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Angela Anaconda and her three best friends Gordy, Gina, and Johnny are all a bunch of outcast individuals. The series focuses on the adventures that the friends have. Angela is the leader of the group who also has a vivid imagination. Gina is the stereotypical chubby girl. Johnny is the blue haired Elvis wannabe, and Gordy is the token nerd of the group. They assist Angela in her battles with her older brothers, and finding any way that they can stand up to the rich, French, teacher's pet, Nanette.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Angela Anaconda

S01E01 Pet Peeves 04/10/1999 Today is the vote for the class field trip for the class. Angela and Johnny are voting for the Monster Truck Rally, but Nanette and her walkie-talkie friends are voting for the Ballet Russe. When the vote is tied Nanette suggests a fundraising competition to solve the stalemate. Crazy antics and chaos ensue when Angela and her friends host a Pet Wash for pets. In the end, the Ballet Russe wins out but Angela and her friends still have their profits from the Pet Wash to go enjoy some Cinnamon Swirls. Mmmmm.
S01E02 Rat Heroes 04/10/1999 It's the annual class field trip. Angela's class is going to the Quazeduds Space Museum where they are going to meet Astronaut Bob - a real live astronaut! It is even more special because Angela's Dad has loaned her his moonrock, from the moon! At the museum, Nanette causes Angela to trip and lose her space rock in the model of a lunar surface. Mrs. Brinks is furious and sends Angela back to the school bus. But on the way, Angela finds the anti-gravity chamber where she floats away into a fantasy where she is a famous astronaut.
S01E03 Ice Breakers 05/10/1999 Angela arrives at her beginner ice skating class to find that Nanette has also joined! Worse yet, she already knows how to skate and her show-off moves cause Angela to fall and break her arm. The good news is that Angela gets a cool glow-in-the-dark cast for all of her friends to sign. But Nanette maneuver's her way to the front of the line and signs her name in HUGE LETTERS. Now Angela is forced to look at Nanette's name every day - and night!
S01E04 You're So Vain 05/10/1999 Angela's has to write a poem about someone she that admires, so she chooses her dog, King. But while she is reciting her poem, Mrs. Brinks thinks it's about her. Now Angela is the new teacher's pet and Nanette is furious! As soon as she discovers the true subject of Angela's poem, she is quick to tattle and regain her position as favorite student. Angela ends up in the proverbial doghouse, sentenced once again to cleaning the chalk board erasers.
S01E05 The Substitute 06/10/1999 Angela is the only one who hasn't picked her Rainforest project, and she is sure that Mrs. Brinks is going to freak. But a miracle happens-Mrs. Brinks is sick, and they have a substitute teacher! She turns out to be really cool, wanting to be called by her first name, taking an instant shining to Angela, and best of all-has no time for Nanette! Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Brinks comes back to school and within minutes sends Angela to the principals office. But that's OK, 'cause guess who the substitute principal is?
S01E06 Model Behavior 06/10/1999 Angela is so excited that her Mom, Gen, has asked Angela to be her sculpturing assistant for an entire weekend! Her excitement quickly fades when she discovers that Nanette is the subject matter! Nanette's rich parents have commissioned Gen to do a sculpture of their perfect princess. Instead of being her Mom's assistant, Angela ends up as Nanette's slave while Nanette sits proudly posing for her sculpture. In the end it is King who is the art critic, demonstrating that the sculpture really is 'for the dogs'.
S01E07 Touched By an Angel-a 07/10/1999 Josephine Praline tells Angela that if she cannot be nice to Nanette she will never be "touched by an Angel", and her life will be nothing but trouble. After a series of strange accidents, Angela begins to believe Josephine and starts on a quest to be nice to Nanette. When Nanette becomes intolerable, Angela tries to find something nice to say about her, but all she is thankful for is that there is only one of her!
S01E08 Puppy Love 07/10/1999 Nanette's poodle, Oo-La-La has gone missing, and there is a reward for her safe return. After the kids unsuccessfully scour the neighborhood, Angela returns home to find Oo-La-La in her own backyard, but she cannot persuade the pooch to leave. So, she takes pictures as proof, but Nanette misunderstands and accuses Angela of blackmail. The Manoir's go to Angela's to collect their dog, and King goes home with them, breaking poor Angela's heart. But, King soon decides that he's not cut out for the "good life" and returns home to Angela.
S01E09 Who's Sari Now 08/10/1999 A foreign Prince visits Angela's school and guess who is picked to show him around? But, to Angela's dismay, the Prince falls head over heals in love with Nanette. This drives Angela crazy and Johnny even crazier as he has lost the attention he used to get from both girls. When Johnny tries to gain back his popularity, Angela has to physically defend him, and in turn, the fickle Prince falls in love with her "fiery" personality - for a moment or two.
S01E10 Saving Private Gordy 08/10/1999 When Gordy expresses an interest in football, through horticulture, Coach Rhinehart looks for a "few good men" to teach his boy the finer points of the game. Angela's brothers, Derek and Mark, are recruited for the mission. Angela fears that Gordy will never make it through the day and takes it upon herself to save Gordy from sure death. Angela ends up taking the fall while Gordy ends up teaching her brothers how to make chocolate soufflé.
S01E11 Fairweather Friends 11/10/1999 Nanette, who is absent from school with the flu, was head of the Spring Fling decorating committee, until there is a draw held to replace her. Angela is chosen and January and Karlene, desperate for someone to cling to, decide that Angela is now their new leader. She's enjoying the good life with two slaves of her very own, until someone else is deemed "in charge" and the fairweather friends move on to their new chosen one.
S01E12 Bathroom Blues 19/10/1999 While impatiently waiting in a long line to use the girl's bathroom Angela begins to wonders why there is no line for the boy's bathroom. Maybe the boy's room is considerably larger than the girls? Maybe it is like a pit stop in a auto race? Well there is only one way to find out. Angela climbs up a tree in order to get a peek in the window but makes a fumble and ends up falling right into the bathroom! Angela is mortified and has no idea how to get out. She makes several attempts but all to no avail. In the end it is the squeamish but gallant Gordy Rhinehart comes to rescue and it is Mrs. Brinks and Nanette who end up trapped in this most inappropriate of places.
S01E13 Mapperson's Daughter 20/10/1999 Mapperson's Bakery is running a contest to find a new 'face' for the Mapperson's Bakery Delivery Truck. Angela is sure she is a shoe in until Johnny announces it to the entire school and soon everyone is vying for the title. Everyone except Gina Lash who believes it is the product that makes Mapperson's so special not all of the commercialism. Nanette is also in the running with her professionally done photographs and of course she and Angela spend their time trying to sabotage the others' efforts. The big day arrives and Mr. Mapperson makes the announcement. The new face for the truck is ... Gina Lash! Mr. Mapperson explains that Gina is his biggest customer and therefore a natural choice to represent Mapperson's Bakery.
S01E14 The Dog Ate It 12/10/1999 When Angela's dog King really eats her perfect homework, on account of it was covered in bacon grease, Angela doesn't know what to do. She knows that there is no way Mrs. Brinks is going to believe the truth. In desperation, Angela makes up a story about her Dad being really sick with some kind of a brain disease. Mrs. Brinks feels so bad for Angela she sends her home to be with her family. When Angela gets home her Mom demands to know why she is not in school. Angela ends up caught in a web of her own lies when she tells her mother that the whole school was sent home on account of Mrs. Brinks being so sick with some kind of brain disease. In the end Angela tells her mother the truth that it all started when King ate her perfect homework...of course her mother doesn't believe her.
S01E15 Hot Bob and Chocolate 13/10/1999 Angela unscrambles a sentence in English class to read: "I like Bob and hot chocolate". This innocent mistake begins a cycle of misunderstandings, which leads the entire school to believe that Angela has a boyfriend named Bob! Angela tries to tell everyone that there is no Bob, but the rumor has spreads so far out of control, that Nanette gets jealous and tries to steal Bob away from her!
S01E16 Pizza Wars 13/10/1999 The Abatti's and the Sabatto's are feuding over their rival pizza parlors. Angela suggests that the Abatti's offer a $2 discount to anyone who rips the Sabatto's ad from the phone book. After Johnny's grandmother finds a rat in the pizza sauce, she is certain that the Sabatto's have put it there as a sign of a vendetta and that Angela should fear for her life. Angela fantasizes about life on the lam until it is discovered that there is no vendetta - Johnny's Uncle Nicky simply forgot to call the exterminator.
S01E17 Stuck on You 14/10/1999 Angela tries to break her personal record for bubble-gum blowing. Tragedy strikes when an unfortunate chain of events causes Angela and Nanette to be stuck together at the hair, by a giant wad of gum! Mrs. Brinks offers to snip away at the problem with her safety scissors but Nanette will have nothing of the sort. She will only let her personal hair surgeon, Pierre touch her perfect curls. Angela is forced to spend the day literally stuck to Nanette's side.
S01E18 Hard to Swallow 14/10/1999 When Nanette insists that her pure bred French poodle, Oo-La-La is superior in loyalty to Angela's dog King, Angela decides to prove her wrong by luring Oo-La-La away from the Manoir estate and hide him in her backyard. At the same time Angela's Grandma Lou has arrived from the Florida Everglades with her per alligator Barney, who, unknown to Angela, is also in the backyard . Later when Oo-La-La's rhinestone dog collar is found Angela assumes that Barney the alligator must have eaten the pampered poodle. It turns out that Oo-La-La is just stuck in a drain pipe and it is King and Angela to the rescue.
S01E19 Gone Fishing 15/10/1999 Angela can hardly contain her excitement, because she is finally allowed to go on the annual fishing trip with her Dad Bill and her dorky brothers. Her father is getting ready for the occasion with his latest invention, the Whirl-O-Reel and he promises that Angela can be the first to try it out. Unfortunately, while working out the last minute glitches the Whirl-O-Reel backfires right into Bill's hands, injuring him. Angela is stuck going on the trip with Mark and Derek who force her to do all of the dirty work and won't even let her fish. When the boys fall asleep in the boat Angela catches the only fish of the day.
S01E20 100 Yard Lash 15/10/1999 It is time to pick teams for the annual class relay. Angela is captain of team Lemon and Nanette is captain of team Lime and they are both set to win the Top Secret prize. Gina of course has no interest in running, that is until she finds out that the Top Secret Prize has the initials M.B., which must stand for Mapperson's Bakery. Angela cannot let her friend her down so she picks Gina for the team - and the training begins. Gina trains day and night and team Lemon wins the race. But the victory is short lived when Mrs. Brinks lets Nanette have a "Do Over" and team Lime finishes first. The good news is that the Top Secret prize is not Mapperson's but a slideshow at Mrs. Brinks'! Second prize is Mapperson's Bakery and Gina fully reaps the benefits of her intense week of training.
S01E21 My Fair Lulu 18/10/1999 Angela is fed up with her baby sister Lulu. Not only did she cause Angela to get Poisen Ivy and miss showing off her Butterfly at All-Creatures-Great-And-Small-Week at school, but she scares her friends away and is always doing something to bug Angela. The final straw is when Lulu lets Angela's perfect butterfly out of it's containment unit and it flies out the window. Angela thinks having a baby sister is the worse thing ever. But Lulu saves the day and ends up helping Angela get the butterfly back. Angela sees that Baby Lulu can be and ally and takes her sister under her wing and shows her the fine art of throwing water balloons. At their older brothers expense of course.
S01E22 Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore 18/10/1999 According to Nonna and Nicky Abatti, Johnny and his parents are moving! At first all Angela and Gina can think about is Johnny's toys that he should leave for them. Until Nanette Manoir comes along announcing that she is throwing Johnny a going away party. Not to be outdone, Angela instantly announces her intent to throw Johnny a party. In the meanwhile Johnny finds out that he isn't really moving out of town but just to a hotel for a few days while his house is being fumigated. His Uncle Nicky convinces Johnny not to tell his friends the truth so that he can milk the attention he is getting from the girls. The day of the dueling parties comes and Uncle Nicky inadvertently lets the truth about Johnny's 'move' slip. Nanette abandons ship but Angela decides a party is still a party.
S01E24 Garbage Swingers 19/10/1999 When Uncle Nicky gets sentenced to driving a garbage truck for community service Johnny invites Angela and Gina to come along for a ride. The kids have great fun looking through other peoples' garbage and riding to school in the truck. Nanette is disgusted at this activity and tries to alienate Angela and her friends from the rest of their classmates by announcing that the trio arrived at school in a 'sanitation vehicle'. Nanette plans backfire when all of the kids in class think that this is cool and want a ride too. When Mrs. Brinks find out about the garbage truck joy rides she quickly puts an end to them. Angela gets the last word though when she shows Mrs. Brinks one of her "stellar student stars" that she found in Nanette's garbage!
S01E26 Big Ho Down 20/10/1999 Angela is totally embarrassed that her Dad, Bill is making her dance with him in the annual Father-Daughter Ho-Down. Even worse he is taking her shopping for Western Duds! At Spangley Jangles Western Shop they run in to Nanette and her Father, Howell, who have won the Father-Daughter Ho-Down for the last two years. Howell makes some snide remarks about the Anacondas and Angela's ability to dance which infuriate Bill who then challenges Howell to a Ho-Down Show-Down! Both teams practice every waking hour before the big night but in the end Howell's many bribes pay off and the Manoirs win the Ho-Down for the third year in a row. Too bad for the Manoirs Bill has played a trick of his own which involves his two-way-super-sticky-tape and the insides of the Manoirs cowboy hats!
S01E45 Everybody Loves Gina 03/11/1999 Angela and Gina plan for a fabulous sleepover. Devious delights are happily agreed upon until Angela's brothers remind her just how obnoxious they truly are. Angela considers calling the whole thing off when Liz Lash and her new boy toy, Francisco, promptly drop Gina off at the Anaconda's. Gina immediately charms Mark and Derek with a peace offering of sorts. Soon, the whole Anaconda family is under Gina's spell as she appears to be funnier, more polite and simply nicer than Angela could ever be. Angela is jealous! Things only get worse when Gina extends her sleepover at the Anaconda residence for another two weeks. When a carnival is thrown to celebrate Gina's extended stay, Angela tries to get mad but is unable to sustain any ill will towards her best friend. Eventually, Gina gets bored of Angela's family and the carnival. The two friends find their way back into each other's hearts and partake in the cheeky fun they had planned in the beginning.
S01E46 Halls of Justice 03/11/1999 Distracted by an orange sash and delusions of grandeur, Angela volunteers for the prestigious position of school hall monitor-without knowing the positions drawbacks. She must miss all recesses and soon, Angela is forced to croak out orders to fellow classmates. Angela's new life seems doomed until she catches Nanette littering. Angela immediately gives Nanette a violation ticket and becomes a heroine amongst her friends. Nanette vows revenge and Angela is forced into snitching on everyone and assigning them all tickets. Eventually, everyone despises Angela and her snitching ways - except Mrs. Brinks! She is so impressed with Angela that she leaves her in charge of the class for one day. Desperate to get fired from her new position and regain her good name, Angela allows the class to misbehave and is quickly let go. Meanwhile, Nanette is given the position of hall monitor, and all the disadvantages that go along with it!
S01E47 Cabin Fever 04/11/1999 Angela decides that she has had enough of clapping erasers and she yearns to never return to school again. Enter Mrs. Praline, Josephine's mother, who has agoraphobia, which means she never leaves her house. Angela decides that agoraphobia is the answer to all her problems and instantly diagnoses herself with the ailment. Bill and Geneva are quite concerned with their daughter's predicament and battle the agoraphobic symptoms head on. Not only is Angela kept home from school, she is also kept indoors, away from her friends...forever! Angela is forced to find amusement with Lulu and worse yet, her brothers. Yet none of the Anaconda's can find time for Angela and she must entertain herself. Faced with eternal boredom, Angela admits that she faked the agoraphobia, and returns to school, which by now couldn't please her more!
S01E48 Don't Over-Due It 04/11/1999 It's library amnesty day at Tapwater Elementary School. In order to avoid expensive fines, everyone returns their overdue books. Angela is proud of the fact that she always returns books on time...or so she thinks! While reading her favourite "Happy Hoppy Bunny" book, Angela realizes the book is library property and she has had it since kindergarten. By now, amnesty day is over and huge library fines loom in Angela's future. Angela enlists the aid of her friends to find ways to avoid the fines. They try many forms of trickery that all end in failure. Nanette quickly catches on to Angela's dilemma and tattles on her. Angela concludes that the only solution is to hide the evidence. Only she finds that she can't hide from the truth. She is caught clutching her copy of "Happy Hoppy Bunny", which, her mother points out, was bought and paid for at a library book sale! Angela was right all along. She never had an overdue library book and Nanette is punished for suggesting otherwise.
S01E49 Kar-Lean On Me 05/11/1999 Angela begins the school day by having her newest cereal toy confiscated by Mrs. Brinks. The day seems to be like any other typical school day. That is until Karlene reveals that she and Nanette had a falling out over a less than fashionable fur hat. Karlene turns to Angela and pals for solace. Angela is hesitant to offer Karlene comfort but eventually warms up to her charms. Soon Karlene appears to be less like Nanette, and more like Angela. Angela is so sure Karlene has changed, she shares her secrets. Angela's theory is quickly disproved as Karlene betrays Angela's confidence to none other then Nanette Manior. Backstabbing and fashion reunite Karlene and Nanette while Angela is left with nothing but the fake fur hat on her head. Despite all that has happened, Angela gets the last laugh and teaches Karlene a thing or two about friendship and economics.
S01E50 Slice of Life 05/11/1999 Upon hearing an annoying, but rather catchy jingle for the county fair, Johnny's Uncle Nicky decides to shoot a commercial for Abatti's Pizza. Angela and Gina are convinced they are shoe-ins, and go to great lengths to secure their roles. They even go as far as hiring the always dramatic Gordy as their acting coach, who deprives them of pizza in order to get a convincing performance. Hearing the news, nasty Nanette Manior steals their spotlight (literally) bumping Angela and Gina out of the lead. Unfortunately, Uncle Nicky takes a liking to Nanette and her star qualities, but it is Nonna who decides the final edit. Angela and Gina arrive at the premiere destined for disappointment, until they see that Nanette has been cut from the commercial, and replaced by none other than Angela, Gina and Nonna herself!
S01E51 The Nanette Lock 08/11/1999 While playing on the swing set in the schoolyard, Angela invents a cool new way to swing! She locks arms and legs with Gina and they swing together in rhythm. Nanette walks through the playground just as they are demonstrating this new swinging innovation, and decides to take credit for the technique by naming it the "Nanette Lock". Angela is determined to set the record straight by proving to everyone that the invention was hers to begin with, but her only witnesses are discredited by none other than nannoying Nanette Manior. Quick to praise her stellar 'inventor' student, Mrs. Brinks rushes to the playground to attempt the "Nanette Lock" herself, but the weight of her- ample figure causes the swing to detach from the swing set and sends Mrs. Brinks plummeting to the ground! Seeing the fire in Brinks' eyes, Nanette blurts out the truth about the swinging invention. Angela is so happy to finally receive the credit she deserves, she doesn't even mind clapping erasers!
S01E52 Gordy Floats 08/11/1999 It is spring, and Gordy can't wait to win first prize in the 'Spring into Spring' float making competition like he has every year. But this year, Nanette is entering with a float made from a real live fire truck and it's filled with French roses imported from France. Angela, Gina and Johnny agree to band together to defeat Nanette in her ploy to be the first to overtake the reining 'Spring into Spring' champion. Although their intentions were good, Gordy's float turns out to be a gondola full of garbage and old tube socks, and Angela feels she is the one to blame. Just as the judges are about to award Nanette first prize, Gordy shows up with a red wagon carrying a solitary red rose bud in a vase. The judges erupt with compliments and decide that the simplicity and sheer beauty of Gordy's float is worthy of first prize!
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S02E01 Vicious Cycle / To Catch a Thief 11/09/2000 Vicious Cycle An annual bike race is an event that could easily bring a smile to Angela's face. However, Angela is stuck with hand-me-down bikes from her goofy brothers while Nanette rides the best bikes that money can buy. Angela is doomed to another humiliating defeat. That is until Angela finds a wallet stuffed with two hundred dollars. Of course, Angela would normally turn in a lost wallet but two hundred is a magical number. Two hundred is the prize money for winning the race and two hundred is the cost of a new bike. The logical choice is, buy a new bike and win the prize money, then replace the wallet money with said prize. Angela hides the wallet until she can put her plan into action. In the mean time, Angela's father, Bill, has refurbished Angela's old bike. He would have bought her a new one except he lost his wallet...filled with two hundred dollars! Angela realizes it was Bill's wallet she found only it's too late. She herself has lost it. Now Angela has no choice but to win the bike race in order to replace her father's money. To Catch a Thief Someone is robbing the Manoir Manor of their precious trinkets. Tapwater Springs jumps into action, immediately calling for the formation of a neighbourhood watch. A leader is needed to head the initiative and Angela happily volunteers her father Bill, who chooses Angela as his partner in crime fighting. Angela sees this as a chance to establish herself as the town's greatest crime fighter. The only trouble is, crime suddenly appears scarce in the small town, and Angela is forced to fight off boredom instead. Suddenly, something happens. Angela is unsure of what the something is, but while using her father's spy-noculars, she spots a happening at the Manoir mansion. Angela climbs through Nanette's bedroom window, honing in on the criminal element. Unfortunately, as Angela enters, the seemingly miniature crook disappears. Nanette accuses Angela of being the Tap
S02E02 French Connection / The List 18/09/2000 French Connection Angela is anticipating the arrival of an exchange student from Europe who is to stay with her family. She imagines the girl will turn out to be just like the sister she has always dreamed of, but it turns out that Cici is from France and is the total embodiment of all things French. Angela is disappointed to discover that her fantasy sister has more in common with real life nemesis Nanette. Instead of letting this coincidence get her down, Angela decides to use Cici to her advantage. With Cici's help, Angela hopes that Nanette's French façade can finally be exposed, only Angela's schemes hardly ever go according to plan, and Nanette and Cici become fast friends. Cici even invites Nanette to a slumber party. Imagine Angela's surprise when she walks into her bedroom to find January, Karlene and Nanette pillow fighting on top of her very own bed! Angela has had quite enough of her exchange school sister and wants to trade her in. Luckily, Nanette has been hiding a Dutch exchange student at the Manoir mansion who has too much in common with Angela, and for the first time in history, they agree on something...switching exchange students! The List A freak fire sprinkler accident has turned the halls of Tapwater Springs Elementary into an ice rink. Angela and friends struggle their way to class over ice covered floors. Eager to show off the special shoes her father invented, Angela glides to class like a world class skater. Her graceful poise comes to an abrupt stop when she falls flat on her derrière. Twice! Angela is triply humiliated when everyone decides to crack jokes at her expense. Angela is furious and she decides to get even by creating a list of everything about everyone else that annoys her. With this list, Angela will be prepared with a response for any insult that comes her way. But the next thing to come her way is a peace offering from her friends. They are proud of the seemingly great way she handled their good
S02E03 A Bug Responsibility / Pogo-A-Go-Go 25/09/2000 A Bug Responsibility Angela finds herself flushing the class goldfish down the toilet. This is not the first goldfish that has passed on to the bowl in the sky while in her care. Angela vows to never act as caretaker to any animal, ever again. That is until Josephine convinces Angela to watch over an insect orphanage. She sees this as an opportunity to repent for her past animal failures. Angela does everything she can to make sure Josephine's bugs live a safe and luxurious life. Her parents do not share the same love for bugs though, and hire an exterminator to get rid of the fleas that have begun to plague the family dog. Full aware of the trouble she could get into, she is forced to bring the critters to school to save them from certain extinction, but her attempts prove futile and Angela is faced with a lifetime of eraser duty. It appears as though Angela has failed once again when the bugs are discovered and tossed out a window. But Josephine reveals that once the bugs were set free, they were able to blossom into dignified members of bug society. Pogo-A-Go-Go The Tapwater Springs Elementary School annual handstand fundraiser is fast approaching. Angela practices her technique with great enthusiasm, preparing to win this year as she has in years past. But alas, her hopes are dashed when Mrs. Brinks changes the charitable event from a handstand competition to a pogo contest. The whole school, with the exception of Angela, welcomes the change. For years, Angela has been concealing the fact that she is the only person in Tapwater Springs who is unable to pogo, until Nanette uncovers her secret. Not only does it appear that Nanette will be the pogo queen, but thanks to her fare-haired nemesis, all of Tapwater Springs is aware of Angela's humiliation. She has no choice but to learn how to pogo and beat Nanette at her own game. On the day of competition, Angela finds a hole in the rules, and uses two pogo sticks instead of one! Angela proves, in her uniq
S02E04 Snow Mercy / Be-Trayed 02/09/2000 Snow Mercy Angela playfully throws a snowball Johnny's way. Not only does it hit an unreceptive Johnny, but it bounces off of him and hits Nanette too. Nanette vows to seek revenge, and Johnny vows snowball retaliation. His aim proves horrific when he ends up hitting Gina's pizza instead of Angela. Now that Gina is an unwilling participant of the snow war, Angela decides to defend Gina and her pizza's honour. Angela and Johnny build snow forts and prepare themselves for battle. Johnny reveals he has a secret weapon-Nanette! In order to get revenge, Nanette has enlisted Karlene and January to help Johnny win the snowball fight. Angela turns to Gina for help, but Gina's advice soon backfires and Angela gets bombarded with snow. It turns out Gina has been helping Johnny too. Gina could never say "no" to Johnny because he's her friend too. Just when it appears as though everyone has betrayed Angela, Nanette soon proves to be the real manipulator of mayhem. It is then that Nanette becomes their preferred target! Be-Trayed Someone at Tapwater Springs Elementary has violated the school "dump your food, not your tray" policy. Nobody may leave the cafeteria until somebody confesses to the crime. Everyone pleads innocence and the kids are held hostage for what seems an eternity. Boredom sets in and Angela cracks and confesses to the lunchtime crime, even though she is truly innocent. When all the other children are sent to art class, Angela's sacrifice for her friends and classmates is recognized, and she is seen as a hero. She remains a martyr of sorts until Nanette rationalizes that Angela was and is the only person capable of the crime. Now Angela has no choice but to confess that her first confession was a lie. This in turn outrages Mrs. Brinks who brings everyone back to the cafeteria where they are to stay until the real criminal confesses. The real criminal never does confess, but the truth is eventually expose
S02E05 Earhart's Heirloom / Ancient Greeks 09/09/2000 Earhart's Heirloom Angela has been on her best behavior for the past twenty-nine days. Mrs. Brinks has promised that if the class is trouble-free for one whole month, she will show them the compass that once belonged to flying ace Amelia Earhart. The day has finally arrived, and everyone, especially Angela, is extra careful not to upset Mrs. Brinks. Angela concentrates so hard at being good that she forgets she's chewing gum! When it is discovered, Mrs. Brinks refuses to show the class the compass. In order to get back on Mrs. Brinks' good side, Angela and the gang plan a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Brinks who is so thrilled she agrees to show them the compass. Unfortunately, while Mrs. Brinks is showing her treasured compass Nanette "accidentally" bumps into Angela who in turn knocks the compass out of Mrs. Brinks' hand. Mrs. Brinks is outraged until Gina discovers that the compass is a fake that was made in Taiwan only a few years ago. It was all just a trick to get the children to behave! Ancient Greeks When the students in Angela's class have to give a presentation about the Ancient Greeks, .Angela picks Hercules on account of he was the greatest ancient Greek. Nanette however has written an entire play of which she wants to cast and direct the class in to perform for the parents. Angela hopes to play Hercules but Nanette casts her in the part of Medusa. Angela decides to make the best of things, just like Hercules would. At the rehearsals she reads her part with very funny sssssnake ssssssounds and has the entire class in stitches. Nanette is not impressed and re-casts Angela in the part of Apollo. On the night of the performance Angela steals the show when she loses her balance and drops the heavy globe she is carrying on her shoulders. Nanette is furious that Angela has ruined her show but the audience all thinks that Angela was the best part!
S02E06 Brinks of No Return / Operation Ringside 16/09/2000 Brinks of No Return Today is a good day because an after-school snack awaits Angela. When finally the school bell rings, Angela rushes out to meet her mother. A few hours go by and Angela is still without snack because she is still at school awaiting her mother's arrival. Just then, Mrs. Brinks arrives with good news. Geneva is fine but her car has broken down. Angela is to go with Mrs. Brinks to the Brinks' Household. Okay, so maybe the good news isn't so good and Angela's good day has definitely turned bad. Angela will not only be spending the afternoon with Mrs. Brinks, but husband Connie too. And, Mrs. Brinks at home is just like Mrs. Brinks at school - a bullying tyrant! She even goes as far as punishing Angela and Connie for not knowing where a pimento loaf is. When it seems Angela's day couldn't get any darker, Nanette shows up for afternoon tea. Angela must flee if freedom is to be hers. With the help of Connie, an escape is quickly made. It just might turn out to be a good day after all. Operation Ringside Sunday afternoon and the kids fill the day and their stomachs with day old Abatti pizza. Everyone, that is, except Gordy Rhinehart. Gordy has spent a month's worth of Sundays without his father. Coach Rhinehart has been pre-occupied with something, but what that something is no one knows. And Gordy is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the something in his father's life might be more important then Gordy himself. Suddenly, a wrestling commercial featuring the Masked Menace appears on television. Various clues from said commercial lead Angela to believe Coach Rhinehart has taken to a double life in the squared circle. In order to prove her wrestling theory, Angela and friends go ringside with hopes of unmasking the Masked Menace and revealing him to be Coach Rhinehart. Then they will force him to give up this other life. There's just one catch - the Coach hasn't wrestled in years
S02E07 Eating With the Enemy / Brocc-Fest 23/10/2000 Eating With the Enemy Bill has just won the Annual Tapwater Springs Inno-ventor contest with his spectacular, accidental invention, the Food Rejuvenator 3000. And thanks to Angela's big mouth, Howell Manoir, is interested in investing in the device. Bill invites the Manoirs over for dinner so he can promote the Rejuvinator and negotiate a contract. Bill is positive that this could be his chance to make a lot of money and goes to great lengths to make sure everything is perfect for the meal. Angela is to be on her best behaviour. The Manoirs arrive and manage to insult with every compliment they give. Poor Geneva is at her breaking point. As for Angela, when she learns that Nanette has to be on her best behaviour, she manipulates the situation to make Nanette do whatever she wants. Nanette, of course, turns things around to her advantage and soon Angela is miserable again. Bill watches the evening unfold and decides that maybe money is not what he wants. Especially if it means the Anaconda family will start to resemble the Manoirs. Brocc-Fest It is the annual Tapwater Springs Broccoli Festival and the children are made to enter a broccoli poster-making contest. Angela is not happy. Firstly, everyone knows Nanette is going to win the contest, so what's the point?! Secondly, Angela hates the bushy green, which makes creating a poster in celebration of it even harder. Luckily, Angela discovers that Baby Lulu has a broccoli shaped head. Angela uses Baby Lulu as inspiration and creates a poster of the cutest broccoli anyone in Tapwater Springs has ever seen. To her amazement, Angela wins the contest while poor Nanette is runner up. Angela becomes the "keeper of the broccoli" and must give a speech extolling its virtues in front of the whole town. This forces her to find a way in which she can appreciate the funky florets or give up her title. However, in doing that, Nanette would become the "keeper" and letting Nanette win is almost
S02E08 All For One / Uncle Nicky's Midlife Crisis 30/10/2000 All For One Today is Nature Survival Day and the kids are taken on a field trip to the woods where they will partake in a character building obstacle course. On top of this, the kids are to give themselves a goal that they hope to accomplish by day's end. Angela's goal is to help every member of whichever team she is grouped with. Luckily, she is grouped with her closest friends. That is until Nanette shows up and is put on Angela's team. Nanette manipulates Gordy, Gina and Johnny to get herself elected as team captain. For the good of the team, the friends must also carry countless pieces of Nanette's heavy, back-breaking luggage as they trek through the forest's obstacle course. Of course, Nanette proves to be an inadequate leader and manages to get the troop lost. With her friends overcome with fear, it is left to Angela to save the day. It just so happens that Angela has left behind a trail of Nanette's useless luggage. Angela's trail leads them back to civilization and Angela achieves her goal. She did indeed help everyone on her team, even Ninnie-poo. Uncle Nicky's Midlife Crisis While the gang prepares to race Gina's turtles, a distraught Uncle Nicky distracts them. It seems Uncle Nicky has picked today to realize that he is getting old. Too busy with turtles to deal with his mid-life crisis, the gang offers little sympathy until Uncle Nicky offers the kids a lift in his car. Soon Uncle Nicky wins the kids over with his cool ways and the purchase of some ice cream. Uncle Nicky is allowed to partake in the children's afternoon of fun and frivolity. When it becomes apparent that what makes Uncle Nicky cool is also what makes him terribly obnoxious, the gang is forced to find a way to ditch him. Angela comes up with a hide and seek plan. It fails. She comes up with another plan involving dolls. This plan fails too. Finally, she comes up with a "work" plan but that only succeeds in leaving her a
S02E09 Oh the Humanatees / In a Pepper Pickle 06/11/2000 Oh the Humanatees Today is the day of the annual Save The Manatees Auction. The residents of Tapwater Springs sell and buy each other's junk with great enthusiasm. Angela has been saving up to buy a space helmet that once belonged to Astronaut Bob. Unfortunately, Nanette outbids Angela and gets the helmet. Fortunately, and amazingly, Astronaut Bob shows up and offers himself for auction. Angela is the only one with any money left and wins one whole day with her space hero. Not one to be outdone, Nanette schemes her way into Astronaut Bob's heart and manages to thwart any and all of Angela's attempts to have fun. Nanette even goes as far as having her father Howell bribe Bob into having dinner with them and ditching Angela. Will Angela's hero betray her? Well, this is the Angela Anaconda show and Bob better not get on her bad side if he knows what's good for him. In a Pepper Pickle Angela has unscrewed the cap of the peppershaker in order to play a devious trick on her brothers over breakfast. The pepper prank backfires and Angela winds up with pepper up her nose. The only way to get it out is to scratch it out. Unfortunately, "scratching" is a euphemism for "picking", which means Angela will have to do her "scratching" in private so as not to be made fun of. Angela searches for a private place to rid herself of the pepper. Angela rushes behind a tree, but Jimmy Jamal is there writing in his diary. Angela is assumed to be snooping on him. Angela rushes to the washroom but Nanette and her clone club soon enter the room in deep discussion. Angela is assumed to be snooping on them. In fact, wherever Angela goes, someone else is there and assumes Angela is spying on them. The more Angela concentrates on her nose, the more she is thought of as nosy. The only way to clear this misunderstanding is to clear her nose. Will our heroine ever sneeze? Only the nose knows!
S02E10 Boo-Who? / The Haunting of Angela Anaconda 13/11/2000 Boo-Who? It's nearing Halloween. Angela has hesitations because she is worried Geneva will create an embarrassing costume for her to wear like in years past. While eating breakfast for dinner, Angela reads on the back of her cereal box that she can purchase an Astro Nutties "Astro Nut" costume for a low price. She saves her pennies and cereal box tops until finally she has enough for the factory made creation. There's only one problem, Geneva has already made a "Happy Hoppy Bunny" costume of which she is very proud. On Halloween night, in order to avoid hurting Geneva's feelings, Angela wears the "bunny" costume...until she gets outside. Once outside, Angela changes into her "nut" costume. Her friends think Angela's costume is incredibly cool. Nanette decides to get Angela into trouble by exposing the costume charade to Geneva. But Geneva doesn't get angry at all. She's actually thrilled that the "nut" costume earned Angela plenty of trick-or-treat candy. Mother and daughter enjoy their sweets as Nanette seethes, angry that she was unable to ruin Angela's fun. The Haunting of Angela Anaconda It's nearing Halloween and the search is on to find the perfect garage to build a haunted house. Angela's garage wins because it is the darkest, the scariest-and quite frankly, the cleanest! The gang prepares for their spook-fest but prove ill prepared when Angela's brothers try and scare them. Only Angela knows better then to fall for Mark and Derek's silly tricks and shoos them on their way. Finally, the haunted house is ready for neighborhood tours. As the kids enter, one by one, it becomes clear the Anaconda haunted house isn't your run of the mill carnival ride. It's really haunted! Eeerie sounds come from the walls. The lights flicker with nobody at the light switch. Someone is even playing the piano, with no piano in sight. Angela is convinced her br
S02E11 The Lion, The Witch, And The Weasel / Curse Of the Mummy 20/11/2000 The Lion, The Witch, And The Weasel The best thing about field trips is that you're not in school. And when you're not in school you don't have to do any assignments. This is Angela's logic and why, as the class leaves for the Tapwater Springs Zoo, she is happy. That is until Nanette suggests to Mrs. Brinks that the class do an assignment on a zoo animal. To make matters worse, Nanette gets to do her assignment on the lion, which is the animal Angela wants. Angela is stuck with the weasel, a weasel that hasn't been seen since 1987! How is Angela supposed to do a report on an animal she can't even see? Angela must think of a way to lure the weasel out of its hole. She tries to win over the weasel with reason, and fails. She tries trickery but that fails too. As time goes by, Angela wants nothing more then to eat and figures maybe that's what the weasel wants too. Sure enough, the weasel pops out of its hole when tempted by Nanette's nuts. And when the zookeeper gets angry that an animal was fed, Nanette gets the blame, because after all, they were her nuts. Hey, field trips are great things! Curse Of the Mummy The gang is on another field trip, this time to the local museum. An exhibit on ancient Egypt is clearly the most exciting. Nanette gets so excited over ancient gold, she knocks Angela into a Mummy. The Mummy topples onto Angela. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, except in this instance the Mummy is cursed. Since Angela touched the Mummy, everyone assumes that she is cursed too and wants nothing to do with her. Only Johnny, Gordy and Gina believe that their pal is curse free. They all agree to help Angela. But all too soon Angela is hit with some unfortunate coincidences, AKA bad luck, and her friends desert her too. If her life seems like it couldn't get any worse, it does. Angela is partnered with Nanette to do a science project. Nanette gets enraged over this turn of events and while throwing a
S02E12 No Thanksgiving / Family Tree 27/11/2000 No Thanksgiving Gina invites Angela to the annual Thanksgiving Lash Bash. Angela declines. The Anaconda household believes Thanksgiving is for family and so with her family Angela will stay. And though Angela loves her family, she does not enjoy spending Thanksgiving with them. The Anacondas have never had a successful Turkey Day no matter how hard they've tried. However, this year, they've decided to try harder. Each family member will concentrate on making the perfect Thanksgiving dish. Angela gets to be in charge of helping. Things start out smoothly, until Nanette briefly appears, coughing up a storm. Nanette parts and all Anacondas but Angela come down with the stomach flu! Thanksgiving is ruined again. Angela decides to crash the Lash Bash but Gina will not permit Angela in. Angela is contagious and could get everyone else sick. But Gina, being Gina, would never let Angela down. Just as the festive day seems to be at its bleakest, Gina leaves a full dinner at the Anaconda door. Angela's family makes a miraculous recovery and, yes indeed, there is reason to be thankful. Family Tree While researching her family history for a class project, Angela discovers that the Anacondas of yesteryear owned Miss Nettie. Miss Nettie is the cow, according to legend, that saved Tapwater Springs from a devastating fire. Nanette claims it was actually the Manoirs of yesteryear that owned the famed bovine. Angela sets out to prove Nanette wrong. She discovers an old partial photo of an Anaconda pulling the aforementioned cow. But, Angela's proof only proves Nanette right. See Nanette also has a piece of the same photograph. Side by side the pieces reveal a Manoir descendant riding the cow that an Anaconda descendant is pulling. The Anacondas were the Manoirs' milkmaids! The humiliation is overwhelming. Just then, Grandma Lou appears. Grandma Lou has a third and final piece of the Miss Nettie photograph puzzle. It reveals Miss Nettie actually kicke
S02E13 Goodbye Mrs. Brinks / The Birdlady Of Tapwater Springs 04/12/2000 Goodbye Mrs. Brinks The school day starts out ordinarily boring as everyone awaits an announcement from Mrs. Brinks. What a surprise when Mrs. Brinks reveals that she has been offered a dream teaching position-at another school! Angela's not-so-secret wish of wanting to get rid of Mrs. Brinks may finally come true. All Angela and her pals have to do is be on their best behavior when the principal from the new school comes to inspect Mrs. Brinks' teaching methods. There's only one problem: Nanette doesn't want Mrs. Brinks to leave. So, when Dr. Fanny (the principal) arrives, Nanette behaves like Angela normally would. Even January and Karlene join in the truancy act, resorting to deeds they must have picked up from Johnny Abatti. If Angela doesn't do something soon, Mrs. Brinks will never go away. Unfortunately for Angela, it appears she has already done too much. Mrs. Brinks is so touched by Angela's new angelic demeanor, she decides to stay at Tapwater Springs Elementary in order to be with her new favorite pupil! The Birdlady Of Tapwater Springs Angela, Johnny and Josephine find themselves in detention staring out of the window when a bird crashes into it. They rush outside to find the bird has seemingly died. Angela picks it up and offers a few words of condolence before giving it a proper toilet funeral. As Angela finishes her prayer, the bird comes to and flies away. The bird wasn't dead, just stunned. Johnny and Josephine are stunned too. They feel that Angela's touch healed the bird. Soon the whole school knows of Angela's healing powers. They offer her all sorts of goodies so she will use her magical powers on them. Of course Angela knows that she doesn't have any special powers but if she can make people happy and get cool perks while doing it, then where's the harm? But when Mrs. Brinks gets wind of Angela's voodoo, she demands that Angela give her the ability to dance again. Somehow Mrs.
S02E14 Secret Santa / Hooray For Chanukah 11/12/2000 Secret Santa It's Christmas and Christmas is Angela's favorite time of the year. Everyone seems to be happier and full of holiday spirit. Of course, the presents are greatly appreciated too! Every year the children of Tapwater Elementary engage in a Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year Angela and Gina were each other's Secret Santa and Angela hopes that they will get to be Secret Santas again. But the odds are against them. Angela and Nanette end up becoming each other's Secret Santa. Christmas is ruined! Angela tries desperately to get someone else to buy Nanette a present but not even Karlene or January want that task. Angela has a brainstorm. She will get Nanette toilet water, other wise known as eau de toilette. Nanette loves that stuff! Suddenly, Angela overhears Nanette tell her clone club that she has bought Angela a spectacular gift. Now Angela has no choice but to get her nemesis something great. Something French. The only question that remains is, will Nanette appreciate it? Hooray For Chanukah It's Chanukah and Chanukah is Gina's favorite time of the year. Everyone seems to be happier and full of holiday spirit. Of course, the latkes are pretty good too! Every year the town celebrates the last night of Chanukah at Mapperson's bakery. This year, Angela and the gang are helping Gina carry her Grandmother's gigantic antique menorah to the festivities. Along the way they get hungry and decide to stop for special latke pizza at Abatti's. They ask Uncle Nicky to watch the menorah while they eat. He obliges but ends up gambling it away during one of many dreidel games. By the time the children catch up to the person who won the menorah, it's been pawned. The kids race to the pawnshop but now the menorah has been sold to Spangley Jangles. Angela refuses to give up. They convince Spangley to give them the menorah back. But on their way to Mapperson's they forget the menorah on the bus! Somehow the me
S02E15 Return To Sender / I Wanna Mold Your Band 18/12/2000 Return To Sender Angela has been waiting a whole month for this very moment. Angela and her friends signed up for pen pals while on a trip to the museum. And today, Angela's letter from her pan pal has arrived. While everyone has cool pen pals - Gina gets food from hers - Gordy's pen pal is a ballerina - Angela by far has the best pen pal ever. Marie Antoinette (the aforementioned letter writer) writes pages and pages of really neat stuff. So great is Marie Antoinette and her prolific writing abilities, that Nanette engages in a pen pal competition with Angela . Nanette is positive her pen pal is the very best and is determined to prove it. But soon Nanette discovers that due to a pen pal mix up at the museum, her and Angela have unknowingly exchanged letters. Completely embarrassed, Nanette pretends to have known Angela was her pen pal all along. The next letter Marie Antoinette sends to Angelita (Angela's nom de plume) is viscous and nasty and poor Angela is crushed. When Angela finally learns the truth behind Marie Antoinette she decides to get even the best way she knows how. She uses Nanette's own words against her. I Wanna Mold Your Band Mr. Tastee Twirl is holding a talent contest in which the winner will get to ride with him in the Tastee Twirl truck and ring the Tastee Twirl bell. None of Angela's friends think they have any talent that would win them such a coveted prize. Well, Johnny has a so-so ventriloquist act with his puppet Sir Ducksworthy, but Angela isn't sure that's enough to win. Angela suggests that the gang reform their old band: Angela And Her Band-A-Condas! The gang isn't so gung-ho about the idea. It turns out that when the friends first formed the band, many years ago, Angela kind of got out of hand. Everyone has since vowed to never be in a music group together, no matter what. Then Nanette and her clone club show up and gloat about their band, the Oo-La-La-La-Las. If Nanette wins, she'
S02E16 Don't Be Caddie / The Pup Who Would Be King 25/12/2000 Don't Be Caddie Today is the hottest day in Tapwater Springs and Angela and her pals decide to cool off in Nonna's water sprinklers. Unfortunately Tapwater Springs is experiencing a drought and the Mayor has ordered all citizens to conserve water. Just when it seems Gordy will die from his heat rash, the friends stumble across the Tapwater Country Club and its big, beautiful pool. Angela would love to jump in, but the pool is for members only. What's a girl to do? Well, it just so happens that Mark and Derek have jobs at the Club. With a little help from her parents, Angela's brothers agree to get Angela and friends pool time. But there's a catch. The next day the gang has to do caddie duty. They must help golfers choose the appropriate clubs and also retrieve lost golf balls. Everyone takes their job a little too seriously, retrieving golf balls just as players place them on the tee. Mark and Derek are impressed with Angela's work but never had any intention of actually letting her swim. The pool is being cleaned and it's empty! Angela has two choices: either fill the pool herself, or get an invitation to the Country Club from someone other then her brothers. The Pup Who Would Be King Thanks to King, Angela and her friends get to witness the miracle of birth. King bares four adorable puppies. Angela is immediately taken with a scrappy one that affectionately bites her nose. But Geneva doesn't want any puppies in the house. One dog is enough for the Anacondas and the puppies will be given away. The next day, when Angela returns home from detention, all but the scrappy puppy are gone. Angela promises to find the perfect home for her favorite pup. She interviews many Tapwater residents but none live up to her high standards. Geneva's standards aren't so high. She knows of a perfect place for the puppy to go to. Geneva gives the puppy to Mrs. Brinks! Well, Angela is livid and enlists her friends to help save th
S02E17 Cheese Under Pressure / Troop Or Consequences 01/01/2001 Cheese Under Pressure The liverwurst sandwiches that Geneva gives to Angela everyday for lunch are becoming less appetizing. In fact, Angela isn't the only person bored with her lunch. The whole school seems unhappy with what their parents have packed and Angela suggests they all trade. There's only one problem-nobody wants Angela's lunch. Angela figures the answer to her problems is to bring something for lunch that every kid would want. So she brings peanut butter and jelly with her. But a kid can get peanut butter any old time and Angela is left out of the trading. Next stop: the supermarket. Surely Angela can get something cool to eat there. And she does. She discovers Squiggly Cheese, the artificial spray cheese from a can that not only tastes good, its fun to play with. Instantly Angela is the envy of the lunch room crowd. Even Nanette wants to trade with her! Will Angela trade away the best lunch she's had in a long while? Or will Nanette just manipulate Angela into giving her the coveted Squiggly Cheese? Troop Or Consequences Angela and Gina love being part of the Junior Ranger-ettes. They however don't love that Karlene and January are about to elect Nanette troop leader in an upcoming vote. Angela and Gina must recruit some new Ranger-ettes to prevent this from happening. They try desperately to recruit Josephine. She turns them down. The only girl who shows interest in becoming a Ranger-ette is actually-a boy! Gordy Rhinehart loves the crafts and other neat things the Ranger-ettes do. Being a Rangerette would also let Gordy be close to Gina Lash. When Nanette is unable to prevent Gordy from joining the troop, she points out that Gordy needs ten achievement pins before he can qualify to vote for troop leader. It would take a miracle for Gordy to get ten pins in time for the vote. But with sheer determination Gordy gets nine pins. Can Nanette foil Gordy before he reaches pin number 10?
S02E18 The Great Granny Grudge / News At Eleven 08/01/2001 The Great Granny Grudge Grandma Lou is back in town and Angela couldn't be happier. Grandma Lou is just as fun as any kid. One day while playing, Lou hurts herself and Bill decides that it's time his mother had a friend her own age. Angela knows just the person-Nonna Abatti. But Angela is unaware that Nonna and Lou were once good friends who now hate each other. As soon as Nonna makes the family connection between Angela and Lou, and Lou makes the connection between Johnny and Nonna, the Grannies forbid their respective grandchildren from ever having anything to do with one another. Angela enlists Bill and Uncle Nicky to help settle matters. However, these two sons have no idea why their mothers are truly fighting and end up trading insults with each other. Soon Angela and Johnny are forced to choose sides. Will the two of them be the generation where the feud finally ends? News At Eleven Mrs. Brinks' class has been chosen to do a newscast for the community-access channel. Everyone gets assigned plum positions. Gina gets to be the food critic, Gordy the weatherman. Even Johnny is excited because he's on the crime beat and is sure to get an "A" thanks to his Uncle Nicky's knowledge of crime. But Angela's hopes of becoming the news anchor are quickly dashed when Mrs. Brinks unsurprisingly chooses Nanette for the job. Angela is assigned-the farm report! Not one to let her bad luck bring her down, Angela decides to do the best farm report ever. Nothing exciting seems to happen though on Farmer Jangles' farm. The apples are rotten and the rooster is cranky, neither of which seems newsworthy. When Farmer Jangles mentions that his goat has just given birth to six kids, Angela instinctively knows that the goat will be the focus of her report. There's just one problem, Nanette gets wind of the goat story and scoops poor Angela. Now Angela has no story, no assignment, and no choice but to get even with Nanette!
S02E19 The Girl With All The Answers / Good Seats 15/01/2001 The Girl With All The Answers Gina Lash is only one gold star away from being crowned Questions &Answers Queen. When Gina wins, it will mean that the Q&A crown is one crown Nanette Manoir will never get to wear. Angela is ecstatic! Only Gina eats too much the night before her final competition. Mrs. Brinks seizes her absence as an opportunity to help Nanette win! Angela does everything she can to motivate Gina back to school before Nanette gets enough gold stars. But Gina is far too happy being taken care of to hurry up her healing process. Angela is forced to watch Mrs. Brinks hand Nanette the correct answers. Coincidentally, Angela stumbles upon the teachers' edition of an old textbook. She tries to explain to Mrs. Brinks what she found, but Mrs. Brinks is too concerned with Nanette to pay notice. With the help of the teachers' edition, Angela becomes the girl with all the answers. She answers all of Mrs. Brinks' questions correctly, even before they're asked. Angela would love to become the new Q&A Queen though in her heart she knows that Gina truly deserves the coronation. What's our heroine to do? Good Seats A Mega-Giants Movie craze has taken over Tapwater Springs. Angela, Johnny, Gina and Gordy learn that a local pop station is holding a contest with free movie tickets as the prize. All they have to do is be the first caller to call the station when the Mega-Giants theme is played. Angela decides that they will listen to the radio in shifts. She chooses the graveyard shift. Of course she falls asleep before the theme song is played. In a bizarre twist of fate, Nanette ends up winning the tickets. Now that the gang doesn't have free tickets, they decide to be the first in line and guarantee themselves the best seats. They show up for the movie over seven hours before show time before anyone else. Moments before the theatre doors open, Nanette and the clone club show up on cue and cut in front of Angela. It tur
S02E20 Abra-Abatti / Stupid Cupid 22/01/2001 Abra-Abatti The Masked Magician is giving a performance at Tapwater Elementary and needs a special volunteer. Much to everyone's surprise, he picks Johnny Abatti and not Nanette Manoir! For his efforts, Johnny is given a magic set and immediately begins to create an act. Gina senses Johnny could use a little help and volunteers her assistance. Together, they put on a formidable show and dazzle ever increasing crowds. They're ready for the big time - a performance at Abatti's Pizza. Only Gina's back gives out two days before the show and Johnny is left sans assistant. Angela is eager to lend a hand but Nanette soon shows up to offer her abilities - Nanette will do almost anything for a spotlight. The archenemies compete with each other to impress Johnny until Nanette abruptly takes herself out of the competition. Nanette has figured out that Johnny is a horrible magician. Gina is the one who makes the magic work. Will Angela make the connection before Johnny "magically" saws her in half? Stupid Cupid Gordy Rhinehart has written a love letter to Gina Lash, which Angela offers to deliver. Needless to say, the letter never makes it to Gina-her mother gets it instead. Liz Lash is convinced Coach Rhinehart wrote the letter. The two start up an instant romance and Angela's friends are furious at her. Gina is upset because Coach is always at her house eating her food. Gordy is upset because Coach is too busy with Liz to spend time with him. And Gina still doesn't know how much in love with her Gordy is! Even Johnny is upset. Uncle Nicky has always had a crush on Liz and spends his days moping now that she and Coach have hooked up. And if Angela had delivered the letter properly in the first place, none of this would have happened. Angela tries to break up the happy couple but only makes matters worse. Soon, the whole town is affected by the Lash/Rhinehart coupling and they direct their anger at Angela. Angela quickly discover
S02E21 Gordy In The Plastic Bubble / Camp Anaconda 29/01/2001 Gordy In The Plastic Bubble Angela has a brand new microscope and eagerly shows it off to her friends. Despite Gordy's lack of enthusiasm, Angela manages to convince him to look at his eyelash under the lens. Gordy gets more then a glimpse of an enlarged eyelash: he also spots a bug! Angela tries to calm his frazzled nerves by revealing that the bug on his eyelash is harmless. Everyone has microscopic bugs all over their body. This revelation offers little comfort and sends Gordy into a state of panic. He wears protective gloves and masks and keeps his distance from his friends lest their parasites find their way onto him. Then Gordy learns that it's just not other people's germs that he has to fear. Even inanimate objects such as books and food have parasites. Gordy doesn't know where to put himself. Angela tries to help but everything she tries backfires. Soon Gordy has no other alternative but to sit in a bathtub all day. Will Angela be able to calm her friend before he shrivels away? Or is Gordy destined to live in a plastic bubble forever? Camp Anaconda Bill and Geneva will be away during Spring Break and plan on sending Angela to Connie Brinks' Biology Camp. Angela's friends are stuck with the same fate. Now, there's nothing more boring then a week with Connie, so an alternative is desperately needed. Cue Mark and Derek who need money to buy hockey equipment. They agree, for a price, to take care of Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy - Camp Anaconda is born. However, if any harm comes to the children, Mark and Derek don't get paid. Fearing their charges might get the tiniest bruise, physical activity is forbidden. The brothers even go as far as tying the children up. When the children plead for water, a hose is turned on them! Camp Anaconda is sheer torture. Well, the kids finally do manage to trick Mark and Derek into taking them out on the town. While they're out though, the Anaconda garage floods because Mar
S02E22 Sound Of Silence / Johnny Learns To Swing 05/02/2001 Sound Of Silence Coach Rhinehart has lost his voice and football practice has been cancelled. Mark and Derek are left with nothing to do but torture poor Angela. To make matters worse, if Mark and Derek's football team lose their next game, they won't make it to the playoffs. This means even more time on their hands - even more time to torture their sister. Angela must find a way for Coach to get healthy again. While failing at playing doctor, Angela discovers that Gordy has the ability to understand Coach's silent gestures. Gordy can interpret for Coach on the football field. Football practice is on again. But Gordy's interpretations of Coach's unique sign language are quite flowery. In fact, the football players have a hard time understanding exactly what Gordy is trying to say. When Gordy tries to get aggressive, he loses his voice too! Once again Angela is forced to take matters into her own hands. Now when Coach makes a gesture, Gordy interprets it with his own. Angela in turn interprets Gordy. And somehow, as improbable as it seems, the team wins with one spectacular maneuver. Angela is a hero. Johnny Learns To Swing Angela innocently discovers something strange on Johnny's chest. None of the kids knows what it is but Uncle Nicky recognizes it. Johnny has genuine Abatti chest hair. This, of course, means Johnny is a man and Uncle Nicky must now teach his young charge the ways in which a real man behaves. The next day when Angela and friends pick Johnny up to go to school, Johnny is no where to be found. Their friend has morphed into John-O - a miniature Uncle Nicky, complete with leisure suit and lady-killer attitude. Angela has a few reservations. Johnny is trying to act older and his coolness is getting in the way of having fun. But Nanette seems repulsed by John-O's new charms and, if he can upset Nanette, he can still be Angela's friend! All too soon though the charm turns to smarm and Nanette falls for the
S02E23 Firm-A-Foam / For The Love Of The Game 12/02/2001 Firm-A-Foam Today is "Take Your Kids To Work Day". Since Bill is unable to make a living as an inventor, his day job is that of a salesman. Angela accompanies him to Tapwater Springs' only office tower where Bill tires to sell expandable foam to various business people. Johnny is also at the office tower helping Uncle Nicky deliver pizzas. Soon Johnny is tagging along with the Anaconda duo. Bill gives one great sales pitch after another. Angela and Johnny ruin the sale every time. Bill is left with only one more potential client - Howell Manoir! To make matters worse, Howell has brought Nanette to work with him. Angela has to be on her best behaviour in order for her dad to finally make a sale. However, Nanette is misbehaving and on the verge of ruining Bill's sale. And Angela is getting the blame! But despite Nanette's best efforts to infuriate Angela, Angela accidentally discovers a practical use for the expandable foam and makes a sale for her father. For The Love Of The Game Jimmy Jamal has reached new heights on his Immortal Wombat video game. He's about to beat the high score when Coach Rhinehart shows up to drag him away to a silent soccer retreat. Unfortunately, Immortal Wombat needs constant attention and battery changes or else the game will be lost. Angela is entrusted to watch over the Wombat. Moments after Jimmy leaves, Angela leaves the video unattended. Nanette "borrows" the batteries and Jimmy's score disappears. Neither Gina, Gordy nor Johnny has the skill needed to reach the level Jimmy left off at. It's up to Angela to figure out how to manipulate and ultimately win the game. This, of course, is easier said then done. Angela has too many chores and school duties to spend so much time on a computer game. But she has no choice - her reputation is at stake. Her home life and school life suffer until Mrs. Brinks shuts the computer off. Left with no other alternative, Angela tells Jimmy the tru
S02E24 Jiggly Fruit Classic / Race Car Race 19/02/2001 Jiggly Fruit Classic Jiggly James, the official spokesperson for Jiggly Fruit, announces that the tasty treat has a new and improved recipe. Can perfection be improved upon? Naturally, Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy are the first in line to try New Jiggly Fruit. This also makes them the first to learn how truly awful their favorite snack has become. New Jiggly Fruit is disgusting! To make matters worse, the Jiggly Fruit corporation has stopped production of old Jiggly Fruit. Mrs. Brinks, a Jiggly connoisseur, is just as upset as Angela is over this turn of events. Angela is surprised that she and Mrs. Brinks have anything in common, especially dessert. The two soon form a strong bond as they join forces to battle the evil Jiggly James. When the two former nemesis combine their smarts and creativity, nothing is able to withstand their power. Soon old Jiggly Fruit is back in production and order is restored to Tapwater Springs. Race Car Race Parents in Tapwater Springs are busy helping their child build a soapbox-racing car for an upcoming race. Every car is unique, built with care to reflect the child's personality. For example: Gina's car has a built in doughnut holder and Gordy's is filled with flowers. Unsurprisingly, Nanette's car is a store bought one and it's really fast. Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy decide to take the best parts of their own cars and combine them into one super car. And since Johnny is deemed the best driver, he gets to drive. During practice Johnny gets into an accident. Disappointed with himself, Johnny is convinced he has lost his racing magic. He no longer feels he is able to beat Nanette and Angela must now sit it the driver's seat. While racing, Nanette cheats, causing Angela's racecar to lose two of its wheels. Just when it seems that all is lost, Angela convinces Johnny to work his racing magic and get back behind the wheel. To which he does, proving that a Johnny with two homemade wheels i
S02E25 Surf's Up / Dog Gone It 26/02/2001 Surf's Up It's summer vacation! Liz Lash and her "associate" Francisco are driving Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy to the beach. The gang is thrilled and plans to spend the day in the glorious water. Their nautical intentions are quickly foiled upon arrival at the beach. For who should turn up but none other then Nanette and her clone club. To make matters worse, Mrs. Brinks has taken a summer job as a lifeguard. It doesn't take long until Nanette manages to get Angela and her pals dry docked! Angela refuses to be beaten. If they gang can't go to the water, they will find a way to bring the water to them. Of course, every attempt fails because around every corner lurks Nanette, all too ready to thwart their efforts. But eventually Nanette proves to be her own worst enemy when she inadvertently buries Mrs. Brinks up to the neck in sand. Angela, Gina, Johnny and Gordy get their fun in the sun after all. Dog Gone It While enjoying a harmless game of softball, said softball ends up landing in a neighbor's yard. This normally wouldn't be a problem, but, this neighbor's yard is inhabited by a dog named Carnivorous. To make matters worse, the softball belongs to Mark and Derek. If Angela can't get the ball back, she might not make it to her next birthday. She and her friends try to come up with a plan. Gordy is used as a decoy and the kids manage to retrieve the ball. They also free the dog from his yard in the process. Carnivorous lives up to his name as he chases everyone up trees and on top of cars. The only way the kids can get rid of the dog is to throw the ball back into the yard! Angela is back at where she started. She has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and go into the dog's yard herself. She marches right into the yard, only to be immediately chased into a garbage can! Mark and Derek turn out to be the heroes of this tale when they come home and reveal that Carnivorous is really Fifi
S03E01 Childhood For Sale / The Best Is Yeti To Come 10/09/2001 Childhood For Sale Angela is playing baseball with her friends is at bat. She stares down the pitcher. The ball is thrown and Angela hits a homerun...right through Mrs. Brinks' window! Once the damage is totaled, Angela owes Mrs. Brinks a mini fortune. Her parents will pay to fix it but Angela will have to pay them back. Johnny's Uncle Nicky recently made a fortune selling his old junk, so Angela figures she can sell some of her stuff to make a few extra bucks. A date for an Anaconda garage sale is set. Angela separates her collection of stuff into two piles. One pile of things she will keep, the other pile she will sell. But each item Angela comes across fills her with so much nostalgia, she is unable to discard anything. Her "to keep" pile just grows and grows until there is nothing left for her to sell. Her parents suggest that Angela simply work off the debt. Angela thinks about this for a moment and decides it is better to just keep her old memories and sell the junk attached to them. Her time is better spent creating new memories instead of laboring away to pay for a broken window. The Best Is Yeti To Come While picnicking with her family, Angela sees something strange in the bushes. She snaps a picture and upon close inspection concludes she has captured a photo of the elusive Yeti. Her friends scoff. A Yeti is imaginary. If anything, Gina points out, the picture is of a Sasquatch. Angela's friends are positive Angela has simply taken a picture of her own thumbprint. Angela wants to prove them wrong and begs them to stake out the park so they can all catch a glimpse of the Yeti. Reluctantly, they agree. A rumbling is heard in the bushes. Is it a Yeti? No, it's merely Mark and Derek playing football. Another rumbling follows, but again, not a Yeti. Frustrated, Gina, Johnny and Gordy leave Angela to her own devices. As soon as they're gone, the Yeti appears. Angela is going to be famous. She and the Yeti will appear o
S03E02 Canine To Five / Yellow Book Road 17/09/2001 Canine To Five Angela happens upon Mr. Mapperson one day while he walks his dog Sticky Buns. Poor Mr. Mapperson can hardly find the time to walk his pooch. One thing leads to another and Mr. Mapperson offers Angela a job as Sticky Buns' walker. Angela reasons that she likes dogs and she likes money. So, she not only takes Mr. Mapperson up on his offer, she offers her services to every dog owner of Tapwater Springs. Unfortunately, it seems all of Tapwater Springs takes Angela up on her offer. Angela has too many dogs to walk. Ever the entrepreneur, Angela enlists her friends to help her. Now it is her friends who are overworked, while Angela pays them less then what she is making. Angela is making a profit off of her friends' sweat and tears! When they get wind of her scheme, they leave Angela to her own devices. It seems her life has gone to the dogs, literally. Yellow Book Road Angela and her friends eagerly await the arrival of Ms. Yamagachi's Bookmobile. When the Bookmobile finally arrives, Angela happens upon "The Wizard of Oz". But Bunny Manoir learns that Angela's book deals with wizardry and witchcraft and demands the book be banned. Ms. Yamagachi refuses to ban such a beautiful book. Soon a book-banning mob is mobilized. The Bookmobile is surrounded. Ms. Yamagachi, with the support of Angela, Gina, Gordy and Johnny, has no choice but to drive the Bookmobile to safety. Only, Bunny manages to hang on to the Bookmobile as it speeds away. She startles everyone and the Bookmobile ends up stuck in a ditch at the side of some abandoned road. Nothing anyone can do will get the vehicle going. To pass time, Ms. Yamagachi reads "The Wizard of Oz". Bunny admits that this is the first time she's heard the story - she actually likes it. She can truly empathize with the misunderstood woman who rides the broom. Now, if only they can find a way to get back home, because, well, there's no place like home.
S03E03 Jimmy Jamal, Super Beetle / I'm With Stupid 24/09/2001 Jimmy Jamal, Super Beetle Jimmy Jamal has been acting weird lately. He thinks he's a super hero, Super Beetle to be exact. Some people are willing to believe in Jimmy's crime fighting powers. Angela and her pals are skeptical. Johnny offers to try and talk some sense into him. This turns out to be a mistake. Jimmy ends up convincing Johnny that he would make a great sidekick. Thus Krazy Kricket, nee Johnny Abatti, is born! But what's this?! There seems to be a crime in Tapwater Elementary that needs to be solved after all. Sherman, the class chicken, has gone missing. All fingers point to Angela as being the chicken snatcher. The once skeptical Angela is now forced to beg Super Beetle and Krazy Kricket to prove her innocence. They carefully gather all sorts of clues and evidence only to reveal... Angela is guilty. This crime-fighting duo is really a crime-fighting dud. It looks like Angela will have to solve this chicken caper herself. I'm With Stupid Show and Tell grows increasingly boring every time it's Angela's turn to show and tell. The things she brings to share with the class just aren't very interesting. Angela needs to find something that will grab everyone's attention. She enlists the help of her father. He offers her the use of his former ventriloquism dummy - a cow named Mr. Mooey. Mr. Mooey is an instant hit with the class. They love his cow-rific puns and biting sense of humor. What Angela's class doesn't seem to realize, is that Mr. Mooey is merely an extension of Angela. In fact, everyone becomes so enamoured with the wooden bovine he becomes the center of attention while Angela is completely ignored. When Angela leaves Mr. Mooey at home, her friends become upset at his absence. It seems that the only way for Angela to win her friends back from Mr. Mooey is to turn him into Mr. Meany. Soon the cow's caustic jokes turn Angela's friends against him and she gladly puts him back in stor
S03E04 Saturday Night Gordy / Derek's Better Half 01/10/2001 Saturday Night Gordy Thanks to Nanette and her not-so-great ideas, Angela finds herself at a school dance with Gordy Rhinehart as her assigned partner. Surprisingly, once some funky music starts playing, Gordy morphs into a dancing god. He shakes his grove thing better then any other in Tapwater Springs. Soon Connie Brinks is offering Gordy and Angela the chance to dance on his local television show. Angela jumps at the opportunity. All she has to do is convince Gordy the show is a good idea. With a little persistence, he agrees - on one condition: Angela has to keep him happy. Which would seem simple enough until Gordy transforms into the ultimate Diva, demanding such things as having every pea removed from his casserole. Angela manages to endure Gordy's rock star posturing until the day of the television taping. While Angela stands in the studio wings, waiting for her name to be announced, Nanette's is called instead. Has Angela put up with Diva Gordy for nothing? Derek's Better Half Bill and Geneva are going out on a date tonight and have opted to get Angela a "youth companion". Normally Mark and Derek would look after her, but they have an evening of monster trucks to look forward to. Enter Raven, a student from Geneva's community art class who also happens to be the same age as Mark. Raven has graciously accepted the position as Angela's companion. And Mark couldn't be happier! He instantly falls head over heals. Soon he and Raven are ditching Angela and Derek so that they can go to the monster truck show instead. Angela is angry. For starters, Angela thinks that Raven is cool and can't figure out what she sees in Mark. For another, with Mark gone, Angela is stuck with Derek! The Raven/Mark romance continues for several days. Raven promises to do cool things with Angela but Mark and his stupid romance thwarts all plans. Derek continues to get more miserable without his best friend brother at his side. When h
S03E05 There Goes The Neighborhood / Open All Night 08/10/2001 There Goes The Neighborhood A new boy, Stu Wu, has moved into the neighborhood and Angela is the first to meet him. He seems incredibly cool. Angela hurries to find her friends so they can meet him too. While waiting for Gina, Johnny and Gordy to show up, Angela decides to help Stu unpack. Suddenly, Stu seems incredibly creepy. His coolness is gone. Angela leaves in order to tell her friends to not bother meeting Stu. They don't believe her and insist on meeting him anyway. To them, Stu seems like a great kid. He even lets them play with his skateboard. Angela finally relents and decides maybe Stu isn't a creep. So she decides to help him decorate his room. She runs to her house to get a few things. Upon her return, the creepiness of Stu is even more apparent. This Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde routine is easily explained when Nanette Manoir appears at Stu's side. Of course, when Stu is with Nanette, he becomes a creep. Or... Stu Wu has a twin named Ray and Angela has been confusing the two since the get go! Open All Night Angela is having trouble falling asleep. In fact, she hasn't slept in a couple of days - ever since a water main broke in her house. The lack of sleep is starting to take its toll. She's putting toothpaste in her hair, putting clothes on backwards, she's even tripping over her friends. Clearly something has to be done. Gina, Gordy and Johnny decide to help Angela cure herself of the dreaded insomnia. Gina thinks a full stomach will help Angela and is quickly feeding her. The food makes Angela more ill then tired. Gordy suggests aroma- therapy candles. Unfortunately, just as the candles are lit, the fire alarms are set off. Since school has always put Johnny to sleep, he suggests a mental test will tire Angela out. However, he poses a question that no one can answer, and Angela becomes frantic thinking about it. The only solution now is to trace her steps and find out what use to put her to sleep. Turns out... it wa
S03E06 Pranks For The Memories / Space Camp 15/10/2001 Pranks For The Memories Angela can not remember a single day when she has not gotten into trouble with Mrs. Brinks. Today looks like it could be a first. School is almost over and Angela is beaming over the fact that she does not have eraser clapping duty or detention. Of course, Mrs. Brinks distrusts Angela's smile and gives her detention just for suspecting Angela is up to no good. Well, that's it! Angela has had enough. If she's going to get into trouble for things she doesn't do, she might as well start actually causing some trouble. She enlists her brothers for help. After all, they are master troublemakers. They torture her during the learning process but it's worth it in the end. With her smarts combined with their pranking abilities, Angela is ready to become a master prankster. Soon the school is turned on its ear. Angela cranks out fabulous prank after fabulous prank. So fabulous are her pranks, no one suspects her. Well, Angela decides she wants credits for her hard work. However, her brother's taught her that a master prankster never gets caught. How is Angela going to get the credit she deserves and not get into trouble for it? Space Camp Angela and a few other children of Tapwater Springs are at Space Camp. They all have high hopes of becoming junior astronaut. However, Astronaut Bob informs them, only one kid can become a junior astronaut. Competitions will be set up - the loser of each competition will be eliminated until only one person is left. Angela desperately wants to win. Unfortunately, so does Nanette. So, at each competition, Nanette and Angela try to eliminate each other. Angela tries to make Nanette laugh her way out of a competition - Gina ends up losing through a fit of giggles. Nanette tries to eliminate Angela via cheating - January and Karlene end up being thrown out instead. In fact, each time the two enemies try to eliminate one another, an innocent bystander gets ousted. Finally, only Angela,
S03E07 The Curse Of Baby Lulu / Funny Photos 22/10/2001 The Curse Of Baby Lulu Baby Lulu utters a bad word. Bill and Geneva are aghast and demand to know who taught the baby such filth. They go around the room, questioning those who came into contact with Lulu today. Uncle Nicky was the last to handle her. He was dropping by the house to pick up Johnny when Mark and Derek left the tot in his care. But all he did was play "this little piggie" with her. He's innocent! Well, Mark and Derek had Lulu before Nicky. Surely they must be guilty of teaching her smut. However, they're innocent too. All they did was try to teach Lulu how to play football. Which leaves-Angela. She took care of Lulu for most of the day. And, Angela has never been one to shy away from trouble. Clearly she is the culprit. Bill is about to lay punishment when he suddenly remembers something. He actually had Lulu before Angela. And while he was taking care of her, he hurt his finger - badly! So maybe Angela isn't guilty, and needn't be punished. That said - who gets to punish Bill?! Funny Photos Angela and her friends discover a section of the newspaper known as "Funny Photos". This is where embarrassing photos of local townspeople are printed. Not only are the pictures hilarious, they can be profitable. The newspaper pays people for their funny submissions. The kids take pictures of themselves making silly faces and send them off. They are promptly rejected and told that their photos lack humor. Ever resourceful, the friends decide to orchestrate some "accidents". They start off by creating a huge mud puddle surrounded by banana peels. Surely someone will jog by, slip in, and provide the perfect photo opportunity. The scheme backfires. As do all their later schemes. Every time Angela attempts to embarrass someone else, she or one of her friends become victims of their own plans. Conveniently enough, Nanette has been present for all of Angela's backfired schemes. And thanks to Nanette, Angela
S03E08 Nonna's Lib / All My Students 29/10/2001 Nonna's Lib Nonna Abatti is late getting to a library book sale. The only book left that seems appealing is one entitled "The Cry of the She-Wolf". It turns out to be a feminist manifesto. A few chapters in, Nonna realizes that as a woman, she's being taken advantage of. She will no longer be a slave to the kitchen and denounces the possibility of any future pizza making. Well, Angela and her friends are happy that Nonna is taking charge of her own life. But they wish she'd leave her wonderful pizza out of the process. Uncle Nicky doesn't know the secret recipe. The kids try to help him out but only Gordy knows how to cook. And all he can make are eggs! The kids tell Nonna that she is greatly missed in an effort to win her back. She misunderstands their compliments and only gets angrier. All hope seems lost until Nonna finally gets to the final chapter of "She Wolf". There, Nonna reads that an independent woman should have her own business and be her own boss. Thanks to Abatti's pizza, she is an independent woman. So really, there's never been any shame in making pizza. All My Students Mrs. Brinks has been teaching at Tapwater Elementary for countless years. A jubilee is to be thrown in her honor and of course, Nanette, has been put in charge of organizing the proceedings. She makes Angela in charge of finding local townspeople to perform tribute acts. Nobody in town has fond memories of Brinks' teaching style and naturally, nobody wants to be part of a tribute for her. When Angela exhausts all possibilities within the town, she decides to look outside of Tapwater Springs. She searches Mrs. Brinks' old yearbooks and discovers an inscription that reads "love always". Eureka! She found a student who actually liked his teacher. Even better, the student is now the famous soap opera actor Corey Cray. Better still, when Angela calls him up, he agrees to be part of the tribute. When the town get
S03E09 Snow Day / The Puck Stops Here 05/11/2001 Snow Day Tapwater Springs is covered in snow. Surely school will be canceled today. Just to be on the safe side, Angela performs some superstitious rituals. The radio announcer finally announces Tapwater Elementary will be closed. Angela quickly grabs her toboggan and finds her friends. They go to their favorite toboggan hill. Nanette promptly ruins their fun. Nanette's father is building a French beauty school on the property; Angela and her friends are trespassing. They find another hill. All seems well until Mrs. Brinks and her husband toboggan on by, naked! Not wanting to spend their day off with their nudist teacher, the kids find another hill. All seems well until they toboggan into leftover spaghetti. It turns out this perfect hill is located in the city dump. The kids give up. But then, in the distance, they see it: the most perfect toboggan hill ever. All seems well, until, Astronaut Bob appears. The kids are trespassing again and this time on Astronaut Bob's high security property. Will Angela's hero be happy to see her, or will he throw her in jail? The Puck Stops Here Angela has delusions of hockey grandeur. Her team -made up of Gina, Johnny and Gordy - will be playing their first game in three days. The problem is, Angela has a tendency to daydream. During one such daydream, Angela gets hit in the stomach with a puck. This puts the fear of hockey into her and she refuses to play anymore. But her friends need her to play. Angela makes them a deal. If each of them will face their worst fear, she will face hers and play hockey. Gina goes first. She's afraid of the basement. She makes her ways down the dark stairs, only to discover her mother keeps all sorts of great food down there. That's one fear gone! Johnny is next. He's afraid to tell his Nonna that she feeds him too much. With great conviction, he tells a sympathetic Nonna how he feels; she's more then happy to give him a half serving of food. Gordy is afra
S03E10 Diving Miss Angela / Window Pain 12/11/2001 Diving Miss Angela While on a field trip to Oceanland, Angela falls in love with the whales. She wants to become a marine biologist. Grandma Lou is over for a visit and she's brought along a periscope. This piece of equipment is all Angela needs to begin. She is soon at the beach with her friends, searching for signs of sea-life. They happen upon Ms. Yamagachi's scuba diving class. What luck! Angela would love to take lessons. Unfortunately, she's too young. Nanette is in the class; however, she has previous experience bought for her by her father. Angela needs scuba experience in order to take the class. She will need an instructor. Grandma Lou will do in a pinch! Grandma Lou won't let Angela swim in the lake for her first dive, too dangerous. They need to find a pool. Nanette has a pool but she would never let Angela swim in it. Grandma Lou suggests that they use it anyway, when nobody is looking. Of course, they get caught. While in the pool, Angela finds some jewels Bunny Manoir was missing. Angela falls in love with the rocks and decides that instead of marine biologist, she'll become a geologist. Window Pain Geneva wants to enter an art contest with the local museum about the reality of family life. Angela suggests their family be used as inspiration. Geneva takes Angela's suggestion one step further and soon the Anaconda's find themselves living in a replica of their house as part of a museum exhibit. This means the Anaconda's are to live their lives with others watching. Angela's only break from being on view is when she's in class. She's hesitant at first. When she realizes that the museum patrons find her entertaining, she warms up to them. Some of them even help her with her homework. Maybe this art exhibit won't be so bad. Suddenly Nanette shows up just as Bill is doing something embarrassing. The incident is the talk of the school next day. In fact, everything that the Anaconda's
S03E11 Part Time Jerks / Out On A Limb 19/11/2001 Part Time Jerks Angela is at Budgie Burger with her friends and brothers. Angela's friends have enough money to pay for their burgers; Mark and Derek do not. Mind you, they discover this after eating them. So, in order to avoid juvenile detention, Mark and Derek take jobs. The main motto of Budgie Burger is; the customer is always right. Angela reasons that as long as she is buying something, she is a customer and not just Mark and Derek's sister. They have to treat her with respect no matter what she does. She and her friends decide to torture them. They torture them quite well too. Then the store manager announces that employee of the month will be announced soon. Whoever is chosen gets six tickets to the coolest amusement park in town. Mark and Derek are too dumb to get chosen on their own. Angela now has to help them achieve success. She and her friends do everything they can to make Mark and Derek look good. Can enough ever be done to make those two look good? Out On A Limb Nanette blurts out that her father will be building a new mall. The mall will be built where the old oak tree now stands. In other words, Nanette's father plans to tear the beloved tree down! The tree is the oldest, largest tree in the city. Gina, Johnny and Gordy all want to pay their last respects to the old tree. They have many fond memories of climbing it. Angela remembers that she's never actually climbed it, she's taken in for granted. When her friends are finished, Angela decides to have a climb. Getting up is the easy part, she's afraid to come down. A reporter comes by to do a story on the tree. He demands Angela come down, to get out of his camera shot. She refuses. He takes her refusal as a sign of protest, assuming she wants to save the tree. Angela becomes the lead story on the six o'clock news. People come by to congratulate her, to encourage her. No one comes by to help her down, not even her parents. It looks like Angela might be st
S03E12 Enter The Angela / If The Shoe Fits 26/11/2001 Enter The Angela Mark and Derek are torturing Angela in their normal brotherly fashion. Unable to do anything, she seeks out the help of Coach Rhinehart. He teaches her karate, in particular, he teaches her how to do a karate flip. Oddly enough, as soon as Angela learns these new skills, Mark and Derek stop bothering her. She begs them to bother her so that she can flip them. They're just not up to it. Angela asks her friends at school if anyone is interested in a karate demonstration. She's more then happy to flip a volunteer. Nobody seems particularly interested. Angela is itching to flip someone! On cue, Nanette comes by. She's half way through a sentence when Angela flips her. For no reason other then Nanette is always bothering her, it was pure reflex. Quickly Angela is brandished with the reputation of school bully. Not even her friends want to hang out with her. Self-defense is great when protecting yourself from others, but what do you do to protect yourself from you? If The Shoe Fits Angela is forced to accompany her brothers as her mother buys them a new pair of shoes. Since she doesn't go through shoes as quickly, she's not getting a new pair. Of course, there's no reason for her not to try on a pair of funky orange runners. A couple of distractions later, Angela is on her way home when she notices she forgot to take the store shoes off. She's a thief - but only by accident. She convinces her friends to help her return the shoes before she gets into trouble. In order to do that though, the orange shoes have to remain in perfect condition and Angela's parents can't find out. Angela's friends are forced to carry her over puddles and other such schemes. At one point, Angela has to cover her shoes with bags and invent a new game called "bagfoot" just to keep her parents from noticing anything out of the ordinary. Everything seems to work out fine. Angela makes it back to the store but there&
S03E13 Dr. Ducksworthy / Speak No Evil 03/12/2001 Dr. Ducksworthy Angela and her friends are playing Hospital Beach; a game based on a popular soap opera. Johnny is in need of an operation. The only qualified physician is his sock puppet, Dr. Ducksworthy. Angela gets so caught up in the game, she throws Dr. Ducksworthy out the window. The poor puppet gets caught in a tree. Johnny tries to rescue it, but he injures himself in the process. Johnny ends up in a real hospital. He's going to need x-rays but is afraid of the machine. He desperately wants Dr. Ducksworthy by his side. Unable to get him down from the tree, Angela decides that she'll just have to make Johnny a new puppet. Gordy and Gina reluctantly go along with Angela's plan. They're afraid that a different puppet might give Johnny bad luck. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as Angela gives Johnny the fake Dr. Ducksworthy, bad things happen. When a person is in the hospital, the last thing they need is bad luck. Will Angela be able to fix this situation, or is Johnny doomed? Speak No Evil To show her solidarity with local broccoli farmers, Josephine has taken a vow of silence to protest the ongoing drought. Sensing that Angela is unable to answer a question in class, Gina blurts out that Angela is also taking a vow of silence. Angela, according to Gina, is ceasing to speak in order to protest poor teacher wages. Mrs. Brinks is thrilled. Angela is more then willing to go along with this deception; it will get her out of doing schoolwork. Keeping quiet is more difficult then it seems. Not being able to speak in school means she's not able to discuss her favorite television shows, unable to accept offers of delicious desserts, unable to participate in show and tell. Angela has to find someone to talk to. Luckily, Josephine Praline has a make shift confessional set up at school. The kids can tell her anything and she's promised to not repeat a thing. So Angela confesses. Josephine can't let Angela's deception go
S03E14 The Non-Non Fight / Driving Me Crazy 10/12/2001 The Non-Non Fight Geneva is furious with her former childhood best friend Cokie. Cokie owns a store that advertised one free gift with each purchase. Geneva bought two items but Cokie only gave her one gift: a child's toy. Geneva tosses the toy to Angela and Gina. In order to avoid a fight, the two decide that Angela will get the toy and Gina will get Angela's school Jiggly Fruit. The two will do whatever they can to avoid a fight and end up like Geneva and Cokie. Surely the friendship between Angela and Gina can withstand anything. The two become sickly sweet with one another. Nanette is nauseated. She does what she can to test Angela and Gina's bond. The friends fail. They figure that the best way to avoid a fight is to avoid each other. They can't fight can't if they can't speak. This just makes things worse because now they are unable to talk about their problems. So they explode and have a huge fight. Will they be able to kiss and make up or will they end up harboring a lifetime of resentment like Geneva and Cokie? Driving Me Crazy Today is the grand opening of a new toy store. As part of the celebration, a raffle is being held. A motorized car is the grand prize. There's one catch: in order to claim the prize, you have to be present when your name is called. Gina, Gordy and Johnny don't want to stick it out. They give their tickets to Angela and leave. Naturally, Angela wins. Though she's not sure with whose ticket. Her friends claim that since she might have won with one of their tickets, they all have ownership of the car. They reluctantly agree to share with one another. Greed gets the better of them and they decide to split the car in four quarters. Josephine, over hearing their problem, tries to help settle the matter. She tells them: who ever loves the car the most, should get to keep it. Each of them, in turn, demonstrates how much they love the car. Josephine concludes that they all love the car equ
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