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An Island Parish is a British television documentary made by Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC2 which covers the lives of residents in the Island parish of the Isles of Scilly, the remotest parish within the Church of England.


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S01E01 Isles of Scilly - Episode 1 08/01/2007 Chronicle of life in the parish of the Isles of Scilly. With a rocketing cost of living and a housing crisis, the long-term future of the unique island way of life is under threat. On top of that, they're without their spiritual leader, the parish priest, and Bishop Bill is struggling to fill the vacancy.
S01E02 Isles of Scilly - Episode 2 15/01/2007 Father Guy Scott's parishioners vent their anger when they learn he wants to leave and become the new chaplain to the Isles of Scilly, England's remotest parish way out in the Atlantic Ocean. Meanwhile the islanders face a crisis when the vet decides to quit, and locals take a shine to the new bobby WPC Nikki Green.
S01E03 Isles of Scilly - Episode 3 22/01/2007 The newly-appointed chaplain, Father Guy, arrives on Scilly for a whistle-stop tour, and carrying a secret the islanders know nothing of. Martin the trawlerman tries to breathe new life into the island fishing industry, and the new bobby WPC Nikki Green gets homesick.
S01E04 Isles of Scilly - Episode 4 29/01/2007 The newly-appointed chaplain, Father Guy, arrives on Scilly for a whistle-stop tour, and carrying a secret the islanders know nothing of. Martin the trawlerman tries to breathe new life into the island fishing industry, and the new bobby WPC Nikki Green gets homesick.
S01E05 Isles of Scilly - Episode 5 05/02/2007 Father Guy has a big task ahead to convince his family that he has made the right decision about the move to the Isles of Scilly. Meanwhile Martin the trawlerman is having a tough time with his new net and tackle, and the islanders are under growing pressure to come up with new ideas to boost tourism.
S01E06 Isles of Scilly - Episode 6 12/02/2007 At last a solution may be in sight to the crisis caused by the lack of a vet on Scilly. Father Guy has a final briefing with Bishop Bill about his long-awaited move to the islands. And relics of prehistory could be standing in the way of young Sam's dream to build his own cottage on the island of his birth.
S01E07 Isles of Scilly - Episode 7 19/02/2007 After a tearful farewell in his old mainland parish, Father Guy and the family at last arrive to begin their new lives on Scilly – despite appalling weather. Meanwhile, Heike the new vet throws herself into the job, and WPC Nikki Green makes a spectacular return for the islands' biggest party of the year.
S01E08 Isles of Scilly - Episode 8 26/02/2007 In the final programme of the series, the big moment has at last arrived for the islanders formally to welcome their nervous new chaplain, Father Guy – but how will he really cope with the reality of such an unusual job? Meanwhile, WPC Nikki Green makes a startling announcement, and Heike the new vet becomes the object of some male attention.
S02E01 Isles of Scilly - Episode 1 08/01/2008 Series following a year in the life of England’s remotest parish, the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall. The new Chaplain, Father Guy Scott, meets Toby the baker, who is borrowing every penny he can to take over a pub with one of the most beautiful views in the West Country. Heike the vet is looking for love.
S02E02 Isles of Scilly - Episode 2 15/01/2008 On the Isles of Scilly, Toby faces a crisis over his plans to buy one of the remotest pubs in England. Sam and Laura begin a new life in their home on St Agnes, the first house to be built on the island for over 20 years; and newcomer Leo the bull-terrier faces deportation after incurring the wrath of the islanders in a dog fight.
S02E03 Isles of Scilly - Episode 3 22/01/2008 It is Easter on the remote Isles of Scilly and, as the new holiday season gets underway, trawlerman Martin Bond has a bold new idea to increase sales of his fish. Toby's ex-wife, Liz, joins him on the islands to help set up the new pub and Heike the vet faces a financial crisis which threatens her whole future on Scilly.
S02E04 Isles of Scilly - Episode 4 29/01/2008 Father Guy is finding it hard settling into his new parish on the Isles of Scilly – he is feeling lonely and isolated and he has also upset many of the islanders over his firm stance on traditional church values. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to the islands and this time romance really is in the air. Toby the baker comes up with a revolutionary new idea to increase business at the pub.
S02E05 Isles of Scilly - Episode 5 05/02/2008 Father Guy’s difficulties coming to terms with his new job increase when the death of a young lifeboatman throws the Isles of Scilly into grief. Prolonged bad weather threatens the financial success of the summer season and WPC Nikki Green tries to plan a future with her new boyfriend on the mainland.
S02E06 Isles of Scilly - Episode 6 12/02/2008 Following the biggest funeral in living memory on the Isles of Scilly, Bishop Bill arrives to help lift the spirit of the islanders after their traumatic start to summer. Imaginative new ways emerge for raising money from the tourists and preparations are under way for the launch of Radio Scilly, the world's smallest radio station.
S02E07 Isles of Scilly - Episode 7 19/02/2008 Following the advice of his boss, Bishop Bill, the beleaguered chaplain to the Isles of Scilly, Father Guy, throws himself into the job with renewed vigour. Keri Jones finds himself in Milan on an unusual mission for Radio Scilly and things look up for Heike the vet when she discovers a private zoo.
S02E08 Isles of Scilly - Episode 8 26/02/2008 On the Isles of Scilly it is the dawn of a new era with the launch of the world's smallest radio station. The two retired priests, Donald and Margaret, fly in to lend a much needed hand to Father Guy and a big new development on Tresco offers unusual opportunities to the islanders.
S02E09 Isles of Scilly - Episode 9 04/03/2008 With the end of the holiday season on the Isles of Scilly, islanders need to find new and imaginative ways of earning a living during the long winter months. Toby and Pauli have an ambitious plan to go to publish a book, whilst Auntie Kris wants to capitalise on a new dancing craze that is gripping the locals. The lowest tides of the year have a strange effect on island life
S02E10 Isles of Scilly - Episode 10 11/03/2008 On the Isles of Scilly, they are preparing for a big commemoration of the worst peacetime disaster in the history of the Royal Navy when 1,500 sailors drowned in a storm on the Western Rocks 300 years ago. Heike the vet takes the chance to examine some of the animals in her care beneath the waves and island children get a rare taste of mainland life.
S02E11 Isles of Scilly - Episode 11 18/03/2008 On the Isles, there are more single men to women than almost anywhere else in Britain. At the Seven Stones pub, Toby the landlord has found a girlfriend. Bishop Bill arrives to support a campaign to improve the island childrens' prospects. After a troubled year, a christening brings a new sense of optimism to the islanders.
S02E12 Isles of Scilly - Episode 12 25/03/2008 In the final episode of the series, the Isles of Scilly look forward to a new year - and a brighter future. The Revd David makes a spectacular debut in the annual Scilly pantomime and there is some dramatic and unexpected news about the future of the islands' school. Plans are announced for an epic voyage by Scilly men to row across the Atlantic and the islands' vet, Heike, reveals she is lonely.
S03E01 Isles of Scilly - The Start of a Long Journey 19/09/2008 Chronicle of life in the parish of the Isles of Scilly. Love is in the air as word gets out that Sophie and Mark the lifeboatman are planning the wedding of the year. Meanwhile, the Minister the Reverend David rolls up his sleeves to help with the start of the tourist season - and Toby the baker indulges in a fantasy he has been dreaming of for months.
S03E02 Isles of Scilly - Always Check the Forecast 26/09/2008 Chronicle of life in the parish of the Isles of Scilly. The Minister the Reverend David is increasingly concerned for the families of the four island men planning a dangerous row across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, legendary boatman Fraser Hicks is having bad luck as usual getting his boat ready for the all-important holiday season - and children from the islands' school embark on a daunting journey to very unfamiliar territory.
S03E03 Isles of Scilly - Just Days to Go 03/10/2008 It is Easter on the Isles of Scilly, the traditional start of the holiday season, and the islanders hold their breath to see how much the credit crunch will affect their livelihoods. It is time to say a fond farewell to Bishop Bill, the Bishop of Truro. The locals turn out in force as the Revd David blesses the little rowing boat which they hope will carry the Scilly Boys safely home on their epic voyage from America.
S03E04 Isles of Scilly - Unchartered Waters 10/10/2008 After two years of preparation, it is time for the four island men who plan to row across the Atlantic from New York back home to Scilly to say a tearful farewell to the islands. Meanwhile, the Reverend David makes a rare trip to the mainland for the culmination of a four-year dream; and the islanders rally round with some imaginative ideas to try to stop the cash-strapped Heike the vet having to leave.
S03E05 Isles of Scilly - Best Foot Forward 10/10/2008 Faced with the possibility of having to leave the islands, Heike the cash-strapped vet comes up with an extraordinary idea to raise money - using her feet. Meanwhile, Leo the bull-terrier gives Auntie Kris a nasty shock; and the Reverend David is summoned to the mainland for a meeting with his boss to discuss his future on the Isles of Scilly.
S03E06 Isles of Scilly - Departures and an Unexpected Arrival 24/10/2008 There is no Indian food on the Isles of Scilly, so it's a big night for Paulie and Toby, who are trying to introduce curry on the menu at the Seven Stones, the only pub on St Martin's. Meanwhile, Heike the vet is involved in a very rare occurrence on Scilly - a car accident, and the arrival of a young stranger from Canada has profound implications for Nigel up at the airport cafe.
S03E07 Isles of Scilly - Sowing the Seeds 31/10/2008 The islanders need to start coming up with new and innovative ideas to earn some cash quickly as the economic squeeze begins to bite on the remote Isles of Scilly. Meanwhile, Heike the vet's long term plan to improve her fortunes by reviving her foot-modelling career comes to a head. And Greg, the long-lost son of Nigel at the Air Fayre Café, announces he wants to train as a Buddhist monk.
S03E08 Isles of Scilly - Life Will Never Be the Same 07/11/2008 Dramatic news reaches the Isles of Scilly in the early hours that the four island men attempting to row home on a 3000 mile voyage from America have capsized in the middle of the North Atlantic. As the hours tick by, friends and family have an agonising wait to hear if the men have been rescued. The skills of the Revd David are put to the test as he tries help the islanders cope with what's happened.
S03E09 Isles of Scilly - Coming Home 14/11/2008 It's an emotional moment on the Isles of Scilly as they prepare to welcome home the four island men who nearly drowned attempting to row across the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the launch of Toby and Paulie's book about their life on St Martin's is nearly ruined by some uninvited guests, and Heike's veterinary nurse Sara turns up on the other side of the world, in the South Pacific.... hotly pursued by an ardent young Greg.
S03E10 Isles of Scilly - Difficult Days for the Minister 21/11/2008 On the Isles of Scilly, the countdown is underway for the re-election of the Minister the Revd. David Easton - now it's up to his congregation to decide if he should stay on the islands, or pack his bags. Meanwhile, there is more trouble for Toby as the future of his pub the Seven Stones is threatened by big staffing problems; and Heike, the hard-pressed and lonely island vet, begins her quest to find a boyfriend.
S03E11 Isles of Scilly - Isles of Scilly - Winds of Change 28/11/2008 On the Isles of Scilly, tension rises as David's boss, the Revd. Steve Wild, arrives from the mainland to oversee the minister's crucial re-election vote. If he loses it David will be forced to leave the islands. Meanwhile an uncharacteristically shy Heike the vet reveals a mystery boyfriend, and Nigel from the Air Fayre Cafe conjures up a little bit of magic to help him catch his first lobster in three years.
S03E12 Isles of Scilly - A Sad End to the Affair 05/12/2008 There is a big shock in store for the islanders as the result of the vote on Reverend David is released and his future on Scilly is made public. Meanwhile, Sophie from the Tourist Office prays for good weather for her big day, and Heike the vet's romance with Alistair rapidly hots up.
S04E01 Isles of Scilly - Reeling from the Blow 22/10/2009 In the first of a new series charting a year in the life of the remote Isles of Scilly, off the western coast of Cornwall, minister the Reverend David Easton struggles to come to terms with the biggest blow of his entire career - in a secret vote, a small group of his congregation has voted him off the islands. Meanwhile newly engaged island vet Heike and her fiancee Alistair ponder whether they can really afford a proper wedding, and after the disastrous attempt by four island men to row home from New York, a wrecked rowing boat turns up unexpectedly in Newfoundland.
S04E02 Isles of Scilly - Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Down 26/10/2009 With the arrival of the worst winter for a generation, there's an unexpected question mark over the future of Heike's nurse Sara - can the budding romance with new boyfriend Gregg really last? Meanwhile, the legendary boatman Fraser Hicks is determined to enhance his reputation after years of leg-pulling by his fellow skippers, and Minister David Easton turns up in a surprising role in the islands' annual pantomime.
S04E03 Isles of Scilly - Best Laid Plans 02/11/2009 After criticism of his ministry on the Isles of Scilly, it is a big night for Reverend David Easton as he puts his reputation on the line as the leading dame in the pantomime. Meanwhile, with her wedding date finally in the diary, nervous vet Heike meets the potential in-laws for the first time, and Sara the nurse is forced to make an agonising decision about her future.
S04E04 Isles of Scilly - Closer to Heaven 09/11/2009 After years facing financial disaster, Heike the vet is thrown a lifeline which could transform her prospects and secure her future on the islands. Meanwhile, island chiropodist Auntie Kris has a secret plan for a new business enterprise, and some very unusual cargo arrives at the parish church, meaning that Sundays on the islands will never quite be the same again.
S04E05 Isles of Scilly - A Bolt From the Blue 16/12/2009 Just as life begins to look brighter for Heike, the beleaguered Isles of Scilly vet, there's a bombshell which throws her personal life into total disarray and stuns family and friends. A group of fanatical Dutch rowers prepare to make a pilgrimage to Scilly, and for the first time in their long history, the islands echo to the sound of church bells.
S04E06 Isles of Scilly - A Double Blessing 23/12/2009 It's Easter on the remote Isles of Scilly, and the islanders are nervously preparing for the start of the critically-important holiday season. Alistair has to explain why he suddenly broke off his engagement to Heike the vet, which has put his whole future on Scilly in doubt, and an important visitor arrives from the mainland - but how will the new Bishop of Truro go down with the locals?
S04E07 Isles of Scilly - When the Heavens Open 30/12/2009 It's the famous world gig-rowing championships on the Isles of Scilly, and all eyes are on the magnificent new boat built in the local yard for a group of Dutch rowing fanatics. Heike the vet, still reeling from the abrupt cancellation of her wedding, tries her hand at giving driving lessons; and the head of the Methodist Church in Cornwall, the Revd. Steve Wild, hatches an unusual scheme to boost the islanders' flagging morale.
S04E08 Isles of Scilly - Beyond the Blue Horizon 14/12/2009 Faced with soon having to leave his beloved Scillies, the Reverend David Easton slips quietly away in search of a new job at a secret destination. Meanwhile, at the Dibble and Grub restaurant, Gaz is in big trouble with Button over his first driving lesson, and there is more sudden and very sad news for Heike, the beleaguered island vet.
S04E09 Isles of Scilly - A Good Nose for a Story 08/01/2010 The islanders' landlord, HRH Prince Charles, arrives on Scilly with Camilla for a surprise visit - but, with rents high and few affordable properties to buy, not everyone is overjoyed to see him. Meanwhile, local radio reporter Steve Watt uncovers an exclusive about the plight of stranded racing pigeons, and Glynn, the island busman, reveals a secret passion.
S04E10 Isles of Scilly - Wish You Were Here 15/01/2010 The Minister, the Revd David Easton faces an agonising wait to see if he's got the new job he's applied for in Wales. Heike the vet welcomes a new member of the family into her home, but has she bitten off more than she can chew? Nigel from the Air Fayre Cafe has to say a sad farewell to his long-lost son Gregg.
S04E11 Isles of Scilly - Entering Unknown Waters 22/01/2010 A young couple urgently seek the help of Minister David Easton before he leaves the islands. Meanwhile, David's boss, the Reverend Steve Wild, arrives from the mainland with some important news about the man he's appointed to take over as the new minister. And it's time for the big annual Scilly dog show, when Heike the vet has to decide whether to run the risk of introducing her troublesome rescue dog Jasper to the other islanders.
S04E12 Isles of Scilly - A Family Affair 29/01/2010 With advertisements promoting their first gig appearing all over the Isles of Scilly, Glynn the island busman is worried that his newly formed band are facing a crisis of confidence - but knows that to cancel at this stage would be a very public humiliation. Meanwhile, Phil and Mimi brace themselves as their respective parents meet for the first time; and the Revd. David Easton plans a permanent legacy of his years on the islands.
S04E13 Isles of Scilly - Grey Skies...Outlook Brighter 05/02/2010 After months of secret planning it's time for the island's Minister, the Rev David Easton's big farewell party - and a surprise is flown in from the mainland which even he could never have imagined. Meanwhile it's D-Day for Glynn, the island busman, and his nervous rock and roll band as they take to the stage for the first time. Phil and Mimi at last see their dream come true with the baptism of their little daughter Annie.
S04E14 Isles of Scilly - Forever in My Thoughts 12/02/2010 There's a big threat to Phil and Mimi's dream life on the Isles of Scilly when they discover that the hotel where they both work is in deep financial trouble. Meanwhile, Heike the vet is trying to help her pen pal Moon, who's serving a prison sentence in America. And, after seven years, it's time to say a final tearful farewell to the Minister, the Revd David Easton.
S05E01 Outer Hebrides - A Strange Turn of Events 21/01/2011 The first in a new series following a year in the life of the most southerly islands of the Outer Hebrides, off the north-west coast of Scotland. A nervous young Roman Catholic priest, Father John Paul Mackinnon, arrives on the tiny island of Barra to take up his new post as parish priest, but how will he cope with life in one of Britain's remotest communities? And will he ever be able to live up to the expectations of his two fellow experienced priests, Father Calum and Father Roddy?
S05E02 Outer Hebrides - A Legacy of the Past 28/01/2011 Series following a year in the life of the most southerly islands of the Outer Hebrides, off the north-west coast of Scotland. It's Father John Paul's first big test as he settles into life on Barra. His boss Bishop Joe arrives from the mainland to assess the new priest's progress. Meanwhile, the newcomer gets an extraordinary gift from one of his more eccentric parishioners, and Father Roddy's housekeeper Sandy begins a project which she hopes will help families from all over the world trace their Scottish ancestry.
S05E03 Outer Hebrides - Forgive Us Our Sins 04/02/2011 As the shortest day of the year approaches in his remote island parish, the new priest Father John Paul launches a bold plan to bring light into the heart of his community through the long hours of darkness. Meanwhile, it is the season for parishioners to clear their consciences and make confession; and Father Roddy's American housekeeper Sandy decides she wants to change nationality and become Scottish.
S05E04 Outer Hebrides - Lighten Our Darkness 11/02/2011 New priest Father John Paul is thrown into the spotlight as Christmas comes to his island parish on the southern tip of the Outer Hebrides, off the north-west coast of Scotland. Meanwhile, as Wallace the fisherman struggles to improve his catches of prawn, he has doubts about his future in the industry; and the whiskey flows as Father Roddy entertains a group of friends from the other side of Europe.
S05E05 Outer Hebrides - New Lives, New Beginnings 18/02/2011 As the holiday season gets underway and the sun shines down on the southerly islands of the Outer Hebrides, new priest Father John Paul faces an uphill battle to keep his congregation coming to church. Meanwhile Donnie the dustman faces a typically 'island' dilemma, and Father Roddy - a crofter as well as a parish priest - gets an important lesson in lambing.
S05E06 Outer Hebrides - A Very Serious Business 25/02/2011 With the arrival of Easter, it's the busiest week of the year for the Roman Catholic priests of Barra and South Uist, on the southerly tip of the Outer Hebrides - but Father Roddy and Father John Paul still find time for their long-awaited and bitterly contested golf challenge. Meanwhile, local businesses struggle in the early weeks of the holiday season, and a pregnant young nurse from the island's hospital is flown off to the mainland in a medical emergency.
S05E07 Outer Hebrides - The Long, Long Days of Summer 04/03/2011 It's the season for marriage on the Outer Hebrides. Father Roddy conducts one of the biggest weddings of the year on South Uist, while over on the neighbouring island of Barra Father John Paul is introduced to a ritual that dates back more than a thousand years. Meanwhile, problems with the ferries from the mainland threaten the start of the islands' crucial holiday season. After weeks of waiting, Clare is overjoyed to hear some good news at last.
S05E08 Outer Hebrides - For Those in Peril 11/03/2011 On the remote island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides, the new parish priest Father John Paul struggles to overcome his nerves at the biggest event in the annual calendar. It's the blessing of the boats at the Fishermen's Mass, which involves nearly every islander. Meanwhile, Father Roddy tries prayer to help overcome the problems of a leaking church; and his American housekeeper Sandy gets news which will change her life for ever.
S05E09 Outer Hebrides - Clash of the Titans 18/03/2011 On the island of South Uist, after months of secret planning, Father Roddy at last goes head to head with his parishioner Flora Campbell in the battle for top honours at the local agricultural show. Meanwhile on Barra, Father John Paul, still without a housekeeper, undergoes a crash course to improve his skills in the kitchen; and the success of the bi-annual Clan Macneil gathering at Kisimul Castle comes under threat.
S05E10 Outer Hebrides - A Gathering of the Clans 25/03/2011 On the island of South Uist, Father Roddy and Father John Paul go to extraordinary lengths to give their friend and fellow priest Father Calum a birthday surprise he'll never forget. Meanwhile, across on Barra, the islanders are preparing for the imminent gathering of the Clan Macneil; and over in the heart of the USA, an 82-year-old clan member has to make the difficult decision about whether to make the four thousand mile journey to join them at their ancestral home.
S05E11 Outer Hebrides - Getting to Know You 01/04/2011 On the remote island of Barra, Mac and Linda arrive from Missouri for the gathering of the Clan Macneil - but Mac's reaction to his ancestral home is not what he expected. Fr John Paul investigates the truth behind the famous Ealing comedy Whisky Galore! and Fr Roddy struggles to maintain the honour of the Catholic church in a half-marathon race.
S05E12 Outer Hebrides - A Question of Survival... 15/04/2011 It is the end of Father John Paul's first year as the new Catholic priest on Barra, one of the remotest islands in the Outer Hebrides, but celebrations are in danger of being overshadowed by worries over the whole future of island life. Fishermen say their livelihood is under threat from an unexpected source, and there are new fears over how the remoter communities will survive. Meanwhile, Father Roddy's working hard to perfect his skills as a conjuror; and Scraggie Aggie unexpectedly becomes the life and soul of the party.
S06E01 Outer Hebrides - A Bolt from the Blue 02/01/2012 Following a year in the life of the most southerly islands of the Outer Hebrides, off the north west coast of Scotland. One year into the job and local parish priest Father John Paul has to face up to controversial issues threatening the future of his island parish. Shepherd Ronald Mackinnon and the other crofters try every way to eke out a living from the island. And Father Roddy receives news which comes as a bit of a bombshell for him and the islanders.
S06E02 Outer Hebrides - The End of an Era 09/01/2012 Easter brings good weather and a new air of optimism to the remote island of Barra. Local crofter Angus John Morrison turns his hand to something new - tourism - which proves rather trickier than he anticipated. And Father John Paul is in danger of feeling more isolated than ever with the sudden departure of best friend and colleague, Father Roddy.
S06E03 Outer Hebrides - Pennies from Heaven 23/01/2012 On Barra, it has not been a great start to the tourist season thanks to the nonstop rain - Sheila McIntosh, the island's only ice cream maker, prays for sunshine. Also, the biggest fishing competition of the year pits islander against islander for one of the coveted trophies and Father John Paul adjudicates.
S06E04 Outer Hebrides - A Case Of Family Values 30/01/2012 Summertime on the Outer Hebrides and Father John Paul is struggling to cover all his churches on the beautiful, but sparsely populated, islands. He's looking forward to a helping hand from a Jesuit priest who plans to come over from the mainland. Meanwhile, one enterprising young member of Barra has come up with a novel and ambitious idea to bring the island's history and heritage back to life.
S06E05 Outer Hebrides - The Pull of the Islands 06/02/2012 The summer season is in full swing, and Father John Paul sets off on an adventure to a remote local island with a very special history. The whole community is gripped with excitement as the big wedding day dawns, for which friends and relations have returned to the island from around the world. And it is harvest time for crofter Angus John - will all his hard work over the summer have paid off and produce enough feed for his precious cattle?
S06E06 Outer Hebrides - Hopes for the Future 13/02/2012 It is autumn and Father John Paul sets out on the arduous annual pilgrimage to Barra's highest point to polish up the island's iconic statue. Below, a heated public meeting is on the cards to argue over government plans for a huge and possibly job-threatening conservation area off the islands. Meantime Coppertop, one of the local fishermen, investigates a unique plan of his own to make money from the sea.
S07E01 Sark - Best Foot Forward 16/11/2012 Following the community on the tiny crown dependency of Sark in the Channel Islands. As Easter approaches, shepherd David Scott is being kept busy with lambing as well as nervously awaiting a new arrival of his own. Island newcomer Reverend Gill Nicholls is learning fast about island life. She and the Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton are holding a pioneering joint Easter service, but how will their plans be received by an island steeped in tradition?
S07E02 Sark - Litle Miracles 23/11/2012 Sark welcomes some honoured visitors, Chelsea Pensioners, as the island celebrates the anniversary of liberation from German control during World War II. Island couple Phyllis and Werner Rang tell their wartime story, a tale of love that's survived 64 years against all the odds. Horse trainer Julie Jackson introduces giant but gentle stallion Ronaldo to the island, but how will he adapt to pulling a carriage for a living? And Methodist lay preacher Karen prepares to welcome a senior church member to Sark, but will the trip be called off when she's evacuated to Guernsey Hospital with a potentially debilitating injury?
S07E03 Sark - Bolt from the Blue 30/11/2012 Karen Le Mouton claims a miraculous recovery from injury as she welcomes the President of the Methodist Church to Sark. But will the appalling weather scupper her plans for entertaining him? Horse trainer Julie Jackson is busy preparing stallion Ronaldo for a life of pulling carriages. And the island is left reeling after a tragic accident threatens long held island traditions.
S07E04 Sark - Blue Skies Around the Corner 07/12/2012 In the aftermath of a fatal carriage accident that made national news, the islanders are doing their best to return to normal life. Puffin, the feisty chair of the carnival committee, is busy encouraging everyone to take part in the annual scarecrow competition. She passes the honour of judging the competition to Reverend Gill Nicholls. Little does Gill know that it means that her own ambitious entry will be disqualified. Local shepherd and musician David Scott nervously rehearses his folk band for one of the biggest events in the island's calendar, the Sark Folk Festival.
S07E05 Sark - Make Hay While the Sun Shines 14/12/2012 With beautiful summer sunshine finally reaching Sark, the islanders are out in force to welcome a very special royal visitor to the island. Puffin Taylour, the chair of the Sark Carnival committee, is also finalising plans for the biggest event in the island's calendar, the annual sheep racing competition. As the day draws to a close, the Anglicans and Methodists go head to head in a tense finale, but who will come out on top remains to be seen. Win or lose, Methodist minister Karen also receives some exciting news that may have serious implications for her life on Sark.
S07E06 All Creatures Great and Small 00/00/0000 As summer draws to a close on Sark, local fisherman Bas Adams turns his hand from fishing to cake baking as he enters the Grand Autumn Show. Island shepherd David Scott has a difficult decision to make about his pet sheep Persil - as he prepares his flock for market, Persil's fate hangs in the balance. As she prepares for what could be her last service, Reverend Gill has decisions of her own to make - she is faced with leaving the island for good.
S08E01 Tis The Season 00/00/0000 As Christmas approaches, everyone on the island makes their own unique preparations. Julie at Foodstop installs Norwegian hand-made elves in the shop, fisherman Baz Adams distributes enough mistletoe to keep the entire island kissing for months, and Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton enlists the help of all the knitters on the island, as she makes preparations for her special 'Knitivity' Service.
S08E03 Sark's Got Talent 00/00/0000 February brings freezing temperatures but unique opportunities to the islanders too: Mini McCusker leaps into the sea - as she does every day - on the high spring tide, while some hours later Dave Scott the shepherd takes the afternoon off with his wife Estelle to go ormering, the pursuit of a huge shellfish only findable on the low spring tide. The island is a-buzz with a forthcoming talent competition ('Sark's Got Talent') in aid of charity, which sees a huge turnout and an eclectic range of acts, with children's choirs, solo vocalists, stand up comedy and a man dressed as a chicken clucking the theme to Match of the Day. But away from all this, Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton is juggling huge demands, as she seeks to clear the final hurdle to being accepted for ordination whilst her mother lies terminally ill at home.
S08E04 The Wheel Has Come Full Circle 00/00/0000 With Easter fast approaching, traditionally the beginning of Sark's tourist season, it is a busy time for many. Jo Birch is busy getting the Seigneurie Gardens ready - it is the island's most popular tourist attraction. Dave Scott the shepherd is bracing himself for the lambing season and Bas needs to get his boat painted in time for the start of the fishing season. But then a blizzard, along with a force nine gale, throws many plans into disarray. As Easter weekend arrives Sark's two churches deliver their own interpretations. Methodist Karen Le Mouton prepares a child-friendly service involving mini-eggs, while Nigel Walker, locum vicar at the Anglican St Peter's, carries a crucifix through the village, which has never been done before.
S08E05 If You Want Something Doing... 00/00/0000 On an island as independent and isolated as Sark, the volunteer culture is strong; who else is going to do it if you won't do it yourself? This extends to Sark's parliament, the Chief Pleas, but also includes the island's emergency services. The volunteer fire brigade (led by farmer and church organist Kevin Adams) get a weekend of training down at the harbour. Raising money for charity is also the norm on Sark, from Zoe Adams's famous jumble sales (the island's limited clothes shopping opportunities means that the ladies fashion stall generates a febrile atmosphere) and a charity calendar featuring Sark's emergency service personnel as they have never been seen before...
S08E06 The Times They Are A-Changing 00/00/0000 The final episode of the series covers the delicate position that Sark finds itself in as it balances its uniquely old-fashioned qualities - the ones the visitors flock to experience - against the arrival of the 21st century and all the modern initiatives that brings. Rosie Guille organises a visit from respected artists to capture the beauty of the island and highlight conservation issues, but the arrival of a huge road maintenance machine (the Mericrusher) represents the future, doing a job that road gangs of out-of-season fishermen used to do. Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton has dedicated the last three years of her life to the people of Sark but now, on the verge of beginning ordination training, she and her congregation must come to terms with the idea that she may have to leave her beloved Sark.

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