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On Animal Atlas we travel the globe to meet every kind of animal imaginable, from the familiar to the astounding. We learn about their lives, their history, and the adaptations that allow them to survive and thrive. But best of all, we meet them face to face.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Animal Atlas

S01E01 Animal Appetites 25/09/2004
S01E02 Animal Babies 02/10/2004
S01E03 Wild Cats 09/10/2004
S01E04 Monkey Business 16/10/2004
S01E05 The Bear Facts 23/10/2004
S01E06 Elephants and Us 30/10/2004
S01E07 Animal Locomotion 06/11/2004
S01E08 What’s That?! 13/11/2004
S01E09 Goin’ Ape 20/11/2004
S01E10 A Crash of Rhinos 27/11/2004
S01E11 Seafarers: The Amazing Water World of Marine Mammals 15/01/2005
S01E12 Habitats - Home Sweet Home: Hot & Cold 22/01/2005
S01E13 Meet the Herbs 29/01/2005
S01E14 Home Sweet Home: Primordial Worlds of Swamps and Rainforests 05/02/2005
S01E15 Who's a Rodent?! 12/02/2005
S01E16 Marsupials 19/02/2005
S01E17 Animal ABCs 26/02/2005
S01E18 Savanna Safari 23/04/2005
S01E19 Animal Senses 30/04/2005
S01E20 Great Birds of a Feather 07/05/2005
S01E21 Masters of Disguise 14/05/2005
S01E22 Hide or Seek: Predator vs. Prey 21/05/2005
S01E23 Down On The Farm, E-I-E-I-O 02/07/2005 The behavior of animals in the wild shows a delicate balance between predators and their prey.
S01E24 Big Bad Wolves 09/07/2005 Comparing the reality of wolves' behavior to their bad reputation.
S01E25 Monsters in the Sea 16/07/2005 Dangerous but fascinating sea creatures such as sharks,rays and eels.
S01E26 Home Sweet Home: Shore, Sand and Sea 23/07/2005 The creatures that make their home near the seashore, including fish and seagulls.
S02E01 Mermaids, Sirens and Sea Cows: Legends of the Manatee 00/00/0000 An in-depth look at this gentle yet endangered mammal of the sea.
S02E02 The Dolphin Show 00/00/0000 An adventure ride at Florida’s Marineland with the intelligent and playful dolphins.
S02E03 Crocs & Gators 00/00/0000 The ruling reptiles whose existence ventures back to over a hundred million years ago.
S02E04 Tortoises & Turtles: By Land And By Sea 00/00/0000 A contrasting and comparative look at these slow-moving giants of and of sea.
S02E05 Loss of the Wild: Wild Cats, Great and Small 00/00/0000 Wild cats find sanctuary at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.
S02E06 Fish Tales: Let’s Swim! 00/00/0000 The magical world of fish and their underwater surroundings.
S02E07 Animals of Myth & Legend 00/00/0000 Fact or Fiction? A truthful look into the animals of legend and folklore.
S02E08 What’s That? Under The Sea 00/00/0000 Unusual-looking underwater animals that are often mistaken for something they’re not.
S02E09 Florida Springbreak, Wildlife-Style! 00/00/0000 A romp with animals that are indigenous to the state of Florida.
S02E10 Bright Birds 00/00/0000 The majestic world of the airborne aves who are brilliantly adapted to their respected environments.
S02E11 First and Primate 00/00/0000 An exploration into the complex world of the primates most closely related to mankind.
S02E12 The Greatest of Apes 00/00/0000 A study into the behaviors of these “man-like apes”.
S02E13 Monkey See, Monkey Do? Let's Talk About Anthropomorphism! 00/00/0000 Giving human characteristics, behavior or motivation to animals.
S02E14 Big Bird Don’t Fly! 00/00/0000 A close look at the amazing flightless birds, from ostriches and emus to penguins.
S02E15 The Horse, Of Course 00/00/0000 Our age-old relationship with the magnificent equine.
S02E16 Beasts of Burden 00/00/0000 A wild ride into the world of Llamas and other pack animals.
S02E17 The Ungulates: By Hoof, By Claw or By Nail 00/00/0000 An exploration into this remarkably diverse group of hoofed mammals.
S02E18 Adapt & Thrive 00/00/0000 Incredible animals who have adapted and thrived under the most difficult of circumstances.
S02E19 Secrets of Animal Communication 00/00/0000 The amazing ways that animals communicate.
S02E20 Who’s Got Milk: A Day at the Dairy Farm 00/00/0000 An amusing and informative look into the life of the milk cow.
S02E21 Life’s A Beach!: Animal Dwellers At The Seashore 00/00/0000 The extraordinary diverse group of animals who live where the ocean meets the land.
S02E22 Whose Kingdom Is This Anyway? 00/00/0000 The fascinating five defining characteristics that all animals share.
S02E23 The Behemoths 00/00/0000 A humungous look at the biggest animals on the planet.
S02E24 Bringing Up Babies 00/00/0000 An exploration into the wide realm of relationships animal babies have with their parents.
S02E25 Home on the Range 00/00/0000 From bison to prairie dogs, the grasslands are home to a diverse group of amazing animals.
S02E26 Six Legs, No Backbone 00/00/0000 A close-up look at the extraordinary world of insects.
S03E01 Meet The Gibbons: The Lesser Apes? 00/00/0000 A closer look at the smaller, ‘not great’ apes who are often mistaken for monkeys, including the amazing singing siamangs, the sopranos of the forest.
S03E02 What’s A Lemur? 00/00/0000 Exploring the secret world of a very unusual group of primates. These extraordinary creatures are found only in Madagascar and have been mistaken for ghosts.
S03E03 Man-Eaters And Other Predators 00/00/0000 A fact-finding mission into the truth behind the rumors of deadly monster-animals, from the gorilla to the shark and the komodo dragon.
S03E04 Endangered: Say Hello, Say Goodbye 00/00/0000 What does ‘endangered’ really mean and how did the populations of some animals decrease so much that there are only a few remaining in the wild. From loss of habitat, to aggressive hunting, to mysterious disappearances, the plight of dwindling populations is examined.
S03E05 Animal Passport: Africa! 00/00/0000 The great animals of Africa, from the gargantuan, like the giraffe, elephant and rhino, to the lesser known but wildly entertaining like the meerkat and the warthog.
S03E06 Nine Giraffes 00/00/0000 A fond and closer look at one of the most beloved animals on the planet while answering the inevitable question: what’s really big about the giraffe and why.
S03E07 Legs! 00/00/0000 How looking at an animals legs and feet gives us clues about where an animal lives, what it eats, and how it survives.
S03E08 Mammals Got Game! 00/00/0000 What makes a mammal a mammal and in what ways do they differ from other animals: it’s a lot more than just feeding their young with milk.
S03E09 Who’s A Pig? (And Who’s Not) 00/00/0000 Exploring the world of pigs and their look-alikes, from wild pigs in Africa to the portly hippo and the barnyard piglet.
S03E10 Animal Passport: The America’s! 00/00/0000 Both unusual and recognizable animals from the ‘New World’ -- the continents of North and South America -- and how they are different and distinctive from Old World animals.
S03E11 A Barrel Of Monkeys 00/00/0000 A journey into the world of monkeys, from the terrestrial to the arboreal, from the New World to the Old World.
S03E12 The Real King Kongs 00/00/0000 The real story of the ‘man-like monsters’ of deepest Africa: the lowland gorilla and the chimpanzee.
S03E13 Ape-Man Of The Forest 00/00/0000 A revealing look at two of the great apes, the orangutan and the bonobo, and the legends surrounding these two primates.
S03E14 Big Hairy Spiders & Other Toxic Creatures 00/00/0000 How animals got their names and the amazing stories of the meaning behind them.
S03E15 Secrets Of Animal Survival 00/00/0000 How animals survive in the wild through unique adaptations to their environments: from use of poisons, to bodily changes, to restrictive diets.
S03E16 Three Bears, No Goldilocks 00/00/0000 A journey into the world of bears -- from the polar bear, to the American black bear, to the brown bear… and all the bears in between.
S03E17 Black & White 00/00/0000 A unique exploration of animals who are black and white in color and why they are when Nature almost everywhere is colorful and/or verdant in green.
S03E18 Animal Passport: Australia! 00/00/0000 Animals from Down Under, from the kangaroo to the koala and other remarkable native creatures.
S03E19 Who’s Domesticated? (And Who’s Just Tame) 00/00/0000 Animals in our households and the barnyards and an exploration into the history of their domesticity.
S03E20 Canine, Feline, Equine 00/00/0000 The dog, the cat and the horse and what features, behaviors and elements of their appearance make them immediately recognizable to all.
S03E21 A Whale Of A Good Time! 00/00/0000 Mammals of the sea, from dolphins to whales. How they survive in the ocean, what makes them unique, how their behavior and appearance is determined by what they eat and where they live.
S03E22 Who’s At The Aquarium? 00/00/0000 A journey to the Shedd Aquarium outside of Chicago: exploring the worlds of their marine animals while learning what it takes to provide aquatic homes for them.
S03E23 Going Amphibious! 00/00/0000 Animals who live submerged and the strategies they have for survival in a damp world: from amphibians, to aquatic turtles, to swimming reptiles.
S03E24 Animal Passport: Asia! 00/00/0000 Animals who hail from environs in Asia, from tigers to giant pandas to great apes.
S03E25 Look! Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! 00/00/0000 An exploration of the world of birds -- from wings, to beaks, to feet, to flight, and the flightlessness of the penguin and the ostrich.
S03E26 Who’s At The Zoo? 00/00/0000 A look at how zoos have changed historically from housing animals in cages to creating vast environments that closely approximate life in the wild and what zoos are doing to increase animal populations and to keep animals entertained, active and mentally stimulated.
S04E01 30 MPH 17/09/2007 What animals, whether two-legged, four-legged or winged, can break the land speed/air speed of 30 miles per hour, the footspeed man has never reached. From the very fast: the cheetah, the horse, the peregrine falcon; to the slow and steady tortoise.
S04E02 Who's a Symbol? 24/09/2007 Animals who represent something to us, beyond themselves and majestic wildlife: the lion as courage; the bear as strength and fortitude; the bald eagle as freedom; the kangaroo as progressiveness, and a whole lot more.
S04E03 Telltale Tails 01/10/2007 The nature, function and wide variety of tails in the animal kingdom, from the prehensile tails of the New World monkeys, to the fly swishing tails of the pig family, to the display tails of lemurs, as well as why some animals don’t have a tail at all.
S04E04 Heads Up! 08/10/2007 What serves as a head in the animal kingdom, from the round and familiar (two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth) head of the primates, to those with long jaws or snouts, to the big head-foot octopus, to the headless wonders, the sea jellies, of the deep.
S04E05 Something's Fishy! 15/10/2007 Everything that’s special about fish, both the bony and the cartilaginous, from breathing with gills, to their scales, to their fins, both single and paired, to the wide variety of coloring and markings. How fish live, swim and survive.
S04E06 Man's Best Friend 22/10/2007 A closer look at the domestic dog: its super senses, how breeding has changed its appearance and why, different breeds and their histories and background and what working dogs do. Also featuring the wolf, the dog’s ancestor, and various other members of the dog family from foxes to wild dogs.
S04E07 Curious Cats 29/10/2007 The cat family, from the domestic cat to the wild cats: how size is not the factor that separates the big cats from the rest of the wild cats, where domestic cats came from, and how wild cats hunt.
S04E08 Felids & Canids 05/11/2007 A comparative look at the members of the dog and cat family: their super senses, their respective roles as carnivorous predators, which is the fastest and which is the long distance runner, and how they live: the wolf’s/dog’s pack, the lion’s pride, and the solitary cheetah.
S04E09 Who's a Reptile? 12/11/2007 A panoramic look at a variety of reptiles, from snakes to lizards to alligators to turtles and tortoises. What makes a reptile a reptile, what characteristics they all share and what makes them different and why.
S04E10 The Kingdom of the Horse 19/11/2007 The world of the domestic horse, from breeds to breeding, to the biggest and the smallest, the horse’s historic relationship with man; members of the horse family, from the donkey to the zebra; and the horse’s distant relatives in the wild, from the tapir to the rhino.
S04E11 Variety Show!: The Greatest Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom 14/01/2008 An exploratory journey into the Animal Kingdom’s greatest mysteries from what exactly is a seahorse, to why can’t ostriches fly, to why tigers have stripes, to what on Earth is an elephant’s trunk?
S04E12 Appearances Can Be Deceiving 21/01/2008 A panorama of interesting animals whose looks defy their true identity, from the naked mole rat (not a mole, not a rat), to the okapi, the only living relative of the giraffe, to the false gharial and its “true” crocodilian counterpart.
S04E13 Rats and Pigs 28/01/2008 A walk on the wild side with members of the pig family and those rodents whose names have negative connotations but who are really remarkable, if not admirable creatures.
S04E14 Big Hairy Spiders & Other Toxic Creatures 04/02/2008 A visit into the world of the arachnids, and a vivid explanation of which animals are venomous and why, like the tarantula and the rattlesnake, and which are poisonous, like the poison dart frog.
S04E15 Skin, Fur & Feathers 11/02/2008 A very close look at animals with interesting skin such as turtles in their shells and thick-skinned pachyderms like the hippo and the elephant; to remarkable, animals with fur, like the polar bear with its hollow hairs; and also birds, the only animals with feathers.
S04E16 Variety Show!: The Most Amazing Animal Fact 25/02/2008 A panoramic look at animals that are truly amazing, from the echidna, an egg-laying mammal, to a kangaroo that lives in trees, to the only living North American marsupial, the opossum.
S04E17 The Wild Life: A Chimp's Life 07/04/2008 A close look at a family of eight chimpanzees, living in an-almostlike-the-wild habitat in the zoo, their individual stories and some amazing facts about these great apes.
S04E18 The Birds & the Bees... and Bats 14/04/2008 An introduction to animals with wings from birds, to mammals, to insects, and what makes flight possible, and necessary, in the animal world.
S04E19 Super Senses 21/04/2008 Animals who have more than the traditional five senses, from the smell-taste sense of those possessing the amazing Jacobson organ (snakes, lions, zebras), to the swim bladder that keeps fish from colliding into each other.
S04E20 The Wild Life: Life on the River's Edge 28/04/2008 A journey down the life-sustaining river where near-the-water dwellers include the humongous Nile hippopotamus, the giant anteater, the river otter, and the strange looking bush dog.
S04E21 Variety Show!: The Top Misconceptions in the Animal Kingdom 05/05/2008 Some of the whopping misconceptions that still exist from ‘dolphins are fish’ (not), to ‘bald eagles are bald’ (not), to the belief that there’s only one kind of elephant (not).
S04E22 Wings & Butterflies! 12/05/2008 Delving into the secrets of one of the most beloved insects in the world: the colorful, graceful, winged butterflies: what they eat, how they live and how they fly.
S04E23 Birds of Prey 30/06/2008 The great predatory birds, from the eagle to the hawk to the owl; how they hunt, how they fly, their super senses, and the adaptations that help them to pursue and capture prey; their fascinating historic relationship with mankind.
S04E24 The Wild Life: Life’s A Crowd 00/00/0000 What animals are the most social of them all: a clan of meerkats, a prairie dog coterie and town, a group of dwarf mongooses; and what constitutes groups living together, from herds, to hives, to extended primate families.
S04E25 Wings? Who Needs Wings?! 00/00/0000 Flightless penguins: how they live and how they survive, and the neighboring puffin: why one can fly and the other can’t.
S04E26 Who’s At The Zoo, Too? 00/00/0000 A look back at some of the new zoos we visited this season to revisit some special animals: Cinder, the hairless chimpanzee at the St. Louis Zoo; Scooby, the maneless lion at Branson Zoo & Aquarium, among many others; how zoos are not just displaying animals for our enjoyment and edification but are helping animals to survive as both a species and as individuals.
S05E01 By Land, by Sea, by Air 00/00/0000 An exploration into how animals move on land (hop, walk, crawl, climb), in the water (swim underwater or travel along the water's surface), and through the air (powered flight, gliding and soaring).
S05E02 Animals 101 00/00/0000 A look at how the Animal Kingdom is divided up: those animals with a backbone, those without; animals who eat meat, those who eat only vegetation, those who eat both; animals with even numbers of toes and those with an odd number of toes; and other fascinating categories that illuminate what an animal looks like and who it’s related to.
S05E03 The Biggest & the Fastest 00/00/0000 A closer look at the biggest animal in the world, the elephant, and the fastest animal in the world, the cheetah. How they live, and why they are so big and fast, respectively, along with other interesting animals who are either, or both, huge and speedy.
S05E04 Animal Babies, Too 00/00/0000 A very close look at some remarkable animal babies: horse foals, kangaroo joeys, baby porcupines, wolf cubs, water buffalo calves, hawk chicks, baby owls, and ape infants. How childhood differs in the various species, how the young learn to be like the adults of their species.
S05E05 The Herbivores 00/00/0000 A journey into the world of animals that only eat vegetation which includes some of the biggest animals on the planet, such as elephants, hippos, and rhinos; the ruminants, or cud chewers, such as deer, antelopes, sheep and giraffes; not to mention those we wouldn’t think of as non-carnivores, gorillas and giant tortoises.
S05E06 Water Birds 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at birds who are defined by the bodies of water where they live, including the expected ducks and geese, as well as shorebirds and wading birds, the long-legged waders such as flamingos and herons, as well as puffins and penguins. How they live as well as their physical adaptations to a life in or near the water.
S05E07 Livin’ Large In The Rainforest 00/00/0000 An exploration into the amazing array of creatures that live in the damp and fertile rainforests of the world, from colorful birds, to huge snakes and spiders, to various monkeys, to strange-looking mammals and fierce predators.
S05E08 The Hunters & The Hunted 00/00/0000 A journey in to the world of predators and prey animals, with a close look at the varying adaptations and strategies each has for dealing with the other.
S05E09 Chow Down! 00/00/0000 A fascinating look at how an animal’s diet determines not only where it lives but what it looks like and how it lives. From skull shape, to number and kinds of teeth, to the length of its neck and the shape and size of its tongue, to its familial relationships -- all these things are closely related to what an animal consumes.
S05E10 The Wonderful World Of Bears 00/00/0000 A visit to some of the eight kinds of the bears in the world: the giant panda, the polar bear, the black bear, the brown bear, the spectacled bear and the sun bear. How they differ from each other, what they have in common, and their interesting close relations, from the dog family to the pinnipeds.
S05E11 Big Cats, Wild Cats, Kitty Cats 00/00/0000 An exploration into the world of cats of all description: wild (lions, tigers, mountain lions, leopards, jaguars, etc.) and domestic, both large and small. From feeding habits, to extraordinary senses, to social behavior, to their lives as predators.
S05E12 Elephants Recall All 00/00/0000 An up close and personal look at the extraordinary elephant, both the Asian elephant and the African elephant, including the misconceptions, myths and facts surrounding this mighty pachyderm. A closer look at their trunks, ears, artistic endeavors and their reputation for having incredible memories.
S05E13 Two Pandas: Just Bamboo, Thank You! 00/00/0000 A closer look at two very rare and very beautiful animals from the remote forests of China: the giant panda and the red panda. What a “panda” actually is; how the pandas got their name; what these two have in common; what makes them very different; and the true story behind their shared passion for bamboo.
S05E14 By Any Other Name 00/00/0000 A wild ride into the world of nomenclature: from how animals are categorized (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species) to how they end up with their two-plus word scientific (Latin) name. What names mean; how names reflect more about an animal than anyone might ever guess; how an animal’s name can tell us more about our perception of the world than the truth of the animal itself.
S05E15 Farm Livin’ 00/00/0000 A journey into the world of domesticated animals: where they live, whether with us on our farms, ranches, or in our urban homes; which animals were the first to be domesticated; what is the difference between tame, domesticated and feral; what these animals have historically provided for us and how they have transformed our lives.
S05E16 Mammals: Milk & Hair 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at what makes a mammal a mammal (hair, mammary glands, warm-blooded) and why; including some unusual mammals: monotremes (egg-laying mammals); aquatic mammals (dolphins, whales, manatees); and what mammals have in common with other types of animals (fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates).
S05E17 The Wild Life: Living Outdoors 00/00/0000 An exploration into how animals live outdoors: how they survive temperature extremes, what kind of shelters they find and/or make, how they keep warm or stay cool, how fur and feathers can act as insulation, how rocky outcrops become fortresses and burrows become retreats, how fish manage to survive in a forever-wet world.
S05E18 Something Extra 00/00/0000 A closer look at animals who have “something extra”, whether extrordinary senses or padding (ossicones, “warts”) or protuberances or teeth; animals who are defined by their extra something, like elephants and their trunks, rhinos and their horns, as well as animals who are defined by what they lack (apes and tails).
S05E19 4 Lions 00/00/0000 A panoramic comparative look at four lions in the animal kingdom (two cats, one aquatic mammal and one fish): the African lion; the mountain lion; the California sea lion; the lionfish. How were they so named; what they have in common; what’s peculiar only to them.
S05E20 Life in a Shell 00/00/0000 An engaging exploration of the world of tortoises and turtles, the oldest living reptiles. The secrets of the shell; a closer look at various fascinating species; the keys to their success as a group.
S05E21 The Good Life: Meet the Otters! 00/00/0000 A closer look at three kinds of otters: marine otters, river otters, Asian small-clawed otters: what they have in common, how they differ, how they hunt, swim and live a semi-aquatic life.
S05E22 Our Town: Life as a Prairie Dog 00/00/0000 A visit to the prairie dog town to meet the prairie dog inhabitants and to examine their highly social way of life. Their history on the North American grasslands; how they got their name; who they’re related to.
S05E23 Uh Oh, Carnivore! 00/00/0000 A closer look at the fascinating world of the meat-eaters: the hunters, the insectivores, the carrion feeders, carnivores who can’t move, carnivores who don’t have a brain. What carnivores inspire fear; what carnivores are unjustly feared.
S05E24 Are We Having Fun Yet? 00/00/0000 An examination of the concept of “fun” in the animal kingdom: Do some animals smile? How do animals show their pleasure? What is anthropomorphism and how does it color how we perceive the animal world?
S05E25 Who’s At The Aquarium? 00/00/0000 A comparison of historic aquariums and modern aquariums: the differences, what they have in common. A panoramic look at animals that might be found in a public aquarium, from fish, to sharks, to dolphins and whales to giant arthropods and “monsters” of the deep.
S05E26 How The Zoo Became The Zoo 00/00/0000 A fascinating look at how zoos come into being, how their histories shape more than just their settings, how to find the secrets of a zoo’s past. Two zoos: one which began as a 19th century traveling circus, another that rose from the fields and farmlands of a 19th century farm. The sentimental stories of Willie B., the lowland gorilla; and two elderly sisters who loved animals.
S06E01 Amazing Animal Facts: The Primates 00/00/0000 An exploration into the world of the primates: from apes, to monkeys, to prosimians. How they differ, how to tell them apart, what they have in common.
S06E02 When Is a Monkey a Monkey? 00/00/0000 A closer look at monkeys: the old world and the new world; the biggest and the smallest; the baboons, the guenons, the tamarins.
S06E03 Life as an Ape 00/00/0000 A fascinating exploration into the world of the four great apes: the gorilla, the orangutan, the chimpanzee, and the bonobo. What do they have in common, how do they differ, and what makes an ape and ape?
S06E04 Amazing Animal Facts: The Birds 00/00/0000 All that’s fascinating about birds: from feathers, to flight, to beaks and bills. The biggest, the flightless, the raptors, the nut-crackers. The parrots, the owls, and the ostrich.
S06E05 Night & Day: Nocturnal & Diurnal 00/00/0000 An exploration into the world of animals that are not only nocturnal and diurnal, but crepuscular. We look at why animals are awake at one time instead of another, and what special sensory adaptations they have for nocturnal living.
S06E06 Maturity & Longevity 00/00/0000 How long do animals live? Which animals live the longest and the shortest lives? How and why does longevity differ from species to species? What does maturity mean in the animal world?
S06E07 You Are What You Eat 00/00/0000 We look at a select few animals as examples of the saying, “you are what you eat.” We’ll look at the giant panda’s wrist-bone “thumb,” a cow’s perfectly long neck, the hippo’s wide mouth, and the elephant’s trunk.
S06E08 Amazing Animal Facts: The Reptiles 00/00/0000 We delve into the secrets of snakes and lizards, alligators and crocodiles, and turtles and tortoises. How are these animals related and how do they differ?
S06E09 The Eyes Have It 00/00/0000 A closer look at the sense of sight. Why is seeing so critical for birds? How do some animals see in the dark? How do animals without eyes still “see”?
S06E10 Ancient Animals: The Creatures that Time Forgot 00/00/0000 A look at the animals living today who were around at the time of the dinosaurs, and even before. We look at how some animals have changed a great deal while others have hardly changed at all, and why these animals survived when the dinosaurs didn’t.
S06E11 The School of Fish 00/00/0000 An exploration into the world of schooling fish, from those in the ocean to those in lakes and rivers. We investigate how fish survive, the different ways they swim, from burst swimming to cruising, and why many of them swim, or school, together.
S06E12 Open Wide! 00/00/0000 We take a close look at teeth in the animal world and ask, what are the functions of canines, incisors, and molars? We discover that animal teeth will differ depending on what the animal eats. We also look at why sharks grow new teeth and why dolphin’s teeth are all the same.
S06E13 A Shiver of Sharks, a Zeal of Zebras 00/00/0000 A wild ride into animal nomenclature. What makes a herd a herd or a flock a flock? What are a chimpanzee troop, a wolf pack and a prairie dog town?
S06E14 Fuel for Life 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at how all living things are interconnected: green plants need sunlight to create oxygen, while herbivorous animals consume green plants to survive. In turn, carnivorous predators prey on herbivores. We also look at the role that water, sleep, and sunlight play in an animal’s survival. Finally, we discover that how and where an animal lives, and what it eats, influences its appearance and behavior.
S06E15 Bones? Who Needs ‘Em?! 00/00/0000 A closer look at bones, from animals with a backbone (vertebrates), to those with skeletons made of cartilage (sharks), to those animals who don’t need bones at all (invertebrates). We ask what constitutes an exoskeleton, a hydrostatic skeleton, and a turtle’s carapace.
S06E16 What’s Wild in the Neighborhood? 00/00/0000 An exploration into the world of wild animals that live in our human neighborhoods. What makes a habitat livable? We look at how the temperature, plant life, and climate determine where an animal lives.
S06E17 The Life Arboreal 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at animals that live in trees. We ask how they get up there in the first place (climb, fly, leap), what adaptations they have to live as tree-dwellers (claws to prehensile tails), and which animals we can expect to find in trees (birds, monkeys), including those we don’t (kangaroos).
S06E18 Go Fish! 00/00/0000 A look at many of the more than 22,000 species of fish, from freshwater, to the deep ocean, to the colorful coral reef. We look at the origin of fish, how they breathe, why they have scales, and how they swim. Plus, we’ll meet a few animals who, despite their names, are not fish (jellyfish, starfish, shellfish).
S06E19 “S” Is for Species 00/00/0000 A wild ride through animal classification! What determines an animal’s species? Why do the same kinds of animals sometimes look different from each other? What makes a subspecies? All in all, who is related to who, and why.
S06E20 One and Only One 00/00/0000 A close look at some one-of-a-kind animals, from the last surviving members of a dwindling species, to some outright unique animals, like the red panda, who has no close relatives in the animal kingdom. We’ll look even closer, to some unique features of certain species, like human fingerprints, tiger and zebra stripes, and the gorilla’s noseprint.
S06E21 Life As an Amphibian 00/00/0000 An exploration into the watery life of amphibians, including colorful frogs, toads, newts, salamanders. An examination of what amphibians have in common with other cold-blooded creatures such as fish and reptiles, and what sets them apart. Finally, a trip from an amphibian’s larval stage through its adult stage, and a look at the important role water plays in the amphibian lifecycle.
S06E22 Lizard Wizards 00/00/0000 A look at what’s great and fascinating about the nearly 5,000 species of lizards alive today, from chameleons to iguanas to basilisks. First, an examination of what makes a lizard a reptile, and what these incredible creatures have in common with other reptiles, especially snakes. Next, a look at what is common to all lizards, such as being cold-blooded and scaly-skinned. Finally, a rundown of some amazing facts about specific lizards, such as the ability to lose a tail and grow a new one, and to have 180 degrees of vision.
S06E23 Postcard From Africa 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at animals from Africa, especially the giants, such as elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, and ostriches. A comparison of animals who aren’t native to Africa, such as bears, with animals who are, such as—surprise—penguins. Next, a visit with the birds of Africa. Then, a rundown of the many wild animals with the word “Africa” in their common name. Finally, an examination of the adaptations these animals have to live on the African continent.
S06E24 All In The Family 00/00/0000 An exploration into the diverse world of animal families, from the large “families” that include matriarchal elephant herds, male dominated chimpanzee troops, and prairie dog towns, to the smaller families, like solitary mother orangutans and their offspring. We ask how a biological family differs from the common meaning of family, and what constitutes a single biological family.
S06E25 Got No Teeth! 00/00/0000 A look at how teeth are used for communication, such as a chimp’s grin, and how we might misinterpret what looks like a grin. We examine how different teeth are used for different chewing tasks, whether the teeth are canines, incisors, or molars, and how teeth differ in carnivores and omnivores. Finally, we look at how animals without teeth manage to consume their food, and how beaks work for both turtles and birds.
S06E26 Postcard From South America 00/00/0000 A panoramic survey of animals found only in South America, such as the world’s largest rodent, the capybara, the web-toed bush dog, the giant anteater, jaguar, and more. We ask what constitutes the “New World” and the Western hemisphere in terms of wildlife, and what animals inhabit the great tropical rainforests in the Amazon basin.
S07E01 On the Nose 00/00/0000 A closer look at animal noses and the sense of smell. We sniff out animals, like the elephant, with noses that do much more than gather scents. We also take a close look at the dolphin, whose “nose” is not a nose at all. We ask why some animals, like dogs, have a terrific sense of smell, while others, such as birds, can’t smell a thing.
S07E02 What’s that In the Rainforest?! 00/00/0000 An exploration of the life inside tropical rainforests. We ask what defines a rainforest? Where are rainforests located? What animals live there? Along the way we meet the giant anteater, the capybara, the bush dog, sloths, tapirs, and jaguars, too.
S07E03 Ape, Monkey, Ape 00/00/0000 Are apes and monkeys the same? No, but they have a lot in common. We zoom in on the differences between these two branches of primates… and delve further. We discover that not all monkeys are the same. Nor are apes. We look at primates with tails like fifth limbs and those with no tails at all.
S07E04 Go West, Monkeys! 00/00/0000 An in depth exploration of New World monkeys. First, we explore the New World—what is the “New World’? We look at how the flora, fauna, and monkeys of the Americas differ from their “Old World” counterparts. Along the way, we climb through the trees with spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, tamarins, and howler monkeys, just to name a few.
S07E05 The Cud-Chewers 00/00/0000 A panoramic survey of the ruminants, from giraffes to deer to cattle to antelopes to goats and sheep. We divvy the ungulates into groups based on the number of toes they have, and ask them directly, “why do you chew your cud?” And hey, what is “cud”? We look at how the cud-chewers differ from their grazing, herbivorous cousins, and how a four-chambered stomach can turn a green lawn into a hearty meal.
S07E06 The Tiger’s Tale 00/00/0000 All about tigers: the various species and how they differ in terms of size, habitat, location, and diet. We meet animals brave enough to live in tiger territory, and compare tigers to the rest of the members of the cat family. We find out how a tiger hunts and how its stripes aid in the process.
S07E07 In With the In-Crowd: Invertebrates & Insects 00/00/0000 A panoramic look at invertebrates and insects. First, a basic overview of how invertebrates and vertebrates are different, beyond the obvious prefix, “-in.” Then, we delve into the world of the largest group of animals. We ask how an exoskeleton differs from a skeleton made of bone. We find out who the arthropods are and what cold-blooded means in the “In” world.
S07E08 The “Scary” Creatures 00/00/0000 A rollicking and informative romp through the world of those scary “S” creatures: spiders, snakes, scorpions and sharks. We take a closer look at the two arachnids, the fish, and the reptile on the list. What makes these animals so scary? What makes them admirable? Finally, why don’t other “S” creatures send a tingle up the spine?
S07E09 Bats in the Belfry 00/00/0000 What’s extraordinary and fascinating about bats? How about this: they’re the only mammal that can fly. Or this: they use echolocation to find their way around at night. Some are microbats and some are megabats. Some are fruit-eaters that pollinate plants. Others, well, drink blood. Okay, it sounds wrong, but vampire bats sure get a bad rap from the popular vampire myths. We look at just how these thumb-sized bats feed… at night… silently… under a full moon.
S07E10 The Water Life 00/00/0000 We look closely at the relationship between water and animals that aren’t fish. With webbed feet, air-tight nostrils, flippers, and flukes, a fascinating variety of animals are specially adapted for life in or near the water. We’ll meet them face-to-face: the otters, hippos, dolphins, beluga whales, and many more.
S07E11 Family Matters 00/00/0000 What constitutes an animal family? You might be surprised. A taxonomic family includes animals grouped together because they share characteristics—but don’t count on all family members looking alike. Take the manatee and elephant for example. Same family. Entirely different appearances. Yes, the animal kingdom is full of incredible families!
S07E12 Social Animals, Solitary Creatures 00/00/0000 We’re social. Are other animals social, too? Do some animals live together, play together, and need each other to survive and thrive? You bet! We’ll meet a few kinds of animals that live the social life, and others that live a very different solitary life.
S07E13 The Water Carnivores 00/00/0000 Carnivores come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this episode, we’ll look at carnivores who either live in or simply feed in the water. We’ll meet the enormous whale shark, bald eagle, jaguar, and playful otter, to name a few.
S07E14 Birds to Be Reckoned With 00/00/0000 What makes a bird special? What doesn’t? Flight, feathers, beaks, bills, webbed feet, unique diets, a range of sizes, and incredible habitats make birds one of the most various and fascinating kinds of animals the world over.
S07E15 Why We Love Monkeys 00/00/0000 Why do we love monkeys? Well, they make funny faces, live in trees, have dexterous hands, and an athletic manner of moving through the branches. But mainly, they’re a heckuva lot of fun. From the Old World to the New World, this is one rollicking ride with the monkeys.
S07E16 The Behemoth Pachyderms 00/00/0000 A close look at three behemoths: the elephant, rhino, and hippo. All are enormous and all are related—in more ways than one.
S07E17 My, That’s A Lovely Color On You! 00/00/0000 How is color used in the animal kingdom? Certainly to attract, but also to conceal. What about color as a signifier of rank? Ask the silverback gorilla about that one. Yes, through all the colors of the rainbow and from spots to stripes, we’ll reveal the myriad fashions and intents of the animal world.
S07E18 Watch Out! 00/00/0000 How do we first learn about animals? We observe them, a lesson we can take from the observant orangutan. In this episode, we’ll learn how animals observe the world and how we can observe them, and specifically, what we need to look for.
S07E19 Black & White And... Pink? 00/00/0000 In the bird world, no two creatures could be more different than the penguin and the flamingo. For fun, we’ll explore the life of each of our feathered friends, and in so doing, reveal the great range and variety inherent in the bird world.
S07E20 So True! So False! 00/00/0000 The human world sure spreads a lot of rumors about the animal world—of which we are a part, of course. In this episode, we explore a few of these rumors and ask are they “So True,” or “So False,” or maybe a little bit of both?
S07E21 How Animals Adapt 00/00/0000 Animals may seem to change in only one way—they grow up and grow old. But animals also evolve and adapt, though this process can take many generations. In this episode, we’ll reveal some of the most incredible adaptations in the animal world.
S07E22 After the Dinosaurs 00/00/0000 What animals rose to distinction after the disappearance of the dinosaurs? Many of them are alive today, and many of them were alive during the time of the dinosaurs. Yes, the post-dinosaur world created openings for birds, reptiles, and mammals to thrive.
S07E23 By Snout, By Claw 00/00/0000 Diet aside, what makes a carnivore different from an herbivore? How about teeth and claws? We take an up close look at the variety of meat-eating, prey-catching characteristics of the carnivores, including at least one reformed carnivore, the giant panda.
S07E24 Living like a Pig 00/00/0000 Don’t call them dirty! We’ll show you why pigs are smart, cute, and if not squeaky clean, at least neat and tidy. We’ll also look at how pigs became domesticated and meet some of their wild relatives, including—surprise—the hippo!
S07E25 Finding Sanctuary 00/00/0000 Endangered animals and those overlooked because of injury or old age need sanctuary. In this episode, we visit a sanctuary for farm animals in North Texas and a modern zoo in Louisville, Kentucky where endangered species are bred. The moral is, animals need our help, and some animals are getting it.
S07E26 Zoo Life in the Lone Star State 00/00/0000 The Dallas Zoo and Dallas World Aquarium sure support the cliché that everything is big in Texas! We visit these two extraordinary zoological parks to find, among other habitats, a South American rainforest, and to meet dozens of non-native fish, big cats, and crocs.
S08E01 Monkey Around 12/09/2011 A look into the world of the “not great” apes—including the amazing singing siamangs, the sopranos of the forest—that are smaller than the great apes and often confused with monkeys.
S08E02 Aquatic Mammals 19/09/2011 A look at the rare mammals that live in the ocean, such as dolphins and whales, and how their food and environment make them appear and act unique.
S08E03 Kingdom of Animal Names 26/09/2011 The origin of animals’ names and the interesting stories behind their meanings.
S08E04 Moving Right Along 03/10/2011 An animal’s legs and feet can reveal information about its home, its food, and how it survives.
S08E05 School of Mammals 10/10/2011 What makes a mammal a mammal? Hint: It isn’t just feeding its young with milk. It’s a whole lot more.
S08E06 From Home to Farm to Wild 17/10/2011 A look into the animals that live in our homes and on our farms and how they became domesticated.
S08E07 Animal Populations 24/10/2011 A look into the reasons that some animal populations have dramatically decreased because of loss of habitat and climate change and what it means to be endangered.
S08E08 Going Amphibious 31/10/2011 A look at animals that live on land and underwater and how they survive submerged—from amphibians to turtles to swimming reptiles.
S08E09 Animals of the Largest Continent 07/11/2011 A look at the animals of Asia, such as tigers, great pandas, and great apes.
S08E10 Feathered Friends 14/11/2011 Grab your binoculars for this panoramic look at birds. We inspect their wings, beaks, feet, and how they fly. We’ll also ask why the famed penguin and ostrich are flightless.
S08E11 Three Household Favorites 16/01/2012 The most recognizable animals in America may be dogs, cats, and horses. What makes them unique and how did they become members of our families?
S08E12 Into the Jungle 00/00/0000 We explore two of the great apes of Africa: the lowland gorilla and the chimpanzee.
S08E13 American Animals 30/01/2012 A look at animals, both unusual and familiar, from North and South America and an investigation into how they differ by continent.
S08E14 The Modern Zoo 06/02/2012 A look at the evolution of zoos from the simple caging of animals for recreational viewing to the construction of animal habitats to give captive animals more physical and mental stimulation..
S08E15 Surviving the Wild 13/02/2012 How animals have adapted to survive the wild.
S08E16 Bear Country 20/02/2012 A look at bears from all over, including the polar bear, American black bear, the brown bear, and more.
S08E17 The Horse, Of Course 09/04/2012 Enter the world of the domestic horse. Learn where horses come from, who their relatives are in the wild, how they range in size, and what they have been bred to do.
S08E18 Reptile Roundup 16/04/2012 A rousing roundup of all the reptiles in the animal kingdom. First, what is a reptile? To answer that question, we have to travel way back in time, to the dinosaurs! We’ll also look at who qualifies as a reptile and who doesn’t. You might be surprised.
S08E19 Cats and Dogs 23/04/2012 What do cats and dogs have in common? For starters, they have both moved into our homes by the millions. But that’s not all. From super senses to predatory behavior, cats and dogs share characteristics that might surprise you. From the lion to the housecat, from the wolf to the Labrador retriever puppy, we’ll meet them all.
S08E20 Happy Cat 30/04/2012 Is our tame, playful domestic cat really related to the authoritative, wild lion of the African savanna? Absolutely. We’ll explore the incredible diversity of cats, and look at characteristics they all share, whether they’re pouncing on a ball of string or a wildebeest.
S08E21 Dog Days 07/05/2012 Has man’s best friend always been a friend? Ask the wolf. Dogs trace their history back to wild canines that man bred into loyal animals for working, hunting, and companionship. We’ll explore how this happened and wag our heads at the diversity of the result!
S08E22 Fish Friendly 14/05/2012 Grab your fins and come swim with the fishes. No two fish species are alike, and some species called “fish” are anything but. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? From the tropics to the cold, dark, rocky seafloor, we’ll shine a light on a variety of fins.
S08E23 Head Cases 25/06/2012 What’s in a head? What’s not? Animals sense the world through their heads, and judging from the vast variety of head shapes, sizes, and designs, they sense the world in unique ways. Care to sense the world through the eyes, ears, or nose of a different animal? Then come along!
S08E24 What's in a Tail? 02/07/2012 Sure, a tail can be long, short, fluffy, or hairless, but how do animals use their tails? Are they merely decorative? No way. We’ll show you the incredible ways that animals use their tails. How about as a third leg, or third hand, or weapon, or as a magnet for attraction? You won’t be able to stay away from this tale!
S08E25 Symbolic Creatures 09/07/2012 What does an animal mean? Tough question. Ever seen an eagle on a dollar bill? Or a bear on a state flag? How about a lion on a shield? Yes, for thousands of years man has made animals into symbols to convey a meaning. We’ll explore who’s a symbol and why.
S08E26 Fleet of Foot, Wing, and Fin 16/07/2012 Are you faster than a kangaroo? Can you outrun an elephant? What about a brown bear? Not so fast! In this episode, we’ll reveal the fastest and slowest creatures and explore animals’ need for speed.
S09E01 Animal Q&A: The Big Questions of the Animal World 10/09/2012 Answering the tough questions and revealing the big mysteries of the animal world from the talking parrot, to why horses sleep standing up, to the true color of a polar bear’s skin and much more!
S09E02 Misconceptions of the Animal Kingdom 17/09/2012 ?A look at some animals who are not what they seem, and in most cases, more than they seem, from the “rabbit antelope of Africa”, to the dogs with harmonious voices and the remarkable egg-laying mammal, the echidna.
S09E03 Piggly Wiggly Squeak 24/09/2012 Time to get dirty with an all-encompassing look at the pig family and other animals whose filthy appearance, oftentimes, disguises their incredible qualities within the Animal Kingdom.
S09E04 Warning Signs and Animals to Avoid 01/10/2012 Looking at some animal’s you might not want to get too close to and animals whose look says “look out!” because they pack a toxic punch that deserve our respect.
S09E05 Animals on the Outside 08/10/2012 A montage of animals with all sorts of diffract skin types: whether they're furry, prickly, scaly, feathery, or rough as sandpaper, animals on the outside are sure to amaze!
S09E06 Strange Creatures and Surprising Critters 15/10/2012 An exploration at some of nature’s oddest animals, from the naked mole rat, to a tree-dwelling marsupial, to the ancient shell-wearing reptile, the tortoise; you never know what you’ll find in the Animal Kingdom!
S09E07 The Domestic Wild 22/10/2012 A visit with some animals from the comfort of home where we’ll see the shelters of the outside world, inside- from the city scape, to the barnyard, and even in the underground burrows of the prairie; the animal world is full of amazing shelters.
S09E08 Common Sense 29/10/2012 A hint of how humans and others animals view the world- and how they taste, touch, smell, and hear it too going above and beyond the traditional senses and into the realm of being EXTRAORDINARY!
S09E09 River Dwellers 05/11/2012 An expedition down some of the biggest rivers all over the world to check out the home of countless big fish, colorful birds, lurking reptiles, amazing amphibians, and even mammals.
S09E10 To Tell The Truth 12/11/2012 The animal kingdom’s biggest mysteries are uncovered and secrets revealed about the countless misconceptions that still exist from the leafy sea dragon, to the sea cucumber and many other surprising creatures as we play TO TELL THE TRUTH!
S09E11 Winged Creatures 14/01/2013 Flying high, darting around, and showing off some wings as the wonderful world of winged creatures takes off for flight school; from the big, feathered fliers to the paper-thin wings of butterflies it’s a high-flying life for these fearless animals.
S09E12 Living Dinosaurs 21/01/2013 A fascinating look at how modern birds are related to, and in fact descended from dinosaurs by digging through fossil evidence and paleontological findings that display some of the astonishing traits that make the birds of today living dinosaurs!
S09E13 The Social Side of Wildlife 28/01/2013 A look at some amazing animal societies from our very complex human social system, to communal river otters, to solitary falcons and other social groups that live in distinct familial groups.
S09E14 Mammals and Us 04/02/2013 A glance at how humans are some of the most advanced organisms on earth and display the characteristics that makes a mammal, a mammals; answering the age-old question: are humans animals?
S09E15 The Way We Move 11/02/2013 Discovering the way that animals get around; whether it’s flying through the air, swimming underwater, hopping over land, or swinging from branch to branch; animals or all sorts travel in every way imaginable.
S09E16 JAWS! 18/02/2013 On search for JAWS, jawed vertebrates that is; a fascinating look at this distinct group that includes cartilaginous fish, bony fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
S09E17 Animal Extremes 08/04/2013 A panoramic look at some animal who have a special quality that other animals don’t including the extreme strength of the rhinoceros beetle, the shear size of the African elephant and the enormous mouth of a whale shark.
S09E18 Mammal Mammas 15/04/2013 A very engaging look at tender moms, strict moms, funny moms, and even some of the aunts, sisters, and dads who help raise a family of young mammals in the Animal Kingdom.
S09E19 What's for Dinner 22/04/2013 An exploration into what delights an animal’s appetite which includes a wide array of tastes and dietary needs as you travel around the Animal Kingdom; from fish for the grizzly bear, fruit for chimpanzees, carrion for bald eagles and many more other interesting snacks in between.
S09E20 Commonalities 29/04/2013 A visit with some animals who are closely related and share similar physical adaptations but don’t necessarily look or behave alike one another including the flight birds and bats, the water-walking basilisk lizard and the jacana, as well as the echolocation of dolphins, bats and whales.
S09E21 Fitting In 06/05/2013 A fascinating look at how animals have evolved to fit in with their environment through varying physical adaptations; from the koala’s ability to eat toxic eucalyptus leaves, to polar bears surviving the frigid artic temperatures and hardy armadillos who thrive in the desert heat.
S09E22 Tangled in the Food Web 13/05/2013 A look at who eats what in the tangled food web of the Animal Kingdom with a focus on predators and prey animals who have to get their food out in the wilderness.
S09E23 Tooth Sleuth 24/06/2013 A fascinating look at how modern birds are related to, and in fact descended from dinosaurs by digging through fossil evidence and paleontological findings that display some of the astonishing traits that make the birds of today living dinosaurs!
S09E24 Hungry as a Bear 01/07/2013 A journey into the wilderness to visit every type of bear on earth: the polar bear, the giant panda, the sun bear, the spectacled bear, the black bear and the brown bear. What makes them all unique, where they live out in the wild and some surprising discoveries about what foods they eat.
S09E25 The Cat's Meow 08/07/2013 Discovering the true identities of feisty felids: from the domestic kitty to the roaring lion and cats of all shapes and sizes. The particular manner in which they walk, what it takes to roar as loud as a lion and how they use their extraordinary senses in their lives as predators.
S09E26 Taming the Wild 15/07/2013 A look at some of the wildest animals out there and how they’ve been tamed over time: where feathered friends came from, how animals moved from being hunted to being raised for food and how animals such as horses became a mode of transportation.
S00E01 Animal Passport 23/12/2008
S00E02 Animal Mysteries 14/04/2009
S00E03 Animals and Us 14/04/2009 Some of our favorite Animal Atlas Episodes: Who Needs Our Help? Who's at the Aquarium? Who's at the Zoo?
S00E04 Puppy Party 01/12/2009
S00E05 Super Hero Animals 06/04/2010
S00E06 Creepy Creatures 09/08/2010
S00E07 Kitten Party 12/10/2010
S00E08 Fun on the Farm 11/01/2011
S00E09 Family Time 22/03/2011
S00E10 Animal 123's 12/07/2011
S00E11 Animals Abc's 12/07/2011
S00E12 Monkeying Around 04/10/2011 Why We Love Monkeys [22:30] Who's A Monkey [22:30] Life As An Ape [22:25]
S00E13 Pet Party 16/10/2012

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