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The Holy Bible: fact or fiction? Between the covers of the Bible simmer history's most spectacular claims...but are they true? Myth or reality? Fact or fable? Now you'll be sure. Walk with biblical scholars - and skeptics - through the Bible's most challenging mysteries.


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S01E01 Ark of The Covenant - Lost or Hidden Away? 02/08/2006 An ancient wooden chest covered with beaten gold... a Hollywood prop or historical fact? Could the elaborate metalwork described in the Bible actually be completed by a tribe of refugees shuffling through the Sinai Desert? If the ark did exist - where is it now? A group of rabbis clam they found it in a 1981 excavation... but when will they ease open the lid and what waits inside?
S01E02 Battle of David and Goliath - Thruth or Myth? 09/08/2006 The triumph of David over Goliath - any unlikely victory celebrated as a sign of God's strength... but did it really happen? Is it fact or legend? Was there a giant named Goliath and a real David? Did they in fact duel to the death? Could a shepherd's sling and small stone plucked from a brook kill such a mighty warrior? A surprised demonstration will amaze you!
S01E03 Noah's Ark - Fact or Fable? 23/08/2006 A sudden global flood sends seas and rivers ripping over their banks. Torrents of rain cascade down. An untested wooden ship is supposed to withstand the screaming winds and waves - for an entire year? Absurd... or is it? How could Noah build such a huge ship? Did ancients have the technology? How could the ark hold all the animals? Startling new oceanographic tests point to inescapable conclusions...
S01E04 "Prayer Intervention: Is There Really Power In Prayer?" 13/02/2008
S01E05 The Fiery Furnace - Could Anyone Survive It? 16/08/2006
S01E06 "Christmas Miracle: What Is The Real Story Of Christmas?" 08/01/2008
S01E07 Where Are The Lost Bible Treasures? 20/02/2008
S01E08 Noah's Ark - What Happened to It 11/10/2006
S01E09 Samson - Strongman Hero or Legend? 18/10/2006 He's one of the Bible's most colorful characters. Proud, impulsive, vengeful... but was he real? Could one man topple an entire Philistine temple and kill a thousand enemies with the jawbone of a donkey? Could such a hero allow himself to be betrayed by Delilah? It depends... New architectural discoveries add a surprising twist to Samson's story...
S01E10 Shroud of Turin - Fraud or Evidence of Christ's Resurrection? 25/10/2006 Is it the burial cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb? A silent witness of the greatest event in history? Or is it a fraud? An elaborate hoax that has fooled millions for centuries? What secrets does it keep? Now evidence gathered from 44 scientific studies has been weighed and the chilling truth can be told!
S01E11 Sodom and Gomorrah - Legend or Real Event? 13/09/2006 Two cities scorched into oblivion as fire and brimstone pour down from the sky... and only one man and his family escape the disaster. "Impossible", say critics. But recent archaeological digs say otherwise. See for yourself: Do ancient bones, pottery, and ashes sifted from stony ground south of the Dead Sea have a story to tell the world today?
S01E12 Tower of Babel - Fact or Fiction? 00/00/0000 A spiraling tower rises above the city of Babylon - until God scatters both its bricks and builders... Fact or fiction? Could such a structure really have been built? If so, how did it vanish without a trace... or has it? What about the Bible's claim that all races and languages sprang from one remote corner of Mesopotamia? Consider startling new evidence and the chilling news that the town may again be under construction... as was prophesied thousands of years ago.
S01E13 Walls of Jericho - Did They Tumble Down? 20/09/2006 Jericho... one of the world's oldest and most mysterious cities. Could its fortress walls suddenly collapse at a mere trumpet blast? The rushing waters of the Jordan River miraculously stop flowing to give advancing Israelites an attack route to the city? Skeptics say no... but silent witnesses recently unearthed from ancient Jericho say otherwise...
S01E14 Moses' Ten Commandments - Tablets From God? 30/08/2006 Tow stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God... disappear. Where are they now? Lost in the dust of history - or lying in a dark cavern beneath a political hotbed? Precisely where is the authentic Mount Sinai? A recent archaeological expedition raises questions and an explosive possibility...
S01E15 Moses' Red Sea Miracle - Did It Happen? 06/09/2006 A burning bush appears on a rocky hillside. A sign from God... or the hallucination of a sun struck shepherd? Nearly 2 million refugees scramble across the Red Sea on a mysterious ridge of dry land - then watch a pursuing Egyptian army drown... a miracle or mirage? Discover the amazing truth!
S01E16 Did Jesus Walk On The Earth? 15/02/2008
S01E17 Dinosaur Extinction - Who Killed The Dinosaurs? 28/02/2008
S01E18 Biblical Authors: Who Actually Wrote The Bible? 12/03/2008
S01E19 Biblical Women: Was Mary Magdalene A Saint Or A Sinner? 14/03/2008
S01E22 Did The Bible Code Predict September 11? 18/04/2008
S01E23 Angel Encounters: Can Anyone Have An Angel Encounter? 25/04/2008
S01E24 Adam And Eve: Fact Or Fiction? 09/05/2008
S01E25 Ancient Man: What Do We Know About Our Ancient Ancestors? 16/05/2008
S01E26 Rapture: Will We Be Left Behind? 23/05/2008
S01E27 Bible Code: Can The Bible Code Fortell The Future? 04/06/2008
S01E28 Jesus Travels: Did Jesus Journey Beyond The Holy Land? 06/06/2008
S01E29 Near Death Experiences: What Lies Beyond The Light? 13/06/2008
S01E30 Apparition Of Mary: Was There A Miracle At Fatima? 20/06/2008
S01E31 Last Supper Artifacts: Has The Holy Grail Been Found? 02/07/2008
S01E32 Dead Sea Scrolls: What Do The Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us? 09/07/2008
S01E33 God's Holy Ark: Has The Ark Of The Covenant Been Found? 11/07/2008
S01E34 Power Of Prayer: Can Prayer Save Nations? 18/07/2008
S01E35 Jesus' Birth: Is The Miracle Of Christmas True? 25/07/2008
S01E36 Ancient Prophets: Could Ancients See The Future? 13/08/2008
S01E37 Six Day War: Was The Six Day War A Miracle? 15/08/2008
S01E38 Israel's Miracle War: Was The Six Day War The Start Of Armageddon? 22/08/2008
S01E39 Jesus' Silent Years: Where Was Jesus All Those Years? 29/08/2008
S01E40 Noah's Ark: Was there a Worldwide Flood? 00/00/0000

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