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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Angelina Ballerina

S01E01 Angelina in the Wings 04/05/2002 Angelina wants to be the new Sunbeam but the part goes to little Henry. Angelina must overcome jealousy and Help Henry or he will lose the part.
S01E02 Arthur The Butterfly 04/05/2002 Angelina finds a butterfly and takes it home. Henry lets it loose.
S01E03 The Gift 11/05/2002 Angelina paints a picture for Miss Lilly as a Christmas present, then learns that The Pinkpaws will give Miss Lilly an expensive necklace
S01E04 Treasure Tandems 11/05/2002 The mouselings vie in a treasure hunt in teams of two. But The Pinkpaws cheats on Angelina and Alice, who vow revenge.
S01E05 Angelina at the Fair 18/05/2002 Angelina has to look after her young cousin, Henry at the Fair.
S01E06 The Ballet Tickets 18/05/2002 Alice and Angelina miss their chance to get tickets to the ballet dance and their efforts to find a way all fail. But Angelina's father has a big surprise for the both of them.
S01E07 Midnight Muddle 25/05/2002 Angelina and her friend Alice accidentally destroy Mrs. Hodge Podge's prize cauliflower. However, Sammy gets blamed for the accident.
S01E08 Miss Lilly Is Leaving 25/05/2002 Miss Lilly is leaving to teach at a new school. The ballet class is very upset with this news and try to persuade her to stay by giving her gifts and showing her how wonderful the town and her current students are.
S01E09 Miss Lilly Comes to Dinner 01/06/2002 When Miss Lilly comes for a meal Angelina tries to get her mother to impress her with suiytably 'dainty' food...
S01E10 The Lucky Penny 01/06/2002 Angelina comes across a coin she thinks is a Lucky Penny, helping her regain confidence and neglect her dance practice. Then she loses the coin, but she harnesses enough self-confidence to do the dance perfectly for her audition.
S01E11 Angelina The Mouse Detective 08/06/2002 Garden gnomes are being stolen in Mouseland. Inspired by Monty the Mouse Detective, Angelina goes detective. At first she finds nothing but discovers that Mrs. Hodgepodge is secretly mending the gnomes.
S01E12 Angelina and Grandma 08/06/2002 Angelina is looking forward to the dress rehearsal but her tutu rips!
S01E13 Two Mice in a Boat 15/06/2002 Angelina and troublesome Sammy need to learn how to work together in the boat decorating contest or all of their hopes will be washed downstream.
S01E14 The Costume Ball 15/06/2002 Angelina is disappointed she can't join in the adults' costume ball. Mrs. Hodgepodge is babysitting her and Alice. Alice and Angelina dress up as an adult to attend the costume ball, regretting it later.
S01E15 The Legend of Big Paw 22/06/2002 Angelina and Henry are camping. Is a fearsome black cat stalking the hills?
S01E16 The Ballerina Rag Doll 22/06/2002 Angelina gives away her old rag doll Polka, but later she really wants her toy of memories back. While teaching a preschool class how to dance, she realizes that the new owner Mary needs it more.
S01E17 The Cheese Ball Cup Final 29/06/2002 The boys are teasing William for doing ballet.
S01E18 Angelina and Anya 29/06/2002 Angelina and Anya: Angelina lends a helping hand to her new friend, Anya, a harvest mouse who is down on her luck, and to her grandpa as she searches for his lost war medal.Angelina and Anya: A little harvest mouse named Anya teaches Angelina a folkdance from her home country - the Dacovian Dance.
S01E19 Angelina's Surprise 06/07/2002 Prickled by the attention the Pinkpaws are getting for their newborn brother, Angelina fibs she's going to have one too. She has great difficulty confessing but finally does when she thinks the Pinkpaw's party is all about her new baby sister.
S01E20 The Rose Fairy Princess 06/07/2002 Miss Lilly chooses Angelina to be The Rose Fairy Princess, but Angelina is nervous about the flying stunt. Determined not to let Miss Lilly down, Angelina goes along with the stunt and overcomes her fear.
S01E21 Alice's Present 13/07/2002 Alice gives Angelina a new gym bag, but when she mislays it, Alice thinks Angelina gave it away and doesn't appreciate her and the two friends fall out, until Henry finds the bag and Angelina and Alice make up.
S01E22 No Match for Angelina 13/07/2002 Angelina is a skilled hockey player, but girls are disallowed in the team. Angelina joins the team as a boy named Andy. Despite her cover blown, Angelina still makes her winning shot for the team.
S01E23 Angelina's Valentine 20/07/2002 Today is St Valentine's Day. William Longtail is too shy to give Angelina a Valentine's card, so Sammy Watts tricks William just to get Angelina's yo-yo. Angelina finds that she's been duped and takes back the yo-yo and sends William her own Valentine's card.
S01E24 The Royal Banquet 20/07/2002 Miss Lilly takes Angelina to dance for Queen Seraphina and Princess Valentine. Unfortunately, they soon get lost after their train breaks down, but Doctor Tuttle rescues them in his balloon and they reach the palace ready for the grand banquet.
S01E25 The Gymnastics Championship 27/07/2002 Alice is selected for a Gymnastics Championship. Alice gets vertigo attacks and is up against Phunella, the Pinkpaw twins's cousin. Motivated by Olga Mousicovich, Alice plucks her courage and wins first prize.
S01E26 Angelina's Baby Sister 27/07/2002 Angelina now has a baby sister named Polly. Unfortunately, Angelina's parents are too preoccupied to give Angelina attention and are pretty disorganized. Angelina then becomes frustrated and upset, and starts whining and crying as usual, as well as having a tantrum, but the whole Mouseling family eventually manage to sort out the problem.
S02E01 The Proposal 10/05/2003 Angelina thinks Miss Lilly is going to marry Mr. Operatski. While trying to stop the proposal, she nearly gets him drowned. Miss Lilly reveals that Angelina is the leading bridesmaid for Mr. Operatski's new dance.
S02E02 William the Conjuror 10/05/2003 William is prompted by his father to star as a magician for a charity event. When he practices the disappearing trick on Angelina, he and Henry believe she's disappeared for real. Angelina shows up in time to begin her performance with William.
S02E03 The Old Oak Tree 17/05/2003 A big old oak tree has meant a lot to Angelina and her friends. When Priscilla breaks her arm from falling off the tree, Mrs. Pinkpaws insists the tree be removed. In response Angelina and her friends defend it. Then the tree suddenly collapses by itself.
S02E04 Lights, Camera, Action! 17/05/2003 Angelina and her friends start up a movie based Thomasina Tuttle, using Doctor Tuttle's camera. Angelina becomes bossy, then falls down a hole. Her friends rescue her all the while filming, which wins them an award.
S02E05 Ace Reporter 24/05/2003 With no holiday available, Angelina works with her father at the press. She gets into the reporter business and after some effort picks up a scoop from the opera singer Maria Mozzarella.
S02E06 Heads and Tails 24/05/2003 Preparations for Queen Seraphina's visit are made. Disaster comes when Louis and Maurice break the Queen's statue. Thinking Henry broke it, Alice and Angelina try to fix it. At the unveiling of the statue, Queen Seraphina is flattered.
S02E07 Angelina and the Silver Locket 31/05/2003 Angelina has to bring Polly to Miss Lilly's dance party. Angelina takes her mother's silver locket without asking. She loses the necklace and fails to find it. She is on the verge of confessing, when she finds Polly had it all along.
S02E08 Mouse of the Year 31/05/2003 Angelina wants Miss Lilly to be dedicated as Mouse of the Year. Miss Lilly gets so preoccupied with preparations for the award, that her dance class is in disarray. Miss Lilly turns down the award for her class' sake.
S02E09 Anya's Visit 07/06/2003 Anya comes for a visit, staying in Angelina's house. Angelina becomes jealous of Anya as she is getting better attention. She then snaps at her and Anya splits from her. Eventually they make up and enjoy themselves.
S02E10 Henry's Halloween 07/06/2003 Henry spots what he thinks is the Chipping Cheddar Witch. Henry and William follow the witch, then Henry winds with a few mishaps scaring Angelina and Alice and they all realize the witch is Miss Lilly.
S02E11 Sammy's Club 14/06/2003 William wants to be part of Sammy's Club. He gains acceptance when Sammy is in need of a new trolley from Mr. Longtail. He ends up letting Angelina and Miss Lilly down, but he and Sammy's lot make up for it.
S02E12 The Anniversary Party 14/06/2003 Tomorrow is Angelina's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Grandma is unhappy that her husband is going to forget the event. Angelina tries to sort it out, but she ends up neglecting her dance practice. However, Grandpa has a nice surprise for his wife, Sophia.
S02E13 Show and Tell 21/06/2003 Angelina brings Polly to school for her Show and Tell with Ms. Chalk. But on her way into class, Angelina loses Polly and she begins to worry. However, Sammy Watts manages to find Polly for Angelina just in time for Show and Tell.
S00E01 Angelina Sets Sail 05/09/2006 Miss Lilly has a wonderful surprise to take Angelina and her class to Dacovia for Mr. Operatski's performance. On the five day journey by the Royal Stilton cruise liner, Angelina sympathises for Miss Lilly's nephew Yuri being pushed around by the captain and in is love with the captain's daughter. Angelina carries out a plan to resolve this, but only gets Yuri into trouble.
S00E02 Angelina's Princess Dance 06/09/2005 Miss Lilly has an exciting opportunity to take Angelina and her class to the Queen Seraphina's Castle for a grand performance, with Angelina as the director and Sammy invited to the special effects. Queen Seraphina also wants Angelina to let her daughters Valentine and Sophie participate in the dance. Unfortunately, Valentine and Sophie are not talented dancers and quite demanding. Things go from bad to worse when it becomes frustrating to keep up with the princesses' and Angelina's demands. However the sisters make it up to Angelina and all the dance class and the show commences wonderfully with a surprise appearance of Princess Phoebe.
S00E03 The Show Must Go On 00/00/0000 It's Christmastime in Mouseland, and everyone's favorite little ballerina, Angelina, is auditioning for the role of Cinderella in the ballet Cinderella Mouse and the Ugly Whiskers. Angelina is absolutely positive that she will get the coveted role, as she is the best dancer, but when horrible Priscilla Pinkpaws is chosen to play Cinderella, thanks to Angelina's fear of singing in public, and Angelina gets the less-important role of the Wicked Stepmouse, and storms off in a fit of temper, much to Miss Lily's disapproval. But when a toboggan race between Angelina and Priscilla turns bad, she realizes that thanks to her bad additude, the show will be cancelled, and knows that it's her who has to save the day, because, as we all know, the show must go on!
S00E04 The Big Performance 00/00/0000
S00E05 The Magic of Dance 00/00/0000