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Following on from the success of last year's Oi Ginger!, Angela Scanlon is back on our screens with Full Frontal - a new and provocative four-part series for RTÉ 2. In this series Angela takes an intimate look at what gets us off. Is fit really the new skinny? Is a designer vagina ever really necessary? Should we just hook up without the chat up? Angela follows the many and varied paths that promise to lead to happiness or perfection in a series which will provoke, inform and entertain. Handling subjects that are often considered taboo or sensitive Angela tackles it with her own flair, taking a relaxed, non judgemental approach with tongue firmly in cheek. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Scanlon delves head first into each of the subjects. She explores the nation's self-conscious and sometimes uncomfortable relationship with the naked body. She gets up close and personal with naturists and their bits in Drumshambo (host of World Naturist Congress this September), watches 'real' women bare all in a bid to make peace their bodies and sees a very different side to Rosanna Davison, Ireland's first ever playboy centrefold. She even gets a lesson in "nipple tweaking". Undergoing her very own extreme make-over, the tables are turned on Angela as she sheds her signature style to test drive the look that Ireland loves most. She gets to grips with the suggestion that she needs liposuction and looks at the growing obsession with a robust derriere and world of "bum jobs". There's also a cameo from a real life "living doll'. Scanlon attempts to forget she's a newly-wed as she gets a crash course in the world of online dating. Via Tinder, Happn, Plenty of Fish and the rest she looks at the cut throat dating game, the fun that can be had and the random, often creepy experiences that people would rather forget! And she looks at the extreme lengths that people go to in order to achieve the so-called perfect body. A


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S01E01 Episode 1 16/10/2014 In the first episode of her new series, Angela Scanlon takes an intimate look at some of the ways in which Irish people like to get naked. She meets up with Naturists from home and abroad as they gather for their Congress in Drumshanbo, County Leitrim. She finds out why a growing number of Irish women want to have their pictures taken in the nude; why thousands of Dubliners went for a dip in the nip on Sandymount Strand; how one Irish woman became a centrefold for Playboy; and why the butchers of Swords couldn't wait to get their kits off. Finally, Angela faces the ultimate challenge: is she prepared to throw off her own clothes as well as her inhibitions?
S01E02 Episode 2 23/10/2014 In this episode, Angela explores some of the ways we try to fake how we look. She looks at some of our role models, including Ms. Barbara Millicent Roberts - better known to the world as Barbie - and meets up with some of her disciples, the so-called "living dolls". She discovers why the Irish are the world's biggest consumers of fake tan; undergoes her own radical make-over; ventures into cyberspace, and, finally, prepares herself for one of the fasting growing cosmetic procedures: the bum-job.
S01E03 Episode 3 30/10/2014 In the third episode of Angela Scanlon - Full Frontal, Angela explores the world of fitness and diet. 'We are more conscious of health issues than ever before and yet we are also more prone to new forms of illness,' says Angela. She samples some of the latest dieting fads, including the Paleo diet, in which we confine ourselves to the foods that our cavemen - and cavewomen - ancestors might have eaten. Our preoccupation with food has been accompanied with a rapid growth in the popularity of new fitness regimes. Many different hardcore gyms have sprung up in Ireland in recent years. There seems to be an addictive element to some forms of exercise that extends beyond the gym, and Angela meets several fitness enthusiasts for whom exercise has become a whole way of life. And perhaps there are some more basic reasons why people want to get fit: 'Everyone wants to look good naked', Angela is told by one personal trainer, 'and the truth is that feeling fit and ripped will also make you feel more horny.' Angela also encounters the new wave of female body building, where the emphasis is on shape and tone rather than bulk. She is given individual tuition by one of the world's leading bikini models - Nathalia Melo - and learns how to strut her stuff on the stage. Bikini modelling is one of the fastest growing forms of fitness for young Irish women, and Nathalia - who comes from Brazil, but now lives in Belfast, is something of a legend in body building circles. She won the 2012 'Bikini Olympics' which is considered to be the top event in this sport. Angela also embarks on the road "to hell and back" by taking part in a gruelling endurance race in Wicklow that includes ice baths, mud swamps, and electric shocks, not to mention Angela becoming the human target in Sniper's Alley. At a time when Ireland can sometimes seem to have become polarised between those who are struggling with weight issues, and those who are singl
S01E04 Episode 4 06/11/2014 In the final episode of Full Frontal Angela explores the world of dating apps. These apps allow people to hook up for romantic encounters without bothering to find out if they have any shared interests: it's all based on appearance - and availability. The most popular is Tinder. Although it's less than two years old, it claims to have more than 160,000 registered users in Ireland. But already Tinder is in danger of being overtaken by newer apps - such as Happn - which cut to the chase, so to speak, even faster. Angela meets some of those who regularly use Tinder and other apps for quick no-strings-attached hook-ups, she tries her hand at "cat fishing", and she asks - can casual sex really be that simple?

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