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Andy Richter Controls The Universe. HIS own Universe. And we get to see what that looks and sounds like every moment. Even when the moments are not pretty. Andy is a short story writer, who makes his living by working at a huge faceless company in present day Chicago, writing Technical Manuals. In his active, fertile, writer's imagination, we see (and hear as he narrates) the stories of his daily life, as they should be, could be, might be, and even actually how they are. Andy shares his office with the company's newest employee, and Andy's newest friend, the frail, jumpy, odd, loveable Byron. Also inhabiting Andy's world is his best friend Keith, who is "so good looking" that Andy must fight his own "prejudice against the 'attractive,' who seem to get everything they want, unlike ordinary humans." Supervisor Jessica.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Andy Richter Controls the Universe

S02E01 We're All the Same, Only Different 01/12/2002 Andy and his co-workers compete for the finders fee offered to the person who brings a new writer into the company, which is said to be looking for a "person of color".
S02E02 Twins 08/12/2002 Andy suspects Jessica is being shared by twin brothers. Wendy volunteers to nurse Byron back from an injury.
S02E03 France 10/12/2002 A business trip to France is at stake as Andy and Byron jockey for Jessica's favor, with Andy promising to care for her cat, which he loses.
S02E04 Holy Sheep 15/12/2002 Byron has become a follower of Zumanism, which worships a giant, stunningly beautiful sheep. Meanwhile, to prove she's not shallow, Jessica tries to ignore the appearance of an otherwise great guy.
S02E05 Relationship Ripcord 17/12/2002 After Andy eavesdrops on Jessica's neighbor's therapy session, he wants to date her.
S02E06 The Show Might Go On 22/12/2002 Andy finds out that the reason Wendy moved to Chicago was to pursue her dream of singing, but her career hasn't taken off. When Wendy decides to quit singing and pursue her other dream of marriage and a family, Keith, put on the spot about their relationship, conspires with Andy to help Wendy's singing career.
S02E07 Crazy in Rio 05/01/2003 Freddy Pickering inherits control of Pickering Industries. But Andy and the gang wonder if Freddy should be in control of anything.
S02E08 The Maid Man 12/01/2003 Andy sleeps with Jessica's cleaner causing Jessica to replace her with an old married couple recommended by Byron.
S02E09 Bully the Kid 14/06/2004 Andy is asked to baby-sit Jessica's nephew, and ends up being blackmailed in the process.
S02E10 Duh Dog 24/03/2009 While working on a manual for a deep frier, Byron proposes livening it up with a cartoon character. Andy tries to sarcastically shoot the idea down by suggesting a cartoon dog that tells people stupidly obvious facts, but when executives aren't thrilled with Andy's manual, Byron suggests the "Duh Dog" and the idea takes off. Meanwhile, Keith becomes addicted to fried food.
S02E11 Final Fantasy 24/03/2009 Wendy writes a medieval short story about her relationship with Keith, and Byron unintentionally becomes a pimp.
S02E12 Charity Begins in D Block 24/03/2009 After seeing how much charity work Byron, Keith, and Wendy do, Andy and Jessica feel guilty, so they join a program to help prisoners channel their rage into writing.
S02E13 Saturday Early Evening Fever 24/03/2009 Andy's grandmother also happens to be Byron's girlfriend.
S00E01 How Andy Richter Controlled The Universe 00/00/0000
S00E02 What If Andy Richter Controlled The Universe? 00/00/0000
S00E03 TV Out of the Box 23/01/2003