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Annette. To legions of Mickey Mouse Club fans she was magic. Chosen by Walt himself as an original cast member, Annette soon became the most popular Mousketeer and was given a daily series of her own. Showcased here is the entire fish-out-of-water series, about an innocent girl from the country who moves to the suburbs to live with her well-to-do aunt and uncle. Airing during the third and final season of The Mickey Mouse Club, the 20-episode series was unlike earlier series -- it featured original music including the song that helped launch Annette's music career. Enriching this celebration of Annette are the two complete Mickey Mouse Club episodes that introduced and concluded the series, plus a new tribute to her remarkable career and more. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Annette

S01E01 An Introduction 10/02/1958 The Opening episode featured the housekeeper (Mary Wickes)telling the viewers an overplay of the series. At the end she tells us to watch it ourselves, and leaves the viewer in anticipation for next week.
S01E02 The New Comer 11/02/1958 Annette arrives into town and meets her aunt and uncle, who are unaware of her arrival. The uncle isn't pleased, but Aunt Lila makes her feel welcomed.
S01E03 Annette Meets Jet 12/02/1958 Annette is introduced to Jet Maypen, a little girl who delivers farm fresh eggs to the Mcclouds. The 2 girls become friends.
S01E04 An Invitation 13/02/1958 Annette is invited to Laura Rogan's Birthday Party. An invetation extended from Lauras Mother, one of her Aunt's friends. She feels it will give Annette a chance to meet and mix with the ""RIGHT"" crowd.
S01E05 The Escort 14/02/1958 Laura's mom also sees to it that Annette has a date for the party, a short little guy called Olmstead Ware.
S01E06 The Party 17/02/1958 Annette is now introduced to the ""Gang"".
S01E07 Paying The Piper 18/02/1958 Laura is given her gifts and the party is moved out onto the patio, where everyone can dance.
S01E08 The Missing Necklace 19/02/1958 Laura's necklace( a birthday gift) comes up missing. Laura accusses Annette directly. The group had already decided that she was country trash, so they jump to the immediate conclusions. Annette denies it , and leaves angry.
S01E09 What Happened At School 20/02/1958 Laura spreads the rumor Annette is a thief.
S01E10 Almost A Fight 21/02/1958 Annette , angry and hurt by the comments, approaches Laura directly.
S01E11 Steady Gets An Idea 24/02/1958 Steady and Val sneak into the science classroom , Steady has the bright idea to mix chemicals together.
S01E12 The Explosion 25/02/1958 Steady causes an explosion in school.
S01E13 The Turned Down Invitation 26/02/1958 Annette tries to convince Jett to come to the schools festival, despite recent occurances. Jett refuses, she knows she's not liked by the ""In-Crowd"".
S01E14 Annette Makes a Decision 27/02/1958 Annette decides to go to the BBQ, with or without Jet.
S01E15 The Hayride 28/02/1958 The Hayride gives Annette a chance to try to reconcile things with everyone. This also gives her a chance to prove she can sing.
S01E16 The Barbecue 03/03/1958 The Barbeque ensues , and Laura starts to talk about Annette, and to spread rumors amongst the kids.
S01E17 The Fight 04/03/1958 Annette and Laura get into a fight, Annette clocks her one and proceeds to leave.
S01E18 The Farewell Letter 05/03/1958 Annette is angry and upset. She dosnt fit in, thats it. She packs her things and takes off for the bus station. She leaves her Aunt a letter explaining everything. This is goodbye.
S01E19 Mike To The Rescue 06/03/1958 Mike has been very fond of Annette since she has arrived. He works at the local soda fountain shop. After reading Annette's letter he goes to the station to stop her.
S01E20 The Mystery Is Solved 07/03/1958 They go to Laura's house( now that the adults are involved) and do a thourough search. They find the neclace inside the Grand Piano. When Laura had played the piano that evening, she had left the neclace on the top of the instrument. The necklace had slipped down inside of it, while the cober was open. Laura apologized profusely. Annette happy to find the necklace, allowed the incident to slide and everyone takes a go at friendship.

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