell one another how surprised they were to see each other at the wedding. Stephanie admits she suddenly felt guitly for putting the children through her fued with Brooke for so many years. Ridge tells Stephanie that he, Taylor and the kids will soon be leaving for St. Thomas. Thorne later drops in and thanks them for coming to the ceremony. Brooke finds Morgan hanging around Ridge's office. Brooke sympathises for Morgan's loss and tells her that Ridge and Taylor are going to St. Thomas and she and Thorne are going on thier honeymoon so Morgan won't be disturbed at work. Taylor is angry to see Morgan and orders Brooke to fire her. Brooke remains professional, stating that Forrester Creations needs her.
S14E208 Ep. #3470 19/01/2001 Carmen is annoyed at playing babysitter to little Eric and wonders why Deacon isn't taking the money. Carmen accuses Deacon of being attracted to Amber. Rick airs his concerns about Amber spending time at Deacon's place. Amber assures him that she can handle Deacon. Deacon watches as Amber plays with the baby. Deacon tells her he will give her the baby and take the money if she will kiss him. Amber laughs it off, but he grabs and places a kiss on her as Carmen sees all. Morgan blasts Taylor for trying to have her fired. Taylor advises Morgan to leave as there is nothing left for her in Los Angeles. Taylor suggests Morgan have some professional help. Taylor meets with Ridge and the kids on the jet to fly to St. Thomas. Morgan sits alone in the dark commenting how she has nothing, while Taylor has it all.
S14E209 Ep. #3471 22/01/2001 Ridge and Taylor agree that their children have held them together as they watch Thomas and the twins have a play fashion show that Catherine has arranged. They all arrive in St. Thomas and look forward to having a good time. Rick tells Bridget that he fears Deacon is after Amber rather than money now. Bridget advises Rick not to start throwing accusations as it could blow up on him. Deacon asks Amber for another kiss in order to get the baby, then laughs at her for falling for it. Amber is furious when Deacon suggests that she enjoyed it. Amber cries and Deacon actually feels sorry. Carmen knocks back some shots and becomes more angry thinking about Amber and Deacon kissing. Carmen later heads upstairs and takes the baby from his crib.
S14E210 Ep. #3472 23/01/2001 Eric and Stephanie discuss Ridge and Taylor in his office. Stephanie is glad that they managed to make it through Morgan's manipulation. Morgan overhears and walks in. Eric fires her, but she states that only Brooke can hire and fire. Eric tells her to get out, or he'll have her thrown out. In St. Thomas, Ridge and Taylor watch the kids sleep, knowing how precious they are. Ridge sends Taylor on another treasure hunt like he did many years before when proposing, upon finding a diamond ring, Ridge proposes again. Amber thinks Deacon has taken the baby but is worried when she learns that he hasn't. They both conclude that Carmen has him and Glenn, the bartender, tells them that Carmen was drunk. Deacon tells Amber that Carmen usually goes to the roof to chill out. They are scared when they head up there and find Carmen on the edge of the roof with the baby.
S14E211 Ep. #3473 24/01/2001 Morgan refuses to leave Forrester Creations. Eric tells her that she can no longer work with Ridge but Morgan sobs that her job is all she has left. Stephanie thinks Morgan has lost it and has security throw her out. Morgan vows that Stephanie will pay. Rick continues to worry about Amber being with Deacon. Bridget questions Carmen's character and Rick admits that she is unstable. Rick blames himself for the whole situation. Carmen accuses Deacon and Amber of having an affair. Amber tries to explain the kiss but Carmen is a mess. She hangs the baby over the roof, blaming him for ruining her life. Deacon screams at Carmen not to hurt his son. Deacon apologises to Carmen and says that he needs her, promising to get rid of Amber. Carmen hands him the baby and he rushes him downstairs. Amber threatens to kill Carmen.
S14E212 Ep. #3474 00/00/0000 Kimberly sits alone at the beach house and remembers Macy. Sally drops in and is concerned that Kimberly has shut herself off. Kimberly admits that she is alone and miserable but insists that she needs to be alone to work through her grief. Sally makes Kimberly promise to keep in touch. Kimberly is later shocked by a surprise visitor. Rick talks with Stephanie about Deacon. Stephanie believes that Deacon is motivated by power. Rick says that he thinks Deacon is after Amber. Stephanie wonders how Carmen would react to that. Deacon yells at Glenn the bartender for allowing Carmen to drink too much. Glenn is worried that Deacon left Carmen and Amber alone together. Amber tries to leave the rooftop but Carmen grabs her and a scuffle starts between them. Deacon rushes upstairs just as Carmen loses her footing and falls from the roof.
S14E213 Ep. #3475 26/01/2001 Clarke notices that Sally's mind is elsewhere as they work at the office. Sally admits that she is worried about Kimberly. Clarke feels the only two people that could help Kimberly are either Macy or her father, so he believes that their isn't much hope. Kimberly is stunned to see her father at the door. Adam tells Kimberly that he has been keeping an eye on her as she says that she needs him. Adam confesses that it's too dangerous for him to stay in Los Angeles and asks Kimberly to go away with him. As they leave, he informs her that he has a big surprise waiting for her. Deacon pushes Amber aside as he rushes down to the street where Carmen's body lays. Paramedics arrive but Carmen is already dead. An officer questions a shaken Amber and learns of her previous arrest for drug possesion. When Deacon fails to back up her story, Amber is arrested in connection with Carmen's fall.
S14E214 Ep. #3476 00/00/0000 Thorne and Brooke arrive back in Los Angeles after their honeymoon and Brooke is unsure when Thorne decides they visit his parents. Stephanie tells Eric that she isn't ready to socialise with Brooke when he informs her that Brooke and Thorne are coming over. Eric takes Thorne aside and informs him of Stephanie's concerns but Brooke takes Stephanie aside and thanks her for all she has done. Brooke hopes that Stephanie will one day enbrace her into the family fully. Amber is being dragged away as Deacon steps in and explains a story of how Carmen fought with Amber in the apartment and then being depressed, she jumped off the roof. Amber is let go but they are warned of the consequences if they are lying. Amber thanks Deacon, but he says that he did it for the baby as he needs a mother. Deacon sobs and admits that he did love Carmen.
S14E215 Ep. #3477 00/00/0000 Thorne is surprised when Eric informs him that he fired Morgan. Brooke is angry as she promised Morgan that she could stay. Eric tells her that family comes before business and Morgan needs to be far away from their family. In St. Thomas, Ridge and Taylor talk about renewing their vows. Ridge promises to love Taylor and never hurt her again. They dress all in white and head to a secluded part of the island and prepare for the ceremony. Morgan is furious when she returns to the beach house and finds Stephanie packing her things. Stephanie tells Morgan that she is moving her out and hands her a ticket for a flight to New York. Morgan is livid but heads to the airport and boards the plane when Stephanie reminds her that Ridge and Taylor are in St. Thomas renewing their vows.
S14E216 Ep. #3478 31/01/2001 Ridge and Taylor exchange vows and pledge their past, present and future to one another. They later head back to their hotel room with the intention of having an evening of passion, but are interrupted by Catherine and the kids. They all end up sharing pizza and watching videos together. Amber tells Deacon that it isn't good for little Eric to stay at the apartment, but is shocked when Deacon allows her to take him for the night. Rick is busy venting his frustration to Bridget when Amber returns home with the baby. Deacon is later stunned when his step-father Daryl shows up. Daryl tells Deacon that he owes him for putting food in his mouth when he was a kid. Deacon allows Daryl to sleep there, but states that it's only for the one night.
S14E217 Ep. #3479 01/02/2001 Deacon isn't impressed when Daryl trashes his apartment and then lays around all day smoking and drinking beer. Daryl insults Deacon's mother and then discovers a photograph of little Eric. Daryl begins asking Deacon for money, to which he refuses. Daryl beats Deacon, steals his wallet and flees. Amber and Rick spend time with the baby. Amber feels that Deacon is softening and will allow them to keep the baby soon. Rick doesn't believe so. Ridge and Taylor tell the kids about a trip to an island that they are going to take. They are dissapointed when they are informed of the news that their boat to the island is having engine trouble. The resort worker tells them of a friend that can take them over so that they don't have to cancel their reservations. They all board the little fishing boat instead for the voyage.
S14E218 Ep. #3480 00/00/0000 Rick stops by to see Brooke and tells her that Amber has taken the baby back to Deacon's. Rick tells of his hopes that he and Amber will have the baby back with them soon. Brooke warns him not to get his hopes up. Amber is horrified to find Deacon's apartment a total mess and Deacon cut and beaten. Deacon admits that his step-father beat him and it made him realize that he needs to be a real father to his own son. Amber is upset and angry. Sally digs from information when Clarke clams up at the mention of Morgan's name. Sally informs Clarke that Morgan left town. Ridge and Taylor enjoy the ride as they sail across the ocean. Catherine takes the twins to bed as Thomas remains with them. Ridge and Taylor head out on deck and are concerned when a strong wind begins to blow in and the boat begins to rock.
S14E219 Ep. #3481 00/00/0000 Amber calls Rick and informs him that Deacon wants to be a good father to his son after the run in with his step-father Daryl. Amber is concerned when Deacon returns from a meeting with a lawyer. Handing her a document he tells her that under this agreement the baby lives with him for four months, during which Amber lives with him too so he can bond with the baby, then he will give her full custody. She flat out refuses, so Deacon snaps that he'll keep the baby for life. Brooke and Thorne gush with happiness about their new married life together. In the Carribean, Taylor and Ridge are scared as the boat suddenly tips. Taylor screams out to Thomas and holds him tight. As things calm, Catherine rushes on deck and confirms that Phoebe is safe. They are all horrified when they realize that Steffy is missing.
S14E220 Ep. #3482 06/02/2001 Amber informs Rick and Eric of Deacon's plans. Eric has Jonathan go over the document that states if Amber live with Deacon for four months, upon payment of $1,000,000, Amber gets full custody. Rick feels Deacon is up to something, but Amber insists that Deacon just wants the chance to bond with his son. A waitress at The Lair named Alexandra is shocked to see Deacon cleaning his apartment and throwing out his alcohol and cigarettes. Deacon tells her that he needs to be a responsible father. Alex is stunned and questions if it has more to do with impressing Amber. Rick and Amber show up and sign the papers on the condition that Rick can see the baby too. Ridge has to hold a shaken Taylor as she screams at the coast guard to find Steffy. Promising that they will find her daughter, he later returns with the news that they have found something.
S14E221 Ep. #3483 00/00/0000 Brooke is stunned when she finds Morgan waiting in her office. Morgan explains how she has taken control of life, thus returning to Los Angeles. Brooke reminds Morgan that she was fired, but Morgan threatens Brooke with a law suit for cutting her contract short and informs Brooke that she will return to work the following day. Eric learns that Steffy is missing and tells Stephanie. She is devastated and wants to head to St. Thomas, but Eric advises her that they need to stay and prepare for the worst. Taylor becomes hysterical when the coast guard brings in Steffy's life jacking, torn to shreds. They learns that it was the result of a shark attack. Taylor orders them to keep searching for her daughter, but he claims that the chances of Steffy being alive are very slim.
S14E222 Ep. #3484 08/02/2001 Brooke and Thorne are called to Eric and Stephanie's house. They wonder what has happened and are horrified when they are told about Steffy's shark attack. They all head over to Ridge and Taylor's where Catherine informs them of what happened. Taylor refuses to leave her bedroom and sobs in the dark. Brooke offers comfort to Ridge as he tries to make sence of the fact that his daughter is dead. Stephanie goes to Taylor and supports her as she breaks down in her arms. Morgan is shown a house by a realtor. Morgan insists that it has to be quiet and wonders why there are helicopters flying above. Morgan learns that the house is just across the canyon from Ridge and Taylor's and the helicopters are covering the news. Morgan buys the house flat out. Later whilst watching the TV, Morgan hears the story of Steffy's shark attack and is pleased by the news.
S14E223 Ep. #3485 09/02/2001 Sally reads about Steffy's death and CJ finds it hard to believe. Darla says that everything happens for a reason, but Sally snaps that it isn't the case. Reminded of Macy, Sally feels there was no reason for her death. Ridge and Taylor gather at a chapel for Steffy's memorial. Jack arrives and comforts his daughter whom obsessively checks on Thomas and Phoebe. Taylor sobs as Phoebe asks Catherine where Steffy is. Morgan sneaks in, hiding her face by a black veil and sits at the back as Jack says a few words. Stephanie reads a prayer and Ridge talks of all that he wanted for Steffy. Morgan quickly leaves when her pager goes off and arriving home, she gets a visitor from the captain of the fishing boat that Ridge and Taylor used in the Caribbean.
S14E224 Ep. #3486 00/00/0000 Amber returns to Deacon's place after the memorial service and lashes out at him for no reason. Amber snaps that he needs to child-proof the apartment. Deacon returns and sets up devices on cupboards and windows. Amber is impressed when he is able to throw away his cigarettes and smut magazines. Taylor sobs in her bedroom as Ridge tries to get her to eat. Taylor refuses and beats herself up for not being a better mother. Ridge attempts to make Taylor go to bed but she is unable to sleep, she holds Phoebe as if never to let go. Morgan asks the captain if he has what she needs. He brings Steffy in as Morgan hands him some cash. He tells of how he drugged Steffy and smuggled her back to Los Angeles. He attempts to seduce Morgan but he realizes that she is a lunatic when she threatens to kill him. Morgan tells Steffy that she is her mother now.
S14E225 Ep. #3487 00/00/0000 Rick stops by to see Brooke to discuss his issues about Amber and Deacon but Brooke only thinks Rick should wait to get married. Rick is angry with this and thought Brooke had moved on from her hatred for Amber. Brooke later asks Bridget's opinion, who states that while she isn't Amber's biggest fan, she does make Rick happy. Amber prepares little Eric for a visit with Rick. Deacon begins insulting Rick, which only angers Amber. He begins hinting that he is a better man for her, but she shoots him down. Offended, he leaves as Rick comes over. Rick and Amber spend time alone with the baby, Amber and Rick are busy laughing and insulting Deacon when he opens the apartment door and overhears all they are saying.
S14E226 Ep. #3488 00/00/0000 Deacon heads into The Insomnia Cafe where he finds Stephanie drinking coffee alone. Stephanie thinks Deacon is in love with Amber and using the baby to get to her. Deacon denies it, but asks Stephanie to think about the fact that Rick and Amber are not right for one another. Ridge tries to get Taylor to open up to him but she snaps that she needs Steffy. Ridge feels Taylor is blaming him, to which she doesn't deny. Taylor feels that they should never have gone to St. Thomas. Taylor leaves, insisting that she needs to be alone. Morgan reads Steffy a storybook and convinces Steffy that she can become the girl in the story. Morgan dyes Steffy's hair red and tells her that her new name is Stacey. Steffy calls for her mom, but Morgan again tells Steffy that she is her mother now.
S14E227 Ep. #3489 00/00/0000 Bridget is angered when Deacon bumps into her at The Insomnia Cafe and spills coffee all over her. Having never met him before, Bridget is attracted to him and asks him to buy her a coffee. Neither of them introduce themselves but flirt as they share conversation. Morgan hires a spanish speaking nanny to take care of Steffy while she heads to the office. Morgan warns her not to take "Stacey" out of the house. Norita, the nanny, is concerned when she baths Steffy and red hair dye comes out on her hands. Brooke tries to comfort Ridge as he tells her how Taylor is blaming him for Steffy's death. Brooke insists that Taylor feels guilty herself and needs Ridge more than ever. Morgan comes by and Ridge blasts her for being there. Ridge blames Morgan for the reason he went to St. Thomas in the first place. Stephanie stops by to see Taylor, but she isn't interested in comfort. Stephanie fears for Taylor's sanity when she begins insisting that Steffy is still alive.
S14E228 Ep. #3490 00/00/0000 Stephanie storms in on Ridge and Brooke working, angry that he isn't at home with Taylor. Ridge explains that Taylor won't allow him to get close. Brooke informs Stephanie that Morgan is back. Stephanie does some digging in Morgan's office and finds Morgan's address on some paperwork to do with her new house. Morgan flips out at Norita for bathing Steffy. Stephanie shows up, so Morgan orders Norita to hide upstairs with Steffy. Stephanie demands to know what Morgan is up to. Taylor seeks advice from an old colleague named Sydney, whom insists that Taylor get away for a while to think. Deacon tries to make Amber see that Rick isn't right for her. Amber tells Deacon that he has no chance of charming her and is going to marry Rick as soon as possible. Charlie, a college friend of Rick's, tells him that he is too young settle down with Amber. Two other friends, Amanda and Jennifer come by. Amanda flirts with Rick. Amber isn't impressed when she returns home.
S14E229 Ep. #3491 00/00/0000 Rick, Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer study hard. Amber embarrasses herself by trying to say things which she has no idea about. Amber begins to wonder if she really does belong in Rick's world. Ridge returns home to Taylor, but she remains cold toward him and tells him how her friend Sydney advised her to get out of town for a while. Taylor is livid when Ridge informs her that Morgan is back. Stephanie orders Morgan to sell the house, leave Forrester Creations and get out of town. Morgan refuses and has to make excuses when a noise is heard upstairs. Stephanie feels something is going on, but Morgan throws her out. Morgan later hugs Steffy and promises that everything will be alright for them soon.
S14E230 Ep. #3492 20/02/2001 Morgan has some drinks with Megan at Manniquins. Megan is glad to see that she is happier these days. A geeky guy recognises Morgan from when he counseled her after her abortion. Megan laughs at his attempts to flirt, but Morgan takes his business card and agrees to catch up with Dr. Tim Reid. The waitress at The Lair, Alexandra, mentions that Deacon has changed since Amber and the baby have come into his life. She realizes that he has a big thing for Amber. Bridget talks to her friends at Manniquins about when she met Deacon, although she doesn't know his name. Stephanie and Eric have dinner with Brooke and Thorne. Brooke hopes it will be a milestone for herself and Stephanie. They take a photograph and Brooke kisses Stephanie on the cheek.
S14E231 Ep. #3493 00/00/0000 Bridget giggles with her friend Betsy as Deacon enters Manniquins. Betsy realizes that Bridget is seriously attracted to him. Deacon comes over and flirts with Bridget. Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Brooke share dinner. Brooke and Stephanie manage to get on well until Stephanie begins urging Brooke to fire Morgan. Brooke refuses out of fear of a law suit. Morgan tries to get Steffy to bed but she cries for Ridge and Taylor. Morgan is furious when she finds the nanny hanging around. Norita becomes suspicious and Morgan blasts her for being nosy. Morgan fires her and threatens her family if she ever opens her mouth. Norita runs from the house. Ridge finds Taylor sitting in the darkness. He suggests they remove some of Steffy's things from the house, but she snaps that Steffy will be coming home soon. Ridge is concerned for his wife.
S14E232 Ep. #3494 22/02/2001 Steffy continues to cry that she needs her mom. Morgan calls Megan to inform her that she is sick and can not come to work. Tim drops by to see Morgan and sees Steffy. Morgan tells him that she is her daughter, makes excuses and forces him out of the door. Stephanie worries for Taylor whom tells Stephanie that her children are scared of her. Taylor says that she needs to get away. Stephanie later tells Eric that Taylor is leaving and feels it will only make things worse. Ridge speaks with Sydney, Taylor's friend, she tells Ridge that he needs to stop being strong for Taylor and allow himself to grieve with her. Ridge later attempts to reach out to Taylor, but she pulls away from him and insists that Steffy is alive.
S14E233 Ep. #3495 23/02/2001 Ridge wakes to find Taylor packing her bags. Ridge tries to get her to stop but she says she isn't sane enough to stay. Stephanie shows up as Catherine brings Phoebe and Thomas in. Taylor asks them to understand that she needs time alone. Saying goodbye to the children, she leaves. Stephanie assures Ridge that Taylor needs her children and will be back soon. Stephanie mentions Morgan being back in town, but Ridge snaps at her. Morgan has trouble feeding Steffy as she cries for Taylor. Tim drops in and Morgan pretends that she is losing it. Tim promises to help her and Morgan guesses Tim will come in handy. Later, Morgan is horrified when she finds Taylor at her door. Taylor blasts Morgan for ruining her life. Taylor goes to leave, but hears Steffy call out for her from upstairs.
S14E234 Ep. #3496 00/00/0000 Brooke notices that Bridget is happy about something and learns that Bridget has met a guy that she likes. Bridget admits that she doesn't yet know his name, but hopes to see him again. Eric is concerned that Taylor has left but Stephanie starts to understand her reason for doing so. Stephanie feels that Morgan should be fired from the company and heads to see Brooke. Brooke reminds Stephanie of why she can't fire Morgan. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is tired of Stephanie always blaming her for everything and suggests they see a therapist to deal with their relationship. Morgan tries to convince Taylor that she is hearing things. Morgan attempts to throw Taylor out but she refuses to leave. Taylor hears Steffy again and Morgan screams at Taylor as she heads up the stairs and finds Steffy.
S14E235 Ep. #3497 27/02/2001 Stephanie tells Eric about Brooke's suggestion that they see a psychiatrist. Stephanie is stunned when Eric feels it's a good idea. Stephanie says she isn't ready to even attempt to be friends with Brooke, but Eric asks her to do it for the family. Brooke meets with Dr. Nunez and he wonders where Stephanie is. Brooke hopes Stephanie will show up as she talks about how much Stephanie's respect means to her. Dr. Nunez is about to leave as Stephanie makes her presence. Thorne tries to reassure Ridge that Taylor will return as Ridge beats himself up for Steffy's death. Taylor grabs Steffy and attempts to leave but Morgan knocks her out with a statue. Tim calls and notices the fear in Morgan's voice as she quickly hangs up. Morgan drags Taylor's body into the basement. Taylor comes to, grabs Morgan's leg, pulls her to the floor and the two women struggle.
S14E236 Ep. #3498 28/02/2001 Sally sees Ridge sitting alone at The Insomnia Cafe. Sally gives him a bit of insight into what Taylor is really feeling. She knows how she felt when Macy died, but tries to make Ridge see that he and Taylor will move forward. Morgan and Taylor fight and Taylor is knocked unconscious again. When she comes to, Morgan has tied her up and locked her in a fallout shelter. Taylor begs Morgan to untie her, but Morgan warns her not to try anything. Morgan has trouble getting Steffy to eat. Tim drops in which frustrates Morgan, especially when he heads to the basement. Morgan forces him out of the house as Taylor bangs on the basement door, screaming to be released. Dr. Nunez listens as Brooke says she wants to put all the past bitterness with Stephanie behind them. Dr. Nunez suggests Stephanie and Brooke go to Big Bear and spend time together to work on their friendship. Stephanie is sarcastic and doesn't want to be at the cabin with Brooke.
S14E237 Ep. #3499 01/03/2001 Deacon laughs at Amber as she reads up on stocks and shares in the newspaper. Deacon makes Amber admit that she would rather be playing pool with him than learning stock reports. Rick calls Amber and tells her that they need to talk. Sally goes to Eric with her sympathy over Steffy's death. Sally wishes to talk to Stephanie, but is shocked when Eric tells her that she is spending her birthday at the cabin with Brooke. Stephanie and Brooke gather fire wood while Stephanie hits her with sarcastic jibes. They have pizza delivered, which Stephanie hates the flavor of, and then Stephanie moans that Brooke is messy and has left her with the dirty dishes. Stephanie states that it's the worst birthday of her life. Meanwhile, Brooke works in the bedroom on a special gift for Stephanie.
S14E238 Ep. #3500 00/00/0000 Amber prepares herself for going to meet with Rick. Deacon laughs at the way Amber has dressed and wonders why she is so nervous. Amber heads out with the baby and Deacon feels that things aren't going to work out with Rick and Amber. Rick tells Eric that he has made the tennis team. Eric begins questioning Rick on if it is really the right time for him to marry Amber again. Rick and Amber meet at The Insomnia Cafe and Rick tells her that she isn't going to like what he has to say. Stephanie and Brooke bicker at the cabin over the nightgown Brooke is wearing. Stephanie feels this idea of bonding between them isn't going to work. An upset Brooke packs her things to leave as Stephanie finds a birthday gift from Brooke. Stephanie is filled with emotion as she finds that it's a photo album devoted to Stephanie's life. Stephanie cries and hugs Brooke.
S14E239 Ep. #3501 00/00/0000 Rick tells Amber that he has made the tennis team and has to go away for a few days to take part in a tournament. Amber is stunned that he's concerned about tennis and not their relationship. Rick worries when Amber begins doubting his love for her. Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer walk in and Rick hides the truth from the girls about who Amber and the baby are. Amber is saddened when they whisk Rick away to the airport. Eric and Ridge work on some designs. Thorne pops in and Ridge admits that he hasn't heard from Taylor. Ridge worries that it's out of character for Taylor to not even call the kids. Morgan ties Taylor up again as she begs to be released. Morgan threatens to gag her if she doesn't keep quiet. Morgan panics as she needs help and calls Tim over. Morgan tells him how she was pregnant and was pushed over a balcony by Taylor. Tim is sucked into her story and feels sorry for her.
S14E240 Ep. #3502 00/00/0000 Tim hears banging coming from Morgan's basement. She covers herself and then threatens Taylor into being quiet. Morgan returns to Tim and continues her story into making him vulnerable toward her. Morgan seduces him to seal the deal. Meanwhile, Taylor manages to cut the ropes binding her hands together. Thorne notices that Bridget has changed her image. Thorne mentions to her that it must be due to a guy. Brooke returns home and gushes with happiness about her breakthrough with Stephanie. Thorne is thrilled that Brooke and Stephanie are getting along. Brooke later mentions Rick and how she thinks he deserves better than getting involved with Amber again. Thorne is surprised, but agrees that Rick is too young to be tied to a wife and child. Brooke is determind to get Amber out of the picture.
S14E241 Ep. #3503 07/03/2001 Rick calls Brooke and informs her that the tennis tournament is going well, although he keeps worrying about Amber and Deacon. Brooke tells Thorne that Rick should be enjoying his life instead of filling it with pressures about Amber. Morgan is grossed out that she had to sleep with Tim, but is happy when he says that he would do anything for her. Morgan brings Taylor breakfast and Taylor tries to escape. Morgan gets the better of her and locks her back in the basement. Morgan heads off to work leaving Tim with Steffy. Stephanie is worried about Ridge when he throws himself into his work to hide away from his problems. Morgan arrives and he acts cold toward Morgan. Morgan freaks out when Tim calls and wonders what the noises are in her basement.
S14E242 Ep. #3504 00/00/0000 Bridget looks for a dress at Forrester Creations to wear on a night out. Stephanie drops in looking for Brooke as she would like her help in planning Rick and Amber's wedding. Thorne and Bridget tell her that Brooke is against the wedding. Stephanie hopes that Brooke stay out of it. Deacon guesses that Amber is worried about Rick as they shoot pool at The Lair. Brooke walks in and meets Deacon before ordering Amber to call off the wedding. Brooke tells Amber that Rick should be enjoying his life and only plans to marry her because of the baby. Deacon orders Brooke out when she insults Amber. Charlie, Jennifer and Amanda try to get Rick to go out but he declines. Charlie is annoyed when Rick sulks off. Brooke calls and gets Charlie, they discuss Amber and she realises Charlie could be a great help to her plans.
S14E243 Ep. #3505 00/00/0000 Amber informs Stephanie of Brooke's visit and her orders to call off the wedding. Stephanie feels Brooke is just concerned for Rick and assures Amber not to let it bother her. Charlie tries to convince Rick to enjoy himself with the girls, but he'd rather be alone. Thorne and Brooke travel to San Francisco to see Rick in the tennis finals. Brooke secretly meets with Charlie and hands him a camera. Brooke wants Charlie to get Rick in a compromising position with Amanda. Thorne doesn't think that Brooke interfering in Rick's life is a good idea. Rick, Jennifer, Charlie and Amanda prepare for the final as Brooke and Thorne come in. Rick is thrilled to see them and is glad for their support. Charlie urges Amanda to go after Rick, while Brooke tells Thorne that Amber is on her way out of Rick's life for good.
S14E244 Ep. #3506 00/00/0000 Amber goes to the Cafe Russe thinking she has been invited by Rick but finds Deacon waiting for her. He tells her that he just wanted to do something nice for her to cheer her up. Eric is dining alone across from them and is furious that Amber is having dinner with Deacon and he calls Brooke, she urges him to tell Rick. Thorne wonders if coming between Rick and Amber is really the right thing to do, Brooke reminds Charlie to be on the lookout with his camera. Rick tries to call Amber but gets no response. Eric calls Rick and informs him that Amber and Deacon are at the Cafe Russe. Rick is very upset, but gets roped into playing spin the bottle with Charlie, Amanda and Jennifer. Charlie gets Amanda and Rick into a situation where they have to kiss, as he waits with his camera in hand.
S14E245 Ep. #3507 00/00/0000 Brooke informs Thorne of her plan to have Charlie catch Rick and Amanda in a compromising position. Thorne isn't pleased and compares Brooke to Stephanie. Brooke snaps that Rick is far too young to have a wife. Amber is stunned when Deacon hints that he loves her. Amber makes it clear that her future is with Rick. Deacon wonders why Rick and Amber haven't yet married, to which Amber blames Deacon. Amber calls Rick but Charlie tells her that Rick is busy. Charlie and Jennifer egg Rick and Amanda into kissing when they fail their task whilst playing spin the bottle. Rick later confesses to Amanda that he is worried about Amber having dinner with Deacon. They drink beer as Amanda doubts Rick's relationship with Amber and kisses him on the cheek. As she continues, Rick finally gives in as Charlie secretly takes photographs.
S14E246 Ep. #3508 14/03/2001 Tim is concerned that Steffy isn't eating and the banging continues from the basement. Morgan realises that she has to tell Tim. He promises to stand by her as she confesses the whole truth and shows him that Taylor is locked in the fallout shelter of the basement. Amber prepares a banner to wish Rick a good welcome home. Deacon isn't impressed that Amber is taking the baby to the airport, but she is excited to be seeing Rick. Everyone boards the plane to return to Los Angeles. Brooke is thrilled that Charlie caught Rick and Amanda kissing. Rick apologises to Amanda for kissing her, blaming it on the alcohol, but promises to stay friends. Amber waits at the airport as Rick returns. Rick and Amber head off with the baby as Brooke tells Thorne that these are Amber's final moments with Rick.
S14E247 Ep. #3509 00/00/0000 Tim is stunned as Taylor screams to be released like a caged animal. Tim tells Morgan to let Taylor go, but Morgan insists that she can't or she'll go to jail. Tim refuses to have anything to do with it, but Morgan fakes some tears and acts vulnerable, stating that she loves Tim and needs his help. Brooke and Thorne tell Eric how happy Rick was being with his friends and away from Amber. Eric is surprised when Brooke shows him the photos of Rick and Amanda. Amber and Rick go back to Deacon's with the baby, but he heads off when Amanda invites him to a party. Deacon plays on Amber's insecurities, telling her that she is no longer important to Rick. Brooke later barges in and bickers with Amber about her relationship with Rick. Brooke hands Amber the photographs.
S14E248 Ep. #3510 00/00/0000 Rick arrives at the party for the tennis awards. Jennifer and Amanda are handed trophy's. Amanda presents Rick with his award and a kiss. Rick later takes Amanda aside and crushes her hopes when he tells her that he loves Amber. Amber acts confident that Rick loves her but Brooke urges her to look at the photographs. Amber is angry at what she sees, but Brooke states that it's proof of what Rick really wants. Brooke thinks Amber should now take herself out of Rick's life forever. Ridge tells Stephanie that he is growing scared as Taylor still hasn't been in contact with him or the kids. Morgan makes herself look gorgeous before heading out, leaving Tim to look after Steffy. Morgan heads over to see Ridge to do some late night work with him. Meanwhile, Tim is uncomfortable keeping Taylor locked in the basement. He takes Steffy down and allows Taylor to see her.
S14E249 Ep. #3511 00/00/0000 Amber decides that she has to talk to Rick, but Brooke orders her to admit that it's over. Brooke tells Amber to allow Rick to live his life and thinks that she should move on. Deacon tells Brooke to butt out when she begins insulting Amber. Brooke storms out, declaring that Amber had better stay away from Rick. Rick meets with Stephanie and informs her that Brooke being against his wedding plans is getting him down. Rick states that Amber and the baby make him happy and Stephanie believes that once Brooke sees it, then she'll come around. Morgan fantasizes about kissing Ridge as they work on some designs, Catherine interupts with Phoebe so Morgan heads home. Tim allows Steffy into the locked room where Taylor is being kept. Taylor attempts to convince Tim to release her, but Morgan cathes him.
S14E250 Ep. #3512 00/00/0000 Morgan yells at Tim to put Taylor back in the fallout shelter, while Taylor tries to convince him to let her go. Morgan manages to scare Tim into locked Taylor up again. Morgan blasts Tim for letting Taylor out. Tim suggests they treat Taylor a little better and bring her upstairs, he shows her his idea of chaining Taylor to the fireplace. Rick enquires with Bridget about her mystery man, but she informs him that they don't even know each other's names. Bridget tells Rick that she feels Amber isn't good enough for him. Brooke informs Eric that Amber has the photos, Eric believes that they may work it out. Brooke wants to stop that happening, but Eric tells her that they have to leave it up to Rick now. Amber sobs that Rick doesn't want her. Deacon comforts Amber as she feels she has lost everything. Amber and Deacon share a kiss as Rick arrives and sees them.
S15E01 Ep. #3513 00/00/0000 Taylor is releived when Tim and Morgan remove her from the basement. Taylor thinks she is being let go until Morgan informs her she is only being let into the living room. Tim and Morgan chain Taylor to the fireplace. Rick storms out, feeling a fool as Amber and Deacon kiss. Amber pushes Deacon away and says that she wants Rick. Deacon promises Amber a real life with the baby, but she isn't interested. Rick walks into the house depressed and Brooke guesses that it is about Amber. She plants more doubts in his mind and makes him feel that he should end his relationship with Amber. Rick calls Amber and they both try to get one another to confess to kissing someone else. Rick tells Amber he is calling off the wedding.
S15E02 Ep. #3514 00/00/0000 Rick tells Amber that the wedding is off, and she is shocked. She tells him she still loves him and wants him, and begs him to consider Little Eric, but despite his own involvement with Amanda, Rick is determined to break it off because of the kiss she shared with Deacon. Morgan tells Taylor that she is going to make her pay for the fact that Taylor has Ridge and three healthy children while she (Morgan) has none.
S15E03 Ep. #3521 00/00/0000 Bridget tells Rick to think hard before ending it with Amber over a misunderstanding. Deacon asks Alex to watch Little D for a few days. Stephanie chastises Brooke for her role in the break-up.
S15E04 Ep. #3522 00/00/0000 Rick is devastated when Stephanie reveals that Brooke set up Amber to appear like a bad girl, and gives him the photos. Ridge is convinced that it was Steffy's voice on the other end of the phone, but with Eric's help, Morgan convinces him it was a hoax. Taylor begins to wonder if she and Steffy will ever be home again.
S15E05 Ep. #3523 00/00/0000 Ridge finds the drawing that Taylor slipped into Morgan's purse and threatens her life if she doesn't tell him where his wife and daughter are. Rick tells Brooke that her plan has failed, because he still loves her, and he plans to marry her as soon as he can. In Las Vegas, Amber wins big at the slots, and she and Deacon pose for a congratulatory photograph.
S15E06 Ep. #3524 00/00/0000 Amber and Deacon share sob stories in Las Vegas; she tells him about never knowing his father and about spending her life raised by her mom in Death Valley, and he counters with stories about living with his mom in a car before she became a stripper, and his abusive step-father Daryl. Morgan is convinced that Ridge believes her story about how she got the picture, but Ridge realises that putting on her victim act proves Morgan is guilty.
S15E07 Ep. #3525 10/04/2001 Rick enlists the help of private eye Ted Jones to help him find Amber and Deacon, and assures Brooke that she won't be able to meddle in his romance any more, because when he finds Amber, he will marry her. In Vegas, Amber stops Deacon and Daryl from fighting, and stands up for Deacon, telling Daryl to leave him alone. Deacon is truly touched that someone would fight for him.
S15E08 Ep. #3526 11/04/2001 As Rick is on a flight to L.A., both Amber and Deacon get half a broken heart tattooed on them.
S15E09 Ep. #3527 00/00/0000 Rick is able to track Deacon and Amber down by talking to the bartender, who remember Amber's big win. Ridge wonders why Taylor hasn't called, and starts to worry.
S15E10 Ep. #3528 00/00/0000 Tim is visibly jealous when Morgan comes down in a revealing dress, preparing for her 'date' with Ridge. Taylor tries to convince Tim that he should stop Morgan, and tries to make him understand that Morgan wants to take her husband the same way he took her daughter. In Las Vegas, Rick explains the whole deal about the kiss with Amanda to Amber, and begs for a second chance. He says they'll soon be a family with Little Eric, if she'll just take him back.
S15E11 Ep. #3529 00/00/0000 Morgan thinks her date with Ridge is going wonderfully, until he announces that he wants to go back to her place for the night. Deacon begs Amber to reconsider reuniting with Rick, because Brooke will never stop trying to destroy her.
S15E12 Ep. #3530 00/00/0000 Although Deacon continues his pleas with Amber, she tells him that although she cares for him, she doesn't love him ... she loves Rick, and is going to spend the rest of her life with him. Taylor begs Morgan to let her go, and Morgan starts to go on about how things have come full circle, and with Ridge, her life is complete.
S15E13 Ep. #3531 00/00/0000 Ridge finally realises that Steffy's drawing of herself, her mom, and two dogs indicates Morgan's house. He jumps in his car and rushes to get there. Morgan tells Tim that they will put Steffy up for adoption overseas, then prepares to kill Taylor.
S15E14 Ep. #3532 00/00/0000 Ridge manages to get there in the nick of time to save Taylor. As Taylor, Ridge, and Steffy celebrate their reunion, Tim and Morgan escape.
S15E15 Ep. #3533 20/04/2001 Taylor and Ridge reunite Steffy with her brother and sister, and Stephanie comes over and is overwhelmed to see her namesake alive and well. Deacon is surprised to learn that his mystery woman is really Bridget Forrester, and realises he can use that to his advantage. Morgan and Tim are driving, but she tells him she's not ready to leave L.A.
S15E16 Ep. #3534 00/00/0000 Brooke continues to spit nails at Amber, but rather than strike back, Amber tells Brooke she's willing to give her a second chance. She doesn't want there to be a rift between Brooke and Rick as she knows the importance of family, but she says she can't keep letting Brooke attack her, so Brooke needs to make a choice.
S15E17 Ep. #3535 00/00/0000 Brooke and Amber continue to fight, and Amber tells Brooke that all she wants is for them to get along. Brooke continues to insist that she will never let Amber be part of her family. Stephanie tries to break the two up, and Brooke accuses her of taking Amber's side. After speaking with Jonathan, Rick comes by, and wants to move up the wedding. Deacon talks to Alex, and tells her that the Forresters will be sorry that they messed with him.
S15E18 Ep. #3536 00/00/0000 Amber goes back to The Lair. Deacon believes that this is a good sign, not realising that Amber is planning to ask him to sign away his rights to Little Eric.
S15E19 Ep. #3537 26/04/2001 Deacon begs Amber not to leave him tonight. He swears that if she finishes out the four months, that he will be able to prove to her that he loves her, and that she loves him.
S15E20 Ep. #3538 00/00/0000 Amber begs Deacon again to sign the papers, saying that this was the only way she could convince the Forresters to let him have visitation rights for his son. With tears streaming down his face, Deacon signs the papers, and watches his son leave in the arms of the woman he loves.
S15E21 Ep. #3539 00/00/0000 Amber brings the baby home, and the family has a celebratory dinner, with Stephanie needing to work hard to keep Brooke from starting anything with Amber. Later, the Forresters go over to Deacon's apartment to tell him that he has to stay away from Amber and Rick. Meanwhile, Amber and Rick take their son home, and enjoy a romantic reunion.
S15E22 Ep. #3540 00/00/0000 The Forresters tell Deacon that Little Eric is their business. He will only be allowed to see his son when they tell him it's okay. Deacon is furious, and vows to make them pay. Rick is upset that Little Eric thinks of Deacon as daddy, and Amber tries to convince him that it's only natural, and plus, Deacon is the boy's father. Deacon calls up Bridget and wrangles in invite to her upcoming 18th birthday, but doesn't give her his name.
S15E23 Ep. #3541 00/00/0000 Everything seems to be going well at Bridget's 18th birthday. Bridget is disappointed with her 'special guest' is her favorite D.J. Ivory instead of her mystery man, but before the evening is through, he calls her outside for a passionate birthday kiss. While Bridget tells her friends about her special gift, Deacon has a flash of conscience at using Bridget to get Amber back.
S15E24 Ep. #3542 03/05/2001 Taylor and Stephanie decide to throw a party to get everyone's minds off of what happened, and Megan suggests hiring a clown. They leave her to it, not realising that Morgan has rigged the office and offers herself as the coming clown. Ridge speaks with both Lt. Baker and Dr. Nunez about Steffy, and is assured that she is probably the one dealing with this the best, as she had no idea she was supposed to be dead.
S15E25 Ep. #3543 04/05/2001 Rick encourages Amber to wear a skimpy bathing suit, but she isn't ready yet to tell him about her and Deacon's matching tattooes. Morgan comes to the party dressed as a clown, prepared to have it out with Stephanie once and for all.
S15E26 Ep. #3544 00/00/0000 Dressed as a clown at the party, Morgan makes her plans to confront Stephanie one final time.
S15E27 Ep. #3545 00/00/0000 Deacon sets his plan to destroy the Forresters in motion by charming Bridget, telling her that since he saw her the other night, he hasn't been able to get her out of his mind.
S15E28 Ep. #3546 00/00/0000 After Steffy tells Taylor that the male clown was named Tim, she and a horrified Ridge realise that Morgan was the other clown.
S15E29 Ep. #3547 00/00/0000 Amber confesses with Rick that she went to see Deacon at The Lair, but Rick doesn't believe her when she tries to warn him that Deacon has a plan in motion to get Little Eric back.
S15E30 Ep. #3548 00/00/0000 Brooke finally caves when Rick begs her to support his marriage to Amber, and Rick promises his mother that Deacon won't be having anything to do with the wedding.
S15E31 Ep. #3549 00/00/0000 Rick tells his mother than he wants her to do for he and Amber what he did for her and Thorne, and asks his shocked mother to put her animosity with Amber in the past by requesting Brooke act as Amber's matron of honor.
S15E32 Ep. #3550 00/00/0000 Deacon employs a little reverse psychology on Bridget by trying to convince her that he doesn't belong at the wedding. His plan works, and she invites him to be her date.
S15E33 Ep. #3551 00/00/0000 Stephanie and Amber bond while preparing for the wedding, and Stephanie assures Amber that despite her worries, there's nothing Deacon can do to stop the wedding or to come between her and Rick.
S15E34 Ep. #3552 00/00/0000 Deacon tries to convince Amber that marrying Rick will only destroy her, and kisses her passionately in the hopes that she will choose to be with him, but Amber remains firm in her plans to spend her life with Rick.
S15E35 Ep. #3553 00/00/0000 Eric stops the wedding when he sees Deacon at the back of the church, and Deacon shocks them all by telling them that he is there as Bridget's date and the two of them are falling in love.
S15E36 Ep. #3667 00/00/0000 Brooke admits to Megan that she had an overnight guest, but doesn't tell her friend that it was her daughter's husband. Amber is hurt when Rick insinuates that she is incapable of fidelity.
S15E37 Ep. #3668 00/00/0000 After realising Deacon has yet to talk to Bridget about their upcoming divorce, Brooke offers to tell her daughter that her marriage is over. Amber plans a romantic dinner to show Rick that she is committed to him.
S15E38 Ep. #3669 00/00/0000 Ridge believes that Massimo destroyed Brooke's family, but Stephanie truly believes Mass did the right thing. Brooke and Deacon talk about their relationship, each one agreeing that it's more than just casual sex.
S15E39 Ep. #3670 00/00/0000 Eric and Stephanie enjoy a romantic dinner at Café Russe, where they reminisce about their history together. Ridge confronts Massimo, accusing him of attacking Brooke in an attempt to get Stephanie.
S15E40 Ep. #3671 00/00/0000 When Massimo rushes Ridge to the hospital after his fall, Eric, Stephanie and Taylor soon arrive. When Ridge needs blood and Eric isn't a match Stephanie offers to donate since she is type O, and is shocked to learn that neither her blood type nor Eric's is compatible with Ridge's, meaning that Ridge isn't Eric's son!
S15E41 Ep. #3672 00/00/0000 Stephanie is shocked when the doctor maintains that there is no way that Ridge can be Eric's father. Tony and Sally talk about his upcoming wedding to Kristen, and Sally realises just how much Tony is willing to give up.
S15E42 Ep. #3673 00/00/0000 Stephanie panics at the thought that the doctor may have told Eric about the discrepancy in the blood records, but soon realises he is clueless. Amber realises that there is something going on between Brooke and Deacon, and wonders if it's why Deacon wants a divorce.
S15E43 Ep. #3674 14/11/2001 While Sally makes his parents welcome, Antonio worries that he will devastate them with the news that he is HIV positive. Deacon and Bridget go up to Big Bear together, and while Bridget makes cocoa, Deacon prepares to ask her for a divorce.
S15E44 Ep. #3675 15/11/2001 Eduardo and Liliana are thrilled to meet Kristen and are looking forward to having her join their family, but are upset when they learn her parents haven't given their blessing yet. Amber tells Rick that Bridget has no idea that Deacon wants a divorce, and thinks he wants to talk about a baby!
S15E45 Ep. #3676 16/11/2001 Sally is convinced that the love between Tony and Kristen can overcome any obstacles, but Clarke points out that Antonio is living on borrowed time as it is. Rick and Thorne refuse to listen to Amber when she suggests that a committed Deacon could be good for Bridget.
S15E46 Ep. #3677 00/00/0000 Bridget is pestering Deacon for the name of the woman with whom he had sex as Brooke is confessing to Megan that she is Deacon's mystery lover. Massimo pesters Stephanie about her secret, and she finally reveals what she has been keeping hidden.
S15E47 Ep. #3678 00/00/0000 Stephanie begs Massimo to keep quiet about being Ridge's father, insisting that it will destroy Ridge. Bridget and Deacon go to see Brooke, and tell her that they are going to work on their marriage.
S15E48 Ep. #3679 00/00/0000 Brooke is angry with Deacon for breaking the promise that he made, and tells him that if he doesn't break it off with Bridget, she'll do it for him. Massimo's heart breaks when he reaches out to Ridge as a friend and Ridge turns on him.
S15E49 Ep. #3680 00/00/0000 Tony and Kristen are both worried about how the conversation between his parents (Eduardo and Liliana) will go with her parents. Brooke wants to prove to Deacon that he'll only end up cheating on Bridget again by kissing him.
S15E50 Ep. #3681 00/00/0000 Rick tells Deacon that his marriage doesn't stand a chance if the entire Forrester clan is against them. Deacon says Bridget has already proved she can stand up against her family, and she'll be even stronger with Deacon behind her. Bridget offers to throw Kristen and Tony an engagement party. Kristen tells Bridget that Tony will be thrilled, but she wonders how Deacon will feel about a family party. Bridget says he'll survive. Back at the beach house Bridget explains the plans to Deacon. Liliana wonders how Tony can stay so positive given his circumstances. Tony says it's because he chooses to see what's beautiful in life. He also believes Eric will come around because love is stronger than fear. Stephanie agrees to meet with Massimo after the wedding. Ridge promises to step in and stop Kristen from getting married tomorrow. Kristen tells Eric that she wishes she could take away his fear. Eric is still against her marriage plans, but Kristen insists on her family's support. Kristen wants Eric to come to the party tonight so that he can help them celebrate the good things that Tony and Kristen share.
S15E51 Ep. #3682 00/00/0000 Brooke adamantly tells Megan she wants nothing more to do with Deacon. Megan thinks Brooke was hurt by Deacon, but Brooke denies it. Bridget and Deacon are getting ready for the party when Deacon gives her a ring as a symbol of their new beginning. Bridget senses the change in Deacon and feels so loved. Deacon says tonight they will be celebrating two marriages, Kristen's and theirs. Kristen is very upset when she finds out that Eric is not coming to the engagement party. Stephanie explains to Kristen that Eric fears the marriage will be the literal death of her. Kristen bravely says it's Eric's loss if he won't come to the party. Tony tells his parents that the wedding is going to happen, and he is determined for Eric to be a part of it. At the party, Tony plans to ask Eric to be his best man. Brooke gives Eric advice on whether or not he should go to the party and support his daughter, even though he disapproves of the engagement. Brooke warns Eric that someday he may wish that he had been more involved in his daughter's life. Everyone arrives at Bridget and Deacon's, except for Eric. Tony is disappointed his plan is down the tubes. The priest gives Tony and Kristen hopeful words about their extraordinary circumstances. Tony thanks everyone for coming, and tells the group that he was planning to ask Eric to be his best man, even though it seems foolish now. Eric suddenly appears at the door, and Tony anxiously awaits an answer.
S15E52 Ep. #3683 00/00/0000 Brooke wonders if Deacon played her for a fool, even though her instincts tell her he didn't. She decides that her best route is to be happy for Deacon and Bridget, and move on with her life. However, Brooke recalls her conversation with Deacon about ending his marriage, and says to herself that it was all a lie. She'll kill Deacon if he hurts Bridget. With everyone as a witness, Tony again asks Eric to be his best man. Eric says he has never questioned Tony's intentions, but intentions aren't good enough to protect his daughter from the passion that they feel for each other. Eric turns down Tony's request. Eduardo believes the comment is an insult to his entire family, and starts to leave. Kristen tells her father that he has taken the most significant day in her life and trashed it. The priest makes a deeply affecting speech to the group about Tony and Kristen. He says that Kristen and Tony have a difficult path in front of them, but he also knows that something truly miraculous lies ahead for them because of it. Eric is affected by the priest's words, and finally agrees to stand up for Tony as his best man.
S15E53 Ep. #3684 00/00/0000 Kristen awakens to her wedding day. Eric knows that Tony will take very good care of Kristen from now on. Kristen tells Eric that everything is fine between them because she knows her father only wanted the best for her. Tony is certain that Kristen's wedding dress is a perfect fit, but he just needs to know if Kristen likes it. He has an idea to surprise Kristen at the wedding chapel, and asks for everyone's help. Tony, Eduardo, and Liliana decorate Kristen's bridal suite, while Sally brings Kristen to the chapel. Sally, as Tony and Kristen's biggest supporter, accepts Kristen's offer to be the matron of honor. Clarke has an idea to stop the wedding. He explains to Eric that he knows a gay man who, for a fee of ten thousand dollars, will say that Tony contracted HIV from him instead of Ellen. Eric explains to Stephanie what Clarke has planned, and Stephanie rips into Clarke and kicks him out of the house. Kristen sees her wedding dress and is touched by its exquisite design. Tony comes out from his hiding spot, and Kristen tells him that she will wear it with so much pride.
S15E54 Ep. #3685 00/00/0000 Everyone gathered at the chapel for Tony and Kristen's wedding. Stephanie was surprised to find Bridget outside. She assumed Bridget was going to be Kristen's maid of honor. Bridget didn't have any idea who was going to stand up for her sister. Eric helped Tony tie his tie. Tony told Eric how happy he was to be marrying Kristen. Eric thought Kristen was pretty lucky too and told Tony to call him Dad. Ridge and Thorne arrived to lend some support. Meanwhile, Sally helped Kristen prepare in the bride's room. Sally had hired a professional hairdresser and makeup artist to make Kristen beautiful. Stephanie walked in and was stunned to find out Sally was going to be Kristen's maid of honor. Kristen explained that Sally had stood up for her and Tony through their courtship. Sally promised to behave during the ceremony. Eric knocked on the door and told the trio that it was time to start the service. A dejected Stephanie left for her seat. Everyone was seated in the chapel. Thorne and Ridge noticed that their mother looked upset. They figured out why when they saw Sally strutting down the aisle as matron of honor. Eric gave the Kristen away. Father Rivera told the assembled guests that Tony and Kristen's love was strong and should be an example to them all. Over at Forrester Creations, Megan found Brooke upset that she hadn't been invited to the wedding. They discussed how much they admired what Tony and Kristen were doing. Tony knew that Kristen was truly marrying him for who he was because of all the adversities they were destined to face. Brooke was upset to think that her daughter didn't have a similar marriage because Bridget had no idea what kind of man Deacon truly was. Brooke now had the ammunition she really needed to get Bridget to dump Deacon, but she couldn't use it because Bridget would never forgive her for sleeping with her husband. Megan poured some tea for Brooke, but Brooke felt nauseous! Morgan returned with s
S15E55 Ep. #3686 04/12/2001 Kristen and Tony's wedding continued. Liliana and Stephanie got up and spoke of love and how wonderful it was for their children to get married. Bridget whispered to Deacon that she wished they could have had such a wedding. Amber tried to be romantic, but Rick could only look at her with scorn. Tony and Kirsten exchanged vows and rings. They were pronounced man and wife and kissed to the delight of the guests. Before walking down the aisle with Tony, Kristen hugged her father and told him that she loved him. Tony and Kristen walked into the chapel's courtyard where Tony picked up Kristen as they were showered with white rose petals. In the limousine, Tony presented Kristen with plane tickets to Africa. They were going on a safari! Back at the chapel, Eduardo and Lilliana and Stephanie and Eric congratulated each other on raising such fabulous children. In the front of the chapel, Deacon found Bridget gazing wistfully at a floral arrangement. He apologized for not giving her a proper fairy tale wedding. She admitted that weddings always got to her. She figured it must be the romance and all the family being together. She then smiled and asked Deacon to wait for her in the chapel. She ran to Father Rivera and whispered something in his ear. She then ran out the chapel doors leaving a perplexed Deacon to gaze wistfully at that floral arrangement. At Forrester Creations, Megan demanded to know if Brooke had used protection when she had sex with Deacon. Brooke was forced to admit that their first encounter had happened so fast that they had not used a condom! Megan was shocked and insisted she run out and buy a home pregnancy test. While Megan was at Walgreens, Brooke remembered the passion she had shared with Deacon and prayed she is not pregnant with Deacon's child. Megan returned. Brooke takes the pregnancy test. Although she is afraid to check the results, Brooke gazes at the test.
S15E56 Ep. #3687 00/00/0000 At the Forrester guest house, Amber was disappointed that Rick didn't seem interested in spending much time with her. He insisted that he needed to study for some exams. Dejected, Amber picked up messages and listened to a message from some dude at Forrester Creations telling them that Bridget had come to the office and borrowed a wedding gown. Rick was infuriated when he figured out Deacon had convinced Bridget to renew their wedding vows. Amber said she envied Deacon and Bridget for working out their problems. She wanted Rick to try and work on their own marriage. Rick said it would take some time. Amber said she was tired of him shutting her out. He never seemed concerned about her. She told Rick that she did not plan to give up on them. She would re-earn his trust. Deacon waited anxiously at the wedding chapel. Bridget showed up wearing a wedding dress! Bridget explained that this was their chance to have a fairy tale wedding. They had weathered a difficult patch in their relationship and she thought they should start with a clean slate. Deacon thought it would be a great idea to renew their vows. With the help of Father Rivera, the young couple pledged their love to one another. At the end of the impromptu ceremony, Deacon said absolutely nothing would keep tear them apart. Brooke and Megan stared at the stick of the pregnancy test and couldn't believe that Brooke was pregnant! Brooke freaked out. She couldn't believe that she had let this happen. She was intelligent woman. How could she have slept with her daughter's husband and gotten pregnant? Megan tried to make Brooke feel better by saying she had been devastated by the betrayal of her father and Deacon had taken advantage of her weakness. She had simply made a mistake. Brooke said the life growing inside her was not a mistake and insisted that Megan stop trying to make her feel better. Brooke then collapsed in tears and screamed that she felt so ashamed.
S15E57 Ep. #3688 00/00/0000 Stephanie went to visit Massimo in his office. Bridget and Deacon showed up at Brooke's office at Forrester Creations. Out in the desert near Furnace Creek, Amber took Rick to the spot where she had buried their son. [ Recap available. ]
S15E58 Ep. #3689 00/00/0000 Amber and Rick continued their conversation in the desert at the grave of their child. Rick said he knew that Amber wanted him to forgive and forget, but she had burned him in the past when he trusted her before. He wasn't sure he could do what she wanted. Amber said she understood and she didn't blame him for the way he felt. However, she could not live with her husband if he didn't try to express any kind of love towards her. She decided she would stay with her aunt and uncle in Furnace Creek. Amber told Rick she would not use the baby against him. She would keep him informed of the baby's progress and call him after each doctor's visit. Rick said he did want Amber to be a part of his life. He didn't want her to move away from him. Amber was thrilled to hear that news, but said she needed more than what he was offering. She needed to feel loved. Rick asked what it would take to convince her to return to Los Angeles with him. Amber replied that he needed to believe that she was a changed person. She would never again do anything that would endanger the stability of her marriage or her family. Rick replied that he truly wanted to believe that was true. He asked if that was enough. Amber joyfully cried that it was plenty for the time being. She then doubled over in pain and cried for Rick to take her to the hospital. At Spectra Fashions, Darla and Sofia noticed that Sally was having a hard time concentrating on work. Darla guessed that Sally had a crush on Massimo. Sally admitted it was true, but that Massimo had a thing for Stephanie. Whatever it was between them, it was causing Massimo to behave strangely. Sally figured that the two of them had a secret and Sally intended to discover what it was. She had hired a private detective to find out what was going on. Just then, Sally got a call from her hired detective. She learned that Massimo and the Forresters were all at Café Ruse. Sally thought it was a good idea for her to go there as
S15E59 Ep. #3690 00/00/0000 At the Furnace Creek Hospital, Rick waited in the hallway while Amber was examined. When the doctor came out of the room, he told Rick that they would have test results in a short while. He could visit Amber in the meantime. Rick went into Amber's room and they discussed that the doctor seemed to think the baby was going to be OK. Amber said she shouldn't have brought Rick out to the desert. Rick disagreed and said it was exactly what he had needed. He realized how much he did love Amber and his family. He said that the reason it hurt him so badly when Amber lied to him was because he loved her so. He then promised that what was in the past was past. They would meet the future together. Amber was ecstatic. But then the doctor returned and said Amber had a strep infection. That could be treated with penicillin. However, in her examination, they discovered that she had an inflammationof the kidney. Normally, that wouldn't be much of a concern, but Amber only had one kidney. The problem could be treated with cortisone, but that couldn't be used on pregnant women. The only solution was a restricted diet and lots of rest. The doctor warned them that it could be a very difficult pregnancy. After the doctor left, Amber said she didn't regret giving Rick her kidney. The couple agreed they would work together to ensure the health of their unborn child. At Spectra Fashions, Darla worried that Sally would only make matters worse if she went to Café Ruse and confronted Massimo and the Forresters. Sally replied that she cared deeply for Massimo and wanted to try and help him out. She worried that whatever secret he and Stephanie were keeping was dangerous. Sally was going to protect her friend (Massimo). At the Café Ruse, Massimo was just about to tell Ridge the truth when Stephanie returned to the table. Eric and Ridge encouraged Massimo to spit out what he had to say and be gone. Stephanie insisted that Massimo talk to her in private and Massimo agre
S15E60 Ep. #3691 00/00/0000 By the Café Russe ladies' room, Sally asked Massimo if it was true that he was Ridge's biological father. Massimo tried to tell the her that she had misunderstood. But as Sally started to cause a scene, Massimo hauled her out of the place and took her to his office. There, Massimo was forced to admit that he was indeed Ridge's biological father. He explained how Stephanie had not known the truth until Ridge's accident when both she and Eric had donated blood. The blood types had shown that Eric could not be Ridge's father. Sally was beside herself. She was overjoyed that she now had something to ruin the Forrester family. She would finally get revenge for Macy's death. Massimo told Sally that he had been convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Ridge already hated him and this news would drive him farther away. Sally felt pity for Massimo, but said she didn't care about his future with his son. She wanted to make the Forresters pay for what they had done to Macy. Over at Forrester Creations, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge entered Eric's office. Ridge was livid that his mother had spent time speaking to Massimo on his birthday. He asked his mother to never see Massimo again. Stephanie said he could not dictate who she could and could not see. Ridge said it was clear that Massimo had some hold over her. Stephanie replied that they were simply old friends. Ridge figured Massimo had feelings for Stephanie and was certain he had some reason for wanting to disrupt the Forrester family. Stephanie denied there was any such reason. In fact, she screamed that if Massimo ever threatened her family in any way, she would cut him out of her life. She would make sure that Massimo never approached Ridge again. Frustrated, Ridge and Eric left Stephanie alone in the office. She called Massimo and told him that he had to stay away from the Forrester family. She was sorry about the way it had worked out, but that was the way it had to be. Back a
S15E61 Ep. #3692 00/00/0000 At Massimo's office, Massimo told Sally that if she truly cared for him, she would not tell anyone that he was Ridge's father. Sally laughed because that was exactly the tactic Stephanie was using to keep Massimo quiet. Sally wanted revenge, but Massimo told her that would accomplish nothing. The truth would come out and the Forresters would band together more tightly than ever. In fact, both Sally and he would then have lost their children. Massimo explained that he did indeed have a plan to eventually tell Ridge the truth, but it was a scheme that would take some time. Sally wondered what she would do while she was waiting for the House of Forrester to crumble. Massimo hinted perhaps they could get to know each other better. Sally thought it was ironic that he would bring such an idea up at this point because she had been trying to convince him that they could be good together for quite some time. Massimo took Sally in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips. Nonetheless, Sally swooned and was convinced not to let the cat out of the bag. Massimo promised a night on the town the following evening. After Sally left, Massimo seemed pleased with himself, but scared of what he had to do at the same time. In Africa, Kristen asked the young boy who had come into their room what he was doing. He explained she had dropped some film in the town earlier in the day and he wanted to return it to her. He knew she was on her honeymoon and knew exactly where they would be staying. When Tony came back, the boy hid. A hotel employee followed Tony and told the couple they had been chasing a local youth and they should be careful with their valuables. Once the employee left, Tony and Kristen talked with the boy. They learned his name was Zende. He said both his mother and brother had died in a car crash and he lived in the local orphanage. Kristen and Tony were both impressed with Zende's good manners and happy personality. Tony gave the boy some money for returning t
S15E62 Ep. #3693 00/00/0000 It's a new day. Kristen and Tony's tour guide took them to Haven of Hope, the orphanage in town. He showed them a small door where parents could leave their children anonymously. Once inside, Kristen and Tony were shocked to see so many tiny children living in the orphanage. They spotted Zende who introduced them to Mama Tisha, the woman in charge of the place. We learned that there are about 60 children living at the orphanage. There was need for much more housing than that, but they could not take any more. Most of the children's parents had died of AIDS. Many of the children were sick themselves, but they were not tested. It would not matter because there was not enough money for medications for the children. Zende had told Tony and Kristen his family died in a car crash because he was afraid of rejection. The stigma of AIDS was very great in Africa. Kristen and Tony held the newest arrival. Zende helped take care of the smaller children. Kristen put a small girl to bed. Tony played a card game with Zende. All the while, the newlyweds kept exchanging pained, knowing glances at each other. Back at the Forrester guest house Eric and Rick packed up stuff as Rick and Amber prepared to move into Brooke's place. Stephanie and Amber cried and said they'd miss each other. Amber said Stephanie had been the best mother she ever could have asked for. Rick told them to stop crying, they'd see each other all the time. After the kids left with Little Eric, Stephanie thought the move might be a good thing because there'd be someone to keep an eye on Brooke. Eric said he thought Brooke's trouble-making days were over. Stephanie rolled her eyes and said she had thought Brooke was out of their lives too many times in the past. Brooke would always be a problem. Stephanie then suggested Eric make them a couple of strong martinis and they'd kick back and enjoy the huge mansion all alone. Meanwhile, Megan stopped by to talk with a real
S15E63 Ep. #3694 14/12/2001 Ridge tells Sally how much he hates Massimo, then tells Sally that he thinks the two of them are perfect for each other.
S15E64 Ep. #3695 00/00/0000 Rick worked on a laptop computer in Thorne's office. Amber arrived with lunch that she had made for him. He explained that he was working with Thorne in the purchasing department. Rick was surprised at Amber's interest in Forrester Creations. She explained that it was the family business and she wanted to get involved. When Rick asked what she might like to do for the company, Amber sheepishly told how she had designed and sewed her own clothes as a teenager. Rick thought she would make a great designer. While Rick went to the loading dock, Amber sketched a dress on a spare pad of paper. Rick returned and thought it was a very innovative design. Amber day dreamed that she was the star designer at a Forrester fashion show. Back in the real world, Amber didn't think it would be possible for her to become a famous designer. At Massimo's office, Stephanie made it clear to him that he could have neither her nor Ridge. That was just the way it had to be. Massimo then quizzed Stephanie about Ridge's future at Forrester Creations. Stephanie explained that Ridge would take over the company from Eric. Massimo pointed out that Brooke owned 51% of the company, so it could never truly be Ridge's. As Stephanie pondered that thought, Massimo asked if she and Eric had written their wills and planned their estates. He was worried that the company would be divided evenly among the Forrester children and the government would take a good amount of Forrester Creations if it weren't planned properly. Stephanie exclaimed that the future of her company was really none of Massimo's business and walked out the door. After Stephanie left, Massimo instructed his assistant, Heidi, to carry out a mysterious task. He then took a piece of paper and put it in an envelope with Ridge's name on it. Massimo thought Ridge would get his opinion even if he didn't want it. In Eric's office at Forrester Creations, Eric toasted Ridge's cover
S15E65 Ep. #3696 00/00/0000 As Massimo sat in his office and wondered if Ridge had received his package, Sally arrived and asked what she should wear for their date that evening. Massimo had forgotten he was taking Sally out. She understood and could tell that he had lots on his mind. Massimo said he had talked to Stephanie and learned that Eric had not planned very well for his children's future and that Ridge would never be the head of Forrester Creations. Sally begged Massimo not to get involved in the Forrester family business, but Massimo feared he would have to look out for his son's welfare because no one else was going to do it. In his office at Forrester Creations, Ridge opened the mysterious box and found it contained the world's largest pie pan with a tiny slice of apple pie in it. The attached note said "This is your slice of the Forrester pie. Don't settle for less than you deserve." Ridge was puzzled by the gift. His puzzlement was interrupted by Taylor. Taylor explained how she had purchased a new SUV that morning. Ridge was surprised that she had made such a major purchase without consulting him. She said that it wasn't like they couldn't afford it, he was the heir apparent to Forrester. That made Ridge think about the mysterious gift. Taylor thought it was some sort of marketing gimmick and he'd be receiving a call from a salesman that afternoon. Taylor left to spend more money. Alone, Ridge was bothered by his cryptic gift. Over in Eric's office, he and Stephanie continued to argue about Ridge's share of the Forrester legacy. Brooke walked in during the conversation. Stephanie asked her what she thought of all the children inheriting equal stock from Stephanie and Eric. While Brooke felt that Ridge had indeed made a larger contribution to the company, she didn't think it was fair to give him more stock than the other children. Stephanie said that she was afraid Ridge would be disrespected if he wasn't given a
S15E66 Ep. #3697 00/00/0000 Back in Africa, Kristen and Tony prepared to leave their cabana for home. Kristen was looking at their vacation photos and found the one they had taken of themselves with Zende. They both commented what a wonderful boy he was. A hotel employee came to get their bags. They discussed Zende, the African AIDS crisis and the future with the employee. He explained that there were 60 million orphaned children in Africa with no relief in site. It would take a miracle to turn things around. After the bellhop left, Tony suggested they pray for something to be done about the problems they had seen. Zende arrived to say good bye. He presented Kristen with a bracelet and Tony with a small, cardboard African mask. He had made both items. The couple was touched by his generosity and Kristen offered him money in return. Zende said he would not take the money. They had already given him something - and he touched his heart. The driver returned to take Kristen and Tony to the airport. During a tearful good bye, Kristen gave Zende the photo of the three of them. Zende was thrilled to have it and tightly hugged the couple goodbye. Kristen said she would never forget Zende. As the car drove off, Zende looked at the photo and cried. Meanwhile, Massimo and Sally chatted in his office. He told Sally about his gift of pie to Ridge. Sally admitted that it was an ingenious idea. However, what if Ridge took the hint and demanded more of a stake in Forrester Creations and Eric gave it to him? That would make non-father and son closer than ever. Massimo admitted that was a possibility. If that happened, Massimo would be happy for his son. In Eric's office at Forrester Creations, Stephanie invited Ridge to join in on the estate planning for their Forrester stock. Eric welcomed a chance to explain his plan and pulled out a handy white marker board for some visual aid. He drew a pie chart complete with letters and numbers - how impressive. Stephanie and Eric own 49% of the Forrester stock.
S15E67 Ep. #3698 00/00/0000 Kristen and Tony arrived at the Forrester mansion after returning from their honeymoon. Stephanie and Eric were glad to see them and eagerly looked at all the photos Kristen had taken. They came across a photo of Zende. Kristen lovingly explained that he was an orphan of AIDS and that he was everything anyone could want in a 10 year-old boy. Stephanie noted that the young boy must have stolen Kristen's heart. Kristen admitted that he had done exactly that. At Brooke's house, Brooke invited Rick and Bridget to sit down and discuss the future of Forrester Creations. She explained the plan to distribute the stocks of Forrester among all of Eric's children. The current plan gave both Rick and Bridget controlling interest and left Ridge with very little. Neither Rick nor Bridget thought that was fair. They thought Brooke should do what she thought was best with the company. They thought Ridge should run the company since he had worked harder and longer than anyone else. Bridget and Rick both agreed that Brooke could give Ridge just enough of the stock she intended to give them for Ridge to have controlling interest. Amber listened to the discussion with great interest. At the Bel Air mansion, Taylor found Ridge alone in the living room. She showed him her own personal copy of Eye on Fashion magazine. Ridge found his cover story ironic and told Taylor of his father's plan to distribute the Forrester stock. Taylor assumed Ridge would end up with 30% or 40% and was shocked to hear he'd have less than 10%. Ridge ranted about how he couldn't believe his father would treat him in such a shabby manner. Taylor agreed that Eric wasn't doing what was best for the company, but she understood he thought he was being fair to all his children. Ridge said he should maybe quit Forrester and start his own company. The conversation was interrupted by a phone call from Brooke. She told Ridge that she, Rick, and Bridget had decided to give him enough sto
S15E68 Ep. #3699 00/00/0000 At their Bel Air mansion, Taylor was dubious of Brooke's motives for giving Ridge extra Forrester stock. Ridge told her not to look a gift horse in the mouth and suggested they go to Brooke's house to sign some official papers. Meanwhile, upstairs at Brooke's house, Amber kept needling Rick about giving up his mother's stock. She explained - AGAIN - that it was his legacy to give children. He was Eric Forrester Jr. and he had just as much right to the company as any of Eric's other children. Amber felt Rick should at least think about the whole situation more before making any decisions. He owed it to his children. Rick carefully considered what Amber said. Downstairs, lawyer Connor showed up. He had drawn up the papers of stock transfer as Brooke had requested. However, Connor warned Brooke to reconsider the transaction because once she had given Ridge the stock, the action could not be reversed. Brooke said she was sure this was what she wanted to do. Her affairs had been messed up for quite a while and she wanted to get everything in order. Connor noticed that Brooke's behavior was strange and asked if she was ill. Brooke made it clear that she was not dying. She simply wanted to do what was right for everyone. Rick and Amber came downstairs and joined Connor and Brooke. Rick then announced that he had changed his mind and didn't want to give any stock away. He wanted to think about the plan and be sure he wasn't giving away too much. He had his children to think of. Brooke understood Rick's change of heart and suggested that everyone leave before Ridge arrived. She'd be able to handle the situation. Connor didn't think it was a good idea because Ridge was likely to be angry. Unfortunately Ridge and Taylor were at the door. Ridge brought champagne and suggested they toast the company. Rick then interrupted and said there would not be any stock transfer. He had changed his mind. Ridge was furious and remin
S15E69 Ep. #3700 00/00/0000 At Stephanie's request, Massimo showed up at the Forrester mansion. Stephanie thanked Massimo for pointing out the problems with the estate planning. She explained that Eric had reconsidered some his ideas and was only going to divide their stock among the four children they had together. Ridge would not have controlling interest, but Eric planned to get the siblings to always back Ridge's decisions. Massimo was not impressed. If there was no legal document, Ridge was no better off than he had been before. At Forrester Creations, Thorne visited his father. Eric explained that he and Stephanie had decided to divide their 49% of Forrester stock among only Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia (12.25% each) Rick and Bridget would inherit their stock from Brooke (25.5% each). Thorne thought that sounded fair, but Eric told of Ridge's desire to gain controlling interest. Eric said all his children needed to promise Ridge that they would back his every decision when he took control of the company. Thorne said he would always stand behind Ridge. When Thorne inquired about Kristen, Eric explained that she and Tony had returned to Africa after being home for two days to adopt the orphan child they had met on their honeymoon. Thorne thought that was a terrific idea. Obviously, Tony and Kristen had been put together for such a wonderful reason. Eric admitted he was upset that he had fought their relationship from the beginning. Thorne suggested that God had wanted Eric to test the couple - and they had passed with flying colors. In Africa, Tony and Kristen arrived the orphanage. They talked to Tisha who related that all the adoption papers had been processed, Zende's passport had been obtained, and he had gotten an HIV test.Kristen and Tony were overjoyed to learn that Zende was HIV negative. The couple then found Zende who was glad to see them. After some discussion, Kristen explained that they had come to take him home with them. They wanted him to be their s
S15E70 Ep. #3701 00/00/0000 At the Haven of Hope orphanage in Africa, Zende told Kristen and Tony that he would very much like to be their son. While he was gone to place a flower on his brother's grave, Tisha told Kristen and Tony that Zende never thought he would be adopted. She was grateful they were giving him a chance at a better life. Zende returned with his jacket that had the silver lining. Kristen and Tony made note that they would always keep it. After a tearful goodbye to Tisha and some of his friends, Zende left for America with Tony and Kristen. Meanwhile, at Brooke's house, Miss Logan and Megan packed for Brooke's retreat. Megan suggested that perhaps Brooke could stay away until she gave birth and give the baby up for adoption. Brooke was not sure she could give her child away. In Brooke's living room, Bridget joined Rick and Amber. Bridget worried that her mother would not open up to her. Amber thought Brooke was leaving town because she couldn't stand Amber living in her house. Rick said he had spoken to his mother and she had assured him her departure had nothing to do with Amber's presence. Brooke came downstairs with her bags and hugged her children good bye. She explained that she had to get away to clear her mind. She could not tell them where she was going. Rick said the rest of the Forresters would think something was up if she wasn't there for the stock transfer meeting. Brooke said she had explained her wishes to Connor and she expected her children would agree with her. Rick and Bridget said they would abide by what she had decided. Bridget said she wished Brooke would not leave until Deacon stopped by to say good bye. She thought that Deacon really was trying to get along with Brooke. Brooke wanted none of that and hightailed it out the door with Megan. Just after Brooke left, Deacon arrived. Everyone assumed that Brooke didn't want to talk to Deacon. Amber said it seemed to her that Brooke seemed ashamed. They all agreed
S15E71 Ep. #3702 00/00/0000 At Insomnia, Massimo enjoyed a cappa-mocha-latte-grande-soy and noticed Ridge at the counter getting a skim-latte-regular-with extra foam to go Massimo approached Ridge and said he understood it was a big day for the stock holders at Forrester. Ridge was rude to Massimo and upset his mother continued to talk to the thug. Ridge stormed off and Massimo had a daydream about one day telling Ridge he was his father and Ridge apologizing for being to rude to him. In Brooke's office at Forrester Creations, Bridget told Rick and Amber that she had received a call from Brooke and her caller ID told her the phone call was from the Ojai Valley Inn. Bridget intended to leave immediately to visit her mother. She was worried about her. Amber and Rick convinced her to stay for the stock transfer meeting. Amber stayed in Brooke's office while Rick and Bridget left for the meeting. A short while later, Deacon arrived looking for Bridget. Amber explained that Rick and Bridget had left for the important meeting. Amber tells Deacon that Bridget's going to visit Brooke after the meeting and maybe she can drag out of Brooke what's bothering her. She then tells him that it was good for both their futures because they were married to majority stock holders at Forrester Creations and one day Little Eric would be running the company. Deacon was impressed that his son would have so much power some day. In Eric's office, Ridge, Stephanie, Eric, Bridget, Rick, Connor, and Jonathan gathered for the stock meeting. Eric explained that he had decided not to give any of his stock to Rick and Bridget. The two seemed OK with that knowing that they would get more stock from Brooke. Connor then opened Brooke's document. He explained that Brooke intended to give all her stock to her children. Jonathan noted that it did not specify Rick and Bridget as her children. It was therefore possible that future children Brooke might have would divide her stock with her two current
S15E72 Ep. #3703 00/00/0000 At Brooke's house, Rick hung up the phone after a conversation with his mother. He told Amber that Brooke still seemed upset and he wished there was something he could do to help her. Amber then asked what had transpired at the stock meeting the previous day. Rick explained that Eric had decided not to give any of the 49% of his stock to Rick or Bridget. Amber wasn't too happy to hear that, but was heartened to hear that Brooke was not going to give any of the 51% of her stock to anyone but Rick and Bridget. Rick further explained that Brooke had left Ridge in charge as CEO while she was gone. Rick was certain that Ridge would not do anything to rock the boat. Amber emphasized that the company would one day be Rick's. He had to make sure it continued to be run properly. She convinced him to go to Forrester and make sure things were running smoothly. In Ridge's office, Eric looked on as his older son handled a problem on the Forrester web site.Eric commented that he was certain his son would make a fine CEO. Ridge said it felt right for him to be in charge, but he had to remember it was only temporary until Brooke returned from her sabbatical. Eric hinted that he doubted Brooke would ever return to her position as CEO! Megan arrived and took orders from Ridge to assemble reports from all divisions for a board meeting that very night. When Ridge asked for business projections from all the lines, Megan admitted that Brooke had not developed a business plan for the men's line or Brooke's Bedroom. Both Eric and Ridge were surprised that Brooke had not been totally professional in her running of her own clothing lines. Megan pointed out that the lines were so successful, anything Brooke had projected would have been surpassed. After Megan left, Ridge decided he wanted to run a tighter ship than Brooke had been doing. He wanted to return Forrester to it's glory days of classic design. Eric agreed it might be a good idea. Meanwhile, S
S15E73 Ep. #3704 00/00/0000 Brooke has a visit from Bridget, who tells her that both she and Deacon are worried about her, and she tells her mother that she was the best thing that ever happened to Forrester creations.
S15E74 Ep. #3705 00/00/0000 Stephanie tells Massimo all about how Ridge is the CEO of Forrester Creations, but Massimo tells her that because Ridge will never own the company, he will never be happy as a CEO.
S15E75 Ep. #3706 00/00/0000 When Deacon pumps Megan to find out what is wrong with Brooke, she admits that she knows the two of them slept together, and asks Deacon if he still has feelings for Brooke.
S15E76 Ep. #3707 00/00/0000 Deacon calls Brooke and asks her if he's done something to cause this hostility. Brooke admits to Dr. Isabel that she doesn't hate Deacon at all. She explains that when she and Deacon made love, they connected both emotionally and physically. She adds that she felt a passion with Deacon that she hasn't felt in years. When Brooke insists that a future with Deacon is impossible, Dr. Isabel asks if Deacon is married. Brooke confesses that she can't stop seeing Deacon because he's married to Brooke's daughter. Bridget tells Deacon that Brooke would be furious if she knew Ridge was pulling the Brooke's Bedroom line. Bridget is touched by Deacon's concern for Brooke. Ridge tells Rick that he'll explain why he's pulling the lingerie line, but Rick isn't going to like what he hears. Ridge explains that the line damaged the Forrester reputation and drove away their more conservative clientele. Rick wants Ridge to admit that Stephanie and Taylor put him up to this. Rick asks for research supporting the decision, but Ridge doesn't feel he owes Rick any more of an explanation.
S15E77 Ep. #3708 00/00/0000 Bridget tells Deacon that she really feels as if their problems are behind them. Zende is awestruck as he heads for his new home with Kristen and Tony. He's thrilled with their house, his room, and the ocean. His new mom and dad tell him that they love him. Brooke tells Dr. Isabel that when the word gets out, her pregnancy will be front-page news. Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke accused Deacon of ruining her life. Ridge asks his parents if he is Brooke's puppet, or if he's really in control of the company. He tells them about Rick's interference and accusations. Eric offers to talk to Rick. Amber urges Rick and Bridget to call Brooke to tell her about Ridge canceling the bedroom line. Deacon adds that they can't let Ridge get away with this. Rick assures them that he's going to take care of the situation, but he needs their support. Rick wants to make it clear to Ridge that this is their company, too, and no one's going to push them around. Dr. Isabel tells Brooke that beating herself up isn't going to solve her dilemma. Brooke wonders what to tell her family about her baby. Dr. Isabel advises Brooke to focus on her baby and think of her unborn child as a blessing because he or she will be loved and cherished.
S15E78 Ep. #3709 00/00/0000 Ridge asks Taylor to join the board of directors. Taylor considers it, then agrees to accept if the family votes her in. Rick visits Brooke and spots the garment bag from the maternity clothing store. Brooke covers, explaining that she bought the clothes for Amber. Brooke is stunned when Rick tells her about Ridge canceling the bedroom line. He tells Brooke that they're tearing everything she built to shreds. He urges her to come home. Brooke starts to cry, insisting that she can't. Rick resolves to find a way to handle it himself. Kristen introduces Zende to Eric, who asks the boy to call him ‘Grandpa.' As Tony and Kristen are cleaning stale food out of the refrigerator, Eric notices a tear in Zende's eye. Kristen and Tony promise to be more careful about wasting food. Amber tells Stephanie that she understands why Stephanie hates Brooke, but it doesn't mean Brooke is a bad businesswoman. Stephanie doesn't think what happens at Forrester is Amber's business, but Amber insists that it is because it concerns her husband and his future. When Stephanie comments on Rick's petulance, Amber demands that she stop treating Rick like a child. Stephanie is certain that one day Brooke, Rick and Amber will thank them for taking this step. Rick calls Amber and tells her that he's going to make his move at the next board meeting, adding that he's going to take on his big brother.
S15E79 Ep. #3710 00/00/0000 Rick prepares for the board meeting by reading stacks of papers detailing the history of Forrester. He doesn't want them to get away with what they've done to Brooke. When Rick is dressed in his suit and ready to go, Amber gives him a pep talk and a kiss for luck. Ridge explains his reasons for dropping the Brooke's Bedroom line. He adds that the move has been met with overwhelming support from their important clients. When Kristen questions him, Ridge states that he doesn't know or care what Brooke thinks about the decision. Megan admits that Brooke knows about the move. When Thorne wants to know if Brooke was okay with it, Megan responds that Brooke isn't up for a fight right now. Massimo asks Yves to be his eyes and ears that the meeting, adding that no detail is insignificant. Ridge nominates Taylor for a seat on the board of directors. The vote is unanimous. Rick appears, announcing that he is there to represent Brooke, the majority stockholder. When Ridge orders him out, Rick reminds him that his family owns more than half the company, which means they own Ridge.
S15E80 Ep. #3711 00/00/0000 Deacon tells Bridget he's going on a business trip to Vegas, when he really plans to visit Brooke. Deacon wonders why Brooke is running away and what she thinks he's done to her life. Brooke tells Dr. Isabel that she's worried that all the responsibilities she left behind will fall on Rick's shoulders. Dr. Isabel wonders if it's easier for Brooke to worry about Rick's problems than her own. She asks Brooke if she can't face Deacon because she still has feelings for him. Ridge tells Rick that he doesn't belong there, but then he changes his strategy and suggests he pull up a chair. The meeting proceeds as Ridge asks Yves about the International response to the cancellation of the lingerie line. When the report turns to financial details, Rick is clearly in over his head. Ridge tells Rick to go back to the playground. Eric angrily adjourns the meeting and tells Ridge and Rick to stay. Ridge confronts Rick about his stunt, pointing out that Rick is not equipped to run a company. Ridge wants Rick and Amber to stay out of his way. On the other side Amber promises Bridget that Rick is prepared for the meeting and will make them all proud. Brooke sees Deacon and tells him that he shouldn't be there, but Deacon insists that he's not leaving until he gets all his answers.
S15E81 Ep. #3712 00/00/0000 Rick tells Amber and Bridget that Ridge made a fool of him at the board meeting. Rick is certain Ridge is trying to cut them out of the company before Brooke can transfer her stock to them, making them majority shareholders. Bridget is horrified by the idea that Ridge is taking advantage of Brooke in her absence. Rick decides the rules of the game have changed. He may not have as much experience, but he can be just as ruthless as Ridge can. Taylor asks Ridge if he feels threatened by Rick. Yves fills Massimo in on the battle between Ridge and Rick at the board meeting. He tells Massimo Ridge tore Rick to shreds. Deacon wants to know what Brooke is keeping from him. Brooke tells him to forget about her and go home to his wife. Deacon tries to convince Brooke she hasn't betrayed her daughter. He tells Brooke it's time she heard the truth and confesses that he loves her. Massimo pays Ridge a visit and comments on Ridge's power struggle with his brother. Ridge bristles when Massimo notes he can't control what he doesn't own. Massimo offers to help Ridge and denies that it's a ploy to get closer to Stephanie. Ridge tells Massimo that he disgusts him.
S15E82 Ep. #3713 00/00/0000 Brooke finally admits she loves Deacon, but they both accept that he can never betray Bridget again. Brooke tells Deacon he's the only man who has ever accepted her for who she really is, but won't go back to L.A. with him. Deacon is shocked to find out Brooke is pregnant when the concierge drops off her prenatal vitamins. Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy are excited when Ridge and Taylor take them to meet their new adopted cousin, Zende. Amber realises Deacon lied to Bridget and went to Vegas, and wonders who he's with.
S15E83 Ep. #3714 00/00/0000 Brooke tries to convince Deacon the vitamins are for Amber, but Deacon does not believe her lies and wants Brooke to admit she's pregnant. When Brooke finally does, Deacon can hardly believe Brooke is having his child. Brooke wants Deacon to go back to L.A. and keep her secret, adding Bridget can never find out what Brooke has done to her. She knows Bridget would hate them both, but Deacon tells Brooke the baby is a blessing and she can't ask him to deny his paternity. Deacon tells Brooke he's going to leave Bridget and ask for a divorce so the two of them can raise their baby together and live as a family. Amber stops in to see Bridget and asks how Deacon's business trip is going. Bridget admits that she hasn't heard from him. Amber still continuning to fish for information comments on how much Bridget seems to trust Deacon. Bridget is certain Deacon would never cheat on her. Tony and Kristen marvel at how much Zende has brought to their lives. Tony promises Zende that no matter what happens, they will never stop loving him because they are a family. Kristen tells Tony they have to give Zende love and security and a whole new way of looking at life.
S15E84 Ep. #3715 00/00/0000 Ridge tells Taylor that Rick has a lot to learn, and needs to pay his dues the way Ridge did. Deacon wants Brooke to go with him and tell Bridget the whole truth tonight. He insists Bridget will have to accept what's happened. Amber makes an entrance, proclaiming herself to be a great Forrester designer, unaware Stephanie has stopped by to see Rick. Stephanie pointedly tells them running a company is about more than having fun. Rick tells Stephanie while they are ripping years of Brooke's hard work to shreds, he is worried sick about his mother. He asks Stephanie to leave. Deacon tells Brooke as soon as the divorce is final, they'll be married. Bridget doesn't need him, but Brooke and the baby do. Brooke tells Deacon she wishes she could share his dream, but she can't let him break Bridget's heart again. Deacon asks Brooke if she could live with herself knowing she's denied her child a father and herself a life with a man who loves her. Brooke tells Deacon she would make any sacrifice to be with him – except her children. If Rick and Bridget don't know the truth, they will love Brooke's child and the baby will grow up with a supportive extended family. Brooke tells Deacon she's sorry, but the baby will never know Deacon is his father.
S15E85 Ep. #3716 00/00/0000 Brooke tells Deacon they would have to leave town if they revealed the truth because no one would forgive them. They are in tears as Deacon points out they both are losing the best thing that ever happened to either of them. Deacon doesn't want them to turn their back on the miracle they found each other. He can't give up Brooke and the baby. In frustration, he hurls a vase across the room. Brooke asks Deacon to honor their child and their love by protecting her children from scandal, and their child from being an outcast. Brooke will come up with a plan to explain her pregnancy. Deacon wonders how he'll get over her. They kiss passionately. Stephanie thinks something major is going on with Brooke and Bridget should find out what it is. Bridget accuses Stephanie, Ridge, and Eric of taking advantage of Brooke by purging the company of her influence while she's gone. Amber and Alexandra wonder if Deacon's involved with another woman. Alexandra recalls something weird happened with Deacon when Bridget was at Big Bear with her friends. She and Amber wonder if he was with another woman then – and the same one now.
S15E86 Ep. #3717 00/00/0000 Rick realizes he isn't ready and has second thoughts about going to the meeting, but Amber won't hear of it. Rick reads a note from Massimo with an urgent request to go to his office. Stephanie notes Ridge intentionally has chosen some heavy topics for the board meeting. Eric tells Ridge he's made his point and to leave Rick alone. Ridge refuses to change the agenda for the meeting. Eric isn't happy about the animosity between Rick and Ridge, but Ridge points out Rick questioned his authority in front of the board and he won't stand for it. Stephanie tells Eric if Rick doesn't feel prepared to discuss the topics, there's no way he'll show up at the meeting. Massimo tells Sally he must win Ridge's respect before Ridge learns the truth and he's already put a plan into action. Massimo plans to give Rick the tools he needs to take over Forrester and set Ridge free from a company where he can never achieve his full potential. Rick tells Massimo to leave his family alone, and is about to go when Massimo mentions the meeting and wonders if Rick needs any help. Massimo tells Rick if he does as he says, he guarantees Rick will run his father's company. Massimo tells himself Ridge would then take over his own.
S15E87 Ep. #3718 22/01/2002 Massimo gives Rick a crash course in corporate finance, but Rick isn't sure why Massimo is helping him. Massimo asks Rick to promise he won't tell anyone what they're doing. Amber tells Bridget about Rick's meeting with Massimo and admits her concern. When Bridget asks about the board meeting, Amber explains Rick might not go because he saw the agenda and it's all over his head. Taylor senses something is up when Chuck, a f